You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…

APRIL 2024

We Plan to Be Back

“This was our 4th trip to Wakatobi and we once again really enjoyed our stay. The service was fantastic! Our dive guide was so happy, positive, and very accommodating to our diving style. I both snorkeled and dove with our guide, and he really made sure that the snorkeling was given the same attention as the diving. The boat crew was so helpful; the restaurant staff were exceptional; and the food was excellent. Housekeeping also did a great job. We plan to be back.”

Mary Arman and Rick Starr
(Apr 2024)

Wonderful Family Vacation

“Wakatobi is a wonderful place for a family vacation and a great place for kids. The diving, snorkeling, and swimming is phenomenal. The staff was so wonderful with our 4-year-old; she was asking to go to kids club every day while we enjoyed diving. Highly recommended and we will definitely be back.  Thank you for your wonderful team’s friendly and funny spirit. From the dive staff to the resort staff they made our stay very memorable.”

Laima Stewart
(Apr 2024)

Feels Like Home Now

“For me, Wakatobi is paradise on Earth. It is a place hardly imaginable for anyone who has not visited – nature and dive sites are pristine and lush; facilities are excellent, and I cannot praise enough the professionalism and kindness of all staff. It feels like home now and it was heartwarming to see some of the same staff we knew from our previous visits. We’d love to keep coming back, and with every new visit we like it still more.”

Kaloyan Radev
(Apr 2024)

Going the Extra Mile

“My stay at Wakatobi has exceeded all my expectations! The resort’s biggest asset is its people – without exception every single person I spoke to or engaged with was friendly, cheerful, and always willing to go to the extra mile. Special shout out to the dive team. They were all great and knowledgeable and it was a real pleasure diving with them. The dive operation was run incredibly professionally and accommodating. Thank you again to everyone at Wakatobi for making this trip so special! I will be back!”

Raj Shah
(Apr 2024)

All Wonderful

“I love it here. I don’t want to leave and I’m crying as I write this. You are ALL wonderful.”

Joanna Nasset
(Apr 2024)

The Queen Jewel

“If you scuba dive and snorkel, Wakatobi is the Queen Jewel. You must experience it! The resort cannot be matched. All the staff knew our names from day one. We really got to know the dining staff – including the chef. The meals were excellent, and the menu was different every day and always delicious. The accommodation was first class. We stayed in a two-room [Turtle Beach] bungalow. the outdoor shower was the best! Especially at night with the accent lights on.

“And the diving! WOW. I love the boat. Getting in and out was so easy! The boat crew were very attentive –from managing your tank to giving you a hot minted cloth as soon as you came out of the water. The dive sites were stunning. I have never seen such beautiful coral.”

Cynthia Brown
(Apr 2024)
MARCH 2024

Thank You For Protecting Paradise

An outstanding 10 days with a lovely staff and great accommodations. Thank you for protecting this little piece of paradise, underwater and above. Lorenz and the Wakatobi Team are serving a perfect experience of eco holidays.

Andrė Hodel and Michaela Küttel
(Mar 2024)

The Highest Standards

As always, it has been an amazing experience to return to Wakatobi. The resort still looks brand new from your endless efforts to keep everything so well maintained. Over numerous visits we have experienced the highest standards of service, food, and accommodations. The reefs are pristine, healthy and full of life. Your staff is professional as always, and you can see their joy in working at Wakatobi. We look forward to our next trip back to Wakatobi, as we tell everybody we know, and we meet that you make it too difficult to go anywhere else.

Doreen and Stuart Anderson
(Mar 2024)

Five Stars

Few dive resorts in the world can boast five stars with every aspect of the experience, from marine life to accommodations and everything in between. We may never dive anywhere else!

Shanon Hunt and Steve Ritland
(Mar 2024)

Our Second Trip in a Year

This was our second trip to Wakatobi in a year and it was better than the first, which we did not think was possible!

Daron and Judy Mackey
(Mar 2024)

Learned So Much

I very much enjoyed the time at Wakatobi. A great resort and a great place to dive, enjoy and relax! A special mention goes to my dive guide. I learned so much about the little things on the reef that I never really paid attention to before.

Clemens Wendt
(Mar 2024)

Easy and Exceptional Diving

Exceptional service and diving. We appreciated the ease of diving from a large boat, and everyone on board was friendly and helpful. Our guide pointed out a lot of sea creatures for us to see and the boat crew did an exceptional job, going above and beyond to serve us. Meeting the same employees from years before made us feel special, and we look forward to visiting again.

Loren and Elizabeth Yerks
(Mar 2024)

Our Best Diving Experience Ever

Our best diving experience ever. Simple yet luxurious. Great ground staff, an excellent restaurant. Super diving team and the best instructor we ever had. Always attentive to our needs, helping us when needed, always with a smile and nice words. Please do not change anything.

Claude Charmoille
(Mar 2024)

Thanks For Making Our Trip Perfect

The housekeeping staff were excellent. They did a professional job, were very courteous and always left the room bright with their towel creatures. For my birthday they put an amazing birthday treat for me on the bed and it was the highlight of my day. The dining room staff are equally amazing and make every effort to make sure all your needs are met. They also had a special birthday cake for me, which was delicious and most appreciated. Thanks to all of you for making our trip perfect, your hospitality is outstanding.

Tom Childs and Kathy Chairn
(Mar 2024)

Genuinely Kind

We love the hospitality and friendly staff at Wakatobi! Everyone is so genuinely kind. Meals were always amazing, and the diving was fabulous! Our dive guide was wonderful and accommodating.  We’re glad that some of the expense of being here goes to the local village to help them meet their needs.

Bill and Peggy Fox
(Mar 2024)