You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…

Cindy Belcher

I do not want to leave! 

”The snorkeling was awesome and everyone from the dive crew, cleaning staff, restaurant staff and chef was outstanding. The snorkel guide was great and did a wonderful job. Normally snorkelers are not treated as well as divers but not here! It is not just for divers and I do not want to leave!“

Dongdong Gao

Better than in most of the 5 star resorts I have visited

“I received the best service in Wakatobi, even better than in most of the 5 star resorts I have visited. Underwater is amazing, super professional dive staff – the dive guide took good care of me and showed me a lot of marine life. As a lone traveler you never feel lonely at Wakatobi – you make so many new friends. The room service and food is also of a high standard, you will get what you want. Thanks to all the staff at Wakatobi!“

Galina and Slava Mareev


“The restaurant team was excellent and the food was superb. The spa service was also good.”

Gerald and Sharon Schmidt

Wakatobi needs to be on every diver’s wishlist.

“The dive team did an excellent job of taking care of our needs. Our dive guide was very good, we really enjoyed diving with him and he was excellent at finding a variety of marine life. He was always asking what he could do to improve our stay at the resort and our diving experience and made sure everyone in the dive group had the opportunity to see the creatures he found. The whole dive operation is run very smoothly. The resort staff were very attentive to our needs and we enjoyed the food very much. Gerry really enjoyed the fantastic birthday cake. This was our 3rd trip to Wakatobi and it gets better each time. The reefs are pristine and marine life abundant. We saw more on our first dive and on the house reef than you would in a week in the Caribbean. Wakatobi needs to be on every diver’s wishlist.“

Junio Melo and Gnana Araujo

Everyone made us feel like we were at home 

“This was our second time at Wakatobi and we were treated like old friends! Everyone made us feel like we were at home. The food and dives were great but the staff are the best part of the resort.”

M Lynn Crawford

The house reef is unbelievable

“From the very beginning of our visit this has been an amazing vacation. The house reef is unbelievable, I have never seen such variety of corals and fish. You can tell that everyone at Wakatobi takes pride in keeping the reef pristine. The accommodation was great, every staff member is smiling and pleasant and the restaurant is like a vacation itself. The food is fabulous, beautifully presented and tastes good! Thank you all for a wonderful time. The most beautiful underwater reef – like swimming in a fish bowl.“

Nan Goldstein

If this isn’t paradise, I do not know what is

“Everything was perfect. If this isn’t paradise, I do not know what is. The diving is incredible, the grounds feel like a botanical garden, the rooms are comfortable and private, the ocean breezes, the lull of the waves, the food – every meal was absolutely wonderful, every person on staff is friendly, accommodating and a pleasure. This was a very special trip for me, a mother daughter trip, and it is a trip I will treasure forever. Thank you! Everything was perfect, the abundance and diversity of the reefs, the laid back elegance, the food was sublime and the staff could not be friendlier or more pleasant – the best!“

Ronald and Diane Cook

Our 4th visit to Wakatobi and we will be back!

“The level of attention to appearance and functionality is great. From the dining, bungalows and public washrooms, all are well planned and executed. Such a pleasure! The dive guide was very good, patient, able to find lots of small things, catered to our requests and interests and attentive to safety which we appreciated. No matter who we spoke with they were helpful, responsive and courteous. Great client service and always with a smile. We could not have wished for anything better. Thank you so much! Our 4th visit to Wakatobi and it is better every time we come. The diving is amazing and the dive guides and crew are the best! The dining is wonderful – food and service! We will be back!“

Vickey and Will Sare

A great vacation!

“Thanks to all for making this a great vacation! We had many wonderful dives with our guides, consummate professionals and lovely people as well. The restaurant staff was effective and attentive without being intrusive. The food was wonderful and our room was always neat and clean. Above all, the reef itself was nothing short of magnificent and we are glad you are all here taking care of it. We look forward to a return visit someday. Magnificent reef, engaging and professional dive team, lovely accommodation and wonderful food – Thank you Wakatobi for a great vacation!“

Susan Cooper-Smith & M. Scott Smith

Supreme Outstanding Service

“The food was superb, I believe the chef could open a restaurant in any major city and do quite well. All of the pampering was first rate, the restaurant and housekeeping staff were outstanding. They learned our preferences, so after asking for something once, we never had to ask again, it became part of their standard service to us. Valet diving could not be beaten, the dive guides could point out and identify marine critters, big and small. Dive safety was upheld to the highest level, dive briefings were excellent and the dive guides always looked after their group. Small group size also added to high safety standards and the boats were good. S.O.S. : Supreme Outstanding Service. The only thing we did not like about Wakatobi was leaving!“

Warren Pritchard

Always with the guest in mind

“A great resort, well run and always with the guest in mind. The diving is great, but what takes it to another level is the dive operation, the knowledgeable dive guides, the small groups and the professionalism and friendliness of the entire crew. I am just sorry my stay here was so short. If you are a diver and you can get there, go to Wakatobi.“

Uli Joos

An outstanding experience

“All crew and staff members were so dedicated to improve our diving. This was an outstanding experience which I will repeat for sure.”

Daniela Masciadri and Manuela Pfenninger

A perfect holiday

“The resort is very beautiful! The staff are very friendly and helpful, everything is organized perfectly. Dive guides are very competent and friendly and they looked after us very well, making us feel very safe. The staff on the dive boats are very friendly, helpful and funny! The equipments are in good condition, and the food was excellent, with new specialties every day. It was a perfect holiday, and could not have been better!“

Martine and Bernard Elhaik

Everything was exceptional!

“Everything was exceptional! Our dive guide was so nice and we hope to come back soon and dive again with him. The best place to live and dive.”

Mark McDonald

Another fantastic holiday!

“Another fantastic holiday! The Pelagian was amazing and very luxurious. Our bungalow at the resort was excellent and we really enjoyed the outside shower. The restaurant staff were as attentive as the last time we came, it is really nice that they know our names from day 1. Fantastic experience and some of the best diving we have ever done, we are coming back for a third time!“

Katrin Sohns

One of the most beautiful locations

“I had great service when booking and it was an amazing location with beautiful bungalows. The diving was great, with beautiful diving spots and very well organized, great diving service. The food was amazing and the staff very friendly. I have lived in Indonesia for more than 5 years and this must be one of the most beautiful locations I have been to.”

Hans-Joachim Meyer

Wakatobi has exceeded my expectations

“The two weeks on the Pelagian and at the resort have been indescribable for me. The team, the service, dive staff, boat crew and the friendly chefs were sensational. I was looking forward to this holiday and it has exceeded my expectations.“

Eduardo Morais dos Santos

Keep up the good work

“Wakatobi is one of the best trips I have done and the boat crew was good and very helpful. The restaurant and the staff was amazing, congratulations and keep up the good work!“

Detlev and Sabine Sohns

One of the few paradises in this world

“An ideal hideaway, well organized, excellent food and wonderful scenery. The staff are friendly and well qualified, and very personal and open minded. One of the few paradises in this world, well organized and maintained.“

Ann & Doc Cornwell

We have never been so spoiled before!

“Everything we experienced at Wakatobi was fabulous!! All the staff were so helpful and thoughtful, from knowing our names upon introduction, to the bed turn down, gardening etc. We have never stayed in a resort that spoils everyone and just wish you were closer to the United States. We have never been so spoiled before!”

Astrid und Dieter Steininger

Snorkelers were given the same treatment as divers

“We were very pleased that snorkelers were given the same treatment as divers. We have never seen this before and our snorkel guide was very attentive and showed us everything. Our rooms were always well cleaned and the kitchen was just a dream. The food was well prepared with perfect portion sizes and the pastries were as good as at home. All the staff were extremely nice, friendly and accommodating.”

Bernhard & Karin Fischer

There is nothing left to improve 

“We had a great time, thank you all! Everything was perfect and there is nothing left to improve. For sure, we will visit Wakatobi again!”

Claude and Henri Durand

This level of hospitality is hard to find

“Diving has been the main objective of our trips to many different parts of the world for more than 15 years and we think that Wakatobi should be used as a model. During the trip we experienced perfection in the combination between looking after the marine environment and providing access to it for divers. The dive team and dive guide looked after every detail – this level of hospitality is hard to find. The restaurant and the variety and quality of food was perfect. Our stay will remain with us like a beautiful memory.”

Cory Streisinger

Thanks for a great time!

“Beautiful snorkeling, and the staff was super friendly, helpful and professional. Great food and very comfortable bungalow. Thanks for a great time!”

Mike Hess and Hak Wong

The resort offers more than we could dream of

“Everything was perfect – what a way to visit paradise! The resort offers more than we could dream of. The staff are well trained and every detail is addressed. Thank you for making this a very special vacation.”

