A dive experience that will enthrall and endure

Wakatobi was created with the vision to deliver the ultimate dive experience and was established following an extensive search to identify the perfect location for a dive resort in terms of geography, climate, oceanic topography and marine biodiversity. To ensure its future we then created one of the world’s largest privately protected marine reserves. That gives you some idea of the extent to which we will go and the attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the Wakatobi experience.

Having identified the premier location, we developed a resort that, despite its remote position, offers a plenitude of facilities and comforts to make a dive trip, and all that surrounds it, an experience that you will cherish.

Marine life

Wakatobi is located at the world’s epicentre of coral reef biodiversity. This means that while diving at Wakatobi you can see the greatest variety and diversity of marine life. New and undocumented species continue to be discovered at Wakatobi.


Unlimited diving on pristine, protected coral reefs for all divers be they open-circuit, technical or rebreather.


Wakatobi is an ideal place for snorkelers. The house reef and many dive sites have beautiful shallows on the coral tops.

Private Dive/Snorkel Guides

Our private dive and snorkel guides can create an exclusive, personalized diving and snorkeling experience tailored to fit your individual needs and wishes.

Photo opportunities at wakatobi are stupendous with professional support and equipment always available.

Underwater Photography

The photo opportunities here are stupendous and we offer support and equipment of a level that satisfies the many pros who visit us.

Dive further afield

Our luxury dive yacht, Pelagian, gives the option to dive further afield; a resort & dive yacht combo gives the ultimate in variety, all in the greatest comfort.


You can enjoy Wakatobi 365 days a year. There is no period or season unsuitable for diving or snorkeling, and we have skipped only 4 dives in the last 10 years.


Remote doesn’t mean Spartan – we cater to air, nitrox, and rebreather users as well as snorkelers and freedivers with comprehensive support facilities.

“Feels like home. All the staff and crew are very friendly and helpful. All the activities and what we needed managed well with kindness and professionalism.Wonderful experience, place, and… “Wonderful experience, place, and people!”

Cicin Winedar and family
,July 2023