You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…

MAY 2024

Relaxed Elegant Vibe

Our experience was fantastic. The reefs, fish life and corals are among the best in the world. The room was lovely, and the food was quite good. What really stands out most is the quality of the service which puts even the fanciest hotels to shame. The attitude of the entire staff was superb. They were helpful, friendly and genuine. The “relaxed elegant” vibe was great. This is our first visit, but we will be back.

George Scangos and Leslie Wilson
(May 2024)

A Great Live Aboard Experience

Incredible attention to customer service at the Resort and on the Pelagian. The staff and crew are very professional and extremely capable in their roles. They are also consistently friendly and helpful! Pelagian is a great liveaboard experience. Limiting capacity to 10 divers results in a very personalized experience. The dive locations are fantastic-and the ability to access them with a short tender ride is great. The cabins are spacious and very well appointed. The food is amazing! All of the staff are exceptional and the attention to detail is evident in everything!

Charles and Georgeann Cissel
(May 2024)

A Snorkeler’s Dream

This has been one of the very best holidays of my life. Wakatobi is a snorkeler’s dream come true where you are treated equally to divers. I loved it. The guides are very active in finding creatures and all the dive sites are amazing! I received such wonderful support and friendliness. Even though I was traveling alone, I never felt lonely. I hope to be back as soon as possible.

Coral Shaw
(May 2024)

It Will Change Your Perception on Vacations Forever

After booking our Wakatobi holiday we decided to marry in Australia, so this became our honeymoon – and we couldn’t have chosen better. Unless you come here, you will not understand how special Wakatobi is. It will change your perception on vacations forever.

Anne Hudson
(May 2024)

By Far The Best Liveaboard

This was, by far, the best liveaboard we have ever been on. The diving was outstanding, the crew first class and the master cabin is luxurious. Everything is just sublime and it’s going to be really hard to dive with anyone else!

Giuseppe Saltini
(May 2024)

A Wonderful Experience

We had a wonderful experience at Wakatobi. All the staff were so friendly and caring. Our dive guide was very knowledgeable and helpful with our equipment when entering and exiting the water. We would recommend Wakatobi to all our friends in the dive community.

Jeff Johnston and Jan Walsh
(May 2024)

The Best

This is the best dive resort we have ever visited. Your staff, including cleaning, dining room and reception work very hard to meet guests’ requests. Diving is so fun, the guides are very knowledgeable and the boat and dive staff are great too; you should be very proud of them.

Paul and Leslie Thompson
(May 2024)

Most Perfect Place

The most perfect place for diving and service we have ever experienced. Everyone, we mean everyone, knew our names and constantly asked what they could do to make our stay better. Our divemaster asked what she could do to make the diving better and was always concerned about our safety. It is evident that the staff loves their job. They anticipated our needs and fulfilled every request. We are coming back for 3 weeks next time!

Larry and Victoria Champion
(May 2024)

The Most Beautiful Place We Have Dived

The trip 100% lived up to our expectations. The staff is incredible across all departments and the property is beautiful. Wakatobi is without a doubt the most beautiful place we have dived, and we will recommend it to anyone looking for their next dive trip. Thank you to the entire Wakatobi Team, we both had so much fun.

Steve Burner and Lex Bryan
(May 2024)

An Unparalleled Level Of Service

Having dived at numerous exotic locations in the south pacific in the past, we can happily say that our underwater experience at Wakatobi was nothing short of spectacular. One truly stand-out experience for us was the genuine friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. Every single staff member we encountered assisted us in any way they could with an unparalleled level of service, which we’ve never before experienced on any of our travels.

Chris Heap and Joadi Smalpage
(May 2024)

They Get it Right

Wakatobi gets it right, with the most professional dive operation, a wonderful staff and amazing food.

Gordon and Nonnita Hargreave
(May 2024)

Excellent Attention

Wakatobi Dive Resort has it all. Caring and very helpful staff, great guides for snorkelers as well as divers, beautiful surrounding, comfy lodging, delicious food and is surrounded by fantastic reefs. As an older snorkeler, avid to see the underwater world, I received excellent attention from our guides. My husband was also impressed, and that isn’t always the case!

Leslie and Tony Lam
(May 2024)

Keeps Us Coming Back

The wonderful memories from our trip last year were reinforced again this year and will keep us coming back. We felt welcome at all times. Thanks for the great time and experience. We look forward to our next adventure at Wakatobi.

Kevin Crofton and Hind Beaujon
(May 2024)

A Magical Experience

Your team has set world-class standards. Keep up the wonderful work. It creates a magical experience!

Jeff and Kathy Lehmeyer
(May 2024)

True Treasures

We loved our stay at Wakatobi both above and below the water! The reefs were mind blowing – words do not do them justice. The staff are true treasures who seem like old friends. We felt very pampered. No wonder Wakatobi has so many repeat guests!

Tammie and Brian Turley
(May 2024)