A varied itinerary of walls, bays and critters

Pelagian’s sorties will show you a different kind of diving to that seen at Wakatobi resort, with muck diving par excellence. If you’ve dived sites around Wakatobi Dive Resort before, you’ll definitely want to expand your dive adventures to the reef systems beyond the island of Tomia.

Pelagian’s trip dates along with the the flight schedule may be seen here.

Exotic species on every dive

New marine life discoveries lay waiting for you and your camera. Exotic and rare marine life can be found on all dives, but if you love muck diving, sites such as Cheeky Beach and Asphalt Pier are sure to create excitement. If you like sheer cliffs and caves, Tanjung Batutoro offers something for both wide-angle and macro photographers.

Yacht charter and custom itinerary

But these are only a few of the many and varied sites you may visit with Pelagian. Why not book the Pelagian for the family or a small group of friends and explore Wakatobi’s outer reaches together, under an itinerary customised to your desires?

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“Our snorkeling guide was amazing. The entire staff was always welcoming and helpful. We felt safe and well cared for. We wish everyone on the planet could have this… “Our snorkeling guide was amazing.”

Phyllis Cornel
,August 2022