Comfortable and spacious day boats

Our boats are based on traditional Indonesian boat designs and are built locally. They are fabricated to our specifications and are tailored to maximize the comfort for divers. They may not look as fancy as some of the glassfibre boats used in other places but rest assured that they do the trick – and then some! In fact, they are very spacious, comfortable and well-equipped. There’s even a (very clean) tiled bathroom in the back!

Carefully designed for your convenience

With ample space for divers, dive gear, cameras and crew they’re a joy to spend a few hours on. Set up your gear, grab a snack / drink and lean back in the sun – you’re on your way to another Wakatobi dive site!

And perfectly-suited to local conditions

These locally-crafted boats are specially designed for Indonesia’s waters. They are 21 meters (70′) long and feature a large camera platform, rinse tank, toilet, fresh water shower, oxygen, GPS and marine radio. The boats have a range of 70 miles and can comfortably cruise at 11 miles per hour. They can comfortably accommodate 14 divers (usually 10-12). Entry is by ‘giant stride’ to port or starboard. Getting back into the boats is a snap – there’s a very sturdy ladder with easy-to-use handles. Gear is stowed in individually numbered baskets beneath the gunwale benches. These boats are used to transport dive groups to reefs outlying from the resort.

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“Great service and staff. I had an excellent dive guide. I would appreciate an earlier dinner option. Food is wonderful! Sell snacks in the shop please. I would like to come… “Great service and staff. I had an excellent dive guide.”

Kathleen Lynch
,April 2019