Pamela Martin

One of the most relaxing places on earth

“It was wonderful to finally visit Wakatobi and meet the most pleasant and professional staff I have come across. You have a beautiful island with beautiful people, thank you for inviting me for the week. I hope my story in Ocean Geographic lives up to the experience – I will do my best. One of the most relaxing places on earth – above and below the water.“

Corinne Brodbeck

Wakatobi Dive Resort is rare and unique 

“For us Wakatobi Dive Resort is rare and unique. We experienced a natural heaven that the family owners have carefully and mindfully established to blend and merge into the Lamanggau community and surrounding environment. We were fascinated and impressed at how all guests, staff and neighbors are managed with a feeling of happiness at the resort. Every part of Wakatobi is regularly maintained to the highest standards and that made us feel cared for from the moment we checked in until we left. The food was gourmet quality and the variety endless. We look forward to our next holiday at Wakatobi to experience more of the peace and tranquility that is on offer in this luxurious, yet very casual resort. Wakatobi relaxes and charms you while attending to your every need with understated luxury. We will be back.“

Woody & Lyn Savage

Friendly staff with personalized service

“Great food, wonderful service and friendly staff with personalized service. For snorkelers the house reef is beautiful and filled with very friendly fish. The water depth and currents make it possible for snorkelers to see a lot of fish and coral. Our last snorkel at Turkey Beach where we drifted back to the resort was the best. Without a doubt, the food at Wakatobi is the best resort food we have ever had! And the dining room service was perfect.“

Arthur Ginsberg & Caroline Clarke-Ginsberg

This place is outstanding

“This is truly a lovely and restful place. Your attention to detail and the cheery, generous professionalism of all staff we interacted with creates, via grace and selflessness, peace. Both old world and high-tech, sanctuary and activity-haven. This place is outstanding!“

Chuck Hopf

The kind of service you can expect from Wakatobi

“Get some soup at the buffet and forget your soup spoon – it may get to the table before you do. That is the kind of service you can expect from Wakatobi!”

Cindy & Steve Moore

Wakatobi is the best

“The diving at Wakatobi is outstanding, that is well known. But an equally important characteristic is the world class customer service seen in every member of staff. Wakatobi can teach customer service to any service industry, and any organization. They make you feel at home on the first day, and it gets better every day after that. There are so many places we want to visit, but we keep coming back to Wakatobi because it is the best.”

Cliff & Judy Fischer

Perfect honeymoon for a dive loving couple

“We would love to encourage our friends to visit Wakatobi and would love to bring our family here one day! Our honeymoon could not have been more perfect for a dive loving couple! The staff really made us feel special from day one.”

Doris & Thomas Hoffmann

A perfect diving vacation of a high quality standard.

“We had a very nice and comfortable stay here at Wakatobi. We enjoyed the food and the many choices for lunch and dinner. The diving was arranged perfectly, and we enjoyed the different dive sites with the dive guide being an excellent spotter. A perfect diving vacation of a high quality standard.”

Federico Marmori & Amy Fasola

A pleasant surprise 

“The food is really good, with quality exceeding our expectations considering where the resort is located. The resort staff including the dive staff were all really friendly. Being called by our names the first day we arrived was definitely a pleasant surprise, and the bungalow was very good.”

Inge Puchta

A beautiful place with fantastic diving and perfect service

“What a beautiful place with fantastic diving and perfect service all the time. I know I will come back!“

Maisa & Olli Itkonen

A stress free holiday, the best ever! 

“Our expectations were high before coming but Wakatobi has succeeded in exceeding them! We enjoyed the high quality of the dive center, restaurant and housekeeping and very happy with our beach bungalow which was quiet and had a lovely view. The reefs are in good condition and there is plenty to see, the dive guide was excellent and we had a good laugh with him. Everything was well organized and you can see some thought has been given into how things work the best way. The food was delicious, a joy for both mouth and eyes, and we enjoyed the meals every day. The staff at Wakatobi is excellent, they remember our names! We did not wear shoes during our stay, it was a stress free holiday, the best ever! If you appreciate excellent marine life in a tranquil atmosphere, impeccable service on board and in the restaurant, five star food three times a day, try Wakatobi. It might be the right place, for us it certainly is.“

James Foley

A great experience

“I was here 10 years ago and I am pleased to say the resort is still excellent and more so! The food which was always very good is now more like a five star restaurant. This was a great experience and I will be back before another 10 years pass!“

Jill Andersson & Anneli Lindberg

We are super pleased and absolutely loved our stay here

“Great service and great staff both on land and on the boat. The food is to die for! Overall we are super pleased and we absolutely loved our stay here.”

Jim Berryhill

A marvelous experience to match the amazing marine environment 

“This is an extremely well run establishment. The entire staff is to be commended for exemplary service, with the dive staff being professional, educational and efficient, and the front desk being kind, helpful and attentive. All reflect well upon the organization. The dining staff is marvelous, with everyone being cheerful, jocular and congenial. All considered, this has been a marvelous experience to match the amazing marine environment.”

Linda & Paul Katz

We loved everything about Wakatobi!

“We loved everything about Wakatobi! The folks who work here are very genuine people who like what they do for a living – the happiness of everyone at Wakatobi shines through! We will be sadly leaving Wakatobi but will be planning a return trip in the near future.”

Lizzy McAninch

The ideal place for an adventurous, yet luxurious vacation

“Wakatobi is the ideal place for an adventurous, yet luxurious vacation on a pristine coral reef. The accommodations were outstanding, staff friendly and professional, and diving superb. There are many options when it comes to dive travel, but I am sure I will make my way back to Wakatobi in the future. Thank you so much for everything.”

Marisol Garza

Staff seem to anticipate your every need

“The staff and resort are amazing – this is by far my favorite dive resort. The food is fabulous and I will definitely miss the wonderful desserts. I visited Wakatobi 8 years ago and have seen incredible improvements in the service. I love the fact that all the staff (diving and resort) seem to anticipate your every need. I do not recall that level of service on my last visit, and back then I thought it was very good! I also want to thank the dive staff for the care they give to the reef.“

Mary Mac Manus & Jeremy Vogler

Amazing hospitality all around

“We have had a beautiful time here with our children and we have particularly enjoyed the diving and the friendliness of the staff. The most beautiful coral in the world. Beautiful and safe diving for our two eleven year olds with amazing hospitality all around. We will definitely come back!”

Niels & Susanne Hasse

A very good place to dive

“Many thanks to the whole crew, who have perfect organization, are friendly and always supportive. We will recommend Wakatobi if we meet any other divers, it is a very good place to dive.”

Roni Beer

A truly wonderful experience

“All your staff are very friendly and welcoming, although I traveled by myself, I never felt alone. The dive sites were amazing and your guides very professional, informative and reassuring, all of whom went out of their way to make sure I had a good experience. The restaurant staff are also very helpful and unfortunately on their recommendations I ate far too much! The whole experience has been wonderful, from the early days of booking the holiday right down to where I go next in Bali. Just get up and be in the right place at the right time, the rest is done for you! A truly wonderful experience. Many thanks and hopefully see you again in the future!"

Samson Au & Mitchell Yeung

Good food and very friendly staff

“Good food and very friendly staff. The daily diving was well organized with very good equipment and diving support.”

Sara Soulier

Private dining experience was beautiful and memorable

“The resort is well maintained, and the staff are helpful, funny and extremely lovely! The diving staff is knowledgeable and professional, and my guide was the best dive guide I have ever had on dive trips. I was very impressed with the expertise, demeanor, good eye, and accommodating service, and all the boat crew were very helpful. Kitchen and dining staff are very friendly and helpful, they even knew all our names which is a special touch. The food options and quality was great and the private dining experience was beautiful and memorable, with again, great service.”

Stefan Gabriel

I leave Wakatobi with a big smile and a few tears

“I leave Wakatobi with a big smile and a few tears because your staff is really, really nice, and it feels like leaving friends. I spent an excellent 10 days here and after 2 days I had no idea what day of the week it was! Thank you.”

Su-Mae Khoo & Brian McDairmant

The quality and service which can only be described as superb

“We had heard and read reviews about the food at Wakatobi but nothing prepared us for the quality and service which can only be described as superb. The beach bungalow was absolutely lovely and we only wish we had more time during busy dive days to just sit and enjoy the setting. A rare gem in Indonesia – other dive operations have much to learn from Wakatobi. Thank you!”

Wade Hughes

Our third visit, and we are already planning our next trip

“Again a superb dive location, with exemplary service in all spheres. Great to come back to great dive locations, variety of species and ease of diving. Our third visit, and we are already planning our next trip.”

Wayne & Pam Osborn

Our third trip and another excellent experience

“Our third trip and another excellent experience of the famed Wakatobi walls. Fabulous photographic opportunities with first rate attention from the staff. We have been fortunate enough to have the same dive guide on all trips and consider him a close friend. Nothing is too much trouble. The standard of service on the boats and in the resort is outstanding. Wakatobi feels like a second home.”

