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Guest Comments and Testimonials

Wakatobi Dive Resort has been operating since 1995, and in all that time, we've strived to actively capture guest feedback, improve upon problem areas, and to deliver the best possible dive experience in the world. There have been bumps along the way, but in the end, positive guest comments give us the greatest satisfaction, especially when everything goes right!

Below is a sample of guest comments over the years.

 "Wakatobi is the best run facility I have ever seen. The staff on the boat and land provided unbelievable service. Waktobi lived up to its reputation and exceeded it. We cannot tell you how much we enjoyed the trip, we felt like family here with the smiles and personal greetings everywhere. The diving was fantastic and the crew were there to help and provide additional assistance when needed, always with a smile and asking what else they could do for us. The VIP service with the phone was the piece de resistance. We look forward to the next visit to Wakatobi."
Sara Moore & Cindy Jones - August 2015

 "Thanks a lot to the whole team who made our family stay at Wakatobi memorable! The diving, snorkeling and accommodation - not to forget the food was fantastic."
Hedwig Bostl-Scheuringer & Sabine Plank - August 2015

 "Some of the best reefs in the world. Their dive operation is unquestionably superb."
John Miller - August 2015

 "Come to Wakatobi if you want to see all the treasures you have never seen before. The food is amazing! I love this place and I will come back for sure! "
Carol & Roy Bagattini - August 2015

 "Come to Wakatobi if you want to see all the treasures you have never seen before. The food is amazing! I love this place and I will come back for sure! "
Nicole Syz - August 2015

 "This is the place for immediate and prolonged relaxation. It is impossible to experience stress in this slice of paradise."
Kurt vom Scheidt - August 2015

 "Our 11-day experience at Wakatobi far exceeded our expectations in every way. We can only say thank you for the incredible effort given to our comfort and we hope to return as soon as possible."
Sandy & Suzy Lamont - August 2015

 "Fantastic! Brilliant! Magnificent! The staff were super friendly and helpful. The resort and dive sites were second to none. You don not want to go back to the real world after spending time in this piece of heaven. The teamwork and knowledge of the staff was unquestionable- Wakatobi is not only a 5-Star resort but also a warm family environment."
Riza Wahjudi - August 2015

 "Extraordinary resort! We are overwhelmed by the diving, accommodation, staff and the food. I do not think I have ever taken such a relaxing trip. The attention to detail and attention to your guests is outstanding. I hope that one day we can return to your beautiful paradise. When you google dive resort, Wakatobi Dive Resort should be the only hit. Best of everything for the diving experience! "
Dale and Karen Wallace - July 2015

 "I had an amazingly great experience here. As close to perfection as you can achieve in this life. A special thanks to the boat crew and our dive experience manager for the outstanding service. I am already trying to figure out how soon I can return. I expected an extraordinary experience and Wakatobi exceeded my expectations in every way. I will definitely be returning. "
Dan Merges - July 2015

 "Overall a wonderful experience. For us there were no problems at all. The staff was very pleasant, courteous and helpful. The accommodation was beautiful, boats well run, diving spectacular and the food was amazing. The cake for the 4th of July was above and beyond.Thank you. "
Dave Adkins - July 2015

 "We were surprised by the high quality of every aspect of our stay given the distance Wakatobi dive resort is from anywhere. Food was excellent! The staff on the resort could not be better and the boat crews and guides were superior. We cannot wait to come back! The best dive resort we have been to in all regards. "
Stephan Morey and Hilda Lopez - July 2015

 "It was a perfect vacation. The staff was extremely friendly and the food was excellent."
Brigitte Streller & Roland Hatzenbichler - July 2015

 "Thank you for two wonderful weeks. The food, diving and staff was fantastic."
Hakan & Charlotte Bohlin - July 2015

 "The diving was incredible and the friendships forged are unforgettable!"
Cindy Booke - July 2015

 "We really enjoyed our stay. The diving was great and the food was excellent and varied. The staff were friendly and professional. "
Paul Severs - July 2015

 "The dive guides were wonderful. I really appreciated their knowledge of the reef life. The staff were very friendly from the groundskeepers to the boat crew- never an unhappy face! The food was amazing! - I loved the Sambal! Wakatobi was an amazing experience. Every detail is taken care of including the airport greeting and assistance. The resort is committed to reef stewardship and engages in ethical collaboration with the local population. The valet dive service coupled with the gourmet dining and comfortable accommodation make for a memorable vacation!"
David Berman - July 2015

 "Wakatobi is an outstanding dive resort offering ultimate relaxation and a stunning location. The diving instructors were exceptional- friendly and competent. The diving was very well organized. The local staff were charming and the food was healthy and original. A superb family holiday!"
Pascal Lipsky & Family - July 2015

 "Wakatobi is a wonderful resort with terrific diving. The food was top notch. The childrens program was great. Our daughter was both well looked after and entertained. The service from both the hotel and dive staff was also wonderful. Our dive guides were walking encyclopedias and took great care of us. We loved pretty much everything about the experience and our stay."
Jeff Smith & Kelly Piacente - July 2015

 "We really enjoyed our dive vacation here! Everyone was so nice and very helpful! Our dive guide was the best we ever had. When pointing out the animals it was also written down on slates. We would highly recommend this place and hope to return someday in the future. Thank you for helping us have a great vacation!"
Vicki & Joel Sarver - July 2015

 "I had a wonderful time! This is my third time here and I plan on coming back. The food is excellent and there is a lot of it. The restaurant staff is very attentive. The housekeeping staff are always cleaning the room. The dive guides point out lots of stuff. The spa was very relaxing. I had three massages and a facial. The gift shop had lots to choose from and we did! The best diving and dive resort in the world!"
Bonnie Vance - July 2015

 "This was the absolute best dive resort we have ever been to. Everyone from room service to management seemed genuinely concerned with excellence and our personal wellbeing. People went out of their way to learn our names, our interests and often asked us what else they could do to improve our stay. The dive operation was top notch! The staff was ready for all contingencies and accommodated all our needs. The dive guides were incredible! They found so many things to show us during the dives. Thank you! Wakatobi is an incredible experience. If you want the best - from service to diving experiences, Wakatobi is a Must Visit place."
Michael & Hilda Gibson - July 2015

 "Wakatobi is beautiful resort with an amazing reef system. The staff, both onshore and afloat are well-trained, exceptionally helpful and always cheerful and courteous. The accommodation is clean and comfortable, and the beds are especially comfortable. All our needs and wishes were met promptly and completely. "
Walter Mears - July 2015

 "Thank you for an enjoyable and relaxing week! The dive guides were excellent. The coral was exceptional and we were lucky to see Pygmy Seahorses."
Bob & Penny Buist - July 2015

 "Wakatobi Dive Resort offers fluo-dives which reveal the fluorescent colors and patterns of corals, anemones and fishes. The reefs are spectacular in sunlight but a different reef appears when filters reveal only fluorescence. Anemones glow deep red, feather stars glow yellow or orange and lizard fish emanate a ghostly light. Fluo-diving will expand your perception of reef communities."
Jeffrey B Mitton - July 2015

 "This was my third trip to Wakatobi. It offers excellent food, superb diving and very gracious hosts. I recommend Wakatobi without reservation."
Michael Grant - July 2015

 "We had a wonderful time! The diving was superb, the food was excellent but the incredible staff was the true highlight. Thank you so much for our lovely stay - we hope to return soon!"
Claire Faggioli & Daniel Sternberg - July 2015

 "Superlative! Everyone I met was incredible and I especially enjoyed my photography workshop. I will return!"
Barbara Fox - July 2015

 "The snorkeling was awesome and everyone from the dive crew, cleaning staff, restaurant staff and chef was outstanding. The snorkel guide was great and did a wonderful job. Normally snorkelers are not treated as well as divers but not here! It is not just for divers and I do not want to leave! "
Cindy Belcher - June 2015

 "I received the best service in Wakatobi, even better than in most of the 5 star resorts I have visited. Underwater is amazing, super professional dive staff – the dive guide took good care of me and showed me a lot of marine life. As a lone traveler you never feel lonely at Wakatobi – you make so many new friends. The room service and food is also of a high standard, you will get what you want. Thanks to all the staff at Wakatobi! "
Dongdong Gao - June 2015

 "The restaurant team was excellent and the food was superb. The spa service was also good."
Galina and Slava Mareev - June 2015

 "The dive team did an excellent job of taking care of our needs. Our dive guide was very good, we really enjoyed diving with him and he was excellent at finding a variety of marine life. He was always asking what he could do to improve our stay at the resort and our diving experience and made sure everyone in the dive group had the opportunity to see the creatures he found. The whole dive operation is run very smoothly. The resort staff were very attentive to our needs and we enjoyed the food very much. Gerry really enjoyed the fantastic birthday cake. This was our 3rd trip to Wakatobi and it gets better each time. The reefs are pristine and marine life abundant. We saw more on our first dive and on the house reef than you would in a week in the Caribbean. Wakatobi needs to be on every divers wishlist. "
Gerald and Sharon Schmidt - June 2015

 "This was our second time at Wakatobi and we were treated like old friends! Everyone made us feel like we were at home. The food and dives were great but the staff are the best part of the resort."
Junio Melo and Gnana Araujo - June 2015

 "From the very beginning of our visit this has been an amazing vacation. The house reef is unbelievable, I have never seen such variety of corals and fish. You can tell that everyone at Wakatobi takes pride in keeping the reef pristine. The accommodation was great, every staff member is smiling and pleasant and the restaurant is like a vacation itself. The food is fabulous, beautifully presented and tastes good! Thank you all for a wonderful time. The most beautiful underwater reef – like swimming in a fish bowl. "
M Lynn Crawford - June 2015

 "Everything was perfect. If this isnt paradise, I do not know what is. The diving is incredible, the grounds feel like a botanical garden, the rooms are comfortable and private, the ocean breezes, the lull of the waves, the food – every meal was absolutely wonderful, every person on staff is friendly, accommodating and a pleasure. This was a very special trip for me, a mother daughter trip, and it is a trip I will treasure forever. Thank you! Everything was perfect, the abundance and diversity of the reefs, the laid back elegance, the food was sublime and the staff could not be friendlier or more pleasant – the best! "
Nan Goldstein - June 2015

 "The level of attention to appearance and functionality is great. From the dining, bungalows and public washrooms, all are well planned and executed. Such a pleasure! The dive guide was very good, patient, able to find lots of small things, catered to our requests and interests and attentive to safety which we appreciated. No matter who we spoke with they were helpful, responsive and courteous. Great client service and always with a smile. We could not have wished for anything better. Thank you so much! Our 4th visit to Wakatobi and it is better every time we come. The diving is amazing and the dive guides and crew are the best! The dining is wonderful – food and service! We will be back! "
Ronald and Diane Cook - June 2015

 "Thanks to all for making this a great vacation! We had many wonderful dives with our guides, consummate professionals and lovely people as well. The restaurant staff was effective and attentive without being intrusive. The food was wonderful and our room was always neat and clean. Above all, the reef itself was nothing short of magnificent and we are glad you are all here taking care of it. We look forward to a return visit someday. Magnificent reef, engaging and professional dive team, lovely accommodation and wonderful food – Thank you Wakatobi for a great vacation! "
Vickey and Will Sare - June 2015

 "Great and enthusiastic dive crew both the diving and boat staff were very helpful and attentive. Restaurant had a great selection of food and the waiting staff was very good as was the massage staff. The rooms are very comfortable and very pleasant for the stay. "
Jane Schlegel - June 2015

 "This has been a thoroughly enjoyable vacation. The diving was incredible, the food outstanding, the staff well trained, kind and helpful. Being addressed by your first name was meaningful. The resort runs very smoothly, attention has been paid to every detail and we were impressed by the support of the local people. The cleaning, diving and dining staff are terrific and cheerful with the massage girl being excellent!"
Sharon Walmsley and Bruce Hinds - June 2015

 "The food was superb, I believe the chef could open a restaurant in any major city and do quite well. All of the pampering was first rate, the restaurant and housekeeping staff were outstanding. They learned our preferences, so after asking for something once, we never had to ask again, it became part of their standard service to us. Valet diving could not be beaten, the dive guides could point out and identify marine critters, big and small. Dive safety was upheld to the highest level, dive briefings were excellent and the dive guides always looked after their group. Small group size also added to high safety standards and the boats were good. S.O.S. : Supreme Outstanding Service. The only thing we did not like about Wakatobi was leaving! "
Susan Cooper-Smith & M. Scott Smith - May 2015

 "A great resort, well run and always with the guest in mind. The diving is great, but what takes it to another level is the dive operation, the knowledgeable dive guides, the small groups and the professionalism and friendliness of the entire crew. I am just sorry my stay here was so short. If you are a diver and you can get there, go to Wakatobi. "
Warren Pritchard - May 2015

 "All crew and staff members were so dedicated to improve our diving. This was an outstanding experience which I will repeat for sure."
Uli Joos - May 2015

 "The resort is very beautiful! The staff are very friendly and helpful, everything is organized perfectly. Dive guides are very competent and friendly and they looked after us very well, making us feel very safe. The staff on the dive boats are very friendly, helpful and funny! The equipments are in good condition, and the food was excellent, with new specialties every day. It was a perfect holiday, and could not have been better! "
Daniela Masciadri and Manuela Pfenninger - May 2015

 "Everything was exceptional! Our dive guide was so nice and we hope to come back soon and dive again with him. The best place to live and dive. "
Martine and Bernard Elhaik - May 2015

 "Another fantastic holiday! The Pelagian was amazing and very luxurious. Our bungalow at the resort was excellent and we really enjoyed the outside shower. The restaurant staff were as attentive as the last time we came, it is really nice that they know our names from day 1. Fantastic experience and some of the best diving we have ever done, we are coming back for a third time! "
Mark McDonald - May 2015

 "I had great service when booking and it was an amazing location with beautiful bungalows. The diving was great, with beautiful diving spots and very well organized, great diving service. The food was amazing and the staff very friendly. I have lived in Indonesia for more than 5 years and this must be one of the most beautiful locations I have been to. "
Katrin Sohns - May 2015

 "The 2 weeks on the Pelagian and at the resort have been indescribable for me. The team, the service, dive staff, boat crew and the friendly chefs were sensational. I was looking forward to this holiday and it has exceeded my expectations. "
Hans-Joachim Meyer - May 2015

 "Wakatobi is one of the best trips I have done and the boat crew was good and very helpful. The restaurant and the staff was amazing, congratulations and keep up the good work! "
Eduardo Morais dos Santos - May 2015

 "An ideal hideaway, well organized, excellent food and wonderful scenery. The staff are friendly and well qualified, and very personal and open minded. One of the few paradises in this world, well organized and maintained. "
Detlev and Sabine Sohns - May 2015

 "Everything we experienced at Wakatobi was fabulous!! All the staff were so helpful and thoughtful, from knowing our names upon introduction, to the bed turn down, gardening etc. We have never stayed in a resort that spoils everyone and just wish you were closer to the United States. We have never been so spoiled before!"
Ann & Doc Cornwell - May 2015

 "We were very pleased that snorkelers were given the same treatment as divers. We have never seen this before and our snorkel guide was very attentive and showed us everything. Our rooms were always well cleaned and the kitchen was just a dream. The food was well prepared with perfect portion sizes and the pastries were as good as at home. All the staff were extremely nice, friendly and accommodating."
Astrid and Dieter Steininger - May 2015

 "We had a great time, thank you all! Everything was perfect and there is nothing left to improve. For sure, we will visit Wakatobi Resort again!"
Bernhard and Karin Fischer - May 2015

 "Diving has been the main objective of our trips to many different parts of the world for more than 15 years and we think that Wakatobi should be used as a model. During the trip we experienced perfection in the combination between looking after the marine environment and providing access to it for divers. The dive team and dive guide looked after every detail – this level of hospitality is hard to find. The restaurant and the variety and quality of food was perfect. Our stay will remain with us like a beautiful memory."
Claude and Henri Durand - May 2015

 "Beautiful snorkeling, and the staff was super friendly, helpful and professional. Great food and very comfortable bungalow. Thanks for a great time!"
Cory Streisinger - May 2015

 "Everything was perfect – what a way to visit paradise! The resort offers more than we could dream of. The staff are well trained and every detail is addressed. Thank you for making this a very special vacation."
Mike Hess and Hak Wong - May 2015

 "It was wonderful to finally visit Wakatobi and meet the most pleasant and professional staff I have come across. You have a beautiful island with beautiful people, thank you for inviting me for the week. I hope my story in Ocean Geographic lives up to the experience – I will do my best. One of the most relaxing places on earth – above and below the water. "
Pamela Martin - May 2015

 "For us Wakatobi Dive Resort is rare and unique. We experienced a natural heaven that the family owners have carefully and mindfully established to blend and merge into the Lamanggau community and surrounding environment. We were fascinated and impressed at how all guests, staff and neighbors are managed with a feeling of happiness at the resort. Every part of Wakatobi is regularly maintained to the highest standards and that made us feel cared for from the moment we checked in until we left. The food was gourmet quality and the variety endless. We look forward to our next holiday at Wakatobi to experience more of the peace and tranquility that is on offer in this luxurious, yet very casual resort. Wakatobi relaxes and charms you while attending to your every need with understated luxury. We will be back. "
Corinne Brodbeck - May 2015

 "Great food, wonderful service and friendly staff with personalized service. For snorkelers the house reef is beautiful and filled with very friendly fish. The water depth and currents make it possible for snorkelers to see a lot of fish and coral. Our last snorkel at Turkey Beach where we drifted back to the resort was the best. Without a doubt, the food at Wakatobi is the best resort food we have ever had! And the dining room service was perfect. "
Woody & Lyn Savage - May 2015

 "This is truly a lovely and restful place. Your attention to detail and the cheery, generous professionalism of all staff we interacted with creates, via grace and selflessness, peace. Both old world and high-tech, sanctuary and activity-haven. This place is outstanding! "
Arthur Ginsberg & Caroline Clarke-Ginsberg - April 2015

 "Get some soup at the buffet and forget your soup spoon – it may get to the table before you do. That is the kind of service you can expect from Wakatobi!"
Chuck Hopf - April 2015

 "The diving at Wakatobi is outstanding, that is well known. But an equally important characteristic is the world class customer service seen in every member of staff. Wakatobi can teach customer service to any service industry, and any organization. They make you feel at home on the first day, and it gets better every day after that. There are so many places we want to visit, but we keep coming back to Wakatobi because it is the best."
Cindy & Steve Moore - April 2015

 "We would love to encourage our friends to visit Wakatobi and would love to bring our family here one day! Our honeymoon could not have been more perfect for a dive loving couple! The staff really made us feel special from day one."
Cliff & Judy Fischer - April 2015

 "We had a very nice and comfortable stay here at Wakatobi. We enjoyed the food and the many choices for lunch and dinner. The diving was arranged perfectly, and we enjoyed the different dive sites with the dive guide being an excellent spotter. A perfect diving vacation of a high quality standard."
Doris & Thomas Hoffmann - April 2015

 "The food is really good, with quality exceeding our expectations considering where the resort is located. The resort staff including the dive staff were all really friendly. Being called by our names the first day we arrived was definitely a pleasant surprise, and the bungalow was very good."
Federico Marmori & Amy Fasola - April 2015

 "What a beautiful place with fantastic diving and perfect service all the time. I know I will come back! "
Inge Puchta - April 2015

 "Our expectations were high before coming but Wakatobi has succeeded in exceeding them! We enjoyed the high quality of the dive center, restaurant and housekeeping and very happy with our beach bungalow which was quiet and had a lovely view. The reefs are in good condition and there is plenty to see, the dive guide was excellent and we had a good laugh with him. Everything was well organized and you can see some thought has been given into how things work the best way. The drinking water and fruit between meals was appreciated and the water tastes very good. The food was delicious, a joy for both mouth and eyes, and we enjoyed the meals every day. The staff at Wakatobi is excellent, they remember our names! We did not wear shoes during our stay, it was a stress free holiday, the best ever! If you appreciate excellent marine life in a tranquil atmosphere, impeccable service on board and in the restaurant, five star food three times a day try Wakatobi. It might be the right place, for us it certainly is. "
Maisa & Olli Itkonen - April 2015

 "I was here 10 years ago and I am pleased to say the resort is still excellent and more so! The food which was always very good is now more like a five star restaurant. This was a great experience and I will be back before another 10 years pass! "
James Foley - April 2015

 "Great service and great staff both on land and on the boat. The food is to die for! Overall we are super pleased and we absolutely loved our stay here."
Jill Andersson & Anneli Lindberg - April 2015

 "This is an extremely well run establishment. The entire staff is to be commended for exemplary service, with the dive staff being professional, educational and efficient, and the front desk being kind, helpful and attentive. All reflect well upon the organization. The dining staff is marvelous, with everyone being cheerful, jocular and congenial. All considered, this has been a marvelous experience to match the amazing marine environment."
Jim Berryhill - April 2015

 "We loved everything about Wakatobi! The folks who work here are very genuine people who like what they do for a living – the happiness of everyone at Wakatobi shines through! We will be sadly leaving Wakatobi but will be planning a return trip in the near future."
Linda & Paul Katz - April 2015

 "Wakatobi is the ideal place for an adventurous, yet luxurious vacation on a pristine coral reef. The accommodations were outstanding, staff friendly and professional, and diving superb. There are many options when it comes to dive travel, but I am sure I will make my way back to Wakatobi in the future. Thank you so much for everything."
Lizzy McAninch - April 2015

 "The staff and resort are amazing – this is by far my favorite dive resort. The food is fabulous and I will definitely miss the wonderful desserts. I visited Wakatobi 8 years ago and have seen incredible improvements in the service. I love the fact that all the staff (diving and resort) seem to anticipate your every need. I do not recall that level of service on my last visit, and back then I thought it was very good! I also want to thank the dive staff for the care they give to the reef. "
Marisol Garza - April 2015

 "We have had a beautiful time here with our children and we have particularly enjoyed the diving and the friendliness of the staff. The most beautiful coral in the world. Beautiful and safe diving for our two eleven year olds with amazing hospitality all around. We will definitely come back!"
Mary Mac Manus & Jeremy Vogler - April 2015

 "Many thanks to the whole crew, who have perfect organization, are friendly and always supportive. We will recommend Wakatobi if we meet any other divers, it is a very good place to dive."
Niels & Susanne Hasse - April 2015

 "All your staff are very friendly and welcoming, although I traveled by myself, I never felt alone. The dive sites were amazing and your guides very professional, informative and reassuring, all of whom went out of their way to make sure I had a good experience. The restaurant staff are also very helpful and unfortunately on their recommendations I ate far too much! The whole experience has been wonderful, from the early days of booking the holiday right down to where I go next in Bali. Just get up and be in the right place at the right time, the rest is done for you! A truly wonderful experience. Many thanks and hopefully see you again in the future! "
Roni Beer - April 2015

 "Good food and very friendly staff. The daily diving was well organized with very good equipment and diving support."
Samson Au & Mitchell Yeung - April 2015

 "The resort is well maintained, and the staff are helpful, funny and extremely lovely! The diving staff is knowledgeable and professional, and my guide was the best dive guide I have ever had on dive trips. I was very impressed with the expertise, demeanor, good eye, and accommodating service, and all the boat crew were very helpful. Kitchen and dining staff are very friendly and helpful, they even knew all our names which is a special touch. The food options and quality was great and the private dining experience was beautiful and memorable, with again, great service. "
Sara Soulier - April 2015

 "I leave Wakatobi with a big smile and a few tears because your staff is really, really nice, and it feels like leaving friends. I spent an excellent 10 days here and after 2 days I had no idea what day of the week it was! Thank you."
Stefan Gabriel - April 2015

 "We had heard and read reviews about the food at Wakatobi but nothing prepared us for the quality and service which can only be described as superb. The beach bungalow was absolutely lovely and we only wish we had more time during busy dive days to just sit and enjoy the setting. A rare gem in Indonesia – other dive operations have much to learn from Wakatobi. Thank you!"
Su-Mae Khoo & Brian McDairmant - April 2015

 "Again a superb dive location, with exemplary service in all spheres. Great to come back to great dive locations, variety of species and ease of diving. Our third visit, and we are already planning our next trip. "
Wade Hughes - April 2015

 "Our third trip and another excellent experience of the famed Wakatobi walls. Fabulous photographic opportunities with first rate attention from the staff. We have been fortunate enough to have the same dive guide on all trips and consider him a close friend. Nothing is too much trouble. The standard of service on the boats and in the resort is outstanding. Wakatobi feels like a second home. "
Wayne & Pam Osborn - April 2015

 "Staff were very professional and friendly with everyone remembering your name and preferences. The food and accommodation are first rate, I have never experienced such a high standard of food while at a dive resort. The reefs are beautiful and the water generally clear. The dive guides are helpful and good at spotting the macro critters. Overall, a very relaxing holiday in a beautiful resort with great staff. "
Carole Anderson - March 2015

 "We returned and brought my brother and his wife. That says it all, we love this place and love the fish book being in the room. World class service – World class diving. So many wonderful sites! "
Carol Roedder & Eric Ault - March 2015

 "Greatest variation of coral and fish we ever experienced – truly amazing!"
Carola Nilsson & Ben Wrede - March 2015

 "Wakatobi is truly exceptional in the level of catering, friendliness and valet services. The fact everyone knows and greets you by name is very special, and there is a warmth and welcome by all staff without exception. Our Divemaster is fabulous, attentive, informative and very intelligent. He skillfully adapts to your desire, style and speed of diving, and safety is paramount. His professionalism exceeds any experience in our 10+ years of diving all over the world! Both dive guide and the boat crew anticipate your needs and are readily present but not intrusive. The chef is spectacular with each dish delicately prepared in small servings and replenished when needed. This is not a grub line as most other dive resorts produce with the dishes being unique, flavorful innovative and versatile. We love the new bathrooms, with bungalows being very comfortable, truly excellent and we will be back! Five star diving and service in a remote paradise! Exceptional food and pampering make for a memorable holiday. "
Craig & Denise Cipolla - March 2015

 "Definitely the best corals I have ever seen and the variety of fish is astounding - I will come back soon with an underwater camera! The people here are also the friendliest and most accommodating, the combination of over and underwater made this a trip to remember for a long, long time. The most pristine reef I have never seen! A slice of paradise – A balm for tired souls. "
Francesco Cavallaro - March 2015

 "One of the best dive trips ever (we have been diving since 1983)! The dive operation is excellent. All dive staff and boat crew are very helpful and knowledgeable, and our dive guide was excellent. The restaurant staff is also very helpful and courteous with the cuisine being excellent. The accommodation is very good, everything was clean and good quality. We hope to return in 2016 "
Kenneth & Edna Brubaker - March 2015

 "Thank you for the excellent service throughout the resort. Everyone was especially friendly and helpful. Your island is beautiful and the diving was one of our best experiences. "
Lillard & Pamela Brown - March 2015

 "We had a wonderful 2 weeks here. Your employees are all such hard workers and we felt well cared for from the gentlemen who met us on arrival at Denpasar until we left. The dive/boat staff were really great, as was the land based staff. The food was excellent, and we really enjoyed the creative salads, fresh fish, sushi, and variety of fruits and deserts. We really liked our dive guide, we just had to say it! We were blown away by the beauty of the corals, sponges, creatures and fish here. "
Loyd & Linda Shantz - March 2015

 "Great visibility with very professional staff at a perfect remote location. First class five star dive resort. "
Marty Aronson - March 2015

 "All staff, boat, dive, kitchen and maintenance are superb – it is incredible that everyone knows our names on the first day. Food is very good, and the rooms are very nice – we really like the outdoor shower. We had a great dive guide, with a very thorough greeting upon arrival and making sure we were settled, and very enthusiastic and always asking how our dives could be improved. The staff are what make Wakatobi a great resort – we have never experienced such attention to detail and true service with a smile at any other resort. "
Monika & Max Cascone - March 2015

 "This place is just as incredible as I remember from 2012! I cannot stress enough how friendly and helpful everyone is and I learned so much from my photo class."
Phia Sherry - March 2015

 "Service all round is first class, with excellent teamwork and good value for money. The staff have been friendly, attentive and requests have been dealt with extremely efficiently. "
Richard & Wendy Pearce - March 2015

 "We came last year with two of our friends, and came back this year with four of them. The experience was again the top of the top with all staff being friendly, patient and helpful. We stayed two weeks and the food was fantastic with a lot of variety. The diving was great, pristine reefs from top to bottom, again the boat crew were full of care and friendly. Our dive guide from last year and this year was fantastic, and a major pull for us to come back again and bring more friends. "
Stephanie & Vincenzo Apuzzo - March 2015

 "This is one of the greatest diving trips I have been on so far. From the dive sites, service, villa and food, the standard has been impeccable. This has been a simply fantastic and tremendously enjoyable trip. It is perfect and I cannot stop raving to my friends about this amazing place. Simply memorable! "
Yu Yi Wong & Shu Mei Yap - March 2015

 "We very much appreciated all of the staff, dive guides and boat crew, as well as the restaurant staff – all were exceptionally friendly."
Briana Jones - March 2015

 "We had a wonderful stay at Wakatobi, an outstanding diving area with little to compare to it. The service has surpassed our expectations completely, and after an overdose of kindness, we will feel weird when we return to Switzerland. "
Gilles Nebel - March 2015

 "First of all highest compliments to the staff who helped arrange our arrival and answered all my questions with so much information, and helped guide us through customs and to our Bali stopover hotel. Once we arrived we were continually surprised, pleasantly at how well the resort is organized. As for the diving, you run such a well-organized and professional operation, the boats are the perfect size, the equipment is good quality and the details of preparation, logistics and customer service are all well taken care of. It is obvious how much goes on behind the scenes to put it all together, and many thanks to our dive guide for her guidance and knowledge. Many thanks also to the restaurant staff who were all ready with a friendly welcome at every meal, and the food was excellent. "
John & Fairbourne Frye - March 2015

 "Superb diving and an excellent selection of delicious and healthy foods at every meal. The accommodations and facilities were comfortable, stylish and well maintained. But most of all the staff are friendly, helpful, hard-working and eager to please, making it a five star experience all around. This was our second visit to Wakatobi and we are already planning a third."
Scott Friedman - March 2015

 "An outstanding stay! It was everything I expected and more. From the Bali arrangements to the travel to Wakatobi, and the room was fantastic. I was so impressed with how everyone knew my name on the first day, this is a five star experience for divers. All the dive guides and boat staff were great. It is rare a brochure or website live up to reality but Wakatobi is everything it seems and more."
Suzanne Frey - March 2015

 "I have had a wonderful time during my stay at Wakatobi. In many ways Wakatobi is a magical place, the diving is fantastic with many diverse and exotic types of sea life on nearly pristine reefs. The resort is both sophisticated and tasteful, from the architecture to the cuisine and everything in between. The resort staff do everything they can to make your stay truly exceptional and make you feel like a highly valued guest every moment of your stay. As I reflect on all the thoughts I have had during my visit to Wakatobi, perhaps the one that best summarizes the experience is : This must be how those who can afford to vacation anywhere would want to spend their diving holiday. "
Mel Zimowski - February 2015

 "Staff at the long house and boutique were very helpful and always smiling, always suggesting daily activities you can do. Restaurant staff friendly and attentive, great food and selection. The dive team had great team work, friendly ,always smiling very good at spotting different sea creatures, very disciplined and knowledgeable too. They know how to make us happy, confident and dive safely. Everything ticks like clockwork, a hard thing to achieve indeed. Dedicated staff, good system, great managers are among things that made us have a really great time. We will come back soon! "
Mazuin Ismail and Izma Idris - February 2015

 "I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff are all wonderful! I loved my hot stone massage and the boutique is well stocked! The shampoo and conditioner provided was awesome and smells very nice. Love the tapas style food spread. I will suggest and recommend Wakatobi to dive friends, I like that you post maps and printout all of the dive sites."
Christine Byrer - February 2015

 "We had amazing service from start to finish, from being greeted at Denpasar, with arrangements for luggage etc to the arrival at Wakatobi. The food is magnificent as is the service in the restaurant, with prices for drinks and purchases in the boutique very reasonable. The dive team and boat crew were very professional, and Blade would have to be the best dive site we have ever experienced! We loved the daily towel sculptures on our bed, and thanks for the San Miguel! "
Chris & Owen Hancock - February 2015

 "A very welcoming resort, with good work by all to make it an enjoyable stay. The best food and diving to be had, and service with a smile. "
Matt & Christhol Swanson - February 2015

 "The diving at Wakatobi is amazing. The volume and variety of sea life is incredible. This is one of the healthiest and diverse reef system I have ever dove, but what really makes the stay as pleasurable and memorable was the staff and the amazing customer service. Everyone knew my name and went out of their way to make sure every need was met. The hotel and restaurant staff were friendly and attentive. The boat crew were experienced and took care of everything, so all you need to do is show up and dive. Our dive guide was exceptional and went out of his way to tailor the dives to our wants. He made sure to point out sea life we never would have seen and also point out interesting things to take pictures of. He asked on every dive if we wanted to do anything differently and made sure to customize the dives to our needs. We could not have asked for a better dive guide or dive experience. The facilities are excellent and the food was always very good. My only complaint is now I am forever going to compare future dive trips to this one. "
David Klaus - January 2015

 "Thank you all for a magical holiday. The snorkeling was fantastic and the guides were terrific. All the staff were great! It is an amazing place. Wakatobi is a fantastic experience for snorkelers as well, the best we have ever found! "
Joseph Luk and Moira Moser - January 2015

 "The diving was fabulous. Healthiest reefs we have ever seen and abundant with sea life. Lots of animals and corals to see and photograph. The dive guides were the best, they were patient, gracious and informative. Murray took a 3 day photography course and the photography was amazing. The boats were roomy and well designed. The quality and variety of the food was excellent. The staff serving and bartending were most enjoyable. Our bungalows were nicely decorated, roomy and the outdoor showers were a highlight. Worth flying half way around the world! "
Janice, Murray and Mary-Kate Fain - January 2015

 "Thank you for another memorable visit. We cant wait to come back again. We appreciated all the little improvements that the resort has made since our last visit two years ago as we know how much hard work and effort goes into creating such an amazing guest experience. Every member of the resort team from the dive guides to the gardeners are genuinely happy with their job and happy to help a guest in any way to improve their experience and that says a lot!"
Anna Maria de Freitas and Dave Pass - January 2015

 "We had a wonderful stay. We cannot praise all the staff enough. They were welcoming, kind, friendly and attended to all our needs in a no fuss and efficient manner. We were amazed at how good the food in the restaurant was, great variety, delicious and very well presented. The staff was all lovely and kind, again attending to our every need. The dive team was great very well organized and they have thought of everything, hot peppermint towel in between dives, cakes cookies and sandwiches are on the boat if we were feeling hungry after a dive, also hot drinks and cold water is all provided and greatly appreciated. I had a wonderful time snorkeling with my guide who had so much knowledge which he was willing to share with me and he taught me a lot. I also did my open water course there at the resort and the instructor I was provided with was kind, caring, patient and professional which was great to get me through the course. Wonderful welcoming and wish we did not have to say farewell. A true island paradise. "
Cathy and Alan Bourne - January 2015

 "Thank you so much to your amazing staff there at Wakatobi resort. The professionalism of the dive team made for an incredible dive experience for my 6 year old and 9 year old boys and two nervous adults. Also a big thank you to the boat crew for looking after us as well and keeping a watchful eye on the two little boys. A big thank you to the restaurant team, who anticipated our every need and want. Two fussy boys who only want rice and pasta and the team ensured they were catered for. A perfect location for a new nervous diver the expertise of the dive team and their gentle encouragement made for an incredible experience. "
Charmaine Jeffees - January 2015

 "Everything was perfect, awesome dive sites! Professional dive masters, delicious food and caring friendly staff. Thank you and we will definitely come again. "
Irina Shestakova and Evgeny Razumov - January 2015

 "Our dive guide was a fun, interesting, knowledgeable and highly skilled professional. He made us feel safe and comfortable if we felt nervous and made every dive amazing. The food is great and everyone makes you feel very special. That goes from all the staff and the owners should be very proud of their excellent customer service provided at the resort. We found all things amazing at Wakatobi from the reefs and dive guides to the restaurant and food which all made for a very special stay and we cant wait until we can come back to your beautiful resort again. "
Karla and Adam Tyrrell - January 2015

 "Thank you Wakatobi we had a wonderful time! Accommodation, food, staff and dive guides are first class The diving is WOW fantastic! The combination of excellent dive boats and their crew, the knowledge of the dive guides, beautiful underwater scenery and fantastic dive sites makes Wakatobi resort an absolute winner. An absolute divers paradise, perfect setting, well organized, great staff and amazing diving! "
Nollie Pretorius - January 2015

 "Wakatobi is exceptional, there is passion in everything that happens here. The staff are phenomenal, service is of the highest standard and nothing is too much to ask of them. We would like to return again sometime in the future. The quality of the reefs is to be commended, the diving staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The chef and his team produce meals which made you look forward to every meal. The freshness of the produce is incredible considering the remoteness of the resort. Wakatobi is definitely our kind of place, it is the staff that makes it what it is. "
Malcolm Royal - January 2015

 "Our third visit to Wakatobi finds the resort better than ever. The dive staff and crew remain professional and top notch. The guides are beyond compare showing us Wakatobis hidden treasures dive after dive. Food and beverage service was outstanding and the food was actually better than last year. The staff are as friendly and efficient as ever! After diving many places in the world during the past 35 years, Wakatobi is our clear favorite! The magic of the diving and the resort itself should be experienced by all divers. "
Tim and Robin Kirkpartick - January 2015

 "The dive operation is well thought out, our dive guide was excellent and knowledgeable, he made our trip! The boat crew could not be more helpful, all together a lovely team. We have dived all over the world and this is the best dive operation we have used! The food is exceptional as is the team, everyone knowing our name was a welcoming gesture on our first day and through out. The gardeners and security are also always polite."
Tom Flaherty and Morag Blazey - January 2015

 "Without a doubt, the finest dive resort I have ever stayed at. The dive sites are pristine and teeming with wonderful and weird aquatic life. Excellent food and a good wine list! Friendly courteous and helpful staff; the resort grounds are very well gardened and the Villas well thought out and attractive. Our dive guide was broadly knowledgeable (not just fish names), very courteous and kind, and he made our dive experience as good as it could be. We were most fortunate to have him as our guide. He also helped us become better divers (and photographers). He is probably the best guide we have ever dove with! "
Monty Mackenzie - December 2014

 "I have dreamed about Wakatobi for several years and dreams do come true. This dream truly was bigger than I ever imagined. Wakatobi has warmed my body with sun and tropical waters. It has filled my heart with the welcoming spirit and attentiveness of the staff in all areas of the resort. It has challenged my mind to learn a few Bahasa words. It has filled my senses with wonderful tastes and beautiful sights. My diving experience was amazing, our guide was great, he goes beyond just pointing out critters, he would locate something special and then ask a question on his slate such as which is not coral, show me or how many do you see. These challenges were very fun. Wakatobi is top notch on all levels: diving, accommodations, food, staff. It has been a dream fulfilled. Immerse yourself in the dream! "
Eileen Heaston - December 2014

 "A wonderful experience, but what makes it really special is your staff. They are all without exception excellent at their job, friendly, helpful and attentive. From the moment we stepped of the plane in Bali to our return trip, we were treated as a valued guest and friend. Without exception all of the team (from the gardeners, chamber maids, boat crew, kitchen staff, dive team and front of house) have been a delight. You cannot help but be infected with a joy of life from a stay here. Very happy memories is a strong desire to return! "
Jackie Campbell and Bob Partridge - December 2014

 "Overall it was a wonderful experience. The dive guides and snorkel guides were excellent, the bungalows are great. The staff are very attentive and any requests were taken care of immediately. The food was so wonderful, the reefs and fish were fantastic. A delightful resort, a fantastic diving and snorkeling experience, unmatched service by all the staff, catering to your every need. "
Marilyn and Terry Thomas - December 2014

 "This is our second stay here. The organization is perfect, including reservation for a stopover in Bali, airport transfers etc. The entire staff was extremely friendly and helpful. "
Gabi Poepperl and Klaus Tatsch - December 2014

 "All the staff were friendly, warm and attentive all the time. I had a very nice holiday at Wakatobi. The food was high quality, I was looking forward to every meal. I really enjoyed the 70 minutes of diving and also was able to relax. "
Yuko Sumiyoshi - December 2014

 "It was very very fun. The corals were great, the staff were very kind and friendly. The food was very delicious it was amazing! I am very happy to have spent my holiday at Wakatobi. "
Fuzuki Ito - December 2014

 "The staff are incredible! The ability to remember each guests name by the first day is special. The level of service and safety is amazing. During a night dive on the house reef I saw a boat crew watching from the dock, run and lift a rope so a diver would not catch on his valve. The food and beverage team, the boat crew, housekeepers, gardeners and management all worked together to provide us a world class experience "
Cindi Jinneman and Will Shelton - December 2014

 "We would like to thank all the staff for making our holiday at Wakatobi so special. Especially the chef in the kitchen for looking after Chris as I am such a fussy eater. Also, our dive guide was extremely knowledgeable and found all those special creatures that make diving at Wakatobi so special. "
Chris and Nella Moyle - December 2014

 "I have been diving for over 15 years and have been to dive resort all over the world. I am often asked to name my favorite resort or live-aboard. It is often a hard question to answer since I have been to so many. Now the question has an easy answer, Wakatobi and the Pelagian, nothing else comes close! My only constructive comment is that the resort is even better than advertised. I thought that the resort boats would just take guests out on the house reef. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they took us to sites that were comparable to the ones visited on the Pelagian. The resort, food, staff and facilities are outstanding. I hope to be back soon. If you are even a little bit interested in diving and want to experience heaven, go to Wakatobi, it is the best there is! "
Don Anderson - December 2014

 "A truly exceptional experience! Every aspect of our stay, from the airport transit to our dives, food and accommodation has been so well take care of. Everyone knows you by name here and always strives to engage you just to make your stay a little more comfortable. Thank you! "
Jesse Oeni and Debi Lin - December 2014

 "Outstanding dive guide, boat crew could not have been more helpful. The bar staff was incredible, made us feel very at home, remembering our names was a nice touch "
Tim Robjohns - December 2014

 "My stay at the resort was just as nice as my stay on the Pelagian Live-aboard. Friendly servers in the restaurant, and the chef is wonderful, he created different tasty appetizers daily. My dive guide was also professional and a very good spotter, showing us creatures so tiny that we could not have found ourselves. Wakatobi is a great place for diving with delicious food, quiet beaches and warm friendly service. "
Gordon Kwan - December 2014

 "Beautiful, splendid, delicious and delightful. The staff rocks! I love Wakatobi! The beach, the people, the food and the drinks! "
Michelle Carducci - December 2014

 "Super fantastic time! Loved the great service and beautiful diving. Every meal was scrumptious too. I am so glad we had a chance to stay here with my family. So well run! "
Julie Carducci - December 2014

 "I arrived in paradise with a divers worst nightmare : a head cold. I already have a hard time clearing my ears when I am healthy, my dive guide saved my vacation. He offered to be my snorkel guide and for my entire trip it was like I had my very own encyclopedia! He was just wonderful, I have enjoyed every moment. The F&B team worked so hard to remember my name, it made me feel so special and not just another guest out of many. I love the fact that the staff care so much about protecting the environment. My dive guide always actively picked up litter and coral damaging debris during our snorkels! Kudos to him. Even while being plagued with a head cold, Wakatobis knowledgeable dive staff did not let it stop me from having the best vacation ever. Our dive guide is the most knowledgeable dive and snorkel guide. He and the rest of the staff went above and beyond to make this vacation my best yet! "
Sara Hart - December 2014

 "We had a wonderful holiday on board the Pelagian and at the resort. We felt safe, perfectly serviced and treated friendly at any time. We would especially like to point out the wonderful staff at the restaurant and the outstanding cuisine. Diving was also well organised and safe, dive guides were very helpful. "
Claudia and Florian Rudolf-Miklau - December 2014

 "Wakatobi Dive Resort is better than it is described on the website; wonderful diving, exclusive services on all levels from the start in Bali until you are leaving Wakatobi and the Eco thinking is a reality at Wakatobi. The only negative thing is that 5 days was too short! "
Anette and Peter Ramstrom - December 2014

 "Great dive sites! Our dive guide was very conscientious in looking out for our needs, he was very patient and helpful with our numerous queries. He is a star! The restaurant staff were wonderful and outstanding. We felt very well taken care of. The food was excellent! All in all a 6 star experience. "
May Lum - December 2014

 "Thank you so much for an incredible vacation. From the second we arrived the service has been amazing. We are impressed of the way you have managed to make everything perfect in details. So many beautiful views, decorations and moments. We really cannot come up with anything that has been bad. Our dive guides were great! Calm, knowledgeable and very friendly. The restaurant staff is also truly amazing, everyone we met! In every detail Wakatobi resort managed to give us the best vacation of our lives. We cant wait to come back! "
Madelene, John and Jessica Ramstrom - December 2014

 "The food was excellent, the staff was perfect and the diving was breathless; the guides were fun and professional. It was our second time at Wakatobi and once again we loved it! If only we could stay longer! "
Paul Janelle - December 2014

 "I have been a diver for over 40 years. The Wakatobi dive experience offers superb dive sites with great ease of access as well as knowledgeable guides. When combined with luxury accommodations and fine dining, this resort rises to the top. Every single staff member was warm, cordial and helpful. We would all love to return! As a marine biologist I appreciate the protective and instructive stance the dive guides take with their guests. This will preserve the reefs for future divers and have long term benefits for the local community. "
Bob and Beth Hart - December 2014

 "5 days on Pelagian was heavenly, Wakatobi resort is paradise! "
Ed Sweeney and Lea Blohm - December 2014

 "It was all fantastic. All the staff are extremely helpful and very friendly, we immediately felt like home. Food was excellent and special requests was received immediately. Bungalows are set in perfect conditions, plus prefect room service. The diving at various places was very nice and we had a superb guide on our side. Thank you for a wonderful time at Wakatobi. "
Daniel and Lilian Waldispuehl - December 2014

 "Our experience was amazing. First class all the way. The place is charming and beautiful. The food was very good with a variety of choices. The restaurant staff was always polite and accommodating. The dive crew was number 1. Superb and very calming and knowledgeable. Our dive guide made our experience here a good one. Overall : I would definitely come back and send my friends here. "
Rosa, Francis, Ally and Aidan Feeney - December 2014

 "Wakatobi is the best place to go diving, Wakatobi is also awesome! No shoes needed. At 12 meters and 40 feet, there is lots to see! "
Matthew Styles - December 2014

 "Exceeded our expectations and we have high expectations! The food, service, diving and accommodations were outstanding! The dive guides speak a variety of languages to accommodate just about everyone! Pertaining to our experience, ask for nearly impossible and they will find a way to make it happen, everyone works hard to make you comfortable! "
Cathy, Lindsay, Nicole and Connor Sanford - December 2014

 "A beautiful relaxing resort, extremely friendly and helpful staff and delicious food! "
Jennifer Johns - December 2014

 "I conquered the fear of wall diving with the patience and kindness of my dive guides. Without them I would have only dove the non-wall dives and missed out so much. The boat crew took special care of me by carrying my tank and making sure all the buckles were fixed. We are planning the trip for next Christmas! "
Rhyne Cannon - December 2014

 "We had the most incredible time at Wakatobi for the second year in a row. The Wakatobi boat crew captain and our dive guides made sure we had the best diving experience anyone could ask for. Cannot wait to see everyone again in December 2015! Paradise on Earth! "
Catherine and Marian Massey - December 2014

 "Thank you for the wonderful experience at Wakatobi. Breathtaking reefs and fantastic service both above land and underwater! A memorable way to start our 2015 new year! "
The Jenkins family - December 2014

 "Great vacation in a natural environment extremely well preserved and enhanced. All is calm, classy and with quality here. The staff are very friendly and they listen to your requests. Their assistance and support is excellent. The food is a feast for the palate and the eye, a moment of excellence every time. The new years eve party was at the height of everything else. Second best place in the world next to paradise! Very kind and well-trained staff to make what you wish a reality, beautiful environment on land as in the sea, refined cooking! "
Meylan Stampfli - December 2014

 "Our dive guide was great, personable, assuring, knowledgeable and providing support as needed. Resort was comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. The staff were warm, friendly and made us welcome. The food was lovely. We had a spectacular new years celebration, beats last year on the beach in Bali by a long shot! From the moment we stepped off the plane in Wangi-wangi we were very well taken care of. What a perfect place for a first dive experience! Great instruction and amazing reef! "
Fred, Sherill and Alec Carden - December 2014

 "Thank you for an amazing experience! The reservation experience, Bali days and throughout our stay in Wakatobi could not have been smoother. All our requests were met with pleasant smiles and efficiency. The dive sites for macro and coral could not be beaten. Our dive guides were professional and top notch, they couldnt do enough for us "
The Foreman Family - December 2014

 "Perfect mix of Indonesian friendliness and Swiss efficiency. The front desk does a great job by answering all requests immediately and delivering solutions. The room service is fast, clean and very discreet. High quality massages to affordable prices. An amazing choice and quality of food and beverages, I will be on a diet back home. There were great choices of good quality products in the boutique. Excellent overall organization from dive guide to support staff, dive sites are well chosen. The boat crew were helpful and friendly. The Pelagian was bombastic! The new year party mirrored the spirit of Wakatobi, we really enjoyed it! "
Dominic Gaillard and Vera Quast - December 2014

 "Everything has been superb; the diving, the food, staff and accommodation. Many places claim to be environmentally friendly, but at Wakatobi the hard work of protecting our seas and reefs is evident on every dive! "
Chris Dransfield and Dixie Dean - December 2014

 "There may be more luxurious resorts, there may be more exciting dive spots in this world, but Wakatobi is what we call in German language a Gesamtkunstwerk in a clan of its own. "
Ines and Roy Hitchman - December 2014

 "Excellent off the beaten path dive sites with well preserved and protected reefs that everyone in the dive operation works very hard to preserve as pristine as possible. Everything was very efficient and welcoming. Food was excellent with a wide variety of choices. The staff was more than willing to do everything possible to ensure that we enjoyed our stay. Bali staff worked timelessly to recover lost luggage and get it to the resort as quickly as possible. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. Divers are pampered on the boat. "
Richard Munk - November 2014

 "We loved the whole experience here, the diving is excellent! However, what makes Wakatobi different is the level and quality of service. The staff are extraordinary, they remember our names from day 1, they addressed any problems we had immediately. The dive guides were great and showed us the best on every dive. We spent most of our week with our dive guide and we cannot say enough about how special she made our experience. Each dive was exciting. She helped our daughter find the best undersea life for her pictures. It is a given that the diving in Wakatobi is excellent. What makes Wakatobi unique and worth a trip from anywhere is the outstanding and incomparable level of service. "
Richard Manners and Family - November 2014

 "Most highly trained staff I have ever encountered on my many travels. Congratulations, the food was excellent. The dive staff were efficient, attentive and fun to be with. Our dive guide was outstanding and we really enjoyed having him as a guide. "
Charlie Makray - November 2014

 "Dear Wakatobi staff! Thank you to everyone for being so friendly and nice! Our honeymoon became very special. An absolutely lovely place to stay with warm and friendly people, high quality diving and good guides. Thank you! "
Sandra Maksys - November 2014

 "Guest relations are superb. The dive staff are very safety conscious and very knowledgeable about the marine life. Overall excellent! "
John Dooner - November 2014

 "On our forth trip to Wakatobi we feel like the staff is family. The upgrades are beautiful. You all have a precious gift for making each guest feel unique and special. We return time and again because of your incredible service and hospitality. 70 minutes for each dive is never enough. A visual cornucopia at every site. From diving to dining, Wakatobi is the best. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. World class experience in the best place to dive! "
Tom and Donna Pannke - November 2014

 "Some of the best diving in the region. Healthy marine ecosystems and plenty of marine life, a photographers dream! "
Deborah Leenutaphong - November 2014

 "Loved the snorkeling sites and appreciated the care of the diving staff. We really enjoyed our stay here. "
Mike and Felicity Pulman - November 2014

 "We really enjoyed our stay here, the dive and snorkel staff were informative, the food at the restaurant was amazing, all other staff were friendly and attended to every need and we loved the towel origami models each day, nice touch! "
Doug and Cindy Joyce - November 2014

 "This is my second visit to Wakatobi. It is magical and beautiful all over again. All the staff from dive guides to gardeners, boat crews to dining / food servers are warm, welcoming, attentive and do their very best to make sure each persons stay is comfortable. I love that the staff learns my name, my food preferences and my diving style. All staff are accommodating and my stay ends up being unique and personalized. A/C in the room is nice as is the coffee and tea. The library is great, short evening presentations are welcome. Good for Wakatobi for creating the turtle farm. I applaud you for your sustainability and conservation efforts and for your care of the reef. Your relationship with the local village and the benefits to both the resort / reef system and the village is a model system. I hope that I can return! "
Linda Johnson - November 2014

 "The service was absolutely exceptional at Wakatobi from the restaurant to the dive staff. The crew on the boat were absolutely amazing and very attentive. Our dive guides made our dives exceptional and fantastic, they pointed out everything we wanted to see and more! "
Jeff Pritchard and Arianna Karam - November 2014

 "The Air Conditioner which helps the room temperature is much appreciated. The internet is most wonderful. The 4 : 1 with guides makes for a calmer experience than trying to stay with 6 divers. The staff courtesy and helpfulness continues to be wonderful and such a differentiation from other properties. The food is lovely as usual with a nice level of service. Kudos to all the staff for remembering names and preferences of all guests, it is one of the many above and beyond the norm that makes this place so special. Butler service, gear management, 3 boat dives a day on extraordinarily beautiful reefs, followed by 4 star dinner each evening - Wow! "
Jeanne Sleeper - November 2014

 "The corals, fish and everything on the reefs were gorgeous, the guides were extremely helpful and kind. Everyone went out of their way to help us. Because we are in our late 70s, we were a bit uneasy about this trip, but we are so happy we came! We are especially grateful to our dive guides and also to the resort manager for his help with identifying birds and plants. The plants around the resort are lovely and we really enjoyed the flowers in the shower room. The food was delectable, especially the Indonesian specialties and the fish. The waiters were wonderful! "
Carol and Glenn Cushman - November 2014

 "Thanks for all the exceptional service! You can tell that everything has been well thought out for your guests pleasure. Diving was great. Wakatobi is an exceptional getaway island with pristine reefs and tons of fish. The service is awesome with top notch food. A great place for an idyllic honeymoon or holiday! "
Martha Edge and Rich Morrissey - November 2014

 "We had the best time at Wakatobi this week! The staff is absolutely amazing! Our dive guides were so helpful, patient (we are new to diving) and made our trip one we will never forget. Their ability to find the tiniest creature on the reef still amazes me. They made us feel so much more comfortable in the water and showed us things we never would have seen on our own! The restaurant team were very attentive, we could not have asked for better service. This was definitely the best trip we have ever taken and cannot wait to come back to dive again. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us! "
Michael and Stacey Deese - November 2014

 "Great attention to detail! The staff were very accommodating to all of our needs. Cannot say enough about the amazing dive staff and boat crew at Wakatobi. We love that they take care of everything for you and have all of your gear ready to go for you! The diving was the best we have ever experienced. Thanks to everyone for making this such a remarkable vacation! "
Taylor Hicks and Christie Lynam - November 2014

 "Second trip and it just keeps getting better, same reefs - totally different marine life. See you in 2 years! We are scared to try somewhere different for fear it will not measure up to the Wakatobi standards. Thank you for preserving paradise. Our dive guide was amazing! The whole experience was worth every route we traveled! The standard of diving for these Cajun ladies! "
Jan Jumonville & Michele Derise - November 2014

 "Really loved our return visit to Wakatobi and everyone looked after us really well. We enjoyed staying in our bungalow and it was in such a lovely position. Food and restaurant staff are as good as ever. We really enjoyed our stay and hope to come back. A unique diving experience - once seen never forgotten, you will want to return again and again! "
James and Katharine Beech - November 2014

 "Thank you so very much for a wonderful holiday experience. No complaints, staff + service = brilliant! Fantastic diving experience and the customer service was brilliant. Cant wait to plan a return trip! "
Nita Howells and Family - November 2014

 "Overall, the stay at Wakatobi was a wonderfully relaxing holiday. Accommodations are comfortable, food was excellent, service was faultless. In summary - outstanding dive resort, it was a great vacation. Thanks "
John Murray and Ke Hu - November 2014

 "A great resort with pristine reefs, super friendly staff and incredible food. Our dive guide was the best! "
Olivier Fabre - November 2014

 "The staff were very competent (Resort and Pelagian). Food at the resort and on the Pelagian was very good and the choices were more than adequate. House keeping and restaurant staff are very good and other employees are friendly and helpful. Our dive guide was outstanding! "
Leonard and Kristi Tyminski - November 2014

 "Excellent in all respects, Wakatobi is a resort to come back to despite being so far away. Great and friendly service, clean and nicely equipped bedrooms and great villas. Congratulations on the diving, there is barely any place in the world with such well taken care of reefs, and you have a wonderful diving team. "
Guillermo Enrich Serra - November 2014

 "With every trip we book we hope our greatest expectations are met. Wakatobi has exceeded them in every way. From the time of booking we have experienced professional and attentive service from all. Our dive guide has been fantastic and has gone out of her way to make sure we had the best dive experience possible. My advice is to continue to do what you are doing and to set the benchmark for dive resorts around the world. If this is not the best place in the world to stay and dive, I cannot wait for someone to show me better! "
Glen and Jodie Bowley - November 2014

 "This experience just confirms why we came half way around the world to dive. This resort could make it just for the dive sites, but the Wakatobi team has made it a dive experience that excels above the water. The incredible attention to detail, from the mosaic stair cases to the water, the sculpted sand pathways, intriguing night lighting and amazing inventive food and design. One does not get to the top by falling there and behind every success is a ladder that instills a sense of teamwork, pride and the vision of something great. Wakatobi shares a page from the Ritz Carlton philosophy, the answer is yes, what is your question? The staff are attentive, caring and just plain superb. If there can be a diving after life, Wakatobi is it! "
Daniel Kmiecik - November 2014

 "Stunning luxury resort, the staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The dive guides are highly knowledgeable and experienced. Thank you for a wonderful stay, I look forward to coming back soon. Thank you to all the staff for their hospitality! "
Ingrid Kvale - November 2014

 "Have had a wonderful holiday and an amazing diving experience. The dive team were fantastic and we were able to really relax and just enjoy ourselves. The educational input provided by our dive guide was very much appreciated, I know so much more now about not only the reef, but photography and my diving in general. Thank you! Tolerance, patience and helpfulness pervaded the boat. With my sinus issues I especially appreciated two little touches of the eucalyptus hot face cloths, the very clean smelling towels on the boat and the hot drinks and snacks. The staff helping you with the gear were faultless. A really great team. The accommodation was great and it was all that we needed. The food was good with the hospitality staff being outstanding, meeting our needs without unduly fussing about their conversation with us, interesting and enjoyable. We do hope to return. It is heartening to see what you are doing for reef conservation, please continue in your good work. We feel renewed and refreshed, thank you! "
Linda Chatwin and Ken Wehr - November 2014

 "The staff are very friendly, the restaurant is very good and the wine options were great. The dive center is well organised and the reefs were in good condition. Great house reef service with taxi boat cover. Our bungalow was very clean and well maintained. A must for divers and snorkelers! "
Luis Ernst and Denise von Burg - November 2014

 "I have been to many dive resorts. Not only does the reefs at Wakatobi outshine all others, but no where is the comfort of the diver considered so thoroughly. The small groups per dive guide is key. Our dive guide was a perfect guide and an attentive friend, as was our second guide who escorted other guests on our boat but reached out to us as well (And they both gave outstanding presentations in the media room!). I always carry tissues on a dive boat, this boat was the first in 20 years to have tissues available! I greatly appreciated the little sandwiches available as well; I never eat much breakfast before a dive in the event of sea sickness. The boat crew anticipated every need. Too many dive boats stress the macho: How deep do you go, how fast can you fin, etc. As a result I have seen women particularly turned off by the experience. Wakatobi is the first place to ask: What can we do to make your dive experience better? Wow! Too many operators behave as if they are doing you a favor - at Wakatobi everyone behaves as though it is their honor and pleasure to serve you. Thank you for creating this incredible experience. Thanks to all the staff for the superb service!"
Kathy Bruch - November 2014

 "The diving is very good, the staff are very helpful. The reefs are healthy and the variety of fish is amazing! "
Paul Hardwick - November 2014

 "Amazing staff, great dive crew, the food is fantastic! Our dive guide was fabulous! The size of dive groups is impressive even when not booking a private dive guide! "
Sean and Paula Schneyer - November 2014

 "The food is excellent and the staff is absolutely professional and kind. The dive guides know and see every creature underwater. The sea is excellent. The massages are superb, it was a dream holiday. We are looking forward to our next stay in November 2015 when we will be on the Pelagian. Perfect from A - Z! "
Margrith Tomaschett - November 2014

 "Great dive sites, the resort is well laid out and immaculately kept! Restaurant service was awesome, the management was skilled, efficient and friendly - truly an awesome experience! The guides are very knowledgeable about habitat and creatures! Our dive guide spotted every fish, shrimp, lobster no matter how far away or well hidden. Wakatobi is a place to remember! "
Marco and Carla Zolin-Meyer - November 2014

 "We enjoyed our dives at Wakatobi. Special mention to the boat crew and especially our dive guide who is fantastic at spotting the small things, we have never seen so many types of pygmy seahorses in our dives. Divers paradise! Such a wonderful dive experience! "
Stephanie Soh - November 2014

 "Everything and everyone has made this an incredible trip to remember. Smiling faces, fantastic food, super accommodations, professional staff - nothing forgotten! It is going to be hard to leave this place! A slice of heaven. "
Kim and Jay Goldman - November 2014

 "Incredible again! I may never go anywhere else to dive! Too incredible in every aspect to describe adequately. "
Paul Glanville - November 2014

 "My husband and I had an absolutely fabulous time in Wakatobi. Everything was top notch starting from our incredible dive guide who took really great care of us and showed us so much beauty under water. The food was outstanding and so was our bungalow. We really loved it! I wish I could name all the wonderful people who made our stay so special. Sincere thanks to every single staff for running an amazing operation. We will be back! "
Joanna and Witold Bik - November 2014

 "The organization of getting to the island was astonishing. The warm welcome, the feeling that you are really appreciated as a guest is tremendous. I wrote to my friends, it is not like paradise, it is paradise! Again the structure of the diving with your dive guide who cares not only about the diving but of all other things makes the stay different from everything we have experienced until now. The presentation of the food, the variety of the dishes in this situation that logistically is not really easy, is outstanding. Thank you very much for everything! "
Claudine Aeschbach and Peter Kestenholz - November 2014

