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Wakatobi Weather Data

Get the current and historical weather conditions at Wakatobi, direct from the resort's own automated weather station.
The weather station is located on the top of the resort administration building and updates the web site every 30 minutes.

Current Weather Conditions
The graphs below show the current weather conditions.
Temperature Humidity Barometer Rain Montly Rain
Wind Speed Wind Direction High and Low Temperature Wind Direction

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Wetter1     Wakatobi DiveResort Waterquality
Regional Weather Chart   Satellite Image - animated   Water Quality on reefs

Maximum water surface temperature in Wakatobi
(NOAA satellite data)

Surface Temperature

Recent Historical Weather Conditions

The graphs below show the historical weather trends over the past 12 months at Wakatobi.
Wind Direction History Wind Speed History
Temperature History Humindity History
Barometric Pressure History Rainfall History

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If you are a ©Windows Vista user and enjoy sidebar gadgets, you might be interested in having the Wakatobi Weather Gadget. This gadget displays the current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and current precipitation. The weather data is updated every 30 minutes direct from the Wakatobi weather station at the resort.

How to Install

  1. Click image above or link below to download the gadget.
  2. When prompted, Save the file to your desktop as WakatobiWeather.gadget
  3. The file must have the .gadget extension to be recognized as a gadget by ©Vista
  4. Double-click to install as a gadget in your sidebar!
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