Enjoy first-class facilities in the dive centre

You will become very familiar with the dive centre on your stay in Wakatobi, as it is the hub of diving operations in the resort. Gear may be rented here, tank analysis takes place here, the camera room is here, wash tanks and gear storage are here as well as boards giving information on the day’s dives and a list of those divers & snorkelers out on the house reef.

Comprehensive equipment rental

Wakatobi has all of the dive equipment you need to enjoy a state-of-the-art diving experience. If you wish to travel light, leaving your own equipment at home, we can supply everything you need at a very modest rental price. We have tailored wetsuits, vests with hoods, beenies, BCDs, regulators with octopus, computers as well as great snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel). Our boutique also has several of these items for sale, especially hoods and vests so that you can opt to layer your dive gear if you get cold from several days of amazing diving.

See equipment rental prices in our full price list here.

Clean, well-equipped camera room

Many of our guests are underwater photographers. Therefore, we provide excellent facilities for working on your camera. Our camera room is climate-controlled and has large work tables and storage shelving for all your camera gear. Our workbenches have cushion pads to protect your equipment. We provide voltage-regulated power to charge all your batteries as well as international multi-socket outlets, enabling you to plug any equipment in. There is plenty of light to allow you to work on your camera.

Unlimited air supply, and we carry your tanks

Behind the scenes we have a modern compressor room and tank filling center with abundant capacity and storage to fill enough tanks to keep avid divers in the water 24/7 (if they desire that much bottom time).

The tanks are ready and available at our gear-up area located just a few steps from the beach. For all boat dives and taxi boat services our dive support staff handle all the tanks – there is no need to carry any tanks except when entering the water for a shore dive on the house reef.

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“Thank you Wakatobi team. We have had a fabulous holiday and we’re sorry to be heading home so soon. We came to Wakatobi to see world-class coral, and it delivered that by the bucket load. The icing on the cake is the fantastic service provided by each and every member of the team. It’s hard to believe we could find a better snorkeling experience anywhere else in the… “It’s hard to believe we could find a better snorkeling experience anywhere else in the world”

Deborah & Patrick O’Leary
,October 2018