 "Our dive guide was excellent and experienced. He has put in time and effort to learn names (including Latin names) of many fish / nudibranchs etc, very good eye of a great dive guide. He is always asking how to make our trip better and has made us extremely happy. Our snorkeling guide was also excellent, managed an 8 year old and a 72 year old with no issues. The F & B team are excellent! "
JK Lim and Family - November 2014

 "Nothing can come close to the quality of the snorkeling here and this is the only place where the snorkel guides make the experience unbelievable! "
Dick Arkless - November 2014

 "My experience at Wakatobi was exceptional and amazing. Our bungalow was very comfortable. I adored the hammock and our private porch. The food was exceptional and delicious beyond any expectations. The service was A+ and the people who work at the resort on any level were warm, friendly, most helpful and exceptional in their quality of deliverance. The dive crew from guides to captains, to all around helpers were the best in every way. The dive sites were beautiful, full of divergent life from corals to critters. "
Jane Blum - October 2014

 "Everyone I have met who are part of Wakatobi have been 100% helpful, pleasant, courteous and make you feel at home in their company. It is not just a 5 star hotel, it is a genuine interest in who you are and how is your holiday going and is there anything more we can do to make it better. From our dive guide and the crew on Waka III you have a great team who make our daily dives memorable. "
Peter McMahon - October 2014

 "What an amazing resort! Excellent diving, beautiful island, great food. The staff have been so helpful, all staff are great. We are so happy that we chose Wakatobi for our honeymoon. Little extras were much appreciated. Our dive guide asked everyday how he could improve our dive experience, you do not see that at all places. He was a great guide. We will definitely return and highly recommend to anyone. "
Jen and Mike Puksa - October 2014

 "Staff was fabulous, always there to take care of every need. Delicious vegetarian dishes! Wakatobi is so very fortunate to have fantastic staff. My dive guide had an excellent eye for the tiny creatures, always very patient for each person to photograph. On land I was lulled into a tranquil dream state, underwater I was transported into a high energy world teaming with strange creatures and a dense smorgasbord of fish life. An astounding blissful experience. "
Kathleen Adams - October 2014

 "Wonderful experience, more service than a 5 star hotel! I am a corporate meeting planner and have an extremely critical eye toward hotel service. Hands down, you have surpassed any hotel I have ever experienced. The restaurant served excellent food and again, service there was wonderful. I was also impressed by your staffs ability to remember the names of so many guests. The diving was amazing. Very attentive dive masters who attended to our every need. The boat crew was also excellent, working as a team with the dive guides. Spectacular reefs, spectacular resort, spectacular service! Thank you for a wonderful vacation! "
Nancy Kenney - October 2014

 "Thanks for all your support! Literally! With your help I felt like a 30 year old, but I am 71 years young and challenged by some physical issues that make walking and climbing up and down, wet and dry a bit awkward. I always found a welcome arm or shoulder to grab or someone to carry gear, camera bags, camera, etc. So happy to be able to dive and enjoy my love! "
Marjorie Levy - October 2014

 "Staying here has been a wonderful experience. Wakatobi does indeed run like a Swiss watch! The ethos that has been created works superbly well and is especially noticeable in the warmth and friendliness of all the staff. Nothing is too much trouble for any of them. Everything from the dive operation to the excellent food, the rooms and the beautiful resort has been a real joy. A big thank you to you all for giving us such an enjoyable stay! "
Tim and Rosie Holbech - October 2014

 "We found Wakatobi Dive Resort to be an exceptional experience. The bungalows are well equipped and maintained as are the dive boats. Food in the lovely restaurant is of high quality and variety. The staff is very attentive and charming and nothing seems too much trouble, especially the restaurant staff. Our dive guide was absolutely fantastic, he suited a program to our capabilities and ensured we enjoyed each experience. He was professional, knowledgeable and gregarious as well as being passionate about his coral and fish. Your staff and resort have made our holiday one to cherish for a lifetime! "
Chris and Val Overton - October 2014

 "Our expectations were high, but the resort far exceeded all of them. Location is perfect, sandy pathways and thatched bungalows looking out at the pacific. Totally surrounded with healthy, unspoiled reefs; the diving is unsurpassed. The staff take care of all the details of the dive with extras: hot towels (wet) when you come up, snacks, drinks, very easy on and off. The food is amazing, every meal is superb! Great fresh water, great house reef, amazing sunsets, fun at jettybar, interesting birds, kayaking, paddle boards. After one day the staff call you by names. I could go on and on......Pennys two cents worth! The old Cheers TV show had it right when it said go where everybody knows your name. From day 1, every single staff member knew our names - nothing tells me that you specifically planned for me to be a guest here more than that - well done Wakatobi! Some individuals are naturally more personable than others, but I have to say you have accumulated quite a team here - from gardeners to chefs, from servers to spa staff, from dive master to managers - all are wonderful. You just cannot dream of a vacation better than this! The only thing that makes it okay to leave this paradise is the knowledge that I am welcome to come back! "
Michael and Penny Anne Taylor - October 2014

 "Exceptional service in every aspect of my time spent at Wakatobi. The wait staff was exceptionally attentive to any and all requests. Housekeeping services did an outstanding job. The food seems to keep getting better each time I visit. The boat crews were incredibly helpful and enjoyed the fun we had on the boat as well. The dive staff were amazing. Our dive guide was and is outstanding in service, attitude, her ability to find macro critters and her zest for life. You can see that she truly enjoys being here. We will miss her tremendously and look forward to diving with her on our next trip to Wakatobi. After three visits of multiple weeks I only find myself wanting more. Go Go Go to Wakatobi as it truly is an amazing experience! "
Troy Cheek - October 2014

 "The resort is fantastic! The people are very kind, I appreciate the food served in the restaurant and it was always possible to order food according to our tastes. I was surprised how the crew of the boat and the dive guides take care of our equipment. Everything was fantastic, I never saw such organization in a dive resort. "
Graca Bressan - October 2014

 "Exceptional service, very helpful and friendly staff. Our Villa was super clean and had a nice selection of books, the food was also very good. One of a kind experience that is just the right balance between adventure and relaxation! "
Saud Algosaibi and Aisha Al-Darwish - October 2014

 "All the staff were absolutely very very very kind. Your dive guide has helped us improve our dives. I will for sure recommend this wonderful and very well planned resort with very good service to everyone "
Ronaldo Golcman - October 2014

 "We really enjoyed our time here in Wakatobi, good dives and great dive team. Everything was great, everyone was so kind! "
Daniela Kleinfelder and Alexandre Silva - October 2014

 "The food is fabulous, the staff are wonderful, the diving is some of the best in the world and the resort is unbelievably well managed and perfectly maintained. Certainly one of the overall best dive resorts in the world! "
Ronald and Nancy Hays - October 2014

 "Very beautiful place, wonderful people and marvelous dive sites "
Cristina Mendonca - October 2014

 "I loved Wakatobi dive resort. The food is excellent, the people are very sympathetic, the resort is wonderful! "
Claudia de Almeida - October 2014

 "Beautiful location, excellent hotel. Service, food, everything well above expectation. The dive team is just great. We certainly will be back! "
Erich Muschellack - October 2014

 "We had a wonderful stay in Wakatobi, everyone at Wakatobi makes everything possible for us to feel like home. All dive sites are unique! The dive crew are fantastic and really helpful with everything. You guys are doing an awesome job preserving this entire environment to make the best vacation of our lives. "
Tatiana Costa and Claudio Dias - October 2014

 "A wonderful experience, the resort / location is beautiful, the staff really sets the experience with such a high level of service. Knowing our names is very nice. A unique remote and beautiful paradise with a luxury experience! "
David Thompson - October 2014

 "Watching the sun go down two weeks on Pelagian and Wakatobi provides a great setting for contemplating ones next return visit. "
Bob and Ann Brinson - October 2014

 "Congratulations! The scuba diving is fantastic! My guide was the best and the food is wonderful "
Maria Lecticia Franca - October 2014

 "Congratulations to everybody in Wakatobi! You have created the best experience in scuba diving I have ever seen and I have been to many amazing diving places (Maldives, Red Sea, Caribbean, Palau and others). Every detail is special, we feel special and we enjoy every moment. The restaurant is the best, all staff members are great. Our dive guide is for sure the best dive guide I have ever seen in my life. The best dive resort and dive experience of my life. "
Luciana Partel - October 2014

 "Magnificent! The best destination to go diving! We already have been to the Maldives, Kapalai and others but Wakatobi is the best! The dive team, dive sites, food, massage and landscape is very good. The boats are comfortable and the attention of the staff made us very happy. The romantic dinner was unforgettable, we love it! Lovely place, the best for diving! "
Monica Guimaraes / Rezende - October 2014

 "We had a spectacular week here. The beach bungalow was private and comfortable, the staff was totally polite and helpful, everyone on shore and off shore were interested in meeting our needs and the dive sites were beautiful. The food was excellent, we loved our stay here. "
Tad and Ellen Lowdermilk - October 2014

 "This was the first time I came to Wakatobi Dive Resort but I will certainly be back and will recommend to my friends. Care in all sectors is excellent. The food is delicious and the dive staff were all very attentive. Congratulations and Thank you! "
Juliana Vogel - October 2014

 "The resort is perfect, the service is better than what I have experienced during my trips around the world. A real paradise where you live wonderful days. "
Denize Serafim - October 2014

 "I want to thank you for everything that the staff has done for me. I felt so special like a princess. I am happy and so glad to be here "
Ana Paula Trajano - October 2014

 "I have enjoyed diving for 35 years in many parts of the world, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Caribbean, South Pacific, in my opinion the coral life and health is better in Wakatobi compared to any of the other places. "
Hubert Emsermann - October 2014

 "I want to thank everybody who has made this experience unforgettable! I am well impressed with everything and how you have made me feel at home this last week! I will miss everything and hope to come back in the near future. The Wakatobi experience makes you feel like you are in a dream! The staff is the best, the food is delicious and the dive sites are some of the best I have ever seen! "
Fabiana Fregonesi de Oliveira - October 2014

 "I am very satisfied with the service, the people are very helpful and attentive to all guests. The dive operations have good professional dive guides, helpful and knowledgeable of the dive sites. Wakatobi is a very special dive resort with superb sea life. The resort itself is very charming, excellent service and Indonesian gastronomy. "
Cristina Hamelmann - October 2014

 "Excellent personal dive guide, great staff, always smiling, very attentive, the best experience! Wakatobilicious! "
Brenda Farah - October 2014

 "The place is incredible, everything is perfect, the dives, room, restaurant and all the people. This is a dive paradise, no doubt! See you soon! "
Ronaldo Luiz Cavichiolli - October 2014

 "A wonderful place from the very start. The people are so kind, the food fantastic and the diving perfect. So many fish and the healthiest corals I have ever experienced. Zoo and 38 west being my two favorites. We have already discussed our return trip. Looking forward to coming back and I have not even left yet. "
Rob Willis - October 2014

 "Most friendly staff ever! Beautiful reefs, excellent food. Great snorkeling experience including night snorkeling at the house reef. Nice staff at the dive center. We appreciated that there were other activities besides diving and snorkeling. It is cool that you are raising green turtles. If there are any problems, they were resolved quickly. The private charter day with the Waka 1 was a very nice experience. "
Piotr and Karin Pasierbek - October 2014

 "This has been a very enjoyable vacation, what a beautiful location for a great diving experience! Outstanding, friendly and helpful staff. From our greeting at the airport, to our Bali driver and tour guide, to all the wonderful staff at Wakatobi, we have been treated royally! The very friendly attitude of all your staff made us feel very welcome. Our dive guide was very good at pointing out amazing sea creatures, especially the very small ones. He has a very good sense of humor and an easy smile. He explained each dive site effectively. All boat crew and dive staff are very nice. The housekeeping staff kept our room very clean; water and afternoon snacks were very much appreciated. The dining staff are very friendly. The resort manager answered our many questions, we enjoyed the behind the scene tour very much. "
Tom and Mary Ann Burns - October 2014

 "We have had an amazing time. The diving was some of the best we have done. The staff is so caring and looks after every need and seeks feedback. We are in love with the Wakatobi team. The nannies were top notch and took the stress out of our first international trip with our baby. "
Kathy and David McGuinn - October 2014

 "Another fabulous Wakatobi vacation. The food is wonderful, the staff makes the time ashore pleasant. The resort is elegant, the diving and dive staff surpass any expectations. "
David Nix and Stacy Jones - October 2014

 "Still the most beautiful reef with an abundance of hard and soft coral, not to mention the wide variety of creatures. Saw a pygmy seahorse on almost all the dives along with numerous nudibranchs of various types. I especially liked the dragon nudi. The dive guides are all excellent and very attentive to your every need, as are the boat crew. Service at the resort is of the highest quality no matter at meals, the spa or in your room. Having been here in 2013, I am amazed at the new touches, obviously the comments are read and needed. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. Wakatobi is truly a divers paradise, where every effort is made to see that you are comfortable and your expectations are met. "
Margie Nahas - October 2014

 "The Wakatobi staff and resort exceeded every expectation. The service and attention to detail has far exceeded any other destination / resort experience that I have had in 25 years of dive travel. "
Rob Harris - October 2014

 "Without a doubt the best dive resort we have ever visited. The staff is extremely attentive to every detail and very friendly and professional. "
Mike and Jane DeGuglielmo - October 2014

 "Absolutely the best diving day in day out that I have ever experienced. Top notch dive leaders that are truly concerned about making your dive experience the best! "
Mike Petrous - October 2014

 "We have been cared for in spectacular fashion! We marveled at the personal attention we received from everyone and appreciated for example, that the housekeeping anticipated our daily request for ice in the afternoon. Our dive guide was extraordinary and never failed to ask how he could improve our diving experience. Our room was spotless and the extra visits by housekeeping to draw our drapes etc was very appreciated. Food was superb and the dining staff was so attentive. We expected spectacular diving, what we did not anticipate was the incredible personal service we received at every encounter. The dive staff and boat crew, the dining and housekeeping staff were extraordinary! "
Kimberly Biehl and Terrence Godfrey - October 2014

 "Excellent service and wonderful facilities. All staff / dive team has been wonderful to be around, friendly, helpful and courteous. Our dive guide has helped us to be better divers with great instruction and knowledge. "
Rana Boykin and Mike Morris - October 2014

 "The service and staff are exceptional. First class service and staff! It is difficult to do anything for oneself, there is always a friendly staff waiting to lend a hand. Our dive guide was excellent, she not only actively searched for things for us to see, but was also very safety conscious, she also socialized with us in the evenings well beyond the work shift. "
Jeff and Elke Ridenour - October 2014

 "I do not know how to express my admiration and satisfaction with Wakatobi Dive Resort. The dive guides, crew and house staff are superb. The dive sites are nearly pristine and teeming with fish and corals. The dive guides really care that divers see and identify the creatures they point out. The boats are spacious and the crew does an excellent job with our equipment. All the helping hands make for a safer and more pleasant experience. The land operation is as good as the water. The food was very good and beautifully presented. The dining rooms were beautifully decorated with fresh flowers. Every staff member that I had contact with from gardeners, the housekeepers to the wait staff was unfailingly courteous and friendly. It makes a guest feel special when greeted by name. "
Judith Nielson - October 2014

 "Thank you once again for the fantastic hospitality shown by the whole Wakatobi crew! Our group had a fantastic time and loved the resort, the diving, the food and the friendliness of the whole resort. Our group will most definitely return. Excellent service on the jetty bar and in the restaurant, nothing was too much trouble. Our dive guide was awesome, he managed to find all the cool stuff! "
Lee Johnson and Joey Pool - October 2014

 "The dive team and boat crew were excellent. Our dive guide was able to take me on whatever dive I wanted, we planned and did two great open water circuit technical dives. At all the dive sites, the health of the coral and schools of fish were noticeably better than many other diving destinations. Outstanding diving! "
Stuart and Joan Boreen - October 2014

 "Overall everything was great! Wakatobi is truly a luxurious and exotic dive resort. We have never felt so pampered and cared for. Our best vacation ever! "
Mark and Sara Vorhies - October 2014

 "Great resort, very professionally run. Our dive guide was the best dive guide I have ever had in 20 years of diving. This was the best dive resort we have ever been to. The staff, the food, the diving and the entire experience was fantastic! "
Darrell and Nancy Hejde - October 2014

 "Once again it has been a pleasure staying at the Wakatobi resort. The restaurant staff and all others made the stay very friendly. Wakatobi is a must visit for any diver! "
Valdimar Jonsson - October 2014

 "This was one of my best trips ever. The entire staff is amazing. I hate to leave, I hope to return again. "
Michael Thompson - October 2014

 "The people are wonderful, the diving is awesome, the food is great, second time around and will come back again! "
Mike Catalano - October 2014

 "Wakatobi is the most wonderful, all around dive site I have had the privilege to visit. Margie Nahas just raved about it. I have had three different dive guides and all were great. They ensure you are comfortable and well informed. The food is to die for and the bungalows are a treasure. "
Sharon Kay Callander - October 2014

 "All staff members are exceptional! They are helpful and friendly. The dive operation is run very well. The dive guides make the dives safe and informational. They know their business. The food service is very good, offering a good variety of foods and exceptional service. The bungalows are kept very clean by the house staff and requests are answered quickly. The showers are fantastic. Our experience at Wakatobi has been very positive, the area is gorgeous, the diving is world class and the resort is run very well. Again, the resort staff are exceptional! "
Hamilton Mason - October 2014

 "The bungalow I was in had the best view and I enjoyed every minute of this experience. My dive guide was wonderful, he definitely added to my enjoyment, his enthusiasm for the beauty of this area and its creatures are infectious. Everyone here is gracious, kind and helpful. You will not lift a finger, except to grab a fork and aim for your mouth. The dive guides seem to love their vocation, their enthusiasm is contagious, a real pleasure to dive with them. I did a night dive and my guide made me feel very comfortable, he pointed out so many creatures, it was awesome! "
Debi Brown - October 2014

 "Wonderful dive resort. Excellent staff from dive guides to dining room staff to housekeeping, everyone! I really enjoyed my stay! A must for every scuba diver! "
Kelly Uhland - October 2014

 "Thank you to all the staff at Wakatobi Dive Resort. We very much enjoyed our stay here. You all made our holiday an unforgettable one! "
Cecile Haas and Karin Langenegger - October 2014

 "I would like to thank you all for looking after every possible need we had during our stay. For being such a remote location, no excuses have been made in the levels of food, accommodation and diving. We leave with great memories. Simply the best! "
Iain Park and Sasha Swanson - October 2014

 "We enjoyed our snorkel experience very much, the house reef is worth snorkeling quite a few times as each time you see something new. We enjoyed our boat snorkeling too as the water was shallow enough for good visibility. Our guide was also very good. Your staff was very friendly and helpful, the housekeeping kept our bungalow spick-and-span. "
Su and Charles Hartley - October 2014

 "Excellent resort! All dive needs were taken care of, great dive boats, staff and guides. The restaurant is fabulous, our romantic dinner was very special. Our room was always clean and we loved the towel designs each day. All staff were genuinely friendly and always professional. Highly recommended whether you are an experienced or a novice diver, they will meet your needs. "
Robert and Becky Mannel - October 2014

 "Just as exciting as last year. The facilities are extremely well maintained and the new sunset space was a great idea. Service in the room was perfect and the restaurant staff made everything possible. We will send all our diving buddies to Wakatobi. "
Wolfgang and Marlies Liebau - October 2014

 "We heard from people who have been to Wakatobi that Wakatobi is very good, so we decided to visit Wakatobi. The dive boats were spacious and the small dive group was also very nice. We think that all divers from beginners to experienced divers will have a wonderful holiday here. We also tried fluo diving, it was very fun and will stay in our memories. Restaurant staff, airport staff in Denpasar were very kind and helpful. We hope to come back again. Thank you. "
Tsutomu and Shiho Sakuno - October 2014

 "Beautiful island. The rooms are perfect and the food is delicious. Very courteous staff, always trying to help. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Paradise Found! "
Miriam Ruffolo - October 2014

 "We are both thrilled with the level of service, the quality of the accommodation, the magnificent diving, the snorkeling adventures, the sunset drinks on the jettybar, the divine beauty and body treatments at the spa and above all, the friendliness and smiles of the many staff around the resort. Each and every one of them has made this a very special time for us. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. A truly unique holiday experience! Once will not be enough! "
Michelle Wells and Trevor Spivey - September 2014

 "We had such an incredible experience here. Everything from the food, to the diving, to the staff to the neat towel designs done daily on our bed were top notch. You guys have done an excellent job with the accommodations and a phenomenal job with the staff hiring. Thank you to each and every staff member who all made our stay here more than memorable! Cannot believe how quick our trip ended but we will take these new memories with us and cherish them forever. No matter how long your stay, it will always be too short! "
Rick and Emily Talley - September 2014

 "A very warm thank you to you all, especially the crew of Wakatobi III. My dive guide was the best, he taught me the joy of micro diving and local language. The service was faultless, happy, smiling staff always polite and interested in more than just a hello / goodbye, the staff truly make you feel welcome. Fantastic food! Very impressed with the organisation and coordination of getting so many divers in and out to the reef without a feeling of being just a number, the dives never felt crowded. The resort and accommodation felt luxurious and very comfortable. Wakatobi delivers a luxurious, effortless diving experience, a vacation I will never forget! "
Vincent Connellan - September 2014

 "Through our presentation night 18 months ago, I was given high expectations for Wakatobi and my expectations have been met and exceeded. From arrival to departure, food, diving, friendliness, satisfaction was truly exceeded. Your dive guides are professional, helpful, patient, possessed with abundant knowledge. The diving was magnificent! We will return. Every night in the restaurant we were greeted by name, greeted like friends, those special touches topped off our trip. Next time we visit Wakatobi it will feel like we are visiting friends. Wakatobi is one of those rare gems where you have to go to at least twice! "
Greg Dalgleish - September 2014

 "Glorious holiday. Spectacular diving, snorkeling and facilities are beautiful. Our kids 6 and 7 years old loved being able to swim and snorkel off the beach. Exploring with the torches provided at night was a highlight. The staff are so friendly and cannot do enough for you. Loved every minute. Thank you for looking after us so well. If you love the beach, ocean, snorkeling or diving this is a holiday of a lifetime for you. Loved every minute! "
Torry and Tiffany Goodall - September 2014

 "Where do we start : Wakatobi is amazing, it is more than we expected! There honestly no negative comments that I can think of. The staff - every single one of them - from housekeeping, food, service, gardeners, hospitality, boat crew and of course the dive masters, performed exceptional service! Our dive guide took careful time to find and point out the tiniest creatures and he also took the time to provide us with all information about the dive sites. Beyond his excellent job duties, he is a charming man and we are very happy to have been paired with him! Exceptional service, phenomenal experience! Wakatobi is a hidden gem; if you are looking for phenomenal beautiful diving and top notch service, Wakatobi is for you! We will definitely be back! "
Andrei Shustov and Alicia Smith - September 2014

 "Everything was wonderful and very well thought out. Everyone working at the resort was happy and courteous, it made our experiences much better than most. I would recommend this resort to my fellow divers. Best dive guide we have ever had, he was informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Seriously, paradise found! "
Susan Napier - September 2014

 "Service outstanding, diving outstanding, food outstanding, room outstanding, jetty bar outstanding, staff are amazing, the best resort I have ever stayed in. Would have to visit again! The freedom and knowledge provided on the dives was incredible. I highly recommend this to everyone I know. Thank you for an amazing experience. I will surely miss this place, it has stolen a part of my heart. "
James Johns - September 2014

 "My stay has been fantastic, thank you Wakatobi! The food and the service was unbelievable. The best fine dining I have ever experienced. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dive sites. The boat crew were helpful and great fun to have on board. The dive guides were knowledgeable of the area, it was amazing how they could find and name so many different creatures! Special thanks to our dive guide for diving tips, great camera / photo advice and for making every trip fun in and out of the water. I will remember my stay at Wakatobi as effortless fun! "
Paul Lynch - September 2014

 "We had a great time and our dive guide was great, he paid particular attention to make sure we enjoyed our dives. We must also mention the staff on the boat, as well as the the kitchen and dining room staff as they made this trip enjoyable and they looked after us very well, and of course the girls that made sure our tea / coffee was always served. All in all the Wakatobi experience has been fantastic with great diving sites and a silver service with lovely people all around. The most wonderful team to ensure you have your best experience. "
Eros Salinas and Wendy Bonny - September 2014

 "Bungalows are extremely well appointed. Outdoor showers are marvelous! Food : marvelous tastes, diverse and beautifully served in small portions that are perfect! One must photograph the dishes, then enjoy. Marine life diversity is astounding! Resort : staff could not be nicer and more helpful and fun to be with. Diving : Dive guides are so observant and incredibly knowledgeable. "
Dick and Sonnie Talley - September 2014

 "Wakatobi is gorgeous. The staff are extremely friendly, helpful, thoughtful and go out of their way to make your holiday special. The snorkeling was excellent and we have had a very enjoyable trip. Our accommodation was gorgeous. Very clean and superbly maintained. Our family loved staying here. Thank you Wakatobi!"
Mark Cates and family - September 2014

 "Splendid coral reefs with abundant species I have never seen before! My dive guide was incredibly knowledgeable and he is a gifted dive master. We thoroughly enjoyed his courteous respectful manner. He is a true gentleman. Wakatobi is a wonderful seaside dive resort catering to every need, graced with elegant cuisine. The food is fabulous! This has been my best dive vacation ever! All staff have been hospitable and accommodating. Many thanks to everyone for all the wonderful indulgences. I love the collaborative reef conservation program impacting local villages by sponsoring local employment, providing educational materials to communities. Wakatobi resort has a progressive philosophy helping to improve the lives of other villages and to preserve a sensitive marine area. We will definitely return. Wakatobi dive resort is an elegant paradise in a delightfully balanced marine environment. "
Carolyn & John Evans - September 2014

 "Everything about Wakatobi is amazing; the people, the location, the diving, the food, all of it! Thank you for making the long trip from the US worth every second. No matter how far you have to travel to get here, it is worth it! "
Tiffany Talley - September 2014

 "Wakatobi is a paradise for divers. Many dive sites and all of them are beautiful. All staff are very friendly and professional, they always take care of everybody with a big smile. The food is good and we have the choice of dishes, the room is nice and clean. For sure we will come back soon and certainly with other friends. "
Sylvie Pelta - September 2014

 "We had an excellent vacation! The staff truly made this our most memorable vacation ever! Big bravo to the pastry chef who made our special chocolate cake! It was wonderful and we loved the design of the cake. The dive staff was phenomenal! Big thanks to our dive guide who not only pointed out so much marine life that I would have never seen on my own, but by literally holding my wifes hand and getting her back to diving, going the deepest she has ever been before. She also enjoyed the guided snorkels and how her guide free dived to take pictures for her. All of the staff from dining crew to concierge to housekeeping were all very friendly and helpful. This trip has set the bar on all future trips! You know those dives that when you are done you say there wasnt much to see, yeah that does not happen here! Thank you all very much! "
John Richards - September 2014

 "Extremely friendly staff and beautiful island! Excellent food and gorgeous villas! Once you have arrived, you wish you would have booked a longer stay. Great place to spend your honeymoon! Can we become permanent residents? "
Remo Janki and Andrea Bargetzi - September 2014

 "We love the resorts barefoot luxury; our dive guide and the entire dive crew were incredibly helpful, making this one of our easiest and most enjoyable dive trip ever! We also appreciate the friendliness and attention of the dining room staff- they even made a special dessert presentation for my 800th logged dive - very thoughtful. A great benefit for visiting Wakatobi is being met at the airport and having all connections handled by resort representatives, everything is amazingly well organised! "
Dorothy McDonald - September 2014

 "The staff was professional and courteous. Our dive guide was very impressive! She had a great eye, always spotting shrimp and pygmy seahorses. She was also good at pointing everything out, using the flashcards with pictures or writing things out on her magnetic board. She was always aware of where each member of our group was and how their ears were clearing. She was always aware of our air intake and made sure members of our group could swap buddies if some were out of air but others were not. The bartender was also fantastic, always remembering every drink and suggesting new drinks based on my personal tastes. The best service and hospitality I have ever seen at a dive resort! "
David Trask and family - September 2014

 "The staff and crew have been absolutely fabulous. Everyone has made this trip memorable. Our dive guides were wonderful, very patient and helpful. I would love to stay here again! "
Ann McDonough - September 2014

 "Great staff and great dive guides. Loved our beach bungalow - everything was nice. The diving was awesome, great balance of sites for terrain and sea life. Captain of Wakatobi VI was masterful! The non - diving activities were also good. Fantastic diving matched with fantastic service! "
Shannon Amerman and Tod Klingler - September 2014

 "Most remarkable : The service, how does everyone know our name on day 1? The restaurant staff always smiling (reception in long house also) and seem to enjoy the guests and their jobs. Massage service : I had 1 on day 1 and recommended it to everyone in my group. Video instruction was beyond my expectation! Very skilled dive guides, captain and boat crew. Food presentation both artful and enticing. I felt very welcome from day 1 throughout my adventure here. The ultimate valet diving experience! "
Sharon Hoffman - September 2014

 "The best diving and diving instructors, beautiful people who are very kind and helpful. The food and the quality of care the servers took was beyond reproach, professional and well appreciated. We will be back! "
Claudia and Brian Cline - September 2014

 "I am a first time diver and will be spoiled forever by this resort. I was impressed with the high standards in every aspect of the operations and the unfailingly cheerful service. "
Deborah Blackmore - September 2014

 "I would tell everyone I know to visit Wakatobi, all of the amazing food and glorious beaches are just icing on top of the yummilicious diving at the resort. If a diver I knew had a non-diving spouse who was unsure about coming, I would tell him or her about the perfect picture postcard beaches, snorkeling and spa amenities and the excellent food! Seriously, someone is a genius in that kitchen. I think my stomach will weep without all of those insanely delectable desserts (some of the best uses of dark chocolate I have ever been fortunate enough to munch on; and if I could eat your coconut sorbet every day I would be so happy). It is obvious that customer service is the highest priority here. Even if I wasnt particularly hungry, I would have gone to the meals, all the staff was so pleasant to be around. The diving and our dive guide was so wonderful, we were lucky to have her. She was careful to adjust our dive plans to meet our needs. She was very good about showing us beautiful fish / corals / nudibranches and making sure we saw them, then telling us the names. She really is a treasure. I can honestly say I never ran into someone who wasnt operating at the highest level of customer service. A resort full of friendly and helpful faces everywhere you turn in addition to some of the most fantastic dives I have gone on. Wakatobi may well be the perfect vacation with every possible inconvenience and headache stripped away. "
Vanessa Trask - September 2014

 "Wonderful staff and dive guides. Dive experience was excellent. Food was amazing! An amazing way to celebrate our anniversary. "
James and Judy Bishop - September 2014

 "We were pleasantly surprised at how thoughtful and congenial the majority of the staff were. We especially liked the kind consideration and effort the staff took to immediately recognize us and use our first name in greeting us at all meals and areas. Most hotels could learn a lot from your hospitality service. Like a great Swiss watch, attention to dive schedules, safety protocols & staff training and caring attitudes makes the Wakatobi dive trip an exceptionally great holiday. "
Elaine Cebuliak - September 2014

 "We have been to many resorts of widely varying quality. Physically I would rank Wakatobi near the top. The facility is very well maintained and tasteful. The service is even better. The staffs effort to learn our names impressed everybody as did the staffs pleasant demeanor. The food is excellent. The dive operation is well organised and sets a standard for service and we were happy with the dive guides. We appreciated the small touches like warm towels, snacks and hot drinks. The Wakatobi operation sets a standard that others should attempt to match. "
Gavin Stokes - September 2014

 "Overall very pleased with staff and dive crew and excellent condition of resort and equipment "
Michael Skidmore - September 2014

 "Everything met and exceeded our expectations. The website introduces you to what Wakatobi has to offer, so my expectations were if the experience equals what is depicted on the website, then I will be very happy! And of course, I was! Everything worked! Air conditioning and the hot water, the bed linens were wonderful. "
Suann Hosie - September 2014

 "My second visit in 4 years to both Wakatobi and Pelagian. The reefs are in even better shape now than 4 years ago. Huge schools of fish of all types swimming around the reefs. A joy to just watch the life around and on the reefs; all the usual colorful reef fish and nudibranchs on the reefs. First class employees, great attention to detail on the dive boats and on land. I hope to return for my third visit. My dive guide was superb, in the water, on the boat and on land. Could not have been better! Bravo! "
Jerome Overton - September 2014

 "My dive guide was one of the best dive guides I have ever had. He provided the following : Great guide for finding interesting marine life, always cared about speed, depth and dive profile and safety. Always very helpful and friendly about helping with my gear, pulling my wetsuit off, getting me coffee and other simple needs. I think I will take him home with me. The restaurant served good food with great service. The villa was very nice with great room service staff. "
Berry Westover - September 2014

 "Truly transformative dive and life experience. Wakatobi has spoiled us for any other resort. Coming to Wakatobi feels like coming home. A resort experience topside as sublime as the diversity and riches underwater "
Jon and Eva LaFollette - September 2014

 "This was our third stay on the resort, first in 2008, second in 2011. No doubt, Wakatobi remains our all time favorite dive resort. Everything here is of such high standard. To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary we decided to come back to the most complete diving experience we have ever seen : Wakatobi! We most probably will come back a fourth time. "
Erwin Nijs and Francine Saenen - September 2014

 "The staff are the best, most informative and very friendly. Food is out of this world with such a variety. The island is a paradise. Many thanks to our dive guide, he was so knowledgeable and kind. Rooms are very welcoming, very clean and cozy. We highly recommend Wakatobi, brilliant variety of dive sites. One out of the box, will come again! "
Helen and Ian Cowan - September 2014

 "I have had the most wonderful diving holiday; under and above water at Wakatobi resort. I am already planning my next diving vacation here (the 3rd one) "
Silke Glattli - September 2014

 "Accommodations, facilities and food, diving and services are outstanding and excellent. The resort staff were so friendly, it really made the holiday special. Resort and village tours were a delight. Congratulations! Diving was breathtaking - the best reefs we have seen all over Southeast Asia. Our guide was terrific. We are amazed with what you have achieved here and the eco-friendly way you have done it. What vision! A real paradise for divers and a heavenly resort, an incredible place with amazing people. "
Fraser McBlane and Alessandra Vigano - September 2014

 "We would like to thank the entire staff - they were awesome. In addition we would like to single out our excellent dive guide, the bartender and also we had renewed our vows and our butler was unbelievable. The decorations, dinner on the beach and the actual ceremony was incredible! We would like to come back with our three kids. Trip of a lifetime and one we will treasure forever. "
Pat and Janet Severo - September 2014

 "Thank you to everyone involved in making our holiday so perfect, the diving was sensational and the opportunity to relax and participate in other activities really added to our experience. The food was a highlight as were the staff who were consistently friendly, happy and courteous. We will definitely be recommending Wakatobi to our diving friends and anyone else we come across. We hope to be back one day to further experience Wakatobi on the live-aboard. The perfect balance of adventure, romance and relaxation! "
Toni and Richard Bourne - September 2014

 "I can only describe my visit so magical. I was traveling as a single woman and a little concerned about what it would be like in such a remote environment, but is was delightful! I went birding most mornings with the resort manager and we identified birds together. I had a great kitchen tour with the chef, but most of all I loved diving with my dive guide. His care for me and the experience I was having was utmost importance to him. The Wakatobi reefs are like swimming in a Kings Aquarium! "
Darby Langdon - September 2014

 "We really enjoyed the diving and we hope that Wakatobi can keep the reefs healthy forever! The dive staff, restaurant staff, front office staff are very tidy and skillful. Our stay was very comfortable and enjoyable. We will come back! "
Osamu Kihara - September 2014

 "Youyi and I enjoyed our stay at the resort. Hats off to the local staff for the professional and friendly service. The use of our names was outstanding and there was a genuine attention to our needs! The bungalow was always clean on returning from the morning dives and everything worked. The boat crew did an excellent job of setting up equipment and getting us in and out of the water. Service as good as, if not better than the Four Seasons "
Sean Alexander and Youyi Zhang - September 2014

 "I really enjoyed my time here at Wakatobi. The staff were friendly and always helpful. I will miss the jetty bar for sundowners - always beautiful out there. My private dive guide did a great job helping me out as I tried to expand my underwater photography repertoire. Always friendly, helpful and making sure I had a great experience with the diving. Fantastic experience! "
Kristy Peacock - September 2014

 "When we started looking for a place to enjoy our honeymoon I asked a friend of mine; if she could go dive anywhere in the world where she would go and she said Wakatobi. The experience has really been amazing, the staff, guides, food and management has been outstanding. We will definitely be back. Our dive guide was excellent, very observant, safe, fun and has a great personality. The honeymoon we dreamt of having came true! "
Patrick and Laurie Bourke - September 2014

 "This trip to Wakatobi was a bucket list trip for me, my husband and his brother Denis. We are at loss for words regarding our stay, we have never been so pampered in all our lives. All staff absolutely wonderful. Words cannot express our fabulous time here. Our dive guides were outstanding, just outstanding! The reefs are spectacular and in pristine condition. The entire staff simply rocks! It was one hell of a bucket list trip! Enough said "
Peg Hart and Mike Guerin - September 2014

 "The diving was outstanding but it was the staff that made the stay beyond words. Bravo! "
Denis Guerin - September 2014

 "Wonderful staff that works 200% all the time made my stay outstanding! "
Kimberly Frye - September 2014

 "As a non diver I still thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the resort. The spa treatments were amazing, the bird walks in the morning were relaxing and informative, the tidal movements was great to observe - the sea life changing. A great place to relax, with delicious food and amazing sunset drinks on the jetty. Thoroughly enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the resort, no loud music just the sounds of nature. My husband enjoyed the diving, we both felt very relaxed "
Heather Anderson - September 2014

 "Thank you for a wonderful experience. Clearly some of the best diving in the world! "
Jeff Anderson - September 2014

 "Best dive trip ever! We were amazed at how smoothly the operation runs, the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the food and of course how exceptionally beautiful the reefs are. Well done Wakatobi! "
Christa Weber - September 2014

 "Our second trip to Wakatobi was just as wonderful as the first. The most scenic location, stunning diving, lovely accommodation, delicious food and the most welcome genuinely friendly staff you could wish for. It was such a pleasant surprise to be welcomed by some of the warm and friendly staff we have met before. Everyone goes out of their way to help and make your stay a memorable experience. Seven days just wasnt long enough. Thanks to everyone who made our stay so special. Wakatobi is special, the people, the diving, the whole experience! "
Christine and Mike Cooke - September 2014

 "Utmost pampering! Getting out of bed at 06:15h while on holiday never was this easy before. The reward made it worthwhile. Every dive is a highlight, jaw-dropping corals, gigantic diversity in fishes, some alone, some in big schools. Also lots of tiny tiny shrimps, lobsters and nudibranches. Of course we would just swim right past this, but our excellent dive guide pointed it all out to us. And this, three times a day, with the possibility for a night dive or a fluorescent experience. Apart from all this diving, we also like to emphasize the level of all this on offer in the restaurant. Three times a day there is an enormous choice of tasty things, very professionally prepared. And of course : The Villa, all the luxury in this far remote place. Paradise! "
Dirk Van Kerckhoven and Johan Konings - August 2014

 "First we want to say that all the staff at the resort was very kind and nice to us. The restaurant is amazing! The food and the people were awesome! Our dive experience was great! Nice dive spots and excellent dive guide! We saw things that we never had seen before! All the boats are fantastic and the bungalows are perfect. "
Andre and Margarida Pereira - August 2014

 "Diving was great, top notch! We were thrilled! Our dive guide and crew looked after us very well. The bungalow was beautiful, the room service was very good. The food was excellent and the service was very nice and attentive. The care upon arrival was super! Something that we have not yet experienced anywhere else in the World. All in all a super experience! "
Detlev and Barbel Partu - August 2014

 "Our stay expectations were highly achieved, marvelous things to discover underwater. We will come back! "
Alain Georges - August 2014

 "Very friendly and competent staff, fantastic diving, very nice atmosphere. "
Peter Hildebrand - August 2014

 "Our stay in Wakatobi has been really beautiful. Everything is very well organized, always with style and the kindness and competence of the staff. The food is really exceptional! Beautiful place and outstanding service! "
Stefano Lazzarini and Neni Rossini - August 2014

 "Thank you to all the team for having made my holiday so wonderful. I had the feeling of being much more among friends than in a hotel. "
Hubert Barrere - August 2014

 "The resort is really well organised, all the staff are friendly and the accommodations are comfortable. My dive guide was great, he is a prepared technical diver, a friendly person with a lovely and nice approach to every guest. The chef is also great, everything is absolutely full of variety. "
Paolo Saita - August 2014

 "To us Wakatobi stands out for its easy going no shoes atmosphere, friendly and classy service, plenty of free fun activities besides diving and environmental conscience. "
Annika Sunnanvader and Eurico Pacheco - August 2014

 "The accommodation was very comfortable, nothing is missing, having books about marine life in the bungalow is a good idea! Excellent quality and variety of food at the restaurant. Another good idea is the hot drinks in the Long House allowing anybody to skip breakfast so they can go straight to the boat. The boats are very nice, loved the delicious snacks and hot facial towels, the boat team was very pleasant and efficient while being discreet. The dive sites are beautiful and the dive guides are very knowledgeable about the sites and the fauna. The equipment set up and handling was perfect. "
Catherine and Jean-Pierre Cornand - August 2014

 "Beautiful spot. The resort is comfortable and the food in the restaurant is terrific. Wakatobi is one of the best resort we have ever stayed in. For a month we felt like at home and pampered by the staff. Marvelous! The diving operation is great, the staff are professional and very prepared to help. My dive guide has been much more a friend than a common dive guide helping a lot to meet my needs and expectations as an underwater photographer. Thank you so much to everybody! "
Marco Zucchini - August 2014

 "Dive guides are all very friendly, courteous and helpful. Super relaxed dive through the comfortable boats and great catering (drinks, towel snacks) on board. Reefs are beautiful with a variety of fish, from big fishes to the little critters. The FB team were excellent, the food was very delicious and tasty, especially the sushi. Gardener, maintenance staff, staff in the longhouse, boat crew, everyone was super friendly. 10 days at Wakatobi was really relaxing and enjoyable. We will gladly come again! "
Kerstin Kocher and Christian Reuchlen - August 2014

 "Clare and I have been thrilled to spend our 30th wedding anniversary at Wakatobi. We have enjoyed everything about our stay, from the quality of the diving, the helpfulness and friendliness of all the staff, the quality and comfort of the beach front cabin, the weather and the special romantic dinner that was specially prepared and served at a candle-lit table by the sea. I honestly cannot think of anything significant that I would like to see improved. I would like to thank the staff for all being so helpful and friendly. A magic holiday and I hope we can come back again sometime soon. Luxury diving holiday perfection! "
Alan and Clare Jones - August 2014

 "Everything is perfect! The facilities and management was also so good. Our private dive guide provided excellent service, he made us able to relax and have fantastic diving all day. All of the staff are so kind. The chef always cooks a variety of foods and always gives us a smile. We enjoyed our very short holiday very much. We will be back next year! "
Katsuyuki and Asami Matsue - August 2014

 "It has been a wonderful trip. Extraordinary services and food, professional diving team and all up to date gears. This is our best diving trip! I will recommend the Wakatobi diving resort to all of my friends who are looking for a luxury and relaxing dive resort. "
Jessie Ng - August 2014

 "We have had a wonderful time, extremely well organised diving arrangements. Wonderful food and staff, all extremely friendly and helpful. Thank you all! "
Oonagh and Brian McCloskey - August 2014

 "World class reefs and diving, exceptionally competent friendly and caring staff, delicious gourmet food, beautiful bungalows, we could not have dreamed of anything better! Thank you so much! Love the open air showers! "
Jon Fellows and Judith Hemenway - August 2014

 "A very nice holiday once again. A lot of attention to the kids and especially for little Sixtine. She had a great birthday party and cake. Thank you also for personalizing things for us. Good service at the dive center as well. The guys on Waka IV are great. Thank you to all the diving instructors. Here time flies too quickly, so happy we came back! "
Elisabeth Fichant and Family - August 2014

 "It has been an enchanting experience in Wakatobi. As long term travelers, we had the opportunity to compare this diving vacation with others. The Pelagian live-aboard is the top notch diving trip, the interior design of the lounge and master suite is so artistic, modern and comfortable; the crew are professional and competent. They are well organised as well. As to the resort, a few things stand out, especially for the uniqueness of Wakatobi, great weather, just right temperature and humidity, nice landscape and layout. The interior design of the bungalow is detailed, personal touch and spacious design made us feel at home. Love the sofa bed in the balcony so the guests can fully enjoy the Indonesian / Wakatobi breeze. The restaurant staff are very attentive to our needs and they are just lovable people to be around. Diving crew are hard working and patient. Overall I will recommend my friends to visit Wakatobi. You got a lot to offer. The marine life here is so rich and so beautiful. The soft corals are colorful and well preserved. If possible, we will come back in the future. As a diving resort Wakatobi has it all! "
Susan Sun and Frank Feng - August 2014

 "The restaurant staff have very good rapport with guests. The dive guides and snorkeling guides assigned to us were excellent, both in spotting and identifying creatures of the sea. The amenities here are first class. Many things to keep one occupied and entertained. Overall an excellent holiday for the family. Time spent diving and snorkeling at the various dive sites and reefs was fulfilling especially when the snorkelers witnessed a whale shark swim pass between the dive boat and us. Awesome! Once in a lifetime experience. "
Warwick Campbell - July 2014

 "Lots of activities on offer, pristine reefs, a lot of conservation focus, caters to snorkelers very well (my mother has never been so happy snorkeling), great food and the spa was amazing! Loved it! Hands down, best resort that I have stayed at. Most comfortable diving experience I have had! "
Marcus Campbell - July 2014

 "It was an extremely enjoyable experience. The service was absolutely amazing as the staff was able to memorize my name from day one. The food was incredible and I love the idea of a buffet rather than a menu. Also loved that they changed the dishes every day. The room was pretty and I loved the idea of mosquito nets and the beds were made very well and extremely comfortable. Also found the towel art on the bed was really nice and like how it changed every day. The scuba diving was amazing and the dive guides were nice and approachable. The overall experience was the best I have had so far. Wakatobi is an extremely good resort, the service is amazing, rooms are amazing and the diving is amazing! I loved staying in Wakatobi and hope to come here again. "
Alana Campbell - July 2014

 "Once again (5th visit) we enjoyed a lovely stay and you continually tick all the boxes. Great diving, great dive guides, general customer service levels are excellent from dive boat - across every staff group. Wait staff are always accommodating and wanting to please and the accommodation with new coffee machines and nicer softer beds plus the food has lifted another notch. We noticed the turtle nursery and were impressed with the program and would encourage you to promote it more. Our fifth visit and the resort continues to impress in every aspect. "
Cliff and Jane Gale - July 2014

 "I had an absolutely fabulous time thanks to all your amazing staff. As a novice diver who gained her certification in January 2014 and not dived since, the diving here has set me up to get straight into diving when I get home. The assistance of your dive instructors and guides has been invaluable! Thank you! I love it when your staff greet me by name. Overall a wonderful experience. Thank you all! "
Lynne Ryan - July 2014

 "Thank you so much! We had a wonderful stay in Wakatobi! Would love to come back again. Thanks to the awesome crew and staff! "
Marlene, Helmut and Sonja Streitmatter - July 2014

 "The service provided by everyone was outstanding from dive center, restaurant personnel to long house staff. The food was outstanding as well. The variety of vegetables, fruits and meats / seafood was very good. The presentation and portion size was excellent. The Villa is beautiful. I love all the outdoor patio space. The best overall live-aboard I have ever been on, from diving to food quality to going out of the way to make guests satisfied and happy! "
Warren Dean - July 2014

 "Thank you for the wonderful and very relaxing stay. My eyebags are almost gone! Everything was excellent, special kudos to my dive guide and the wait staff. I felt pampered and well taken care of! "
Diana Tan - July 2014

 "Love this place, very good service for diving, good arrangement at Bali Airport. Perfect, nothing to complain about, will be back! "
Charunya Phichitkul - July 2014

 "Our guide was an excellent diver and naturalist. His dive experience and knowledge of fish and invertebrates is excellent. He is easy and extremely polite and always went the extra mile to always ask about our needs and delivered. He is very safety minded and his patience with Brittany as a relatively new diver was greatly appreciated. He greatly increased her diving skills and instructed and helped her to pass your Nitrox course. We had a blast and will see you again next year! "
Terry Fleming and Brittany Craig - July 2014

 "The staff - dive crew, boat crew, housekeeping, catering are all fabulous. They are all obviously well trained and it shows. Courtesy and professionalism are first rate. The dessert chef deserves special mention along with our dive guide. The Bali ground staff were a hint of things to come. The organisation was outstanding. From the moment we landed in Bali it started to become obvious that management had great systems in place to enhance the entire Wakatobi experience. The diving - following on the above comments, these have been the best run dive boats (operating from the shore) that we have experienced. Whether it be the facilities, the staff, the diving, the catering or the overall organisation, Wakatobi represents quality. We use the term just sensational as our highest level of praise and it surely applies to Wakatobi. "
Earle Baker and Sara Couch - July 2014

 "We had a very good time at Wakatobi! The location is beautiful, the reef and the marine life are stunning and the service is excellent. The food is so delicious and the staff is very kind and service minded. Impressive that they all learned our names even the weird Danish names. The dive masters are very professional and made our dives and our snorkeling extra interesting. Lastly, the bungalow is superb - very clean and very cozy. We are impressed with the ecosystem of the resort. Thank you! 5 unforgettable days! We wish we could stay longer! The best dive resort we have ever visited! "
Christian Tornsberg and Amalie Zeeman - July 2014

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our 5 night stay at the resort together with our daughters and our son in laws. Everything lived up to our expectations and even surpassed them. The beauty of the resort, the wonderful staff, the cleanliness, the underwater sceneries, the abundance of marine life, the punctuality and last but not least, the vacation and the excellence of the food! "
Mette and Peter Zeeman - July 2014

 "We had a wonderful stay together as a family. The staff were extremely welcoming and nice. The dives were at the height of our expectations. The first dive of four of us together will last forever in our memory. "
Nicolas, Veronique, Valentin and Lilou Mathieu - July 2014

 "The holiday was fantastic! Excellent service! It made me forget the stress of everyday life from day one. Excellent food, especially the small portions. Gorgeous reefs and perfect organization. I will come back! "
Lilo Enderli - July 2014

 "We are delighted with how friendly the staff are and how beautiful it is here. The 10 days in the villa were just amazing! Something nice we have never experienced. Everything was just perfect. Many thanks for the DSD, we felt very safe and comfortable. Wakatobi, a very wonderful place on earth. "
Fabian, Vivianne and Ursi Neuhaus - July 2014

 "The experience was 1000 times better than we expected. The service and the kindness of the staff was fantastic. The restaurant staff remembered our names! The garden and the villa was very well maintained. The food is exceptionally good, a mixture of European and Asian, Perfect! We had enough food, even on the boat! "
Marie Deleuse - July 2014

 "Wonderful diving and snorkeling, great corals, reefs, fishes! Excellent food, spa, and organization for diving / snorkeling. "
Paola and Luigi Ricciardi - July 2014

 "Beautiful resort, friendliest staff and really a great experience overall! The diving was amazing, our dive guide pointed out so many things I never would have even noticed! Everyone was very friendly, name recognition really made me feel at home. Food was great, the restaurant staff were always welcoming and smiling. Dive crew was fantastic from first briefing to the welcome dive, then Waka IV, great service from everyone. Perfect vacation! Thank you all so much! "
Rania Mostafa - July 2014

 "Everything was extremely well organised, from airport pickup to every activity and obviously primarily the diving. All the staff were very nice and extremely friendly. The resort is beautiful and the concept is really excellent. We loved it without reserve! "
Francois Bopp dan Muriel Grand dHauteville - July 2014

 "We have lived and traveled in Indonesia for 2 years. Our love of the people and the culture has grown more than we imagined. Wakatobi is Indonesian hospitality and luxury at its finest in a dive resort! One that is outstanding not only for the diver but also for the snorkeler. Wakatobi is amazing on every count; location, accommodation, staff / service, communication, food. We will dream of returning! "
Amy and Chris Shaw - July 2014

 "We had a wonderful time at Wakatobi! Diving is amazing! So much biodiversity and such healthy reefs. Appreciated all 3 dive guides we had. The restaurant staff gets high regards - so warm, welcoming and helpful. Very attentive. The chefs create amazing international cuisines day after day. Housekeeping was always excellent, front office was helpful and kind. the land tour was a highlight. Spa services were excellent. We appreciate all the people who make Wakatobi such a special place. Thanks! "
Carol Hampf and Peter Kloepfer - July 2014

 "Our stay at Wakatobi was excellent. We were in awe over the pristine reefs and the wide variety of sea creatures that were found during our dives. Our dive guides were very polite and we enjoyed diving with them greatly, they showed us many cool creatures. Everything was great at Wakatobi. The restaurant staff very well accommodated to our allergies of gluten as well as the vegetarian in our group. We would definitely come back! "
Soren and Kai Kloepfer - July 2014

 "We first visited Wakatobi in 2005. At the time we were relatively inexperienced divers, with less than 50 dives. Suffice to say, we were floored by the experience and would return. Over the years, we have mythologized Wakatobi, both in our stories to friends and fellow divers and in our own heads, we were both nervous that it would not measure up to our visions of the resort as distorted by time. Thankfully we had nothing to fear. Wakatobi, we can gratefully attest, is a better place than it was nine years ago and the accommodations are much improved, the restaurant, outdoor showers and kids activities all added tremendously to the experience. The reefs are healthy and thriving, Wakatobis conservation efforts are paying handsome dividends, but perhaps the most notable improvement Wakatobi has made is the quality of the dive personnel. Our dive guide was one of the best we have ever had. Perfectly matched to our experience level and interests. The other dive guides were also top notch and actively assigned in improving the quality of our experience. Bravo! You have established a model for dive resorts that all others should strive to attain. "
Ryan and Katie Sudol - July 2014

 "I was surprised and very pleased to be greeted at Bali on our arrival, even though we were not going to Wakatobi directly. As we were swiftly guided through the arrival procedures, the Wakatobi service had begun. It was the standard of service, politeness of staff and the general organisation of matters which continued to impress us while we were here. We have enjoyed the Wakatobi experience and would have no hesitation in recommending it. We came, we saw, we enjoyed and we will never forget our Wakatobi trip."
John and Linda Williams - June 2014

 "I appreciated the kindness and professionalism of all Wakatobi staff. Staying here was a real pleasure, everything was great. Thanks to everybody especially to my snorkeling guide. Amazing place, great snorkeling everyday with a personal guide. Marvelous experience. Thank you Wakatobi."
Nicolleta Iennaco - June 2014

 "I had a truly wonderful time despite not being able to dive due to an eardrum perforation suffered early in my trip. Staff were all wonderful, service first class. Clearly the management take on board any suggestions they receive as every possible need has been addressed. World class diving from a world class resort. "
Brett Kennedy - June 2014

 "The diving, service and food exceeded my high expectations. Amazing professionalism in a remote and pristine location. "
Karen Gleason - June 2014

 "We went on the Pelagian and then the resort - Our first resort stay in 30 years! The live-aboard was the most comfortable, spacious and stable boat we have been on, only doing live-aboards since 1985. The crew and the food were incredible, the tender driver is professional and always there. At the resort we were again treated like royalty, very hard working and attentive staff with the same incredible food, beautiful bungalows on the beach and very quiet. As for the diving it ranks up there with some of the best in the world, we especially like the muck diving on the Pelagian and the night dives, and the walls and coral gardens around Wakatobi. We also met some wonderful people and fellow photographers, we hope to be back! "
Peggy and Bill Goldberg - June 2014

 "Rooms, facilities, infrastructure, staff and food absolutely first class. Diving is great for photographers and divers who are interested in small fish, coral, sponges etc which are prolific and beautiful. Magnifico, Blade and Starship are world class big wall dive sites. "
Cottrell Fox - June 2014

 "The entire staff was beyond incredible and exceptional. I have never been treated so nicely and even royally. Every aspect of the resort has far exceeded anything I have experienced before. Every single dive has been better than all the tropical dives I have had before combined - I saw more quantity of life, more diversity of life, more beautiful and strange life than ever before. "
Paul Glanville - June 2014

 "Everything about the resort is wonderful. Top notch service and food! "
Ellen Roecker - June 2014

 "Diving has been fabulous. The staff is great! It is amazing that they all learn your name so quickly, it adds to the experience. The bungalow is lovely. I would definitely recommend it to fellow divers. I applaud the effort to go more green with the energy management. I hope to come back some day!"
Chip Clarke - June 2014

 "We were absolutely delighted with every aspect of our visit. Service was impeccable and the diving was spectacular. Our dive guides knowledge of marine life habits and creature habits was first rate. You can tell he enjoys diving and sharing his knowledge with others. The diving, marine life and service at Wakatobi will ruin you for diving at any other dive resort. Each dive was better than the last. So much to see, so little time. "
Ann and Jim Early - June 2014

 "The diving was fantastic and the food was even better. Great vacation, hope to bring my wife with me next time. Our dive guide was very nice and a great companion. Every staff was great! "
William Willert - June 2014

 "Thank you for letting us enjoy such a great time in Wakatobi. Everything was perfect. The staff were very friendly and the diving was great. "
Petra and Daniel Meier - June 2014

 "Resort staff is genuine and enthusiastic about making sure your stay on land is to your preferences. The chef has done a fantastic job ensuring the food is cooked to perfection, good presentation and variety which everyone would enjoy. Dive staff and boat crew worked to make sure there were no details left undone. The dives were beautiful. Best dives ever! World class resort with 5 star staff, dive crew and accommodations. "
Joseph Margagliotti - June 2014

 "We have been very satisfied with the food, service and overall hospitality at Wakatobi. Overall the staff are really friendly, warm and always eager to please. They have been amazing! The dive sites are fabulous, an amazing resort like no other we have been to! Perfect in all ways with diving that is unparalleled. We will certainly come back. "
Javed Tapia - June 2014

 "We highly appreciate our perfect stay at Wakatobi. The pristine reefs with its abundant coral growth are unique. Dive operations and in particular our dive guide made it an outstanding experience. Our beach bungalow matched perfectly with our needs for a dive trip. The restaurant is in a class of its own with great variation and quality of food and crew. "
Petra Konigs and Peter Wolf - June 2014

 "We had a fantastic time. You are to be congratulated for creating something so unique and so dedicating yourselves to its success. Wakatobi is truly idyllic! If you cannot get off the grid here, you need therapy. "
Marc and Nanette Lippman - June 2014

 "Super service at the resort and diving. Reefs are top notch. "
Juergen and Elke Stark - June 2014

 "Even better than the first time! Wakatobi is becoming for us a home (across the ocean) away from home. Staff and administration are top notch. Special thanks to the front office team and the restaurant staff who worked tirelessly to accommodate our needs and teach us a few Indonesian words along the way. Terima kasih! Even on a cloudy rainy day the diving and resort were spectacular. "
Todd and Sue Allen - June 2014

 "Fantastic place. Wonderful set up. Lovely people (staff and owners). Really, realy, really special place. "
Patrick and Deborah Mills - June 2014

 "Staff was amazing, kind, helpful and genuine. In a world of hospitality it is a rare gift to have a perfect combination of wonder, awe and friendly service. Service of staff is unmatched! "
Blake Trzpuc - June 2014

 "Our third visit and second time in the same bungalow. We had a wonderful time once again. We look forward to returning next year. Everyone at Wakatobi is so kind, we could not have asked for more. And the food was great! "
Hani and Shelley El-Alayli - June 2014

 "Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday. We had an incredible 2 weeks and definitely plan to return in the future. Many thanks also for the kite surfing instruction. I really learned a lot! Food was 5 star! As a vegetarian I really appreciate all the vegetarian options. "
Michael Mullowney - June 2014

 "Wakatobi dive resort is the best model of how to protect coral reefs. They lease the reefs from the local community and work with the villagers to protect the marine environment. "
Myra Shulman - June 2014

 "Fantastic place! Even as non-divers we had a lot of fun and plenty of activities to choose from. The place is just so amazing that sitting and admiring the nature and ocean was one of the many great things to do. From the moment we arrived we felt like we were part of the Wakatobi family and wish to return soon! Thanks for creating and working every day to make such an amazing place for your guests. We felt truly privileged to be part of the Wakatobi family. "
Francesca Furlani and Marc Zeitouni - June 2014

 "Very well run operation, clearly a lot of thought has been given to scheduling. We liked the airport assistance in Bali etc, as it was our first time to Indonesia. Nice to have after a long flight and jet lag. Very friendly staff both at the dive center and on land. Everyone was helpful but not pushy. Good dive equipment, great food, good choice of alternatives to diving. We liked the offer of activities like for example tours, Indonesian class etc. Excellent place for diving, great food, stylish and eco-friendly resort. Go there if you have the opportunity. "
Erik and Sara Aukner - June 2014

 "Wakatobi is an absolute paradise in every aspect! The underwater world is amazing and looks very much untouched, thanks to the conservation program. Keep up the good work! Wakatobi is very remote and for that fact the standard of the resort and the service provided are outstanding. The food is absolutely exquisite and to die for! We have never had food of such high quality 16 days in a row! A big thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of us. Thanks to housekeeping for making us look forward to every day to see the new towel creations on the bed. Thanks to the restaurant staff for making us not regret the weight we most probably have put on the last 10 days. Thanks to the dive team for making our snorkeling tours a highlight! Thanks for making this holiday one of the best ever!! "
Sandra Baldelli and Martha Steiner - June 2014

 "Everything about Wakatobi is seven stars. Every experience we have had during our stay has been truly wonderful. Every thought has gone into making our holiday as easy and carefree as possible. The food, the staff, the diving was absolutely spectacular. Love it! A little slice of heaven "
Alan and Rachael Cater - June 2014

 "The dive guides were very knowledgeable. The staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. The bungalow was clean and well appointed. There was a variety of food choices at every meal. The staff that helped with the arrival and transfers were polite and well organised. Wakatobi is an immaculate, well organised and well run resort. The staff was extremely pleasant and eager to please! "
Tara Belt - June 2014

 "Overall it was a wonderful stay here and we plan to return. Divers paradise, exceptional food, location and staff. "
Julie and Joe Stapp - June 2014

 "Beyond our expectations! A truly 5 star resort that caters to divers. The accommodation upgrade was truly unexpected but much appreciated! The dining was excellent, the small portion sizes allowed you to sample a variety of different foods without wasting food or getting overstuffed. There are many service industry providers that can use you as the way to make their clients experience a good one. I do not know how you get everyone to remember our names but it did make us feel special and welcomed everywhere. Our dive guide adapted very well to our dive profile while still being able to point out the little stuff. He gave suggestions when needed and kept all the dives interesting and a good learning experience. He is very professional. We will be back! "
Jim and Doreen Anderson - May 2014

