You’ll enjoy more than just the diving in Wakatobi

Wakatobi’s underwater realm is magnificent, but there are equally memorable experiences awaiting you above the waves. Read on to discover more about our services and activities that take you beyond the reef, and can transform a dive trip into a truly unforgettable vacation.


Our friendly, personalised service will ensure that you have a relaxing and enriching experience in Wakatobi no matter how you spend your time.

Family friendly

Yes, Wakatobi is a family-friendly resort with dedicated services and activities to ensure that everyone is happy.

Enjoy in good conscience

Your visit contributes to our Reef Conservation Program and supports the local community.


From fish behaviour to Indonesian cookery, we have many things that will interest and engage you.


We offer a plethora of non-diving activities whether you are looking for physical or intellectual distraction.

“This has been our third visit here in Wakatobi and we were as happy as we were on our 1st and 2nd stay! The service is outstanding (Not seen anything like it!). The food is amazing and delicious! Our bungalow felt like home (everything was just perfect!). We’re so happy the resort avoids using plastic-that is the way to go! The staff are friendly, very helpful and attentive (we still can’t believe how… “We were as happy as we were on our 1st and 2nd stay!”

Sandra Baldelli and Martha Steiner
,December 2022