Wakatobi is a snorkeler’s paradise too

Wakatobi is an ideal place for snorkelers and freedivers. The house reef offers a convenient and beautiful snorkelling spot offering views of myriad marine creatures and many dive sites have exquisite shallows on the coral tops.

And if you feel a desire to go deeper, you can take a Scuba diving course in the resort to become PADI certified as an open water diver, it will only take four days and will open new vistas on the underwater world. (Read more here)

Support for snorkelers 

Snorkelers (and freedivers) in Wakatobi receive the same level of support as the divers. All dive sites are rated for suitability for snorkelling based on the reef topography and snorkelers are accompanied by a professional guide, well versed in the marine life on the reefs. Snorkelers’ gear is loaded onto the day boats and you will get the same service, towels, snacks and camera assistance as the divers.

Snorkelers are monitored by the boat crews to ensure that they do not drift too far from the boat and the house reef is constantly monitored during the day from the jetty, with a taxi boat always on hand to pick you up should you so desire.

And you are welcome to take up a Private Snorkel Experience Manager, who will point out marine life of interest to you, to help you get the most from your snorkelling sorties.

Snorkelers’ and freedivers’ treasure – the House Reef

Our House Reef is a cornucopia of marine life which you can enter directly from the beach or the jetty. The coral top is host to sea grass offering refuge to species such as filefish, blue ringed octopus and bumphead parrotfish, while the corals are home to numerous colourful juveniles of many species. The dramatic drop off where the wall begins offers glimpses out into the blue and down the wall – turtles, bumphead parrotfish, rays, mild mannered triggerfish, box fish and puffer fish can be seen among many other species.