 "The staff are very friendly and helpful in every possible way. Very beautiful set up, bungalows, facilities and service. Very good food quality and it was very agreeable to have the same dive guide for the whole stay. Also very good service on the boats. "
Armin and Nicole Feuerherm - May 2014

 "Staff are extremely friendly and helpful. Cleanliness is thorough. Very good organisation all the way, starting with arrival in Bali. "
Natalie Woop and Thomas Kern - May 2014

 "This was my second trip to Wakatobi and it is even better than the first. I love the bungalows right on the beach. The dive operation is second to none, total hassle free for the guests. Our dive guide was such a wonderful dive guide, always finding things for us to see and to educate us about them. The whole staff was warm, welcoming and always had a smile on their face. The food was out of this world! So many choices and so delicious! The restaurant staff were always so friendly and attentive. I had a fabulous time and will certainly come again! "
Carole Wright - May 2014

 "Diving was very good, we saw a lot and the reefs are spectacular. Food was great, the staff was very kind and the kids enjoyed their time very much. We will certainly come back! "
Gulalek Amannazarova and Vincent Berthou - May 2014

 "Thank you for an experience of a life time! We are grateful for the wonderful experience provided by the fine people of Wakatobi. From the luxurious care on the ground to the brilliance of the rich biodiversity underseas, we could not recommend Wakatobi more enthusiastically! "
Andrew Black and Michelle Tang - May 2014

 "We had a wonderful time. The staff were excellent and always eager to help with a smile on their face. We enjoyed the tours we took and loved our spa experience. The diving was incredible and our dive guide and boat crew were excellent. Our dive guide always found lots of little items I would never spot and worked well with our group. Boat crew was great, food was incredible! Loved the sushi. "
Celeste Piette and Martin Thorsen - May 2014

 "Second time at Wakatobi and I loved every minute! Beautiful place, excellent customer service, excellent diving! The staff is amazing! We will be back for sure! "
Kim McGee - May 2014

 "We loved it here and had such a great experience! We want to thank the cleaning staff, they did a great job. I looked forward to see what formation they would put my 5 toys in everyday. We really enjoyed it here and we will make sure to come back and will recommend it to our friends. The spa was amazing especially the massages. We did not miss a single dive, thank you for everything. The staff was great and did their job wonderfully, the food was delicious and the dive sites were full of life from colorful soft corals to dazzling fish "
Jane & Yevgeniy Belousov and Irina Afonina - May 2014

 "We enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi. The staff was consistently friendly, courteous and attentive to our needs. We always felt welcomed. Outstanding level of service. Excellent all around experience. "
Tony Cittadini and Brenda Heckathorn - May 2014

 "I had an amazing time at the beautiful Wakatobi resort. As a first time traveler to Indonesia, Wakatobi was a treat. All the staff were wonderful and pro-active. The FB staff were wonderful as well as all the servers, the chef was amazing every night and at every meal. The spa was wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed the Balinese massage and pedicure. As a non diver there are many things to enjoy from snorkeling, swimming, land tours, cooking class and so much more. I want to give kudos to my snorkel guide, with his patience and encouragement I was able to learn to snorkel from the boat which was a fear for me. He would check-in and let me know if the water was rough or if the current was too much for me, I had complete comfort and trust. I was able to experience the mind blowing corals and amazing fish, sponges and marine life. All the staff were helpful and amazing. Truly a wonderful holiday. Many thanks "
Jenny Clack - May 2014

 "Everything about our trip to Wakatobi has been wonderful. Our villa was beautiful and the room was beautifully maintained. The diving was wonderful and the boat crew were great. Our dive guide took great care of us and pointed out tons of fantastic sea life. Most of all though, we would like to thank the Wakatobi staff for arranging and perfectly executing our wedding. The decorations were wonderful, the food delicious and every detail was taken care of. "
Matt and Elizabeth Westphal - May 2014

 "Amazing! Wakatobi needs to be on every divers bucket list! The most beautiful reefs anywhere! "
Thomas and Dana Strandjord - May 2014

 "We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here at Wakatobi resort. Our dive guide was very good and was smart and funny. He came into our dive group with a smile that stayed during the whole diving experience. He found so many pygmy seahorses. Our Villa has been consistently cleaned and well cared for. The food is wonderful as always. I appreciate the cold soup especially as I am usually too warm to eat hot foods. The staff in the dining area is all very good and remembers each of our idiosyncrasies about food. "
Nikki Mahan - May 2014

 "My snorkel guide was outstanding! He made sure my snorkeling was always great, catering to my desire to swim. At the same time he took care of the other snorkelers including beginners and made sure they were having a great time. He is also a fantastic marine life spotter and educates us with his wide knowledge. "
Mark Mahan - May 2014

 "Every need was addressed instantly. The FB staff seemed to know what I wanted before I asked. My dive guide really understood the issues I was having with my equipment and hesitations and managed to figure out solutions. She greatly improved my skills and confidence. I would take her on every dive anywhere we traveled if I were able! "
Libby Landy - May 2014

 "This is our second time here at Wakatobi. It is delightful to see the reefs healthier than last time and the life more plentiful. The addition of hot face towels on the dive boats is great! Housekeeping does a wonderful job keeping our bungalow serviced and clean. All the staff here make an impression daily with something over and above. The dive staff on the boats are exceptional. I consider us very lucky to have the privilege of diving with our dive guide. His knowledge of marine life, diving skills and local culture abounds. I have learned more diving with him than all other guides combined! Very professional and courteous at all times. "
Rob and Marla Hensel - May 2014

 "My mistake was only coming for 5 days, next time I will be here for 10 days. I expected quality but Wakatobi really does take it to the next level. Just fantastic!!! Everyone was wonderful, dive staff, boat crew, restaurant staff and the food was what surprised me the most - Just Superb! What is not to like? Pristine reefs, excellent service, food, diving and above all the staff was immaculate "
Marlon Pereira - May 2014

 "The staff is just tremendous. Our dive master was perfect and knowledgeable. Personal attention all the way and unrivaled diving. Bungalows are well thought out, every detail taken care of. First class all the way! "
Reed Kathrein - May 2014

 "Your staff is what makes this resort the best that I have been to or work at. The dive and boat crew were top of the line, even the ones we did not work with were always asking what they could do for you. The same at the restaurant, it felt like your small corner coffee shop where everyone knows you and greet you by names and a hand shake. Do not lower your standards. For service you need not to go to any place else, you would be short change on how you are treated! "
Kerry Beckenbach - May 2014

 "Very very nice place. I shall return! Rooms were very nice, diving was great, food was great, all your staff was great. Thank you for a very good vacation! "
Darrell Pfannenstein - May 2014

 "The best run dive resort I have stayed at. The staff is first rate! "
Stephen Antony - May 2014

 "How Wakatobi operates is something to be admired! Consistent detail to every aspect of Wakatobi is providing an outstanding experience. Thank you! Please let everyone know their efforts and smiles will not be forgotten. "
Muriel and Mark Spychala - May 2014

 "My dive guide was excellent, very knowledgeable and easy to get along with our group. Dining staff was very friendly, great attentive service. Food was very good! Nothing lacking, enjoyed the hot showers! "
Peter Tsugawa - May 2014

 "A wonderful and unforgettable holiday has ended. It was superb, all staff were very friendly and helpful. Great variety and excellent quality in the food department. If possible we will surely return! "
Olga and Marcel Fluri - May 2014

 "All services and facilities have been superb, ranging from the meet and greet at the airport which we found to be invaluable, it enabled us to enjoy our holiday the moment we landed. The food is first class and we appreciate the small serves akin to degustation dining. The kitchen and restaurant staff always have their eyes open and offer assistance / explanations of food available. The dive service is like no other we have experienced. Attentiveness to our dive needs was always present. Afternoon tea service in the room was great after a full day of diving. Rooms were kept immaculate "
Ron and Anneli Hardman - May 2014

 "The people at Wakatobi have perfected the Indonesian dive holiday formula; it is highly organised, everything works and the accommodation, food and service are all excellent! "
Lousie and David MacDonald - May 2014

 "Congratulations on running a superb dive facility. Accommodations and food are excellent. Staff goes above and beyond in friendliness, service and personal attention. Excellent conservation strategy to preserve this diving paradise. Special thanks to all the restaurant crew for making the land time as good as the underwater time. "
Rachel Barton and Steve Kraus - May 2014

 "Very well run resort and dive operation. I will be back! "
Kurt Byth - May 2014

 "This was my 3rd visit to Wakatobi and Pelagian. I never stayed for less than two weeks. I love the diving and the conservation stance that is taken here. I thank all of the staff who has made my stay(s) here so memorable."
Roberta Finke - May 2014

 "The best resort that I have ever visited! Bungalows are very comfortable, the restaurant is excellent! All service personnel was friendly, always accommodating and does an excellent job! Staff in restaurant remembers my name and my preferences, always greets me by name, very friendly, corrects mistakes before I ask! Dive staff and boat crews are endlessly patient, very knowledgeable, very accommodating, adapting plans to my needs and dive experience level. They asked how to make each dive better, how to make the resort better. Diving here is paradise, the whole experience here is paradise! "
Ann Wells - April 2014

 "This place is the complete package. The staff goes above and beyond 100% of the time and are genuinely happy and friendly. Every issue or question was taken care of immediately. I could not be happier with my experience. "
Rebecca Snow - April 2014

 "Still a wonderful experience. The service, staff and the resort are great! Third visit here and still no complaints or concerns. "
Margo and Joe Lillie - April 2014

 "What a magical resort you have created. Everything is dialed in perfectly; the rooms, the grounds, the food, the staff, the diving - all first rate. Especially for me, I loved the resort tour with behind the scenes details. I have been to other resorts that hide the back stage and that can be worrisome. You clearly have nothing to hide and can show that off. You owe it to yourself to visit Wakatobi! "
David Volansky - April 2014

 "Best dive resort I have ever been to. Service was superb. People were genuinely nice and considerate. Beautiful setting and relaxed atmosphere, a perfect combination for a wonderful holiday. Take advantage of the concierge service in Bali, it made our trip most memorable. Thank you for a wonderful holiday! "
Ted and Bonnie Berk - April 2014

 "The dive staff in Wakatobi is top notch. They are all very familiar with the reef and identified for us a myriad of species. They enthusiastically made sure our dive experience was the best possible. Our dive guide was a great dive leader. The boat crew was equally as helpful. The dining crew learned everyones name quickly and what our beverage of choice was, always ready with my pot of tea as soon as I sat down. The food always had an elegant presentation and is delicious. The whole resort is well maintained. It is easy to be here. "
Mary Miller - April 2014

 "Large variety of dive sites. Excellent quality of coral and fish life. The service is second to none, both in the resort and on the boats - the best ever! I will wear my Wakatobi T-shirt with pride when diving in other parts of the world! Truly world class from all aspects! Do it while you can or you will regret it forever! "
Mick Weir - April 2014

 "Unbelievable attention to every detail! All staff at the resort and on the boats were cheerful, accommodating and polite especially enjoyed our dive guide and our spa therapist. I know a ton of work is done behind the scenes and it seems everyone is doing a great job. Cheers to Wakatobi! May you live long and prosper. Fantastic diving and world class service in one place? Yes! Wakatobi has it all! "
Laura Iwanaga - April 2014

 "We loved the service - both diving and non diving areas. Being greeted by your first names makes you feel very special. We like the fact that you are with the same dive master and dive group for the week, it really lets you get to know some people for social time and feel confident about asking questions when diving. The dive staff were extremely knowledgeable. We enjoyed the media shows at night. Room was clean with lots of towels. "
Diane and Mike Nikolaisen - April 2014

 "Great service, great diving. If Wakatobi was any better, I would have believed I arrived in heaven! "
Doug Gulleson - April 2014

 "We had a wonderful vacation here! All of the staff are excellent! The dives were fantastic! The food is wonderful! Our dive guide is the greatest dive leader in the world! We hope to return! "
Linda and Mike Barbaro - April 2014

 "I think we can call Wakatobi our second home. The get-away to de-stress and feel good! The staff are extremely friendly and personal. They really care that you are having a great time. "
Markus Fritze and Lisa Keller - April 2014

 "Our experience here has been excellent. The staff continually asks if there are any issues or problems or if there is anything additional they can do for you. The staff are always smiling, laughing and joining in with jokes. When our dive guide had the day off, he and his substitute shared information about our dive group so that our experience was seamless - truly above and beyond my expectation. We are already planning for a return trip, although for a longer time. Our dive guides and all of the boat crew did an outstanding job of taking care of us and ensuring a pleasant experience. We enjoyed the food and the opportunity to try some of the local dishes. The presentation was always pleasing and the small plate format provided the opportunity to try many items. The best summary for the entire week is all the small details were taken care of, scissors in the room, reef fish identification book in room, personalized activity schedule, towel animals each day, always little surprises. Best vacation ever! "
Jaime Delgadillo and Nancy Jackson - April 2014

 "This is a first class operation. Everyone has the best attitude. We were solicited often to see if we had any problems. Hard to get to from the US, but definitely well worth it. Best diving I have found. Great dive guides and wait staff make a most pleasant experience. "
Robert Snow - April 2014

 "This has been absolute paradise. Great food, excellent dive masters! I chose this resort along with friends from Virginia and New Zealand. What a fantastic choice. The bungalows were beautiful (love the outdoor shower). I would not change a thing! The hard part will be leaving because you will never want to leave! "
Tammie and Jim Bylina - April 2014

 "Never has a vacation passed so fast (5 weeks) and never have I had less interest or enthusiasm in going home. The best! I will have to come back and say hello to everyone and maybe beat my 5 week stay in 2014! "
Svein Christoffersen - April 2014

 "We had a great vacation at Wakatobi. The rooms, food, service and diving have been wonderful. One of the best dive destinations we have experienced. Accommodations, food, support and diving is the best. "
Bill and Elaine Lombardi - April 2014

 "Having been here almost a year ago, we are thrilled with the improvements that have been made. Most notably the dive guides are excellent, not just one or two, but across the board, having mostly the same guide for one stay greatly improved the quality of our dives. He got to know us and our skill levels. Also even though we have been diving for 35 years, we feel we are more educated of fish behavior after what we have learned here. The staff seems genuinely interested in our well being and making sure we have a wonderful time. The mint cloths after the dives was excellent! "
Ann and Jim Keller - April 2014

 "We especially enjoyed the opportunity for a behind the scenes tour. It enhanced my appreciation of this place to know how carefully it was thought out and managed, and to know the environment and the local community are always in mind. Everyone is so helpful, even the workers are friendly. Every square inch of the resort and the dive areas is jaw droppingly beautiful. Combined with the service and the food, it is as close as one gets to an earthly paradise. "
Peter Mathers and Bonnie Beavers - April 2014

 "Everyone said it was the trip of a lifetime. They are right, it has been 3 days. An incredible 3 days at the resort that I measure based on how they handle any problem. This dive operation is top notch. I had a gear malfunction and the boat crew stepped up and helped me so that I could complete my dives. Everyone truly cared about getting me diving again. The same can be said for every other aspect of the resort. Everyone is friendly and attends to your every need. I am amazed by how many people call me by name, I truly have felt incredibly welcome. My bungalow has always been immaculate, including my clothes being folded. All I can say is Wow! Thank you! And the food! oh the food! Ever so yummy! I have been thinking hard of any suggestions, but this place is run so smooth and so organized, I don not know if I have any. I do know that I never thought I would find a true 5-star dive resort, meaning true luxury, but I certainly have. The credit with the boutique and resort is a great idea and very generous, I plan to start saving my pennies when I get home, so I can become a repeat customer. I cannot say enough good things about the staff and this piece of paradise you have created. I am so very glad I had the opportunity to experience it! I look forward to being a repeat customer. "
Kristina Soderquist - April 2014

 "I have never experienced such a well run dive resort. The staff is exceptional, the accommodations are lovely and very comfortable. The food is fresh and delicious - both healthy and decadent options at every meal. The diving is wonderful. "
Karen and Dan Duval - April 2014

 "A very enjoyable experience. Both on land, on boat and underwater. The staff onshore were extremely helpful and courteous, boat crew were the same and our personal guide did his best to cater to all our needs above and below the water. Without his knowledge and keen eye we would not have had half the macro type sightings that we have had. Thank you all for a great stay. A five star holiday and diving experience in Wakatobi, Indonesia. "
Sharin and Greg Boothey - April 2014

 "We have had a very pleasant stay. Everything was perfect, would not have been better. Our dive guide was great - she made our vacation the very best. The best dive guide ever. The staff have been observant and always ready to help. Always a good smile. Thank you for everything! "
Annika Sigvardsdotter and Magnus Wahlgren - April 2014

 "We have had a lovely time here. The accommodation was excellent, food was excellent and varied. The diving was huge fun. However the most memorable was the staff. They were without exception extremely friendly, helpful, polite and huge fun to be around. We are impressed with what Wakatobi is doing for the local people and the environment both on land and marine. "
Tom and Nigel Bligh - April 2014

 "Our previous visit was in 2008 and now the staff are more courteous and helpful than before. Excellent dive guides, excellent restaurant and longhouse staff. This is how humans were meant to live, the dives are surreal from the incredible diversity. "
Thomas Reimchen - April 2014

 "We loved the Wakatobi experience and if we could, we would certainly be back. This is a beautiful well run establishment and you can pride yourself and all your staff. Our stay was made so comfortable and pleasant, we cannot fault it. The rooms and all the meals were perfect! "
Bruce and Margot Barnetson - April 2014

 "Friendly staff, great food, wonderful diving! What else can you ask for? Awesome resort! "
Russell and Lynn Messmore - April 2014

 "Our dive guide was the best dive guide we have ever had and we have been to more than 10 dive resorts or locations. She identified many things for us and found lots of small stuff. She offers informative facts about the resort. She was a pleasure to get to know. Overall excellent experience, some of the best diving we have done. Great accommodation, great food, lovely setting. We will return! "
Kathy Penney and Chris Pike - April 2014

 "Our Villa was beautiful and very private. We loved it! Our dive guide was an excellent dive guide. He was able to spot many small items, was helpful with our gear, was quick with my hot chocolate and very funny and friendly. All of the staff are extremely courteous, helpful and friendly. We enjoyed getting to know them. We enjoyed seeing turtles and hope that your program is very successful. The VIP service in the airport is great. Our driver in Bali was once again excellent, he works very hard and knows the roads and the sites very well. Thanks for making this a lovely holiday for us. "
Jen and Jeff Leopold - April 2014

 "This resort lives up to and exceeds all of our expectations. One of the best holidays ever! "
Michele and Darren Ruger - April 2014

 "The staff is top notch. Everyone - on the boat, in the dining hall, reception, room service - everyone is friendly, helpful, well trained and a pleasure to deal with. The accommodations exceed any other dive destination we have visited. Our personal dive guide was absolutely perfect. He attended and anticipated our needs and took great care of us. The ultimate luxury dive experience. "
Richard and Annie Bennett - April 2014

 "We enjoyed our stay. Everybody was very kind and helpful. Thank you very much to the whole Wakatobi Team and wishing you ongoing success for the future. Wakatobi is every divers dream! "
Beat Baumgartner and Claudia Mueller - April 2014

 "Wonderful dive sites, fantastic and unusual coral landscapes, pure enjoyment, fish schools and diversity of species, caring dive guides with a lot of knowledge about marine life. Good rental equipment, comfortable diving, special experience with good value, the personal cups are a good idea, unique dive experience. Resort: well groomed, well designed, enough space for privacy and individuality. Bungalows: spacious, comfortable bed, good ventilation. Staff: extremely friendly but not pushy, well trained, comfortable atmosphere and feeling of being welcome, attentive and caring. Food: extremely tasty "
Carolina Wels - April 2014

 "I really appreciate all that everyone did to make my stay the best possible. The food again was outstanding as well as the service. Best organized dive resort I have ever stayed at! "
John Frontczak - April 2014

 "It was again fantastic, superb and great - a true paradise! The dive sites, the food, the friendly people. Thank you very much to all! Also the nature conservation, all the green, congratulations! Please keep doing everything as you are doing it, do not change your ways, keep everything as it is. A big thanks to all, terima kasih, be happy, healthy and enjoy your job! "
Esther and Andreas Scholer - April 2014

 "A great return trip for us - thank you. The credit was also appreciated. Our dive guide was outstanding once again as were all the staff. Everything is done with great attention to detail and fabulous friendly hospitality. Getting 50 dives in was made easy and the care for equipment was terrific. Our 2nd trip to this world class dive destination. Apart from the superb diving, the attention to detail is outstanding and the friendly staff feel like family. "
Wayne and Pam Osborn - April 2014

 "All the staff is very friendly and approachable. Thank you for catering to our vegetarian diet needs. The kids had a wonderful time and a very nature friendly 5 days which we miss as we live in Hong Kong. Our son Agastya went snorkeling on the house reef and saw the animals from the pictures in all the books in our bungalow. "
Anagha and Neelkanth Parekh - April 2014

 "We will be back! Everyone went out of their way to make this an amazing holiday. Simply the best. The dive guides and the snorkel guides made this our best dive holiday yet. "
Annette and Brook Mathews - April 2014

 "The perfect 3 generation diving holiday "
Marco Kley - April 2014

 "We expected it to be good, but it was better! Thank you for a wonderful time. We will tell everyone we know about Wakatobi! "
David and Jill Cocking - April 2014

 "Our Wakatobi experience was truly a unique one. We have been to many dive resorts or dive centers however never like this one. We truly appreciated the attention to every detail and the considerate anticipation to our wants and needs as divers. What also makes this place stand out is the luxury of the resort coupled with the 5 star dive center which is very unique. The staff are all friendly and very welcoming and accommodating. The rooms and common areas are well looked after. The food is good and there is a variety to choose from. Our first experience diving in Indonesia was made special through Wakatobi. This has truly raised the bar for us and I doubt we will find a similar experience to beat this one. Thank you to all the team who made this happen. A truly unique dive experience that every diver must try! "
Fatema and Maitha Al Hameli - April 2014

 "Great diving sites, very good dive guide, very friendly staff. Overall we had a great time in Wakatobi! "
Nils Kupschke and Thilo Cramer - April 2014

 "Wakatobi is the ideal place for an adventurous, yet luxurious vacation on a pristine coral reef. The accommodations were outstanding, staff friendly and professional, and diving superb. There are many options when it comes to dive travel, but I am sure I will make my way back to Wakatobi in the future. Thank you so much for everything."
Lizzy McAninch - April 2014

 "It was wonderful to be taken care of from the moment we entered Bali, to every activity and aspect of our Wakatobi adventure. The boat crew, kitchen and meal staff, dive guides and behind the scenes people made our experience enjoyable, memorable and seamless. What a worthwhile project to protect this unique part of the world in such a way as to share the beauty and richness of the area with so many like minded people. Brilliant idea! Thank you for having us and for making us feel so welcome and at ease for our 1st trip to Wakatobi. The attitude and ownership of pride in Wakatobi of each person is amazing. It is refreshing to see the pride in them. Everyone at Wakatobi is courteous, friendly and obliging, even the fish! "
Paul and Renee Greenwell - March 2014

 "Very impressed with the quality and comfort of a resort so remote. All staff extremely accommodating, warm and friendly. Never without a smile! The food selection was abundant. Loved the sushi! The diving is premier. Lovely beautiful reefs. Having our own guide was great. Felt like we were rock stars. Our dive guide was very talented at spotting all the creatures, knowledgeable about them (we learned a lot) and we always felt safe. He went the extra mile to make sure we were happy. Also appreciated the helpful dive crew. Awesome experience! "
Sarah and Steve Smith - March 2014

 "The staff was helpful and attentive in every way possible and promised diving and snorkeling targets were always kept with precision. Also in the restaurant all our wishes were fulfilled even before we expressed them. "
Georg Koser and Noelani Walker-Koser - March 2014

 "I enjoyed every day of my stay at Wakatobi Dive resort. The diving, the food, the organization, all the staff and the service, everything was simply perfect. An experience one should definitely treat oneself to. "
Ute Weisheit - March 2014

 "Guests visiting Wakatobi mainly do so for diving. We are not divers, but still have had an absolutely beautiful holiday! Our bungalow was large and comfortable, clean and organized. Very good staff, very gracious and responsible. Excellent food, fantastic snorkeling and we enjoyed the excursions very much. We strongly support the Wakatobi philosophy regarding nature conservation and education and we appreciate the efforts of the management towards the local communities. In conclusion, Wakatobi provides all divers and especially us who spent more time actually at the resort than the divers, a haven of peace and tranquility, like we have rarely encountered during our travels. We wish you from our hearts that you may continue your venture of protecting the environment, so that future generations can also be permitted to have a wonderful experience like the one that we had. Experiences such as this one has to be lived, it is not enough just to talk about them. "
Giovanni Salvia and Marzia Valente - March 2014

 "Service at Wakatobi is beyond compare. Every wish or request was met if possible at the resort. The diving is beyond compare and our dive guides were very knowledgeable. The restaurant staff are amazing, always kind, courteous, eager to help and always remember preferences, always smiling and willing to help with Indonesian language suggestions. We were very spoiled in the restaurant. The chef works magic in the meals. Our captain and crew on Waka III took us to where we wanted to go to dive and their assistance in moving and setting up gear and getting us in and out of the water was greatly appreciated. The back of resort staff from porters, housekeeping, gardeners, maintenance and laundry staff all made life very easy for us at Wakatobi. Let me not forget the wonderful front office staff for patiently instructing me in Indonesia, for locating my luggage and their beautiful smiles, for assisting in making spa appointments, internet hookups and suggesting other things to do. I tried several spa treatments and the therapist made each experience very relaxing and rejuvenating. "
Barbara and Frank Maloit - March 2014

 "Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday with spectacular diving. Your staff are the nicest and most helpful we have ever met and it is a truly amazing resort. Wakatobi is Fantastic - Go there as soon as you can! "
Paul and Janina Hockney - March 2014

 "Nicest resort I have ever visited; staff are very personable! This was my 2nd visit and it is better than before. All of the staff are very professional and eager to assist, especially for special requests. Compliments to all the gourmet food made by the chef and the sufficient portions. Service and hospitality is beyond excellence. Wakatobi staff including the owner provides personalized service to all visitors without any concerns of entering a foreign country, every detail from the arrival, transportation, charter flight to the island as well as resort accommodations are well organized, providing a warm hospitality and worry free holiday for each visitor. "
John and Phoebe Shriver - March 2014

 "After many years diving and working in the diving business we have decided to go to Wakatobi after recommendations from friends, and this decision was one of the best we made! The whole week was just perfectly perfect, as an owner of a dive center we are going to recommend Wakatobi to our guests and we are already preparing to return for March 2015 with our repeat guests. Thank you for one of our best diving holidays. "
Stephanie and Vincenzo Apuzzo - March 2014

 "A paradisiacal environment. The staff is always taking care of small details, smiles, good humor and they are super competent. The holiday of my dreams! "
Marc and Lydie Raimbault - March 2014

 "A wonderful week diving on magnificent reefs with our dive master who gave precise and pleasant briefings. During our stay all staff members were very competent and had great attention to detail. The diving was 5 star! "
Bertrand Lesguillons - March 2014

 "Like most great things in life, Wakatobi simply has to be personally experienced to be fully appreciated. What the owners, management and staff have managed to achieve is quite amazing. From the primary objective of marine conservation to the deliverance of great diving (dive instructors and guides) to the food quality and the standard of the rooms. This is all delivered in an extremely remote part of Indonesia and the world. The staff here is providing a consistent service level on par or even better than some of the 5 and 6 star hotel properties in Asia. Apart from myself obviously enjoying the diving tremendously, even my wife who is practically a non-swimmer and 10 year old daughter both found plenty to do as well as truly enjoyed the discovery dive and snorkeling. We are sad to leave but will God willingly be back soon. Resort life, marine environment and diving experience all delivered as paradise on Earth. "
Wilddan Rosen - March 2014

 "The resort, food, environment and diving combined together to create a near perfect experience. The staff was very friendly and made every task straight forward and relaxed. The overall experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend it. "
Alexander Chang - March 2014

 "This was our second stay and we hope we can come a third time. The team in the restaurant were so friendly and they pay attention to everyone. Also the team on the boat were so helpful and kind, just like the rest of the Wakatobi team. It is incredible how everyone knows our names, it made us feel like someone special. "
Andreas and Ingrid Chrastka - March 2014

 "Everything was fabulous. Everyday in Wakatobi was a peaceful and wonderful experience for me. I cannot think of a better place to visit. "
Saee Rosen - March 2014

 "This has been a dream vacation for us. The staff have been wonderful and are always trying or succeeding in making our stay wonderful (making food that the kids like, milk in mini fridge, nannies are wonderful, our dive guide was excellent!) They are always one step ahead to make things great. We hope to come back and will definitely recommend Wakatobi to all we know. Our dive guide has been perfect, sharing his knowledge and teaching us how to improve our dive skills. He is fun and relaxed in or out of the water. We feel fortunate to have had him. Wakatobi is a family friendly paradise! Amazing staff, perfect diving for all levels. We will definitely come back again. "
The Hudson Family - March 2014

 "We came to Wakatobi with very high expectations which have been exceeded in every way. Due to the excellent organization together with the helpfulness of all the staff has made our stay an absolute pleasure. We very much hope to return! We also have really enjoyed the food which has been consistently outstanding. The most relaxing and professional diving experience we have ever had, coupled with first class accommodation, cuisine and service. "
Richard and Norma Hales - March 2014

 "Such an Idyllic environment! Beautiful resort, friendly attentive staff and an incredible marine environment! Truly an escape from the stresses of daily life. The attention to detail is amazing - a well tuned machine. Wonderful that the staff knew you by name and greeted you whenever they saw you. All in all a wonderful experience - great diving and a top notch well run resort. You have truly created a tropical paradise. "
Alice and Peter Chang - March 2014

 "Thank you for an amazing experience. There is no place in the world like Wakatobi. Wakatobi is a must see on every divers bucket list. We will be back! Wakatobi is the best dive experience in the world, pristine reefs, lovely accommodations, five star! Great cuisine and staff that do anything for you to make your experience memorable. "
Susan Oliver and Eric Stroud - March 2014

 "The resort is all that we expected and more. The staff is friendly and helpful. We enjoyed our time here. The boat staff are great and are constantly taking care of you. Our dive guide was a great snorkel guide, she was always providing interesting facts and information. She explained a great deal of the fish and coral. The reef system is the best we have seen. The staff just takes it over the top. "
Tom Calderwood - March 2014

 "Excellent resort. Everything was done right from top to bottom. Staff are unbelievably friendly and attentive. Diving is the best I have ever done. "
James Dennelly - March 2014

 "It is hard to find something to improve. I would have to think a long time about it and cannot think of anything right now. Wakatobi....An island for divers with paradise character, surrounded by pristine and magnificent Out of this World reefs, providing superb comfort in all areas, best possible food and attentive friendly service! Fantastic! "
Werner and Ursula Hofmann - March 2014

 "For me it was an absolutely perfect dive holiday. Dive guides were all superb and very friendly. We were particularly fond of the front office and restaurant staff. Always friendly and attentive, always ready to joke. We don not know when, but we will be back! I had high expectations of the resort and they were all exceeded by far. Next time I will bring a camera with a good macro lens! "
Stefan Dreesen - March 2014

 "Your staff is superb. The diving is easy and beautiful. The resort and accommodations are excellent. I really appreciate the wonderful vegan food the chefs have put together for me, and the friendliness and competence of the staff in all areas. Eat - sleep - dive : It is all about relaxation. "
Neal Langerman and Sharron Sussman - February 2014

 "We have had a wonderful time. The staff was wonderful, helpful and had great attitude. The sea life is stupendous! It is a watery fairyland. The restaurant staff and food was great! "
William Fowler and Mary Wolf - February 2014

 "Wakatobi embodies every aspect of refined hospitality and sensitivity to sustain the environment, a rare, if not unique achievement. As divers, we are impressed with your snorkeling program. Your employees every one of them were the very best we have ever encountered. From the first introduction, we were addressed by our names, and they were totally attentive to our needs and wishes. Smiles everywhere! Wakatobi offers both natural and man made beauty, reflected in its people. "
Thomas and Mary Wolf - February 2014

 "It was nice to be pampered on the boat, underwater, around the resort, in the restaurant and spa. Service on all fronts was excellent. We had a wonderful side trip visiting a village in Lintea, the fish farm and kayaking among the mangrove trees. Again cold towels, drinks, snacks and the gracious butler staff in attendance made the trip very comfortable even if we were only in the taxi! Lastly the enthusiasm of the dive guides was infectious. Every dive site was well explained and well guided. Thank you for a memorable holiday. "
Barbara Chee - February 2014

 "Very rich sea life and excellent corals, friendly staff, good service and food. "
Vladimir Tsibulskiy - February 2014

 "Service is excellent, food is the best we have had at any resort, large variety and all of the highest quality. Camera room is well appointed for camera work. Kudos to the dive staff for keeping everything running so smoothly, our dive guide was very good, patient and found so many things. "
Richard Gamble and Juli Tracy - February 2014

 "Special thanks to our dive guide! We felt very comfortable. All staff were very courteous and all our wishes were met with a smile. "
Florian and Claudia Möhring - February 2014

 "The entire experience was wonderful. Our dive guide was great and we really appreciated her enthusiasm and ability to find the smallest critters. The food was exceptional and we certainly never went hungry. There was always several dishes each meal that were 5 star, loved the Indonesian variety of food. The room was beautiful and the towel origami was always a pleasant surprise. It was an exceptional experience all around. "
Nick Burns - February 2014

 "The diving, dive operation, resort, restaurant, was all first class. We will tell anyone who asks that Wakatobi should absolutely be high on their bucket list. "
Ken and Judie Mullins - February 2014

 "The restaurant staff are fantastic, very friendly without being forced. We loved Waka VI, the captain was always happy and laughing, the dive team so helpful. Our dive guide was awesome, great eyes and we always felt safe with him. "
Andrew and Suzanne Murray - February 2014

 "Great diving. We loved our dive guide. Food is over the top in terms of quality and variety. Compliments to the chef! The staff goes out of their way to make us feel welcome and comfortable. "
Lydia Segal and Steven Burns - February 2014

 "Relaxed diving, excellent service on the boats, great underwater world. We felt very welcome on the island. "
Claudia and Ralf Wirtz - February 2014

 "Brilliant! Best dive service all around, great service. Very helpful staff, very good food and variety. Extremely friendly and discreet staff, clean and comfortable accommodations. Towels and linen smell good. Those who have dived here will be so spoiled that it will be very difficult to achieve this level anywhere else. "
Birte Eickhoff - February 2014

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Wakatobi. From the moment we stepped off the plane in Bali and until we left our flight home we have been treated like royalty. The staff are extremely friendly, gracious and efficient. We will definitely recommend to anyone who wants an amazing dive experience with a lot of pampering mixed in! Superb diving, delicious food and incredible customer service from start to finish. Wakatobi ticks all the boxes and definitely delivers! "
Vanessa and Peter Andronicos - February 2014

 "All the staff, dive guides, dive staff and resort staff are attentive, friendly, always helpful and always smiling! The reefs are beautiful, lush corals and sponges and massive quantities of fish. The food - lots of choices and lots of it was fantastic. Cannot imagine how the restaurant staff stay so cheerful and upbeat with the hours they work. And....everybody knows your name! Impressive! "
Winona Ware - February 2014

 "We were impressed with the service starting with arrival in Bali. We highly appreciated the arrival service at the Denpasar international airport, made it really easy for us to enter Indonesia and pass immigration and customs. We know from experience that this can be a painstaking process. Very nice bungalows with good infrastructure. Excellent service each day in our room. Very friendly and caring service at the restaurant and outstanding quality and presentation of food. Very good dive sites and perfect organization at the dive center. High quality dive gear for rental! Overall an excellent vacation! Thanks a lot to all people involved! Truly a place to enjoy diving, excellent service, good food and relax. "
Rainer Hartmann and Antje Kurz - February 2014

 "Everything was perfect. It was a pleasure to be surrounded by such wonderful people, both staff and guests. "
Glenn Bryan - February 2014

 "First and foremost : Awesome experience!! Second - Loved Loved Loved it! Third - Food was remarkable!! Fourth - Housekeeping was unbelievable. Fifth - Dive staff was the best in the world. You have not experienced reef diving until you have dived at Wakatobi. "
Susan Copelas - February 2014

 "Another great trip to your lovely resort! We loved every minute of our stay. The whole staff makes you feel like an honored guest. As usual, the reefs are beautiful and healthy, the dive guides are incredibly skilled at finding everything you want to see and the overall dive operation runs flawlessly! We loved the 4:1 ratio of divers to dive guide. We learned so much about reef life and feel like we came away better divers! Not to forget the boat staff who skillfully transported us, took care of our gear as well as joining in our wacky fun on the boat. The food was delicious, the restaurant staff is unparalleled in their attention, care and friendly service. All in all, you are amazing. Thank you so very much for a lovely time! Wakatobi does not disappoint. This is our second trip here and it felt like coming home to family and good friends. We will come back as often as we can! "
John and Eileen Siminger - February 2014

 "Excellent! The service is impeccable, the staff friendly, courteous and extremely helpful. I would especially like to single out the bartender, his cheerful and fun attitude only heightened the experience. I would also like to thank our butler who served and attended us at our romantic dinner which we had on our anniversary. He was attentive, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Our dive guide was excellent and she never failed to deliver the goods. She is a credit to the resort. "
Darren Willis - February 2014

 "We had a fantastic time! It is our first time to Indonesia and this side of the world. We appreciated everything that Wakatobi offered, from booking to concierge in Bali. The diving was incredible, so many things to see. We are so glad we stayed 10 days! Our dive guides were fantastic, it was great to experience both of their individual styles. The reefs are spectacular. I appreciate your eco efforts and applaud the in-roads you have made with the locals. We will be back. "
Sam and Cindy Booke - February 2014

 "We have had an amazing time. We cannot fault the set up of the resort, bungalow, staff or diving. It has been fantastic and the best diving we have ever done. Both our dive guides were fantastic and showed us all the small creatures that Wakatobi had to offer. Best dive guides we have ever had! We really have had such a lovely time and due to the amazing food, I think we are going home a couple of kilos heavier! We hope one day we can return again. Thanks for everything! "
Katie and Stuart Maguire - February 2014

 "Thank you, thank you and thank you. After an extraordinary week on the Pelagian, we had more unique and unforgettable days at the resort. All perfect, the service was beyond that. We had wonderful dives, we think of them as the best in the world, with attentive and well trained and pleasant guides. The staff are all polite and always helpful. At the restaurant, the chef turned out to be well above our expectations, exceptional quality, unique for a resort. We never had the same dish. Both variety and quality were astounding, and we are Italians! This is a one of its kind natural and friendly environment, to say we are excited would be an understatement. "
Gianmaria Giorgi and Marina Biffi - February 2014

 "We enjoyed the diving very much and also the kindness of the whole team. A holiday in a remote place, great treatment, impeccable service, exquisite food, wonderful organization, memorable and splendid dives, in other words: It is fabulous! Only one wish : Just to come back to Wakatobi. "
Annick and Frederic Javelle - February 2014

 "I had a very enjoyable time in Wakatobi. The staff and worker are friendly and helpful. Everyone has a happy attitude! Diving was great! "
Viki Aaron - February 2014

 "After 5 visits it just keeps getting better! The reefs are secondary only to the staff. "
Corrine and Seymour Halberg - February 2014

 "We were very satisfied as our personal expectations were met and even exceeded. When booking we expected a peaceful and private atmosphere and hoped for beautiful underwater landscape and we got both. We were perfectly taken care of with Swiss perfection from our arrival at the airport in Bali and the transit procedures all the way to our arrival at the resort, escort to our rooms and snorkel / diving experience. The quality of the food and the excellent restaurant service are astonishing in such a remote location. We were very grateful for the open and kind friendly service of all staff members. We experienced much happiness as we submerged in the underwater environment, rich in colors and shapes of the most diverse reefs of the world. We are very satisfied, grateful and happy after our holiday experience at Wakatobi. "
Christiane and Friedbert Schwinde - February 2014

 "Fantastic time, best diving we have ever done! Exceptionally supportive dive team and very friendly restaurant staff, what a fantastic finale for our honeymoon! Thank you so much for an experience like no other. This is such a special location and the staff is so knowledgeable and attentive. We were very pleased with the expertise of the dive staff and the time they took to make sure our dives were exactly what we wanted. Both of our guides were beyond great. They were exceptional, highly knowledgeable and led some great dives that I will never forget. The restaurant staff was exceptionally friendly, always looking to make sure we got exactly what we needed. The food was delicious, we felt really special with all the personal attention."
Tom and Nicole Frost - February 2014

 "I really enjoyed my stay here. The staff are all wonderful! I loved my hot stone massage and the boutique is well stocked! The shampoo and conditioner provided was awesome and smells very nice. Love the tapas style food spread. I will suggest and recommend Wakatobi to dive friends, I like that you post maps and printout all of the dive sites. "
Christine Byrer - February 2014

 "Restaurant staff and food quality were excellent. Very helpful and efficient dive staff - great operation. Crew on dive boat was the best we ever had. Nice to have all gear taken care of for us. Our dive guide had best service and genuine attitude and genuine enthusiasm. Really cared about customizing to our needs and preferences. We enjoyed the Bali airport airport arrival and departure escort services. A bucket list destination for divers! A barefoot resort, only need a pair of flip flops or sandals. "
Cynthia and Lewis Mark Carron - January 2014

 "We had great snorkeling guides. Many resorts say they welcome snorkelers but really we often do not get respect as snorkelers. However at Wakatobi we were treated extremely well. We have snorkeled in Belize, Hawaii, Fiji, the Great Barrier Reef etc. Wakatobi is fantastic and we have enjoyed our time here. It has the best snorkeling sites we have ever seen. "
Jo Anne Allison and Doug Heard - January 2014

 "Very friendly staff, always smiling and ready to help. "
Fai Cheung - January 2014

 "We love this place! A peaceful place with gourmet taste. The diving is extraordinary too! "
Barb Mahan - January 2014

 "I really enjoyed my stay. The staff is outstanding. If you want first class diving coupled with a first rate resort where you can truly relax and recharge, this is the place to go. "
Cathy McFarland - January 2014

 "Great trip and wonderful staff and dive guides. The staff and dive guides do everything they can to make your stay enjoyable and comfortable. Outstanding service. "
David Book - January 2014

 "Had a fabulous time the second time just like the first. Your dive guides and dive staff + boat crew are second to none! The hot stone massage was heavenly! Everyone was very cordial and hospitable. We will be back! The staff at this resort is second to none. All you have to do is show up! One of the best, if not the best dive resort in the world! "
Sandra Doty - January 2014

 "Everything was amazing. Adored not wearing shoes. Staff, concierge service, food (quality, choice + smiles), level of professionalism, quality of room (bedding etc, I am very impressed; especially with the food and high level 5 star service and pre-thought about your customers and I do not say that often. One of the nicest hotel boutiques I have ever seen. "
Penny Vincent - January 2014

 "Thank you for such a great time. The resort is incredible. The dive guides were excellent, very professional and knowledgeable. Our dive guide found just about everything we asked him to find. Terrific vacation! "
Allison Dean - December 2013

 "Our stay on the Pelagian and Wakatobi Resort has been absolutely excellent! Our villa was beautiful, comfortable and we did not want to leave. The diving has been beyond wonderful and the resort accommodations have been perfect. The dive staff are the best, from the water taxi drivers, boat captains, dive guides and diving crew. They are courteous, fun and very patient and helpful. The housekeeping staff were so friendly and helpful and our Villa always looked perfect, including the pool. The dining room and Jetty bar staff were beyond exceptional! From knowing our names and taking such good care of us. The dining room staff operate like true, professionally trained butler staff. Every day I was impressed with their professionalism, yet kind and funny! Loved them! We could not have asked for a better dive vacation to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! Thank you! "
Mike and Gina Leisten - December 2013

 "You met all my expectations and went far beyond. Everything was wonderful, my friends and fellow divers are so happy. That is very important for me as a group leader. Frank and I had a wonderful week on the Pelagian and a fantastic week at the resort. Your crew and staff make it all look so easy and yet we know how hard they are working. Our dive crew and boat, accommodations, service and hospitality were beyond our expectations. Thank you! "
Frank and Patrice Heller - December 2013

 "Everyone at the resort has been wonderful and very accommodating. My holiday has been completely stress free. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the resort. "
Kevin McKinney - December 2013

 "Wakatobi has been a great experience for us. Every part of our stay was extremely impressive and all we could ask for was part of your standard service. Our dive guide was outstanding, knew all the secret hiding spots for Lynda to take thousands of photos. Thanks is not enough to say to him. The bartender at the jetty bar was very helpful, friendly and mixed drinks to perfection. The restaurant was one of the best we have experienced. The food was great every day but the service (your staff) was extraordinary. It is hard to single people out. To sum it up, we will back very soon! We love Wakatobi! "
Lynda and Mark Andersen - December 2013

 "Our dive leader guided and guarded us through an unforgettable underwater experience "
Mala Turner - December 2013

 "Excellent in every respect. Diving was made nearly effortless by the well trained staff and the dives were beyond description. The diversity here is without equal. The accommodations were very comfortable with all the amenities but retained a rustic feel. And the food! I recommend elastic waistbands because eating here is the next best thing to diving. "
Pat DAngelo - December 2013

 "What a great experience. All of the resort employees were wonderful! I love that they take time to learn guests names. Everyone is so pleasant and it was great interacting with the restaurant crew. The food was amazing. Sandy beaches, beautiful reefs, coral garden, amazing marine life, A Mermaids Paradise! "
Dana Papesh - December 2013

 "Beautiful wonderful Wakatobi! Exceeded expectations! In addition to the beautiful setting are the wonderful people. Everyone stood out! We enjoyed our dive guides and boat crew, they were all wonderful on the boat, and also the restaurant team and the very efficient cleaning staff. Our bungalow was always clean and tidy. A big thank you and with warmest regards from Diane and Chris Kim, USA. "
Diane and Chris Kim - December 2013

 "Diving in paradise! Superior food, great service, exceptional accommodation and knowledgeable experienced dive guides. The seventy minute dives with long safety stops in the colorful shallows above the walls allowed lots of time for memorable discoveries. "
Mary Ahlers - December 2013

 "All staff extremely friendly, attentive and helpful. The bungalows are beautiful. The dive center, boat staff and dive guides were very helpful, professional and friendly. The dive sites are very beautiful. "
Klaus Tatsch & Ms. Gabi Pöpperl - December 2013

 "Fantastic place. Kudos to the management and the entire team. Many thanks to the chef for the fabulous and scrumptious meals he and his team cooked up daily. Having dived in many places like Sipadan, Lembeh Straits, Pulau Weh, Raja Ampat, Maldives....I think that Wakatobi has the best house reef in the region! Awesome! "
Koh Yew Chong and Serena De Silva - December 2013

 "Thank you so much for our wonderful experience here at Wakatobi, both on the resort and on the Pelagian. A really big thanks to the chef for his skills in the kitchen and our dive guide for his skills underwater. Wakatobi is an amazing wonderland both for divers and non divers. It ticks all the boxes and should be on everyones bucket list. "
Nigel and Karen Wade - December 2013

 "The complete package : Fabulous food, great diving, beautiful surrounds, very professionally run dive resort! What a superbly luxurious dive vacation! Thank you to all the professionally outfitted staff, you have all made the experience of a life time for our family holiday! Dive facility and service is very hard to match anywhere in the world. As a family we are very pleased with our time at Wakatobi. "
Trevor, Tara and Drew Smith - December 2013

 "The staff are extraordinary. The reefs truly are pristine. If you think you know what perfection is, then you have been to Wakatobi. "
Walter Sofronoff - December 2013

 "We would like to especially compliment our snorkeling guide. He pointed out many things we would not have found ourselves and was very informative and gracious and attentive. The dive center manager was helpful and willing to be flexible with our snorkeling trips. The restaurant and jetty bar staff were great, and the executive and pastry chefs are true culinary artists, and finally, every single staff we met were friendly, helpful and efficient. Wakatobi is such a remarkable place! A site with truly beautiful and healthy reefs with an amazing number and diversity of fish, sea animals and plants. Couple that with comfortable lodgings right on the beach complete with a deck, hammock and lounging chairs with an overhead umbrella and you have a wonderful tropical resort. And add in service from friendly staff, exceptional diving and snorkeling guides and food that you dream about and you have a resort that is equal to or better than anywhere else in the world. "
Thomas and Jeanne Bowles - December 2013

 "Wow, I had high expectations and they have been exceeded. Ocean bungalow was fantastic. The diving was great and the staff was incredible. Very well organised with attention to detail. Food was fabulous, the chef and his crew were first class. Restaurant staff were great, I like buffet style but Mongolian BBQ and a la carte night was great too. It is amazing to see such high quality while still being so eco-friendly. Prepare to be pampered and spoiled, both the live-aboard and resort have thought of every detail so you can enjoy the world class diving. I cannot wait to come back! "
Nancy Heath Davenport - December 2013

 "We have been planning this trip for 1,5 years. It would hopefully be a trip of a lifetime for me. I read, planned, dreamed of going to Wakatobi. We spent a glorious week on the Pelagian with a crew who anticipated our every need and wish. The dive managers greeted us every morning with abundant cheers and information for the days dives. The chef made sure our tummies were full and happy. He is a master of concocting wonderful meals appealing to both the palette and eyes. Our dive guide was a true treasure both underwater and on land. His huge smile, gentle manner and knowledge of what and where the magic creatures of Wakatobi hid allowed me to see well over 100 new sea residents. The resort itself brings the dive resort name to a whole new level. This trip even exceeded my greatest expectations. "
Myrna Chasanow - December 2013

 "Thank you for a fantastic stay. All the staff have been great and we have enjoyed our time immensely. Special thanks for the lovely Christmas surprise, chocolates and cocktails. This is a five star diving in a five star resort. The attention to detail is fantastic and makes for a wonderful holiday. "
Claire Moore and Russell Bunn - December 2013

 "Location and facilities are superb, diving is incredible. Staff is friendly, service is excellent. The efforts and attitudes of the staff members makes the entire holiday a world class experience with incredible diving in a beautiful tropical location. "
Ken Pitts - December 2013

 "Excellent service, food is fantastic, staff are super friendly, dive guides are very knowledgeable, safety is top of mind and to top it all off, the diving is fantastic! It is to be seen and not described! "
Paul Janelle - December 2013

 "Wakatobi is perfection. Fantastic service, great food and world class diving. In the past twenty years I have stayed in many of the top dive resorts and none of them are even close to Wakatobi "
Mike Skurko - December 2013

 "The food is amazing, the people are so friendly, the diving is spectacular and the spa treatments was superb. Everything about the stay was just so professional. The most disappointing thing was the 5 day trip was just too short! Our dive guide was the perfect guide for Benny and Sammy and she did an amazing job. "
Andrea Leaver and Family - December 2013

 "The most fantastic diving ever, so amazingly well organised. We really enjoyed our 6 days here, but it was too short so we have to come back! "
Fiona and Alex Henderson - December 2013

 "This is the best dive resort that we have been to so far and we would love to come back again! Quality of house reef and surrounding dive sites were excellent. The rooms were clean, the VIP service from Bali airport was very good. "
Kathy and Wilson Leung - December 2013

 "Wow, this trip has been amazing. We have traveled many resorts and often many things are good, one thing particularly fantastic and sometimes many things that could be better. In the case of Wakatobi, every single part (except for us having to leave) has been perfect. It started from our arrival and been part of every interaction we have had here. The staff are amazing and not just some of the staff but all! Even the staff we do not get to interact with often, we are always given smiles, hellos and they are always willing to help, even if it is not directly their job. It seems the staff go out of their way to think of what you might need even before you think of it. The rooms were fantastic, the housekeeping outstanding. The food was incredible and the class, speed and elegance delivered was completely unexpected, such a nice treat! The Christmas surprises, the personal notes, gifts, non diving activities, brilliant. The diving was outstanding, the dive staff incredible and so professional. It is a rare occasion when I can travel with my husband - a dive professional also - and have him completely relax and just enjoy the dives. This happened at Wakaobi because every single detail had been planned and thought through carefully. Thank you! We dream of coming back already, thank you for going beyond business, you treated us like friends, so many details, so personal. Thank you for the outstanding personal attention to every detail of our trip, but most of all thank you for showing us the positive change and impact people can make on the environment. Diving at Wakatobi allowed us to experience what perhaps had been one of the famous reefs in the past. Diving in Wakatobi allowed us to go back in time to oceans undisturbed and yet live on island with every comfort we could imagine. Thank you for spoiling us on land and in the water. "
Jennifer Anderson and McGill Cheng - December 2013

 "Great experience. Inspiring environment, attentive guides, delicious food and very comfortable accommodation. Although I did not dive this time, this is the kind of place I would come to learn to dive because of the environment and the attentiveness of the staff. Most inspiring of all is what the resort is doing in terms of collaborating with local communities for mutual benefit. Wonderful initiative! "
Shireen Issa and Jean Imbs - December 2013

 "This is our second visit. Our Villa was very comfortable with nice view. The diving and our guide was great. The Christmas dinner was very good along with the holiday decorations. The kitchen staff do a great job to prepare and serve a variety of food. "
Arthur and Geralyn Burke - December 2013

 "If there is a place which comes close to being a divers paradise it is Wakatobi. The diving itself and everything around it is organised perfectly. The underwater world is unique and wonderful. The helpfulness is outstanding, that the whole operation is also designed to be eco-friendly is the cherry of the cake! Something very special in our world today. A divers dream in every possible way! "
Ilja Haubner - December 2013

 "We came with high expectations and we have not been disappointed. The resort, yacht and diving has lived up to their reputation - world class! The guides are well informed and knowledgeable. The resort staff professional and accommodating - to put it quite simply - nothing is too much trouble. Well done everyone, a very good team you have at Wakatobi. A unique place for a unique experience. We loved it! A phenomenal experience. Excellent diving, fine wine and food, attentive staff and all in a remote location. You could not ask for anything more. "
Julie and James Barlow - December 2013

 "A must place to visit, extraordinary care for the environment and guests; top diving in the world. Absolutely loved the resort. I am completely at awe with what Lorenz has done to develop this area with a vision to improve and protect the underwater environment while making it a win for everyone - the locals, the staff, the tourists and our grand kids. The world needs many more like him. "
Jeff Scheithe - December 2013

 "Special thanks to our dive guide and our butler for making our stay so enjoyable and safe. Our dive guide really knows his stuff and helped us with equipment malfunction twice on this trip. He is the best dive guide you have and we would like to have him as our personal guide on every visit we make. Our butler provides us with the best service we have experienced this side of the pacific. His attention to detail is always immaculate and we enjoy his cheerful demeanor and 100 watt smile. We appreciate the chef for attending to our very personalized culinary taste! We really like the kitchen teams warm service and attention to our every meal and the Kopi Tubruk recommendation. Our masseurs were excellent. Thank you for all the mangosteens you got for my wife. You guys are the best! Unmatchable! There is no other place like Wakatobi. The diving is magical, the service is characterized by a warmth and genuine friendliness you will not find anywhere else in the world! "
Conchita and Francis Lee - December 2013

 "Service is unparalleled for a dive resort. The chef does a wonderful job with food experience. The small plates are to die for. Diving is superb. We will be back! "
Keith Weed - December 2013

 "Superb service for small necessary details! Boat was very clean and very organised. Loved it. Overall we enjoyed every second of it. No more explanations. "
Sandria Kirana Budiendra - December 2013

 "Great diving, food and service. Superb place, remote but easily accessible. Good logistics, great food. One of the best diving spots in South East Asia. "
Fermin Fautsch - December 2013

 "Simply wonderful. It is clear that a lot of work has gone and continues to go into making this place work so well. It is special and unique in so many ways. Our dive guide was amazingly great in every way. Sparkling personality, wonderful communicator both under and above the water and a buoyancy artist. We feel lucky to have had her as our main guide. The boat crew was always ready with a smile, the Waka V crew was great. You already know that the food is great. No complaints at all. Thank you to the kitchen team for their strong English skills and great personalities. We truly wish them all well. Again, its clear you treat all staff well as they are happy and fun, keep it up! "
Kirk, Shawn, Casey and Cameron Lilley - December 2013

 "I found the trip and experience to be wonderful. The staff at the airport was efficient and took wonderful care of me. I also loved the kitchen staff and the food which is the best we have ever had anywhere at a resort! Wakatobi is more than the best diving, the best food and wonderful staff. Wakatobi is an inspirational living vision of Lorenz and his team that brought this dream into reality for us to experience. "
Cheryl Hodgson - December 2013

 "The food was amazing, the service above and in the water was attentive and perfect. The accommodations were comfortable after long days of diving. Our dive guide was A+ at everything. Wonderful Ocean front bungalow, excellent gourmet food every meal, attention to service and then there is the diving; countless marine vistas and endless creatures for priceless pictures. "
John Andre - December 2013

 "We commend the knowledge and enthusiasm of the dive guides. Nothing is too much trouble for your employees. Great food and reasonably priced drinks. Great to see so many local people employed. Please continue with your local programs to increase awareness of the local ecosystem, both above and below the water. Good value souvenirs in the boutique. "
Mal and Julie Stuart - December 2013

 "We really enjoyed our Wakatobi experience, great staff, great location. Nothing could be better. Our dive guide was fantastic. Very helpful, informative and attentive. Highly commended and a very nice person. Wakatobi saved the Wakatobi reefs! Wonderful Wakatobi. Top location for diving and top dining in a remote location! "
Nadine Vincenc and Robert Bozek - December 2013

 "Great service, food, dive staff and of course the diving is fabulous! Best house reef ever! "
Phil Armor - November 2013

 "Our experience at Wakatobi exceeded our expectations. The staff is friendly and eager to please. The personal attention that each guest receives makes you feel at home and very special. The dive guides are very knowledgeable and work hard to ensure that each dive is not only amazing but also a safe one. The attention to detail is unmatched in our travels, from the amazing display of food everyday, the simply elegant rooms with the cleaning staff making sure everything is perfect. The fact that all the staff knows your name within the first few hours of being at the resort, being asked often how our experience could be improved, to the warm, minty towels on the dive boats. The meals have been not only amazing but the presentation has been artful. Our time in Bali was wonderful thanks to the staff there. Tours were tailored to our interests, the Bali airport experience went so smoothly and our greeting at the airport here was very welcoming. We were thrilled with everything and hope to return soon. Our time at Wakatobi has far exceeded all expectations and has truly been a trip of a lifetime! "
John and Martha Lange - November 2013

 "We had a wonderful time here. The weather was perfect. Diving was excellent. Dive team was great. Anything you need, just ask. A wonderful experience. Thanks for making our 50th birthday year special! "
Janet Schoenbachler and Sandra Frank - November 2013

 "Wonderful experience. The staff are fantastic, accommodations are top notch, the food is fantastic. We will not hesitate when the opportunity for a return visit arises. "
Alan and Robin Brankamp - November 2013

 "Truly my greatest dive experience. Thank you my stay was wonderful. "
Paul Bloemker - November 2013

 "Best staff, food, reefs, diving and experiences. Home away from home; consistent quality; genuine warmth and twinkles in the eyes of local staff; great camaraderie among guests; very professional operation. "
Rita Mills and Mike Desilva - November 2013

 "We would like to thank all the staff for making our stay and wedding the most amazing experience we could have ever wished for. Also, the chef and his crew have continued to surprise us daily with the most impressive selection of food and beverages. Special mention to the pastry chef and his coconut ice cream! We both found our dive guides to be more than helpful and knowledgeable whilst diving. Their passion was so motivating and exciting and made every dive / snorkel a purposeful mission.....And on the eighth day, God made Wakatobi. "
Cath Godley and Ocean Ozdil - November 2013

 "Wow, what can I say? This experience has been truly heaven on earth. Jeff and I will definitely be back. Your staff was always one step ahead. The lovely dining staff; my cup was never empty. The food; I loved the small servings, so I could try everything! The Jetty Bar; Bintangs served ice cold. Your bartender made our Jetty experience. The housekeeping; they even folded my pajamas! The diving; oh I did enjoy your beautiful reefs and your dive instructors were fantastic! They made my husband (new diver) feel very comfortable and gave him some extra tips on his buoyancy. Thank you...Thank you...Wakatobi was everything and more! "
Teresa Powers - November 2013

 "I had an awesome vacation at Wakatobi, the entire staff made it their business to ensure that. The only thing that I can say is that the food is too good. Maybe make it taste bad so I will not each so much of it on the next trip! Oh Awesome diving! "
Clinton Eli Reeher - November 2013

 "We have really enjoyed your resort. The most beautiful reefs we have seen. Thank you for going above and beyond our expectations. We will return someday with our son that is a new diver. "
Jerry and Lisa Fisher - November 2013

 "Everyone was wonderful. Great experience, thank you for your joy and excitement for showing all things large and small. It has been the trip of a lifetime! "
Annette Ellis - November 2013

 "After 20 years of diving around the world, we are speechless for the first time. Lorenz built his visions with huge idealism and Swiss perfection. The diving in this area, the fantastic food and the resort where the guests get spoiled 24 hours is in accordance with a 1A quality. Whoever thinks that he knows what diving is about does not know Wakatobi. For sure the last paradise on Earth! "
Marlies and Wolfgang Liebau - November 2013

 "The restaurant staff are very nice. Lovely touch to learn or remember our names. Friday and Saturday were nice days as it was quiet around the bungalow. Our dive guide was just excellent on finding various fish and creatures and was very attentive and considerate as to the divers needs. Excellent guide! "
Patrick Carey and Tanya Repka - November 2013

 "We had a lovely time in Wakatobi. On the 2nd day we did the ground tour and it was an eye opener on how difficult it is to make everything work, but it works so well! The service staff are amazing, they memorize your name immediately and your preferences. The dessert chef is a master chef! And I love the small portions as you can try several. The dive section is perfectly organised with plenty of different destinations. The protection of the area can be seen perfectly and there are so many fishes and live corals! The food is great and I like the idea of making it different every day. The restaurant staff are all attentive and our dive guide could not be more enthusiastic about every dive. Amazing! Beautiful untouched place where you can enjoy marine life at its best with an exceptional team of divers and fabulous food and service. "
Mina Gonzalez - November 2013

 "From the minute we arrived we were made to feel like royalty. This holiday has been a wonderful experience. Everyone on the resort is warm and welcoming, nothing is too much trouble - from our complicated dietary needs and an occasional (I hope) incompetence while diving we have been treated with courtesy and kindness. The dive guides are superb, knowledgeable, well trained and very helpful. The food is superb, staff on the resort helpful and smiling, all in all an excellent place to dive and stay. "
Jean Cade - November 2013

 "I had a wonderful time. The food and service was excellent. Our dive guide was excellent, he took great care of us and found many magical critters. You can find me in Wakatobi next year! I will be searching for magical underwater critters. "
Barbara Gitlitz - November 2013

 "Welcoming was warmth, staying was 5 stars, leaving was said. Experience overall exquisite, food and pastries unforgettable. One of the best dive sites on Earth. "
Leticia Torres - November 2013

