Go ahead and personalize; make it ‘your’ Wakatobi trip

Wakatobi offers you the opportunity to create your dream dive holiday, both for the dive-focused activities and for your non-diving activities. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, enjoy the most exclusive and personalized diving experience possible, or simply chill out in style, we are able to personalize your trip to make it truly yours.

Bali Concierge Services

Bali is a wonderful island with spectacular geographical diversity and delightful cultural attractions. Private guides and drivers are available to transport you to towering volcanoes, emerald green rice paddies, Hindu temples, dazzling beaches or a cultural dance performance. Read more here

Private Dive Services for the discerning diver

Our Private Dive Experience Manager programme represents the ultimate in personalized resort diving: a Private Dive Experience Manager, whose focus is to fulfill your innermost wishes and tailor an exclusive, personalised diving experience to fit your individual needs. Read more here.

See marine night life in a new light with a ‘Fluo-Dive’

Experience a new dimension in diving so exclusive that more people have seen Earth from space than have seen corals in this totally new light! Fish suddenly speak and coral communicate through fluorescence. Read more here.

Celebrate a special occasion at Wakatobi

Be it a wedding, a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, we can make it happen for you at Wakatobi whether you are a couple, a family or larger group – and not forgetting our luxury dive yacht, Pelagian, which makes an excellent venue to celebrate in style for up to 10 guests.

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“Being met by staff at the airport was great. And everything else was brilliant: the food, diving, staff, bungalows, facilities and equipment.  “Loved every moment we spent on the island. Paradise island on… “Being met by staff at the airport was great.”

Graeme and Bruce Stephen
,August 2023