Carole Anderson

Have never experienced such a high standard of food at a dive resort

“Staff were very professional and friendly with everyone remembering your name and preferences. The food and accommodation are first rate, I have never experienced such a high standard of food while at a dive resort. The reefs are beautiful and the water generally clear. The dive guides are helpful and good at spotting the macro critters. Overall, a very relaxing holiday in a beautiful resort with great staff.”

Carol Roedder & Eric Ault

World class service – World class diving

“We returned and brought my brother and his wife. That says it all, we love this place and love the fish book being in the room. World class service – World class diving. So many wonderful sites!”

Carola Nilsson & Ben Wrede

Truly amazing

“Greatest variation of coral and fish we ever experienced – truly amazing!”

Craig & Denise Cipolla

There is a warmth and welcome by all staff without exception

“Wakatobi is truly exceptional in the level of catering, friendliness and valet services. The fact everyone knows and greets you by name is very special, and there is a warmth and welcome by all staff without exception. Our Divemaster is fabulous, attentive, informative and very intelligent. He skillfully adapts to your desire, style and speed of diving, and safety is paramount. His professionalism exceeds any experience in our 10+ years of diving all over the world! Both dive guide and the boat crew anticipate your needs and are readily present but not intrusive. The chef is spectacular with each dish delicately prepared in small servings and replenished when needed. This is not a grub line as most other dive resorts produce with the dishes being unique, flavorful innovative and versatile. We love the new bathrooms, with bungalows being very comfortable, truly excellent and we will be back! Five star diving and service in a remote paradise! Exceptional food and pampering make for a memorable holiday.”

Francesco Cavallaro

A slice of paradise – A balm for tired souls

“Definitely the best corals I have ever seen and the variety of fish is astounding – I will come back soon with an underwater camera! The people here are also the friendliest and most accommodating, the combination of over and underwater made this a trip to remember for a long, long time. The most pristine reef I have never seen! A slice of paradise – A balm for tired souls."

Kenneth & Edna Brubaker

One of the best dive trips ever

“One of the best dive trips ever (we have been diving since 1983)! The dive operation is excellent. All dive staff and boat crew are very helpful and knowledgeable, and our dive guide was excellent. The restaurant staff is also very helpful and courteous with the cuisine being excellent. The accommodation is very good, everything was clean and good quality. We hope to return in 2016.”

Lillard & Pamela Brown

Excellent service throughout the resort

“Thank you for the excellent service throughout the resort. Everyone was especially friendly and helpful. Your island is beautiful and the diving was one of our best experiences.”

Loyd & Linda Shantz

We had a wonderful 2 weeks here 

“We had a wonderful 2 weeks here. Your employees are all such hard workers and we felt well cared for from the gentlemen who met us on arrival at Denpasar until we left. The dive/boat staff were really great, as was the land based staff. The food was excellent, and we really enjoyed the creative salads, fresh fish, sushi, and variety of fruits and deserts. We really liked our dive guide, we just had to say it! We were blown away by the beauty of the corals, sponges, creatures and fish here.”

Marty Aronson

First class five star dive resort

“Great visibility with very professional staff at a perfect remote location. First class five star dive resort.”

Monika & Max Cascone

The staff are what make Wakatobi a great resort

“All staff, boat, dive, kitchen and maintenance are superb – it is incredible that everyone knows our names on the first day. Food is very good, and the rooms are very nice – we really like the outdoor shower. We had a great dive guide, with a very thorough greeting upon arrival and making sure we were settled, and very enthusiastic and always asking how our dives could be improved. The staff are what make Wakatobi a great resort – we have never experienced such attention to detail and true service with a smile at any other resort.”

Phia Sherry

Just as incredible as I remember from 2012

“This place is just as incredible as I remember from 2012! I cannot stress enough how friendly and helpful everyone is and I learned so much from my photo class.”

Richard & Wendy Pearce

Excellent teamwork and good value for money

“Service all round is first class, with excellent teamwork and good value for money. The staff have been friendly, attentive and requests have been dealt with extremely efficiently.”

Stephanie & Vincenzo Apuzzo

The experience was again the top of the top

“We came last year with two of our friends, and came back this year with four of them. The experience was again the top of the top with all staff being friendly, patient and helpful. We stayed two weeks and the food was fantastic with a lot of variety. The diving was great, pristine reefs from top to bottom, again the boat crew were full of care and friendly. Our dive guide from last year and this year was fantastic, and a major pull for us to come back again and bring more friends.”

Yu Yi Wong & Shu Mei Yap

Cannot stop raving to my friends about this amazing place

“This is one of the greatest diving trips I have been on so far. From the dive sites, service, villa and food, the standard has been impeccable. This has been a simply fantastic and tremendously enjoyable trip. It is perfect and I cannot stop raving to my friends about this amazing place. Simply memorable!”

Briana Jones

We very much appreciated all of the staff

“We very much appreciated all of the staff, dive guides and boat crew, as well as the restaurant staff – all were exceptionally friendly.”

Gilles Nebel

The service has surpassed our expectations completely

“We had a wonderful stay at Wakatobi, an outstanding diving area with little to compare to it. The service has surpassed our expectations completely, and after an overdose of kindness, we will feel weird when we return to Switzerland.”

John & Fairbourne Frye

Highest compliments to the staff

“First of all highest compliments to the staff who helped arrange our arrival and answered all my questions with so much information, and helped guide us through customs and to our Bali stopover hotel. Once we arrived we were continually surprised, pleasantly, at how well the resort is organized. As for the diving, you run such a well-organized and professional operation, the boats are the perfect size, the equipment is good quality and the details of preparation, logistics and customer service are all well taken care of. It is obvious how much goes on behind the scenes to put it all together, and many thanks to our dive guide for her guidance and knowledge. Many thanks also to the restaurant staff who were all ready with a friendly welcome at every meal, and the food was excellent.”

Scott Friedman

A five star experience all around

“Superb diving and an excellent selection of delicious and healthy foods at every meal. The accommodations and facilities were comfortable, stylish and well maintained. But most of all the staff are friendly, helpful, hard-working and eager to please, making it a five star experience all around. This was our second visit to Wakatobi and we are already planning a third.”

Suzanne Frey

An outstanding stay! – Everything I expected and more

“An outstanding stay! It was everything I expected and more. From the Bali arrangements to the travel to Wakatobi, and the room was fantastic. I was so impressed with how everyone knew my name on the first day, this is a five star experience for divers. All the dive guides and boat staff were great. It is rare a brochure or website live up to reality but Wakatobi is everything it seems and more.”

Ingrid Kvale

Stunning luxury resort

“Stunning luxury resort, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The dive guides are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you for a wonderful stay, I look forward to coming back soon. Thank you to all the staff for their hospitality!” 

Mazuin Ismail and Izma Idris

Everything ticks like clockwork

”Staff at the long house and boutique were very helpful and always smiling, always suggesting daily activities you can do. Restaurant staff friendly and attentive, great food and selection. The dive team had great team work, friendly, always smiling very good at spotting different sea creatures, very disciplined and knowledgeable too. They know how to make us happy, confident and dive safely. Everything ticks like clockwork, a hard thing to achieve indeed.Dedicated staff, good system, great managers are among things that made us have a really great time. We will come back soon!“ 

Mel Zimowski

Wakatobi is a magical place

”I have had a wonderful time during my stay at Wakatobi. In many ways Wakatobi is a magical place, the diving is fantastic with many diverse and exotic types of sea life on nearly pristine reefs. The resort is both sophisticated and tasteful, from the architecture to the cuisine and everything in between. The resort staff do everything they can to make your stay truly exceptional and make you feel like a highly valued guest every moment of your stay. As I reflect on all the thoughts I have had during my visit to Wakatobi, perhaps the one that best summarizes the experience is : This must be how those who can afford to vacation anywhere would want to spend their diving holiday.“

Christine Byrer

I will suggest and recommend Wakatobi to dive friends

“I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff are all wonderful! I loved my hot stone massage and the boutique is well stocked! The shampoo and conditioner provided was awesome and smells very nice. Love the tapas style food spread. I will suggest and recommend Wakatobi to dive friends, I like that you post maps and printout all of the dive sites.”

Chris & Owen Hancock

We had amazing service from start to finish 

“We had amazing service from start to finish, from being greeted at Denpasar, with arrangements for luggage etc to the arrival at Wakatobi. The food is magnificent as is the service in the restaurant, with prices for drinks and purchases in the boutique very reasonable. The dive team and boat crew were very professional, and Blade would have to be the best dive site we have ever experienced! We loved the daily towel sculptures on our bed, and thanks for the San Miguel!”