 "I will be back in less than 12 months, it is very tough to leave paradise behind. "
Danny Hegglin - November 2013

 "Loved that all the staff knows your name. Really liked the idea of having dive masters who speak different languages and the possibility of private guides. Food and rooms are wonderful. You have to visit Wakatobi, it is a perfect and unmissable vacation. "
Nicole Udsen - November 2013

 "Loved the entire experience. Our dive guide was great, very knowledgeable and fun to dive with. All the staff are very friendly and helpful. Great food. Liked the outdoor showers, lounge chairs, dive boats were great, not crowded. "
Jim and Sue Udsen - November 2013

 "The new dining patio and the Wi-Fi in the Villas are great. Thank you for another fabulous vacation. Wakatobi continues to raise the bar in terms of world class accommodations and service. "
Clark and Denise Bentley - November 2013

 "2nd visit, still superb service from staff!! Our return visit was better than our first. Beautiful reefs, amazing staff, Wakatobi is top of the line. "
Jim and Erin Brockus - November 2013

 "Just outstanding. So kind, fun and sincere service. Our dive guide was an incredible guide. An unforgettable experience, thank you for the surprise flowers and cake. The restaurant staff were cheerful, always happy and ready to help. Peaceful, relaxing alive. Really - all contact with everyone was tremendous! Too many names to mention. A dream honeymoon experience. "
Jim and Cyndie Williams - November 2013

 "We loved our bungalow and your staff were great. The accommodations are very good, the diving is great but the staff is what makes Wakatobi special. Wakatobi has raised the bar in customer service that all dive operators and resorts should work for. Every detail of this trip (accommodations, dive boats, restaurant, staff) was beyond expectations. "
Rick and Kim Saas - November 2013

 "We very much enjoyed our stay at the Wakatobi Dive Resort. The resort is beautiful and our bungalow was charming. With our ocean view and ocean breezes we loved sitting on our front porch early morning and after lunch to relax and listen to the waves. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. They seemed genuinely interested in ensuring we enjoyed our visit. The food and variety of the dishes offered was excellent! The chefs are to be complimented, the best resort buffet ever! Now for the diving, Wakatobi has a well planned and well executed dive operation. The boats are excellent, the staff very helpful with gear and tanks, the guides knowledgeable and the place great (enjoyed 07:30 AM 2 tank dives), then time for lunch and a shower and rest prior to the afternoon dive. Perfect! The reefs and dive sites were excellent! We were so pleased with the health of the reefs and the abundant fish and creatures on every dive! We would definitely recommend the diving to others! Loved the coral, sea-fans, sponges and such variety! Beautiful! Loved the 70 minute dives too. Thank you for a wonderful, memorable stay! Loved the outdoor shower and drying rack too. And all the pampering was great! "
Michael and Colleen Monfore - November 2013

 "This is our second trip to Wakatobi. Everything is just as wonderful as I remember it! The service here is outstanding and is the standard I use when comparing other dive resorts. We love Wakatobi! Everything lives in the front yard at Wakatobi! "
Debbie Chase - November 2013

 "I had a wonderful time here! Loved the diving and the staff. All were very friendly and knowledgeable. Loved the media shows in the evening and the dive guides provided great education in the briefings. Loved it. Wakatobi was phenomenal from the outstanding dive guides to the courteous and always friendly staff! "
Vera Erickson - November 2013

 "Wakatobi resort is the best place I have ever stayed! The staff is over the top, polite and welcoming every day. I especially enjoyed the dining staff saying "
Cathy Cook - November 2013

 "This dive experience opened my eyes to the beauty of nudibranches and flat worms, I am going home with new knowledge and a great respect for the people of Indonesia, all of whom work so hard to show their guests a grand time. "
Penny Briscoe - November 2013

 "The diving and the resort operations are both outstanding. Dive guides and hotel staff pay attention to and address even the minor concern immediately. Food quality is 5 star with an amazing variety, prepared with finesse and presented with care, I particularly liked the home made granola, fish dishes and gelato. My dive guides were the best guides I have encountered in 13 years of diving. They were attentive to individual levels and extremely courteous to all. They both exuded a love of their ocean and great pride in Wakatobi reefs. An outstanding dive resort, well worth the long trip. Stay at least two weeks. "
Kendall Valentine - November 2013

 "Great diving, healthy reef and great dive guides & staff. We are spoiled by all the service you provided. It will be hard to beat Wakatobi. "
Laurie Hanson and Tracy Buck - November 2013

 "The food, service, dive guides were all excellent. Everyone was pleasant and very helpful. Resort grounds have a nice layout and is maintained well. "
Gordon Miller - November 2013

 "Our dive guide was outstanding. He is extremely knowledgeable, kind, concerned about safety of divers in current and good sense of humor. Always a hard worker as are all of the boat crew. House keeping was excellent. Restaurant was also excellent yet again. Varied menu with many choices to fit every dietary need and every whim. "
Mary Young and Maurice Smith - November 2013

 "We had an absolutely fantastic time. We especially loved that there were no mosquitoes. It is nice to walk to dinner and not be attacked by biting bugs. Dinner was great, diving was great, you took very good care of us. Beautiful pristine reefs, diverse fish and coral varieties, competent dive instructors, great food, and some of the most gracious and pleasant people on Earth. These are the reasons we plan to return to this beautiful island resort. "
Helen and Larry Buttress - November 2013

 "Fantastic resort. The service was exceptional starting when we landed in Bali and continued the entire 10 days. The bungalows are very nice, the resort is beautiful. The entire staff was friendly and accommodating. The boat crews and dive staff were exceptional. Our dive guide did a great job helping us deal with problems and went out of her way to be sure we had a great dive experience. Everything about our trip was fantastic. Your staff are a true asset to your company. The spa was exceptional. Thanks for all the great memories. "
Tom and Donna Murphy - November 2013

 "We have dove many places and some are truly awesome places to visit. Wakatobi and Palaw are on our list to do again. Here are some things we think are top notched : Food is excellent, room is beyond excellent, your dive guides are super, love having dry towels on the boat and the crew tending to our every move. Wakatobi is the whole package! "
Debbie Younger - November 2013

 "Thank you for preserving the reefs, we appreciate the hard work of Mr. Lorenz for his dedication to save at least some parts of Wakatobi so the future generation could still see the beauty of the nature we have protected from the people who bomb and poison of our coral reefs with potassium. First class resort, excellent food, boats, room and hospitality. Staff are so friendly. We will recommend your resort to our Indonesian diving friends so they will no longer misunderstand the exclusiveness of Wakatobi Dive Resort, and also explain to them why you are entitled of this privilege. "
Bambang W. Sudiro - November 2013

 "The only dive resort in the world where your dive guide is your personal dive experience manager. Thank you for that excellent service. It made my diving a truly magnificent one. "
Martin Rohner - November 2013

 "Our Villa was lovely - food and service was great. We were extremely happy with our private dive guide. He was helpful in so many ways and always looked out for us. He provided the best possible dives - safety first. The resort is beautiful. "
Roald and Robin Pettersen - November 2013

 "What a wonderful experience this has been! From incredible diving full of life, color and variety to a flawless staff and operation, where not a single detail was missed. The villas and amenities were incredible, the food was excellent, the spa first class, the dive operation world class. But most important to the overall experience of Wakatobi is the staff. They were beyond professional, beyond friendly, everyone we encountered, from dive guides to restaurant staff, from tank handlers to gardeners, were warm, open and genuinely happy to want to help. All of them make this so much more than just a holiday, there is a warmth and welcome that makes you feel at home, only indulged. We will be coming back!!! One of the best trips we have ever taken, Wakatobi has it all! Amazing diving, wonderful facilities, top notch staff! "
Kevin and Julie Kurtz - November 2013

 "Staying in Wakatobi was, as already the last time-simply wonderful. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful with a good sense of humor. Culinary was high class and the diving was perfect. Our dive guides knew a lot of interesting things to tell and also very considerate. The gardens are beautiful. "
Markus Schonbaechler and Gabriela Taugwalder - November 2013

 "Overall I had a great time. Fantastic diving, beautiful resort and bungalow, and very friendly and helpful staff. Special thanks to my dive guides and also the restaurant staff, thank you all for making my stay memorable. "
Caleb Lawrence - November 2013

 "Thoroughly enjoyed our second stay here at Wakatobi. The diving was great (as usual) our guide was very accommodating as well! Food was excellent and all your staff is helpful and friendly. It is a pleasure to be able to visit this place. If you are a diver, make sure diving at Wakatobi Dive resort is on your bucket list! "
Sheryl Todd - November 2013

 "Wakatobi is a wonderful experience. All aspects are enjoyable. Our Villa is beautiful - over the top! Food and service : friendly, courteous and as good as any five star resort. Thank you! Dive masters and boat helpers were excellent! We had an excellent dive guide, we have been diving in many countries and he provided the best customer service above and under the water! We look forward to coming again soon! Thank you everyone for making our dive vacation special and memorable. Wakatobi Dive Resort should be on every divers bucket list! "
Bob and Delene Monetta - November 2013

 "Amazing diving. Excellent food. Best service staff anywhere on planet Earth. Only improvement would be mermaids! Wakatobi is Scuba heaven! "
Mark May - November 2013

 "Remains in our mind the best / optimum combination of good diving and comfort. Our Villa is just the best! The addition of an espresso machine is great. Diving meets comfort. Wakatobi is the best of both worlds! "
Ohm and Maria Savanayana - November 2013

 "We saw the video and picture on the website, the real thing is far more beautiful. We came here with high expectations and our expectations were exceeded! The staff is super friendly and professional. The diving is amazing, the food is delicious and the service is first class. Our bungalow was clean and comfortable, housekeeping kept fresh supply of towels and bathroom necessities. The F&B staff are so wonderful, they anticipated every need we had. We will be back for sure, with more friends. Our first visit will definitely not be our last. See you again soon! "
Anis and Stella Girgis - November 2013

 "Great service, super attentive staff, excellent cuisine, fantastic accommodation, very good diving organization. A dream destination for divers. "
Silke and Andreas Heinrich - November 2013

 "The reefs and fish life are amazing! The ecosystem is in fine shape here. The healthy reef supports hundreds of species and in all the time I have been here, it has improved. Many big fish now present, turtles and a diverse coral reef ecosystem. We decided to upgrade to a beach front instead of a garden view room and was very pleased with it. The outdoor shower was a nice touch. Our dive guide was amazing. He took great care of us and our equipment. My husband as a first time Wakatobi customer was amazed by what our guide showed him. "
Ledean Paden - November 2013

 "Wakatobi is every Scuba divers dream of paradise come true. The house reef and the various dive sites are fabulous. Pristine and clear water, healthy reefs, amazing diversity of corals and fishes. Numerous different very beautiful Nudibranches. Cute pygmy sea horses. Diving could not possibly be better organised. All staff were nice, pleasant and helpful. Excellent equipment, in good shape. Superb dive guides and best crew. The restaurant is also really good. Excellent meals, a great variety of choices. The beach bungalows are really nice. Nothing is lacking. "
Olle Olerup - November 2013

 "The staff at Wakatobi has been beyond stellar! From the restaurant staff who were gracious and made every effort to accommodate our needs and make our daughter feel welcome and special. The nanny we had was amazing with our daughter Eliot, allowing both of us to dive worry free. Our dive guides were amazing, amazing, amazing. They made our visit memorable and each catered to our every need. It was an all-around great experience! "
Minnie and Michael Zeigler - November 2013

 "Staff was extremely friendly and attentive. Room was very comfortable and well attended by housekeeping staff. Food was delicious and the restaurant staff exceptionally friendly. Dive guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. Dive crew was also very attentive and helpful. Resort, grounds, accommodations were all spectacular. "
Ian and Kristin Jones - November 2013

 "A truly amazing experience, fantastic diving. Every dive brought something new to see. "
Les and Gill Marchant - November 2013

 "I can only say that this quite possibly is one of the most amazing and special places I have ever visited. The diving speaks for itself but what truly makes Wakatobi wonderful is the staff. Within days they all new our names. The food is 5 star, dive boats 5 star, camera room 5 star. I have never met a more kind and gentle dive guide. Our dive guide made our diving experience amazing. He is a huge asset to Wakatobi. Paradise! We will never forget this beautiful resort and the beautiful people who work here! "
Tracey Winholt - November 2013

 "Great service, great food, great dive. Amazing resort in an amazing location. "
Shannon Hawkins - November 2013

 "We have waited for a long time for our dream to come true and it was so absolutely worth it. Superb dive sites, very pristine, colorful and rich in species. We have been able to discover many things that are not usually seen while diving and we have learned a lot about the world under water. Wonderful atmosphere and bungalows. It was so nice to have marine life ID books in the bungalows. The bungalows were very clean, the garden areas are very beautiful with natural shade. The hot face towels after diving were excellent! Very friendly staff in all areas, very good food with lots of varieties. When we arrived in Bali, the Visa, immigration and custom procedures were organised in a VIP fashion, without queuing. It was extremely agreeable! 17 days passed too quickly! "
Joerg and Marianne Kubach - October 2013

 "The staff were very courteous and friendly. Many know your name, very accommodating. The chef is amazing, the food was wonderful. Dive staff were very helpful and knowledgeable. Worked well as a team. The dives were great, not rushed! Love the 70+ minute dives. The staff were very helpful with shore diving also. We had a great time! "
Pat and Rena Shahan - October 2013

 "We had an awesome time! The service is fantastic! We will tell all our friends! "
George and Susie Turner - October 2013

 "We would like to thank all and every one of the crew and staff for their kindness, help, for being courteous and for the professional services they provided during our stay. "
Hiyam and Giuseppe Trunfio - October 2013

 "Fabulous food and very attentive service. Wonderful waiters, always with a friendly smile. The housekeeping staff do a superb job, everything is spotless. Boat crew extremely helpful, very gentle with the dive gear, good attention to detail i.e; air drying regulator yoke and covering when not connected to a tank. Extremely knowledgeable dive guide, allowing us to go at our own pace. This made for very relaxed diving. "
John and Anne Currie - October 2013

 "Staff very friendly and helpful dive masters. Patient, knowledgeable and willing to tailor dives to your needs. Food was fantastic, we had a great time! "
Robert Uphus - October 2013

 "I love the resort in every aspect. I am sure diving friends would do the same. Very important to my wife Debby and me are the founding concept to influence the local fishermen to protect the reefs as well. Therefore Wakatobis financial viability would be helped by more clients. The reefs are different, each pristine, like a window to what likely existed world wide millions of years ago, but now have been preserved here in the Banda Sea. "
Charlie Pratt - October 2013

 "Very good food, staff and accommodations. Diving was very good and great for photos. Our dive guides were very attentive to our diving needs, they are excellent dive masters. The chef was excellent and saw that guests were taken care of for dining. "
Lee and Wayne Rosch - October 2013

 "Very good food, very friendly and skilled staff. The combination of diving and snorkeling is superb. Very efficient organisation from arrival in Bali to departure. It was fun for the whole family! "
Claudia, Sven and Niels Rogge - October 2013

 "This was our first diving trip and I am afraid that we are forever spoiled now. Wakatobi was an amazing experience with fantastic reefs and wonderful staff. "
Sachie Oshima and Jon Charles - October 2013

 "The whole trip to Wakatobi is slick and reassuring, From pre-trip emails, to the airport guides in Bali then onto the resort, it is a magical place with a wonderfully friendly atmosphere, made so mostly by the staff and amenities. The bungalow was well equipped, the free water most welcome. The food was consistently excellent, well done to the chef and his team. The system of little freshly cooked quantities being topped up makes for very fresh and delicious meals. Dive experience managers are super, great at spotting so many creatures and getting my buoyancy right and such a joy to be diving with. Such professionalism and enthusiasm were appreciated. The resort manager was so relaxed and welcoming, he brought Wakatobi to life with background and information. Boat staff were fantastic. If you are wondering if Wakatobi is worth the cost and distance to visit, it absolutely is. Every member of the staff actively contributes to making your stay and your diving an exceptional experience. Do come and see! "
Peter Beard and Deborah Gilbert - October 2013

 "The staff were absolutely amazing! So care taking! Reading each wish from my eyes, very polite, helpful and efficient, I liked the personal relation each staff member tried to build up with each individual guest, even remembering the favorite food or drinks of guests. The dive guides were great, very professional and experienced, really enjoyed the underwater experience and creatures our dive guide found and showed us. Staff on the boat were very friendly, helpful and caring. Rental equipment was great. Dive boats were very convenient. The bungalow I stayed in was lovely and perfect, housekeeping was doing a perfect job all the time. I loved the towel figures on the bed every day and the nicely trimmed walkways. The food was excellent and there were plenty of choices to choose from. As close to paradise as someone can get! Enjoyed each minute here and from the first second I could feel that I will be well taken care of. Wakatobi is a special vacation spot. "
Karin Schramm - October 2013

 "First class - great diving and hospitality. Wonderful staff, atmosphere and food too! "
Sharon Wantz - October 2013

 "Get ready for a trip of a lifetime! Everything about this past week has been amazing! Special kudos to your very very talented and friendly staff. Every single staff member at Wakatobi made me feel welcomed and special! Huge thanks to my dive experience manager. As I am a relatively new diver, he was very patient and made me totally sure I had a safe and enjoyable experience. The restaurant team were all excellent, I could not be more impressed with the Wakatobi staff. Other things I truly loved were sunsets / cocktails at the Jetty Bar, gourmet meals and superb food, great lecture on anemone fishes. Thank you again for a truly magnificent experience! "
Samuel Gordon Smith Jr. - October 2013

 "Love love love this place - terrific staff, always smiling. We do not know many scuba people but would definitely recommend to others. Food was fantastic! Maybe a Wakatobi cook book? Dive boat helpers were thoughtful and very efficient. Dive and Thrive! Beauty overload, Underwater magic. "
Sally Palmer and Erik Jacobsen - October 2013

 "Attention to detail and personal touches are great. Loved that everyone tried hard to use our names, loved getting fresh towels, hot drinks and food offered to us as soon as we were out of the water. The bartender is amazing. Always so upbeat and friendly, great way to start the morning, lunch and evening. We really like that he came over to chat with us when we would have pre-dinner drinks on the jetty. Our dive guide was amazing, always willing to do whatever we wanted and very accommodating. We felt very safe with him and felt very taken care of throughout the entire trip. Wakatobi lived up to the hype. Second to none diving, delicious food, ideal scenery and staff who really make you feel well taken care of and special. "
Eric and Courtney Szmurlo - October 2013

 "This is the second visit to Wakatobi for us. Boat crew, staff, dive guides are friendly and helpful. The resort is well maintained and of high quality. We enjoyed our stay very much. "
Bryce and Florence Maxwell - October 2013

 "Our stay was enjoyable. Some of the dive sites are absolutely beautiful. The staff was excellent! Very friendly and helpful. We were very impressed that everyone knew our names. "
Candi and Warren Bainbridge - October 2013

 "Impeccable service on all levels. By far the nicest Total dive resort we have ever experienced! "
Stewart Galloway - October 2013

 "Awesome diving and service, amazing location and sunsets, very comfortable place to stay. Everything was okay, staff is very nice and friendly. Diving experience was awesome, guides were very nice and polite, everyone from the resort are very friendly. Your restaurant is also very good, well served food and really great tables outside. The atmosphere is the best, especially in the evenings. We definitely would recommend this place to our diving friends and perhaps will come back again next year. "
Sergey Zolotarev and Mariia Volokushina - October 2013

 "My dive guide was way above expectations. Food was over the top great! All the staff were very courteous and friendly. Nice touch to rescue turtles, I was offered a private tour. A true royal flush - 10 for gourmet food, Jack of diamonds for hospitality, Queen of hearts for accommodations, an unsurpassed undersea Kingdom and triple AAA value overall. "
John Brill - October 2013

 "Very good service in all departments (staff taking care of bungalows, restaurant service, boat crews up to the manager) perfect friendly and accommodating. From the first day everybody knows your names, room number, box number, WOW! Our dive guides did an outstanding job. Very good food, very good service. Nobody is perfect...Wakatobi and its staff are! Perfect without being pretentious. "
Thomas Tholey - October 2013

 "Everything has been wonderful at Wakatobi. Boutique is great! Diving and dive experience manager is great. Staff all helpful. Best diving by far of any of the 30+ destinations we have been to. On a dive site there is so much marine life one does not know where to stay on "
Linda Kay White - October 2013

 "There is simply not much you can improve upon - the dive operation, resort, restaurant, all the staff are exceptional. We could not have been more satisfied, you are simply the best dive resort we have been to in over 15 years of diving experiences. You do everything exceptionally well. We want to particularly comment about the staff on the boats and in the restaurant. They were outstanding! We will be back! "
Eric and Hollie Lindauer - October 2013

 "This resort is extraordinary in many ways but you already know that. Congratulations anyway! What I really appreciated about it was that everything worked, everything was well organised and executed, the staff were unfailingly friendly, helpful and always displayed a willingness to do things for you. For me personally having an extraordinary well experienced crew and dive team on Waka IV was fantastic. As good as it gets in a dive resort. "
Antony Baxter - October 2013

 "A wonderful experience both above and beneath sea level. Very dedicated staff. Our dive guide showed us the most strange creatures and made our stay on the boat very enjoyable. Bungalow, garden, beach, housekeeping and service in the restaurant : All excellent! "
Georges Coremans and Monique Tits - October 2013

 "Amazing place and fantastic organisation! Well done and good job to all! Very remote, very beautiful, a wonderful experience. I will come again. "
Mauro Barocci - October 2013

 "Thank you very much for a very nice holiday. It was fantastic, food was delicious and the reefs are so beautiful. Thank you very much for showing us many creatures which we have never seen before. We also really enjoyed the night dive, I did not expect so much fun. "
Chikako and Masato Kawanami - October 2013

 "My second time in Wakatobi and I have a very high level of satisfaction for the diving, food, staff, hospitality everything! I hope that the Wakatobi reefs stay healthy forever. "
Kojun Ono - October 2013

 "Second trip, last was in 2009. The dive guides were fantastic. This is a must-do trip for anyone wanting fantastic diving service and an experience of a lifetime. Already planning a return trip! "
Colin and Jean Zylka - October 2013

 "Great service, great accommodation, great diving, great food! A 5 star+ dive resort, the best one encountered in our 20 years of diving. The staff goes out of their way to make sure that you have a great dive vacation. This is our second visit and we will be back for sure. Superb organization, efficiently run. Everything in place to guarantee a great dive vacation. "
Ann Donahue and Ken Sutherland - October 2013

 "We have had a great time. I love staying here with our son for 10 days. Gives us time to adjust, relax and really soak in everything and get the hang of what to do. We love our bungalow and when we come back we are going to request this one again. It is perfect if you have a child. The food is awesome. Best fruits and vegetables ever. My son and husband are big fans of the desserts. They especially love the chocolate ones. This is our second time visiting. First a week on Pelagian which we loved, 2nd with our son for 10 days at the resort. We are looking forward to coming back. The beach is great. Great place to chill out! "
Robert, Katy and Jackson Brodbeck - October 2013

 "Awesome trip! Often a repeat trip does not seem as good as I remember but Wakatobi gets better and better. "
Phyllis Brown - October 2013

 "Outstanding resort! I have been to many over the years, but Wakatobi is truly one of the best for divers. The whole experience was awesome, great staff, delicious food, and the diving was truly magical. Having worked in the dive industry for 28 years, I know how much work goes into making everything run smoothly. So well done indeed! "
Sandy Carroll - October 2013

 "Loved everything! Staff were very friendly and accommodating. We want to come back with family. "
Mike and Joan Sturm - October 2013

 "The experience has been absolutely wonderful. My wife and I, both divers, chose this wonderful spot for our honeymoon and it has been everything we had hoped for and more. Every detail has been carefully thought out and I would not change a thing. In addition to the diving, the other main reason we chose Wakatobi was because of the rave food reviews. The food definitely did not disappoint and on several occasions totally Wowed us! I am glad we opted for the 7 course candle light dinner. The setting, service, wine and food were stunning. Compliments to the chef, hospitality staff and dive crews for making this a prefect trip. "
Kyle and Mari Zilles - October 2013

 "I have been working in the travel industry for over 20 years and have extensively visited resorts and hotels of all kinds all over the world. However, I have never found a place like Wakatobi where such attention is brought to every detail. Well done. I will be back! "
Jean-Marc Imhof - October 2013

 "Awesome! A must see! Sensory overload! The dive guides and staff were wonderful! We were very impressed that the staff knew everyones name and by the 2nd or 3rd day! Extremely friendly and courteous. Diving was awesome. Dive guides were very knowledgeable and could find the tiniest creature. They were wonderful. Thank you for an amazing experience. "
John and Kathryn Engel - October 2013

 "Great resort, worth the long trip from Milwaukee. Best service of any dive resort or hotel we have visited. Excellent dive masters, boat crew, chefs, housekeepers etc. Nice to see so many local people employed. Resort is helping local economy. Excellent food, rooms are very clean. The minty towels on dive boats are top notch. "
Lyn Johannsen and Gary Verhalen - October 2013

 "We had a wonderful time. Truly the experience of a lifetime. Everyone was wonderful, I so appreciate your patience and caring. Our dive guides were amazing. I never thought I would dive again. They were always aware, always encouraging and always entertaining with their knowledge and life experiences. "
Carol and Gary Kerbel - October 2013

 "Wonderful experience. Exceptional staff and great facilities add to the wonderful experience to sum up to a package that was sublime. This has been our best resort stay in over 25 years of dive travel. Our dive guide anticipated our every need and was very helpful during diving to point out hard to find creatures. We were very impressed with his professional attitude and kind behavior. Spectacular in every way from staff to facilities to diving. "
Steve and Kathy Irwin - October 2013

 "We had a great time. This was our second visit. The food in particular is better than last time and it was good then. Staff was great and extremely helpful. "
Mark Bronkalla - October 2013

 "Thank you so much for all that you have done! The care, protection and love of Wakatobi reefs over the past 4 years since my last visit is so evident. Flourishing and alive, bright and healthy. A paradise. "
Judy Harger - October 2013

 "I thought the service on the boat and in the restaurant was excellent. Our dive guides were extremely helpful, their enthusiasm is infectious. The food was very tasty and there were a tremendous number of choices of great desserts. Truly world class diving, staff and resort. "
Jerry Ludwig - October 2013

 "We had a wonderful time here. The weather was perfect. Diving was excellent. Dive team was great. Anything you need, just ask. A wonderful experience. Thanks for making our 50th birthday year special! "
Janet Schoenbachler and Sandra Frank - October 2013

 "We are a couple of middle aged (well, 70 if truth be told) snorkellers. We did not know what to expect from our short stay at Wakatobi. In reality, the whole experience has been sublime. The coral reefs have been the true stars with a variety of colours and types of corals, sponges and turnicates that defy belief and the conservation programme has been a stunning success. The fish life has been full of wonder. This underwater experience has been spectacularly complimented by the extraordinary care and kindness of the whole staff of the resort, restaurant, bars, personal snorkel experience managers and the back rooms that keep everything moving smoothly and safely, it is impossible to believe the standard of food and facilities far from anywhere. "
Robert Shaw - October 2013

 "Incredibly rich and healthy looking reefs, great dive with competent and motivated dive guides. Very nice resort with a high level of service. "
Stefan Bont - October 2013

 "Once again our experience here was fantastic. We were a bit worried how the resort would be when it is full versus empty when we were here in January. We were very happy to see that the service was just as good. The restaurant crew was spectacular as usual and the food superb. This was the best time. "
Kelley and Bob Scarzafava - October 2013

 "Every aspect of the Wakatobi stay was excellent. At no time could I criticize. You have it all. Our dive guide was excellent and professional, you are lucky to have her. "
Scott Biddle - October 2013

 "Everything was terrific. I could not believe after one day everyone knew my name. I have never been around such friendly staff. The diving rated 10 out of 10! But what made it even more special was our dive guide. She was the prefect guide for the diving and I hope to dive with her again someday. Friendliest staff anywhere combined with world class diving on one of the healthiest coral reefs in the world, who could ask for more? "
Phil Green - October 2013

 "The staff are all authentic and connected to each guest. When I look back on the week at Wakatobi, words such as common humanity, mindfulness and resilience are what come to mind. I am so excited about sharing this adventure with my family and friends. "
Lisa Stillion - October 2013

 "This is an absolutely wonderful dive destination and experience! I am very glad I was able to come here! The service is excellent; food amazing and I had one of the best dive guides I have ever had. Very knowledgeable about the underwater world. She is a real gem. Thanks for making this dive trip a perfect 10! "
Marle Christensen - October 2013

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our all too brief diving adventure at Wakatobi. Very professional and personable staff in all functions of the resort. "
Jesse Kennedy - October 2013

 "I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Wakatobi. The staff are amazing! I don’t think Ihave ever encountered a more accommodating group of people. My husband and I have been to Indonesia many times and have enjoyed our travel, but Wakatobi has exceeded our expectations. Our first dive guide was very special. She did her job and added joy to our dives! Our second guide was very special as well, he makes sure our dives were amazing. The staff and crew were the best! They were always there to help and make sure we were taken care of, even with the large group of divers, the staff worked to stay on top of the tank fills - you can appreciate the effort. Thank you for a wonderful vacation. We are already working to find a way back to Wakatobi in the near future! We will see you again. "
Linda Newman-Kennedy - October 2013

 "It was a privilege to experience the vision of environmental stewardship and community brought to reality by your visionary owner. To a person, the hospitality and professionalism of your staff, dive professionals was unequal in my travel experience. Again I believe the entire Wakatobi staffs attention and care is a direct reflection of the ownerships commitment to his original vision. I wish you all continued success and ask that our gratitude to the village and community be expressed as well. "
William Flack - October 2013

 "The staff has bent over backwards to accommodate our needs and desires. Thank you very much! The best combination of service and diving that we have ever experienced. A must for every diver! "
Peggy and Dale Coburn - October 2013

 "Extremely grateful for making us part of your family again over the last couple of weeks. Needless to say, but again compliments for the knowledge of your diving staff, the friendliness of the staff at the resort and all the good care. We will definitely return to this little part of paradise again. The unique mixture of pristine diving, excellent service and gourmet food made a return visit as magnificent as the first one. "
Anjo van Kelckhoven - September 2013

 "The staffs attention to every detail is without comparison and should be a model for all professional dive resorts "
Ken Lambert - September 2013

 "Excellent operation. Fantastic place. The staff are properly trained and motivated + the service was great. Fantastic food and very good attention to detail. My dive master was most professional, kind and attentive. A paradise on Earth with Swiss organization and eye for detail. "
Juan Carlos Perez - September 2013

 "Excellent! Wakatobi came highly recommended to us but our high expectations were met and exceeded in many ways. A top experience! Congratulations to an impressing week of relaxed and friendly atmosphere with true professional attention to details. Very few resorts are that well managed and staffed. "
Jan - Eric Nilsson - September 2013

 "Food and service is 5 star, the concept and execution was very impressive. Owners have created a win/win situation for the environment, local inhabitants and guests. Staff is incredible from top to bottom, management + organization is flawless. The world could take a lesson on how to create a green, sustainable environment without sacrificing any creature comforts. "
Jim Stroup - September 2013

 "This has been a positively perfect experience in every way! The dive crew is the best I have experienced. They are extremely knowledgeable and they know how to pamper dive guests. The food and the restaurant staff are tremendous and so attentive to our every need. We felt at home right away as the staff is welcoming and never forget your name. This is a five star diving, dining and relaxing resort in its own little island paradise! "
Pamela Morris and Gary Finka - September 2013

 "It has been a pleasure to be able to visit Wakatobi. All the staff are really friendly and they always lavish attention. Villa no 2 is very good and very private. The dive staff are also very good, you dont have to do anything as they take care of everything. The food is excellent. There is a mixture between Indonesian and Eurpoean food. In brief, it has been a very good holiday. "
Pierre Alain Graf and Nathalie Cappelletti - September 2013

 "When we decided to come to Wakatobi, we could imagine an isolated island with pristine reef and excellent dives. But this was just a small part. Since we arrived in Bali, Wakatobi staff started to amaze us. Always kind and with a big smile on their faces, people here made us feel very welcome. I would like to thank everyone for turning this into one of the best experiences we have ever had. We would like to say thank you to our dive guide, he has always been very kind, attentively taking care of us under and above water. Besides being a good person, he is also a very good professional diver and underwater spotter. We would also like to thank all the kitchen staff, the food was spectacular! Wakatobi is not only excellent dives, it is a complete experience of fun, adventure and well being. Simply amazing! "
Junio Rios Melo and Gnana Keith - September 2013

 "Wakatobi Dive resort for me has been a fantastic experience. The level of service is formidable. All staff have a great service spirit. From our arrival in Bali, the reception from our concierge was 1st class and the transport from Bali to Wakatobi was very good. Here when we arrived in Wakatobi the transport to the resort was very good. The dive service offered by the dive guides were very good. The last five days have been great. The room and in general all services are of high quality primarily because of the personalized attention from all trying to find out what they can do to help you or if you need anything. A lot of vision and many compliments to the director and all the staff. Thank you very much to all. Wakatobi is one of the best places in the world for diving, besides being an unforgettable paradise. "
Enrique Breton Arana and Laura Guadalupe Reyes Morales - September 2013

 "Our dive guide was the best dive guide we ever had in over 25 years of diving. What a delight to have his assistance, knowledge and willing attitude, always willing to go to the extra mile. All dive / boat staff were professional and helped in anyway. All staff on the resort were super - again polite, always smiling and will do anything to assist you. Food is outstanding, personalized information about anything you want to know! Thank you for your hard work in making our trip a wonderful experience, your hard work is paying off!! Good luck on your continued success. A special place where man and nature work together. "
Wayne and Marcie Bartley - September 2013

 "Without question, our #1 experience with regard to the flourishing vibrant life of this fantastic healthy reef. We came as a result of advertising that stated that this was one of the most (if not the most) healthy reef systems in the world and we were not disappointed from the first moment we jumped in the water. Our dive guide was great, helpful in every way on land and in the water. Boat crew was experienced and made diving so easy and relaxing. Best food of any dive resort we have been to and many thanks to the restaurant staff and bartenders. Accommodations were also nice. The Villa we stayed in was fabulous, first class accommodations and treatments almost every way. Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon. The Wakatobi resort was at the top of our "
Emory and Suna Chang - September 2013

 "Excellent service, spa and and exquisite kitchen. Special thanks to the butler service, it was always enjoyable to have someone to talk to. My dive guide has shown high motivation while teaching me to dive. She is a very respectable and funny teacher. Thank you for teaching me! "
Reto Brunner - September 2013

 "It began with a magnificent meet and greet service at the airport in Bali and wonderful hospitality at all levels continued throughout! We found all of your people excellent in every respect. Your dive personnel are very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and courteous. Nothing is a bother for them! Safety is clearly a priority with them. The catering staff at all level are likewise always there to help, friendly and helpful. With regard to the diving, we found the corals to be exceptionally diverse and beautiful. The fish was very plentiful, varied, colorful and we met some new species which was great. "
Jim McLennan - September 2013

 "The pastry chef is marvelous, he made delicious creations. Our dive guide has done a great job, always pleasing everybody. He is very knowledgeable and is able to find the smallest critters. It was a pleasure diving with him. The free Lamanggau Village Tour was a real bonus. The Tomia Timur market and Panorama Tour was great. An absolute must. We had so much fun on the market, meeting local people and shopping. We also got great photos from the market and the people. We had a wonderful experience visiting the local school, the headmaster arranged a special dance by the pupils. The teachers were very friendly and we were allowed to attend some minutes in the classroom. The staff in the restaurant was always happy, friendly and courteous. They spoiled me with small self-made gifts. "
Margit McLennan - September 2013

 "Such a variety of living corals is not so common anymore elsewhere and also the small creatures you find is amazing. It is a must see for all divers. I will certainly recommend and if possible come back. "
Ines Cogliati - September 2013

 "Our experience at Wakatobi has exceeded our high expectations. The attention to detail here, both in accommodations and service, as well as in diving, is phenomenal. The staff seem genuinely happy to assist in any way. Resort and diving staff knew our names and even drink preferences, which was an unexpected and nice personal touch. The food was beautiful and delicious. Our dive experience manager was outstanding. He is knowledgeable, competent and charming. I felt safe with him and confident that he would help us to see marine life. "
Jana Johnson and Kristen Rosselli - September 2013

 "The diving experience at Wakatobi has been enjoyable. We were very pleased with our dive guide. The food is delicious and the dining room staff are thoughtful and attentive. "
Phil and Kristi Hunsucker - September 2013

 "Great dive guides, great food, incredibly friendly staff everywhere from gardener to manager. We loved the concierge service in Bali, it was exceptional. "
Mike and Cindy Carter - September 2013

 "The dive operation is very competently-run and is a good system. Food of course was excellent, we stayed in a Villa which was beautiful. Beautiful corals, abundant sea life, excellent dive guides along with a top notch resort with first rate food and accommodations make Wakatobi a must do dive experience and dive destination "
Steve and Valerie Wenderoth - September 2013

 "Wakatobi met all my expectations, both above and below the water. Service by all resort personnel was consistently excellent. All scuba and restaurant staff were always friendly and helpful. My entire boat crew from captain to DM to crew did a great job. Restaurant food was always good. "
Wayne Chiappetta - September 2013

 "Food was excellent and far exceeded expectations. Service was superb. Our dive guide was amazing and very knowledgeable. Boat crew was excellent, attentive and very professional. Staff overall was really cordial and helpful. Accommodations exceeded expectations. "
James Peterson - September 2013

 "No complaints! Unbelievable service + care of all involved in the operation. First class dive experience that deserves the effort to get it. "
Jeff Korchek - September 2013

 "A huge thank you to staff and dive guides of Pelagian and Wakatobi Dive Resort. The overall service is outstanding. "
Theo Van Haaster and Monique Elferink - September 2013

 "We can tell that the whole crew is well trained, they are very helpful. It is a very special feeling that everybody knows your name and when there are small problems they are taken car of immediately. Thank you for taking such good care of us! Especially for the surprise on our 25th wedding anniversary and birthday! We will be back! "
Peter Van den Biggelaar and Germaine De Louwere - September 2013

 "Nice resort, nice rooms and excellent food. The diving and all information around it was very well organised. The jetty bar was relaxing after the dives. The staff were very professional, friendly and helpful. Worth coming back and will recommend to other divers. "
Ronny and Moniek Impens - September 2013

 "This is the 3rd year we have been here and glad to say you have exceeded our expectations. I have told many people that Wakatobi is not anything specific, it is the total package. The food, facility and team, work in conjunction to make it a wonderful experience. Our guide was a pleasure to snorkel with and is a great addition to the team as is the entire restaurant staff and boat crew. We definitely hope to see the new staff again soon. Thank you all for another wonderful Wakatobi experience. "
Ron and Laura Boreisha - September 2013

 "The resort, diving and staff are all absolutely amazing. Everyone from the managers to the people helping out with the dive tanks were incredibly helpful and friendly. Our dive guide was fantastic and made our diving experience probably the best we will ever have. The kitchen and restaurant staff were super accommodating to dietary restrictions and were putting out 5 star dining every time. The dive sites of course are some of the best in the world and it is excellent that Wakatobi is trying to keep them this way. All in all one of the best weeks of our lives and we look forward to coming back. The best diving, service and accommodation in the world in a remote paradise away from the crowds and the rest of civilization. "
Maria Konyukhova and Slava Reznik - September 2013

Featured Endorsement

"Simply the best. Terima kasih. Our dive guide is a superb dive experience manager. He allows great freedom without sacrificing safety. Likewise, the Bali VIP service was exceptional. The food at Wakatobi was just right, especially the variety and availability of small portions. Wakatobi is that rare combination of respect for the environment, the local community and divers always hope for, but rarely found. Certified in 1966, instructor certification in 1975, work with the American Academy of underwater sciences and a university science diving program and the opportunity to display my underwater photography in several galleries provide the foundation for me to say, Wakatobi is not only what a dive resort should be...her people, her facilities and food, her stewardship and the seas natural beauty have made Wakatobi the premier dive holiday destination. "
Jeremy Cohen and Catherine Jordan - August 2013


 "Our stay here was really comfortable even as there were no Japanese staff but there were some Japanese speakers and they were really helpful and diving was really really fantastic. It was a small group and we were really relaxed. We enjoyed seeing beautiful coral and various marine life. The meals were so tasty. We have become Wakatobi fans. All staff were friendly and very kind, also everyone has a nice smile. If there is a chance, we wish to come back here again. "
Mariko and Taka Otsu - August 2013

 "The butlers were excellent for our special anniversary dinner. They were very attentive and discreet. We can not say enough about the quality and variety of the food, the chef is superb. We had a very positive dive experience. Our dive guide took very good care of us in every way. What a great week of diving! We learned so much about the sea and its creatures in this area it improved our diving skills. Fun! Let me add an additional note about the boat crew. fantastic service as well! Cant wait to return! "
Lori and Stephen Dorsky - August 2013

 "Perfect combination of world class diving and a relaxing family vacation. "
Lindenlaub Family - August 2013

 "We felt like being in Paradise for all these days! Pure relaxation, you can relax or do activities as you wish, beautiful gardens and forest on the island, magnificent coral world and marine life and also magnificent food! We are not the kind of people who return constantly to the same place, but the whole family agreed that Wakatobi is a holiday destination we would like to come back to! Thank you very much! "
Barbara and Adrian Zurfluh - August 2013

 "Excellent cuisine, superb service, magnificent select bungalow, beautiful diving experience with prefect dive experience manager, Wakatobi is a paradise for divers, very child friendly resort. The staff was very thoughtful about all our wishes! "
Martin Mair, Lisa and Maria Pernlochner - August 2013

 "We were very pleased and felt like in Paradise, we didnt miss anything. The dive sites are amazing and the dive center was led perfectly. Everybody is very nice. "
Doris and Roger Egli - August 2013

 "We found the experience of Wakatobi to be even better than we had imagined. It started with the staff and service who all go the extra mile. The location, setup, staff and food all make the Wakatobi experience very memorable. The diving has been well organized with great dive guides that are helpful and safety focused. It would be hard to think of any suggestions on how to improve the experience. Well done to the Wakatobi team for making our experience one to remember for all the right reasons. Wakatobi has been a great experience from the time we hopped on the plane, staff, service, food and diving has been exceptional. We will be back. "
Ross, Wendy and Isaac Mahon - August 2013

 "What an outstanding week at Wakatobi. This is a first class operation, a real stand out in the world of dive resorts. Fantastic diving on pristine reefs, outstanding and professional dive guides. The dive boats are large, not overcrowded and well designed. The food was outstanding all week. We always looked forward to seeing what was created including the local dishes. "
Joseph Barbarite - August 2013

 "Thoroughly enjoyed the stay; food and diving were exceptional and the staff set a great example to other 5 star resorts. Thank you for a truly memorable stay, I am sure we will be back! "
Jon Bellamy - August 2013

 "A marvelous diving experience, accompanied with excellent food and service. Nice, friendly and professional staff at all categories. Our dive guide was extremely good, both concerning knowledge about the wildlife and our safety and well being during the stay, Absolutely fabulous! "
Mats and Carina Matsborg - August 2013

 "We are an Indonesian family and have been diving all around Indonesia. This is my second time in Wakatobi and we will be back for more holidays here. I strongly recommend Wakatobi for your family. Amazing experience. "
Indra Pattiasina and Family - August 2013

 "Everything was excellent! The resort represents true value, the cost versus quality represents true value. Best diving we have ever experienced. Food was great! "
Nathan and Melissa Timbs - August 2013

 "Thank you to the Wakatobi team for an unforgettable holiday. The service quality and the beauty of the dives exceeded my expectations. A unique dive resort experience, with impeccable service, safety, beauty and care. I will take with me the amazing dive memories until my next visit. A special thank you to the entire dive team for the relaxing, safe and fun dives. "
Helenice Pires Zimmermann - August 2013

 "Perfect reaction to the clients problems and needs, with a perfect and fast solution. Excellent and above our expectations. The restaurant was perfect and also the bungalow and the cleanliness. Our dive master was perfect in her difficult task to help us appreciate the underwater world for the first time (DSD and 2 repeat DSDs). We have really felt most pampered and spoiled. Thank you. "
Paolo and Anna Borghi, Valeria Bruniera - August 2013

 "Our stay as a whole was of great quality. Our villa (V2) was very agreeable and very well kept. The food was very good quality and the staff very courteous. The dives were remarkable, always interesting thanks to our dive experience manager. Excellent holiday, to be recommended to all divers. "
Christophe and Clotilde Allavena - August 2013

 "The best dive boats and the best service that we have ever experienced and we are just snorkelers. Huge compliments and thanks to our dive guide. Great help and support in problem solving. "
Armin and Irene Morell Tschenett - August 2013

 "One day at Wakatobi should have 48 hours, 24 hours diving and 24 hours eating. Whoever dares to criticize Wakatobi might as well criticize Paradise. "
Christine and Horst Stutenbaeumer - August 2013

 "The diving tanks are empty, but the treasure chest of our memories is full to the rim. Our thanks go to everyone who contributed to our wonderful holiday. "
Annette and Uwe Gruendler - August 2013

 "Wakatobi is a wonderful and very professionally managed dive operation which does more than justice to the wishes and requirements of (spoiled) divers. The bungalows are generously conceived, tastefully designed and exceeded all our wishes. The food is a culinary journey to the realms of many different tastes in every meal. All Wakatobi staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The dives are of incredible diversity and beauty. Some of our favorite spots were Dunia Baru, Cornucopia, the Zoo and most of all Roma. Thank you very much for the excellent time. We are absolutely thrilled and consider the philosophy of the Wakatobi experience a worthy aspiration. Dive down and leave all troubles behind. "
Michael Schluep and Katja Guertner - August 2013

 "Everything has been first class! Since we were here in 2009, the standards have been kept, the staff are still as attentive, friendly and helpful. The rooms are simple yet elegant and beautifully kept. The quality of the food is amazing. We have enjoyed every meal we have had (maybe too much!) The diving / snorkeling is the best we have experienced, the dive guides are very knowledgeable. The dive experience is a world wide best. Top class! "
Mandy Spinks - August 2013

 "The food is so fabulous, this may be the first dive vacation I have gained weight on! "
Walter Lefmann - August 2013

 "It has been a pleasure to be at Wakatobi Dive Resort this week. Dives are excellent, the houses marvelous and the people are so kind and well prepared. I will recommend your resort to my friends. "
Ignacio Badiola - August 2013

 "There is nothing to criticize! We have had a fantastic time here and will definitely be back. All staff have been really friendly and extremely helpful and have helped made our stay very special. There isnt a better place on earth where we could have spent our 25th wedding anniversary. The diving, resort and staff have all been first class. Thank you! "
Mark and Angie McDonald - August 2013

 "I love that your dive service managers are of different ages not the usual only 20 somethings of other resorts. They are approachable and listen to what you want your dive experience to be. All staff offer excellent service, knowing your name and your particular likes / dislikes adds to the experience. "
Lisa Jackson - August 2013

 "Thank you very much for the great hospitality, I enjoyed staying here a lot! I traveled around Indonesia for diving and this is the best place to stay. Every day, all the the staff took very good care of us and I felt very comfortable, relaxed, satisfied and excited! The accommodation is very nice, fantastic atmosphere. The food had various menus and I liked the soups and salads. The diving was excellent with great guides and crew, nice facilities. Thank you again for everything and I hope I can come back here again. "
Takayo Oshima - August 2013

 "Enjoyed my stay here in Wakatobi all the way. Loved the personal service, friendliness and very helpful staff. It was a feel good atmosphere and positive outlook / happy environment. Felt special. Dont change anything. Very memorable stay and is one of my best dive experiences. Will recommend to all my friends and colleagues who dive. Everything was so well organized and thought out. I am so impressed and will want to return again. Our dive guide was really great and so helpful. I really appreciate his initiative to do his best service. Wakatobi, the island underwater paradise! "
Claire Chin - August 2013

 "This is my 2nd trip back to Wakatobi (1st in 2009) and my experience this visit was better than the last. I felt the service level has changed for the better. It has been an extremely pleasant and enjoyable stay. The dive team really went out of their way to deliver great service. Our dive guide really made our dive experience very comfortable. The F&B service has taken a few notches up since the last time. I have enjoyed the food tremendously. I love the greet service at the Denpasar airport. The resort is very well maintained so kudos for the staff in the background. The dive operations are as perfect as can get. A brilliant stay and a true 5 star resort!"
Geoffrey Cheok - August 2013

 "We had an amazing time at Wakatobi. All staff are professional and did well in making guests feel comfortable. We enjoyed the food, fresh with a variety of options. The organization at the dive center is so good, the dive guides are really professional and motivated and they make you feel always safe. Our private dive guide was an incredible teacher, he took good care of us and showed us the best rare creatures that nobody can imagine to find here. Thanks a lot!"
Monica Bagnari and Lorenza Baschieri - August 2013

 "The best service oriented resort in Southeast Asia that makes our dive holiday experience enjoyable in and out of the water. Thanks to our dive guide for being so helpful and also to all the front office and dining staff! Namaste! "
Michelle Chin - August 2013

 "We have had a fantastic time, not just a beautiful location, but the fantastic staff, food and diving facilities makes this our best holiday ever! Thank you especially to our dive guide who made our dive trip very memorable, the bartender for cheerfully manning the bar and the longhouse staff for their always helpful attitude. The staff and management have really made this stay in Wakatobi so easy and pleasant, we hope to return one day soon! We loved the villa, amazing views, beach access and privacy have made this so relaxing, as have the massages from the spa and the romantic dinner! We feel that you guys at Wakatobi have bent over backwards attending to our every need. We really have enjoyed it and are very sad to go. Thank you once again for making our honeymoon so special!"
Elisabeth Ward (née Bardsley) - August 2013

 "We were really impressed with the food. Better than in 2008. We used to think it was good then but it is really great now. Conservation of the reef is evident; the reefs look to be in great condition. Keep it up! Your staff from the dining room, boat captains and the boat crew are friendly, efficient and very helpful. The complete dive package; good accommodations, great food, excellent diving plus the very best staff! "
Ross and Mary Gudgeon - August 2013

 "Best service I have received in Southeast Asia and around the world for a dive resort. Dive masters try very hard to please, fantastic service. The restaurant food was very good and the service staff are the best!"
Raymond Ang - August 2013

 "Excellent combination between great diving and comfortable accommodation. The staff are remarkably attentive and friendly. The restaurant is superb, the diving (dive sites, organization, dive masters) is the highlight of Wakatobi. This is definitely a wonderful resort to come back to!"
Pauline de Vignon and Matteo Mambretti - August 2013

 "Our 2nd trip in 2 years. My dive guide for the past 9 days was exceptionally good. The dive manager was generous with his time to discuss video editing with me. People in the front office were friendly, always greeting us by name and were always asking if there was some way they could further assist us. The reef system seems even healthier than 2 years ago. The restaurant staff provided excellent service. In the top 5 dive trips I have ever taken, I finally saw critters in the field that I had previously only seen videos of."
Steve Cohen - August 2013

 "It was an amazing and enjoyable experience from the moment I arrived in Bali. Outstanding customer service all the way around. Diet before, diet after but dont miss out on any meals here! "
Tim Riley - August 2013

 "Everything is superb - our room, the food, the grounds, the diving and the wonderful staff! They are so friendly and attentive and highly professional. Wakatobi - What could be better? "
Kathryn Willmore - August 2013

 "Full service - we are spoiled now for other places! Food is excellent! "
Walter Lefmann and Deborah Rose Lefmann - August 2013

 "What a wonderful resort. The dining staff was superb! Our room was wonderful. The diving and dive crew exceptional! Massage was excellent. Everyone learned our name & we felt at home. We have special dietary needs and the dining staff took great care of us! Excellent crew and local staff! "
Linda Frost - August 2013

 "Wakatobi is one of the most pristine reefs I have ever seen. The efforts of ownership, management and staff makes it so. There is a saying that says you get what you pay for, I received more than I could ask for. Thank you to all who have made me feel so welcome. When I die, if I go to heaven, I hope it is Wakatobi. "
Mark Haynes - August 2013

 "Our dive guide was great. He found lots of unusual marine life for us. He also was very accommodating to our diving style and helped me when I had some camera difficulties. Our land staff at the resort was very nice. The rooms are very comfortable and clean. The restaurant food was very good, nice selection and always fresh. Yummy! Thank you to all the staff in front and behind the scenes, they were always friendly and helpful. "
Fran and Linda Marcoux - July 2013

 "The entire Wakatobi experience was wonderful, both the Pelagian and the Resort! The cruise director on Pelagian was marvelous and worked seemingly day and night to keep us diving and happy (particularly keeping me supplied with the necessities to dive my re-breather!). The dive center manager runs a fantastic dive operation - things ran smoothly the whole time. Our dive guide was and absolute joy to dive with and get to know. He is deeply knowledgeable about diving and the marine environment and he is very personable and caring. I would request him for our DEM when we return to Wakatobi in the future. The chef on board the Pelagian is a true artist in the kitchen and the food service at the resort was varied and uniformly excellent. The behind the scenes tour should be a requisite part of every guests itinerary. The Wakatobi experience was everything I had hoped for in a dive vacation and more! "
Mark and Janet Lombardo - July 2013

 "The staff were very friendly and helpful and the resort was very beautiful. Wakatobi is the gold standard other dive resorts have to inspire to! "
Emyr and Margaret Morris - July 2013

 "Villa 2 was very nice. Our dive guide was an excellent guide. He took a lot of time to explain fish and area. One of the best dive resort in the world. They take pride in making sure your stay is the best it can be. I will definitely return. "
Mark VanDover - July 2013

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the resort. The staff are friendly. The food is so delicious, the room was lovely and always clean. We especially like how organized the dive experience is. It is great to be able to hop on and off the boat knowing that all of our gear has been taken care of. We will return to Wakatobi because we are impressed by the effort you make to conserve the reef and support the local villages. Finally we would like to stress how impressed we were with our dive guide. He is an excellent dive guide who really made our dive experience very special. His briefings were always thorough, he can spot all sorts of tiny and camouflaged critters and he always made sure our experiences were different from our last visit. "
Julie and Paul Allen - July 2013

 "Dive operation is unique in the industry for its organization and personal attention - absolutely unbeatable. Staff are always available to meet any needs and are extremely friendly. Would love to return in the near future. Life is short - dive Wakatobi. Life is too short to dive inferior dives - dive Wakatobi. "
Scott and Karen Fauth - July 2013

 "Excellent reception at the airport in Denpasar, excellent support with airport formalities. The resort has lovely gardens and very good food. Excellent snorkeling in house reef. Very kind and helpful staff, thank you very much. Very good and informative presentations about the reef. "
Andre Fitsche - July 2013

 "Very friendly staff, helpful and attentive. Beautiful beach bungalows, good facilities; very good beds. Excellent to be able to get drinking water for free; beautiful gardens. Fantastic that some forests are still present. We loved to see the lizards and even a snake and beautiful birds. "
Ursula Lehmann - July 2013

 "Wakatobi has worked its magic and given us a truly remarkable family holiday to enjoy for many years to come. The location and diving is spectacular. The open style resort itself is extremely comfortable and is sympathetic to the environment and neighboring villages. We also loved the resorts approach to managing the fragile reef and fish systems with the local area people. All the staff both front and back end worked seamlessly to ensure that nothing was left undone or too much trouble, and I have to admit that our kids can be challenging at times. Some of our key highlights beyond the diving and snorkeling guides who worked to ensure that each dive and snorkel was a memorable experience. The meals - truly 5 star stellar island experience with every sitting a new adventure and not to be missed by adults and or kids alike. The restaurant floor staff and front of office staff - totally engaging helpful and one step ahead the whole time. The daily towel origami for the beds and the warm mint towels post dive and last but no means the least the dive boat crew who worked tirelessly to ensure that we all had our equipment and were ready for each dive. We can no longer dive anywhere else, thank you Wakatobi! "
Archer family - July 2013

 "There is nothing to say, it was perfect. The diving, the food, the people, everything is perfect, Wakatobis only disadvantage is that once you come here you wont ever want to go anywhere else, and it’s a big world to visit. "
Rio Family - July 2013

 "The staff are exceptional. Everyone on the dive boat, the restaurant staff and all other admin / housekeeping / maintenance etc go out of their way to cater to your every need. A huge thank you to our dive guides for showing us their amazing underwater world. The chef and his kitchen / restaurant team fed us so well and the quality and variety of food was outstanding. The dive center manager was extremely helpful with all my diving / photography needs. For our family of 6 including 4 children under 10, this has been one of the best holiday imaginable. The diving is the best in the world. A once in a lifetime experience. "
Baillie Family - July 2013

 "We are so glad that we chose Wakatobi for our honeymoon destination. The service, accommodations, location and diving are among the best we have encountered during our travels. The staff catered to our every needs. We will definitely spread the word about Wakatobi and look forward to visiting again. Thank you! "
Justin Trupe & Stephanie DeGonda - July 2013

 "We had a wonderful time, the Villa was smashing and problems were dealt with very quickly. The diving was exceptionally well organized. Excellent service, brilliant diving and set in Paradise... We will definitely be back! "
Sharon and William Van den Brink - July 2013

 "We enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi. It was recommended by friends of ours who stayed last year. The diving was excellent and it was good to see so many sharks "
Karen and David Goddard - July 2013

 "Everybody was always very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed every day and plan to come back. A divers dream. "
Michael Linke - July 2013

 "We would recommend Wakatobi exclusively and absolute to a range of dive friends who are able to appreciate the ideology and the Wakatobi concept. BIOTOP - BIO - TOP! In the water and on land "
Karin Foerster and Petra Schoebel - July 2013

 "An oasis, after a long journey through the other islands. Wakatobi Dive resort is fun, yet restful. Thank you to all the staff that have made my stay a pleasant one. Thanks especially to the organizing team and management, to help me get here an leave uneventfully. "
Aaron Lim - July 2013

 "Great food, great accommodations. Grateful for hot showers on cold rainy days. Very efficient crew on the dive boats. Our dive master was very attentive to our needs. All restaurant staff was very courteous and pleasant, they recognized my love for pasta and always let me know about the daily offerings. "
Bob and Cathy Cresko - July 2013

 "Everybody at Wakatobi is very friendly and it makes you feel welcome. The organization is perfect (in the restaurant as well as in the dive center). Everybody wants to help you - and help you in every situation. It was a pleasure to meet all people in the resort. We will try to come back again and hope nothing will change. "
Lars Czubatinski - July 2013

 "This has been a beautiful experience to come diving at Wakatobi. The staff are the friendliest group - amazing how they are able to learn our names. We have not been diving in many years and it is my guess we came back to the top. We will be quite disappointed if we travel elsewhere - you have set a high standard - 5 stars. Five stars to the food - simply delicious. Prepared so beautifully and the tastes are so magnificent. We have felt so welcomed - more like coming home rather than a business. I felt so cared for while diving - especially the preparation - all I had to do was jump in the water. "
Steve and Deb Madsen - July 2013

 "Our stay in Wakatobi has been memorable. Everything was perfect. The accommodation, the food, the staff, the diving etc. The staff is incredibly friendly and always available to help for anything we may need. We cannot find any disadvantage or disappointments. It is really a luxurious, relaxing and amazing diving resort. "
Angel Cordero - July 2013

 "Excellent dive sites, great food. Sunset from the Jetty absolutely stunning! "
Peano family - July 2013

 "Love it! Attention to detail and quality in such a laid back environment. I am a fan forever! Thank you! "
Karen McLaughlin - July 2013

 "We enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi Resort very much. Thank you very much to all the staff-team for the very kind guest treatment. DEM: we had a unique experience under water. We have never experienced such professional guides before. Very kind, attentive and helpful staff. Bungalow no 3 was perfect for us. Thank you. "
Daniela Hauser - July 2013

 "The food is sensational. The dive sites are very beautiful and the guides superb. Very good trained eyes, also skilled for finding small critters. The service was also perfect. The location of Villa 3 was magnificent. Wakatobi is wonderful we loved our stay, even with all the wind, waves and rain. Wakatobi is the dream of every diver, ideal for beginners and advanced divers, offering always new surprise sightings. "
Mathias Hasler and Sabrina Thomann - July 2013

 "Our third trip to Wakatobi exceeded our expectations once again. In order to appreciate life above water, one must appreciate life below water as well. Your dive experience managers and Waka V boat crew are amazing. We noticed many new resort improvements since April 2012. The attentive restaurant staff are all extraordinary. Tom and I take pride in knowing the names of all the staff. Every meal we enjoy, we feel like we are part of their family. Thank you for offering classes & resort tour, it was very informative. Each day we wondered how towels would be folded on our bed. Housekeeping crew are so talented. "
Tom and Donna Panke - June 2013

 "Please let me know how I can help / give back. You made the best honeymoon we could have asked for. We saw something new (unique) on every dive. Wakatobi exceeded all our expectations in every way. Staff was attentive and took care of everything. Diving cant be put into words. "
Patrick Finnegan - June 2013

 "Fantastic friendly welcoming staff. Fabulous food and brilliant diving. Exceptional, organized and professional staff in admin and restaurant. "
Gary and Jocelyn Clarke - June 2013

 "If you want to have good food, excellent diving and to meet nice people, then come to Wakatobi. If you are stressed and need a time out then come to Wakatobi. Service at its best, we are treated like VIP. The waiting personnel in the restaurant address us by name. The dive guides, the boat crew and back office support are all friendly and helpful. The staff takes pride in their job. "
Wilda and Norbert Oberacker - June 2013

 "This is our second visit to Wakatobi and we want to come back again. It has been wonderful. The staff are so professional and friendly. I cant believe they know our names from day one. The boat crew and our dive master were excellent. He can find the tiniest creatures underwater. Underwater, such variety and color like nowhere else, above water, personal attention, great food and 5 star pampered luxury. Definitely worth the time and distance to get there. "
Rachel Johnson - June 2013

 "I have achieved my objectives - to dive a lot and to improve my technique each day. I really enjoyed taking photos too. All the staff are very good - so helpful, attentive and personal - a real team ethos and very impressive set up / integration with community. Food was fantastic! Wakatobi is dive-ine! "
John Belgrove - June 2013

 "We had the most wonderful week in Wakatobi - it really does tick all the boxes. The diving is amazing, our dive guide was fantastic, all the staff are wonderful, the boat trips are short, the water is calm, the food is delicious, the bungalows are delightful, our Waka VI group were fun, and who cares if it rains a little...We miss it all! "
Mike & Christine Cooke - June 2013

 "Had a fantastic time at Wakatobi. The diving was a wonderful experience. Our dive masters were very professional and took the time to point out creatures under water that I would have never been able to see or find. The dive briefing were very informative, the crew on our boat Waka III were awesome! They were very helpful, polite and professional. I could not be more pleased with the entire dive experience. Also great and helpful with nitrox analyzing. The dining room staff were also very nice. The food was delicious at every meal. Kudos to the chef!! The room was always clean and tidy. Maids did a great job. Best vacation ever! The entire experience is unforgettable! Beautiful resort for diving, relaxing and an experience you will never forget. "
Lynne Lanier - June 2013

