Wakatobi: different, inspiring and touching

“Wakatobi is where the great beauty of nature meets the better angels of human nature. This resort provides unique opportunities for local people to benefit from their land without horrific damage to such a unique marine world, and a chance for tourists to contribute to the preservation of oceanic flora and fauna. Such a balance […]

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Stunning house reef

“A true home away from home, Paradise Found! Stunning house reef, great guides, and beautiful boats. Amazing Resort with an incredible staff. We love the concept of the Resort and the villages working hand in hand.” […]

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The snorkeling was fantastic

We’ve visited other dive resorts before and Wakatobi is a cut above the rest. The atmosphere is relaxed, yet luxurious, the food is excellent, there is care for the environment and the education on the reefs are prioritized. The snorkeling was fantastic and even better than most diving I have ever had before. The staff has […]

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