Matt & Christhol Swanson

The best food and diving to be had, and service with a smile

“A very welcoming resort, with good work by all to make it an enjoyable stay. The best food and diving to be had, and service with a smile.”

Tim and Robin Kirkpartick

The magic of Wakatobi should be experienced by all divers

”Our third visit to Wakatobi finds the resort better than ever. The dive staff and crew remain professional and top notch. The guides are beyond compare showing us Wakatobi’s hidden treasures dive after dive. Food and beverage service was outstanding and the food was actually better than last year. The staff are as friendly and efficient as ever! After diving many places in the world during the past 35 years, Wakatobi is our clear favorite! The magic of the diving and the resort itself should be experienced by all divers.“

Tom Flaherty and Morag Blazey

Dived all over the world and this is the best we have seen!

”The dive operation is well thought out, our dive guide was excellent and knowledgeable, he made our trip! The boat crew could not be more helpful, all together a lovely team. We have dived all over the world and this is the best dive operation we have seen! The food is exceptional as is the team, everyone knowing our name was a welcoming gesture on our first day and throughout. The gardeners and security are also always polite.“

Irina Shestakova and Evgeny Razumov

Everything was perfect

“Everything was perfect, awesome dive sites! Professional dive masters, delicious food and caring friendly staff. Thank you and we will definitely come again.”


Best dive resort I have ever been to

“I have been diving since 1979 and in many different locations.
Wakatobi is remote and difficult to get to, but well worth the effort. The charter flight in flies ONCE a week from Bali.

Small and personal which we like. The SERVICE is of the highest standing. 
Food was exceptional (as good as many starred restaurants) and even more so when one considers the remoteness of the Resort. Breakfast and lunch are extensive buffets plus fresh individually prepared eggs at breakfast and individually prepared pasta dishes at lunch time, lots of fresh salads and fruits. The buffet menus are designed to suit both European, Asian and American tastes. The sashimi is outstanding, all freshly caught. The evening meal is a three course a la carte dinner with a vast choice. The selection is made at lunch time. The meals are individually prepared. The Main Course is a good selection of meat, fresh fish (prepared in various ways), Indonesian specialities and vegetarian dishes. No Reef Fish or Spiny Lobsters are served as there is no fishing on the Reefs in the Area. We had Indonesian Rijstafel one evening. The dining room staff are extremely well trained, attentive and friendly. The wine list caters for most tastes, French, Chilean, Australian, South African, Spanish, Italian and a few more. The weekly Indonesian Cooking Classes are highly recommended.

The beach bungalows are very spacious and adequately appointed with covered veranda, outdoor shower facility, hammock and own loungers with umbrella at sea's edge. Do be sure to do the RESORT TOUR. It is mind boggling, the behind the scenes infrastructure that is needed to support a remote resort. Turtle rearing project included.

Then the diving! That is why we were all there in the first place. Superb, unspoiled reefs and walls, prolific life including lots of the little things. Not a place for big pelagic fish, Barracuda a few times and distant sharks once, lots of banded Kraits (sea snakes) though. In the weekly cycle of 21 boat dives there was not a repeat site. One boat night dive in the cycle. Guided dive groups on all dives, my largest was four divers. The dive staff and auxiliary boat staff are very helpful and caring. Unlimited House Reef Diving.

If it wasn't so far away for me I could envisage a few trips a year! 
In our first 7 days we were only 12 guests and 6 off those were there for their third visit! That speaks for itself.”

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Cathy and Alan Bourne

Wonderful, welcoming and wish we did not have to say farewell

“We had a wonderful stay. We cannot praise all the staff enough. They were welcoming, kind, friendly and attended to all our needs in a no fuss and efficient manner. We were amazed at how good the food in the restaurant was, great variety, delicious and very well presented. The staff were all lovely and kind, again attending to our every need. The dive team was great very well organized and they have thought of everything, hot peppermint towel in between dives, cakes cookies and sandwiches were on the boat if we were feeling hungry after a dive, also hot drinks and cold water are all provided and greatly appreciated. I had a wonderful time snorkeling with my guide who had so much knowledge which he was willing to share with me and he taught me a lot. I also did my open water course there at the resort and the instructor I was provided with was kind, caring, patient and professional which was great to get me through the course. Wonderful, welcoming and wish we did not have to say farewell. A true island paradise.”

Karla and Adam Tyrrell

Our Dive Guide made every dive amazing

“Our Dive Guide was a fun, interesting, knowledgeable and highly skilled professional. He made us feel safe and comfortable if we felt nervous and made every dive amazing. The food is great and everyone makes you feel very special. That goes from all the staff, and the owners should be very proud of their excellent customer service provided at the resort. We found all things amazing at Wakatobi, from the reefs and dive guides, to the restaurant and food which all made for a very special stay and we can’t wait until we can come back to your beautiful resort again.” 

Malcolm Royal

Wakatobi is exceptional – passion in everything that happens here

”Wakatobi is exceptional, there is passion in everything that happens here. The staff are phenomenal, service is of the highest standard and nothing is too much to ask of them. We would like to return again sometime in the future. The quality of the reefs is to be commended, the diving staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The chef and his team produce meals which made you look forward to every meal. The freshness of the produce is incredible considering the remoteness of the resort. Wakatobi is definitely our kind of place, it is the staff that makes it what it is.“


Great dive vacation in a remote location

“Wanted a luxury dive vacation and got it! Had a few issues with a dive partner, but it was resolved and the remainder of the trip was excellent! Comfortable drift diving with lots of small creatures to see. Great night diving with ample lights on the boat. Took the village tour, cooking lesson and towel folding lessons...loved the head chef!”

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Anna Maria de Freitas and Dave Pass

Thank you for another memorable visit

“Thank you for another memorable visit. We can’t wait to come back again. We appreciated all the little improvements that the resort has made since our last visit two years ago as we know how much hard work and effort goes into creating such an amazing guest experience. Every member of the resort team from the dive guides to the gardeners are genuinely happy with their job and happy to help a guest in any way to improve their experience and that says a lot!”

Janice, Murray and Mary-Kate Fain

Worth flying half way around the world!

“The diving was fabulous. Healthiest reefs we have ever seen and abundant with sea life. Lots of animals and corals to see and photograph. The dive guides were the best, they were patient, gracious and informative. Murray took a 3 day photography course and the photography was amazing. The boats were roomy and well designed. The quality and variety of the food was excellent. The staff serving and bartending were most enjoyable. Our bungalows were nicely decorated, roomy and the outdoor showers were a highlight. Worth flying half way around the world!”

Joseph Luk and Moira Moser

A fantastic experience for snorkelers…

“Thank you all for a magical holiday. The snorkeling was fantastic and the guides were terrific. All the staff were great! It is an amazing place. Wakatobi is a fantastic experience for snorkelers as well, the best we have ever found!” 

Charmaine Jeffees

A perfect location for a new, nervous diver

“Thank you so much to your amazing staff there at Wakatobi resort. The professionalism of the dive team made for an incredible dive experience for my 6-year old and 9-year old boys and two nervous adults. Also a big thank you to the boat crew for looking after us as well and keeping a watchful eye on the two little boys. A big thank you to the restaurant team, who anticipated our every need and want. Two fussy boys who only want rice and pasta and the team ensured they were catered for. A perfect location for a new, nervous diver the expertise of the dive team and their gentle encouragement made for an incredible experience.”

Nollie Pretorius

Thank you Wakatobi we had a wonderful time!

”Thank you Wakatobi we had a wonderful time! Accommodation, food, staff and dive guides are first class The diving is WOW fantastic! The combination of excellent dive boats and their crew, the knowledge of the dive guides, beautiful underwater scenery and fantastic dive sites makes Wakatobi resort an absolute winner. An absolute divers paradise, perfect setting, well organized, great staff and amazing diving!“ 


Superlative in every aspect

“I would struggle to name one thing that Wakatobi could do to improve their offering. The dive op is brilliant, seamless and the DMs (and all dive staff) are cheerful and extremely knowledgeable. We had Harvey for our week long stay and he really added to the experience, not just from a finding things point of view but also how to get the most out of our dives. All the other guides seemed to share the same ethos. The diving is excellent with the underwater vistas peerless – the coral really is as good as advertised. Service levels are almost embarrassing. Bar setting up your gear on the first day and then doing a (admirably comprehensive) check out dive, everything is done for you.

The service and standard of food is exemplary. Quite how they manage this is in the back of beyond is beyond me but Ibram and his team are brilliant. They knew our names the first time we walked in the dining room. The food was consistently excellent with post morning dive lunches being a highlight. 

Our room was a beach villa and was very nice – well equipped, light and with an outdoor shower. My only room tip would be that if you really value your privacy then BV4 might not be the best as it it right next to the Long Room and staff walk in and out and around the villa sometimes.

