You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…


Like magic with a smile and absolute calm.

“What makes this resort exceptional is the apparent ease to organize everything here when, in reality, it must all be very complicated in such a remote place.

“Arrival in Bali was immediate and efficient. No more worries about retrieving the luggage and checking it in. The flight to Wakatobi: we immediately start relaxing during a breakfast on the house!
Resort: the dream continues and becomes a constant reality. The staff were discreet and courteous, always looking after our comfort and our wishes without being intrusive.

Service is perfect! The whole staff knows our names as soon as we arrive and everything takes place, just like magic with a smile and absolute calm. The restaurant manager and his team satisfied of all our wishes with tact and kindness. The chefs and pastry staff never cease to create delicious, fresh and savory dishes.  How could we resist the chocolate cakes?

“The diving and snorkeling staff are very attentive and give the best experience in this protected piece of nature and its inhabitants. Thousands of corals and fishes.

“Thank you all!”

Christian and Genevieve Boudouresques
(Aug 2023)

We appreciate the attention to detail from all the staff

“Thank you for looking after us so beautifully in wonderful Wakatobi. We really have been cared for very well and appreciate the attention to detail from all the staff – food and beverage, restaurant, dive team (including behind the scenes), gardeners, boutique, housekeeping, front office. We had a very interesting behind the scenes tour of the resort. We did not use the Spa this time but heard great comments. Loved the welcome cocktails and the chance to be part of the Independence Day celebrations and games!

“We have had a wonderful time. Thank you all!”

Prinn Family
(Aug 2023)

Pelagian is the most comfortable and luxurious liveaboard.

“Pelagian is the most comfortable and luxurious liveaboard. All of the staff were eager to please and looked for ways to make our stay better than we could have imagined.

“Thank you very much for the extraordinary service and attention to detail.”

Kelley and Stephen Whitley
(Aug 2023)

Amazing snorkeling with very easy access

“The house reef did not disappoint. We had amazing snorkeling with very easy access. And snorkelers are not treated as second class citizens. Our guide was fabulous. The dive and boat staff were astoundingly good – they look after you, provide information, drinks, food, towels, etc.

The food was fabulous! Great range and quality, and we particularly enjoyed some more local touches. The restaurant staff cater well to your needs and were very friendly and helpful.”

Graham and Jane Forte
(Aug 2023)

All top class!

“Meals, accommodation, service, and diving were all top class! Our guides were excellent. Our representative, Linda, lubricated the booking magnificently. And the chef bent over backwards in accommodating Karen’s dietary restrictions.”

Peter and Karen Chaston
(Aug 2023)

An elegant luxury boat

“Pelagian is an elegant luxury boat. Well equipped with extraordinary crew, really friendly and kind staff.”

Angelo Massimo Lambiase and Grazia Giacomelli
(Aug 2023)

It is always a pleasure to come back to Wakatobi.

“It is always a pleasure to come back to Wakatobi. Nature and sea are always surprising you and the people make you feel at home.”

Paola Rugiero
(Aug 2023)

A great house reef

“A great house reef and excellent dive sites and guides! Thank you for unforgettable memories!”

Christian and Katja Vieth
(Aug 2023)

Fabulous diving and snorkeling

“We spent our honeymoon at Wakatobi and enjoyed every minute. Fabulous diving and snorkeling, comfortable accommodations, beautiful scenery and incredibly friendly and welcoming staff. We will be back!”

Wolfgang and Carina Haaf
(Aug 2023)

We love the SPA!

“As always, Wakatobi is a wonderful escape! The resort is beautiful, the staff warm and welcoming, and the diving is terrific.

The food is excellent. We love the SPA! Laundry does an outstanding job, and housekeeping is the best.

We so appreciate the Long House staff and their assistance with any needs or inquiries we have. They are excellent. Many thanks to dive guides and especially the dive staff who care for our equipment and cameras. We thank them for their careful handling of our gear.

“We can let our worries go and know we will be well cared for here at Wakatobi.”

Amy and Any MacLeod
(Aug 2023)

One of the best travel experiences of our lives

“Wonderful resort, amazing reefs, superb food and everyone is so nice and helpful. One of the best travel experiences of our lives that we will never forget. Much thanks to all of the staff and the management who have created a magical resort that has provided us with a lifetime of memories.

Michael Oppenheimer and Leonie Haimson
(Aug 2023)

Unmatched dive sites and dive staff.

“Exceptional service and hospitality, with a great blend of food between Indonesian and western. Unmatched dive sites and dive staff. High safety standards.”

Jonathan Kamdani
(Aug 2023)

Our happy place for our family.

“This was our second stay with you. We have never experienced such a place where it feels to be in a bigger family. Knowing the background of Wakatobi you can be very proud of what you have achieved. This is a beautiful place where everybody feels welcome, safe, and appreciated.

“Wakatobi is our happy place for our family. An amazing environment and accommodation, delicious food and super friendly, nice people

“We are already looking forward to the next stay with you.”

Heim family
(Aug 2023)

We will come again.

“Overall great place, great resort, and amazing dive sites. We will come again.”

Felix and Jana Redecker
(Aug 2023)

Being met by staff at the airport was great.

“Being met by staff at the airport was great. And everything else was brilliant: the food, diving, staff, bungalows, facilities and equipment.

 “Loved every moment we spent on the island. Paradise island on Earth.”

Graeme and Bruce Stephen
(Aug 2023)