 "Everything was fabulous. The diving was awesome and we had the best dive guides ever. They were amazing in helping me with my camera. I had a new system and didnt have a clue how to use it as I found out my first couple of dives and got horrible pictures. They stepped in and taught me how to use it and throughout the week helped me adjust the strobes so I ended up getting awesome pictures. They were also really good at finding things and was a really good tripod. Between the 2 of them it was a wonderful 10 days of diving. The food was also really good, the staff were always really friendly, knew our names and were right on top of things with clearing the table and getting us whatever we needed. Best staff of any place I have ever visited. "
Sue Myers - June 2013

 "Outstanding dive and resort operation. I will plan to make this an annual pilgrimage and look forward to seeing you again in 2014. Wakatobi is an aquatic paradise for reef divers with friendly staff in the business. "
Larry Melvin - June 2013

 "The best dive operation I have ever seen. I have nothing bad to say about the resort. Food, diving, staff, accommodations all first class. A well organized operation and resort. Thank you to all who made my vacation awesome! "
Christopher Forte - June 2013

 "We are both totally blown away with our Wakatobi experience. Our resort and diving is more than we could have expected and will definitely return again in the future. All your staff go the extra mile to make our stay all the more memorable and the greetings by name and connection we made with them all was special. Our dive experience managers looked after us from start to finish. Finding the minutest creatures like the pygmy seahorse which was our favorite and the hot chocolate after every dive was the business. Wakatobi is a wonderful un-spoilt ecosystem that is truly paradise, with what must arguably be the best diving in the world. See you soon! Wakatobi - one mans vision every divers heaven. "
Ian and Jo Smith - June 2013

 "This was definitely some of the best diving I have ever done! The service was amazing and everything was perfect. I honestly have nothing negative to say about Wakatobi. The staff was the best part of the resort. Everyone was extremely friendly. The internet was surprisingly good. I was able to upload even 80 photos at a time to Facebook. The WiFi was good enough to video chat while standing in the ocean. The house reef is an amazing dive! My photos came out better than I expected and my dive guide found a huge amount of animals! Wakatobi is one of those very rare places where everything is better than it looks in photos. Definitely the best diving on earth! "
Nirupam Nigam - June 2013

 "Very much appreciate the generosity of heart. Nirupam and I were very well taken care of. Even though we still managed to track sand around the cabin, the cabin stayed so well cleaned it sparkled. I had the best massage I have had and being a non diver / non snorkeler, I was treated to the most wonderful snorkel only because my dive guide was so patient with me and kind enough to hold my hand the whole way. Food was perfect and will be remembered. Thank you beyond words. "
Jennifer Nigam - June 2013

 "We had a wonderful time! The staff in the restaurant were wonderful, the locals were always helpful and we never saw a negative expression or attitude of wanting to avoid helping. This was a great experience and we so appreciate your efforts from owners through locals. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The meals were superb and the fish and coral were plentiful and incredibly healthy. We loved the resorts commitment to environmental benefits and to the local communities. "
Jane Lewenthal and Tomo Tsukayama - June 2013

 "My stay here was fantastic! My dive guides were wonderful and made my diving experience the best ever! Boat crew was also tremendous! The restaurant staff were very welcoming and friendly! They made dining very enjoyable and the food was to die for! Overall customer service was awesome! Best vacation ever! I give Wakatobi a 10 star rating! From top to bottom customer service was the best I have ever experienced! "
Robin McElroy - June 2013

 "My stay was incredible. Our dive guide made our dive experience one of the most interesting ever by their knowledge of the environment and behaviors of the fish which I found very great! The rest of the staff was super nice. The restaurant staff and the entire resort staff went out of their way to ensure they knew us by name. The room was always clean and made up as soon as we returned from our dives. The entire experience was one of the best dive experience I have had. "
Karen Quates - June 2013

 "Everything was wonderful. We loved the beautiful water coral and fish and the superb Villa and the excellent service everywhere. Your staff is so friendly that we really felt welcome, and then there is the food, the most amazing selection and quality + creativity. Kudos to the chef and to everyone in the kitchen. Jim found the diving to be everything he had hoped and as a snorkeler, I too was really happy - So much attention and information. I hope we can come back soon! A truly idyllic dive and snorkel experience! "
Jim and Maxine Risley - June 2013

 "Really enjoyed our second visit. We came for our honeymoon and the staff truly went out of their way to make it special. We made two requests and they were granted. Bungalow 18 and Magnifica in the afternoon. Our dive experience master really helped make the stay special. Marc has dived with her in the Red Sea, Fiji and the Solomon Islands and we are so pleased to see her here in Wakatobi. Amazing food! Great hospitality! Lovely to be called by our names. Unparalleled tropical diving in a luxury setting. Each dive site has its own unique character, unique diving with an environmental conscience. "
Marc and Susan Fountain - June 2013

 "There is no doubt that Wakatobi is the premier dive resort of Indonesia. It has been one of our best diving experiences, The reef system is in fantastic condition, the resort is 10/10 as is the restaurant and service. My wife Jayne had a great birthday and thank you to all the staff. We will be back. "
Aron Howard - June 2013

 "Delicious food, excellent dives, good service, accommodations are also good, neat and clean. The environment is comfortable with excellent and friendly staff. "
Ariberto Suwanto - June 2013

 "The diving was fun and satisfying, the atmosphere was pleasant, friendly staff, delicious food, good housekeeping. I am not disappointed. "
Ronaldo Johannes - June 2013

 "Great service and attention from the staff, especially the F&B staff at the restaurant. Impressed with their friendliness and it was really lovely to have everyone call us by name and attend to all our needs. Best tangerine sorbet we have had. Our dive guides were also extremely attentive. Food was excellent and would be highly recommended whenever we mention Wakatobi to friends. "
Yut Wah Leong & Faris Alsagoff - June 2013

 "The trip was enjoyable. The dive sites have many colorful corals and was so calm. The service was absolutely prefect. The food delicious. One of the best dive resorts! "
Benita Jeannie - June 2013

 "Diving is excellent, the staff is very courteous and helpful. The food is superb. The accommodation is above average. We appreciate and praise the Wakatobi effort to promote the well fare of the local inhabitants and maintain the flourishing reefs. The climate is very agreeable. In short we enjoyed our stay in Wakatobi very much and feel sad to leave. Possibly we will return in the future. "
Agus Sutanto and Tanti Suputro - June 2013

 "I love Wakatobi. Nice quiet place for relaxation and meeting nice people who were very helpful. Very good food, beautiful diving areas with clear water. Bravo Wakatobi, I hope I can spend more time in Wakatobi in the future. "
Wandy Winarta - June 2013

 "Wakatobi is fabulous. Great food and service. We were well taken care of, staff knows you by name and went out of their way to make your experience excellent. Our dive guide was a great and caring dive master and excellent at finding rare sea creatures and creates dive maps to your interests. We loved it here, hope we will be back soon. Dive gear handling was seamless and so easy - nothing for us to do. Villa 2 was very nice, private, comfortable, perfect for us. Quality of food is outstanding and we like the tapas style portions which allow us to try new things. "
Mike and Tanya Stricker - May 2013

 "Awesome dive resort. Facilities that are second to none. Absolutely outstanding resort. Our dive manager was fantastic, very knowledgeable and an excellent dive guide. Dive resorts around the world claim to be customer focused. Wakatobi eats, breathes and dives customer service from the time you board your plane to the time you wave goodbye. Well done Wakatobi! "
Mark Jeffs, Beth Jeffs and Karen Jones - May 2013

 "Fabulous all the way around. Our divemasters were perfect. Also the butlers and wait staff notable in anticipating our diving and beverage preferences. Lovely accommodations and foods. Thank you. Exquisite service, pristine diving, total joy! "
Paul and Kathleen Schmieder - May 2013

 "Wonderful experience overall. Loved the diving; so many fish! Excellent dive masters - very helpful at finding and labeling specimens. Lovely accommodations; great food and service! Loved the soups / pastas, cooked to order. Loved the sweet friendly service. Many more educational offerings than we were able to do and thanks for the big effort. "
India Woods and Nick Moren - May 2013

 "Absolutely enjoyed the warm welcome and hospitality. The restaurant staff are tops in their area as are the dive masters / guides, boat crew, dive crew, captains, gardeners - All staff at the resort! My bungalow was kept clean each day and there was never a want for anything. "
Deenie Clinton - May 2013

 "Blissful relaxing experience! Great diving, excellent snorkeling, wonderful food - good variety, portion size and variety. The bungalow was very comfortable - loved the outdoor shower! The staff is exceptionally friendly and met all our needs. Very safe environment. "
Steve Thompson and Linda MacKenzie Parks - May 2013

 "The level of service and friendliness is by far the best both with service staff, wait staff, dive masters and boat crew! It is truly a team effort! Thank you for a very special experience. Dive masters excellent as well as the boat crew. Beautiful reefs with a great variety of corals, sponges and critters! "
Margie Nahas - May 2013

 "Our second visit - loved it more! Wakatobi = unspoilt underwater wonderland "
Martin and Vanessa Mayne - May 2013

 "Our greeter was very informative upon dropping us off at our room, as well as throughout our stay. She always was friendly and assisted us with all of our spa requests - scheduling. Spa treatments were excellent - our therapist was wonderful and her skills excellent. My husband continually commented on how the dive manager was one of the best guides he had ever had. The service is impeccable here! Wait staff were exceptional and were able to fulfill our every request. The food and staff will far exceed your expectations! Culinary masters are found here! "
Marcella and Danny Wallace - May 2013

 "Everything was perfect and the service was what made this trip amazing. All staff is great, dive guides and boat captains are so knowledgeable. The worlds best diving and a self sufficient resort blissfully disconnected from the world. "
Daniel Gootner and Katelyn Diekmann - May 2013

 "Great facility but more importantly wonderful dive sites and adaptable service at every turn. Staff treats the client like family. "
Bruce Wickert - May 2013

 "We stayed here in 2008 and enjoyed it and it was delightful to find the place is even better now. The staff is top-notch and remembering all the guest names is an impressive feature. The food is much improved and we like the portion sizes. The diving was enjoyable as usual. "
Kay and Tom Wells - May 2013

 "Overall an excellent experience. Unparalleled attention to detail right from arrival into Bali. Outstanding food, facilities, logistics and of course world class diving. Our dive guide is world benchmark and did everything possible to deliver a unique opportunity for underwater photography. His assistance made our 18 days here very productive. Staff were outstanding, friendly and very well trained. Outstanding world class diving from an outstanding world class dive resort. "
Wayne Osborn - May 2013

 "We could only compare to 5 years ago! Oh my, you guys stepped it up about 10 steps. Service is amazing! Dive sites amazing, staff amazing! Wow!!! Thinking Wakatobi is the best! Second time around was even better! Wow we will be back! We waited for years just to get married here and it was the perfect beach wedding. Wakatobi is a true destination resort! "
Scott Nielson & Troy Graves - May 2013

 "Very well run operation with staff at all levels. Clearly committed to removing any and all of the usual frustrations associated with dive travel. Our dive guide and the dive crew were terrific! First class, friendly, efficient. "
Wade Hughes - May 2013

 "This was an absolutely fantastic experience. I have traveled all over the world for diving and have never been so well taken care of. The dive masters were superb and enjoyed diving with them all. They pointed out lots of critters and gave me the space I needed to learn my camera. They also gave me great tips for camera care, everyone knew my name. So much going behind the scenes, learned a lot about the concept and vision for this place from the managers. Very special place. Most amazing was how thoroughly they cleaned my gear at the end of the trip. Better than I would do myself! A fantastic experience! "
Lauri Hafvenstein - May 2013

 "I dont have enough words to describe the warmth we feel after a 10 day stay here. The staff are second to none and they went out of their way to make us feel as though we are royalty. It was so hard to say goodbye to the staff because I know that I will never get that treatment anywhere else I may go to dive. My dive guides were also exceptional in assisting me with any camera or photo related issues. The food is also wonderful and I may add that if there is nothing available on the buffet that suits you, they made me a pasta dish several times. The servers there are superb! I had tears in my eyes when I shook their hand goodbye for the last time. This is the only place in the world I have ever been to that made me have tears in my eyes when we left. (As cheesy as that sounds, it is true!) "
Greg and Loree Sydow - May 2013

 "Delightful dive trip, attention to detail noteworthy. The staff are warm and helpful. This place is a gem, not just for divers but for anyone who loves marine life and reef. "
Chris Rodd and Susan Davis - May 2013

 "Based on the internet comments, I had very high expectations and a little fear that Wakatobi would not meet my high expectations. In fact, Wakatobi exceeded my expectations. The quality, scope and variety of coral were far better than other locations. The variety and number of fish was wonderful. Our snorkeling guide was great - knowledgeable, enthusiastic and considerate. In fact, your staff as a whole was helpful and friendly and upbeat. As foodies we were amazed by the consistently high quality food. Even little things, like the sauce on your mixed vegetables was very good. You even had wonderful pastries, despite the humidity. You made us feel comfortable, pampered, welcome and awed. Every encounter, whether with nature or with humans was superlative - A phenomenal and stimulating way to spend your precious "
Ralph and Renata Muller - May 2013

 "It has been a great 10 days. The operation at Wakatobi is very slick, the staff are exceptional and the quality of the food and accommodation is first class. "
Richard Bawden - May 2013

 "Just the most enjoyable experience, could not fault a thing. Just the best! "
Carol and Tony Roberts - May 2013

 "A magical island paradise for snorkelers and divers. One visit is not enough! "
Lorraine and Richard Firth - May 2013

 "We are glad to have spent our holiday with Wakatobi Dive Resort. We can see that the management really took care of everything to the smallest detail. Nothing is perfect, everything that comes with a good side must be accompanied with a bad side, thats what makes Wakatobi unbelievable, because we hardly found anything bad at all. "
Lance Cheong and Shirley Choong - May 2013

 "This is by far the nicest dive resort in which I have stayed. Great accommodations, great food, spa and service. "
Valette J. Sopp - May 2013

 "This has been an excellent dive vacation. The facilities are top notch, the food was fantastic, the staff friendly and responsive and the diving was wonderful. Clearly the best overall destination dive resort that I have been to. All of the arrangements including meeting our plane in Bali were as promised. This is the number one dive resort in the Western Pacific and maybe the world! "
Warren Nock - May 2013

 "This was my first visit - had a wonderful time. Service - excellent. The staff was very attentive and always willing to help. It was nice that everyone knew my name. Food was excellent. The meals were wonderful - food, variety, staff, presentation - I ate too much! Accommodations were great. Bungalow was wonderful, everything worked, clean, good showers, great bed. Diving was good, dive masters were great! Dive crew were excellent. Spa was also excellent. enjoyed all my treatments. Thanks for having internet available. "
Jane Greenway - May 2013

 "I have dived the Caribbean extensively. The reefs at Wakatobi put the Caribbean reefs to shame! "
Robert Elkins - May 2013

 "We absolutely loved our stay at Wakatobi. The resort is very beautiful, the staff is amazing and friendly and the service is top notch. This is by far the most organized dive operation we have seen around the world. We did not need to worry about anything, everything has been very well thought through. The food has also been unbelievably amazing, we were so impressed! Our dive guide was incredible, very knowledgeable, attentive, reliable and entertaining. We had the good fortune of honeymooning in Wakatobi. It was a unique and unforgettable experience, perfect for celebrating the start of our new journey. We couldnt be happier with the brilliant diving, personalized service and delicious dining. It was truly more than we would have asked for. Thank you very much for a fantastic trip. We will definitely be back. "
Katya Tikhokhod and Brad Moore - May 2013

 "My stay at Wakatobi was excellent! The staff and accommodations was first class and of course the diving was epic! "
Tom Teper - May 2013

 "The moment we arrived at the airport we were greeted and helped by very helpful staff and guided us all the way through customs without fuss. I noticed one of the customer left his hand phone at the checkpoint and your staff ensured and helped to get his hand phone back with care. I am very impressed with such care. I like the idea of having all of our luggage locked up with plastic strips that ensure us that all of our precious equipment are well taken care of. Arriving at the island was simply welcoming that I felt at home instantly. The staff were friendly, helpful, happy, detail on every single thing. We also love the dive boat crew that helped me carry my things very swiftly. I am so impressed with the restaurant food and service. The helpers at the restaurant remember my name and everyone else as well, they also remember how I would like my ginger tea every afternoon. The food was totally delicious, desserts were really good. The room was very comfortable. Ultimately my husband and I had a beautiful experience and we are completely spoiled by Wakatobi Dive Resort. Well done on every single detail you have looked in to. The staff you have are an asset. We loved this experience! "
Magdalene and Neil Robertson - May 2013

 "Unsurpassed food, service and dive operation. Congratulations! "
Charles and Helene Linker - May 2013

 "Excellent service, always with a smile and greeting you by name at the Long House, in the restaurant, at the bar, on the dive boat and under water. Oh and the coral, walls, macro....to dive for! "
George Pohle - May 2013

 "Our dive guide was excellent. He seemed to know where all the creatures live on the reef. If you want to be spoiled, come to Wakatobi. It does not get much better. Service, food, dive operations all 5 star. "
Nina Harris - May 2013

 "Great diving staff with attention to all your diving needs. Food and staff excellent. "
Christopher Jones - May 2013

 "The staff did an outstanding job taking care of us the moment we landed in Bali until the end of the week at Wakatobi. We felt very pampered. The dive guides and boat crew were awesome. We had a wonderful vacation here. We will definitely recommend this resort to all of our dive friends. From the beautiful reefs, the comfortable accommodations and the superior service, Wakatobi provides divers the total dive vacation experience. "
Aron and Diane Jones - May 2013

 "Excellent stay! Beautiful resort and not to mention the food! Impressed by the choice of food and everything is delicious! Excellent diving, very nice with a private guide. Nice clean boats and very good service! Very professional. Overall - all of the staff are very friendly and very well coordinated. Everything just runs! We tried the spa - super! We like that the resort is not bigger - it makes it very personal. Keep up the good work! "
Marit and Jan Hovde - May 2013

Featured Endorsement

"Words may not be enough to describe the resort and overall care provided before, during and after our Wakatobi stay... concierge services facilitated all our Bali arrangements and then we enjoyed exceptional diving, snorkeling and non-diving activities in a beautifully remote tropical setting while there."
TripAdvisor profile: pvschmieder - May 2013


Featured Endorsement

"The coral was certainly more extensive and varied than we had seen elsewhere. On each of the next four days, the dive boats took divers and snorkelers out for three trips. There were usually four or five snorkelers in our group. Each snorkeling session was between 70 and 90 minutes, not including the 7 to 15 minute dive boat rides to the dive/snorkeling sites. The water was warm and a rash guard was all we needed to maintain comfort. We had sunshine most of the time and the visibility was very good. We saw hundreds of different kinds of fish and coral, and the density, extent and health of the coral was far better than we had seen elsewhere: a real feast for the eyes. "
TripAdvisor profile: Ralph M - May 2013


Featured Endorsement

"We were there 5 years ago and could not wait to come back. Wow....The service is amazing, I did not think Wakatobi could get better but everywhere I looked something had been upgraded. Somehow all the staff even knows your name, amazing. Food is served Elegant Buffet Style."
TripAdvisor profile: ScottNielsen - May 2013


 "Fantastic food & staff in the restaurant. Very knowledgeable dive masters and wonderful crew on dive boat, made diving super easy. We loved our cabin and it was kept very clean and tidy. It would be nice to return to dive sites preferred by divers. One visit is not enough to some of the most beautiful during a weeks stay. The quality of the coral reefs is amazing. Reminds us of dives made 30 years ago. "
Bob and Jane Goble - April 2013

 "Wakatobi has been on my bucket list for 10 years and a return visit is back on my new bucket list. "
John Coleman - April 2013

 "Great food, great people, great warm water, staff could not be friendlier and great coral. "
John and Lynn Traff - April 2013

 "We were happy to see the continuing improvements in the facilities, staff and all aspects of the resort. The food is even better than imagined, appreciate the warm welcome from all. Always enjoy working with the efficient Wakatobi office in Bali. Look forward to a return; 4th in hopefully a couple of years. Dive DEMs were excellent, dining room staff best ever, enjoyed the excellent spa service, Lilie is a good therapist. "
Bev and Buz Nason - April 2013

 "The resort is wonderful and the staff professionalism is beyond reproach. Everyone was so kind and helpful. The food was delicious and varied and I really appreciate the appropriate portion sizes. Everything I sampled was fresh and tasty, not to mention healthy! The rooms are spacious, comfortable and well appointed (nice amenities) - I stayed in cabin 16. The talks were informative and well illustrated. And last but not least - our Dive Experience Manager was fantastic at finding camouflaged things and he was an utter pleasure to be around. "
Carolyn Tyler - April 2013

 "Everyone knows my name. All have smiles, extremely helpful both at the diving hall and dive operations. "
Cody and Chris Martin - April 2013

 "Our trip to Wakatobi exceeded our expectations. The level of service commitment to guest satisfaction and dive organization is phenomenal. It was a wonderful experience and we expect to be back. It is like a luxury smorgasbord for scuba divers. Stuff yourself with underwater delights! "
David Fry - April 2013

 "The airport experience was excellent, great service. Check in on the island fast and very well delivered. Food and service was amazing. Housekeeping did a brilliant job. Fantastic diving, the guides are very experienced and good humor. The diving was the best part of the holiday. Overall a lovely place, people and service. Dont tell anyone, its our special piece of paradise. We will be back! "
Paul and Geraldine Wyatt - April 2013

 "Andy and I have been wanting to visit Wakatobi for about 10 years. We have been on your website, enjoyed the comments from others, but nothing compares to the personal experience. This is a dream vacation. The staff, especially Jimmy and Robert are so accommodating. We have enjoyed our experience and will be back for another trip. We will not wait for another 10 years. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. Best overall experience in the world."
Andy and Carolyn Gilb - April 2013

 "You have created the ultimate diving experience. Your facility is only surpassed by your incredible staff. No matter what the request - your "
Tom and Val Durkin - April 2013

 "Terrific diving and great people - had a wonderful time! Excellent food - a nice surprise. We are trying all sorts of local things we have never eaten. Rooms are cozy with a nice porch, lounge chairs and hammock. Gardens well kept. Everything well maintained. Staff gets 5 stars. Fantastic diving, attentive / friendly staff, wonderful food, beautiful setting - you could not ask for more! Perfect vacation - we are lovin it! "
Barbara and David Bray - April 2013

 "Fabulous experience! The staff could not be nicer, our room was perfect. Our friends loved the huge outdoor shower. The diving and the staff are exceptional! "
Tom and Stephanie Walley - April 2013

 "I used to describe Wakatobi as a wonderful once in a lifetime diving experience. I wound up liking Wakatobi even more on my second and hopefully not last visit. The reefs are still the most spectacular I have seen, the food is even better and although I did not think is was possible, the staff are even more knowledgeable and pleasant. We stayed for 10 days and it just does not feel like long enough. Cannot wait to come back! If you think you have experienced all diving has to offer, just try the Wakatobi fluo dive. An incredible, psychedelic, unique and thought - provoking experience. Awesome! "
Tom and Michele Mattioni - April 2013

 "Again an incredible experience. Sempurna!! From the beautiful reefs to the dive masters concern for experience and safety all was great. An over-the-top under-the-water experience. Beautiful reefs, great people, super comfortable lodging and the best dive boats I have ever been on. "
Alan Blaustein - April 2013

 "Everything was beyond perfect. The staff as usual was fantastic. We appreciated the additional ease of handling of our dive equipment even easier than 2 years ago. Our room was always done before we came back between dives. The restaurant staff are extremely gracious - served every meal with a warm greeting and smile. Our dive masters showed us everything and educated us on the interaction on the reefs. The crew made sure equipment was in perfect order and the boat captain picked us up on spot every time. This once again was a wonderful wonderful trip. Precision, perfection of a Swiss watch. Great people, great dives, great accommodations and gourmet food. This was our third trip and we are coming back. "
Mimi Nettrour and Bill Angus - April 2013

 "Superb cuisine, superb service from everyone! Diving is beautiful and dive team is very professional + most helpful. Cannot imagine how you will improve on this. Thank you for a great time - it was worth the travel time. "
Mike and Mary Pashley - April 2013

 "Wow! The diving is amazing (sites, guides, help with equipment, dive boats). The staff are wonderful and almost too helpful. The rooms are very comfortable. It was a wonderful holiday. "
Colleen Pokrant - April 2013

 "Our dive guide was an amazing spotter with a humble nature. The staff are very friendly and extremely accommodating. The massage was fabulous. Attention to detail and comfort is delightful. "
Vicki Stevens - April 2013

 "Swiss efficiency and organization with Indonesian hospitality + outstanding reefs = unbeatable vacation. Thank you or a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful dive trip. Wonder-filled and care-free; just superb. "
Katie Flynn and Steve Oglethorpe - April 2013

 "Great dives, great food, very nice people! Simply a prefect holiday!! We loved staying here! "
Alexandra Duenner and Fabian Kolb - April 2013

 "The place was what we expected it to be when we first chose it and then more! No need to say that the diving experience (you already know that!) and the staff was tip-top! What made our stay here even more attractive than the place itself and the diving (of course) were the people that we met : some of the staff and some guests. They made our stay here even more of a pleasure! Thank you and keep up the good work! "
Karin & Dragos Petrescu - April 2013

 "When my husband Ed booked Wakatobi, I really did not know what to expect. The bungalow looked rustic (when I am used to slick white). Also I am not a diver so I was a tad concerned I would have bland fever in no time at all. After a few initial kinks I started to settle down and appreciate all the beauty of the island and magic of being so far from civilization. The pristine house reef, the calm sea in front of the bungalow and the stars at nite! What probably impressed me the most was the family spirit of the resort management and staff. I was instantly blown away by the sincerity and can do attitude of each and every staff. "
Joy Lee - April 2013

 "Very impressed with the dives. The planning, the execution and total experience - all flawless and aimed at providing the "
Edwin Soon - April 2013

 "Very impressed with the dives. The planning, the execution and total experience - all flawless and aimed at providing the luxurious, pleasurable diving. Love the camera room, not having to do anything except to analyze my tanks. Even my wet suits were washed daily "
Edwin Soon - April 2013

 "Love it here. Lots of upgrades and most of all the meals are superb and a joy just to look at. Makes for fabulous experience over all. "
Lucinda Golden - April 2013

 "As a first time diver (just PADI certified last week in Bali!) this has been an amazing experience. Thanks so much to Dollar for his amazing skills as our dive guide. I will definitely plan to come back again with some friends or family the next time I am in Bali. The food has been amazing and delicious and plentiful. The villa is stunning Wow! great job designing that. the crew on the Waka IV were fantastic and so was our butler. I went to the spa twice and loved it. Very relaxing and the pre-massage coconut drink was delicious. I have heard that the diving at Wakatobi is some of the best in the world, so I think I have been spoiled. Amazing diving, friendly staff, delicious food and luxurious accommodations - what more could you ask for? "
Kate Novitsky - April 2013

 "Fabulous resort with very warm and friendly always greeting you by name staff. Great food that would shame even city restaurants which is all the more extraordinary in a remote dive resort. Sensational diving with critters taking front and center stage. Professional and warm service from start of enquiry process to final departure. Extremely baby friendly dive resort, with baby sitters available to look after our 6 month old even on the dive boat. "
Luke and Michelle Lee - April 2013

 "Fantastic dive vacation from start to finish. Possibly the best diving holiday yet. We will be coming back to confirm it. "
Chris Leonard - April 2013

Featured Endorsement

"he resort staff are unbelievable. One gets the feeling that they actually care about your experience. They take it personal if any little thing is not absolutely perfect in every aspect. From cleaning your room every time you leave for 30 minutes to making sure the gourmet food is served exactly the way you want it. Truly pleasant people all. "
TripAdvisor profile: JosephP777 - April 2013


Featured Endorsement

"We loved everything about Wakatobi. Great beach front cottage with outdoor shower and porch to enjoy the beauty of the place. The whole staff is wonderful and know your name - amazing. Dive boats are spacious and with snacks and drinks post dive as well as scented cold cloths and plenty of towels."
TripAdvisor profile: divezuzu - April 2013


Featured Endorsement

"The staff and service is excellent better than many 5,6 star resorts I have stayed at. food brilliant all freshly prepared with multiple meat/fish and vegetables choices the desserts are really good. The main event diving you are allocated a boat upon your arrival and that is where you dive from for your stay unless you are shore diving as well, personally the 3 dives a day from the boat were enough for me. I have never seen so many soft and hard corals, reef fish in my life every dive was around 70 mins and just mind blowing. You were guaranteed to see something new on every dive would it be a different pigmy seahorse variety of shrimp, maybe a new crab,Octopus,turtle or cuttlefish. "
TripAdvisor profile: Mitsl200 - April 2013


 "When our dive trip on a live-aboard was aborted (due to engine / propeller failure) we immediately turned to Wakatobi. We had been there the year before and knew they would make all of the arrangements necessary for us to return. We had traveled from the US and came to Indonesia to dive. Wakatobi saved our vacation with excellent diving and great care! When there was no hope, Wakatobi was there. "
Janna Osman - March 2013

 "The babysitting team were amazing and our daughter Rowan, knowing that she was happy, laughing and well cared for allowed us to relax and enjoy the dives. I never expected to find such high quality care and so many people who gave up part of their day to play with and entertain her so that we could have lunch, pack our bags or have a drink. Thank you. "
Annegrid Price - March 2013

 "Amazing resort with great diving, food and staff. Entire service goes beyond expectations. Most enjoyable stay. "
Steven and Belinda Woodhouse - March 2013

 "Outstanding, helpful staff, great to see all dive experience managers have the same support items. "
Rebecca and Gary Englebright - March 2013

 "In one word "Fabulous". From the diving, to the accommodations and the entire staff. "
Christine Beaulieu and Robert Weinzapfel - March 2013

 "First class operation, from diving, dive masters, crew, maintenance, front desk, gardeners, everyone was a joy and helpful. The pinnacle of dive resorts! "
Ritch Hobden - March 2013

 "It has been a wonderful 10 days - Exceeded our expectations. Reefs and marine life are absolutely wonderful. Food delicious at every meal and all staff extremely friendly and helpful. "
Robert Glenn & Ann Goulet - March 2013

 "Absolutely amazing - a first class resort from beginning to end, with amazing staff. The people are what makes this place (and incredible food!). I will definitely return! "
Cynthia Dugger - March 2013

 "I have been diving since 1988 and this is the best ever. People and staff are wonderful. The reefs are beautiful and healthy. Dive Masters - Wonderful. The food more than excellent. God created the earth and then put all the beauty and good people at Wakatobi Resort. How you work with the villages is very impressive. You are educating them on the beauty present & you want to keep it that way forever. "
Rebecca Peel - March 2013

 "Very impressed with the efforts made to sustain both the environment and local economy. Many areas could learn from your work. Customer service is top notch. All staff seem committed. Excellence is the single word to describe the Wakatobi experience…the accommodations, staff, food and diving. "
Bruce and Janice Roberts - March 2013

 "Wakatobi has been a total paradise for us - both diving and snorkeling! And the service is excellent in all areas! "
Virpi Lauri & Janne Heinonen - March 2013

 "Your staff members are exceptional! Everyone makes you feel comfortable and helps with all your needs. Your dive masters are the best we have had. Our compliments to you, your obvious concern and care of your guests, and your level of operational excellence. The food was wonderful, the spa was fabulous...just cannot say enough good things about Wakatobi. From the moment we touched down in Bali, we were treated like royalty! Wakatobi is an exquisite resort with fabulous diving - truly a divers paradise!. We will highly recommend Wakatobi to our dive friends! Thank you for a lovely vacation. "
Bonny & Jeff Reinmuth - March 2013

 "The staff are very helpful and their relentless service to our needs was exceptional. The food has such international culinary appeal - far beyond my expectations. The meals were full of interesting flavors and all were presented with colorful arrangement, the healthiest I have eaten in some time and I am quite a nutritionally savvy person. Diving was full of enthusiasm, fun and expert consideration of safety factors. Thanks. Your whole approach shows excellent in house training and a wholesome outlook of your staff. "
Suzie Linenberger - March 2013

 "The welcoming spirit never ends at Wakatobi. The staff will go out of their way to please you and the task is always accomplished with a happy smile. The buffet styled meats are a culinary delight. Your desserts are spectacular. Sorry I did not leave many for your other guests. My husband and I have had a wonderful time at Wakatobi. We do hope one day that we can return. Our experience here at Wakatobi will be told across many seas. Thank you to everyone. We are taking away some fabulous memories. "
Gina and Mario Bonelli - March 2013

 "The reefs + reef fish have thrived in the 4 years since I was last here. Healthiest reefs I have experienced in my 28 years of diving. "
Dan Gould - March 2013

 "Thank you so much for helping David, while I know he was your first wheelie, your staff made it seem like they do this all the time. David may not say it but I will : Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I cannot say enough about the staff, just mention anything and they make it happen. The staff call everybody by name from the first day on. Excellent staff. Excellent dive crew. "
Mike Vette - March 2013

 "Way better than expected from every angle. Food, lodging, dive master and dive sites. "
Jose and Linda Fernandez - March 2013

 "Wakatobi is pure heaven! We could not be more impressed with the whole operation. The staff is beyond compare, hard working, a friendly smile and they cannot do enough for you. The ecology of the resort is extremely impressive; every detail perfectly thought out. Loved the "
Judy Workman - March 2013

 "Smell of cloves + spices in the air, the sway of the hammock matches the gentle rocking of the boat, and an underwater world you truly have to see to believe...Wakatobi...I will be back! "
Sharon Siemer - March 2013

 "We had a wonderful time! The staff is phenomenal, food exceptional, diving was the best we have ever seen. From the moment we arrived we were treated to friendly faces and we got to know the people who work at Wakatobi and we found them all to be happy and helpful. What a rare treat! No doubt about it, we will try to come back soon. From the moment of our boat arrival and we saw the genuine smiles on the faces of Wakatobi staff greeting us....we knew it would be a wonderful trip. We were not disappointed! "
Darlene & Ron Pauls - March 2013

 "Everyone here went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. The diving is beautiful. The staff are all wonderful and friendly and I enjoyed meeting other people from around the world. The food is easily 4 stars if not 5 and being able to sit by the beach while we ate was awesome (I am going to miss not wearing shoes when I go back to the states!) I also liked that there were so many other things to do besides diving. I am sad to be going home & I will for sure be recommending it to my fellow dive friends back at home. What is not to love? The diving and location are beautiful, the staff is welcoming, the food is to die for and the spa heavenly. "
Mia Stoddard - March 2013

 "Enjoyed the stay. Food was excellent. Rooms were very clean, house keeping was excellent. Diving was very good, camera shop was very useful. A dive vacation you will never forget. "
Don Stoddard - March 2013

 "We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay! The diving has been easy and relaxing. Our dive guide has been attentive, polite, informative and considerate of our diving needs. The boat crew have been excellent, the staff have been warm, friendly and helpful. We have enjoyed the food, especially the entrees, we love the tiny morsels of flavour & the variety. "
Jodie Moyle and Daniel Lloyd - March 2013

 "Wakatobi is a perfect diving and vacation location. The service is more than perfect - the staff is more than just friendly, always friendly and they are the heart of Wakatobi! The food is excellent - many thanks to Andy and the whole kitchen team. The boat crew and all helping employees are very good! The dive masters are also experienced. Wakatobi - a place close to heaven. "
Danni and Stefan Grunhage - March 2013

 "This has been the most amazing week of not only diving but food. Service people have all been second to none. Everyone has been so friendly and we love that everyone has learned our names. It really gives this place a feel of familiarity and friendliness. Our dive master has been so helpful, asking on every dive what we are looking to, depth, speed, asking how he can make our dive experience better than the last dive. My only answer has been "
Fawn She and Richard Niemiec - March 2013

 "The experience here is very well planned and nearly perfect. The staff clearly cares about visitor / diver happiness and we felt so well cared for that it is hard to leave. For some reason (possibly that it is a clear tactile reminder that I am not home), I love the sandy pathways beneath my bare feet and the well manicured, but natural looking greenery. This resort feels more like a high-end hotel than a dive spot, so the excellent diving and dive staff are an extraordinary bonus! The women at the spa have very strong hands, yet gentle demeanor - a perfect combination. "
Renee Levalle - March 2013

 "This place is the "
Merle Gurney - March 2013

 "Diving was amazing. Information overload with things to see, I have dived the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Galapagos and nowhere else matches the diversity of life as well as the abundance. Lots of pristine reef, well worth a repeat visit. Food was amazing. Like the reef, it was very diverse, plentiful and above all tasted fantastic. Dive like a fish, eat like a fish, drink like a fish, sleep, repeat. "
Mike DeFreitas - March 2013

 "Fabulous food - loved small plates. Extraordinary staff in all of resort. Exceptional dive guide + boat team. Well thought out resort. An awesome achievement, we are glad to have been here and would love to come back. "
Susan & Bill Arbios - March 2013

 "Great time. Love the dive boats, not crowded at all. VIP service rocked! Our butler really took care of us at the resort. Really enjoyed our evenings at the bar. Really enjoyed the hammock. Our dive guide was a fun dive guide, nice guy. I felt safe with him. "
Bryan and Paige Kesman - March 2013

 "Diving experience was great and enjoyed small groups which provided a personalized touch. Dive guides were knowledgeable and friendly, boat crew attention and service was awesome. Dive center staff stepped in to help when my regulator failed. Savior! Food plenty, good variety and delicious. Service staff and cooks work very hard to make everything run smoothly. Top notch housekeeping kept our room neat and tidy. Really enjoyed daily fruit and chocolate. "
John Landes - March 2013

 "We have truly loved our time here and appreciate the consistent efforts to improve the guest experience. We could write a long list of the many things that Wakatobi does so fabulously - and will do so on trip advisor. "
A.F & A.S. - March 2013

 "Special great thanks to restaurant staff, especially to the chef. The food was wonderful. Good selection of wine and friendly atmosphere. Big thanks to all the dive staff. Thanks everybody! Very good combination of diving, rest and relax. Our first and only experience of good coffee at a dive resort. Thanks. Very good combination of diving, rest and relax for the whole family. "
Boris & Marina Shestopalov - March 2013

 "Excellent service and many thanks to your chef for good food and amazing desserts. We enjoyed diving every day and the dive team was very helpful. All of the dive sites were very interesting. We will come back for marvelous desserts and good diving. "
Daniel and Anastasiya Shestopalov - March 2013

 "The week we spent was fantastic. The bungalow was really great. All the staff members did an excellent job and were all very nice. The food was delicious too. The crew / boat staff was very helpful and hardworking. Our DEM was awesome. We are beginner divers and our diving skills increased so much. We are very glad we chose Wakatobi for our honeymoon! "
Jordan and Connie Christian - March 2013

Featured Endorsement

"Our bungalow was perfect with a fantastic outdoor shower, beautiful front porch with day-bed couches, plus a pair of lounge chairs and a shaded hammock. The food was amazing and fresh, the chef continually outdid himself, everything from the freshest tuna sashimi to lamb to breakfast omeletts made to order. "
TripAdvisor profile: remeisas - March 2013


Featured Endorsement

"Had one week at Wakatobi and was spoilt every minute. This is a 5 star diving resort and the staff just kept on asking us "
TripAdvisor profile: godive123 - March 2013


 "The staff on this boat is absolutely exceptional! They have spoiled us so much that we are now afraid to go on any other dive boat! The food and service was excellent + everyone was overly accommodating! I am so glad we were able to experience the Pelagian and this experience is definitely a Yacht! Once you experience this dive boat...all others will not even come close! Thank you for a wonderful week and we hope to be back soon! - Monica & John Zwart "
Monica & John Zwart - March 2013

 "The staff on this boat is absolutely exceptional! They have spoiled us so much that we are now afraid to go on any other dive boat! The food and service was excellent + everyone was overly accommodating! I am so glad we were able to experience the Pelagian and this experience is definitely a Yacht! Once you experience this dive boat...all others will not even come close! Thank you for a wonderful week and we hope to be back soon! Monica & John Zwart "
Monica & John Zwart - March 2013

 "The first thing I really appreciate being a single woman traveling is when I get out of my taxi at the airport, I do not need to touch my heavy bags anymore. After only 2h30m of travel, I find my bags in my bungalow, 5m from the sea, white sand beach, watching the sun set in comfortable pillows from my terrace. I swim from my doorstep to the nearby coral reefs. The food is excellent and fresh, and I never eat alone. The water is full of fish and corals, thanks to Wakatobi as they protect the area. I will come back for sure. "
Corinne Brodbeck - February 2013

 "Excellent service, very friendly staff, good and diverse food. Great diving locations with skilled dive masters, good equipment, very nice house reef and opportunities for snorkeling. Nice longhouse lounge area. Flexibility for arrangements massage, change of dive locations). Excellent service, excellent diving. A royal experience. Thank you. "
Robert Eichler - February 2013

 "Extremely impressed with the level of service from the friendly efficient staff right from stepping off the plane in Bali. Beautiful diving, enormous amount of sea life. Excellent dive guides! "
Bernie O'Reilly and Robin Norris - February 2013

 "My experience here was among the best of the best. Everything was thoughtfully made to be comfortable and convenient and everyone was so friendly. They all knew us by name which made us feel welcome. The service here is the best. Food: presentation, freshness, quality, quantity, variety, taste - all excellent, as well as the service. Diving: great dive guides and crew members, great dive sites. I appreciated the duration of each dive, 60 - 70 minutes. I hope to dive here again! "
Liz Versteeg - February 2013

 "You all have done a great job in building the Wakatobi dream team, everyone works well together and goes out of their way to service the customer. "
Bill Donovan - February 2013

 "Keep the scale you have now. Don't let growth change the charm and beauty of what you have. A beautifully refined diving experience. Vibrant and abundant reefs, great guides, exemplary service and professionalism in every discipline. "
Jonathan Weaver - February 2013

 "We were very impressed with the dive & snorkel sites. They are simply magnificent, our snorkeling guides were extremely patient and helpful with our snorkeling skills. They made our experience so much more enjoyable and rich, we just can't say enough. The service is just outstanding from the moment we step off the plane in Bali to our time spent here, everyone is courteous, professional, pleasant and always eager to accommodate. Food is 5 star, they are of good quality and taste and a good variety. Service in dinning room is excellent. Accommodations are clean and towels are of good quality. "
Ben and Margaret Wong - February 2013

 "We had yet another great stay at Wakatobi. The diving was great and the food as well. "
David and Joshua Blackmon - February 2013

 "We are very impressed with Wakatobi Dive Resort. The dishes were very delicious every time. Thank you to all the staff for trying to talk very kindly to us who cannot speak English. Dive staff helped us with everything. We had a wedding anniversary and we got a very nice and tasty chocolate cake. We have never before had a chocolate cake this tasty. thank you very much. Six days of our holiday goes by very quickly, but we were able to relax. We will work hard in Japan and hope to come back again. "
Masatoshi and Hatsue Tozawa - February 2013

 "We are very happy with the service provided by Wakatobi. The snorkeling crew is amazing. The guides were extremely helpful and patient. It is the best snorkeling experience we have ever had on our travels. The coral reefs are better than Maldives and Tahiti. We are also very pleased with the dining room staff. They are always cheerful and welcoming. They always greeted us by name and the food is delicious and well prepared. The variety is great. All the crew we met on the ground are polite and smiling, there is not one grouchy person on the island. As inexperienced snorkelers we felt very safe and confident as the guides are very caring and right there in the water with us every step of the way. "
Kim and Michelle Tan - February 2013

 "I have a very good impression of the staff. They are trained very well. They greet us with a big smile everyday and it made me feel good. "
Yasuo Nara - February 2013

 "Thank you so much! We enjoyed the stay here very much and the decision to come here was 100% the right one. The staff (on the boat as well in the restaurant) are very nice and this made our time here even better. Definitely an option to come again. "
Alex Nowak - February 2013

 "I enjoyed my stay very much. Food and service are both very good in the restaurant. Thank you for everything. I will come back again. "
Hiroshi Chiku - February 2013

 "I haven't died, but I have been to heaven - Wakatobi! Outstanding staff in all departments, cheerful, upbeat, happy and courteous, even going so far as to speak to us in English even if they were not fluent. Food was outstanding, worth coming for itself even if you don't dive. Healthy, great variety, beautiful presentation, attentive staff. Boats well designed for divers, spacious, bathroom, hot and cold beverage, hard working dive masters and crew. Healthy abundant diverse corals and fans. Healthiest and most beautiful reefs I have ever seen. "
George Martin - February 2013

 "We had such a lovely time at Wakatobi. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed. The soft music at breakfast, the hello's and goodbye's when we arrived to eat, calling us by name, Every restaurant staff member gave us exceptional service, noting our preferences, their quiet demeanor, kind gestures, the food was exemplary. We loved the amount of choices at every meal, and the small portions, it was visually pleasing as well. The dive staff was exceptional. From the moment we arrived everything was taken care of for us. We have never had such wonderful treatment - and all of it with smiles. We notice all these things - from having a bathroom on the boat - yeah to a roof to protect us from the sun, and enough room to walkabout. The boat crew did a fantastic job gearing us up each day. Our dive guide was a fabulous dive master - getting to know our preferences - we felt like family here. This truly was a fantastic overall experience and one that will be remembered forever. We hope to return someday. Everyone made us feel so welcome. It shows that all the staff love working here. We were glad to be part of it for 10 days. "
Vernon and Janet Fernandes - February 2013

 "We had a very enjoyable vacation. The food was excellent with varied selection. All staff members were courteous and anticipated our needs. Our dive guide was an excellent dive guide, showed us wonderful creatures, but also made sure we were careful not to harm the habitat of the ocean creatures. The dining staff are always willing to accommodate all our requests. The boat crew worked diligently to ensure our safety, handled all of our gear expertly. Lastly, the resort managers have well trained staff and they are respected by the staff, it is evident that the resort managers set the standard for customer service. "
Jack Bernstein - February 2013

 "Everything is really too good. I would like to thank everyone personally for making this experience a special one. I wanted to go somewhere special for my 40th Birthday and I was lucky to be in the right place, everything is just too perfect. I will definitely come back again and again. "
Hamad Al Jaber - February 2013

 "Wonderful - diving, service, place to find peace and quiet! The staff is exceptional, food fabulous and I loved my bungalow. So happy you provide fish ID books at the library and that you are making effort to preserve the reef and provide employment for local people. My dive guide was an exceptionally good dive guide. - responsive, attentive and fun to be with. Eni is a very good masseuse - she is very astute, focused and kind. Wonderful place to dive and take a break. Terrific dive operation, beautiful location and wonderful staff. "
Liz Cunningham - February 2013

 "This is our second trip here and won't be our last! The diving and resort experience are second to none. The food was always excellent and the restaurant staff was always there if you wanted something. Our dive master provided just the right amount of assistance - he is great, with excellent eyes for finding microscopic things! One of the premier diving experiences anywhere in the world. First class staff, accommodations and fabulous food! We will be back soon! "
Debbie D'Adamo and Jerry McCaughey - February 2013

Featured Endorsement

"Diving was the best reef diving we have ever seen. Incredibly healthy reefs, teaming with fish, and dive masters making sure you got the dive you wanted."
TripAdvisor profile: Kent J - February 2013


Featured Endorsement

"Quality Time in a Quality Resort"

"Personal attention of the first order from the moment you arrive for departure from Bali. Staff meet and greet and look after you, check you in and ensure you are comfortable. On arrival on the island everyone knows your name and the service is excellent, the food at all meals is first class, very tasty and plentiful and a wide variety. We found it extraordinary that the quality of food of the order received could be produced on an island so remote."

TripAdvisor profile: SharksSupporter1 - January 2013


 "What an amazing experience Wakatobi has been, from when we arrived in Bali until the time of departure. All staff have known our names from day 1 and always greet us with a smile. The food, housekeeping, restaurant staff, spa staff, dive staff have truly made our experience a memorable one. The diving is the best we have ever experienced. The coral reef is something from a dream, the diversity and colour kept us transfixed throughout each dive and in awe each day. Wakatobi Orange, the sea life filled our dive books beyond the space available and will be the source of many dive stories in the future. On Wakatobi VI the boat staff were attentive and helpful when dive time arrived. Our dive masters were simply amazing. They are very knowledgeable and passionate about their field and we truly believe we would not have seen as much without their guidance. They were always going above and beyond to make our experience absolutely amazing. Thank you! Thank you to all the staff, this trip would not have been the same without you. Wakatobi is not only a world class dive site and a dive experience of a lifetime, it's location, amenities and 5 star service will see us back here again in the future."
Olivia Hertsted & Oliver Gee - January 2013

 "Amazing time! Our dive master was phenomenal. Great villa, food and experience. Whoever designed the Jetty Bar deserves major accolades! Phenomenal staff all around. A simply perfect experience with amazing diving and phenomenal dive master! Can't wait to return!"
Frank Pond - January 2013

 "Great experience. The service was truly outstanding and I think this is what makes this place truly special."
Akshay Chudasama - January 2013

 "Great experience overall. Super food, my compliments to the chef. The diving was perfectly organized - kudos to all the dive instructors."
Amani, Priyanka and Sumit - January 2013

 "This has been an amazing experience. I am still stunned about how well organized everything was - it was so seamless! The room was exceptionally comfortable. The food was great! The service all around was beyond exceptional! Our dive master made our diving and resort experiences fantastic when we thought it could not get better. I can't wait to come back!!!"
Michael Graham - January 2013

 "Stunning location! Amazing diving complimented by outstanding staff both on the boats and in the restaurant. Faisal who met us from the boat ride always made sure we were happy and not wanting for anything in the slightest - to the point I think he can almost read our minds! I loved being on the same boat for a week as it was a great chance to get to know the other divers and the staff. We could not have been cared for better % so happy with our choice for our honeymoon! Also need to mention that the guide at immigration worked miracles - we certainly felt very special walking by the big long queues! Exceeded our expectations on a daily basis. Simply awesome! "
Hanna and Chris Gunson - January 2013

 "Staff very efficient and very friendly, made you feel like part of the extended family. We had a really lovely holiday. Thank you."
Wolf and Lesley Schutte - January 2013

 "Reefs and diving are fantastic! All staff are friendly, polite and extremely helpful. I don't see how the current operation could be any better than it is. food is out of this world!"
David DeVault and Deborah Swackhamer - January 2013

 "The dive operation is extremely well organized and the staff is always present asking whether everything is okay or how they help. Rebreather support was excellent and tanks and scrubber always available.Although I came here for diving, I enjoyed the exquisite food in the restaurant. Especially seafood was always delicious. The staff and the chefs were very attentive and always at the right place."
Josef Wicki - January 2013

 "Our fourth time here and it just gets better and better, excellent diving, the warmth of the staff and the food...well, we would return for the sorbet alone! Wakatobi is really exceptional, from the escort on arrival (a real luxury) to the flight home. Give yourself the treat of a lifetime - Go to Wakatobi. "
Barbara and Chaz Taylor - January 2013

 "The diving is exceptional! The food is delicious and the staff could not be nicer. Truly the vacation of a lifetime! Don't change anything! "
Andrew Foster - January 2013

 "In 10 years of diving all over the world, this has been the best trip that I have been on. The service has been incredible and I definitely will be back. "
Cathy McFarland - January 2013

 "I am so happy I chose Wakatobi. This is the most amazing resort I have ever seen. Not only the great diving and food, but the happy staff and your connection to locals as well as the environment is second to none. There is only one word to describe the combination of perfection in diving, ecology and service, and that's Wakatobi. Thank you so much. "
David Lewis - January 2013

 "We had an amazing stay. The diving + food could not be better. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Many thanks to the chef and pastry chef for a wonderful romantic dinner for our 25th anniversary. Keep up the good work! We hope to return someday. This isn't your grandpa's dive lodge. It's a world class resort experience with some of the best diving and food anywhere. "
David Pass and Anna Maria de Freitas - January 2013

 "What is most impressive is how the business established working relationships with the local communities that are mutually supportive and collaborative. Walking barefooted was an experience I never thought of in advance, a very positive one indeed, puts you in touch with nature in a novel manner, thumbs up for it. Mind blowing, spectacular diving worth every minute of it, definitely and highly recommended for any passionate diver. "
Dr. Zakaria Halim - January 2013

 "As a repeat visitor, all I can say is that once again, you exceeded my expectations. More importantly, you exceeded the expectations of the customers I brought here for the Ikelite Photo School. They have all told me about how impressed they are. Another truly magical 10 day trip. The best dive guides and crew we've experienced. Everything about this place is special, and the diving is spectacular too. We'll be back! "
Brad Snyder - January 2013

 "Attention to detail and service is impeccable. Friendliness and attitude of the staff is amazing, nothing is too much trouble and everyone goes out of their way to ensure your holiday is brilliant. Planning is very good and also goes a long way to making the holiday, from being greeted at the airport to offering services in Bali when overseas departure is a number of hours after domestic arrival. Health of reef and diving is beautiful and we will definitely return. All staff are amazing. A truly stunning diving destination, matched by a gorgeous resort where every attentiom to detail is considered and taken care of. The food, staff, location and diving are brilliant and make for an amazing holiday. See you again soon Wakatobi! "
Stephen and Leah McCabe - January 2013

 "Our stay at Wakatobi was amazing! From the first day the staff knew our names and always greeted us with a smile! Meals were always different and gave a great variety of choices. The diving was awesome! Our dive master was great at finding little stuff and helping me take some great photos. Roy was our little helper on the boat and was a true workhorse. Always there with a smile, lifting all the heavy tanks and helping to fix every problem. His smile after a dive and a cheery "How was your dive?" made the dive experience great. "
Jenn Strang - January 2013

 "Seeking balance with the earth, the sea and the traditions and culture of it's surroundings, Wakatobi has succeeded in providing the finest diving experience of our lives. Thank you, we hope to return again soon. "
Gregg and Robin Maynard - January 2013

 "Congratulations on capturing an extraordinary experience, pre-trip booking service, guides, meals, crews, all exceptional. My room was beautifully finished, designed, appointed and located. Rarely do you find an organization whose mission and goals align the passion of the employees. The Wakatobi 'family' deliver the 'whole experience! A beautiful blend of the dream and the reality. "
Stuart Wilson - January 2013

 "The bar has been lifted in pretty well every aspect and your focus on continual improvement is to be applauded. On our fourth visit this time for 21 days all I can say it only gets better. Great room comfort, excellent varied diving staff that just want to please and wonderful food. "
Cliff and Jane Gale - January 2013

 "The resort is beautiful. Truly a superb diving paradise! The best thing about this resort is the people. They make the experience to be beyond wonderful. There are simply not enough words to describe the friendliness of the staff and the excellence of service they provide! "
David and Sormeh Schranz - January 2013

Featured Endorsement

"Best dive resort I have ever stayed at"

"I love Wakatobi and normally I don't go to the same place twice because there are so many places to still see and stay at and I like to go to different places even if I really like something, but I see myself going back to Wakatobi many times over my lifetime, because of how incredible the level of service and food was and the diving is superb."

TripAdvisor profile: LWFPS - January 2013


Featured Endorsement

"Great Time in a GREAT resort"

"On arrival in the resort, everyone remember our name and the service was really excellent. The food at every meals is first class, tasty and wide variety. The bungalows are really nice, adequate and with A/C. Gardens and beaches are clean. The dive boats are just excellent, you get a box for your stuff and a place on the boat, just to make sure that you do not have to pay attention to something else than just relax."

TripAdvisor profile: Veronique B - January 2013


 "We are world travelers and our experience at Wakatobi surpassed anything we have experienced. The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff (dining, diving and managerial) was wonderful. In the dining room, the staff always welcomed us with personal greetings, smiles and attentiveness. In terms of diving, our personal guides were outstanding! They were both able to find critters and provide excellent photo opportunities and help me Nicki) get truly comfortable with diving for the first time! They are all very special people and we will miss them. The staff were excellent in every way always going further than necessary to be helpful. Thank you for a wonderful experience, the cleaning staff were perfect! "
Nicki and Gerard Closset - December 2012

 "Some say the streets of heaven are paved with gold. But now I know they are paved with sand and lined with shells. Wakatobi is magic. To have the opportunity to dive in these amazing reefs is truly life changing. The abundance and diversity of life on these reefs is astonishing, reinforcing the value of the reefs and the critical need to protect them. The approach Wakatobi has taken to build a partnership with the community, gives hope that conservation is possible. Add to the beautiful reefs the superb quality of the staff and you have a place that I don't believe can be experienced anywhere else in the world. Because of the dive masters I saw three different species of pygmy sea horses, ornate ghost fish, squat lobsters! How do they find them? I also appreciate their patience and kindness, as well as the great ratio of divers to dive master. Our group had 2 to 6 divers - normally only 5. So we all got a lot of personal attention. From checking our nitrox tanks to learning about the dive site to having a safe memorable dive - our dive experience managers did it all. Our room (bungalow) was wonderful. The food was elegant, delicious and plentiful - and diverse! The whole experience is one I will never forget. You made us feel like family - learning our names and greeting us each day. Heaven? Yes!! Magic? for sure! We're already planning to come back. Every aspect of the experience is wonderful. I can't imagine a dive resort that offers anything close to the package of a fantastic, healthy reef and wonderful staff and location. "
Robin and Gary Wright - December 2012

 "A wonderful experience all around. The staff were top notch, always courteous, friendly and helpful. At first it seemed strange when they knew my name and I didn't know theirs. But after a few days you got used to it. Food was awesome, best ever from any previous dive trip. Diving was great, staff and dive masters were always helpful. All in all a great trip. Keep up the good work. A fabulous experience. You'll be spoiled beyond belief! "
Todd Kerby - December 2012

 "Once again we had an amazing time. The staff goes out of their way to ensure our every need is met. We obviously came for the diving, but at Wakatobi, you get much more than that! The food is first class! The chef and his crew do an amazing job in the kitchen - lots of variety. The taste is superb and the presentation is exquisite. The restaurant staff all greet us by name and with huge smiles they always seem to know what we want. Everyone made us feel very special. The dive staff were always there to help with any issues big or small - they were always ready with a solution. The diving was spectacular. Our dive masters were fabulous. Terrific in spotting all the creatures. All of them were so knowledgeable. Although all the dives were incredible, the highlights for us were spotting the juvenile bat fish and the stargazer! Thanks again! We look forward to our next trip! "
Mike McCabe and Heather Lemieux - December 2012

 "An unbelievable experience - Beyond any of my expectations both underwater and back on the beach. Resort and dive staff were superb and pampered our every need. Restaurant food and staff were out of this world, would not have thought we would have been eating as well as we have. Food was great, loved the local flavours. Terima kasih banyak! Beyond our wildest dreams! Fish and coral biodiversity are the best we've ever seen. Was a magical way to spend my 40th Birthday! "
Ashley Africa - December 2012

 "Thank you for giving us everything we could have dreamed of and more. I have never felt so pampered and taken care of. If we had any requests no matter how obscure, the staff preformed magic to fulfill them. I am not sure how they did all they did but we thank them sincerely. Being greeted by name starting on day one everywhere we went was amazing. The diving environment was outstanding and the dive guides were awesome. You can go on a dive vacation or you can go on a PERFECT dive vacation to Wakatobi. "
Jennifer and Ed Soular - December 2012

 "The diving is fantastic but the staff are what make Wakatobi world class. Keep up the great work! After nearly two years of planning and anticipation, Wakatobi was well worth the wait! "
Steve Shroyer - December 2012

 "Everything was perfect. We came here to relax and Wakatobi achieved that for us. Our dive guide was the best dive guide we have ever had, he went out of his was to help us with weights and buoyancy and this made us better divers letting us enjoy our diving even more. He is also very knowledgeable about the ocean and species etc. Exceptional restaurant staff and ridiculously good food! Please don't change a thing! We love it the way it is! "
Andrew and Katie Egan - December 2012

 "Just plain amazing. It is kind of eerie that everyone knows your name so quick. It really makes it feel like home but better. It is very hard to put the experience into words. Epicly fantastic diving! Even the checkout dive was amazing. So sad to leave at the end of the week. "
TJ Wright - December 2012

 "For this being the third dive trip for me I'm truly impressed. The friendliness of the staff and amazing diving fit together perfectly. I will be coming back in the near future. Keep up the good work. Amazing location, amazing staff, where can I extend my stay? "
David Landry - December 2012

 "Great resort, great staff, top notch service. Keep up the great work! "
Rick White - December 2012

 "Had a great time. Can't think of anything you could do better. Wakatobi is unspoiled - - unspoiled environment, unspoiled people, unspoiled reef system, unspoiled paradise. "
Ken Merryman - December 2012

 "It was the best vacation! All staff are great! Feels like you are in an aquarium! Best service from all staff! Even the cats are friendly "
Mac and Vicki McClure - December 2012

 "The 70 minute dive times are great. The staff is great! They are very helpful. They go out of their way to make sure you have what you need and they all know your names. I wish all dive resorts were like this. The food is excellent! I like the mix of western and local food. The smaller portions allow for trying many different things. "
Jennifer Folstad - December 2012

 "Both times we have had wonderful diving guides, who really respect our diving preferences and have gone out of their way to increase our knowledge about what we observe. We have had a wonderful week's diving and with 27 years diving experience this is a true testament to the Wakatobi experience. Thank you! "
Angie Leonard and Sue Meyrick - December 2012

 "This place is wonderful and all of the staff are outstanding. It was unbelievable that the staff knew us by name by the first day. The diving is the best I have seen anywhere and the dive masters and dive boat staff are exceptional. We will be back! Thanks for making us feel so welcome. Best dive vacation ever! Well worth the travel to get here! "
Tom and Andi Moffatt - December 2012

 "By far the best dive experience I have had the pleasure of being at. The nicest people, helpful and very knowledgeable of the reefs. Great food, best by far. This place is fabulous! "
Lloyd Krohn - December 2012

 "5 star reef, A+ boats and crew, 5 star cuisine, A+ staff and rooms. Never ate so well or dove so long. "
Michael and Dianne Knitter - December 2012

 "Our second visit was like coming home and we were with friends and family. The food was really good last year but it is now a true dining experience. Snorkeling well organized as usual and the staff is always a step ahead of us and our needs. Our guide is a true gem, he is very considerate and compassionate, going out of his way to help the guests (snorkelers). Rooms as expected are comfortable and well kept. Maintenance has been performed efficiently and expediently with no interruption to our comfort. It's always a good day at Wakatobi. Diving, lodging and food. Wakatobi is the whole package. "
Ron and Laurie Boreisha - December 2012

 "This resort is wonderful. The diving is exceptional, the service is the best of any resort we have been. "
Bob and Monica Grossheim - December 2012

 "Food is excellent, perfect variety. Dive operation is top notch and the staff are incredible. Best land based diving operation anywhere! "
Tom Barela - December 2012

 "It is worth a long flight to arrive at this pristine dive location, it is like a 5 star experience in diving, dining and solitude. Let the world go by for a week and you may not want to go home. Just the best than the rest! Best in diving, best in food, best in care of guests and very educational and eco-friendly. "
Lanny McCormick - December 2012

 "It's just a fantastic place. Amazing dives, amazing dive team, amazing food and of course amazing people. Everyone has a big smile and eagerness to make you feel so relaxed. A paradise for all divers and non divers. "
Sheetal Rajasekharan - December 2012

 "First and foremost is the incredible diving! Also the attention to personal service is beyond compare - on the boat, in the restaurant, in the bungalow and at the longhouse reception. Everyone bent over backwards to make this a memorable trip! Thank you! "
Sharon Brennan - December 2012

 "Hope to be able to return. Thank you for a wonderful time. Outstanding in every way imaginable! Diving, accommodations, food and service were all superb! "
Kit and Diane Hatfield - December 2012

 "I have had a wonderful time at Wakatobi. The service, food, dive masters and service staff are phenomenal. They anticipate your every need and are very accommodating. Thanks for a great experience! Every diver should dive Wakatobi. Beautiful! "
Carla Whitehead - December 2012

 "It is the total quality: landscape, service, food, wonderful reefs. It's difficult to find any constructive criticisms because everything is perfectly organized for divers. With an extraordinary dive center, new equipment, spacious boats, remarkably kind and knowledgeable guides. A total success, the paradise for divers. "
Maud Bailly-Turchi - December 2012

 "As a snorkeler, it is rare to find a dive resort that doesn’t make you feel like a second class citizen. The attention here in that regard was wonderful. Incredible in every way, coral, fish and personal service from management to staff to dive and snorkel masters "
Joan and Tom Woodward - December 2012

 "The diving experience has just been the best possible. The water is warm and clear. There is an abundance of fish, sea creatures and flora. The variety, diversity, health and color of the sea life is amazing. The dive guides are experts with a keen eye and friendly smiles. The entire staff and management are knowledgeable, friendly and most helpful. The food and service are top notch. the accommodations are efficient, clean and comfortable. Having the ocean just a few steps from the front door of our bungalow is wonderful. This is truly at the top list of dive resorts. It is no wonder that many members of our scuba group are back for their second stay at Wakatobi! "
Carl Felling and Elvira Purkey - December 2012

 "Excellent service, diving, food etc. We felt very well taken care of and special thanks to all your staff! We were here in 2007. The resort has improved considerably (it was good then also). My compliments to the chefs. They did an outstanding job! Both in quality and presentation. The dive boats are the best I've seen in the world for comfort and usefulness to the divers. It just doesn't get any better than this! "
Joseph D. Greene - December 2012

Featured Endorsement

"Even the fish are smiling"

"The food is very good, creative with a good mix of local flavors and international food. But what makes our stay truly extraordinary is the quality of the staff. We were first greeted by a charming young French lady and for our entire trip, everybody was helpful and smiling."