It is worth remembering that this is a very expensive resort to visit (and a difficult journey from the UK) but I really think it’s worth the money and we would return here in an instant. Sitting at the jetty bar watching the sun go down in such a pristine and unspoiled environment was a real privilege.”

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David Klaus

Could not have asked for a better dive guide or dive experience

”The diving at Wakatobi is amazing. The volume and variety of sea life is incredible. This is one of the healthiest and diverse reef system I have ever dove, but what really makes the stay as pleasurable and memorable was the staff and the amazing customer service. Everyone knew my name and went out of their way to make sure every need was met. The hotel and restaurant staff were friendly and attentive.

The boat crew were experienced and took care of everything, so all you need to do is show up and dive. Our dive guide was exceptional and went out of his way to tailor the dives to our wants. He made sure to point out sea life we never would have seen and also point out interesting things to take pictures of. He asked on every dive if we wanted to do anything differently and made sure to customize the dives to our needs. We could not have asked for a better dive guide or dive experience.

The facilities are excellent and the food was always very good. My only complaint is now I am forever going to compare future dive trips to this one.“

Meylan Stampfli

Second best place in the world, next to paradise!

“Great vacation in a natural environment extremely well preserved and enhanced. All is calm, classy and with quality here. The staff are very friendly and they listen to your requests. Their assistance and support are excellent. The food is a feast for the palate and the eye, a moment of excellence every time. The new year’s eve party was at the height of everything else. Second best place in the world next to paradise! Very kind and well-trained staff to make what you wish a reality, beautiful environment on land as in the sea, refined cooking!” 

Rosa, Francis, Ally and Aidan Feeney

Our experience was amazing – first-class all the way

“Our experience was amazing – first-class all the way. The place is charming and beautiful. The food was very good with a variety of choices. The restaurant staff was always polite and accommodating. The dive crew was number 1. Superb and very calming and knowledgeable. Our dive guide made our experience here a good one. Overall: I would definitely come back and send my friends here.” 

The Jenkins family

Thank you for the wonderful experience at Wakatobi

“Thank you for the wonderful experience at Wakatobi. Breathtaking reefs and fantastic service both above and underwater! A memorable way to start our 2015 new year!” 

Daniel and Lilian Waldispuehl

All the staff are extremely helpful and very friendly

“It was all fantastic. All the staff are extremely helpful and very friendly, we immediately felt like home. Food was excellent and special requests were received immediately. Bungalows are set in perfect conditions, plus prefect room service. The diving at various places was very nice and we had a superb guide on our side. Thank you for a wonderful time at Wakatobi.”

Ines and Roy Hitchman

In a class of its own

“Wakatobi is what we call in German language a Gesamtkunstwerk – in a class of its own.”

Chris Dransfield and Dixie Dean

Diving, food, accommodation: superb

“Everything has been superb; the diving, the food, staff and accommodation. Many places claim to be environmentally friendly, but at Wakatobi the hard work of protecting our seas and reefs is evident on every dive!” 

Fred, Sherill and Alec Carden

What a perfect place for a first dive experience!

“Our dive guide was great, personable, assuring, knowledgeable and providing support as needed. Resort was comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. The staff were warm, friendly and made us welcome. The food was lovely. We had a spectacular new year’s celebration, beats last year on the beach in Bali by a long shot! From the moment we stepped off the plane in Wangi-wangi we were very well taken care of. What a perfect place for a first dive experience! Great instruction and amazing reef!” 

Cathy, Lindsay, Nicole and Connor Sanford

Exceeded our expectations – and we have high expectations!

“Exceeded our expectations – and we have high expectations! The food, service, diving and accommodations were outstanding! The dive guides speak a variety of languages to accommodate just about everyone! Pertaining to our experience, ask for nearly impossible and they will find a way to make it happen, everyone works hard to make you comfortable!”

Dave Koehler and Michaela Jaeger

Amazing experience, we will be back for sure!

“Amazing experience, we will be back for sure! The whole crew was outstanding and the cruise directors just rocks! Thanks a million!”

The Foreman Family

All our requests were met with pleasant smiles and efficiency

“Thank you for an amazing experience! The reservation experience, Bali days and throughout our stay in Wakatobi could not have been smoother. All our requests were met with pleasant smiles and efficiency. The dive sites for macro and coral could not be beaten. Our dive guides were professional and top notch, they couldn’t do enough for us.”

Bob and Beth Hart

Superb dive sites with great ease of access & knowledgeable guides

“I have been a diver for over 40 years. The Wakatobi dive experience offers superb dive sites with great ease of access as well as knowledgeable guides. When combined with luxury accommodations and fine dining, this resort rises to the top. Every single staff member was warm, cordial and helpful. We would all love to return! As a marine biologist I appreciate the protective and instructive stance the dive guides take with their guests. This will preserve the reefs for future divers and have long-term benefits for the local community.”

Cindi Jinneman and Will Shelton

Wakatobi team provided us a world-class experience

“The staff are incredible! The ability to remember each guests name by the first day is special. The level of service and safety is amazing. During a night dive on the house reef I saw a boat crew watching from the dock, run and lift a rope so a diver would not catch on his valve. The food and beverage team, the boat crew, housekeepers, gardeners and management all worked together to provide us a world-class experience.”

Don Anderson

Wakatobi and the Pelagian, nothing else comes close!

“I have been diving for over 15 years and have been to dive resorts all over the world. I am often asked to name my favorite resort or live-aboard. It is often a hard question to answer since I have been to so many. Now the question has an easy answer, Wakatobi and the Pelagian, nothing else comes close! My only constructive comment is that the resort is even better than advertised. I thought that the resort boats would just take guests out on the house reef. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they took us to sites that were comparable to the ones visited on the Pelagian. The resort, food, staff and facilities are outstanding. I hope to be back soon. If you are even a little bit interested in diving and want to experience heaven, go to Wakatobi, it is the best there is!”

Gabi Poepperl and Klaus Tatsch

The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful

“This is our second stay here. The organization is perfect, including reservation for a stopover in Bali, airport transfers etc. The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful.” 

Madelene, John and Jessica Ramstrom

The best vacation of our lives. Can’t wait to come back!

“Thank you so much for an incredible vacation. From the second we arrived the service has been amazing. We are impressed of the way you have managed to make everything perfect in the details. So many beautiful views, decorations and moments. We really cannot come up with anything that has been bad. Our dive guides were great! Calm, knowledgeable and very friendly. The restaurant staff is also truly amazing, everyone we met! In every detail Wakatobi resort managed to give us the best vacation of our lives. We can’t wait to come back!”

May Lum

All-in-all, a 6-star experience

“Great dive sites! Our dive guide was very conscientious in looking out for our needs, he was very patient and helpful with our numerous queries. He is a star! The restaurant staff were wonderful and outstanding. We felt very well taken care of. The food was excellent! All-in-all, a 6-star experience.”

Ibrahim Al-Obaidli

A wonderful diving holiday… it will be kept in my memory for years

“I had a wonderful diving holiday with Pelagian, it will be kept in my memory for years. I experienced the Wakatobi resort in September 2011 and enjoyed it, the dive trip on the Pelagian Live-aboard is totally a different experience. I am the organizer of this trip for my group. After my previous experience at the Wakatobi resort, the dive team are well organized and the diving spots are amazing. The hospitality is excellent! I hope that I can come back to Wakatobi in the near future!”

Chris and Nella Moyle

Live-aboard experience so wonderful that is unlikely to be surpassed!

“Thank you to the Pelagian team for making our first live-aboard experience so wonderful and one that is unlikely to be surpassed! We had great diving, great crew, great service, attention to detail and great dining! Thank you.”

Matthew Styles

Wakatobi = Awesome!

“Wakatobi is the best place to go diving, Wakatobi is also awesome! No shoes needed. At 12 meters/40 feet, there is lots to see!”

Dominic Gaillard and Vera Quast

Just fantastic, do not change anything! We really loved Pelagian

“Just fantastic, do not change anything! We really loved Pelagian. The famous Swiss discipline to organize everything is very much appreciated: It works, it is safe and it is most efficient with no unnecessary stress.”

Stephanie and Natalie Rico

We had a great experience we will never forget!

“The crew was fantastic, they read every wish from your face. The food was great, the dive spots were fantastic! We thought that after Palau and Sipadan no more dive spots could surprise us and get us enthusiastic again but this trip was showing us the opposite. The explanation about the marine life and the fishes by our dive guides were just so well done and we get very curious and excited to do the dives. Our dive guides did this trip in a very professional and safety way, also in a funny sporty way. We had a great experience we will never forget!”

John Hess

Food was outstanding and the chef was very flexible

“Outstanding trip on board Pelagian! Love that I can have dinner any time I want it – the food was outstanding and the chef was very flexible.”

Monty Hettich

First class! 5 stars!

“What a crew of professionals! Awesome diving! The food was superb! First class! 5 stars!”

