You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…


Outstanding dive guide

“Our dive guide was outstanding! Very patient, thorough, detailed, enjoyable, and clearly loves her work as a guide. She showed me everything I wanted to see and I found her to be very friendly and open and very easy to talk to. She is a keeper and there is nothing more I could have asked for to make the diving experience more comfortable!”

Suzanne Tucci
(Oct 2023)

They make Wakatobi special

“Overall, our time at Wakatobi was fantastic. The accommodation was perfect, the service exceptional and the food was delicious. We are especially grateful to the various local staff who made us feel welcome. They are truly what make Wakatobi special.”

Joshua Hancock
(Oct 2023)

Another world

“Diving here is like experiencing another world, full of creatures & corals not seen anywhere else!”

Chris and Sara Ray
(Oct 2023)

Superlative service and outstanding dive guides

“The dive team and boat crew provided superlative service. The outstanding dive guides helped us find so many hidden and unusual creatures.”

Chuck Streamer and Nancy Giunto
(Oct 2023)

I’ll be back for more

“I was lucky to visit this mesmerizing location to experience unforgettable hospitality and such an impressive array of sea creatures. I will treasure this experience for the remainder of my time on this planet and beyond, and I’ll be back for more before I go. You might say that ‘and on the 7th day, God created Wakatobi.”

Julian Martin
(Oct 2023)

Small details elevate the experience

“A truly exceptional experience that’s elevated by the kind, knowledgeable team. The small details are given as much thought as the big ones. We can’t wait to come back with our newborn son! We’ll be back!”

Alexander Fotherby and Alexandra Holman
(Oct 2023)

Couldn’t wish for more

“We were super taken care of from the time we first arrived in Bali. Couldn’t wish for more. Special big thanks to our dive master who took special care of my son. A fantastic stay for both of us.”

Peder Bergstroem
(Oct 2023)

Nothing can compare with Wakatobi

“We’ve traveled around the world for many years, and nothing can compare with Wakatobi for the extraordinarily high level of service. It’s paradise. We leave with a lot of remarkable memories and we will certainly come back!“

Eva and Michael Schmitz
(Oct 2023)

We felt like royalty

“We felt like royalty all week, with the staff knowing our names, always asking for feedback, and catering to our needs. The dive crews were extremely knowledgeable, and the boat crews were always helping with gear getting us ready and out of gear upon our return. It was a WONDERFUL experience, and it was really hard to go home!”

Sara Grabowski
(Oct 2023)

Worth a second visit

“Wakatobi was the trip of a lifetime, and so wonderful that we had to come again.”

Janet Graul
(Oct 2023)

Everything was perfect

“We cannot think of anything that could improve our experience here. The care and attention of the entire team is exceptional. All the staff is so friendly, professional, and incredibly efficient. They were always looking for ways to make our stay even better, down to the smallest details. We will miss you all!“

Mike & Vera Forsdick
(Oct 2023)

No other dive resort is as accommodating.

“The staff was amazing. They knew our names at the restaurant on the first night without ever asking. Our dive guide went above and beyond to ensure our dives were safe and enjoyable. No other dive resort is as accommodating. Now we know why all our dive acquaintances recommend Wakatobi! This was a stay that will last forever in our memories.”

Ron and Beth Jones
(Oct 2023)

Snorkeling paradise in five-star luxury

“The snorkeling on the House Reef and the boat trips were superb — some of the best we’ve ever done. The service has been perfect, and the spa treatments were also some of the best we ever had. We loved our Bungalow.  It felt very private and so close to the sea.”

“The food in the restaurant has also been wonderful, and it was so nice to try some local dishes as well. We always had a good choice of food, and nice to have vegetarian options as well.”

Louise Robinson
(Oct 2023)

Ideal Place For a Diver / Snorkeler Couple

For us, Wakatobi is the ideal place for a diver / snorkeler couple! It is great to see amazing healthy reefs and sea life while experiencing exceptional amenities. We have received personalized attention and thoughtfulness from the staff in all areas. The food is amazing. The service at the restaurant, the front desk, the spa, the boutique, the classes, the Jetty Bar, and all the staff: ALL AMAZING!

Tom and Sandy Hay
(Sep 2023)

We Did Not Have to Do or Think About Anything

“A wonderful trip to Wakatobi. The diving was great. The boat crew and every single employee at the resort were extra friendly and helpful. We did not have to do or think about anything. Wakatobi is truly impressive, and we can’t wait to come back!”

Vicki Caldwell
(Sep 2023)