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Wakatobi Sales Team Bios



About Stuart Jones, United Kingdom, GB

Stuart first learned of Wakatobi from his son Crispin, who serves as Branch Manager in the resort's Bali office. At the time, Stuart was relaxing following a successful career in the information technology industry. His son's enthusiasm for diving and for Wakatobi motivated Stuart to embrace the sport, and to visit our island paradise. He returned a changed man, and now represents Wakatobi throughout the UK, Scandinavia and Benelux. "Once you have experienced Wakatobi it spoils you from wanting to go anywhere else," Stuart says.



About Robert Parrington, United Kingdom, GB

Robert has had a passion for diving for many years and continues to assist in training divers in the UK.
“For me the thrill is about sharing diving with all sorts of people and joining in their journey of wonder and excitement as we discover the amazing world under the sea”.
Having dived in many places around the world I have been lucky to have met some incredible individuals and now, with Wakatobi, I am able to continue to share that love of diving with what I consider to be the very best of dive operations.
Robert has also been involved with UNESCO Associated Schools and is thrilled that Wakatobi Dive Resort is leading the way in sustainability and educational and scientific study around reef management. “Understanding how we as humans interact with our environment will be crucial to all our futures. Showing what can be achieved in collaboration with local villages is fantastic ‘research in action’ at Wakatobi”.


About Paula Butler, California, USA

Paula describes herself as an escapee from the mortgage banking industry. A resident of Northern California, her first-ever trip to the southern hemisphere was to Wakatobi, which she calls "indescribably beautiful." In addition to diving, she has a strong interest in conservation and the protection of coral reefs, values that fit well with Wakatobi's industry-leading social and conservation programs. While at the resort I spent up to five hours a day underwater, and still wanted more," she says.

"I can't wait to return time and time again."



About Randal Sanders, Lousiana, USA

Randal began his diving career in 1975, and spent the next ten years plunging into Caribbean, Bahamas, and Gulf of Mexico waters. His first tropical Pacific trip forever changed his interests, and he became an Indo-Pacific trip promoter. He learned of Wakatobi from friends who returned with rave reviews, he began investigating, and the more he looked, the clearer it became. With a background in engineering, he marvels at the utopia Wakatobi's founders established on a tiny, remote, island on the Indonesian frontier. "After cruises on a number of premier live-aboards, I never thought I'd enjoy a land-based Indo-Pacific trip," he says.

"My diving experience at Wakatobi was superior to anything on a live-aboard, and I've decided there's no need to dive anywhere else."



About Karin van de Wouw, Holland, Germany,EU

Karin is an avid diver and underwater photographer who submerges frequently in her native Holland, and travels widely in pursuit of underwater imagery. She first learned about Wakatobi when she met her English colleague, Stuart Jones, at a Dutch trade show several years ago.

"He showed me some photos and I was convinced I really needed to go. I appreciate all kinds of life in the sea: the big, the small, the pretty and the ugly, but I lost my diving heart to Wakatobi, because of the abundance of colors, beautiful creatures and healthy reefs," Karin says.


About Frank Owens, USA and Canada


Frank began diving in 1993, and soon after landed a job with a major scuba equipment manufacturer. In 2006 he became an independent sales rep and developed deeper relationships with local dive shops. An avid underwater photographer, he selected his personal dive vacations based on the quality of underwater photo opportunities. "It disappointed me to see the degradation of reefs and lack of synergy within a destination,” Frank says.

" I was initially attracted to Wakatobi for the world-renowned diving, amenities and service, but soon realized that Wakatobi was not just a destination, but a journey in the preservation of our underwater environment."

Frank Owens at Wakatoibi, Febr. 2013



About Steven Miller, Ohio USA


Steve became a Scuba Instructor in 1980, and has worked in the Diving Industry ever since. Underwater Photography has always been one of his passions, and he has led a number of trips to exotic locations over the years. "Now that I've found Wakatobi, my search is over," he says.

"Covering the Great Lakes Region allows me to do what I love: teaching underwater photography and telling groups about my all time favorite destination, Wakatobi."




Steven Miller at Wakatoibi, Febr. 2013



About Juliette Myers, Sydney, Australia


Juliette learned to dive in 1982 on the Saudi side of the Red Sea, and has been a keen dive traveler ever since. A year spent in the Solomon Islands introducer her to underwater photography, and she has since won a number of awards. She has worked in the tourism trade, promoting Australian zoos and aquariums, and leading the Australian sales team for Disneyland and Walt Disney World. "Now, my dream really has come true," she says.

"I have found my purpose and I am proud to be promoting Wakatobi’s unparalleled reef health, diversity, incredible customer service and unique philosophy."





About Sefanie Voigt, Gernmany, EU


Stefanie turned her lifelong passion for the underwater world into a career as an instructor, underwater camera operator and marine film production coordinator. An avid diver since 1982, she has produced documentaries, commercials and other productions with mainly marine-related themes. As a sales and marketing representative for Wakatobi, she now enjoys the opportunity to utilize her creative and communications skills to enhancing the resort's presence within the German-speaking markets and beyond. "I am looking forward to be a valuable asset and working with such a professional team." she says. "

Even though we may be located thousands of miles apart, we join forces for one precious spot that is Wakatobi."



About Michelle Winkel, Texas, USD


Michelle's first love is the ocean, and she enjoys sharing her passion with others as a PADI, MSDT and DAN instructor. She combines a 15-plus year career in sales and marketing for Continental and United Airlines with her interests in the industry, where she has been involved in a variety of online marketing and video production projects. In addition to diving, she enjoys photography and cycling. "My love for the ocean and scuba diving brought me to Wakatobi, and as luck would have it I was given the opportunity to represent my favorite dive destination as a guest experience representative," she says. "

I love working with such a great team of professionals—from the staff in Bali to those throughout the UK and Europe, Australia, Asia and the U.S., it is truly a pleasure."



Kaori Robinson - Japanese

Every fiber of this petite Japanese lady speaks refinement, passion and competence. From small, Kaori was drawn to hospitality and diving. She embodies the spirit of Wakatobi with her desire to do whatever can be done to convey the best possible holiday experience to her guests. Starting her career in one of the leading hotels in Tokyo, she soon followed her heart and worked as a dive instructor in Japan, Guam, PNG, Vanuatu, Australia and top resorts in Fiji before finding her home in Wakatobi.

Kaori intuitively grasps what her guests like and appreciate, communicates very smoothly in Japanese and English and has an tremendous understanding of marine life. She loves to share her passion for the underwater world and her infectious laughter is hard to forget.

Little wonder then, that whoever had the pleasure to share the joy of diving in Wakatobi with Kaori, will miss her wherever they are going to dive next.


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