Paul Glanville

This has been the best dive experience of my life in every aspect!

“Wow! Well, again Wow! My second time on Pelagian. Everything was wonderful, everything! Thank you for the best: Service, care, diving, organization, sea life quantity, diversity and beauty, wonderful staff and food! This has been the best dive experience of my life in every aspect!”

Dominic Gaillard and Vera Quast

Perfect mix of Indonesian friendliness and Swiss efficiency

“Perfect mix of Indonesian friendliness and Swiss efficiency. The front desk does a great job by answering all requests immediately and delivering solutions. The room service is fast, clean and very discreet. High quality massages at affordable prices. An amazing choice and quality of food and beverages, I will be on a diet back home. There were great choices of good quality products in the boutique. Excellent overall organization from dive guide to support staff, dive sites are well chosen. The boat crew were helpful and friendly. The Pelagian was fantastic! The new year’s party mirrored the spirit of Wakatobi, we really enjoyed it!”

Catherine and Marian Massey

Paradise on Earth!

“We had the most incredible time at Wakatobi for the second year in a row. The Wakatobi boat crew captain and our dive guides made sure we had the best diving experience anyone could ask for. Cannot wait to see everyone again in December 2015! Paradise on Earth!”

Anette and Peter Ramstrom

Wonderful diving, exclusive services on all levels

“Wakatobi Dive Resort is better than it is described on the website; wonderful diving, exclusive services on all levels from the start in Bali until you are leaving Wakatobi and the Eco thinking is a reality at Wakatobi. The only negative thing is that five days was too short!”



“Our second visit to this water wonderland. Wakatobi offers a unique dive experience for those interested in small marine life inhabiting a remarkably healthy reef. Thank you Wakatobi staff for creating the perfect dive holiday yet again, and for a wonderful New Year's Eve.  A special thankyou to Muji!”

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Ed Sweeney and Lea Blohm

Fabulous diving in the lap of luxury

“Pelagian was an incredible experience! Fabulous diving in the lap of luxury. Lots of wonderful memories and photos.”

Mandy Fan

Pelagian – we had awesome dives every single time!

“The dive guides and the crew were all super helpful with everything!! From the diving to the meals, the daily activities, they were always around to give a hand. The arrangements for diving in calm waters during such challenging weather was excellent – we had awesome dives every single time! The chef was amazing throughout with delicious dishes / breads / soups / salads with absolutely no repeats! We enjoyed every meal and the portion was just right! The room was always clean and tidy. The towels after each dive were superb! Our dive guide and tender boat driver were awesome on every dive!”

Eileen Heaston

Immerse yourself in the dream!

“I have dreamed about Wakatobi for several years and dreams do come true. This dream truly was bigger than I ever imagined. Wakatobi has warmed my body with sun and tropical waters. It has filled my heart with the welcoming spirit and attentiveness of the staff in all areas of the resort. It has challenged my mind to learn a few Bahasa words. It has filled my senses with wonderful tastes and beautiful sights. My diving experience was amazing, our guide was great, he goes beyond just pointing out critters, he would locate something special and then ask a question on his slate such as which is not coral, show me or how many do you see. These challenges were very fun. Wakatobi is top notch on all levels: diving, accommodations, food, staff. It has been a dream fulfilled. Immerse yourself in the dream!” 

Monty Mackenzie

Without a doubt, the finest dive resort I have ever stayed at

“Without a doubt, the finest dive resort I have ever stayed at. The dive sites are pristine and teeming with wonderful and weird aquatic life. Excellent food and a good wine list! Friendly courteous and helpful staff; the resort grounds are very well gardened and the Villas well thought out and attractive. Our dive guide was broadly knowledgeable (not just fish names), very courteous and kind, and he made our dive experience as good as it could be. We were most fortunate to have him as our guide. He also helped us become better divers (and photographers). He is probably the best guide we have ever dived with!” 

Don Anderson

The Pelagian is the absolute pinnacle amongst live-aboards

“I have done a lot of live-aboard diving in the past 15 years all over the world and the Pelagian is hands-down the nicest live-aboard I have ever been on. We stayed in the least spacious of the five guest cabins and it was the best I have ever been in. The quality of the food; the knowledge and friendliness of the crew were also among the top ever. The Pelagian is the absolute pinnacle amongst live-aboards, the only problem is that any other live-aboard I try will just be 2nd rate!”

Marilyn and Terry Thomas

Unmatched service by all the staff, catering to your every need

“Overall it was a wonderful experience. The dive guides and snorkel guides were excellent, the bungalows are great. The staff are very attentive and any requests were taken care of immediately. The food was so wonderful, the reefs and fish were fantastic. A delightful resort, a fantastic diving and snorkeling experience, unmatched service by all the staff, catering to your every need.” 

Claudia and Florian Rudolf-Miklau

The Pelagian is the best live-aboard we have ever been on

“We felt safe and convenient on board, the dive briefing was instructive and the tender driver was very helpful. All the dive guides showed us animals we would never have seen and detected. The food was too good! The stewards performed a 1st class service, the room was always clean and tidy. The Pelagian is the best live-aboard we have ever been on. The reefs around Wakatobi are comparable to the best places we have seen in Indonesia. We can strongly recommend to share this experience!”

Claudia and Florian Rudolf-Miklau

A wonderful holiday on board the Pelagian and at the resort

“We had a wonderful holiday on board the Pelagian and at the resort. We felt safe, perfectly serviced and treated friendly at any time. We would especially like to point out the wonderful staff at the restaurant and the outstanding cuisine. Diving was also well organised and safe, dive guides were very helpful.” 

Rhyne Cannon

Thanks to my patient and kind dive guides

“I conquered the fear of wall diving with the patience and kindness of my dive guides. Without them I would have only dove the non-wall dives and missed out so much. The boat crew took special care of me by carrying my tank and making sure all the buckles were fixed. We are planning another trip for next Christmas!”

Jennifer Johns

A beautiful relaxing resort

“A beautiful relaxing resort, extremely friendly and helpful staff and delicious food!”

Tim Robjohns

Outstanding dive guide and boat crew

Outstanding dive guide, boat crew could not have been more helpful. The bar staff was incredible, made us feel very at home, remembering our names was a nice touch.

Paul Janelle

If only we could stay longer!

“The food was excellent, the staff was perfect and the diving was breathless; the guides were fun and professional. It was our second time at Wakatobi and once again we loved it! If only we could stay longer!”

Gordon Kwan

Great place to dive with delicious food and warm friendly service

“My stay at the resort was just as nice as my stay on the Pelagian Live-aboard. Friendly servers in the restaurant, and the chef is wonderful, he created different tasty appetizers daily. My dive guide was also professional and a very good spotter, showing us creatures so tiny that we could not have found ourselves. Wakatobi is a great place for diving with delicious food, quiet beaches and warm friendly service.” 

Yuko Sumiyoshi

All the staff were friendly, warm and attentive all the time

“All the staff were friendly, warm and attentive all the time. I had a very nice holiday at Wakatobi. The food was high quality, I was looking forward to every meal. I really enjoyed the 70 minutes of diving and also was able to relax.”

Jesse Oeni and Debi Lin

A truly exceptional experience!

“A truly exceptional experience! Every aspect of our stay, from the airport transit to our dives, food and accommodation has been so well taken care of. Everyone knows you by name here and always strives to engage you just to make your stay a little more comfortable. Thank you!” 

Jackie Campbell and Bob Partridge

You cannot help but be infected with a joy of life from a stay here

“A wonderful experience, but what makes it really special is your staff. They are all without exception excellent at their job, friendly, helpful and attentive. From the moment we stepped of the plane in Bali to our return trip, we were treated as a valued guest and friend. Without exception all of the team (from the gardeners, chamber maids, boat crew, kitchen staff, dive team and front of house) have been a delight. You cannot help but be infected with a joy of life from a stay here. Very happy memories is a strong desire to return!”

Ed Sweeney and Lea Blohm

Wakatobi & Pelagian: Paradise!

“Five days on Pelagian was heavenly, Wakatobi resort is paradise!”

Fuzuki Ito

Very happy to have spent my holiday at Wakatobi

“It was very very fun. The corals were great, the staff were very kind and friendly. The food was very delicious – it was amazing! I am very happy to have spent my holiday at Wakatobi.”

Sara Hart

I have enjoyed every moment

“I arrived in paradise with a diver’s worst nightmare: a head cold. I already have a hard time clearing my ears when I am healthy, my dive guide saved my vacation. He offered to be my snorkel guide and for my entire trip it was like I had my very own encyclopedia! He was just wonderful, I have enjoyed every moment.

The F&B team worked so hard to remember my name, it made me feel so special and not just another guest out of many.

