The choice for serious underwater photographers & videographers

Wakatobi offers unbounded opportunities for underwater photography and videography, ranging from dramatic drop offs, breathtaking coral gardens and pinnacles for wide angle shots down to the most minute and exotic marine creatures for macro fanatics.

The exuberant vitality of the reef systems means that whether pro or leisure photographer, every dive will deliver an awesome array of images in your viewfinder.

Facilities to support at a professional standard

Many of our guests are underwater photographers. Therefore, we provide excellent facilities for working on your camera, both in the resort and aboard Pelagian. Our camera room is climate-controlled and has large work tables and storage shelving for all your camera gear. Out workbenches have cushion pads to protect your equipment. We provide voltage-regulated power to charge all your batteries. There is plenty of light to allow you to work on your camera.

Programs to enhance your underwater photography skills

Underwater photography coaching services are hosted by our resident photo pro and cover a range of topics from the basics to coaching that is tailored to your specific requirements. We charge US $380 per day for this service. For more information, please inquire with your guest experience consultant or email our Bali team at

Wide angle to macro, you’ll see it all

Wakatobi has over 40 reefs, from sheer walls of coral with shallow tops of sea grass and coral, to undersea ridges and sea mounts, all accessible by our day boats. Add to this the muck diving and other locations visited by Pelagian and you have practically every possible topography for underwater photography – and all teeming with vibrant and exotic marine life.

Wakatobi’s reefs showcase the unparalled marine biodiversity of the region,” say award winning photographers Wayne and Pam Osborn.

Enjoy their image portfolio and iBooks showcasing Wakatobi reefs and marine life.

See why (here) Wakatobi Resort has become one of the Osborn’s favorite diving destinations.

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Marjorie Little
,March 2024