Never a dull moment, no matter what age or interest

Whether you are a non-diver or would simply like to take break from the scheduled dives, Wakatobi offers a plethora of non-diving activities, both water-based and on land, to absorb you whether you are looking for physical or intellectual distraction.

Kitesurf with the ocean to yourself

Wakatobi offers perfect conditions for kitesurfing with large expanses of open water close to the resort and ample winds. Kitesurfers are all provided with a waterproof walkie-talkie and may tap the knowledge of our resident kitesurfing guide and tutor. Read more here.

Stand up paddleboarding at Wakatobi Dive Resort

Paddle calm waters in a kayak or stand up paddleboard (SUP)

The shallows and mangrove forests surrounding Wakatobi are the nurseries of the reef, and rich habitat for a host of resident bird populations, invertebrates and colorful fish life. You can glide over these calm waters in a self-guided kayak or SUP tour, or go with an experienced guide who knows the best sights and sounds of this saltwater forest.

Birding watching at Wakatobi Dive Resort

Take the Onemobaa nature trail

The Onemobaa Nature Trail leads guests from the resort into a world of pristine greenery, and on to a local village on the island. Paths crisscross the interior, providing opportunities for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. Keep your eyes open for monitor lizards, which can often be seen in an area that has been set aside as habitat for these intriguing animals.

Onemobaa Village Tour

Take the village tour

Enhance your Wakatobi stay with a visit to neighboring islands, where you can engage in walking tours of villages and open-air markets and immerse yourself in the local culture. Many of our staff are from the local villages, which welcome resort guests into their communities. Bring a camera, as curious and gregarious children are often eager to pose for photos.

Relax and recharge

Wakatobi is a peaceful and inspiring location, where guests are immersed in a setting of clear water, fresh air, and a wide-open sky dominated by sun, moon and stars. There is nowhere better to calm your mind and relax the body than our remote paradise. At Wakatobi, inspiration can come not only from sitting quietly, but also from drinking in the richness of our natural surroundings, or by simply walking barefoot on a secluded sandy beach.

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“Wakatobi is a real treat, a pinnacle in paradise – the dive experience, the accommodation, the staff. We got spoiled in every possible dimension. Wakatobi will see us… “Spoiled In Every Possible Dimension”

Michael Plessmann
,April 2024