TripAdvisor profile: Geneva_Fats - December 2012


Featured Endorsement

"The best snorkel vacation"

"Wakatobi isn't just for diving. Ex diver who dove all over the world has found snorkeling nirvana. The service, food and rooms add to the total package that must be experienced."

TripAdvisor profile: Boreisha - December 2012


 "Nice facility, great staff. With use of a personal guide, all my requested critters were found and we had fun doing so. Resort and reefs are pristine. "
David Mills - December 2012

 "We were both very impressed with every element regarding our stay at Wakatobi. This experience beginning with a very friendly greeting at Ngurah Rai airport, making the transitions through customs a delight. Wakatobi staff made the transit from Bali to Tomia quite pleasurable and an effortless evolution for us. The greeting upon landing at Wakatobi was of the up-most professionalism by all staff and the quality and condition of our accommodation was perfect. Very impressed with both quality and variety of the food and appreciative of the healthy choices. Customer service of Food and Beverage staff was exceptional at all times. The diving, Superb! Pristine reefs, well chosen dive sites. Professional dive staff, above standard equipment. Every avenue and consideration of the resort has been covered. Thank you for the opportunity to share this little piece of paradise, truly a privilege, one we won't forget. "
Kane Robinson and Jemima Brentnall - December 2012

 "Service and employees are amazing. The food is amazing and fabulous, the bungalow is very comfortable. The boutique is nice and lots to choose from, camera room is great. The dive guides and boat staff are terrific. Everyone was so helpful, we can't say enough good things about our dive guide. He is a master of finding interesting things for us and helping to make each dive an adventure we appreciated, not doing many repeat dive sites during our stay, having 70 minute dives and being able to dive our own profiles. "
Michele and Steve Dussault - December 2012

 "A fantastic diving experience. The accommodation, food and diving were all fantastic, well organized and of high level. The staff were friendly and helpful and always willing to attend to any needs. Dive staff great. We will be back. "
Libby Hunter, Tim Phillipps and Charli Phillipps - December 2012

 "I loved being here and hope to be back in the future. Beautiful reefs, great staff, everyone tries really hard to make it all work. Thanks for a great vacation. "
Anneli Munkholm - December 2012

 "The service is spectacular and the diving is superb. I will come back. Divine diving and excellent service, the perfect place to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. "
Cecilia Clementi - December 2012

 "Best desserts ever! Our dive guide was fantastic and very attentive. Great beds and pillows. Fantastic food, fantastic diving and exceptional service! Top 5 star hotels can only strive to meet your levels of service! "
Sheree Muller - December 2012

 "The resort is amazing. Fantastic staff, 5 star food, epic diving. To have this quality and still be so remote is amazing. Everything was above expectation and it's definitely the best dive resort I've been to with service levels equal to and above major 5 star hotels around the world. The holiday has been worth every cent, what an epic place. I have no suggestions for improvements. "
Sean McLeod - December 2012

 "The environment and the facilities were absolutely idyllic. The staff went out of their way to be kind and friendly they spoiled us rotten. Their attention to detail and service makes the management proud. The gourmet meals were outstanding, they variety of offerings was superb and the presentation was always elegant. The diving experience was unsurpassed. The equipment was great, the system and the flow of traffic was smooth. Wakatobi! It delivers the WOW! Wakatobi is the perfect backdrop of casual elegance and refined service. It is an idyllic place where creatures great and small co-mingle in harmony. Wakatobi, where everyone knows your name. We will definitely come back! "
Paul DeAngelis - December 2012

 "We have had a truly wonderful holiday. The staff are very friendly and do everything to make your holiday memorable. The food is of very high standard. The coral reef is very pristine and the multitude of fish is amazing. The resort itself is very well maintained and the grounds have a very tropical feel. Overall we are very impressed with Wakatobi. "
Greg and Sue Hunter - December 2012

 "From the time we landed at Denpasar there was a staff member on hand to help us with everything. This experience didn't change when we arrived at the resort, in fact the service increased. The accommodation was impeccable, the house keeping and gardens were perfect. The hospitality staff were magnificent, the quality of the meals was first class. The dive crew and boat crew were also fantastic & with quality dive sites to boost my diving experience here was out of this world, the quality of all the staff is second to none, and the smiles are everywhere. I cannot praise this resort enough. "I don't want to go home!" "
Clive and Bettina Ellis - December 2012

 "Excellent job all around - a truly world class diving experience. Dive guides are very knowledgeable and the service across the entire resort is top notch! After diving Australia, the Galapogos and Fiji, I think Wakatobi has some of the best diving in the world. The coral is pristine and there are enough dive sites to spend several weeks here. The service is also impeccable and rivals some of the best 5 star hotels. Definitely coming back again. "
Valdis Lenss and Katie Twyman - December 2012

 "This experience has been fantastic and well surpassed our expectations. Accommodation and food was great and the diving was wonderful. Holidaying here with a 1 year old was a dream, thank you for making it so easy. Most of all, I would like to congratulate you on your staff selection, they are all worth their weight in gold. The staff's attention to detail & their friendly demeanor made our Wakatobi holiday the most memorable and comfortable, like we were part of a family. In one word, excellent!! Wakatobi staff made our holiday here with our 1 year old a breeze. Absolutely fabulous. Thank you! "
Cameron, Rebecca and Alayla Schmid - December 2012

 "Everything is taken care of for you, you just have to remember to breathe. Intimate & elegantly professional, this island and it's dive operation is one of the best in the world. "
Wayne and Rita Du Chenne - December 2012

 "The perfect diving honeymoon choice following our 12.12.12 wedding and the resort delivered on absolutely every level! Fantastic diving, food, service and accommodation. It was a magical experience and we loved every minute of our stay in this beautiful and remote tropical paradise. We'll be back one day! "
James and Kathy Beech - December 2012

 "We enjoyed the stay in Wakatobi very much. Everything was prefect from pre-trip organization, diving, room service and excellent food. People were very helpful and supported us in every situation. "
Armin Lukasser - December 2012

 "We have never experienced something as amazing as Wakatobi. Everything has been prefect since before we even arrived when Stijn met us at Denpasar. Fantastic rooms, delightful food and of course spectacular dives! Our dive guide was more than we could hope - we are not very experienced divers and he made sure we knew what to do and was very professional and knowledgeable. We have learnt A LOT from him about diving. Everyone is always friendly and knew us by name on the first day! The entire staff at Wakatobi made our dive / holiday experience the best yet and we cannot wait to come back. Thank you for a fabulous 5 days! "
Richard Newson and Raeann Carter - December 2012

 "Everyone was exceptionally helpful, friendly and accommodating. We thoroughly enjoyed our 10 day trip. The room (#4) was well kept and very comfortable. The dive boats were wonderful, so much room. The boatmen were helpful and friendly. I had a problem with my neck and they were very solicitous in carrying my tank to the exit. Now the food, there was so much choice at each meal of such good food. How do you do it way out here? All those sauces, pastries and meats! And the Jetty bar sunsets!!! "
Lee and Nancy Skinner - November 2012

 "Our visit to your wonderful resort far exceeded our expectations and anything that we had read about it. The dive masters, crew and resort staff are all outstanding and always ready to help you if you need it. The diving is, of course, amazing and the dive masters have an impressive knowledge base of the marine life which they are always willing to share. We applaud your efforts to protect the reef and also your efforts to help the local communities. Other dive resorts can benefit from Wakatobi's model. Thank you for the wonderful experience! "
Carol and Mike Metz - November 2012

 "Customer service was excellent. Every staff member from managers and dive masters to the fellows helping us with our tanks did everything to make us feel special and relaxed. We didn't have to lift a finger. The culture of customer service permeates through all levels of the resort. Special mention goes to our dive master and the restaurant serving staff. They were spectacular. "
Lovisa and David McCallum - November 2012

 "A very nice clean resort. I found everyone especially the restaurant staff to be extremely friendly and willing to do whatever they can to fill any desire or whatever I need. Dive guides were very knowledgeable of local marine life and gave very good info about each dive site and our profile. You have trained your staff extremely well and it shows! If you want world-class diving along with being totally pampered, from gearing up to dive and exiting the water, to superb 3 meals per day, then your best choice is Wakatobi. "
Bruce Weller - November 2012

 "It's been said to never dive the same place again as you will be disappointed. NOT SO for Wakatobi. This is my second time and the diving is just as spectacular. Staff so helpful, the improvements done since my last trip in 2010 are appreciated and good! Thanks so much to all the staff for making my 2012 stay the best ever! I'll be back! "
Joan Adair - November 2012

 "Accommodations were wonderful, loved the resort. Everyone was very friendly, personable and helpful. The food was wonderful, the diving incredible. The dive masters are very good, all are very conscientious, caring and safe. "
John and Vicki Gemmill - November 2012

 "The boat crew were wonderful and helpful and also did a wonderful job. Our dive guide was a wonderful guide, he was relaxed and showed us great things. Diving with him was the best diving I have ever had. Because of him, it was a wonderful dive trip. I had a wonderful time. Of all my travels this is the best diving. "
Carolyn Espinoza - November 2012

 "Best dive trip ever! Love this place. You have amazing staff. Next time we will come for an 18 day stay. The diving is spectacular. The dive staff is excellent at spotting things on the reef. The boat crew is extremely attentive to your needs. The food is delicious. The restaurant staff (and everyone else) does so much to ensure that our stay is everything we dreamed it would be! They often seem to know what we need even before we do! Thanks so much for the most memorable dive trip ever! We'll definitely be back! "
John and Eileen Siminger - November 2012

 "We had an amazing trip, thank you to all who contributed. We'll be back! Wakatobi ticks all the boxes. Excellent diving, service, food, dive boats, the staff are brilliant! You guys give service a whole new meaning! "
Debra Tagg and David Allen - November 2012

 "For dive #12 or #1200; Wakatobi is beautiful, full of vibrant coral and sea life. In addition, the staff was excellent and anticipated any needs making the entire holiday "worry free". Thanks! "
Bill Reimann and AJ Wang - November 2012

 "Really a very special experience. Beautiful healthy reefs, beautiful place, great service! Friendly staff, knowledgeable dive staff, helpful every minute. We loved it! "
Jeff Herten and Debby Lyon - November 2012

 "We had a beautiful experience here at Wakatobi dive resort. The whole staff made us feel so welcome and at home. The diving was some of the best we have ever done and we love the dive boats, also the best we have ever been on. The reefs are blanketed in coral sponges, sea fans and life! So much to see the can't take it all at once. "
Joe and Xandra Laskowski - November 2012

 "Everything about the customer service and the way we were greeted at the airport, through the daily interactions with the staff was first class and personal. Thank you for providing an amazing experience for us. Personally, as a non diver, I couldn't have imagined a more beautiful resort and island with the most breath taking views and beautiful food. Compliments to the chef and staff for the delicious cuisines, perfectly proportioned and charmingly displayed. I learned how to SUP (Stand Up Paddle) in your clear warm waters; I've also snorkeled (which I hadn't done in 10 years!) both were wonderful experiences! The villas were well kept; friendly house keeping staff and competent servicing. It was the perfect tranquil getaway. Thank you to each and every staff member who made this trip more than memorable. Even for non divers, this stunning and tranquil resort offers wonderful island hospitality and the prefect views that you could not even imagine in your wildest dreams. Superb! "
Rita O'Connor - November 2012

 "Best dive boats ever. Plenty of equipment and people space. Love the small groups. Restaurant food top notch, all staff super friendly and helpful - accommodating. Loved my villa room. "
Jim Dupree - November 2012

 "It is wide angle heaven with all those hard and soft corals and fishes. "
Ingrid Wassink and Jeroen Goossens - November 2012

 "This has been one of my best dive trips and vacation ever! Food, lodging and diving are superb, I could not have asked for a nicer or kinder staff! It seemed like everyone knew my name from day one. I had a fantastic private dive guide. He took my needs into consideration and made each dive wonderful. I saw so many new creatures here. The Fluo dive experience showed a whole new world after dark. Kudos to all! I hope I have the opportunity to come here again! "
Diane Yateman - November 2012

 "World class diving, top notch staff, restaurant and grand crew. One of the best vacation resorts I've been to. Thank you so much. "
Amy Sanderson - November 2012

 "Wakatobi is an excellent resort and it is wonderfully located. The facilities and the service are of very high standard. All the staff are perfectly trained to satisfy the guests with all their needs. Have to make a special mention to the quality, variety and presentation of the food. It is magical! Wakatobi is a perfect combination of good diving, luxury treatment in accommodation, service and food. We recommend it! Another special mention to the impeccable service of housekeeping and restaurant staff. "
Carolina Armand - November 2012

 "Once again we have loved our stay here. All the staff continue to provide fantastic service, always friendly and welcoming. We are always impressed how the resort runs so efficiently in such a remote location. It is just such a beautiful place. Visited 3 times in 3 years. Great diving, beautiful walls, some of the healthiest reef tops around, very comfortable dive boats, truly beautiful resort with exceptional service from all staff involved. "
Carol and Andrew Wright - November 2012

 "Diving incredible, dive masers awesome, chef amazing, food wonderful, resort gorgeous, rooms lovely. Staff incredibly helpful and friendly all the time! Absolutely nothing negative to say! "
Dan McGanty and Helen Brierly - November 2012

 "Excellent service, friendly staff, delicious array of international cuisine, comfortable living quarters. Extremely knowledgeable dive masters (know ocean life by their scientific names), warm and friendly, boat crew also very helpful! Private DM totally worth it! definitely will recommend the spa service!, especially after a days dive. From a conservation perspective, very refreshing to see the staff / crew taking preservation of the reefs so seriously. Great wall dives. Fantastic service, yummy food (prepare to gain a few kilos), awesome spa! The prefect ingredients for a holiday getaway! "
Hui Jun Ong - November 2012

 "Thank you for our diving holiday in this fantastic resort. We are impressed with the great service. We would like to come back again next year in the same season. Thank you again. "
Shigeo and Masako Nagashima - November 2012

 "We wanted to thank you very much for the care you have given to me since my accident. Your staff are outstanding, kind and helpful to me during my stay. Without their help and concern my five days here would not have been as nice as they were. You are very lucky to have these kind of employees. I will cherish the time they took with me each day to talk and take care of me. John said he would like to thank the Dive Managers for their compassion and help they gave him with all the arrangements. They made Johns and my life a lot easier to deal with. The entire staff at the longhouse was outstanding. "
Sharon and John Willhalm - November 2012

 "Good food, good diving, good service, Good God time to leave already?! Wakatobi, my slice of heaven. "
Vanessa and Martin Mayne - November 2012

 "We had an excellent time here at Wakatobi. The Villa is lovely, well built and beautifully located. The food is good and varied and the diving is excellent. We particularly liked the long dive times, more time underwater, the more you can see. We plan to return and will recommend to our friends "
Sue and Stu Davy - November 2012

 "Right from the start, the Wakatobi team made us feel right at home with their amazing friendliness and enthusiasm. Every little detail is taken care of quickly and with a heartwarming smile! The dive briefings were excellent too, not just about the site itself but always a little extra about the biology of all the amazing critters that we were about to see for ourselves. The dive sites are in absolutely undisturbed and pristine condition, the beauty of nature here is a sight we will never forget. Every diver should visit Wakatobi. Thanks to everyone at Wakatobi, see you next time! "
Ilja Fiers and Po Nei Ho - November 2012

 "The best dive resort we have ever been, the best dive spots we have ever seen! Fantastic kitchen, regards to the cook. The best service and dive guides, nice and always friendly helpful staff. Time has past, but much too fast. We have to leave Wakatobi paradise, but only for one reason : to earn some money for at least a second vacation. "
Klaus and Claudia Muller - November 2012

 "Healthy reefs, lots of fish, many unusual critters. Best macro diving I've seen, well run, good food. "
Eric Jones - November 2012

 "The service was outstanding. The staff went out of their way to remember and make both of our birthdays a special day. Everyone, from boat crew to the management staff has been exceptionally friendly, helpful and courteous. The quality and variety of food was excellent. The dining team also was very accommodating to special requests. Bring on the ice cream! The afternoon snacks in the longhouse were a very nice touch as well. we appreciated the spacious and functional dive boats. The dive guide to diver ratio is also outstanding. We never felt crowded or just part of a large pack of divers. the camera room was very nice and made photo gear maintenance easy, the medical office was a huge plus! Nicely supplied. Outstanding diving, exceptional service and hospitality! "
Dawn Merritt and Collier Wiese - November 2012

 "Thank you again for a wonderful experience at Wakatobi and on the Pelagian. It felt like coming home to old friends. The diving was incredible as always and we can't wait to come back! The service and the staff are superb and the accommodations are luxurious and very comfortable. They make it look easy but there is obviously a tremendous amount of effort behind the scenes that we never see. "
Clark and Denise Bentley - November 2012

 "Very nice welcoming staff, very attentive to the guest's needs. Very nice ambiance at the resort. The dive sites are exceptional. Dive guides very close to the guests and attentive to their needs. Amazing holiday, nothing more to say. Abundance of marine life and luxury teamed up to make this paradise island a unique place. "
Emeline Simond - November 2012

 "Wonderful place to dive and relax. Staff cannot be better! As long as you embrace the resort's philosophy of conservation, preservation of reefs and sustaining local communities, you will not find anything comparable. First class all the way. "
Mary Young and Maurice Smith - November 2012

 "Diving at Wakatobi is fun. The dive guides are really friendly, always there when you need them. They do their best to show you nice stuff like pygmys. But it is not only the dive crew who are excellent, any staff at Wakatobi is friendly. The food is so good you eat too much! Even if you are a Vegetarian (as I am) you have plenty of different things you can try and many deserts as well. Thanks again for the wonderful time. I will never forget it. "
Florian Schmid - November 2012

 "We do thank you very much for our most wonderful stay in Wakatobi. Everything was just perfect. The restaurant, all the very nice staff members and of course our most competent dive guides. We are still amazed how they find all these small and beautiful marine creatures. The philosophy of the resort is great and so well thought through. We are impressed, you are pioneers. We finally found a place where the reefs are taken care of and not just survives but also grows. "
Alice and Christian Schmid - November 2012

 "We love everything here. It is completely different than what we had seen before. The dives were very very beautiful, the kindness of all the staffs, the meals were so good and beautiful. Everything was perfect, we are very thankful. Wakatobi is not a five stars only, it is a billion stars resort. Thank you very much. "
Ulisses and Maria Turati - November 2012

 "Everything was outstanding! From the moment we arrived we were impressed. Absolutely everyone made a point of greeting us by name and making sure we had everything we could possibly need. I was especially touched that the restaurant team went beyond my expectations to handle my garlic allergy, making me special items at every meal! The food was delicious and the chef and waiters were wonderful. Our dive leader, has an array of knowledge of the reefs and the creatures that is incredible. He always found the smallest seahorses or pipefish and you can tell he has a real love for them. I actually learned a lot from him, even some technical aspects of understanding currents and how to manage around them. He is superb and a real asset to the resort. We could honestly say that it was perfect. I have no constructive criticism. Keep doing what you are doing, it is fantastic. It's one of a kind! How amazing to not have to choose between a luxurious resort or a dive trip. You get both wrapped up in one magical destination! "
Janine and Grant Nicholson - October 2012

 "I have stayed at many 5 star resorts. Wakatobi dive resort surpassed all of those others in every way and detail. Service, service, service. I can tell that is very strongly impressed to all who work here. It is seen everywhere we went while here. Thanks so much for a terrific vacation, especially the diving. Our dive guide is terrific. He makes the dives much more fun and informative than any other dive leader I have had. Wakatobi is a must for any serious divers who wants 1st class accommodations and diving. "
John Calvert - October 2012

 "Even though we are non divers, it was a great pleasure for us to stay on this beautiful and scenic island for 1 week. We really enjoyed this paradise, the outstanding service, the delicious food and of course our 2 amazing dives and the snorkeling. Hopefully we will have the chance to come here again. By the way, the service at Denpasar airport was also excellent. "
Sina and Beat Amrein - October 2012

 "We had a wonderful week at Wakatobi. Airport greeting in Denpasar was fantastic and made entrance into Bali so smooth. Bungalows was home from home and garden improved to make bungalow 7 even more perfect. Love the outdoor shower. The corals are amazing and the dive operation was seamless. All staff are extremely helpful and our dive guide delightful. The food was outstanding and inventive, the desserts delicious and all the more impressive considering the logistics. Romantic dinner was perfect. Ecological ideas great too. Keep at it, we hope to return. There was nothing that I could wish for or dream of that was not available at Wakatobi. "
Sally Williams - October 2012

 "Excellent service ethic, the food preparation and presentation was fantastic. The schedule was beautifully planned. The design of the property is thoughtful and the marine life is incredible. A wonderful oasis that combines skillful service, first class food and accommodation and magnificent reefs. "
Janet Lynn Tomkins and Dan Kmiecik - October 2012

 "After booking almost 18 months ago, this has been a much anticipated dive trip. The entire experience has been wonderful from start to finish. (Bali to Liveaboard to resort). The staff are so friendly and attentive which makes us feel so special. The diving has been incredible and all with no fuss. Our dive guide became like "one of the family". He is a beautiful man and an accomplished dive leader. The reefs are best we have ever dived and the muck diving was exceptional from the Liveaboard. Thank you to everyone at Wakatobi and on the Pelagian for making this such an awesome experience. We will be back and will be bringing some more family next time! Wakatobi is everything we had hoped for and more. Beautiful resort, beautiful diving, beautiful people. Thank you! "
Geoff and Sue Stephenson - October 2012

 "I loved my stay at Wakatobi. The pampering from every member of the staff was very special. "
Lorri Morgan - October 2012

 "I had a great time! Who would know that a resort so remote would have such fine dining. Thanks to the Wakatobi staff for making this the most fantastic dive trip of my life! Thank you and keep up the great work! "
Judy Anderson - October 2012

 "I cannot think of one negative thing about my stay. Excellent food, rooms are great, people are absolutely fantastic, best dive master ever, all Amazing! I tagged along with 2 friends on this trip because my buddy had to cancel. I will be bringing her back here with me as soon as she is able to come. Best dive trip ever (Even though I arrived there sick & missed the first 5 dives). Amazing service, amazing people, fantastic diving. First class operation. I am so glad I came and will definitely return. "
Diane Fugate - October 2012

 "Staff were amazing everywhere. Diving very good, the reefs were great. Preparations and communication before trip was very good. My dive guide was very helpful in making it a great dive experience! "
David Berman - October 2012

 "The diving was great, the Divemaster was an expert; the boat crew was very helpful; the food was wonderful and the service very friendly. "
Henry Drumwright - October 2012

 "Our dive guide was very safety conscious and extremely helpful in making sure all the divers had everything to make the dives more enjoyable. He adjusted dive plans if cool stuff were encountered, such as whale sharks or juvenile ribbon eels. Appreciate how promptly my extra pillow and our extra refrigerator were delivered. Liked the automatic refills on the peppermint tea. My favorite!! "
Marina Navarette - October 2012

 "All of the staff / teams were exceptionally helpful and always willing to be at the guests' disposal. Massage services were wonderful and skilled, kitchen and dining staff professional, friendly and eager to please. Dive staff was very knowledgeable about the dive locations and most wildlife underwater; anything not known was answered later, nice touch! The boat crew were always prompt in attending to help folks in and out of scuba gear, grabbing cameras etc. "
Catherine Bartlett - October 2012

 "Outstanding staff. First of many trips to come. As close to heaven as you can get! No place on Earth like it! "
Ozie Dean Till - October 2012

 "I don't know how you could improve on great services and diving! Everyone has been great! "
Paul Kilgore - October 2012

 "I have been diving for 36 years and can say without hesitation that our dive guide is the best dive professional I've had the pleasure of with on any International Dive Adventure. She is patient, extremely knowledgeable, has a great sense of humor and above all is concerned with every diver's safety. She is an expert at finding and describing small marine life all over the Wakatobi dive sites. Dive professionals around the world should dive with her to learn how to provide divers with ultimate diving experience. A huge thank you to the people we don't see who help make Wakatobi the top notch resort that it is. Wakatobi Dive Resort would not be the same without your diligence and dedication. Thank you for a wonderful diving experience. Nothing cures a bad week at work like a good dose of Wakatobi week long Nitrogen! "
Paul McLaughlin - October 2012

 "Plan to return soon for 2 weeks. No other dive resort can compare! This is a 10 plus star place! Wakatobi means: Live reef, coral, many many things to see, service beyond excellent. "
Alan Wong - October 2012

 "You exceeded all of our expectations.The staff was delightful. Spacious room, pristine reefs, knowledgeable dive masters and wonderful staff. Wakatobi is everything advertised and more. "
Stacy Jones and David Nix - October 2012

 "This is my second visit to your resort. Four days before our departure from Austin I was advised by my cardiologist not to dive below 30 feet. I was understandably disappointed since I have dived here before. I tried to hire a private dive master to dive with me so my husband could dive with our group but none was available. Nonetheless the dive manager took it upon herself to adjust her schedule so she could dive with me. I have approx. 360 dives under my belt and without a doubt the 3 dives that I did with her were the best dives of my career. She's fantastic! "
Cathy and Dewayne Smith - October 2012

 "Beautiful experience in the water and out. Every need was met and the staff is fabulous. Very organized! Plan oncoming back next year! "
Monica Collinsworth - October 2012

 "Amazing experience overall! The staff, facilities, meals and diving all exceeded my expectations. I will return! "
Natasha Beaugh - October 2012

 "The resort staff and dive staff are outstanding. They really care that guests have a great stay and a great experience. They are eager to help in any way. Dive staff were always there to help with equipment or tanks. Guides were eager and clearly enjoy diving. Range of the dive sites was very nice. Boats are very comfortable. Having a private guide was a perfect alternative. I particularly want to thank the crew on boat V and boat VI. Thanks also to the F&B manager and the chefs for preparing non garlic meals for me to enjoy. I don't want to be a high maintenance guest and the ways they dealt with my needs was very courteous and wonderfully unobtrusive. Thank you. "
Andy and Valerie Bernat - October 2012

 "Excellent trip. Service was 5 star plus. Diving was like no other place on earth. Keep up the good work. Next trip will be a week on the liveaboard plus a week in the resort. Thanks to all! Eat, Sleep, Dive Wakatobi. The smallest things bring out the greatest experience. "
Serrhel and Patty Adams - October 2012

 "Everything was beautifully arranged, decorated and organized. The staff were attentive, friendly, accommodating and energetic. The bungalow was comfortable and clean. The bed was comfortable and firm, just right! We had everything we needed. The service was over the top! Moving dive gear in baskets and helping us with tanks was easy for us. Every staff member we encountered smiled and was eager to help. Remote, superb service, excellent food and incredible dive sites teaming with life, colorful fish, sponges, fan coral and tiny creatures "
Sally Brown - October 2012

 "Service excellent, food good, diving A+, everyone was very friendly, courteous and helpful. Nice touch staff learning your name. Rooms nice and comfortable. "
Glenn Tips - October 2012

 "I have been to many dive locations around the world and the food here is by far the best. The entire staff did a great job. Thanks for making my stay great! Awesome diving, great food, the nicest people in the world, the most helpful courteous dive staff anywhere. "
Michael Catalano - October 2012

 "Food was outstanding, service outstanding, diving best ever and very friendly staff! Great Barrier what? Wakatobi is by far the best diving on the planet! "
William Rieger - October 2012

 "My stay has been wonderful. Your staff was top notch, always alert to please each guest. The diving was superb, dive boats accommodate divers very easily and of course our divemasters were the best! This is my 1st time in this part of the world but it will not be the last. And the food, accommodations all get an A+. Beautiful diving! At Wakatobi, diving is much more than just getting wet! "
Ann Vincent - October 2012

 "I have truly enjoyed all the diving, seeing new creatures and the service at the resort. Our dive master is a fantastic guide and I was very happy when he continued to be our guide following time with him on the Pelagian. The restaurant staff always make mealtimes enjoyable. I definitely enjoyed the one on one Indonesian language lesson too. I always love to hear and learn new things. I will definitely be coming back! Terima kasih! "
Nikki Lamothe - October 2012

 "Incredibly beautiful diving in a first class resort. Staff were superb, food excellent, unspoiled and went to keep it that way. Thank you for a memorable week! "
Sandra Terrazzino - October 2012

 "Don't touch - Your equipment, once you unload, everything is taken care of including putting on your back. 70 minute dives - all spectacular! "
Scott Anderson - October 2012

 "Great staff, wonderful place, quite a few nice improvements from 11 years ago! Great 5 star service, food and of course diving. I am planning a return trip now! Dive with the best, experience the best. Wakatobi, just getting better! "
Mark Smith - October 2012

 "Very nice, beautiful place. Best service by far! We look forward returning. Totally care free vacation. No worries, be happy! Why did I bring shoes?! "
Paul and Deborah Braud - October 2012

 "We had an exceptional vacation, exceeding our high expectations. We cannot say enough about how friendly and helpful the staff were. They made us feel like family. The dive trips were run like "Swiss Watches", everything went smoothly and professionally. The food was superb - we never expected the quality or variety we were offered. We also felt treated like royalty at our special gourmet dining to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. The staff thought of numerous little features to make it an unforgettable evening. I also appreciated having a private dive guide for a day, the dive guide was the best photo instructor and guide I have experienced. The diving program is exceptionally run with tremendous variety and flexibility. The staff are extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. "
Robert Hudak - October 2012

 "I was so surprised to see a place like Wakatobi Dive Resort in Indonesia, although I am Indonesian. This place is amazing, beautiful, clean, and the service, hospitality and facilities are great! No complaints at all and I am really really satisfied. I found this resort from Google, none of my dive fellows ever mentioned Wakatobi, so I had a look at it's website and also it's Facebook page. This resort is really more than my expectations. Great place with great people and great management. All the staff are so nice and helpful, even my son loves this place very much and he never asked for his favorite TV channels while being here. I hope someday we will be able to come back here to dive. Thank you very much for this great holiday. "
Rossie Zen - October 2012

 "Resort is beautiful and kept up nicely. The staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. We had a wonderful time and I hope to come back. Diving was the best. Dive masters very good. I cannot say enough good things about our holiday here. We feel very lucky to be able to come here. Every member of the staff seem to love their job. Thank you for a very special holiday. "
Nina Lee - October 2012

 "Spend as much time as you can here, twelve days wasn't enough. This is one of the healthiest reefs on the planet. "
Robert and Gayle Bringas - October 2012

 "I knew the reefs would be amazing, but I was amazed how far the resort itself exceeded my expectations! The food, accommodations and service were better than any place I've stayed in - dive or non dive vacations! "
Anastasia Laity - October 2012

 "All aspects were superb; diving, food, staff, dive masters. All the staff are friendly, helpful and happy. The set up of the resort is obviously well thought out and practiced and everything ran smoothly. Amazing staff, amazing reefs, amazing marine life. "
David and Linda Steinepreis - October 2012

 "An absolutely wonderful experience, it exceeded our expectations. The operation is impressive and every area worked perfectly well. We particularly appreciated the child friendliness and willing attitude to meet the kids' needs. Diving was spectacular and the attentiveness of crew and guides was a bonus. Kids club was a blessing. I was surprised at how much our kids enjoyed it and allowed us to have our own time. Food is delicious and well catered. Congratulations!!! Wakatobi should be on everyone's bucket list! Beautiful diving. Perfectly child friendly and an impressive operation from start to finish. "
Stephanie and Michael Mesdag - October 2012

 "How could Wakatobi be better than our last trip here? Well for starters, having our own private dive experience manager was amazing. Not only did he listen to the type of dive experience we wanted, he made it happen! He discussed Indonesian culture and language (which we were both interested in), he discussed fish life and habitat and amazingly enough, he spotted everything we wanted to see. He worked so well with both of us and was very safe. We cannot say enough good things about him. Then of course the restaurant team and all the staff made our dining very comfortable. It felt like coming home to every meal. We appreciated the help with our 'Indonesian' also. The longhouse staff and butlers were as helpful, always willing to make things work. Lastly Villa 1, incredible! Especially the new pool. Ultimate luxury!! Having our private diving experience manager, staying in a Villa and being pampered by the restaurant staff made Wakatobi our ultimate dive vacation experience! Thanks. "
Pam Crayne Smith and Dave Smith - October 2012

 "We are always worried to come back a second time to the same place because we are afraid of being disappointed. Well it was as good as the first time and on top we are wonderfully remembered and feeling welcome as much as by the European staff and the Indonesian staff. You have to come back, it is even better the second time. "
Jacques and Françoise Lefebvre - Renaud - October 2012

 "Everyone was awesome. The food was awesome. The chef always remembered that my wife couldn't have dairy and always made a non dairy version for her. The dive staff were awesome! "
Sean Shrum - October 2012

 "Wow! What a wonderful experience you have created! The staff here is exceptional. How did they know our names? Never had this personal service. The diving was magical - beautiful places, wonderful set up and again a fantastic crew. Our dive guides were all outstanding folks. Suggestions to make it better? That's a tough one. The food is outstanding. Honestly, we had a fabulous time and have no complaints. Thanks to your amazing staff. "
Douglas and Kerry Dow - October 2012

 "Very nice and helpful staff. Superb organization for all the dive and snorkel trips. You can't do it better! We were never before so spoiled as snorkelers. The best reefs in the world for snorkeling. Fantastic cuisine in reasonable small portions and good balance. Beautiful plants around the bungalows. Very comfortable ambiance. "
Ivan and Barbara Keller - October 2012

 "Staff service is excellent. I have never visited a resort where the staff remembered and called me by name. Makes one feel right at home. Hands down, the best dive resort I've visited over 30 years of diving. Excellent diving, staff and service. "
David A. Stewart - October 2012

 "I thoroughly enjoyed my Wakatobi experience, especially the 5 day Liveaboard. The staff is impressively friendly, the facilities are quite nice. A very pleasant experience. "
Stan Smith - October 2012

 "We had a great time. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The dive masters were knowledgeable as well as friendly and helpful. The resort is beautiful, the reefs are gorgeous and the food was fantastic. Thank you. "
Kevin Vos and Matthew Wageman - October 2012

 "Great staff. Service with a smile is an understatement. You can be proud of your staff and the work they do. Excellent! Our dive masters strove to provide great diving. I commend them. Thank you to our boat crew. They worked diligently to help us. I was constantly amazed with the food service staff. Pleasant, kind, attentive and they remembered our names. Great service all around. There is a book entitled, 'I Love You More Than My Dog!' It focuses on customer loyalty and companies that are beloved by their customers. Your dedication to service makes you beloved by your guests. "
Donna Gelnett - October 2012

 "We enjoyed our stay here at the resort. The service was superb with many extras. The diving was excellent. The crew served well and always carrying our cameras and supplying towels. The offer was always there. We have been on other resorts but this has moved up to our #1 choice. Our fellow instructor recommended your resort and he was right. The outdoor shower is heavenly. "
Lori Sherrill and Karen Conmy - October 2012

 "Wilma and I have been to many dive resorts around the world and we think Wakatobi is one of the premier diving locations. The attention to detail sets you apart from the rest. Everything we could need has been anticipated and organized for us. The villa accommodation tops many 5 star resorts we've stayed in and the quality of the food and it's presentation would give some of the finest restaurants in London a run for their money. As for the quality of the diving, I can't think of anywhere better and your diving service is pretty much the best I've experienced. Both Wilma and I would like to thank our dive guide for the great job he's done as well as the team behind the scenes that support him. I know how hard everyone must have to work to make it such a memorable experience for us. PADI says Diving is Fun - Wakatobi proves it! "
Rob and Wilma Randall - October 2012

 "We appreciate how good the dive masters are at pointing out the marine life. The boats are spacious and very comfortable. The whole resort is incredibly beautiful. We especially loved the attentiveness and friendliness of the staff. We also want to commend the chef and the kitchen staff for preparing such varied and delicious meals, even for vegetarians. A slice of paradise! "
Olga and Daniel Barron - October 2012

 "Wakatobi resort is the prefect location for both relaxation and diving. From the friendly and accommodating staff to the organization, food (amazing!) cleanliness and holiday feel, Wakatobi can not be beaten when compared to other resorts. All agree that every detail, major or minor have been addressed. We loved it, and also loved the Pelagian so much. We have booked another 5+5 days Pelagian / Resort for another group. Very Happy! Thank you to all the amazing people who make Wakatobi and the experience so special. If you are looking for an all in and amazing diving holiday and experience, Look no further - Wakatobi is it! See you all in 2014! "
Lee Johnson and Joey Pool - October 2012

 "I'm extremely impressed with the diving, the resort, staff and overall organization. I'll definitely tell my diving friends about Wakatobi. I had a great experience. It's a shame it's such a long trip from my home! I hope you'll manage to continue to help maintain this beautiful reef system. "
Peter Tieleman - October 2012

 "A five star resort set in a superb diving area. All staff are trained to a high standard and are willing to make extra effort to create a holiday never to be forgotten. Nothing was too much trouble. I love the private outdoor shower and canopied bed. Overall attention to detail was unparalleled. The dining room produced a varied and excellent level of food, including Indonesian favorites. I loved the linen napkins at dinner. Special mention must go to our five nights on the Pelagian. Wonderful staff, food and diving. Our dive guides were lovely people and critter spotters extraordinaire. I must mention my delight in the way the resort has accounted for environmental protection - glass shampoo / conditioner bottles etc, disposal of rubbish. We re-booked for 2014 before we left. This is my favorite place for diving, service and friendliness. Thank you. "
Chas and Brenda Morgan - October 2012

 "You have great staff and they are knowledgeable as well. Hope to see you again. What a great diversity in marine life! Something new on every dive! "
Herbert and Donna Whalen - October 2012

 "I can't wait to return to Wakatobi. I do not dive and the snorkeling was beyond belief! The guides were so helpful and knowledgeable about animal species. They asked what I wanted to see and took me right to it. "
Mary Hughson Brown - October 2012

 "Staff are very friendly and know my name. Food is great and the diving is fantastic. I have really enjoyed my stay and would love to come back. "
Peter Tulk - October 2012

 "Our dive guides have been really great. The bartenders and dining room staff have made my drinking and dining experience a pleasure as have all the staff at the resort. This will be a hard experience to top and I will definitely be back. Special thanks to Miguel for helping me with my ear and the informative behind the scenes tour. This is the best dive holiday I have ever been on and can't wait to properly go through all my photos. Thank you to everyone for such a great experience. A must visit location for any dive traveler. "
Valdimar Jonsson - October 2012

 "A wonderful vacation! The staff, the food, the diving Oh My! We will be back and already planning the trip. Great team work and great attitudes. Dive crew and dive masters so helpful and pleasant! Best massage in my life! Tremendous fun! Highly recommend Wakatobi, the staff....It's like Cheers TV Show 'Where everyone knows your name' so pleasant and helpful. "
Terry Newcombe - October 2012

 "This has been the dive experience of a lifetime. Words and photos can hardly describe it. It is incredible! "
Diana Repasky - October 2012

 "Wakatobi is the place to get away from everything and be pampered. "
Kristin Tarman - October 2012

 "Had a great time, food was great, diving was awesome, service was great. I'll definitely be back. "
Kendrick Pool - October 2012

 "A well run thoroughly fantastic resort with excellent staff and facilities. I will be returning again in 2014. "
Graeme Green - October 2012

 "As a non-diver, I found Wakatobi relaxing. While my husband went diving and my granddaughter was snorkeling, I was content to swing in the hammock and read surrounded by the beautiful foliage of this resort. "
Susan Zwaan - October 2012

 "What an amazing experience! The staff was extremely hospitable. We felt like royalty every second. I forgot how to set up my gear because I never touched it! Christine and I will definitely be back probably with our family. "
Jay and Christine Van Voorst - October 2012

 "We had a great experience at Wakatobi. We were worried that it had changed too dramatically since we were here in 2004. But the growth has improved the experience and the service has stepped up to meet the demands of the modern traveler. I think Wakatobi offers great value and we will send more of our customers to you. Thanks to the entire staff. "
Emily and Casey Zwaan - October 2012

 "Lived up to the website, promotional material and our friends recommendation. "
Simon Cooke and Family - October 2012

 "We had a superb holiday here. We enjoyed many dives with an experienced dive guide who had wide knowledge and good eyes. He showed us many things and gave lots of information. Friendly crew on the boat and always a helping hand when needed. Great service! Excellent food and service in the restaurant. Keep on going like this - Thanks for a wonderful time! "
Roland Benz and Marianne Kossmann - October 2012

 "You have the obvious things to a very high standard - accommodation, food, staff, reef, but it is your good ideas that make Wakatobi extra special: Visa help when arriving in Bali, great check in help leaving Bali, reef books in room, availability of a fan, a guide each time we snorkel, the food and drink in the longhouse, the resort tour, the laptop to network cable, I'm sure there are other nice touches that I have left out. Your staff seem to be genuinely happy and pleasant. Thank you for a great 6 nights. "
Mick and Barbara Woodford - October 2012

 "Another delightful eleven days on our second visit to Wakatobi. At the end of our last visit we made several comments about our time here. It is a pleasure to find an operation that actively listens to constructive criticism from its customers and acts to improve accordingly. You should be proud of what you have achieved at Wakatobi and we look forward to returning again. Wakatobi and especially every member of staff do everything they possibly can to ensure your whole experience is wonderful. "
Paul and Paula Brazier - October 2012

 "The only negative thing I can think of is that there is not enough hours in the day to do everything. The staff is exceptional, courteous and a lot of fun. The dive masters know their stuff, the facility is gorgeous. The dives at Wakatobi are truly a life changing event. Each moment displays an aspect of beauty and life I thought existed only in my dreams. "
Phia Dedes - October 2012

 "This is a very beautiful place. The staff here is kind and helpful, always cheerful. The dive sites are wonderful. We loved our room. We loved the way the food was presented and the variety of it. We'll certainly recommend it to our friends. "
Marie and Harry Hostetler - October 2012

 "Very healthy coral, easy diving, dive staff very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, good variety of fish life, warm water temperatures, flexible dive schedule, excellent dive boats, excellent ratio of divers to DM's, all resort staff very friendly and helpful, minimal mosquitoes, nice bar at the end of the pier, room comfortable and nice porch with beach chairs, very informative media presentations. World class dive experience with high focus on customer service for diving, dining and leisure. "
Geralyn and Arthur Burke - October 2012

Featured Endorsement

"We thought it was a trip of a lifetime when we went last fall; we are going back in December "
ScubaBoard profile name : abernat - October 2012


 "Our stay at Wakatobi was superb, beyond anything we could have imagined and certainly gave us pause to consider what relaxation is all about!

As a relatively new beginner swimmer as well as a new snorkeler, I don't suppose I could have come to a better place in the world. Although a bit intimidated about swimming out "to the edge of the world" (the reef) and leaping off the boat, I was able to accomplish both. The snorkel and boat staff were always patient, encouraging and supportive with me, and the snorkel staff often swam near me to give me that added support to check in to be sure I was alright, and to show me particular fish of interest.

The staff (all of them, from gardeners to cleaning to kitchen to pool guys) were so very attentive, welcoming and gracious. It always fascinated us how it seemed like hidden elves had been to our room while we were out. The behind-the-scenes work that goes on to operate a place like this is incredible. And although we guests usually don't see all of what happens, I want to assure you that it is evident. A mere thank you seems not enough to convey our appreciation. The meals were exquisite! After the initial shock of "how do they do this on an island", we settled in to enjoy the selections, the kitchen / dining staff are amazing. Again, so attentive, kind and observant. I even got up to get some soup one evening and as I sat down, I realized I'd neglected to get a spoon. I turned to get up and here was a staff member who'd noticed and was holding a spoon for me! Wow! They knew our names, they knew who liked iced tea and they knew what hospitality means.

Our accommodation was exceptional. You thought of everything! Even of the small pair of scissors in the room to disconnect the zip ties on our luggage. The afternoon snacks were delightful and a welcomed treat after a day in the sea. The surprise towel discoveries on our bed each night, the sheets turned down....well, it was divine. I splurged and had a "foot indulgence" at the spa which was incredible, talk about pampering! The young lady was so skilled that when I left, I felt guilty for walking back through the sand to my villa, I felt like my feet were in heaven! The tour of Wakatobi was interesting and enjoyable. The craftsmanship of the staff was amazing. It was a joy to view the ecological aspects that the owner of Wakatobi has so thoughtfully created. I enjoyed the tour of Lammanggau and learning about the village culture. Their lifestyle certainly makes one appreciate the emnities that we have in our culture. It was interesting to view an entirely different way of life other than our own.

In summary, Wakatobi was rich with experiences. I saw things under the sea that I've never experienced except through photos in a book or National Geographic. I faced my fear of putting my face in the water and was rewarded scenes of ocean life almost too beautiful to behold. I swam across and to what seemed to me, the edge of the world witnessing an entire world beneath me alive with activity. I saw sunsets that were breathtaking, talked to people who were genuine and slept like a baby. How does one convey the experience of Wakatobi? Photos can only capture 1 view, a long thank you letter seems insufficient. I will cherish this experience for many years to come. Thank you for sharing your culture, your island and your friendship with us. And yes, I do plan to return. "

Sue Ferguson - September 2012

 "The location is stellar with an amazing array of coral and sea life. It is right out of a dive magazine. The staff have been friendly, professional and knowledgeable. The dive guides were knowledgeable, resourceful and made us feel secure. Our accommodations were just like what we discussed with your sales person at the dive show. We enjoyed being on the windy side and without too many neighbors. The grounds were well kept. If we ever needed any help, we always had someone to fulfill our wishes. The food was delicious and the variety extensive. We feel extremely fortunate to have had this dive experience so early in our diving career. Unfortunately you've set the bar high for us. We can't wait to come back! Many thanks for your attention to details. "
Craig Garret and Jenna Ascari - September 2012

 "Wonderful holiday. I really appreciated being met at the airport and the smooth trouble free progression thru customs etc. Accommodations are comfortable and the organization here is superb. Makes me feel confident in diving. Dive sites are excellent - pristine reefs. I really appreciate the camera room. All the staff are wonderful "
Dianne Pacey - September 2012

 "I very much enjoyed my holiday in Wakatobi. The fact that the staff knew each guests name from the first day and call them by that name makes the service seem even more personal. The food has been fabulous and the presentation in small serves, variety quality and taste are all excellent. Staff repeatedly ask if there is anything they can do to make your holiday better, dive guides ask for feedback on their style. All staff demonstrate the attitude that they wish to ensure you have a good time at Wakatobi. I had a massage and it was wonderful! Thanks also for changing my pillow to something I find preferable. A lot of thought has gone into making the resort diver friendly. Unlimited drinking water is greatly appreciated. "
Angela Gorta - September 2012

 "Dive guides are very good. Loved the dive sites. Boats are great and very helpful in vast water. The beds in the room are very comfortable and the staff are very helpful. The food selection was good. The waiting room area at the airport was nice and the staff were very helpful when greeted and with luggage. Wakatobi is the best diving area and is a great place to visit. We would come again. "
Brad and Tena Powell - September 2012

 "Very professional staff. They were very helpful, especially in helping with large items. Dive operation is very organized. "
Jackie Vickrey - September 2012

 "Great diving is just the start! The whole experience was made perfect by the huge amount of effort all the staff put in - much appreciated! And by the way, the food was 5 star every day. "
Erik Schlogl - September 2012

 "The service is excellent and so is the restaurant. The diving center and boat staff are kind and knowledgeable, in particular our dive guide. He revealed himself as knowledgeable, always available and attentive towards everyone's needs. We have very much appreciated your efforts toward reef and environment protection. Fantastic dives, pristine reefs, a variety of color and creatures and an excellent diving organization "
Max Magnante and Cristiana Cerrito - September 2012

 "Beautiful diving and beautiful people that makes for a perfect diving holiday! "
Sivan Jeyarajah - September 2012

 "One of the best vacation experiences ever. Outstanding snorkeling. Our dive guide did a fantastic job in taking care of us and pointing out all the exciting sea creatures. Likewise, the restaurant staff were excellent, always helpful and attentive. They were wonderful. "
Ulrich Hartl and Manajit Hayer Hartl - September 2012

 "We came here on the recommendation of someone who had been here in the past year. We will certainly recommend this to people who are keen divers and snorkelers. We have found this place to be like a piece of paradise. The staff are wonderful, the accommodation is great and the food is exceptional. of course the main reason we have loved our stay in Wakatobi is the pristine environment, the wonderful corrals and abundance of beautiful sea life. It is hard to conceive of a better place to visit. We are hooked and look forward to returning one day, we would love to bring our children and grand children here. "
Nick and Joan Hoogenraad - September 2012

 "I was able to dive slowly and was very relaxed. It was unspeakably beautiful underwater like a flower garden. I love macro diving so Wakatobi is the place for me. "
Chieko Takahashi - September 2012

 "All staff are very professional kind and helpful. We really appreciate all your efforts. It was very personalized. Nice conservation program, we noted the difference. Food is fantastic. Everything was smooth and very well organised. Beautiful place, hidden from the rest of the world. "
Marleen and Karl van Wesel - September 2012

 "5 star cuisine, incredible fantastic food. Really delicious! Beautiful restaurant with top service. We saw really nice things during our dives. The corals and colors are so beautiful here. Best diving of all the islands we have visited. Very nice service by all the dive and boat crew. The resort has beautiful rooms and settings. the longhouse is amazing. I really enjoyed this idyllic place with my family. I hope to come back soon. "
Jill and Jonas van Wesel - September 2012

 "The staff is at the same high level of the amazing reef and resort. I felt like I am leaving an extended family. I travel extensively and have never been to a resort that makes you feel like family while pampering you in every way. "
Tony Platko - September 2012

 "Wonderful stay. All staff members outgoing, gracious and friendly. Diving experience was great. Helpful boat crew, very accommodating and knowledgeable dive masters. Nice to do the Pelagian trip before the resort stay to decompress a little bit. Food was fantastic and the kitchen staff and crew were top notch. Service was exceptional. Thanks to everyone here at Wakatobi and Pelagian for an unforgettable vacation adventure! "
Richard and Teresa Lawler - September 2012

 "This was and is our favorite place in the world. The staff is beyond pleasant and helpful. The food is delicious and the diving was out of this world! Villa 3 is stunning! How did everyone know our names….? Wally wants to learn how to fold towels into swans. Our dive guide helped us to become very much better at diving and was never impatient when were slow to learn, she was excited by every little find and her excitement was infectious. This place gets everything right all at once. Diving, food, accommodations, staff all perfect! "
Barbara and Wally Zeins - September 2012

 "This is my second visit to Wakatobi. I first came to Wakatobi in August 2006, I was very impressed. The diving, accommodations, the food and the people were awesome. Over the years I have always told fellow divers that Wakatobi was my number 1 must do again dive destination. In 2011 the goal became a reality. I booked the trip for the end of August 2012. On arriving at Wakatobi, I found any changes were for the better. The staff are really awesome, very friendly, willing to assist you at all times. The rooms are very nice and comfortable. The food is really first class, with a lot of variety, very tasty really a 5 star rating. the dive staff is excellent, they do a very good job of finding critters to photograph and they are very friendly. The boat crew is also very helpful. I truly enjoy the Wakatobi experience, simply stated Wakatobi will be your number 1 must do again dive destination. The experience is incredible! "
Jim Sparkman - September 2012

 "From the greeting at the Bali airport, until the departure, everything is made for our well being. Kindness of the staff, planning of the diving, boat crew always very careful, personalized welcoming as if we knew each other forever… and of course wonderful diving. Our bungalow was very comfortable especially the shower and the most important, the food so delicious, there is no words. Refined, original, and for all tastes. Bravo to the chef. Wakatobi will be a wonderful memory. I hope to see you later. the perfection from beginning to the end, underwater or on land. "
Alain Bernard - September 2012

 "The staff was amazing. The personal attention to detail un-surpassed! The dinning staff was very friendly, greeted me daily by name and within a day or two knew what I wanted and ordered or brought it to me as soon as they saw me. They truly provided top notch service. The boat staff was equally amazing. The dive operation is like a well oiled machine. Everything runs smoothly. The guys on the boat were fantastic with setting up gear, handling cameras, having a towel ready as soon as I got on the boat - again truly amazing. The facilities and grounds were beautiful, well kept, safe and secluded. "
Lureen Ferretti - September 2012

 "I was very impressed that all staff knew me by name from day 1. The dinning room staff was exceptional! Food quality was great! I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will recommend it to the others. Really enjoyed the slide show presentations and good meeting areas for these. A piece of Indonesian Paradise. "
Kristy Klinger - September 2012

 "Our group had a great time. The dive masters were excellent at pointing things out. The resort and restaurant staff were very attentive and helpful. "
Jim Decker - September 2012

 "Awesome trip! Wakatobi exceeded my expectations in almost every way. I have been visiting the Wakatobi booth at trade shows for years and had really been looking forward to coming here. The diving was awesome, the guides were great at spotting creatures and the service at the resort is impeccable and I really appreciate the conservation ethic and what Wakatobi is trying to achieve with it's support for the local communities. The food is awesome! Big praise for the head chef! My bungalow was lovely, a very comfortable home. Wakatobi can be summed up in two words : World Class. That's what you get when you combine some of the best reefs on the planet with the best service in the industry and a commitment to conservation and local well being. Every diver owes it to them-self to visit Wakatobi. "
Sterling Zumbrunn - September 2012

 "Somebody told me Wakatobi is good, in fact it was amazing! Dive sites are unbelievable and the guides as well. Super accommodation, fantastic food and all staff are very pleasing. "
Daniel Rutter - September 2012

 "We enjoyed the wonderful food and waiters. The boat crew on Waka V were excellent. The rooms were very clean. Also, we were impressed with the gardening. "
Kathy and John Stults - September 2012

 "We had a great time. The diving and all the staff were superb! It far exceeded our expectations! We will definitely try to return someday. If you are looking for World Class diving, come here! The resort has given every thought to detail and you will not be disappointed. We will definitely return to Wakatobi to visit the friendly Indonesian people again. "
Rob and Karen Smith - September 2012

 "Thank you very much for creating such a special magical place. It has just become my escape destination. "
Jennifer Cunynghame - September 2012

 "The additional help with washing and maintaining dive equipment was appreciated. On our second visit we were re-acquainted with fabulous diving, snorkeling, food and service that epitomizes Wakatobi. It was even better than the first time. "
Ann and Greg Ralph - September 2012

 "Nothing to say regarding the comfort, it is perfect! Special mention for the restaurant, worth 5 stars. Thank you for the attention shown out of Wakatobi (hotels in Bali, private driver, greeting at the airport…) Five star diving and five star eating! The best food I had since I left France! Happy divers with happy stomachs. "
Olivier Martin - September 2012

 "Absolutely perfect place and such friendly staff! The best underwater world we have ever seen. Wakatobi has to be one of the most well organized resorts in the world. Honestly, I have never seen anything like it! From the friendly and helpful staff to the skillful divemasters and boat crew, to the outstanding logistics and individual care, Wakatobi is in a class of it's own. "
Karin and Jim Laurel - September 2012

 "We have enjoyed our time vacationing at Wakatobi. The accommodations are great, the food is amazing and the diving is outstanding. Most of all the people are what makes this a paradise. A lot of the staff are friendly, helpful and focused on making us feel we are the first priority. The dive operation is top notch, great set up! The boats are spacious and comfortable to dive from, the camera table is the best we have ever seen. The boat crew is very attentive. Our dive guides are the best. They have amazing eyes and can spot the smallest of creatures. He is very patient and attentive to all divers and their safety. The staff in the restaurant are very attentive and do a great job in serving our every need and desire. Thank you for a relaxing, fun and amazing dive vacation. We hope to visit again soon! "
Mike and Tenna Pershing - September 2012

 "While the pristine beauty of Wakatobi is in it's environment and location, the heart and soul are the people. Every staff member has gone beyond expectations to make our stay very enjoyable and relaxing. You have chosen and trained your staff to a level of service rarely seen in a resort, with a commitment in their development. Wakatobi is more than a dive resort. It is an experience that will change you if you allow it into your heart, and it will happen even if you think it won't. "
Jon and Eva LaFollette - September 2012

 "I did greatly enjoy my stay here. All the dives with my Divemaster had been professionally led. I felt always safe, well informed and I got a lot of new things to see because of his skills to find tiny little creatures. Big applause for the whole Wakatobi Team! "
Peter Schoch - September 2012

 "Excellent staff as always. Good dive team, boat crew and housekeeping. Excellent dining room staff. Looking forward to coming back sooner next time since we didn't get as much diving as we had planned to. Best land resort for diving we know of! "
Joe and Sue Keenan - September 2012

 "We have been impressed about this top resort, everything read was true. Wonderful dives, food and not to forget, the people make our stay so enjoyable. A dream became true. Thanks! We will return! "
Peter and Carmen Schöttler - September 2012

 "What a beautiful place to be! Both under and above water! Thank you for the great service. My vacation was all it could be. "
Diana Hunter - September 2012

 "The entire experience has been excellent. Epitome of all vacations is when your gear is cleaned for you "
Cathy Hare and Janice Knieff - September 2012

 "World class diving and snorkeling! Beautiful healthy reef. Knowledgeable diving staff, willing and happy to share. All the staff throughout the resort are friendly and more than helpful. Seen some of the best reefs, fish and smiles in the world! Better than the brochure! Like being on a deserted island with Waldorf serve. "
Rich and Bon Fagan - September 2012

 "I will highly recommend the resort. It has been a wonderful experience for me. The staff have all been very attentive! I've had a great time, the diving has been excellent, the food is great. I especially like the small portions so you can try a lot of different things. "
Millie Balko - September 2012

 "This is an amazing place. It is so much more than I expected. All the people who work here make the stay so enjoyable. Friendly staff and always willing to help. It is amazing, the most fantastic scuba vacation I have ever had. Thank you so much! "
Kathy Bresson - September 2012

 "There is no short way to describe how wonderful our experience was at Wakatobi. A great experience doesn't necessarily come down to the amenities, but the experience. And we can truly say that ours has been mind-blowingly amazing. The one area that stands out and beyond comparison are the people who work here. There is a ready smile from every staff member and no task in providing assistance is impossible. From the food, the diving and most importantly the people, Wakatobi is the gold standard where all other dive resorts can only aspire to. "
Cherie-Anne Henderson-Dam - September 2012

 "Superb resort which I thoroughly enjoyed, the food, service, accommodation and attention to detail was excellent. The staff were all attentive and all seemed happy. I have no negative issues with anyone. Excellent guides, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and helpful. All the organizations on the boats and at the resort was excellent. Perhaps you should provide scales in the rooms, so we can check our weight with all your fabulous food....then, perhaps Not! "
Susan Hazelton - September 2012

 "I have traveled and dived extensively in the Indo-Pacific including the Maldives. As a package (including accommodation, food, services and diving) I would rate Wakatobi as the best that I have been to. The gourmet food was first class, the diving was just the icing on the cake. Just like the popcorn and the popcorn shrimp. "
Andrew Yue - September 2012

 "I have a few issues which need to be addressed: Staff too nice and too helpful, weather too sunny, food tastes too good, dive sites too colorful, too many fish, corals and on and on and on…:) If you are prepared to breath your own air and chew your own food, I suppose you can come here, otherwise pretty much everything else is going to be done for you. "
Dariusz Radulski - September 2012

 "The chef was fantastic. He was able to accommodate my gluten free diet and the food was amazing! The dive staff did an amazing job, the movies were very informative. Wakatobi is a snorkelers paradise. It's the best we've ever experienced, including at the great barrier reef. "
Cathy Calder and Jan George - September 2012

 "The food is the best we have had on any diving holiday we have experienced. All staff provided a fantastic world class service (especially dive/boat staff, restaurant staff, front desk). Overall, all staff were extremely helpful and extremely friendly. Because all staff knew our names, it made us feel we had personal service. Great holiday, superb food, excellent staff and of course, diving is fantastic! "
Stewart Peters and Patricia Bourke - September 2012

 "The best dive resort we have ever visited. The diving is absolutely beautiful, one of the nicest reefs and coral we have seen. The setup on the island is beautiful, we love the facilities and the comfort we have on the dive boats, not to mention the fantastic dive guides to go along with it. On another note, the staff at Wakatobi Dive Resort are phenomenal! The service they provide for us, the friendly smiles and the helpful hand they offer is great. Lastly, you have intrigued us with the vast variety and creativity of the food! It is delicious and we thank you for a great experience and we are sure to recommend Wakatobi Dive Resort to other divers when we come back home. An experience never to be forgotten. "
Carlos and Maryanne Nader - September 2012

 "Awesome food, awesome staff, great diving. This is the first place we have been to where reality exceeded the marketing hype. "
Brett and Carol Wallace - September 2012

 "We have dived in a number of resorts, mainly in the pacific rim. There is no doubt Wakatobi is a world class resort. The restaurant food is beautifully presented and would hold it's own anywhere in the world. All the staff are very courteous and extremely helpful. All the efforts made to keep the reefs in pristine condition obviously is working as the sites we dived are stunning. Thanks to all who are working to make Wakatobi one of the best destinations to visit not only for the diving but also for the eating. World class destination, Wakatobi boasts a three hat restaurant plus three hat diving. Heaven on Earth! "
Ian and Christine Cooper - September 2012

 "We totally enjoyed this trip not only as a dive destination but as a family destination. The diving was spectacular with each dive bringing something new to see. The dive crew were extremely helpful and knew the reef. The accommodation was 5 star dive resort quality. The rooms comfortable and clean with a fresh look everyday. The restaurant only has one word to describe it: " Spectacular". We will definitely need to go on a diet when we get home. Your eyes are drawn to the quality and beautiful presentation that had you coming back for more until you couldn't fit another thing in. The kids club was also a wonderful hit for our son. Each day he would ask if it is time to go to kids club and each day he was not quite ready to come home as he was still wanting to go on the paddle board one more time. We want to thank all the staff, as no matter what, nothing was too difficult, and it was always with a huge smile. "
Graham, Vicky and Michael Selleck - September 2012

 "Excellent resort. Great team of people, very friendly. Excellent food. Love the huts. Excellent dive sites and diving. We have had an excellent time. Thank you very much "
Margaret and Gerrick Powell - September 2012

 "We both enjoyed the friendly staff, best food and most of all the awesome diving. Great place to be is Wakatobi. "
Joseph Zarantonello and Vincenzo Mirarchi - September 2012

 "Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful time. It is truly a beautiful place to stay and we appreciate the great service (and terrific food) you provided us. Our children; Lachlan (9) and Sophie (5) had the opportunity for the first time to see the wonders of the ocean swimming with the Barracudas and watching Sophie jump from a boat onto a reef are moments we will always remember. We hope when they grow up they might bring their children here to experience the sandy pathways with the hermit crab tracks (a huge highlight) spotting turtles and watching monitor lizards, making cookies with the chef and laughing with all the staff. It was nice of everyone to share their stories and experiences with us. We hope to return sometime in the future. "
Craig Edwards - September 2012

 "This is our fourth trip to Wakatobi and it has been as wonderful as always. This time we brought our family (two additional generations!) so they could share this extremely special place with us. Although they only snorkeled, they saw nearly as much as we did and they have all commented on how beautiful and healthy the reefs appear. Thank you for making us feel so welcome, even with the young children. We hope to bring them back as divers soon. "
Karen Edwards and Deborah Meyers - September 2012

 "We booked and paid for our dive holiday 18 months in advance, normally we would not do that. Our faith in the resort was well justified. Management and staff were FIRST CLASS and everything about the resort was fantastic. Our stay in the resort was preceded by a week on the Pelagian which was also fantastic. We are pleased to have had both the resort and Pelagian experiences and are certain to return. Wakatobi is the perfect dive resort. We had a fantastic time and will definitely come back. Score: 10/10! "
Ann and Chris Colmer - September 2012

 "We found the dive experience at Wakatobi second to none. The staff are so friendly and very helpful. The accommodation was fantastic and the food was amazing. Will definitely be returning. Our guide was our great dive leader. He is the best. "
Darrall and Dianne Suter - September 2012

Featured Endorsement

"Lived up to the hype"

"Food was like dining in a 5 star establishment and the service was amazing. The staff constantly ask for feedback on your experience and do all they can to make the holiday amazing. The diving was great, the dive guides ask you about how fast you want to travel and what type of organisms you are interested in, they then try to find them - I finally got to see a Giant Frogfish"

TripAdvisor profile: geminikitty66 - September 2012


Featured Endorsement

"What a great place! Great diving and a wonderful resort. The facilities are immaculate, the food is good and plentiful, the staff is possibly over-attentive. Within a day of arrival everyone seemed to know me by name. Did not want me to carry tanks after analyzing them and I never had to load gear on or off the boat. Incredible variety of life on the reefs."
TripAdvisor profile: czmdivenut - September 2012


Featured Endorsement

"There are not enough words"

"Firstly, we had the concierge service added on to our package and I cannot recommend this highly enough. It was the best $500 ever spent. From the moment we signed up for this, our concierge Satria was a superstar. He helped with all our arrangements to and from Bali and Wakatobi. Even after our trip to Wakatobi, we were looked after for our entire stay in Indonesia.
Once at Wakatobi, everything was just PERFECT. All luggage and set up are taken care of immediately. The staff and management that work there are so friendly, once feels right at home. Everyone we came into contact with greated us by our names (not sure how they knew all of us) The accommodation is rustic but perfect for the island feel with AC readily available."

