Everything to make your diving hassle-free

Remote doesn’t mean Spartan. We cater to air, nitrox, and rebreather users as well as snorkelers and freedivers with comprehensive support facilities. And if you like to travel light, we offer a full range of premium quality gear for rental including regulators, masks, fins, dive computers, BCDs and torches.

Dedicated Professional Dive Staff

Our highly qualified professional dive staff are second to none in the industry. All of our dive guides have an average of 3,000 dives each. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment is their utmost concern. Regardless of your skill level, they will take the time to make sure you have a great time cruising the reefs. For advanced divers, we also have instructor-level guides with cave diving and rebreather specialties. And naturally, all of our guides know the reefs of Wakatobi like the back of their hand. If there’s a critter you have always wanted to see (like a pygmy seahorse?) they will know the place to find it.

First class facilities in the dive center

Our dive center has everything you need to support your diving activities including rental of well-maintained dive gear, a fully-equipped camera room and a modern compressor room and tank filling center delivering unlimited air supplies. (find out more)

Comfortable and spacious day boats

Our boats are based on traditional Indonesian boat designs and are built locally. They are fabricated to our specifications and are tailored to maximize the comfort for divers. They are very spacious, comfortable and well-equipped, including a (very clean) tiled bathroom in the back. (find out more)

Access to the resort’s House Reef by taxi boat

Taxi boats are used to shuttle divers up current for drop off dives on the House Reef.  Learn more about the House Reef here.

Support for Nitrox divers

We operate two state-of-the-art Nitrox Technologies membrane systems fed by multiple water-cooled Bauer compressors.

Dive courses including nitrox certification

Longer bottom times, shorter surface intervals, less fatigue. These are among the many benefits of diving Nitrox, a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in which the concentration of oxygen is greater than that found in air. You’ve no doubt heard of Nitrox, probably know divers who use it. Using Nitrox safely requires special training and certification.

Wakatobi Resort is associated with PADI, SDI & TDI. You can chose any Nitrox course option (minimum age 15) as long as you hold any kind of open water diving license – the licenses are recognized by all diving associations. Advanced Nitrox certification is also available as well as Open Water. (find out more)

Technical Diving Services

Advanced and fully trained technical divers can utilize their skill by taking advantage of Wakatobi’s Technical Diving Services. At Wakatobi we offer Advanced Nitrox diving in all oxygen concentrations. CCR divers with Trimix certification can take advantage of Trimix (HeliAir) diluents and bailout gases. Advanced diving packages are available.

Advanced Nitrox or Extended Range divers desiring multiple Nitrox mixes for faster decompression, please bring your certification card to obtain Nitrox gases up to 42% plus 100% pure oxygen (for Decompression stops 6 m and shallower).

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“Thank you to the whole crew on Pelagian. It has truly been a pleasure and we have enjoyed our stay so much. Thank you for showing us so many beautiful dive and snorkeling sites. We have been so lucky to have met you all. We love Wakatobi both under and over water. This is a piece of… “This is a piece of paradise.”

Karsten Busck and Susanne Henriques
,August 2022