Extended stay, loyalty, and other benefits

Wakatobi provides numerous opportunities for guests to realize significant savings on their stay.

Extended stays

The average Wakatobi vacation is 10 nights; Guests staying for an extended package benefit from a reduction from both Vacation and Activity Packages. Stays of more than 7 nights receive a 5% reduction. Stays of more than 14 nights received a 10% reduction. Child Care / Kid’s Club are exempt from extended stay reductions.

Extended stay reductions apply to both resort and Pelagian dive yacht stays.

Loyalty reductions

Repeat visitors can also enjoy an additional graded loyalty reward of 5% for second and third visits, and 10% for fourth visit and beyond.

Early payments

For timely bank transfers, we offer an attractive early payment reduction:

Settle in full by bank wire more than 12 months prior to your package departure date, and earn a 5% reduction from your total invoice.

Settle in full by bank wire more than 9 months out, and save a total of 4%.

Settle in full by bank wire more than 6 months out, and save a total of 3%.

Your balance payment is due to arrive with us no later than 90 days prior to departure. Providing your wired balance payment arrives with us more than 90 days ahead of your departure, you can still earn a 2% reduction from your invoice total.

NB: these reductions are not accumulative. Should you choose to settle in full ahead of the normal payment schedule, and benefit from the early payment reduction of 3%, 4% or 5%, this is the total reduction extended. The 2% is included within the reduction already offered, not an additional reduction.

Benefits are applied to accommodations and activities; the guest flight is not included.

Please inquire for additional information – office@wakatobi.com

“Thanks to the wonderful team, we had a unique stay at Wakatobi Resort. The kindness and friendliness of the whole staff made our time most memorable. They put so much effort in every single detail (Decoration, food, sand art, cleaning, etc.) Diving was simply great! We loved our guide. He cared so much about us and showed us many species we have never seen before. We felt secure in every… “Kindness and Friendliness”

Christian Klotzinger and Family
,January 2024