A pioneering luxury eco-tourism concept

Wakatobi was founded on the principle that discerning divers would gladly visit and support a resort which offered more than the basics. Wakatobi combines an upscale diving operation delivering exceptional service to its guests with a reef conservation program which, in guaranteeing the pristine quality of the reefs for those guests, delivers sustainable income and development support to the local communities.

Pushing the boundaries

Wakatobi constantly pushes the boundaries on what constitutes a ‘dive resort’ redefining both the software and hardware of the operation in the process.


‘Meet’ some of the team members responsible for creating and delivering the Wakatobi experience.


Our Collaborative Reef Conservation Program is at the core of everything Wakatobi does.


A selection of reviews of Wakatobi from print magazines and journals, and from around the web.


Our guests describe their Wakatobi experiences both in the resort and aboard our luxury dive yacht, Pelagian.

“Diving and local staff is the best! Wish the boat crew had names on their shirts. The board on the boat was not always updated when the crew… “Diving and local staffs are the best!”

Peggy & Dale Coburn
,November 2018