A Dive Resort Like No Other

Discover why Wakatobi is the number one choice of sophisticated divers and snorkelers worldwide. The resort’s private marine preserve encompasses some of the world’s best-protected and most bio-diverse coral reef ecosystems. Wakatobi’s philosophy of ultimate service defines a new class of upscale dive vacation and serves as a model for sustainable tourism and community-based conservation. From gourmet dining, private guest flights, private dive and snorkel experience guides to custom activity itineraries, Wakatobi surpasses expectations.

Experience the Pelagian Difference

The Pelagian Dive Yacht expands diving horizons while maintaining Wakatobi’s exemplary standards for service and exceptional diving experiences. Week-long cruises cover a wide swath of the Wakatobi Archipelago, taking in offshore reefs and pinnacles, walls, and coral atolls to the critter-rich muck diving sites of Pasar Wajo Bay. Carrying just 10 guests attended by a crew of 12, Pelagian delivers an ultimate service ethos that touches all aspects of life aboard from attentive cabin and dining service to diving preparations and in-water support.

Grass Roots Conservation

Wakatobi’s Collaborative Reef Conservation Program is a community-based initiative that protects more than 20 km of spectacular coral reefs and provides a sustainable source of income for 17 local communities. Wakatobi also works with fishermen and village elders to maintain a marine sanctuary and communicate the benefits of reef resource management. Today, the region’s corals and fish populations are healthier than ever, and the resort’s fish havens serve as replenishment zones that enhance sustainable harvests in waters adjacent to the preserve.

Breath-taking Views

The first rule of scuba diving is “never hold your breath” — but the soaring aerial views and evocative underwater images featured in this video are bound to take your breath away. We invite you to join us on a video tour of the vibrant reefs and spectacular underwater walls of Wakatobi’s private marine preserve. This pristine ecosystem is located in the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity and serves as a model for sustainable, community-based conservation programs that provide tangible benefits for both visitors and local people alike.

Snorkeling on the Wakatobi House Reef

You don’t need to go far or dive deep to discover a wealth of entertaining marine life on the reefs of Wakatobi. We invite you to leave the tanks behind and don a mask and snorkel to discover all the underwater treasures that await when you explore the expansive site known as the House Reef. Just a few fin kicks from shore, you become immersed in a world of sunlight corals where all manner of fantastic beasts lurk. Venture a little farther out and you’ll come to the edge of a stunning underwater rampart that plummets into unseen blue depths.

Nature at Your Doorstep

Imagine waking up to birdsongs and the sound of palm fronds gently rustling in a sea breeze. There’s time to take it all in as you relax with morning coffee and freshly baked croissants enjoyed on an ocean-view verandah. Those moments and more come standard with a stay in the Bungalows at Wakatobi Resort. Set on a beachfront coconut grove overlooking a pristine coral reef, these iconic accommodations provide a personal haven of relaxation and rest, and a starting point for aquatic adventures. Are you ready to escape to a Wakatobi Bungalow?

Turtle Beach Bungalows

Extra space, direct ocean views, and a tranquil white-sand beach. It’s easy to see why guests love Wakatobi’s Turtle Beach Bungalows. These are the largest bungalows at the resort, but the real wow factor is luxurious indoor/outdoor baths and Asian-style shower gardens with a separate entrance from the beach — no more tracking sand through the rooms. The setting has a remote and peaceful feel, but it’s just a quick walk to the restaurant and dive center. We invite you to view this short video tour of Wakatobi’s new Turtle Beach Bungalows.

Come Dine With Us

A number of things can transform a vacation into an exceptional experience. And one of these is food. In keeping with our desire to make every visit an exceptional experience, mealtimes at Wakatobi Resort become much more than a chance to fill up before the next adventure. In fact, many guests consider mealtimes to be one of the highlights of the Wakatobi experience. From authentic regional flavors to international favorites and bespoke menus, the resort’s talented culinary team and attentive servers deliver an unrivaled dining experience.

Say Ah to the Wakatobi Spa

Tucked among the palm trees that line Wakatobi’s beach is an unobtrusive bungalow that houses the resort’s spa. In this quiet setting, guests enjoy a range of treatments and therapies that blend the best of Indonesian and European traditions. Among our signature offerings for relaxation and rejuvenation are traditional Balinese massage, aloe vera recovery treatments, hot stone therapies, Indonesian foot massage, and aromatherapy treatments. Also on the menu are popular enhancement regimes such as facials, body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures.

Family Time at Wakatobi

When planning a family vacation, striking a balance between adult pursuits, teen interests, and age-appropriate activities for youngsters can be a real challenge. As many families have discovered, Wakatobi Dive Resort is a place that offers something for all ages, with hospitality and experiences that bring generations together to create life-long memories. Here, told in their own words, are some of the special moments and memories created when one family came to Wakatobi Resort and discovered that it was the perfect place to dive together.

The Rose at Roma

It’s been said all roads lead to Rome. At Wakatobi, you might just say ‘all dives lead to Roma”. This landmark site showcases a spectacular range of marine life.  Turtles and eagle rays glide in from blue water; schools of barracuda, snapper and jacks cover the slopes. Pavona coral shelters anthias, redtooth triggerfish, fusiliers and convict blennies. Descending a hard coral ridge past a grove of large barrel sponges brings you to Roma’s signature coral formation: a ring of turbinaria coral 20 feet across that resembles a gigantic rose.

Top of the Reef: Wakatobi’s Colorful Shallows

Steep walls and dramatic seamounts always make for exciting dives, and there are plenty of sites in Wakatobi that offer vertical profiles. Many of these sites also offer something extra that few other diving destinations can match: Reefs that rise sharply from deep water to within a meter or two of the surface. By ending in the shallows, divers can create extended multi-level profiles that stretch bottom times beyond the hour mark. These controlled ascents leave plenty of extra time to discover the colorful world at the top of the reef.

Macro Magic at Wakatobi

Enjoy this short video voyage for a sample of the small stuff found on a dive or snorkel at Wakatobi. The wealth of macro subjects that live on the reefs of the resort’s marine preserve is seemingly innumerable, including a multi-species collection of anemonefish. Sightings of ghost pipefish, tiger shrimp, twin spot gobies and leaf scorpionfish, as well as a variety of seahorses from the rare pygmy seahorse to the longspine. Prime hunting grounds are as close as our famous House Reef, which encompasses acres of coral slopes and shallows.

Diving the Knife Edge

Photos can’t do full justice to the formation known as Blade. This is the most distant site visited by day boats from Wakatobi Resort, and divers agree that it is well worth the ride. There’s no mistaking Blade; at first glance, it appears to be a giant serrated knife set on edge and rising from the ocean depths. In reality, it is a series of improbably thin seamounts that project upward from a connecting ridge to within 5 meters of the surface, with steeply flanking sides that drop to depths beyond 60 meters to complete the illusion.

Bali, The Perfect Stop

Before the resort, or after diving? Either way, there are plenty of reasons why scheduling an extended stopover on the island of Bali can provide the perfect addition to a Wakatobi vacation. This short video, produced by filmmaker Don McConnell, showcases just a small sampling of what this exotic and colorful island destination holds in store for visitors. From performing arts, culinary adventures and ancient landmarks to beautiful scenery and fascinating flora and fauna, a Bali stopover will take your Wakatobi vacation to a new level.