You’ll have a great time, but don’t take our word for it…


We Will be Back for Sure!

“The service was friendly, professional, and timely. The diving was outstanding, the boats were comfortable; it was easy to gear up and easy exiting the water. Love the towel animals and sand art – a fun whimsical touch. We will be back for sure!“

Robert & Rebecca Mannel
(Oct 2023)

Beyond Words

“Words cannot express the attention to detail of the resort, dining and diving at Wakatobi – everything is perfect. Had my 600th dive here and have traveled the world since retiring. Love the upgrade in bathroom and space of the Turtle Beach Bungalows. The staff continues to amaze me with the level of genuine service and care – to learn all names in one day is incredible! Being recognized and hugged as a repeat customer is unbelievable! It’s beyond words. Thank you for the experience.”

Mari Jo Grace
(Oct 2023)

All I Had Hoped For and More

“Wakatobi has been on my bucket list for at least 10 years. It was all I had hoped for and more. The staff, food, accommodations, and diving are all first rate! After 10 days, I wish I was staying another 10 days. Next time.”

Sandra Wolf
(Oct 2023)

Everyone Had Smiles

“The staff was so nice and helpful. Everyone has a smile on their face and is so friendly and eager to serve. I am amazed that they all know our names on the first day. Welcoming at the airport in Bali was great, the boat crew was amazing, the food was delicious, the grounds were clean and beautiful. Enjoyed hearing the history of Wakatobi and how the resort is having a positive effect on the community. I have nothing but positive things to say.”

Patricia Low
(Oct 2023)

The Best Guide

“The dive operation was great, and I had best guide I have ever had – pointed out hundreds of creatures, so patient with the photographers in my group. And above, on the boat, such a gentleman.”

Laurie Welch
(Oct 2023)

Wakatobi Has it Down to a Science

“This was our first trip to Wakatobi. Even though it was unfortunately brief, it was very memorable in a fantastic way. I would like to reiterate many of the comments made by previous guests – the diving is great, the food selections and the accommodations super comfortable. I think what separates one dive resort from another is the service and Wakatobi has it down to a science. The Wakatobi employees are so gracious and go above and beyond to make sure that every detail is covered – always with a smile. This trip will be a great memory for both, my wife and myself. We can’t wait for a return visit!”

Christopher East
(Oct 2023)

One Of My Favorite Places On Earth

For me as a non-diver, it is the that people make my trip! This is my 3rd & my husband’s 4th trip to the resort. When I think of Wakatobi – I think of beautiful water and the people. We have already decided to come back October 2025. Also, I had a fantastic massage and took a fun and informative sarong class. Next time I would love to do the bird watching. This is one of my favorite places on earth and I’m already looking forward to returning!

Naomi Bang
(Oct 2023)

Turtle Beach Bungalows are Elegant and Spacious

“The new Turtle Beach Bungalows are elegant and spacious. As always, the people here are wonderful and that is what brings us back. Kudos to the chef and all the dining staff. I love the freshly caught fish – such a treat. Shout out to the Waka IX for excellence in diving and driving.”

Robert and Lizabeth Hart
(Oct 2023)

Staff Makes It Happen

“What a wonderful place! The staff makes it happen! The kitchen, dining, gardening, housekeeping, dive & others bring customer service to a level I’ve never seen before, and I live in a resort area in Colorado. We had the most knowledgeable, fun, dive master I’ve ever seen, and I have dove around the world. She is a true gem!”

Penny Dangler
(Oct 2023)

Delicious and Varied Food Choices

“The food service is amazing and the and staff is excellent. Delicious and varied food choices, and always well-prepared. The back-of-house staff whom we did not see is clearly well trained and just as meticulous in their job as the staff we interacted with. Congratulations to all.”

Christopher Ayres and Paulette Kish
(Oct 2023)

We Will Surely Come Back

“It was a perfect vacation below & above water. We will surely come back!”

Sandra Männer
(Oct 2023)

Above and Beyond in Service

“We would like to thank the entire Wakatobi family for their graciousness, constant help and smiling faces. We would in particular like to mention that our dive master, went above and beyond in service. He constantly pointed out critters, big and small, and his knowledge of the reefs, walls and sites was amazing. Plus, he makes a mean ginger tea & hot chocolate on the boat! He is definitely a wonderful addition to the Wakatobi staff.”

Pamela Hadfield and Glenn Ostle
(Oct 2023)

Coming Back for More

“We’ve been at Wakatobi for the second time and there will certainly be a third.”

Margrit Bürer and Martine Waltzer
(Oct 2023)

Delighted by the Extras

“We very much enjoyed ourselves at this beautiful resort and I was delighted with all the “extras” the resort does for guests like knowing your name and creating some amazing folded towel art. Those small things make the vacation even more memorable.”

Michelle Young
(Oct 2023)

A Lovely Week

“Great service from an amazing team in the resort. Thank you for a lovely week.”

Mary Sue Rogers
(Oct 2023)