I love the fact that the staff care so much about protecting the environment. My dive guide always actively picked up litter and coral damaging debris during our snorkels! Kudos to him. Even while being plagued with a head cold, Wakatobi’s knowledgeable dive staff did not let it stop me from having the best vacation ever. Our dive guide is the most knowledgeable dive and snorkel guide. He and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to make this vacation my best yet!” 

Chris and Nella Moyle

Thanks all the staff for making our holiday at Wakatobi so special

“We would like to thank all the staff for making our holiday at Wakatobi so special. Especially the chef in the kitchen for looking after Chris as I am such a fussy eater. Also, our dive guide was extremely knowledgeable and found all those special creatures that make diving at Wakatobi so special.”

Julie Carducci

Super fantastic time! Loved the great service and beautiful diving

“Super fantastic time! Loved the great service and beautiful diving. Every meal was scrumptious too. I am so glad we had a chance to stay here with my family. So well run!”

Michelle Carducci

Beautiful, splendid, delicious and delightful

“Beautiful, splendid, delicious and delightful. The staff rocks! I love Wakatobi! The beach, the people, the food and the drinks!” 

Richard Munk

Everything possible to ensure that we enjoyed our stay

“Excellent off-the-beaten-path dive sites with well preserved and protected reefs that everyone in the dive operation works very hard to preserve as pristine as possible. Everything was very efficient and welcoming. Food was excellent with a wide variety of choices. The staff was more than willing to do everything possible to ensure that we enjoyed our stay. Bali staff worked tirelessly to recover lost luggage and get it to the resort as quickly as possible. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Divers are pampered on the boat.” 

Charlie Makray

Most highly trained staff I have ever encountered

“Most highly trained staff I have ever encountered on my many travels. Congratulations, the food was excellent. The dive staff were efficient, attentive and fun to be with. Our dive guide was outstanding and we really enjoyed having him as a guide.” 

Richard Manners and Family

Outstanding and incomparable level of service

“We loved the whole experience here, the diving is excellent! However, what makes Wakatobi different is the level and quality of service. The staff are extraordinary, they remember our names from day 1, they addressed any problems we had immediately. The dive guides were great and showed us the best on every dive. We spent most of our week with our dive guide and we cannot say enough about how special she made our experience. Each dive was exciting. She helped our daughter find the best undersea life for her pictures. It is a given that the diving in Wakatobi is excellent. What makes Wakatobi unique and worth a trip from anywhere is the outstanding and incomparable level of service.”

Jan Jumonville & Michele Derise

The whole experience was worth every route we traveled!

”Second trip and it just keeps getting better, same reefs - totally different marine life. See you in two years! We are scared to try somewhere different for fear it will not measure up to the Wakatobi standards. Thank you for preserving paradise. Our dive guide was amazing! The whole experience was worth every route we traveled! The standard of diving for these Cajun ladies!“

Yumiko Nojima


Pelagian is the best diving boat ever

”All the crew were very kind and very nice, the atmosphere was very good. The Pelagian is the best diving boat ever, very beautiful and the food was excellent! Thank you!”

John Dooner

Overall: excellent!

“Guest relations are superb. The dive staff are very safety conscious and very knowledgeable about the marine life. Overall: excellent!”

Margrith Tomaschett

Perfect from A - Z!

“The food is excellent and the staff is absolutely professional and kind. The dive guides know and see every creature underwater. The sea is excellent. The massages are superb, it was a dream holiday. We are looking forward to our next stay in November 2015 when we will be on the Pelagian. Perfect from A - Z!”

Linda Chatwin and Ken Wehr

We feel renewed and refreshed, thank you!

“Have had a wonderful holiday and an amazing diving experience. The dive team were fantastic and we were able to really relax and just enjoy ourselves. The educational input provided by our dive guide was very much appreciated, I know so much more now about not only the reef, but photography and my diving in general. Thank you! Tolerance, patience and helpfulness pervaded the boat. With my sinus issues I especially appreciated two little touches of the eucalyptus hot face cloths, the very clean smelling towels on the boat and the hot drinks and snacks. The staff helping you with the gear were faultless. A really great team.

The accommodation was great and it was all that we needed. The food was good with the hospitality staff being outstanding, meeting our needs without unduly fussing about their conversation with us, interesting and enjoyable. We do hope to return. It is heartening to see what you are doing for reef conservation, please continue in your good work. We feel renewed and refreshed, thank you!” 

Guillermo Enrich Serra

Wakatobi is a resort to come back to, despite being so far away

“Excellent in all respects, Wakatobi is a resort to come back to despite being so far away. Great and friendly service, clean and nicely equipped bedrooms and great villas. Congratulations on the diving, there is barely any place in the world with such well taken care of reefs, and you have a wonderful diving team.” 

Martha Edge and Rich Morrissey

Wakatobi is an exceptional getaway island

“Thanks for all the exceptional service! You can tell that everything has been well thought out for your guests’ pleasure. Diving was great. Wakatobi is an exceptional getaway island with pristine reefs and tons of fish. The service is awesome with top-notch food. A great place for an idyllic honeymoon or holiday!”

Glen and Jodie Bowley

Sets the benchmark for dive resorts around the world

“With every trip we book we hope our greatest expectations are met. Wakatobi has exceeded them in every way. From the time of booking we have experienced professional and attentive service from all. Our dive guide has been fantastic and has gone out of her way to make sure we had the best dive experience possible. My advice is to continue to do what you are doing and to set the benchmark for dive resorts around the world. If this is not the best place in the world to stay and dive, I cannot wait for someone to show me better!” 

Michael and Stacey Deese

Definitely the best trip we have ever taken; can’t wait to come back

”We had the best time at Wakatobi this week! The staff is absolutely amazing! Our dive guides were so helpful, patient (we are new to diving) and made our trip one we will never forget. Their ability to find the tiniest creature on the reef still amazes me. They made us feel so much more comfortable in the water and showed us things we never would have seen on our own! The restaurant team were very attentive, we could not have asked for better service. This was definitely the best trip we have ever taken and cannot wait to come back to dive again. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us!“ 

Sandra Maksys

Our honeymoon became very special

“Dear Wakatobi staff! Thank you to everyone for being so friendly and nice! Our honeymoon became very special. An absolutely lovely place to stay with warm and friendly people, high quality diving and good guides. Thank you!”

Jeff Pritchard and Arianna Karam

The service was absolutely exceptional

The service was absolutely exceptional at Wakatobi from the restaurant to the dive staff. The crew on the boat were absolutely amazing and very attentive. Our dive guides made our dives exceptional and fantastic, they pointed out everything we wanted to see and more! 

Tom and Donna Pannke

A precious gift for making each guest feel unique and special

“On our fourth trip to Wakatobi we feel like the staff is family. The upgrades are beautiful. You all have a precious gift for making each guest feel unique and special. We return time and again because of your incredible service and hospitality. 70 minutes for each dive is never enough. A visual cornucopia at every site. From diving to dining, Wakatobi is the best. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. World-class experience in the best place to dive!” 

Deborah Leenutaphong

A photographer’s dream!

“Some of the best diving in the region. Healthy marine ecosystems and plenty of marine life, a photographer’s dream!”

Stephanie Soh

Divers paradise! Such a wonderful dive experience!

We enjoyed our dives at Wakatobi. Special mention to the boat crew and especially our dive guide who is fantastic at spotting the small things, we have never seen so many types of pygmy seahorses in our dives. Divers paradise! Such a wonderful dive experience! 

Sean and Paula Schneyer

Amazing staff, great dive crew, the food is fantastic!

“Amazing staff, great dive crew, the food is fantastic! Our dive guide was fabulous! The size of dive groups is impressive even when not booking a private dive guide!” 

Taylor Hicks and Christie Lynam

Great attention to detail!

“Great attention to detail! The staff were very accommodating to all of our needs. Cannot say enough about the amazing dive staff and boat crew at Wakatobi. We love that they take care of everything for you and have all of your gear ready to go for you! The diving was the best we have ever experienced. Thanks to everyone for making this such a remarkable vacation!”

Luis Ernst and Denise von Burg

A must for divers and snorkelers!

“The staff are very friendly, the restaurant is very good and the wine options were great. The dive center is well organised and the reefs were in good condition. Great house reef service with taxi boat cover. Our bungalow was very clean and well maintained. A must for divers and snorkelers!”

Olivier Fabre

Our dive guide was the best

“A great resort with pristine reefs, super friendly staff and incredible food. Our dive guide was the best!” 

John Murray and Ke Hu

In summary - outstanding

“Overall, the stay at Wakatobi was a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Accommodations are comfortable, food was excellent, service was faultless. In summary - outstanding dive resort, it was a great vacation. Thanks!”

James and Katharine Beech

Once seen never forgotten, you will want to return again and again!