TripAdvisor profile: Cheriedam - September 2012


Featured Endorsement

"Amazing Diving, Fantastic Food"

"The rooms were really luxurious, comfortable beds, tea and coffee making facilities, mini bar. Wonderful big outdoor showers. Lots of electric sockets for charging camera batteries.
Food was delicious and would not be unexpected in a top class London Restaurant but it was all the more amazing due to the logistics required to get it to the island. Delicious desserts too. "

TripAdvisor profile: sal320 - September 2012


Featured Endorsement

"Outstanding diving and the best dive resort ever visited"
The resort experience was outstanding. The diving was very good (mostly wall dives with a little current), the accommodations were excellent, the food was superb, and the staff and dive crew were very friendly and helpful."

TripAdvisor profile: AGDobbins - August 2012


 "On behalf of Y-Kiki divers, our group immensely enjoyed our 10 day stay at Wakatobi. All arrangements were handled smoothly, the staff is amazing (knowing all our names within hours of our arrival) and we appreciated the dive profiles and low Dive master to diver ratios. Our guides were adept at finding all the fun macro stuff. My personal gratitude to my dive guide for his professionalism. He always ensured each person saw what he was pointing to. My group felt safe and we knew he had found something fun and interesting for us to marvel at. The dive staff works hard handling gear, tanks and camera equipment; taxis, diving boat, helping us in and out....you all simply raise the bar and will ensure we return with another group. Y-Kiki divers will be back! A 5 star operation that makes a long travel time worth it. The Wakatobi family ensures each guest feels welcome and that their diving experience is memorable. Thank you. "
Valerie Elliott - August 2012

 "Clean, peaceful, friendly, professional, exceptional: every word applies to Wakatobi. Special compliments for the food and restaurant service. It's hard to imagine that we are as remote as we are. From top to bottom the Wakatobi enterprise is conceived to achieve guest satisfaction and they are supremely successful at it. No exceptions whatsoever. "
Merril and Barbara Moss - August 2012

 "Greeters at the airport upon arrival and getting through lines was very nice and easy. Great waiting area before flight. Personalized orientation of area etc, great food, 5 star restaurant, I enjoyed the cooking class and getting recipe. The boat crew and guides were excellent, found what was requested! Wait staff is excellent, knew everyone's name, great team at Wakatobi, everything went smooth. Thanks to all the people we did not meet. Too much stuff to do and not enough time. Two years in the planning for us and I enjoyed my week. "
BG Johnson - August 2012

 "It goes without saying that the location and the reef are fabulous. It is wonderful that you are taking such good care of it. The staff, WOW! Not only are all of our needs met, they are anticipated and taken care of immediately with cheerfulness and grace. Everyone we have seen has been helpful, friendly and interested in our experience here. You have done an excellent job of hiring and training. All together, a top rate operation! "
Scott and Connie Neish - August 2012

 "A wonderful experience all around. A special thank you to all the staff, especially those behind the scenes who keep everything humming and don't get the direct "thank you" from guests! Wonderful diving, accommodations, food and the staff is 1st class all the way. "
John and Mary Ellen Fields - August 2012

 "The attention and care from each staff to every guest, regardless of their role is remarkable. This is ideal for a vacation. The organization of the dive center is impeccable. The restaurant is "Michelin Star" level with a particular note to the kindest service. "
Giovanni Michienzi and Carmen Pizzonia - August 2012

 "We spent an amazing week in Wakatobi as a part of our honeymoon. The best thing was the helpful and kind staff including local staff and dive masters who were patient and helping us in many ways although we were just beginners. We definitely did not feel like outsiders although we did not have that much experience as the other divers on board. "
Henna and Markus Suomi - August 2012

 "Very comfortable accommodations, excellent service and food. Very beautiful grounds. Great staff, excellent dives and dive guides. We appreciate the attention to safety and conservation. Love the way our dive guide explains the behaviour of marine life. Wakatobi was on my bucket list. It has been wonderful sharing such amazing diving with our group. There's so much to do. I'll have to put it on my bucket list again. "
Jeff and Terri Leicher - August 2012

 "We are very satisfied of our trip, very warm welcome, the staff are very attentive, very good food and the sites are very beautiful. It was a wonderful trip, even for the non divers "
Claude and Michele Vigel - August 2012

 "Excellent vacation, the staff at the resort and the Pelagian are very good. The food is excellent, the dive guides are very attentive and always trying to find critters to show us. All was perfect. Thank you very much and we hope to see you again. "
Victor Romeo and Eva Moyano - August 2012

 "Biggest compliment to the staff - all of them! Of course also the boat crews (always helpful) and the dive guides. They make us come back! The food (especially soups, desserts and even sometimes as simple as pasta) are prepared perfectly. Outdoor seating is wonderful. The Villa is nice as always. Housekeeping does a great job. Great diving, wonderful staff and accommodation & food makes us visit Wakatobi over and over again. Thanks a lot! "
Markus Fritze and Lisa Keller - August 2012

 "This trip was on my bucket list. May I just say it was worth it. I know I will be back in the future. The staff is wonderful. They are very attentive to your wants and needs. The food has been out of this world. I would like to keep this wonderful place a secret for as long as I can. the boat staff is very knowledgeable about everything underwater. Best place ever. Bar none! "
Gabrielle Chase - August 2012

 "Wow! What can top our previous two trips to Wakatobi? A third trip of course! Everything is first class. Food, rooms, staff and of course the diving. Was not disappointed with anything. A special thanks to our private dive guide. Amazing does not describe the small critters he found. "
John and Linda Simmons - August 2012

 "A frame of perfection to what nature has already done perfectly. Our holiday in Wakatobi has been relaxing and regenerating. An enchanting place where the smiles of the staff accompany you the whole day. The attentive eyes of the captain and crew always ready to anticipate any need. The diving organization is excellent from all point of view. Our guide is an excellent professional and knowledgeable of the marine wonders. "
Antonella Alberti and Pier Paolo Crovetti - August 2012

 "This is our second visit to Wakatobi. The service was consistent with our prior visit and the hospitality extended to us was exceptional. In our opinion, Wakatobi is a World Class Diving Resort. Food, service and diving is outstanding. This is our second visit to diving paradise and it will not be the last. Wakatobi is by far the best diving that we have ever experienced. "
John and Elaine Kotovsky - August 2012

 "Love it here. Trying to figure out how to get back. Food was always good with beautiful presentation. Awesome, unbelievable diving. You will not want to go back and dive anywhere else in the world. "
Carol Roedder - August 2012

 "Overall, the reef, resort, staff, dive crew, food and beauty of this part of the world is top notch. A definite must for any serious diver! "
Cynthia Aks - August 2012

 "Well organized, good food, staff very friendly. Everyone goes up and beyond to make sure guests have a great time. Dive masters are knowledgeable about the dive sites. Our dive guide made sure all the guests were safe throughout our dive. He checked to be sure everyone was okay on the dives, made sure we all saw things he found. he really catered to me. He is one of the best dive masters we have had anywhere so far. Restaurant staff all made us feel like family. Amazed that every staff member we encountered knew our names from the 1st day. Food was delicious! Something for everyone. Wonderful variety. "
Pat and Greg White - August 2012

 "Our 10 day trip has been exceptional. From check in at the airport to the adventure of arriving at Wakatobi, everything has been beyond our expectations. The dive staff are top quality and extremely personable. All have been helpful, the entire staff works hard and it shows. The dining room staff: exemplary friendly greetings from all, delicious food, more than willing to help with anything. The calm relax atmosphere was wonderful, we liked the idea of meeting and talking with the manager. The gardeners helped us find the monitor lizards. Everyone has gone out of their way to make this a trip of a lifetime. Ocean views from the Garden bungalows, the overall grounds have been wonderful. Wakatobi is a well organized, well managed resort "
Stephanie and Mike Jacob - August 2012

 "Our stay here was wonderful. From the staff that cleans the bungalow to the dining staff, you couldn't ask for better service. The dive staff was fantastic. The boat knew where you were when coming up from a dive and they were right there with towels to keep us from getting too cold. The food was amazing, something for everyone. All in all a fabulous vacation. "
Gretchen Myles - August 2012

 "We have dived many countries in the world, by far this is the best run resort by anyone's standards. The organization of all the staff and their extra effort to help an make sure your trip is as relaxing as possible. The diving is outstanding, you have protected the reefs and it shows by the way the dive masters work. Thank you for a fabulous trip. We hope to come here again. You have not dived until you dived the walls of Wakatobi. "
Matt Wilson - August 2012

 "We had a great time here in Wakatobi. Beautiful dive sites and excellent food in the restaurant. Our 8 year old son had a great experience with his dive guide on his bubble maker seal diving program. Thank you all and we hope to visit again. "
The Zandbergen Family - August 2012

 "The villas were great. The staff was exceptional, the diving was beyond compare. The food was well prepared and imaginative. Our dive guide was so much fun to be around with and a walking encyclopedia regarding sea creatures and he had eyes like a hawk. An outstanding dive experience in every way! We will definitely be back! Bravo to the exceptional staff! "
Elmer and Sandra Doty - August 2012

 "We have thoroughly enjoyed the Wakatobi experience, from the VIP treatment when we arrived at the airport in Bali to the highly professional and personal service by the staff at the resort. "
Kate and Richard Douchkov - August 2012

 "The service at this resort is right up there with the best I have been to over the last 20 years. You have the location, the island and the land based facilities to keep this going. The diving is well organized, on time and caters to individuals very well. Well done to all at the back of this operation as well as the front. "
Phil Clinton - August 2012

 "What a wonderful holiday. Perfect tropical paradise. Excellent diving. The staff were exemplary, polite, interested, accommodating. Nothing was too much trouble, dive guides were friendly and helpful. Everyone contributed to a perfect stay! Food superb! Accommodation lovely. Tropical paradise, what more can I say! Diving was beautiful, loved the critters and the blue water. "
Jeanette King - August 2012

 "I have never stayed in a resort where everyone was so helpful and friendly. Wonderful on top of the water as well as under. A total escape. "
Chris Sekulic - August 2012

 "Loved every second of it. The quality of the service is difficult to beat. Great accommodation, great food, spacious diving boat, beautiful reef, lovely people, all contributing to the perfect holidays. "
Sophie Loizeau - August 2012

 "Wakatobi has everything you could desire for a diving holiday. The whole operation is behind the scenes making you feel special and taking you to fabulous dive sites. "
Phil Ewers - August 2012

 "I have had the most amazing experience this week at Wakatobi. It is the most exceptional place I've ever been to. The diving, the food, the staff were all out. I cannot believe the outstanding service provided by all staff at the resort and on the diving boats. I wish I had booked for longer! The fluo dive absolutely blew my mind it was outstanding and out of this world! I most definitely will recommend Wakatobi and will be back for longer! "
Steph Gardner - August 2012

 "The local staff here do a wonderful job of making us feel welcome and amongst friends! Excellent service. Procedures surrounding the diving are seamless and very effective providing a smooth and easy dive experience. I have never had a better service on a dive trip before! "
Glenn Waters and Claire Ann Fahey - August 2012

 "Great service, very good diving holiday. Dive were in general good, food was A+, especially the Tuna Sashimi. "
Fermin Fautsch - August 2012

 "We are so happy to be able to come to Wakatobi. The dive sites are great and so are the staff. Dive guides and all crew and all the restaurant staff are very friendly. We appreciate it very much. We will come back soon. "
Katsuyuki and Asami Matsue - August 2012

 "We are very satisfied and we found the organization to be very professional. Our experience concerned mainly the snorkeling and our guide had cared for every single detail. Camillo and Aurora had a diving experience (Discover Scuba Diving) and they were fascinated with the marine beauty seen and for the dive instructor's ability to instruct and to thrill them. All staff is kind and very attentive. Excellent kitchen and all very clean. An experience and a vacation of extraordinary beauty. A marine paradise where the contact with coral and fish is an ever growing emotion. "
Camillo, Caterina and Aurora Mantovani - August 2012

 "What a superb experience, one so unique due to the excellence and sincerity of service. Your dive masters provided such magic and fun to this already captivating underwater environment. We loved that everyone knew our names (we did our best to memorize all of yours as well). We felt at home and part of a family while staying here. Oh and good lord, the food is good! We will dream and dream of coming back. "
Juliana Tyson and Ryan Kissick - August 2012

 "5 stars! From the friendly staff to the great food, my experience was amazing. The most diverse reef i have ever dove. A new bar has been set and I now need to lower my expectations anywhere else I go. Housekeeper, boat captains and crew and guides are all extremely accommodating. Hands down, best place I have dove. Especially "The Zoo" and "Roma". The dive guides are awesome, also the dinning room staff! Thank you to everyone who made my experience one I will never forget. "
Andrew Macrae - August 2012

 "Wakatobi has been on my bucket list for a few years. The experience has far surpassed my expectations. The service, diving and food has been spectacular. "
Marcy Altman - August 2012

 "Everyone was very warm and nice. I truly enjoyed my stay here. The staff is incredible! "
Jenny Korn - August 2012

 "Excellent organization with much courtesy, availability and attention towards the guests. All services on the boat and on land are very fast. Staff are always ready to accommodate any request. Bungalow 7 was spacious and comfortable. First class restaurant. Wakatobi is a high class dive resort, spectacular dives and everywhere a smile! "
Guzzeloni Luigi and Roverso Marina - August 2012

 "Excellent spa! Spa manager is the best. Dive sites are so beautiful and full of macro stuff. Our dive master is full of energy, has very good skills in looking for underwater creatures (especially tiny ones) and does his job with passion. The chef and his staff make delicious food! service provided at the resort as well as on the Pelagian is outstanding. There are no issues that cannot be handled or solved. It makes you 100% relax. The mixture of the underwater beauty, outstanding service makes the Wakatobi resort unforgettable. "
Jacek Bugajski and Kasia Anyzewska - August 2012

 "Great diving, great staff, great service all at one location. Had a wonderful experience and wish I didn't have to leave. I will highly recommend to anyone who wants the ultimate dive vacation "
Kim Walker - August 2012

 "The diving was world class, the dive masters, crew and local staff were extremely helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. The food was superb. Wakatobi exceeded all of my expectations. "
Albert Dobbins - August 2012

 "2 words: "Absolutely Incredible"".

"Everything was way better than expected. Thanks to all the staff for being so attentive to our every need. I cannot think of anything that could be different. The only downside to this experience is that wherever I go from here, I believe I will want to compare it to here and I will always be disappointed again. Many thanks to the entire staff. As the song says: "I had the time of my life". "

Michele Derise - August 2012

 "The words "Tropical Paradise" cannot describe our experience in Wakatobi. The scenic view from our bungalow, staff that is attentive to every need and knows each guest by name. The biodiversity of pristine reefs. Every other tropical Paradise I have been to pales in comparison. This is an experience you will not want to miss. "
Jan Jumonville - August 2012

 "The pleasure of this trip began at the airport where Wakatobi field staff met me and walked me through the Visa, Immigration and Customs process. The next day I flew from Bali to Wakatobi and arrived at the resort. By lunch time all the staff knew my name and greeted me by name. The wait staff, especially were outstanding. They knew my name and knew my favorite foods. They made me feel like their entire job in the whole world is to make me feel special. They always went the extra mile, never said "No" and served with a smile. I would enjoy a repeat trip here to further explore paradise. Wakatobi is like being in paradise with all the best food in the world. The bonus is the staff who make you feel so special. "
Robin Gaillard - August 2012

 "Wakatobi! It was a pleasure to stay here. The staff are amazing, always greeting me with a warm smile and friendly greeting "hello Salim" and never troubled to help. The food is delicious, I never know where to start, it all looks so good. The rooms and common area are very nice and more than is usual for a dive destination, especially considering how remote the place is. Finally the diving is beautiful for the reef lovers and those seeking biodiversity and myriad critters. "
Salim Jordan - August 2012

 "The Wakatobi experience has been fantastic. With concern of arriving in Bali at 1:05am the staff completely made me feel at ease by making my arrival very swift and easy. The customer service received at Wakatobi was phenomenal and the rooms were nice also. Overall we had a fabulous time. The food was also phenomenal, everything was so good we know we have gained 5 pounds. Surely enjoyed my experience at Wakatobi. "
Ruth Cauthen - August 2012

 "As a non diver, your beach and resort were also wonderful and relaxing. Spectacular and beautiful even for the non diver. Very professional and gracious staff. The food was excellent and there was something for everyone. "
Nancy Macrae - August 2012

 "Better than advertised. If closer to the US, we would come every year. We are retired, we travel and boat a lot, but dive every few years with my niece and nephews. "
The Teffenharts - August 2012

 "Very cordial staff. Everyone is continually friendly and helpful. I wish you were closer to new york, we would visit frequently if you were. The diving was great and we are looking forward to our week on the liveaboard. It was the week in paradise we were looking for. "
Charles and Susan McCormick - August 2012

 "Our experience at Wakatobi has certainly lived up to the hype and reputation. From the exceptional assistance provided by the staff at the Bali office, to the level of service at the resort, it has all been excellent. Our dive guide has been great, she has made us better divers while her enthusiasm has enhanced the diving experience. The dinning room staff have provided the best service and always with a smile as they called us by name almost immediately. And the food has been delicious, our kudos to the chefs. The Villa is well crafted as well as beautiful. My wife also thought the massage therapist was great. A wonderful resort with world class diving, delicious food and exceptional service in a remote but pristine environment. "
Anthony Giorgio - August 2012

 "Excellent facilities, impeccable service in world - class seclusion. These places are few and far between! It was a great experience and I am looking forward to coming back! "
Marc Anderson - August 2012

Featured Endorsement

"Best diving and best resort"
"All the staff at the resort go out of their way to make this an enjoyable experience for the guests. Dive guides are constantly looking for new things to show the guests. Who even knew that things such as an orangutan crab or a hairy squat lobster even existed? I sure didn't, but now I've actually seen them."

TripAdvisor profile: ga2607 - August 2012


Featured Endorsement


We just returned from spending 5 days at Wakatobi and 6 days on board the Pelagian. To echo what others have already said - the service was amazing! Dining room staff knew our names by the end of the first day and seemed genuinely glad to see us at each meal. I jokingly mentioned that I had been in Indonesia 3 days and had yet to see sate (my most favorite food EVER) and the next day there was sate specially waiting for me! I also loved that towels were replaced during the day while we were out diving so that we always had fresh towels. "

TripAdvisor profile: KimDC_1 - July 2012


 "The staff and owners of Wakatobi are to be commended in every area! The housekeeping service is amazing! I will be dieting as soon as we get back to Oklahoma, USA, but don't think it will be difficult because food won't be as tempting after the great gourmet delights you provide at every meal plus snacks! The spa services are the best I've experienced and of course the diving experience was different than any we've had. We saw our first big clams here which was on my bucket list. We believe we've made some wonderful new friends here! Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! I don't want to forget to applaud the boat crew. They are professionals and always had a smile on their faces. We will miss all of you and your fabulous resort! Thank you for taking care of us in the airport! The love shows!"
Bryce and Vicki Dorrough - July 2012

 "Love, love, love bungalow 3 and the outside shower! Staff were courteous and very obliging. They went out of their way to customize our meals. The food was very good, the diving was wonderful, everything was well organized. Our dive guide is one of the best. I loved the boats. Paradise! Although the journey was long, the destination was worth it."
Gregg and Annette McDonald - July 2012

 "A thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable dive resort. Wakatobi is a place to unwind and do some really enjoyable low-stress diving. A great place, thoroughly recommended. Our thanks to all the staff for a great job, especially the chef who works magic three times a day. Desserts to die for. "
Steve and Gemma Drew - July 2012

 "From the time we arrived, everything has been perfect. Your friendly and helpful staff has been well trained to treat your guests as family. We are very happy to have had the Wakatobi experience of excellence! Exquisite dining, diving and bungalow. All perfect in every aspect. In 21 years of diving throughout the world, this has been the best. "
George and Linda Burke - July 2012

 "We loved our Wakatobi experience! The Pelagian was great, the resort is beautiful. The food was wonderful but most importantly and overwhelmingly, Your People Are Spectacular! The Wakatobi experience both the Pelagian and the Resort is among the best we have ever enjoyed! Thank you for a safe trip and wonderful experience!"
Phil and Linda Stasik - July 2012

 "We had a wonderful time in Wakatobi. Everything was perfect, the dives, the villa, the food, the staff. Will definitely intend to come back another time. "
Rodrigo and Juliana Figueiredo - July 2012

 "Staff are clearly the best we've experienced and the high quality of service with a smile is a highlight of Wakatobi. I'd even say faultless! Facilities are excellent and nicely maintained. "
Andrew Sharp - July 2012

 "Very friendly and helpful local staff. Dive guides and boat crew did everything possible to make the diving experience enjoyable. "
Stuart McKenzie and Amira Hanna - July 2012

 "Had a great time at Wakatobi. Service or hospitality is first rate. Great personal touch in the way staff attended to most every need promptly and with a smile on their face. Very nice that everyone took time to learn your name. Rooms were very comfortable and well serviced. Dive shop and other facilities very functional. Food was outstanding, have eaten better this week than ever have! The diving was great and the dive guides were outstanding. Personal service at Wakatobi sets it apart from other dive resorts I've visited. "
Antony McDonald - July 2012

 "Our stay at Wakatobi was sensational. The service is impeccable, the food is awesome and the staff incredible, lovely hosts! We will be sharing our special time at Wakatobi with all our friends. Thank you to all the lovely staff at Wakatobi. You really made our visit outstanding. "
Mark Green, Bernadette and Madeleine Page - July 2012

 "The staff and dive crew are great. My dive masters were excellent. The staff at the restaurant are so attentive and friendly. If you want a true pacific dive experience your next dive trip has to be Wakatobi. We will be back! "
Todd Ennenga - July 2012

 "Staff was very helpful, room was clean and well kept. Food was good, plenty to choose from. Dive boat and staff were the highlight of our trip!"
Russ and Teresa Friday - July 2012

 "Great diving experience. Best reefs I have encountered, best kept reef in the world. Dive masters very knowledgeable of reef and dive sites."
Mark Wolf - July 2012

 "We were "wowed" in Wakatobi! Thank you for the great service, excellent facilities and attention to detail."
Jen McIntosh and Brenden Stevenson - July 2012

 "We have visited dive resorts in Caribbean over the years leaving pleased and enthralled. However, we have never seen reefs this pristine or healthy, abundant and exotic fish life. Breathtaking! The resort is 5 star, the staff are amazing. I love this place, very keen to return "
Colin Gebhardt - July 2012

 "I have never stayed in such well organised and run dive centre and possibility to choose size of tank for both air and nitrox. You are the first dive centre of many I've been to that offers different tanks. Your dive crew is extremely helpful and great in spotting things and full of knowledge. We had a fantastic time here, unfortunately too short. I am very happy we chose your resort for our family holidays. Thank you also for looking after our two daughters and for the lovely kids club. Hopefully we can come back here again soon! "
Wojciech and Iwona Blad - July 2012

 "We had a very pleasant stay in Wakatobi. Someone recommended Wakatobi to us for the beautiful diving and the relaxed atmosphere on the island. It was all we expected and more. The garden bungalow was clean and big enough even with the extra bed for our daughter. The food was very good and full of variety . The staff were very helpful, actually everyone in Wakatobi is very friendly and helpful. We had no negative experience. The diving was fantastic, beautiful reefs and many fishes and critters. Our dive guide could really find many small creatures and showed them to us. He also pointed out good divesites for our daughter who is only 12 and does not dive deep. We were very happy with him. Everything was well organized. "
Bea Lemaire - July 2012

 "Thank you all for a fantastic experience. From arrival at Bali airport onwards, the experience, service and interaction with your team has been wonderful. A special thanks to my dive guide who was an outstanding dive master and continuously went out of his way to show and highlight the wonders of the underwater world. All your staff have been outstanding. Thank you for a truly memorable dive experience. A must try for any avid diver! Simply amazing! "
Marteyne Van Well - July 2012

 "We have never been so spoiled in a resort and during a journey than here in Wakatobi. The staff is very friendly and extremely helpful and our Villa was awesome! Diving and travelling with kids is not always easy. Not so in Wakatobi, our children had a wonderful time, their wishes became reality and we could relax. Our private dive guide is an excellent spotter. His knowledge is superb and he got us through every dive site. He looked after the boys underwater very well and we felt safe and calm. The diving team is also very friendly, one big plus is that they integrate the snorkelers too, in a way we have never seen before. Many many thanks to the team in Wakatobi and in Bali. We hope to come back soon. "
Michael Hitzer and Family - July 2012

 "Fantastic little island, diving, staff, service, food, divemasters. Everything feels professional. Both staff and guests walk around with a big smile on their face. "
Karolina and Martin Ros - July 2012

 "Awesome diving, excellent food, and the most caring staff we have experienced so far. Thank you for a great holiday! "
Heinrich Firgo - July 2012

 "I have been treated like royalty and I'm not from England! I have really had a great vacation diving in your beautiful waters! I think the dive crew and all the staff are the best, and your chef is out of this world - pretty presentations of food! I plan to return. Thanks again! "
Jane Schneider - July 2012

 "Wonderful resort and environmentally active. The customer service and facilities are excellent. The staff are amazing, so polite and friendly. The diving is magnificent. I have met some wonderful people on this occasion and will keep in touch with them. As for the food, every day I tried new dishes, a culinary adventure. Wonderful! If you feel at home in the water at Wakatobi resort, you will find a diving family. "
Leanne Emmins - July 2012

 "My stay was very nice. I felt comfortable from the first moment I arrived here. The food was great and the staff was nice too. Thank you for such a nice stay. "
A. J. Heim - July 2012

 "Beginning with the reception at the airport and by the time you have set foot on Wakatobi, you already feel like being home, enjoying a unique atmosphere! Staff is extremely friendly and very competent! Our bungalows were always cleaned. Food was really good considering the resources you have. If the staff has been told to promote Indonesian hospitality, they have done an excellent job! Our diving experience was sensational, to say the least, and I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attain my license here in Wakatobi. Our dive instructor always had an answer and took her time explaining again when something was not understood. We felt that our guide was always in control when we had our difficulties. Thank you for an amazing memory! "
Rene Heim and Family - July 2012

 "We really had a great time at Wakatobi. We were impressed by the efficiency. It is well organized from beginning through the end. Thanks for a relaxing week. We really enjoyed the atmosphere! "
Cornelis Hoes and Family - July 2012

 "Outstanding friendly service from all staff. Excellent food and presentation. Fabulous facilities which are very clean and inviting. Visible and efficient resort management. The arrangments for our stay were exceptionally well coordinated from our very first email. We are already planning our next trip to Wakatobi. Wakatobi is a dream resort for divers and snorkelers alike. Come to coral paradise now! "
Julianne Prowse and Ian Gribble - July 2012

 "I have had a very relaxing and enjoyable visit here. The food and service is fantastic, the staff very friendly, the accommodation and facilities are great. The diving has been enjoyable, a little cooler than I expected but this also makes for an interesting change to what I am used to. I saw some creatures I have not seen elsewhere like the Giant Mantis shrimp. All and all a very enjoyable visit. "
Catherine Meehan - July 2012

 "The service, food and dive guides did more than well to fulfill our expectations. We have really enjoyed our stay at the Wakatobi resort and will for sure be back some time. All arrangements around the diving like rinsing places, camera room is so far the best we have seen. All activities are well scheduled and the non diving activities like spa, village tour, kayaks etc are really nice. If you want to get spoiled with the best diving, food and service, Go to Wakatobi! "
Magnus Swadding and Jenni Swadding - July 2012

 "Outstanding diving, service from all the boat staff, kitchen crew, chefs etc. The whole package is first class. Wakatobi, as advertised on steroids, absolutely first class from the bottom up! "
Mike and Marilyn Phillips - July 2012

 "We had a wonderful experience. The diving was everything we hoped for….again! Our dive guide did a wonderful job. Of our many dive trips in the Caribbean and Indonesia he is among the best! The evening presentations were very informative and helped to expand our diving experience. The meals were every bit as good as our previous visit in 2008....if not better. The dinning staff are attentive and friendly. The dive boat (Waka VI) was efficient and clean. The boat crew was better than any other we experienced in over 30+ dive trips around the world. Above and below the waters, Wakatobi greatly exceeded our expectations! "
Carolyn and Steve Fornoff - July 2012

 "We've thoroughly enjoyed our stay here. Comfortable accommodation, relaxed style and feel, great food, helpful and friendly staff and a beautiful series of reefs to explore, both for divers and snorkelers. The organisation for both diving and snorkeling was excellent. "
Mike Pulman - July 2012

 "Boats were huge and easy to dive from. Boat crew and our dive guides were exceptional and professional. The variety of foods were impressive and very tasteful. Staff and guests were always friendly and polite. The diving was spectacular with so much healthy coral. Bungalow was very comfortable and well serviced. We began to really enjoy diving due to wonderful reefs and marine life! Going barefoot for eleven days was a new and liberating experience. Live the search became a new motto for me! "
Brith and Ron Grinnell - July 2012

 "Wakatobi dive resort was in every aspect much better than our expectations. Facilities, restaurant service and home cleaning were excellent. Staff members in every sector were very friendly with a heart-warming smile on their faces. We shall come back to you again. "
Yasushi Sekine - July 2012

 "The resort here was really relaxing and comfortable. All the arrangements paid attention to the details of the needs of the diver. It was amazing. We will come back for sure! "
Unemi Yamaguchi - July 2012

 "We have had a great week. Service is good and food is at high level; creative, high quality and had a variety of tastes. The dive master was great and we are really really satisfied with the diving activities. We really appreciate every moment of our stay. Everything is well organized since the day we arrived in Bali. We also appreciate the pre trip assistance. Thank you so much. Wakatobi is a must see for divers."
Giacovelli Li Puma - July 2012

 "Service was outstanding, amongst the very best we have experienced in over 30 years of travelling. The conservation effects you are having made all reefs visited looked like they were in "revival" mode. People hype eco tourism but at Wakatobi they deliver in a conservation area with abundant underwater wildlife and the service is simply outstanding. "
Robin and Rita Tedder - July 2012

 "It is really a fantastic resort. The staff are really nice and friendly. The diving is great and the divemasters are really excellent. Wakatobi is amazing, the food tastes great and the diving is fantastic. "
Jeroen Kassenberg - July 2012

 "Beautiful bungalows, beautiful view, almost everything here is beautiful. I (as a non active diver) enjoyed it very much. There are plenty of other things to do. I appreciate that (even at the last moment) at any time you can get a snorkel guide, even on a boat you want. The rooms are very clean thanks to the lovely cleaners who even folded my clothes! The restaurant is amazing, food is lovely and the people are great! The thing that I find very special at Wakatobi is that everybody knows your name and everybody is so friendly."
Sanne Kassenberg - July 2012

 "Wakatobi is a leading example of how to contribute to preserve the environment and at the same time improve the life experience of both inhabitants and visitors. "
Berenice Salim - July 2012

 "We had a fantastic time. You can always judge a place by the people that work there, the Wakatobi people are the happiest I've ever seen! "
Mike Ellsworth - July 2012

 "I loved every minute of the diving. The food was also excellent. No matter where I went, I could always hear the sound of water, which made the experience all the more better. "
Theresa Ellsworth - July 2012

 "We had a good time. Thank you to all the staff for their care and attention throughout our stay. Now I'm thinking about the Pelagian "
Cecilia Bird - July 2012

 "Excellent! Special thanks to our dive guide for the wonderful dives, the restaurant manager for the big smiles during our lovely meals and our butler for his special touch during our special anniversary dinner. The food was in good range. Always a few surprises. Nice blend of local and international menus. The diving was beautiful, the reefs are luch and pristine. We also appreciated the effort put into the media presentations by the dive crew. We were very well taken care of throughout our stay and really appreciated the little things like the warm smiles and the attentiveness from everyone from the serving staff to the boat crew. Amazing experience! "
Edmund and Karen Teo - June 2012

 "I want to thank the entire staff for the lovely service and friendliness. I also want to thank the restaurant staff for the fresh ginger tea, my dive guides for the encouragement and medicine, my nitrox instruction and general translation and the butler for helping me feel welcome to ask for service or comfort items. I arrived very sick and barely able to dive, I leave feeling much better and comfortable under water again. I was also very pleased with the spa therapist's massage! She is excellent! "
Michael Cone - June 2012

 "Kudos to the chef, the dive masters and the super staff at the resort. Our week was nothing short of spectacular. We are looking forward to our next visit to dive paradise. If there is truly a diver's heaven, it would be called Wakatobi. "
Bob and Pat Dryden - June 2012

 "The atmosphere is amazing, the staff is amazing, the diving is spectacular and the food is beyond gourmet. It's in a class of its own. Especially the desserts! "
Devette Garza - June 2012

 "The Wakatobi experience was sensational. The staff was fantastic and made sure my needs were accommodated. The diving was more than I could ever imagine. This is a vacation I'll never forget. Where all underwater creatures dream of living. "
Kenny Palmer - June 2012

 "Food was far beyond expectations. Desserts are innovative, appetizers were well selected. Staff was always ready. Good wine selection at reasonable price. This was my first land based dive resort and the accommodations are certainly better than expected. Room was tight and tidy, no mosquitos. The dive guide, boat crew and captain did a great job. The Wakatobi reputation for high standards is well earned and deserved . My preference remains diving in Indonesia. Places like Wakatobi are what make diving here great. "
Fred Corsiglia - June 2012

 "This is probably our best vacation ever! Not only is the island of Wakatobi beautiful but the food is lovely and delicious. Obviously the resort employs several gourmet chefs to create delicious foods, and the presentation and variety are certain to make it difficult to choose. Everyone on the staff is friendly and smiling, they offer to help with anything to make your stay memorable. We've been diving for 20 years and have never seen such variety of sea life. The colours underwater are amazing. We had an amazing trip and would recommend this to anyone. "
CJ - June 2012

 "What a wonderful trip we had! The accommodations were first class all the way, the diving was spectacular the food was incredible and the spa was lovely. The staff consistently went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and had what we needed. The long trip from the USA was worth every minute when we got here. Thank you for a delightful week. My only regret is that we are not staying longer. We will plan to do that when we come back next time. "
Dan and Kristen McCoy - June 2012

 "Best diving I've ever seen. Great dive masters, really cool dive boats, great food and everybody knows your name. I hope to return. "
Ralph Garrett - June 2012

 "This is one for your bucket list. World class reefs with staff and resort to match, don't miss it! "
Michael Wingard - June 2012

 "Thanks to everyone at the resort for taking such good care of all our group. This is a first class resort and we can't wait for the opportunity to come back. Fabulous diving, gourmet dining, exceptional service. We will be back. "
Sylvia and Gordon Beach - June 2012

 "Wish it were closer to home! Very attentive service from all the staff. Great food! (Too good!) Great massage as well! The best dive resort I've ever been to. A very good experience. They fed us like we were on a luxury cruise ship! "
Terry Bergmann and Courtenay Bass - June 2012

 "The food was all good and had an excellent variety! The rooms are clean and comfortable, it has the things I need. I like the scent of the shampoo, body wash and hand wash. The diving is good, full of living colorful corals. I saw many critters I have never seen before. "
Susantin Sinarno - June 2012

Featured Endorsement

"The Wakatobi staff can't do enough for you from the moment you step off you plane in Bali, escorting you effortlessly through immigration and customs and ensuring that you connect to any non-Wakatobi parts of your trip as well as welcoming you onto the private charter, which is the beginning of your Wakatobi adventure."
TripAdvisor profile: nicolaoutdoors - June 2012


Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi's dive service is very good. There are 3 long dives (70 minute dives) scheduled each day. If the 3 dives are not enough or if a shore-dive is preferred, then there's the unlimited shore-dives with boat-taxi service. The dive boat is spacious and has a large marine toilet. Drinks, fruits and snacks are served between dives and each diver is even given a Wakatobi thermal mug for personal use."
TripAdvisor profile: Spooky T - June 2012


 "We have had an absolutely wonderful time during our stay here! We were in the Pelagian for a week and at the resort for five days. The diving was great and the staff and dive masters were exceptionally accommodating! Every need was met with perfection and a smile. Everyone was so courteous. Our accommodations at both locations where extraordinary. The food was excellent and well presented. The dive masters were very knowledgeable and accommodating. They were able to show us new and interesting under sea life. Wakatobi is an amazing vacation! The staff went above and beyond to make sure our visit was perfect and it was! Thank you so much for a lovely holiday"
Karen and Hal Chase - June 2012

 "Very enjoyable even though I was ill and couldn't dive. The staff was very friendly and so helpful. My snorkel buddy was top notch! "
Marjorie Davis - June 2012

 "Being able to do both the Pelagian and Resort was great with the wide range of types of dives and habitats. The mandarin fish night dive will be one that will be remembered. We stayed in a Villa and the last week was both a vacation above as well as below. "
Paul Nolte - June 2012

 "The staff were wonderful, the animals and weather obliging and accommodation and food to die for! Thank you "
Jordan Hoffmann - June 2012

 "Having no other resort around Wakatobi, makes us feel good to be the only ones here. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable stay. All the staff are very friendly and I am very happy about the very fast response when I asked for something. Thank you very much"
Mikiko Shimooka - June 2012

 "I enjoyed everything and could dive easily with the comfortable conditions. Great service made everything easier. The house reef was wonderful and there were lots of different kinds of fish around. All the staff are very kind and hard working, so I felt comfortable always. I hope to come back soon to Wakatobi. Thank you very much."
Taeko Kaneko - June 2012

 "Beautiful resort, probably the most efficient and well run diving place I have ever come to. Staff excellent and friendly, and your chef / kitchen is fantastic. We only stumbled across it on Facebook, otherwise would not have known you existed. Also, your Bali reception / transit / arrival setup is brilliant. Exceeded all expectations, even better than the photographs, relaxing, diving, beautiful location and accommodation, excellent food, friendly and efficient staff, what more could you ask for?"
Derek Pascoe and Alex Townsend - June 2012

Featured Endorsement

"It takes a long time to get here, but it's worth it. The bungalow had all the comforts of home (including wonderful conditioner which is rare anywhere I've stayed). The staff is gracious and helpful and truly there for your comfort and convenience. The food was divine, the diving was great and the people were wonderful - what else do you need?"
TripAdvisor profile: DalTexTraveler - June 2012


Featured Endorsement

"The service and attention to detail with our flight transfers to and from Denpasar was excellent, even to the point of making sure our hotel driver was waiting for us. We wish all airport transfers were this easy. At the resort we stayed in the select beach bungalow #4 which was lovely and the outside bathroom was great too. The food in the restaurant was delicious with plenty of variety and beautifully presented. Thank you for the very discreet arrival of my gorgeous 50th birthday cake."
TripAdvisor profile: roaminrobin - June 2012


 "Excellent work by the boat crew and dive team! Food gets better every visit. Unbelievable that you can do this in such a remote location. It was my 3rd visit and I'm impressed that the level of service remains consistently high. The whole resort staff is always eager to help in any way they can. "
Curt Andrus - June 2012

 "Keep doing what you are doing. There are so many wonderful things to say about Wakatobi. The most important: I already look forward to my next visit to Wakatobi, whenever that is!"
Steve Wood - June 2012

 "Diving, staff, resort, spa and dining was 110%. Thank you for making my 50th birthday so memorable. Accommodations were outstanding. One cannot say enough positive things about the staff. We've travelled the world and you've set the bar for everyone else. "
Greg Epton and Greg Robertson - June 2012

 "Wakatobi has been recommended enthusiastically over the years by the most serious and widely traveled of our diving acquaintances. Their encomiums have proven amply justified. The care devoted to our diving and living comfort was quite unlike anything we have experienced. The ample spaciousness of all the facilities, the roomy dive boats, the spacious tank, photo and all other shore support areas, large open bungalows with spacious well appointed rooms and porches - is astounding. The food, the restaurant - a feast three times a day. Wakatobi has a very imaginative chef and kitchen staff and the buffet presentation was exploited completely - quite remarkable with small servings that allow wide sampling, but also grilled kitchen based preparations as desired. Highest grade of tuna, fresh squeezed orange juices, fabulous desserts!, fine beef and many more. We would gladly recommend Wakatobi to our diving friends, even though most of them actually came with us on this visit. "
Dallas Pottinger and Ann Gebhart - May 2012

 "Diving, accommodation, and food was more than excellent. Extremely attentive friendly and accommodating staff. Food & service is a Michelin 5 star rating! I hope we can return sometime. Thank you for all your help, we also really enjoyed the cooking class and massage. "
Kathleen Callanan and Dennis Richards - May 2012

 "Fantastic experience in every respect! Food, accommodations, staff and diving all 5 star. You make everything so easy and stress free. It is hard to imagine re-entering the real world! "
Lori and Bill Pottinger - May 2012

 "As last time, every single member of the Wakatobi staff were awesome. We had the pleasure of diving with one of the best dive masters that we have ever dived with. The National and local employees were all great and actively sought out opportunities to make our stay better. The younger guys in the restaurant seemed to really go above and beyond. The babysitter was absolutely top notch. "
Al and Krissy Reida - May 2012

 "Sempurna! Excellent services from the first minute we land in Bali, the coral makes us smile after every dive, the best dive resort in Indonesia! "
Abram, Dita and Danika - May 2012

 "Staff is wonderful, always with a smile on their face. Food is great. Fluo dive was spectacular, along with the divemasters. They are really good at finding the macro life. We will definitely recommend here to divers back home and abroad. "
Megan and Bill Markley - May 2012

 "Everything at Wakatobi was exceptional. Food, diving, accommodations, service and especially the staff. We loved our vacation here and were extremely impressed by the scope of the entire facility and all that has been done and is being done. "
Rodger and Becky Stewart - May 2012

 "Wow, what an amazing place, and that is for the staff, the diving is unbelievable. I already recommended Wakatobi to friends before I got here. "
John Graves - May 2012

 "Wonderful diving experience. Vibrant, living and clean like nowhere else where I have been. Please continue with the efforts of nature preservation. "
Jussi Seppala - May 2012

 "Amazing staff in every function. Love the personal attention and the fact that everyone knew our names. The Villa is lovely! The party we had was beautifully prepared and managed. Personal attention from the dive staff / crew was great and dive masters are very good to dive with. I love the place, happy to be back and will come again. Glad to see you continuing to drive to high standards. "
Brad and Angela Wright - May 2012

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi and hope to return. Service and amenities are top notch. Wakatobi sets the platinum standard for dive service! All other dive resorts have a lot to live up to which may prove difficult for divers who have been spoiled by a stay at Wakatobi. Quite an impressive operation at any location, let alone such a remote place as this. The food is world class as well. An all around winner and worth every penny! "
John and Joanna Lentini - May 2012

 "Wonderful impeccable service! Deep-shallow-in between every dive was fantastic. "
Emery Stacy - May 2012

 "Thank you so much for a dream vacation! All the staff are so genuinely friendly and knew my name. The underwater guides made every dive a new and beautiful experience. One of the best things in the resort: Being able to drink the water without worry. I passionately care about the Earth so it made me happy to enjoy myself in a place that actively pursues protection of the environment and the people to whom all this land really belongs. Phenomenal diving and day to night pampering by extraordinary staff in the resort and on the boats. I will be back! "
Wendy Drucker - May 2012

 "Wakatobi far exceeded all of our hopes and expectations. We have never seen such a well thought out and well organized operation that started the moment we landed in Bali and continued through our entire stay. The personal touches on every facet of our stay were so very much appreciated! Your staff is the finest we have ever seen. I wish every person we met in life could be so charming, caring and thoughtful. It may take us a few years, but we will be back! A first class experience from start to finish, with the most pleasant and charming staff we have ever met and the best diving we have ever done! "
Andy and Pam Norton - May 2012

 "Thank you so much for a wonderful dive experience! The boat crew was always enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. Our dive guides were fantastic! Always smiling, helpful and informative about the marine life. The restaurant and staff are amazing, learning our names and never appearing to be impatient or grumpy despite our many demands. "
Marylou Hernandez and Adria Ali - May 2012

 "We really enjoyed our time here. All of the staff was excellent. Our dive guides, boat captain, crew, dining room, wait staff, all are amazing at their jobs and genuinely friendly. "
Steve and Karen Hotchkiss - May 2012

 "This trip to Wakatobi has been exceptional and beyond expectation. The diving was unforgettable and will be hard to beat on future travels. You have been impeccable in the selection of your dive teams and resort staff. You made us feel very welcome at the resort. The restaurant staff are well trained and the food delicious. We will definitely share our experiences with fellow divers and friends. The dive team was so helpful and patient with me as I returned for diving after 20 years absence. We will love to return one day and experience it again. "
Norene and John Laggart - May 2012

 "One of the best dive resorts we have ever stayed in during our past 5 years of dive travel. Service and staff were extremely friendly and attentive. If you were ever lacking anything it was because you didn't ask and when you do, they fulfilled your request almost immediately. I would recommend Wakatobi to all my dive friends not only for the resort but for some of the best diving around each day. Dive staff was great. "
Sabine Fischer and Glenn Bulat - May 2012

 "Every aspect of the service is outstanding. Our greeting in Bali, transfer to Wakatobi, escort/tour, reception and boutique staff, housekeeping and grounds, dining room and bar staff, boat and dive staff etc. Each staff person is genuinely friendly and very professional. We cannot praise our divemaster enough. She is truly a "master" in the water and her enthusiasm for the sport and the sea creatures is infectious. Her knowledge is impressive and her attitude is first rate. She made us look forward to every dive. Thank you to all the staff who made our stay unforgettable! "
Andrew and Stacey Hassard - May 2012

 "The staff and service are first class! We loved our vacation and are very sad to see it come to an end. Everything - diving, snorkeling, accomodations, food, spa, staff etc were fabulous! We will definitely be back. This was the best family vacation we have had! Even the non divers of the family had the greatest snorkeling adventures. Beautiful in and out of the water. Can't wait to come back! "
Bob and Kim McGee - May 2012

 "Our dive guide is an impressive dive leader and an asset to your team. His patience, professionalism, knowledge and ability to spot tiny and special marine life enhanced our dive experience significantly. The variety of food items is tremendous, in 10 days there was little repetition. Wakatobi has the most spectacular reef system, the healthiest anywhere in the world. A must see for divers and non divers. "
Rob and Marla Hensel - May 2012

 "The entire staff all went out of their way to get you whatever you wanted or need! They all knew us by name right away and made us feel welcome. We were very happy with our choice to come here. "
Rhonda Lombardini and Eric Tessem - May 2012

 "Another great expreience on my second visit! Our dive guide is a fantastic dive master, friendly, good, matured and very knowledgeable. He is the mantis shrimp of dive masters with his sharp vision. The housekeeping and restaurant staff are amazing. They all knew my name on day one, they knew what I liked to eat and drink and served me before I even requested anything. - Wow! The dive operation is very clean and very well run, all of the staff are friendly. I used the rebreather package which is a great help in today's limited baggage environment. I used my evolution CCR the first time so I was right at home, this trip I used my sport Kiss. Wakatobi is a sparkling paradise full of awe inspiring sights above and below water. Heaven on Earth. Too many fantastic marine animals to see in even 100 dives. "
Darrell S Davis - May 2012

 "You have a truly remarkable piece of paradise and have developed a fabulous resort. The staff are very attentive and far exceeded my expectations. Our dive guide in particular was excellent. She planned the dives to our needs and her enthusiasm for the critters was infectious. I can't think of anything I can suggest to improve the experience. You provide one of the worlds most remarkable eco resort experiences with awesome diving. "
John Torkington - May 2012

 "You have again surpassed our expectations on all fronts. Food and the level of service is unbeatable and our "diving with kids" experiment was a huge success both for us and the kids. "
Tim Hochgrebe - May 2012

 "Our time at Wakatobi was too short! So many more dive sites to see and also to visit the same ones again. Things have changed since we were here last, but it has kept it's identity and exceeded our expectations. The staff has been wonderful and very accommodating towards our family. They seem to genuinely enjoy their work. Especially taking into account the remoteness of Wakatobi, it is remarkable that everything was taken care of into such detail. Thank you all for a wonderful time. "
Wandy Hochgrebe - May 2012

 "Whether you are an experienced or novice diver, the Wakatobi resort provides a world class, pinnacle diving experience. From the moment you are greeted by name, one can relax in the realization you are in competent and welcoming hands. The entire staff goes above and beyond to help you in whatever way they can and always with a warm smile. The abundance and variety of life found in the reefs, the exceptional creativity and skill of the chefs and the interesting cultural and marine life programs combine to enhance ones appreciation of their Indonesian paradise. I look forward to returning to explore these amazing reefs which continue to thrive under the resort's active stewardship. Thank you! I leave here a much improved (and spoiled) diver than when I arrived! "
Leslie Ross and Matt Buckon - May 2012

 "Wakatobi has far exceeded my expectations. Your resort is fabulous in so many ways, but mostly due to the wonderful staff, everyone from kitchen (waiters, waitress, chefs, cooks, etc) to dive staff have been so sweet, courteous, polite, generous and totally professional. The accommodation staff have done a great job too. All the diving has been excellent, the food delicious and well, I just loved my stay; I'd come back again for sure, maybe next time try the Pelagian. You are also to be commended with how well you kept us informed from the staff in Bali on arrival through the departing information. Also, thank you for contacting our next hotel to arrange transportation. It is things like these that make a stay so easy and enjoyable. We hope to see you again. Wakatobi is a little piece of heaven in the middle of the ocean. "
Kim and Duke Snyder - May 2012

 "Thanks again, to everyone for an amazing vacation. Hope to be back soon. Wakatobi is truly a unique experience, the food, diving, service, staff could not be better. We were very impressed with everyone's ability to know who you are and anticipate your every need. All we had to do is pack - unpack. We can't wait to return. The hardest decision will be whether to stay at the resort or on the Pelagian. "
April and Jere Meyer - May 2012

 "From arrival in Bali to our departure from Wakatobi we have experienced un-parallel service, warm smiles and of course, outstanding diving. I applaud Wakatobi in your efforts to protect the reefs, promote local business and provide such a friendly atmosphere. The dive support team were outstanding in their attention to detail. The chef made me gain weight from the wonderful food. Is it a world class resort that offers diving or world class dive centre with a resort? It's both!! "
Rick Biddle and Arina Yuzhakova - May 2012

 "The service is five star. The accommodations are clean, quiet and luxurious. The food was excellent! Fresh ingredients, delicious combinations and the desserts were tasty. Having cocktails on the jetty bar at the end of a day of out-of-this-world diving was truly a delight. I cannot say enough about the quality of our experience at Wakatobi. World's best diving and 5 star service in Paradise. "
Curtis Freet - May 2012

 "This trip is one of the top 3 experiences in 20 years of diving. Service and accommodations was the best I have ever experienced. Wakatobi is a must do destination for discerning divers looking for pristine reefs and exceptional service and accommodations. A definite bucket list site! "
Meryle Lehn - May 2012

 "A wonderful experience. I was very impressed by the high level of service. The diving was outstanding. My dive guide was the most knowledgeable dive leader I have ever dove with. The staff was very helpful, the food was great and the Restaurant personell were outstanding. It was the best dive trip to date. Wakatobi has it all, outstanding food & accommodations and the best service I have ever experienced. "
Terry Coleman - May 2012

 "From the time you land in Bali until you start diving, the staff makes the transitions so easy. The diving is great, the food is exceptional and plentiful and the staff makes it fantastic. "
Tom and Rose DeVincentis - May 2012

 "Our vacation was excellent. All of the staff was very friendly and most were calling us by our first names by the 2nd day. Our dive leader was as good as any we have had. His knowledge of the sea life and his ability to find the tiniest creatures was incredible. The food was also superb. Service in every aspect was exceptional, from the dive crew to the restaurant staff to the office / front desk support, you just relax and dive. The Wakatobi staff takes care of everything else. "
Charles Page and Irina Reiner - May 2012

 "The staff is beyond compare. I have never enjoyed this level of service, excellent! I've had good service before, but everyone here at Wakatobi is friendly and professional. I am just blown away. You will be so pampered that you won't be able to dive anywhere else! "
Pat Carey - May 2012

 "We flew half way around the world in anticipation of great diving. I was skeptical when I realized that there was no television, no phone and very limited internet service. Much to my surprise, those limitations were pleasant! The food was fabulous! Our group looked forward to meals and much dinner talk revolved around us. Diving was amazing! Not only did we experience an abundance of aquatic life, but with many dive sites available we did not repeat a dive site. Also there are many more to explore if we have the opportunity to return. The staff is nothing short of phenomenal. Absolutely everyone I crossed paths with had a genuine smile. Thank you all for an awesome experience. "
Janice Kayser - May 2012

 "Everything was fantastic! If you follow your heart, it will lead you to Wakatobi. Some of the best diving ever! "
Richard Crofoot - May 2012

 "Well organised, efficient, professional dive resort. Lovely relaxed, friendly atmosphere, great daily routine that promotes friendliness and interactions between guests. Meet greet and facilitation through the airport was absolutely wonderful. Ensuring we have somewhere to be or wait for connecting flights after leaving Wakatobi is unique and awesome. Buffet dinning absolutely superb. Always tend to have reservations about buffets but the ones at Wakatobi were fabulous. Our dive master was totally spetacular at finding the critters we all desired to see, pigmy seahorses and all. Really appreciated the spacious non crowded boats. Lovely to have the same group all week. Really user friendly boats, very well designed for diving. The Villa was spacious, divine bathroom! The perfect place for the divers who are looking for superb diving and resort luxury & elegance. "
David and Amanda Merilees - May 2012

 "Everything, the whole crew, food, accommodations, organization, everything was so satisfying and I would love to see their company in other places around the world. We are so grateful, nothing was out of place, everything was excellent! "
Silvia Kinder - May 2012

 "Some of the most vibrant and beautiful diving we have ever had. The healthiest and varied coral. The large clusters or gardens - something you can only dream of. The small stuff was wonderful but best for the younger eyes and serious photographers. We enjoyed the playful turtles, puffer lions and anemones protecting their grounds. The dive masters were charming, helpful and of course knowledgeable, as was the entire crew on the boats. Also enjoyed the bartenders and house staff who never forget a name. Overall a great experience and we hope we can do again. "
Mike Gaines - April 2012

 "I am not sure we can put into words what an amazing time we have had here in Wakatobi. It has been the perfect honeymoon. The service has been exceptional from everyone. It is the little simple things like staff member knowing your name and being so friendly that makes Wakatobi. The diving has been incredible. Our dive guide has been brilliant. He has taught us both so much, including how to laugh uncontrollably underwater. Thank you to every single person who helped put our special wedding ceremony together. It was a lovely evening and we have some wonderful pictures to remember it by. This is a divers paradise. A true 5 star eco-resort where the service and food stands out from any other 5 star resort we have experienced. It must be tried to be believed and understood. "
Sarah and Jon Paul Hawkins - April 2012

 "Your staff is very professional and attentive. Even though Wakatobi is very remote, your diving, dining and accommodations are well attended! "
Dan Feil and Jill Lin - April 2012

 "We had great dive masters, they showed us many species and were able to give the precise names. Staff was very nice, food excellent. We appreciated the long dives and the diversity of the dive sites were good as well. The nanny was great and very helpful and nice. The chef just great, wonderful job for such a remote area, clearly a huge asset for the resort. "
Marion, David and Augustin Michelis - April 2012

 "Service was uniformly prompt, courteous and attentive in every respect. The culinary staff went above and beyond every meal. Wakatobi is a world class dive resort. The diving lived up to its world class reputation and the staff consistently exceeded expectations courtesy and attentiveness. A truly excellent dive and vacation experience. "
John Poggi - April 2012

 "Excellent dive sites, superb (the best ever!) dive masters and crew! Great food and accommodations, but the diving is the absolute BEST! "
Ann Wells - April 2012

 "Your focus on guest service is very much appreciated. Staff learning our names, lots of friendly smiles, food and table service is very professional and reflects good training; boat crews are great in all aspects. Food is fantastic! Small plates with Asian and other tasty delicacies are a great idea. "
Catherine Fox - April 2012

 "I was "wowed" by Wakatobi 5 years ago, my first visit and I am still "wowed" now - even more. Staff are superb and Waktobi's service goal and spirit is evident with all staff. Everyone is so pleasant, so helpful, so attentive. This is a paradise - truly - food is fabulous, service fabulous, bungalows fabulous. An then there is the diving - Wow, wow, wow. Super Fabulous - the boat crew so helpful, the dive masters - top of their profession, so helpful and instructive, and the pristine dive sites - there are no bad dives, not even average dives. Spectacular beauty, the coral, the fish, the sea life...I hope I can "download" all aspects of this trip of Wakatobi into my brain and recreate it again and again... "
Beth Morris - April 2012

 "The place is beautiful and serene and the kitchen and cleaning crew are an absolute delight, hardworking, extremely polite and helpful. Kudos to them! I will miss them when I am gone. The diving crew and boat crew have also been extremely considerate and helpful. Extraordinary experience from the kindness and the professionalism of the staff, to the tasty food, to the beauty of the place, to the breathtaking views of the marine life while scuba diving. "
Blanca Domingo Yenes - April 2012

 "Unbelievable, incredible, magical. So many great things above and below the water. Seems more relaxed and organized than it was 5 years ago. Well managed. The marine life is magical, takes your breath away. "
Margo Lillie - April 2012

 "Impressive resort, service, staff, food and absolutely the best diving I've ever experienced! This place is magic! Best experience I could hope for. The resort and staff exceed in every way and then there is the diving! "
Patti Maltese - April 2012

 "Had a great time and some great macro diving. The variety of macro life was amazing. Took some great photos and will be recommending Wakatobi to all divers that I meet, especially if they are interested in macro like myself. Literally saw almost every tiny critter you can find in a fish guide! Friendly staff, awesome food and amazing macro sea life. "
Steven Rule - April 2012

 "Really enjoyed our stay and glad that we extended. All of the staff were extremely pleasant and friendly. Our dive guides were top notch and we would gladly dive with them again. Food was excellent and still interesting after 12 days. Thanks for a great stay. "
Charles and Louise Minges - April 2012

