You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…

APRIL 2024

Tailored Attention

“The resort and the reefs exceeded our expectations. Truly worth the trip! You have thought through everything. The dive/snorkel crews are terrific, and the reefs are beautiful. We appreciate that the team were able to gauge our skill level and support as needed. That kind of tailored attention is rare. Even more rare, and most appreciated is the dedicated support to snorkelers.

“We are impressed by how extensive the reefs are and the number of fish – the Wakatobi community should be commended for their role in protecting + repairing the reefs.”

Valerie Begley and John Groch
(Apr 2024)

Thought of Everything

“Wakatobi is true luxury, everything was thought through for us to have an amazing experience.”

Karen and Dennis Gunther
(Apr 2024)

A Snorkeler’s Dream

“The Wakatobi House Reef is a snorkeler’s dream! Excellent boat crew and great guides who were very good at spotting unique fish as well as keeping track of our group, making sure we were okay and safe.

“The food is superb, and it far exceeded my expectation. The staff could not be more pleasant of more helpful. We loved going barefoot all the time.”

Robin Densten and Fred Vogler Jr.
(Apr 2024)

Above Every Other Experience

“I am very fortunate to have traveled to many places — liveaboards and resorts — and Wakatobi  is hands down above every other experience I have had!”

Douglas Rowland
(Apr 2024)

Never Been So Pampered

“We have enjoyed our visit to Wakatobi more than words can express. Thank you for sharing your little slice of paradise with us. We have never been so pampered with every detail. Every desire was attended to quickly by a smiling member of your staff. I don’t think you will find that kind of friendly service anywhere else in the world!“

Robert and Gloria Jenks
(Apr 2024)

I Will Be Back

“Wonderful snorkeling, accommodation, food and service. Thank you so much. I will be back.”

Graham McCally
(Apr 2024)

Turned Snorkeling into a Passion

“Thank you so much for a wonderful time. The diving has been SPECTACULAR with fabulous dive boats catering to our every need. The knowledge and the enthusiasm of the dive guides know no bounds, and their eagerness to please knows no limits, including the dive helper and the captain I have felt safe and nurtured with every dive. Our snorkeling guide changed snorkeling for me from pastime into a passion!”

Mandy and Jeremy Long
(Apr 2024)

Private Boat Gave Us Flexibility

“Having a private boat gave us the flexibility to enhance our holiday. The best dive guides we have ever had. Their attention to safety in a relaxed way was appreciated. We loved their sense of humor and really enjoyed being shown in detail all the creatures and wonders of the sea.”

Skerritt Family
(Apr 2024)

Everything in Order Every Day

“This is our third time stay at Wakatobi. The facility, staff, environment and diving are exceptional. The dive staff and all that was involved with diving do an exceptional job, always smiling and helpful in any way. The butlers for our villa had everything in order every day. The restaurant and staff were a joy to be around. The entire resort is awesome! “

Jennifer Nolte
(Apr 2024)

The Guest-centric Culture is Impressive

“This is a 7-star resort. It is our second visit, and we will be back soon. Accommodation, food and diving are world class. The staff all go out of their way to check that everything is perfect and make sure we have everything we need to have a wonderful experience. The guest-centric culture is impressive.”

Kim and Ken Jenkins
(Apr 2024)

As Special on Land as Underwater

“The diving in Wakatobi is surpassed only by the excellent and attentive staff who made Wakatobi as special on land as underwater. Everyone on the team was simply incredible. The place works like a clock, so well run! I cannot say enough good things!”

Marj Green
(Apr 2024)

Looking Forward to Coming Back

“We loved every part of this vacation – everyone and everything exceeded our expectations. We don’t often repeat destinations, but we are discussing when we can return. We love, love, love Wakatobi and are looking forward to coming back.”

Craig and Becky Dewey
(Apr 2024)

Phenomenal Conditions

“Wakatobi has been a magical experience. Our boys have learned to dive in phenomenal conditions under a brilliant instructor. As we hoped, they have developed a keen, lifelong passion for diving. Many thanks and very best wishes.”


The McCahearty Family
(Apr 2024)

Spoiled In Every Possible Dimension

“Wakatobi is a real treat, a pinnacle in paradise – the dive experience, the accommodation, the staff. We got spoiled in every possible dimension. Wakatobi will see us again.”

Michael Plessmann
(Apr 2024)

Splendid New Sites

“Wakatobi’s dive guide system was excellent, and we really liked having the same dive guide with us every dive time. The marine life on the new dive sites were splendid and the coral variety was awesome. The bird watching tour was super!”

Tuula and Pirjo Hoelttae
(Apr 2024)