“Really loved our return visit to Wakatobi and everyone looked after us really well. We enjoyed staying in our bungalow and it was in such a lovely position. Food and restaurant staff are as good as ever. We really enjoyed our stay and hope to come back. A unique diving experience - once seen never forgotten, you will want to return again and again!”

Mike and Felicity Pulman

Loved the snorkeling sites

“Loved the snorkeling sites and appreciated the care of the diving staff. We really enjoyed our stay here.”

Carol and Glenn Cushman

We are so happy we came!

”The corals, fish and everything on the reefs were gorgeous, the guides were extremely helpful and kind. Everyone went out of their way to help us. Because we are in our late 70s, we were a bit uneasy about this trip, but we are so happy we came! We are especially grateful to our dive guides and also to the resort manager for his help with identifying birds and plants. The plants around the resort are lovely and we really enjoyed the flowers in the shower room. The food was delectable, especially the Indonesian specialties and the fish. The waiters were wonderful!“ 

Kim and Jay Goldman

It is going to be hard to leave this place! A slice of heaven.

“Everything and everyone has made this an incredible trip to remember. Smiling faces, fantastic food, super accommodations, professional staff - nothing forgotten! It is going to be hard to leave this place! A slice of heaven.” 

Marco and Carla Zolin-Meyer

Truly an awesome experience!

Great dive sites, the resort is well laid out and immaculately kept! Restaurant service was awesome, the management was skilled, efficient and friendly - truly an awesome experience! The guides are very knowledgeable about habitat and creatures! Our dive guide spotted every fish, shrimp, lobster no matter how far away or well hidden. Wakatobi is a place to remember! 

Paul Hardwick

The variety of fish is amazing!

“The diving is very good, the staff are very helpful. The reefs are healthy and the variety of fish is amazing!” 

Ignacio D

A great dive vacation

“My wife and I spent recently one week at Wakatobi Resort, an island two hours away from Bali. Flight was nice in a charter flight managed by the resort into a small airport strip ten minutes boat ride away from the island. Once in the island real holiday started. A very nice Eco friendly island, with a beatiiful nature and a wonderful ocean. Rooms were reasonable nice, although they need some renovation. Service in the island was just superb through our whole stay, restaurant crew, dive crew, reception people were all superb making us feel at home. Diving was outstanding throughout the week, specially for micro lovers. The best dive… the last one just off the House reef. A great place with great service. Highly recommendable, me specially if you get one of the renovated Villas.”

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John and Denise Frontczak

Impressed by the entire Wakatobi experience

“The service was exceptional, we were very impressed by the organization and process of the entire Wakatobi experience. The dive guides were very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. This is the first place I have ever had someone accompany me while snorkeling and that really added to my experience. Plus I tried SCUBA for the first time which I have been refusing for 30+ years. Wonderful experience! The food was outstanding and the staff were helpful and responsive to every whim. An exceptional experience in every way. Wakatobi is a quality dive resort with an amazing level of efficiency. The Pelagian live-aboard is a dream vacation. We will be back! Thanks.” 

Kathy Bruch

Nowhere else is the comfort of the diver considered so thoroughly

“I have been to many dive resorts. Not only does the reefs at Wakatobi outshine all others, but nowhere else is the comfort of the diver considered so thoroughly. The small groups per dive guide is key. Our dive guide was a perfect guide and an attentive friend, as was our second guide who escorted other guests on our boat but reached out to us as well (And they both gave outstanding presentations in the media room!).

I always carry tissues on a dive boat, this boat was the first in 20 years to have tissues available! I greatly appreciated the little sandwiches available as well; I never eat much breakfast before a dive in the event of sea sickness. The boat crew anticipated every need. Too many dive boats stress the macho: How deep do you go, how fast can you fin, etc. As a result I have seen women particularly turned off by the experience. Wakatobi is the first place to ask: What can we do to make your dive experience better? Wow! Too many operators behave as if they are doing you a favor - at Wakatobi everyone behaves as though it is their honor and pleasure to serve you. Thank you for creating this incredible experience. Thanks to all the staff for the superb service!”

Nita Howells and Family

Staff + service = brilliant!

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful holiday experience. No complaints, staff + service = brilliant! Fantastic diving experience and the customer service was brilliant. Can’t wait to plan a return trip!”

James and Kathy Beech

Has surpassed all our expectations at every level

“Our return visit to Wakatobi – specifically to dive from Pelagian, has surpassed all our expectations at every level. It could not have been better. Total excellence – from all the crew, standard of food (top notch!), very knowledgeable and friendly dive guides who have a hawk like ability to spot the tiniest of critters to the whole ease of the transfers. We appreciated the informative presentations, which helped to further enhance our experience. One efficient and smooth operation. Thank you! Wherever in the world you have dived before, it has not prepared you for the diving experience that is Wakatobi! Dive it once, you will want to come back! We did!”

Leonard and Kristi Tyminski

Our dive guide was outstanding!

“The staff were very competent (Resort and Pelagian). Food at the resort and on the Pelagian was very good and the choices were more than adequate. House keeping and restaurant staff are very good and other employees are friendly and helpful. Our dive guide was outstanding!” 

Howie O’Brien


Great crew and service

“Wonderful trip! Great crew and service, nice variety of diving. Thank you!”

Linda Johnson

My second visit to Wakatobi, it is magical and beautiful all over again

“This is my second visit to Wakatobi. It is magical and beautiful all over again. All the staff from dive guides to gardeners, boat crews to dining / food servers are warm, welcoming, attentive and do their very best to make sure each persons stay is comfortable. I love that the staff learns my name, my food preferences and my diving style. All staff are accommodating and my stay ends up being unique and personalized. A/C in the room is nice as is the coffee and tea. The library is great, short evening presentations are welcome. Good for Wakatobi for creating the turtle farm. I applaud you for your sustainability and conservation efforts and for your care of the reef. Your relationship with the local village and the benefits to both the resort / reef system and the village is a model system. I hope that I can return!” 

Dianne Brox and Malcolm Young


Eating, sleeping and diving all exemplary

“Good service above and below water. Eating, sleeping and diving all exemplary. The crew always has a smile and all work constantly to keep everything moving well.”

Daniel Kmiecik

This experience confirms why we came half way around the world

“This experience just confirms why we came half way around the world to dive. This resort could make it just for the dive sites, but the Wakatobi team has made it a dive experience that excels above the water. The incredible attention to detail, from the mosaic stair cases to the water, the sculpted sand pathways, intriguing night lighting and amazing inventive food and design. One does not get to the top by falling there and behind every success is a ladder that instills a sense of teamwork, pride and the vision of something great. Wakatobi shares a page from the Ritz Carlton philosophy, the answer is yes, what is your question? The staff are attentive, caring and just plain superb. If there can be a diving after life, Wakatobi is it!” 

Doug and Cindy Joyce

Staff were friendly and attended to every need

We really enjoyed our stay here, the dive and snorkel staff were informative, the food at the restaurant was amazing, all other staff were friendly and attended to every need and we loved the towel origami models each day, nice touch!

Wendy Noritake

The best run live-aboard I have been on

“Thank you for the wonderful experience! The best run live-aboard I have been on. Excellent service, delicious food, the staff always do their best in accommodating everyone’s wishes.”

Jan Jumonville & Michele Derise

Pelagian was heaven!

“Excellent service, great diving, knowledgeable guides – a must for any serious diver. Our first trip to Wakatobi resort was paradise, but the Pelagian adventure was heaven!” 

Cherie Schnabel

A top of the line live-aboard!

“A top of the line live-aboard! Expert staff – a very well run live-aboard with visible mutual respect among the crew! I have never seen such pristine reef and so many fishes! The reefs are packed with life – a must see destination for a diver!”


Just go

“Red Carpet / White Glove Dive Service
-all gear handled with care and rinsed/set-up every day
-no need to hump your gear out of the water or around the boat, the staff will handle it all
-fresh cookies / snacks, hot drinks or water between dives (hot towels to wipe your face and clean towels to dry off) 
-snacks waiting at the end of your dive day
-all dive gear properly washed at the end of your stay
-competent dive masters, some a bit better at spotting but all were qualified and safety conscious.

Superb. Varied and fresh. Quality ingredients. And Wonderful wait staff. 
Drinks were a bit expensive but given the logistics I understand. I expected iced tea to be included but alas it was not. 

Comfortable, clean and decent wi-fi. Nice toiletries provided so save space / weight in your luggage. 

Hit or miss. Either loved the massage or felt rather blah about it. 

On a side note, I did not particularly care for the village visit offered by the hotel. I felt rather voyeuristic and uncomfortable. Some people enjoyed it. The repeat guests I traveled with did not go again. While they did not try to dissuade me from going but didn’t encourage it either. 

All in all, well worth the trip. You will be spoiled. And the next time you take a trip to a ‘regular’ resort you just might be a little disappointed.  

Happy travels / safe dives.”

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