 "Our 5th trip to Wakatobi and it just keeps getting better! As always, the entire staff were just superb! Everyone is so attentive. We always feel very special in this extraordinary place. Someone is always right there when you need or want something. We cannot say enough good things about Wakatobi Resort. "
Eliot Girsang and Richard Wilson - April 2012

 "We have loved and enjoyed our second visit and experience in Wakatobi. The staff made our holiday special and personal and never missing any details. Fantastic dive masters! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "
Rosaria and James Sortino - April 2012

 "Wow! Would dive here again! Everyone is extremely helpful. Dive guides are excellent and can find anything. Excellent dive briefings, boat is excellent, nice and roomy. The crew are very helpful and handle photographic equipment with care. "
Moira and Murray Hollis - April 2012

 "Our Private Dive Guide was the best dive guide that we have ever had. The staff and service team are very friendly and they solve each problem immediately "
Frank Recheis - April 2012

 "Staff is very friendly and attentive to every need, always with a smile and calling you by your first name. Divemasters are very knowledgeable and experienced. Boats are very safe and easy to access. Hotel site very clean, rooms are tidiest. Food is great, high end quality and variety. A diver's paradise! "
Liliane Forget and Serge Theberge - April 2012

 "A very pleasant dive holiday. I liked the airport greeting, the personalized service at the resort and excellent support diving. Reefs were very healthy and life abundant.Pace of activity was good, food was good and service was excellent. I will recommend to fellow divers to visit. "
Peter Carbone - April 2012

 "This has been a tremendous experience. The facilities are outstanding and the staff exceptionally friendly. I will be recommending Wakatobi to all my diving friends. Although some of the boat crews and resort workers were limited with respect to speaking English, they were always courteous, friendly and willing to help, and if more language skills were required, they did not hesitate to find someone that could speak better English so as to overcome the language barrier. It would be impossible to expect more. The flora and fauna exceeded my expectations. The photographic opportunities were only limited by my experience. It has been a pleasure sampling what Wakatobi has to offer and I hope to be able to return. It is also with some pride that I am able to log my last dive at Wakatobi as dive number 100. Truly an experience for every divers bucket list. "
Dave Belchamber - April 2012

 "I felt as if every detail was as perfect as can be, and particularly by the staff. Friendly professional crew; all of them....lovely people! I truly understand why you have returning guests; hope us too. "Wow" Is an understatement! "
Barbara House - April 2012

 "A marvelous experience that exceeded any expectations. The staff are amazingly helpful, friendly and professional. The diving experience is top notch, not only are you in a treasure of an area but the support on the dive boats is top of the line. For the dive holiday of a lifetime this is the place to go! "
Anne and Ron O'Toole - April 2012

Featured Endorsement

"I have been many places diving, Belize, Fiji, Bonaire, Florida Keys and Hawaii and always want to return. Each of these places have wonderful things but Wakatobi is truly amazing. As others have said you are well taken care of from arrival in Bali to your return there."
TripAdvisor profile: scubawoman18 - April 2012


Featured Endorsement

"We are currently on our last full day of a 5 day stay at this most wonderful resort. Absolutely everything about this place has been so amazing and we say this as people who have traveled to some very special diving locations. Every single person who works here from the grounds staff to the management are so very friendly"
TripAdvisor profile: fungooley_ruley - April 2012


 "First class! Very efficient. Beautiful diving, wonderful food, comfortable bungalows, great staff. What's not to like? No, what's not to love!!! "
Susan and Nels Westman - April 2012

 "The pureed soups are the best. Everyone on staff is always available and always helpful. I like it that someone is always there to help analyze the nitrox tanks. The best boats, the best staff, the best camera room, the best resort in the whole world! "
Tom and Ginnie Reynolds - April 2012

 "The staff could not be more helpful. Everything about the resort is 1st rate. The food (quality + selection) surpassed my expectations. I love my outdoor shower, it's practically one of my highpoints. The closing of the blinds at night with turndown service is a nice touch. My room was spotless and always had fresh towels each day. I already started planning my return to paradise. "
Scott Kramer - April 2012

 "Fantastic trip. Wonderful warm caring people who make each of us feel at home and at ease. Great diving, dive crew and dive master. Best restaurant staff and excellent food. Our every wish was met! "
Tia Millman and John Madsen - April 2012

 "I am very impressed with all aspects of Wakatobi. The room is so comfortable and the bathroom and shower amazing. The tented beds are so exotic. The grounds are very well kept and the diving centre modern and complete. As soon as I apporach, someone is there to help. I hesitate to use the term staff because they almost seem like friends who have invited you to their home. Outstanding service and truly everyone is so friendly, pleasant and helpful. As with the land staff, the dive staff are just great from the "helpers" to the dive masters. I have never been treated so well on a dive boat. Hot tea waiting and a warm towel handed with a smile. The food is excellent, imaginative, delicious, plentiful - my compliments to the kitchen. Pampered from the moment I arrived and treated royally by everyone. 'Valet' diving - effortless and thoroughly enjoyable. Dive vacation at its best. Your resort is remarkable and I will highly recommend it. Thank you for making it special. "
Karen Massaro - April 2012

 "Everyone goes out of their way to please you all the time. Thank you for having a pleasant and very helpful staff. Food is great, diving is great, rooms are very comfortable. I can't say enough good things, I will go on forever! "
Janet and Joseph Scott - April 2012

 "The diving experience exceeded all expectations! The personal service was outstanding! We were impressed with the attention to guests needs. Excellent diving, excellent service an excellent experience. We love this place! "
Harold and Andrea Luke - April 2012

 "All of the staff are excellent! Our dive guide is fantastic, really went all out to make sure we got the dive experience we wanted. Food excellent, great variety. Lodging great, diving outstanding, best ever - Nothing compares to Wakatobi! Dive staff was the best! Front desk and wait staff are very helpful and friendly. So many guests yet they know everyone by name. the boat crew are hardworkers, always there to help, very appreciated. Attention is paid to every guest. We were so pleased with the entire experience! Ediving exceeded our expectations and the resort is just fantastic. Thank you! "
Thomas and Donna Pannke - April 2012

 "Fabulous resort, friendly helpful staff that are always ready with a smile. The food is scrumptious! There are plenty of choices and variety to cater to every tastebuds. The chef did a terrific job. I am most impressed that the staff know me by my first name. Love the shoeless comfort. Thank you Wakatobi. "
Sarah Cheah - April 2012

 "This is truly a divers paradise! The diving is supreme, the food superb, the service is first rate. My husband is the diver and I am a snorkeler. As a snorkeler I felt I was treated with the same attention as a diver and truly appreciated having my own guide. "
Cindy and Stephen Livingston - April 2012

 "Everything was great. The food, the staff, the rooms and villa. This is now the resort we have to compare all others to, they will not meet your standards. We came to visit Wakatobi and left saying Wowkatobi. "
Greg and Joyce Sorger - April 2012

Featured Endorsement

"Our own wow factor related to, of all things, the food. This is an all inclusive resort and not an inexpensive one so we expected good food. However we were somewhat prepared for the limitations of the remote location, air and water logistics etc. Suffice to say we were blown away. The food was incredible and the selection did not get stale even after ten days. The chefs are truly world class. "
TripAdvisor profile: lostwine - April 2012


Featured Endorsement

"This really is heaven on earth. You will be treated like a royalty from the moment you arrive in Bali to that last step out of the Bali airport after leaving Wakatobi."
TripAdvisor profile: half_a_devil_333 - April 2012


 "The land staff addressed you by first name by the first day. The attention to detail was amazing. I asked for a particular drink once and it appeared every day as I was walking into the restaurant. If they can make it happen, they will. The staff is constantly asking you if everything is OK and we had several people through our stay making sure. There was a welcome party where we met all the "management staff" and were always accesable. Any time."
TripAdvisor profile: Andrea L - April 2012

Featured Endorsement

"We stayed in one of the villas and it was lovely - well that is a bit of an understatement - it was fantastic. The service at Wakatobi is top-notch. Nothing is left to chance and your every need is anticipated."
TripAdvisor profile:happytoretire - April 2012


 "Every year you made small changes and each year things get better. This is our 4th trip here in 4 years and we look forward for next year and the next. What good people you have in the Wakatobi family. We have returned every April since 2009, this is the best dive resort in the world. Diving, service, cabins, food, All Perfect! "
Mickey and Adrienne Gibson - April 2012

 "Fantastic trip; great, friendly staff. Excellent food, unparalleled service. Diving that made me contemplate the existence of life! Best service I've ever had, attentive, friendly + meticulous. Very sad to leave and I will definitely recommend this resort. World class diving, it will be hard to top this trip for diving. You guys run an amazing resort with 1st class service and diving to match! A world apart. "
Chris Burville and Sarah Lagan - March 2012

 "Wakatobi surpassed all expectations. I will be back. My dive guide was superb, the food was fantastic and the dive sites breath taking. So sad to leave but leaving with many fond memories. "
Veronica Scruggs - March 2012

 "When the dive masters announced that their objective was to make this Wakatobi trip our best dive ever, I was dubious as my expectations were high and I have many great dive vacations. To my surprise, Yes! It was my best dive trip ever. Thank you especially to the dive masters who helped me become a better diver and a more attentive buddy, and to the pastry chef for the chocolate cakes. The dive masters helped me to drop 1/2 my weights and dive better. "
Abigail Karin - March 2012

 "We thoroughly enjoyed our diving vacation to Wakatobi. The diving was spectacular, the location was breathtaking and the service was excellent. We felt very much at home here and everyone from the dining staff to the diving staff were friendly and helpful. All of our needs were attended to immediately and we have nothing but praise for how well the resort is run. My husband was a relatively new diver and our private guides were very attentive and helpful, guiding him to better buoyancy and breathtaking techniques. They were able to find the most amazing creatures for us and answered all of our questions with knowledgeable answers. We had a wonderful time and will recommend Wakatobi to all of our diving friends. Thank you. "
Hagai and Jill Gefen - March 2012

 "Wayne and I are snorkelers and we have thoroughly enjoyed Wakatobi. This was the perfect spot to end our months' vacation in South East Asia - Vietnam & Cambodia. The resort is ideal in their idea of conservation and employment of the local community members. The entire experience from accommodations, facilities as well as diving is first class. Snorkelers have plenty of opportunities to see many different sites with access to excellent guides. "
Constance Streitz - March 2012

 "I felt very comfortable staying in Wakatobi. All the staff were very friendly and the food was very tasty with good decoration. Staying in Wakatobi was a very good choice, I experienced diving, relaxed, and luxury all together in Wakatobi. Thank you very much. "
Makoto Nagihashi - March 2012

 "Diving excellent, beautiful, amazing corals. Service on land and on the boats friendly and helpful! After one day every staff member knows your name. We have never seen that before. Kitchen much better than we expected and the food is excellent. "
Geert Vercauteren - March 2012

 "We have enjoyed very much staying in Wakatobi. Everything has been organized very well and we find your business idea of specialized and high quality services excellent. We hope you go forward by the same way. Not too much people, focus on diving, fine dining, excellent and helpful service and friendly staff in every tiny little detail "
Arja and Matti Laara - March 2012

 "It was a pleasant surprise to find such a complete resort in a remote area. The food was excellent and the diving exciting and very beautiful. We enjoyed every single moment.Thanks a lot to everybody for the wonderful stay. "
Ines and Luiz Cogliati - March 2012

 "Everything was outstanding from camera rooms to the restaurant. The boat crew, dive master and boat captain were all very professional and helpful. I have traveled all throughout the Caribbean, south America and Mexico, no dive resort compares, this is truly a 5 star resort. "
Jack H Forster - March 2012

 "Spectacular! Outstanding service from every individual beginning with reservations to meeting us at the airport, transferring us to the island and our entire time here has been amazing. The gentleman who helped serve us every delicious meal day after day, the lovely ladies at the spa, Miguel who pays attention to every last detail to make our stay above and beyond our expectations. Jimmie and Vince our amazing dive guides who showed us this beautiful unspoiled reef and creatures who make their home in it. We will recommend Wakatobi to the people we know who will come here with respect for the reef and it's conservation and its people who live here. Five star food and accommodations, beautiful kind people. Highly recommended for the environmentally conscious diver. "
Angel Calvo and Kelly Shields - March 2012

 "Fantastic combination for family and diving. Excellent kids club and very friendly staff. Food was also top class. "
Petter Nilsen - March 2012

 "The accommodations, the staff, the food and most importantly the diving exceeded our expectations. We flew half way around the world to get here, but instantly felt at home. "
Peter Meyer and Tiffany Patrick - March 2012

 "I am very impressed with Lorenz' concern about the ecology and the environment. The resort has been the definition of a luxury resort in a remote location. Staff has been wonderful, our dive guide worked with each one of us and addressed their particular problems on a daily basis. I felt safe as well as catered to. The restaurant staff has been more than wonderful. The only thing missing in this resort is a scale, the food is so good that we demand one is placed in the restaurant. "
Manal Hassan - March 2012

 "Food was great, accommodation was great, everyone was friendly and very helpful. Dive guides were great, showed us all kinds of stuff. They found everything on my "want to see" list. You have a great place and even better people working for you. A slice of paradise in the south pacific! "
Dennis Dempsey - March 2012

 "Diving is great, food is excellent and staff very good. I love how they remember your name immediately. Love the bin system to keep all supplies together. The diving operation is a finely oiled operation. Totally amazing what has been done to keep this eco friendly environment running. "
Cindy Solinksy - March 2012

 "Everything here was top notch, the staff so kind and attentive. Diving was incredible, so much life everywhere. We enjoyed the presentations, the dive masters are enthusiastic about everything. The food was incredible from delicious cappuccino to refreshing ice creams. There was nothing to improve on. It's truly amazing to be so remote and have the amenities of home and more. "
Steve Reeves and Elaine Nakamura - March 2012

 "My trip of a lifetime to Wakatobi exceeded my expectations! Diving operations were well organized, world class dive experience managers, amazing ability to site creatures. Restaurant staff are attentive and interacted well. The food was excellent, well prepared and the presentation was well done. I came for the world class diving, the accommodations, service, attention to details surpassed my expectations. This was my bucket list trip, now I have to return! "
Tonia McNeal - March 2012

 "The service has been exceptional! Every member of the staff is unfailingly friendly. Most even knew our names by the second day. All smiles and greetings. A truly exceptional level of service in a pacific paradise. "
Clark and Cari Parker - March 2012

 "Lots of the small details have been looked after and it shows. This was the highest service level and easiest diving we have done from a land based resort. Really enjoyed the style and small portions of food available so you could try more things. Leave your shoes at home and stay as long as you can! "
Mark and Jennifer Stewart - March 2012

 "Dive staff beyond expectations. Dive boat set up perfectly. Haven't desired diving this much in a long time. Meals and staff in restaurant and room staff awesome. Very pleasant experience overall. Hope to return with our children in the next year or two. Even the reef just outside your doorstep is amazing! Each dive site was incredible! "
John and Christina Haynes - February 2012

 "Our whole family has had a fantastic and memorable two weeks. Everything and everyone exceeded our expectations. We loved the diving, the dive masters and crew are a credit to the dive operation. The food was outstanding and another highlight for us and the restaurant staff were always so helpful and friendly. The babysitters were fantastic for Ava and Stella. We felt completely at ease leaving our children in their care and they had so much fun with them. It's been a wonderful holiday and we definitely want to return again soon. "
Oscar and Yvette Done - February 2012

 "Never have I been diving with a more knowledgeable and attentive dive master than the one I had in Wakatobi. She is perfection! I love the bare-foot ambiance of the resort, the kindness of all the staff, the variation and quality of the meals, thank you to all! I actually fell in love with diving all over again! "
Kim Huish - February 2012

 "Wonderful staff, very friendly and extremely helpful. Loved the food and the way you did the portions on desserts, compliments to the chefs! The diving was great, and we received all the help and attention we should ask for on the boat. Quick repairs on minor problems. Overall, a great experience. Thank you for all the kind attention! We were so impressed that you remembered all of our names right from the start! "
Steve and Anne Stewart - February 2012

 "Thank you so much for such an amazing experience, in such a beautiful, beautiful place. The people are wonderful, the diving incredible. Wakatobi is a very special place. Unforgettable! "
Camilla Done - February 2012

 "Truly enjoyed the diving. The reefs are pristine and the amount and variety of life are astounding. The dive guides are superb and the 4:1 ratio is very personal. The entire resort staff is very friendly and helpful and the resort is well run. The meals and accommodation were also very good. Wakatobi is a divers' paradise in a very special place in the marine world. "
Marie and Peter Gentele - February 2012

 "Diving was all and more than what we'd hope for. Friendly smiling staff were very efficient but put you at ease and made us feel welcome. Hope to come back again. Lots of success to you, you seem to be doing the right thing on many levels. "
Peter Stegemann and Elizabeth Casey - February 2012

 "I have thoroughly enjoyed the Wakatobi experience. The people, staff, dive masters, the food and lovely surroundings. I have been very impressed with the helpfulness and friendliness of all the personnel I have encountered. The service and food are excellent. The dive sites have been marvelously diverse and full of life of all sorts. What else can I say? The experience has been wonderful, the friendliness and desire to please attitude of your staff contributes greatly to the overall level of pleasure. "
Bill Macy - February 2012

 "Thanks to the Wakatobi team for taking care of us. We had a wonderful experience. See you next time of course. Wakatobi is the best snorkel spot we have ever been to and the best staff we have ever had. We hope to come back soon. Congratulations, it requires a lot of hard work to run a resort like this in such a remote area. "
Ana Isabel - February 2012

 "It's not conceivable that there can be a dive site with more attentive staff, better food and nicer accommodations, as well as impressive reefs and a plethora of sea life. "
Dick Arkless - February 2012

 "Exceptionally well run and arranged. A great holiday & we thank you for the experience of Wakatobi. We will be back. The diving spectacular, the food awesome and the friendliness of all staff simply fantastic. "
Tim and Wiji Polineli - February 2012

 "We travel frequently in top hotels and resorts in Asia and in other parts of the world. Very often we end up calling for housekeeping to rectify some issues. We have spent 14 days in a Villa in Wakatobi and did not have to pick up the phone once: everything worked like a charm and we had a fantastic time. Wakatobi is what authentic luxury is all about. "
Isabelle and Hubert Mulkens - February 2012

 "We loved our time in Wakatobi. Most importantly, the diving was the best we have ever experienced and we have over 700 dives all over the world. The health of the marine environment and the abundance and diversity of the sea life is unequaled anywhere. Secondly, the dive staff is excellent. Our dive master had just the right combination of experience , knowledge, patience and humor. His knowledge of topography and sea life at Wakatobi was exceptional and his modesty and orientation to service made our diving experience both enjoyable and educational. Thirdly, the dive team and the Waka dive boats made everything very easy and convenient for us. Fourthly, the accommodations and food were great and helped us feel comfortable and refreshed day and night. Last, we met many new friends among our fellow guests at Wakatobi and I've never been so impressed with the overall diving and underwater photographic skills of the clientele of a dive resort. "
Michael and Carolyn Mustille - January 2012

 "Your staff are great; friendly, courteous, attentive, professional and made our stay an absolute pleasure, from the boats to the dive center, the front desk, housekeeping, restaurant, beach cleaning crew, everyone! Overall a great resort with just the right amount of luxury without becoming artificial. Fabulous diving, good accommodation, friendly helpful staff in every department, excellent tasty and varied food. One of the best! "
Kim and Ken Jenkins - January 2012

 "We have had the privilege of visiting some of the best diving operations around the world (both liveaboards and resorts) and must say that Wakatobi is in the absolute top category among the very best. "
Anna-Stina Partanen and Joakim Wedlund - January 2012

 "Great organization and very friendly staff! Everything was good and you really get to relax and concentrate on diving only, as everything else will be done for you. You made us feel like we were part of a big family. We appreciate your efforts for the environment, the reefs here are the cleanest we have ever seen in Indonesia. We tried to think about things to improve, but everything seems to be good. We loved the spa, the therapist was very friendly and the massages were great. I think that the tension relief massage should be declared as a must have for divers! "
Maryna, Artem, Maria, Dmitry and Olga - January 2012

 "Our stay at Wakatobi was excellent. Land staff, boat crew and dive masters (of course) were very nice, friendly and helped us a lot. Food was fantastic , our best regards to the chef. Wakatobi is a very beautiful place and we will definitely come back. "
Nonna Pokras and Mikhail Petrov - January 2012

 "We've had a wonderful visit. The diving, snorkeling, dinning and service was superb. There is nothing we would improve upon. Thanks to Lorenz for having the vision and thanks to the great staff for making this all possible. "
Bruce and Donna Burke - January 2012

 "Wow, Wakatobi has developed into a really wonderful operation (Our first visit in 1999). Seriously, even since our last visit a few years ago, much has improved. Food extraordinary, and it is cooked and served by some of the nicest warmest people we have ever met. We would love to return, just because the staff is so welcoming, but of course the fabulous diving, comfortable bungalows and overall beauty are factors as well. Thank you very much also for meeting us at the airport on arrival, we felt like royalty. The fluo dive rocked, if you like night diving, a totally awesome experience. The reef will never look the same again. "
Barbara and Chaz Taylor - January 2012

 "Superb service, guest focused, sharp eye for detail and continuously improving. This was my 5th visit to Wakatobi and I have seen it evolve from 2004 onwards. The management and staff put great effort in listening to the guests and provide immediate action when possible or find other solutions. The private dive guide is a fantastic idea and I truly enjoyed the services provided by the dive guides. Not only during the dive (great eye for detail) but also around the dive, taking care of the equipment etc. It is amazing that all staff knows everyone by name already from the first day. Wakatobi has not lost the friendly familiar atmosphere which is often the case in highly professional organizations. Great eye for detail from pygmies to guest services. "
Jeroen Potjes - January 2012

 "Home is where your story begins, but if you are very lucky, Wakatobi is where your underwater marine story continues! This was my 2nd visit to Wakatobi & we enjoyed everything about the experience. The dive sites were more beautiful then I remembered from 2008! Our dive guides: Paula & Ketut were fantastic !, the WakaIV boat crew were quite fun & accommodating. Paula was especially entertaining, animated & informative during her briefs in the media center (Fluo diving, Anemone fishes, Pygmy Seahorses, etc.). Ana was an awesome substitute dive guide, we also enjoyed her company above water at dinner & the Jetty bar :)! Miguel was incredibly accommodating as well. The food was delicious !!! & the entire restaurant staff was a joy. My wife (MC) especially liked her Indonesian cooking class with Chef Andy (as well as her many trips to the boutique & massages). What can't you say about Budi? Budi always greeted us with a warm, cheerful smile whenever we arrived or left the restaurant!!! Oh yeah, Bungalow 7 was the bomb! Our romantic, candlelit dinner by the water was supercalifragilistic in every way, Arya was the perfect host! And last, but not least...there is the perfect Jetty Bartender - Jack! My wife & I hit our 25th anniversary in 2012 & our trip to Wakatobi was a grand start to an all year celebration!"
Matt and MC Hatley - January 2012

 "This is my fourth trip to Wakatobi and I know I'll be back! It seems that the Resort couldn't get any better, but each time I return, something has improved. If it weren't for the long flights from the US East Coast to Bali, I would come here every year! "
Curt Harpold - January 2012

 "From the time we reached the airport, the service and kindness have been beyond compare. The assistance getting through the airport was a very pleasant and much appreciated surprise. We have nothing but praise for the entire operation. Five stars in every aspect. The food was beyond compare. The staff knows your name and they care for your every need. Definitely a place to come back too. "
Wayne and Maureen Wendle - January 2012

 "Was an extremely happy camper! Definitely one for each serious divers bucket list and something to return to. Compliments to all involved in setting this up and all involved in maintaining it. "
Gerard and Anjo van Kelckhoven - January 2012

 "We really enjoyed our stay here again. The diving is extraordinary and the divemasters are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The library and evening talks are fun and informative. The food is excellent, terrific variety and high quality. All of the staff are friendly and helpful. The med kit was great to help sore ears and scrapes. The bungalows are very comfortable, we enjoyed the tours and cooking class. We had a romantic dinner which was very special and memorable. The attention to details is impressive, the staff remember our names, preferences, acknowledge diving milestones with special drinks etc. We will come back again and tell others! "
Mike and Kendra Chittenden - January 2012

 "This place is like a little paradise on earth! No cars, no airplane noise; only the sound of the wind in the palm trees. Food is fantastic, so is the friendliness of all the staff. One little advice to divers, bring a magnifying glass. There are so many small creatures to see that is mind blogging. "
Jens M. Wiig - January 2012

 "It is very rare for everything to go right in a vacation, but the wonderful staff and dive team went out of their way to make sure that it did. I can hardly wait to return! "
John Meyer - January 2012

 "From being greeted at the airport and all the service at the resort, everything has been perfect! The staff are exceptional, personable, professional and nothing seems to be too much to ask. In many ways the staff know what I want before I know. When we planned to dive the house reef after our 3rd boat dive, our gear made it to the benches before we did. After the dive, staff was wanting to help us out and put away our gear. I have not experienced such fantastic service at any other dive resort. "
Sue and Rowan Faludi - January 2012

 "We had heard great things about Wakatobi before we arrived, so we had very high expectations already. We are very glad that you lived up to our expectations! The resort is beautiful, the diving is great, the staff are amazing and the food is also great. We really also enjoyed the spa services, and because the prices were reasonable, we were able to go several times. very nice treat! We both really appreciated the staff. They are all very professional and friendly. We felt welcome here. A beautiful peaceful resort with great diving, amazing staff and excellent food. Does it get any better than this? "
Carol Ann and Jim Jessiman - January 2012

 "From the moment of arrival at the Bali airport we experienced unheard of personal service. The spa rivals any in the USA and is priced to enable everyone to use it. Dining is 5 star. Not normal dive trip fared. Each meal was a kaleidoscope of flavors. Waiters obviously take pride in knowing favorite foods and names of guests. The diving was phenomenal. Each dive was the best dive ever. The dive master was knowledgeable about each fish and able to point out too many to count on each dive. If you haven't dived at Wakatobi, you haven't dived yet. Diving with elegance and excitement. "
Susan Walker and Bo Harper - January 2012

 "This is the most amazing dive resort from many points of views: accommodations, food and most of all the diving. "
Peter Kalanderopoulos - January 2012

 "Hard core divers (can't get enough) and/or u/w photographers whether new or professional, simply could not find a more appropriate dive resort. 54 years of scuba diving, throughout north America, the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Red Sea, Africa and Pacific, and I've never seen a PERFECT dive resort until Wakatobi! The 5 stars of good dive travel, diving, location, accommodation, food + service - are all met here and at the absolute top of the scale in each. If there was a 6 star rating, Wakatobi would be at the top of that very short list. If you are crazy about diving, you'd be crazy not to go to Wakatobi. "
Alec and Diana Peirce - January 2012

 "Everything was first class, the best diving in the world and excellent diving service. Wonderful dive masters who showed me all the tiny reef creatures. Immense beauty and outstanding service. "
Jack Dempsey - January 2012

 "Wakatobi is an elite dive resort both in and out of water. Book your trip, you won't regret it! "
Csaba Kokuti - January 2012

 "Enjoyed my time here. The amount and variety of life is wonderful and the fluo dive is a must do. Not only is it an interesting dive, but it puts a new perspective on some of the corals seen during the day. "
Tim Sanders - January 2012

 "We had a great trip and really enjoyed our time here. Overall we have plenty of nice things to say, the staff were always kind, we had awesome vegetarian meals and the diving was stunning. Loved the fluo dive too. Nice to try something different and learn about research going on at the resort. Why would you go anywhere else? "
Jenn and Jack Loder - January 2012

 "Not only do you offer some of the world's very best diving (big and small, vertebrates & invertebrates, soft and hard coral), your staff is excellent underwater and above, service with a smile, and 'No' is not in the vocabulary, your food is also absolutely superb, both tastes and presentation, and your accommodation wonderful and beautifully kept, attention to detail in every department, great variety of dive sites too, good offer of in between dives activities (presentations, cooking class),...and great location. And if these were not enough, the philosophy behind Wakatobi should be enough to encourage any diver for her or his support: an ecologically sound resort, more like a self-sufficient village, remote but with every luxury anybody could dream of, supportive of the nearby village in terms of creation of work to electricity in exchange, partly, for conservation of the reefs and for the balance in social terms. Lorenz's tour of his village is essential, a must for everybody to attend. Thank you hugely for your TLC at every step of the day. Back in 2004, I picked up a Wakatobi brochure at a dive show. Since then Wakatobi has lived in my dreams constantly. At last I was able to come visit and it is absolute paradise: As good as it can possibly get in every way possible. In the not too distant future I will be honored to call Wakatobi my home. You will not regret visiting this old fish friend and enjoying Wakatobi's wonders together. "
Sonia Goggel and Vijay Sharma - January 2012

Featured Endorsement

"The thing that strikes you immediately when you arrive at Wakatobi Dive Resort is the precision with which everything is run. Diving is made easy here, and the divers needs are first and foremost in the minds of the Managers."
Ricardo Preve - December 2011


 "Wakatobi is truly a one of a kind resort experience. All of the local staff, restaurant, boat crew, housekeeping and other local staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The dive staff was also very friendly knowledgeable and helpful. This has been my third visit to Wakatobi and I know I will return again hopefully very soon "
Jeff Thares - December 2011

 "Our vacation experience has been memorable. Wakatobi ranks near the top of the dive destinations we have visited over the past 20 years, comparable to Solomon islands. Allowing divers 70+ minutes bottom time is truly appreciated when so many outfitters now restrict bottom time & rush surface intervals. Your remote location appeals to us as it automatically limits the number of divers per year. The staff at Wakatobi are superb! The small attention to detail & genuine welcome feeling is comforting. Accommodation are great and cleanliness is outstanding - not an easy feat to accomplish in the tropics! Food was plentiful and delicious! "
Laura and Lowell Bohn - December 2011

 "Great above the water and below! Great resort and amazing food. We have been so well looked after by both the dive crew and the local staff, nothing is ever a problem and they anticipate every need. The flowers to congratulate us on our wedding were a beautiful thoughtful touch and the resort a perfect honeymoon destination. Thank you, we will be back! "
Alastair Pollock and Kate Lang - December 2011

 "Our experience at Wakatobi far exceeded our expectations. We have been looked after extremely well, from the moment we arrived in Bali until the last day of our trips. Everyone needs to be thanked. We loved our romantic dinner and we enjoyed all meals in the restaurant. Our dive guide and the boat crew was incredibly helpful, friendly and polite. We enjoyed every single dive. The fluo dive - WOW!!! Fantastic service, fantastic resort and most importantly fantastic diving. Spoil yourself and spend a week at Wakatobi. "
Greg and Julie Zieschang - December 2011

Featured Endorsement

"From the first minute you touch down in Bali you are so well taken care of, all you have to do is enjoy the experience. The resort, the accommodation, the food and above all the staff are truly amazing."
TripAdvisor profile: MaAxMelbourne - December 2011


 "Wonderful, fabulous experience! Diving was not only great, but organization, service of crew, knowledge, friendliness of guides was outstanding! Food is outstanding, what a surprise! This will be the experience of your life, whether you're a master diver or a snorkeler, Wakatobi is the place you'll come back to year after year. "
Janet Carr - December 2011

 "Five star quality on all counts! Gracious and personable / personalized service by all resort staff, from restaurant to housekeeping to front desk and spa personnel, made us feel welcome and special. True VIP treatment! Food was beyond from chef quality and variety of selections.I highly recommend Wakatobi even to non-divers; plenty to do and enjoy even when not in the water. Ultimate paradise getaway! The divemasters were perfect in anticipating all needs. They were great at pointing out all the tiny things. The 70 minute dives were quantity + quality. The unlimited shore dives were fabulous. It was also nice to solo dive with a pony bottle. The fluo dive was breathtaking. A once in a lifetime experience. The pinnacle of dive resorts and the perfect island getaway even for non divers. We are already planning on coming back. "
Todd and Sue Allen - December 2011

 "We greatly appreciate the many times we were asked how things were going and the incredible response to the few things we mentioned. Our dive guide was an excellent guide and a great companion. Blue Water, white glove service. You have to dive it to believe it. "
John and Suzette Sommerer - December 2011

 "Excellent. Thank you for making us so welcome and our holiday special and enjoyable. All the staff and -and we mean ALL- contribute to the small details that make Wakatobi Dive Resort different and so special. Built by divers, for divers with attention to details that make the perfect diving holiday. "
Yvonne and Archie Covell - December 2011

 "We had a very comfortable and nice holiday. All the staff continuously provided good service to all the guests. The food was also was delicious and varied and we really liked the restaurant. We think it's the best dive resort restaurant we've ever been to so far. There were thousands of creatures in the water, we were excited on every dive. Our dive was safe and comfortable. Thank you very much for everything. "
Koichiro Mine and Kiyomi Nishima - December 2011

 "Village tour and resort tour were interesting experiences. Very friendly resort, nothing was too much trouble for staff. Very sociable atmosphere, enjoyed meeting fellow guests. A resort that takes its 'eco' credentials seriously, a model for everyone else. "
The Shaw Family - December 2011

 "Thank you to all the staff for a wonderful holiday, the food, the diving and the friendly staff were all fantastic. We were made to feel at home and cared for especially when we were sick. Our dive guide was a great instructor and guide. The dive guides did a thorough job by reminding divers of good diving etiquette. We loved the bungalows especially the beach side bungalow. We loved Andy the chef and the restaurant staff particularly and loved the personal touches the room staff made when making up our rooms. We had a great time on our honeymoon and feel we've made friends at Wakatobi. Thank you to our new friends, we had a fantastic honeymoon. 2 frog fish and countless turtles and pygmies. We'll be back! "
Allan and Shelley Lantzke - December 2011

 "We loved our stay at Wakatobi. All of our needs were met beyond our expectations and the kids had a blast. The diving was phenomenal, so much to see and explore for our family with divers at all levels of certification. The dive masters were amazing at working with each child individually to improve their diving but more importantly to become active in their own diving experiences. I could dive the house reef for hours! Aside from the best dive experience we have ever had, the service on land was one of the best we have had in Asia. Every need (and there were so few) was met and the staff was all super friendly, well suited for their roles, knowledgeable and superb. The food was so yummy, I feared none of my clothes would fit on the return trip. It was an amazing family dive trip with something on land and sea for all of us. We had every need met with lovely smiles and so much knowledge from the dive masters. We could dive the house reef for hours. I only wish the pygmy sea horses were bigger, next time make the pygmy sea horses bigger (just kidding). The children are all asking when we can return. Quite a feat for 3 very different children including 2 teenagers. "
Lael Stanczak - December 2011

 "Our compliments to the great service we received both at the dining room and from our dive guide. Our dive guide was very attentive and knowledgeable, excellent personal guide. The kitchen truly accommodated our dietary choices! Thank you to the staff for being so naturally warm and friendly to us. Your winning combination is the extremely personalized care you provide guests along with truly spectacular reefs. We absolutely love the resort and diving here! We wish you the best and we assure you that our comments to friends are always complimentary. "
Francis and Conchita Lee - December 2011

 "We had an amazing time at this incredible place. The scenery is absolutely wonderful. The resort atmosphere is really nice and the staff super friendly. The diving experience is outstanding. "
Lais and Paulo Koelle - December 2011

 "We really loved our eleven days at Wakatobi. The biggest highlight was the reef, of course, but absolutely everything about the resort was outstanding. The staff members were all kind, helpful and incredibly positive. I loved how everyone knew our names. I wish I had learned theirs as well. All the dive guides we had were fantastic, each with a bit different style of finding critters. We like to dive a bit away from other divers and didn't feel at all restricted or limited. I saw all of the fish and many invertebrates I'd hope to see. Thank you for protecting the reefs around Wakatobi. We've dived all over the world and have never seen healthier corals and such biodiversity of fish and invertebrates. Thank you for your stewardship. There aren't enough superlatives to describe our total experience. "
Sheri and Jeff Tonn - December 2011

 "We both have no bad comments, everything was great, every last detail was well thought out and perfectly executed. We are very impressed to find all the quality Wakatobi has to offer from service to great food and excellently trained staff in one of the most remote places in the world. A big thank you to all the staff and a huge compliment to their managers. We will be back with even bigger expectations, surely you will find these easy to live up to. From the first enquiry, to the last bubble, everything was simply: Perfect! "
Ben and Tugba Jecklin - December 2011

 "We absolutely enjoyed everything. Our dive master was always smiling, helpful, knowledgeable, pointing out all the big and the little things. We thoroughly enjoyed every dive."
Marion and Axel Flomm - December 2011

Featured Endorsement

"The diving was consistently excellent on every site visited, not like some, where you have to include the mediocre along with the good. Every dive was an adventure and we always came up with comments of "Awesome", "Wow", and "That was the Best"."
Dustin Hurlbut - November 2011


Featured Endorsement

"As an underwater photographer, Wakatobi exceeded my expectations on so many fronts. From the trouble free check in of my heavy camera gear on Wakatobi's transfer from Bali through to the provision of a highly knowledgeable personal dive site guide, my two week stay was hugely productive and extremely enjoyable. The daily dive routine was faultless with quite frankly the best organized dive operation I have ever experienced. With nothing being too much trouble for the extremely friendly and sociable boat crew, gearing up for every dive was pleasurable and easy. All you had to do was just be on the boat...Wakatobi's dive operation took care of everything else. With 5 star food consistent in quality every day and the perfect comfort found in Wakatobi's new luxurious select villa, I found myself wanting very little other than more hours in the day for diving"
Warren Baverstock - November 2011


 "The staff are very kind and always go out of their way to see if you need anything, say hi, and somehow remember all of our names. They truly make you feel welcome and part of the Wakatobi family. The accommodations and meals are amazing for a location in the middle of nowhere. The dive operations are great as well. The dive masters are very detailed in their knowledge of the reefs. The supporting staff always makes sure that there is a warm towel or snack awaiting each re-entry back to the boat. Thanks for another great week! "
Todd Sommer - November 2011

 "The resort is a very nice resort, everything was fantastic. All staff are very friendly and they help you with any question you have. The food is really amazing and very delicious. The diving is planned prefectly, small groups and very competent dive instructors. My husband did not dive and the snorkeling was also great. We also like the way the resort is managed. The ecological way and the cooperation with the villages around in our opinion is the right way to do it. We will recommend this place to all divers and also snorkelers. "
Elisabeth and Heinz Wolf - November 2011

 "From booking, to meet and greet, to farewell your staff was superb. Your reef is beautiful and reflects the care you take to protect it. Thank you for providing this outstanding dive opportunity. "
Neal Langerman and Sharron Sussman - November 2011

 "Paradise found. Accommodations are comfortable and spacious. Staff and dive masters are always courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and all go the extra mile to assure that guests' needs and wants are met. The green recycling water + waste management are to be commended. The grounds are clean and lovely. The food and bar service was wonderful. The diving and snorkeling are amazing. Healthy reefs, wonderful diversity. Many amenities and comforts. All dive staff are fun, safe and helpful. With luck, I shall return. "
Linda Johnson - November 2011

 "A week in paradise, the best dive week for us ever. Wonderful community / village feel to Wakatobi. The accommodations are fabulous, the setting is extraordinary. Great dive team, diligent, attentive team of helpers behind the scene making sure gear is transferred without error. The food was outstanding, a fusion of Indo-European. We will return! "
John and Lise Rideout - November 2011

 "The bungalows were wonderful, housekeeping did a great job. The bed was very comfortable. I liked the coffee and water pitcher in the room. The resorts' casual feel is great. The food was phenomenal! Give the chef a raise! Excellent diving, great guides and boat crew. Pretty much a perfect week. If you're a diver, you must come! A very intimate resort where everybody knows your name. "
Nicolette Dunn - November 2011

 "Outstanding! The dive masters listened to our comments, concerns and directed dives to fit our skills and interest levels / area. They are safe, knowledgeable and friendly, and the support dive team was also attentive and helpful. The service at the restaurant was excellent. The staff are very attentive. The chef is magnificent, all food was 1st class! The rooms were well kept, and the housekeeping staff gave expedient response to questions / concerns. "
Dan and Gretchen Winter - November 2011

 "We have been recommending Wakatobi based on a visit in 2005. Now that we have enjoyed the new facilities, we will recommend Wakatobi even more enthusiastically. The diving was fantastic, we had forgotten how amazing the reefs are. The crew and support staff on Wakatobi III who were even more amazing. The Villa was gorgeous, love the outdoor shower. The biggest surprise was the food, the attention to detail and quality were beyond anything we've had at a resort. Superb overall. We will be back and won't wait 6 years. Thank you for a ever valuable experience "
Wayne Wilner and Alice Gates - November 2011

 "Wakatobi is truly living the dream of a perfect vacation. You have thought of everything. Medical staff excellent, medical needs attended to with great concerns and care to make your trip the best. Housekeeping was great, room always clean! Water, sand and corals always clean. What a surprise having the wait staff in the restaurant know my name also remembering what we like to drink. The tour was excellent, such care about the village people, jobs, environment, joy + pleasure for all. Spa massage was great, very attentive to detail. Amazing diving, delicious food, excellence in diving safety and excellent accommodations! "
Jeff Kron - November 2011

 "Wakatobi has been on our to do list for a few years now and it did not disappoint. A week on the Pelagian and a week on the resort and both were wonderful. Your house reef is some of the best diving. Great staff, very attentive and very professional. "
Art and Debbie Gowling - November 2011

 "We have had a lovely visit to Wakatobi. Every staff member has "bent over backwards" to accommodate our preferences. The dive staff is especially supportive, knowledgeable, flexible, unfailingly pleasant. Accommodations are picturesque and beautiful. Spa service extensive, nice. Of course the diving is "off the charts" huge variety of animal and coral, incredible range and color from soft pastels to neon. Well worth the hours of travel, world class best diving. "
Lee and Mike Moisio - November 2011

 "This is a very beautiful resort, the staff is spectacular; dive staff kitchen staff, housekeeping staff and all the staff behind the scenes. We have never dove such beautiful healthy reefs and of course seeing all the amazing fish and critters was phenomenal. Thank you for a wonderful week and we hope to come back. "
Jamie and Cindy Tuckwell - November 2011

 "Our second visit and it is even better than our first, which was already an excellent experience. Fabulous diving, great food, awesome setting, all around a great time. Everything worked as expected or better. Restaurant was really good. Enjoyed the fresh fish especially. "
Chris Mueller - November 2011

 "The changes you made since my last visit are all excellent. It was great to see so much of the same staff in the boats as 3 years ago and same in F&B as well. The effort they all make to learn the guests name and use it frequently is remarkable and feels really nice as a guest. You have created a very special physical place in a remote location, trained local staff and brought very talented dive masters from around the world, and strive for the highest level of service, quite a feat for urban operation and a miracle here. I appreciate the 1:4 with guide in water and the ease of doing your own dive within the small group. Wakatobi is a magical place with the highest quality reef, facility and staff. It's sustainable commitment and superior operation make it a place I'll continue to return to every few years. "
Jeanne Sleeper - November 2011

 "We had a great week. Everybody was very helpful and the boys on the boat did a good job in looking after us. Our dive guide was also very good and did all she could to make sure our group saw what they were looking for. "
Bill and Naurelle Murtha - November 2011

 "Beautiful, peaceful place - diving is amazing! All staff incredibly helpful and service oriented. Loved our stay! "
Kevin and Lynn Chapman - November 2011

 "Our stay at Wakatobi was most enjoyable. The resort and the entire staff were very pleasant and helpful, we will recommend Wakatobi to all our friends. The reefs and the diving are world class, the corals, sponges and soft coral reefs are beyond the creative imagination of any artist, psychedelic! "
Max and Arlene Quenon - November 2011

 "Outstanding experience! Excellent diving and staff. The food was tasty and varied. Clean, comfortable accommodations right on the beach. We love it! "
Connie and Charlie Busch - November 2011

 "Fantastic diving, wonderful dive staff! This is a special place where everyone is obviously dedicated to providing guests with the best possible experience in every way. Thanks for everything and especially thanks for your concern and care of our environment. "
John & Jo Beeble - November 2011

 "We cannot say enough good things about our experience at Wakatobi, from the time we arrived in Bali, we have been most impressed with the service. It is by far the best service we have ever had at a dive resort (and we've been to many), and among the best service we've ever had at any resort / hotel in the world. Of course the diving is fantastic, but it's the service that really sets Wakatobi apart. Keep it up, we will be back! "
Masten and Heather Hamlin - November 2011

 "I am most impressed and can't wait to return with my husband. It is wonderful to know that Wakatobi is finding a new way to "be" in this part of the world and that coming here is contributing to that. If this operation isn't the near future of destination dive travel there is something wrong! Feeling like I was seeing a healing reef and a growing community was pretty special! "
Karen Praxel Hanks - November 2011

 "The experience was awesome. The reef preservation approach is working. The dive guides were knowledgeable and not only showed us amazing creatures but also educated us to find them for ourselves. The staff were all friendly and helpful and the approach of getting to know all our names resulted in the making of new friends and learning more about the area. I was very sad to leave not only because of the exceptional diving, but also because of the friendly atmosphere. I felt like I was leaving friends behind. Last but not least, the food was more than I expected. A wide range of good fresh tasty food. "
Tracy Horovatin - November 2011

 "Again Wakatobi did not disappoint, the conditions on the reefs and coral were a pleasure to behold. Dive masters / guides were masters of their art - skilled in the knowledge of the local critters and corals, their habits and their ecological environments. Those with whom I dove were more than guides, they were teachers who willingly shared their knowledge of all critters found and others that potentially may have been found. the crew and local staff are to be commended for the friendly, personalized and phenomenal service that each provided, always smiling, always friendly and eager to accommodate, well beyond expectations. All personnel at Wakatobi treated my daughter and me more like friends than simply guests. Thank you so much for a most relaxing and enjoyable stay. "
J. Daniel Horovatin - November 2011

 "Our sincere thanks to everyone who works so hard to make this such a wonderful dive destination from the meet and greet VIP arrival in Bali, all our hopes and expectations have been exceeded. We appreciated the behind the scene tour, giving us insight into how much goes on in the background without being aware. Our bungalow was very comfortable, and the housekeeping immaculate. meals were amazing, much much better than we expected, the kitchen crew and F&B boys (and girls) deserve special praise. All were friendly, helpful and nothing too much trouble. The standard of food was more than 5 star. the boat crews too were wonderful, working hard to make each dive comfortable, safe, and easy. Thank you! All the guides were knowledgeable, friendly, very professional; we felt that we were in safe hands and enjoyed their company. All dive dive center staff we met were great. A dream dive destination in all regards; mind blowing diving, beautiful resort, 5 star staff and service. Just Go! "
Jen Krapez and Chris Saunders - November 2011

 "We were exceptionally pleased with the diving, the boats, the system, and we were incredibly impressed with the behind the scenes tour. The biggest surprise was the restaurant and the amazing service team. Absolutely a delight. Wakatobi is a unique experience that every avid diver should put at the top of their 'to do' list. "
Kent Rychel - November 2011

 "It exceeded my expectations. Food was healthy and delicious. The staff make you feel part of the family! When I first decided to come here I thought it was a once in a lifetime trip, but I'll be back! "
Heather Courneya - November 2011

 "This is truly a first class resort! Spectacular snorkeling and diving, wonderful healthy meals, amazing food, exceptional service - friendly, attentive, thoughtful and personalized. Beautiful buildings and facilities that are thought out to every last detail. Self sufficient and environmental applications within the infrastructure and community involvement are to be applauded. This resort offers the best in diving, snorkeling, food, service and facilities plus a very unique and memorable experience that other dive resorts can't match. "
Nora Mark - November 2011

 "Thank you so much! We had an amazing time! The attention to detail and the spectacular Wakatobi VI is the best dive boat we have been on, very well designed. Terrific place for a dive holiday. We will be back! "
Mike McCabe and Heather Lemieux - November 2011

 "An absolutely wonderful vacation. Everyone made sure our stay was perfect; and it was!! Diving was terrific and all the DM's were great. The food was excellent, a great variety and all cooked to perfection. Accommodations were extremely comfortable and spotless. All staff to be commended. The staff were very friendly and always smiling! They were also very professional and all very competent in their chosen area of work. The dive masters were fun, careful and always watching after our safety, and found the smallest creatures imaginable. No detail left unattended. Can't wait to return. "
Ron Bogart and Nancy Olmsted - November 2011

 "We enjoyed good dives with a good and capable dive guide. We have seriously enjoyed the cuisine at Wakatobi indicating that you have capable chefs in the kitchen. Service throughout our stay was incredible. Wakatobi is a dive destination for experienced divers and novices. Well preserved reefs, exceptional service in all aspects without intruding your privacy. "
Daniel Louw - November 2011

 "Food was fantastic, small portions and buffet style fit the visit perfectly. Room was lovely, house reef was awesome, slide show was awesome, staff very helpful, friendly, happy and will be telling stories for years to come and also hope to return. "
George and Tracey Vogl - November 2011

 "The dive guides were amazing, they always went out of their way to help us out no matter the problem was dive related or not. "
Nichelle Kunecke - November 2011

Featured Endorsement

""Exceeded my expectation" has become a promotional cliche, but is the Wakatobi reality. From food to service to dive professionalism, this is a cut above. Plus and most importantly, the diving delivers! "
Stephen Frink - October 2011


Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi has some stunning underwater scenery and formations. And of course, the fish are amazingly colorful. The soft corals, and the critters that inhabit them, provide a color palette that seems to make our waters a bit drab in comparison. From giant puffers, tiny longsnout hawkfish, cuttlefish and many species we don't have in the Caribbean, to the backdrop of colorful walls, ledges and dropoffs, it's a photographers' heaven. It's a unique and wonderful place, and if I ever get the chance, I will go back, and stay longer. It's that special."
Tim Grollimund - October 2011


Featured Endorsement

"Having dived some of the most pristine and varied reefs in the world, I was amazed by the incredible diving offered at Wakatobi. No dive location anywhere can possibly surpass Wakatobi. "
Joyce Mutz - October 2011


Featured Endorsement

"Overall a spectacular visit! The chef and the restaurant staff are amazing! The food was superb and the servers were friendly, helpful and considerate, especially of the baby. Thank you for the crib! The diving was great as always (per Asti), the dive guide for the kids was fantastic, extremely patient and encouraging. We also had a great snorkeling guide, the crew at Waka III were also wonderful. The presentation at the rooms was wonderful. The kids' bungalow looked like an indoor tent ground and the crib and diaper changing table were perfect. Housekeeping was excellent and quick."
Rob and Asti Livingston - October 2011


 "It is rare that a destination exceeds expectations. The entire experience at Wakatobi was wonderful! My wife and I utilized the VIP concierge service. It was well worth the slight extra charge. Indeed, transit through the airport on arrival and departure was made easier than I ever could imagine. Wakatobi is a 5-star, world class destination, with superb diving, unmatched service, and gourmet diving. We will be back there as soon as possible. Our special thanks to our dive master, who helped us feel comfortable before we set foot on the dive boats. We also wish to thank many others at the restaurant for their impeccable service. We also owe a special thanks to everyone who took care of us with our accommodations, especially our personal valet. All of your care in doing the best job possible was not unnoticed."
Dr. Dennis and Sarah Wagner - October 2011

 "What's not to love? Diving was great. We loved our dive guide, he told the best jokes in addition to giving great dive briefings and then he looked after us while underwater. Food and all of the restaurant staff were great. Never any staff who were less than perfect. We had a lovely week. Thank you so much! "
Kathryn Earhart - October 2011

 "We had a very pleasant stay in your resort and as an overall summary, we had a good experience. It is recognized that you always try to deliver a high level of service. Dive boats are comfortable and are big enough for the amount of divers. The Wakatobi mug was very welcome and a good idea to make people drink. Great vacation! Thanks to all! "
Christa Engelmann and Remo Michel - October 2011

 "This being our 5th trip to Wakatobi says it all! We have seen continued improvements each year that we have returned. The food and lodging is always superb. The diving ceases to amaze us after all the trips we have made here. The staff and facilities at Wakatobi are #1 in our book. Experience superb resort life coupled with an outstanding dive experience! "
Tom and Arli White - October 2011

 "Had a great stay, but a 5 day stay is not enough time for this great resort. I would stay here even if I didn't dive, diving is a plus. We are definitely coming back. Staff great, dive master great, rooms great, food wonderful. We had a great time! "
Randy and Gail Kunkle - October 2011

 "Wakatobi is a wonderful resort. It was the first time I heard about this resort so I was wondering how it was going to be before I came. When I got here, I was surprised! The service was wonderful, the meals were tasty, the staff are friendly and took good care of everything. The room was clean and I felt very comfortable. I was also satisfied with the diving and the boat crew and dive guides. They take really good care of their guests. "
Kyoko Onaka - October 2011

 "I couldn't close my eyes during my 70 minute diving, as I did not want to miss anything. I couldn't believe it was a 70 minute dive! Time ran out very fast. I saw large corals, many creatures, soft corals and many more. I really enjoyed all the dives. The resort is also the best I have ever been to so far. Food tasted very good and decorated beautifully. I hope to come back here again to do more diving. "
Takako Hayashi - October 2011

 "The friendly and professional staff to the exquisite surroundings, has made for a very wonderful holiday. An experience I will always remember. Thank you Wakatobi. "
Paula Tomlinson - October 2011

 "I read about Wakatobi in a dive magazine and I made a reservation instantly. I was very satisfied with the Large beautiful marine corals, many fishes, and the nudibranches. I could see pygmy see horses at 15m, it was not so deep and there were so many different kinds of nudibranches. I wanted to stay for 10 days or more! Every meal was pleasing with various decorations and tastes. I felt very welcome as a Japanese guest, the staff always tried to do their best for us. "
Masao Kawasaki - October 2011

 "I love this place! The food is awesome and the staff are so nice. The diving is amazing, lots and lots of stuff down there. If I could come back here again I would do it in a heart beat. Everything at the resort was great and the bungalow 1, the world's greatest hammock, all the staff and the dive staff, bungalow staff, the gardener, the restaurant staff are very attentive. Food was delicious, diving was amazing. Not only met our expectations but surpassed them. My only complaint was that there was nothing to complain about. Everything was terrific! except of course that we ran out of days and dives until we come back. It was the best time of my life. "
Riley Tennant - October 2011

 "Everyone is so nice and helpful. When we thank them, their comment is my pleasure. Love the 70 minute dives. Everyone really catered to our needs. We never had to touch our equipment. Food is excellent, something for everyone's taste. A beautiful place - paradise! "
Robert and Diane Nicastro - October 2011

 "I really enjoyed the personal attention that everyone gave me. Their willingness to discuss themselves and their lives made me feel more like visiting family than a cold luxury resort. This is one of your key assets. All of the dive staff offered information or suggestions which were very appreciated. The restaurant staff were awesome. I've never been anyplace with such friendly and helpful staff. This made the awesome diving & incredible food even better."
Mark Waddell - October 2011

 "The resort in general is very well seen and well organized. All dive, restaurant and operational staff were very friendly and accommodating. I was impressed by the fact the restaurant staff remembered guest names after the first day. As an intense and focused underwater photographer, I really appreciated being given the flexibility to spend time on various photo subjects without the pressure of keeping up with a group. I had (and very much enjoyed) a highly productive week of photography here. Well done Wakatobi! "
Paula Selby - October 2011

 "It is a great place to hang out. You can relax and go for a good dive. It's a great place if you are active. There are lots of animals to see and look at. You can learn new facts about Indonesia, for example where the diving spots are. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Exceeded our expectations in every way, diving, room, food, service, staff. "
The Singhsacha family - October 2011

 "Everybody knows your name, the biodiversity is phenomenal, dive guides find everything on the reef. Staff does not allow the guests to do any work. Food couldn't be better. "
Gail and Sandy Cohen - October 2011

 "In 30 years of diving, this is the best diving resort we have been to. From the moment they greet you at the airport you have no further worries. Everything is taken care of. Great diving, great food. The staff is knowledgeable in every aspect! Thanks for a memorable time. We will be back! "
Lee and Vey Johnson - October 2011

 "Great vacation, service outstanding. Most likely the best we've ever had. Staff so eager to assist you and go beyond to ensure your needs are met and you're enjoying yourself. Management all very friendly and receptive. Dive crew excellent! Almost forgot to mention food! Don't know how? Food was wonderful! Assortment of salads, appetizers, main courses, deserts surpassed all expectations. Thank again to everyone! "
Paul and Renee McDonald - October 2011

 "Excellent stay, went far too quickly. The staff were friendly. Polite and keen to meet all our needs. The dive centre was fantastic, everything seamlessly taken care of and dive guides who really knew about the life of the reef. Our dive guide was incredibly patient and found so many things to show us, including 4 pygmy seahorses. A real highlight. Thoughtful touches everywhere. Cups on the boat, access to lounge at Bali airport, met on arrival to Bali from UK (even though we weren't coming to Wakatobi for a few days) special food prepared, slide shows...All made for a very special time. The food exceeded all expectations, it was fresh, varied and beautifully presented. Thank you for a wonderful stay. "
Julian and Rosa Steeds - October 2011

 "Excellent staff, the knowledge of the dive masters is superb. I've learned so much about the reefs and had a great time while doing so. The only recommendation is to learn how to make time stop so we would never have to leave. Paradise found! The diving and staff is top notch, you won't find this any place else on earth! "
Mary Bock - October 2011

 "Thanks to the incredible resort staff, my wife and I got the trip of a lifetime we were hoping for. Not only was the diving phenomenal, but the level of care and attention we received was truly impressive. Our dive guide was all that we could ask for in a dive leader. Not only did we see every critter we hoped too, but he made us feel safe every second we were in the water. All the restaurant staff made every meal a pleasure. The service was excellent and we enjoyed their company as much as the food. The massages by the spa staff were the best we have ever had overall, we couldn't be more thrilled with our experience at Wakatobi. Truly the greatest vacation experience we have ever had, from diving to dining, everything was perfect! "
Jonathan Adams - October 2011

 "Our villa was excellent, very clean and well taken care of. The staff were super friendly, everyone remembered our names from the very first day. Impressive! There was a wonderful vairety of food, well prepared and displayed. Snorkeling from the diveboats were superb, appreciated having all our gear taken care of y staff! We are not divers or even world class snorkelers but enjoy vacationing in quiet well staffed resorts in beautiful tropical locations. Wakatobi has been the perfect experience for us. We snorkeled, kayaked, toured villages and just plain relaxed! Thanks to the excellent care by all the staff at Wakatobi. "
Leon and Jefrie Adams - October 2011

 "Wakatobi has surpassed our wildest dreams. It is hands down the best diving we have done. We had an incredible guide, he was always aware of our safety, spotting critters impossible for most people to see and he is a genuinely nice person. We are honored to have been able to dive with him. The restaurant was incredible. We never had a bad meal, all the staff provided excellent service and were very personal with their care. The front desk staff were always friendly and available. We are coming back next year. Can't wait to see you all again. "
Pam and Dave Smith - October 2011

 "Everything was fantastic. Dive masters were great as was the diving. The chef did an excellent job steering Betty away from food she couldn't eat that contained gluten. All the dining room staff were great, actually, everyone was. No complaints, only compliments. Wakatobi is a 5-star, world class destination, with superb diving, unmatched service, and gourmet diving. We will be back there as soon as possible. Our special thanks to our dive master, who helped us feel comfortable before we set foot on the dive boats. We also wish to thank many others at the restaurant for their impeccable service. We also owe a special thanks to everyone who took care of us with our accommodations, especially our personal valet. All of your care in doing the best job possible was not unnoticed. "
Lee and Betty Monthei - October 2011

 "We have been very happy with our time at Wakatobi. I have been watching Wakatobi for several years and have been excited to bring 8 of us here. We have not been disappointed at all. You have exceeded our expectations in every way. I have traveled to many dive destinations as a dive instructor and dive store owner for 33 years and this is the absolute finest operation I have visited. "
Virginia Davis - October 2011

 "Just loved the wall diving - so diverse! Very attentive dive crew, the dive masters were terrific in accommodation of dive styles within the small groups. Appreciated the tenacity of dive leaders in tending marine life I would never have seen on my own. Educational slide presentation were top notch! Learned quite a lot plus fantastic photography, biodiversity and habitats. Much appreciation for the behind the scenes resort support systems. Wonderful spirit of working together here. Staff friendly, helpful and professional. Food presentation diversity and quality is first rate! Wonderful dining experience with cheerful staff. Most important, protective measurer for a unique ecosystem! A model of working with land (the village) and sea in a cooperative effort! "
Olive Vanselow - October 2011

 "Had a great time and are contemplating bringing my children & grandchildren next year. You do a great job, friendly staff, pristine reefs. "
Leona Holaday - October 2011

 "A unique experience superior in the high level of service and the elegant, artistic style of the resort. The genuine kindness of your entire staff is striking and touching. I simply loved the people at Wakatobi. The food is beautiful and delicious. Your service at every level in the restaurant and the bar was excellent. The entire dive staff are exceptional. Great briefings, expert knowledge and very supportive. "
Cynthia Brownsmith - October 2011

 "The dive centre is very well organized. Exceptional dining experience for a resort of this type. The resort tour was very intersting, higly recommended. We were impressed with the diversity of hard corals and very healthy reefs. We appreciate the professionalism of the Wakatobi staff - definitely a step above other dive resorts we have visited. Wakatobi is a first class dive resort that offers great food, very attentive and profeesional staff and good diving on pristine reefs. "
Mike Menzies and Trish Courtright - October 2011

Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi resort puts forth the very best in friendliness, the desire to help, the food, the accommodations, and most importantly the people. Everyone always had a smile and were never too busy to answer questions or offer assistance on any matter. Wakatobi's attention to detail is unsurpassed."
TripAdvisor profile: Howard W - October 2011


 "It's worth the trip! It's simply amazing that such a wonderful resort operates so efficiently in so remote a place. The rooms are beautiful (loved the outdoor shower). The food was varied, plentiful and good at every meal. The bar at the end of the pier is a great place to relax in the evening. They offer massage, which was excellent and affordable."
TripAdvisor profile: Diverdad1 - October 2011

Featured Endorsement

"I have simply never seen a place as beautiful as Wakatobi. Each day I would wake up, look at the palms, the crystal clear sea and the golden-white beaches and think that this had to be the most beautiful place on the planet. Every single dive site we visited was an award winning adventure in itself!"
Duncan Zillman - September 2011


 "We are always impressed with the little things all the staff does to make our visit so enjoyable. The smiles, knowing our first names and never a sad face. We appreciate the staff sharing our dinner table, they are also very friendly. We hope to see you all on our return trip. This is our second trip to Wakatobi, and it is even better than the first trip which was excellent. Dives, Food, Staff, Spa and Room all Five Star. We can't wait to return. "
John and Linda Simmons - September 2011

 "From the arrival until the departure, from room service to the culinary supply up to the organization and performance of the dives, a perfect resort without exception. The time seems to stand still and unfortunately passes to fast. Thank to all for such a nice stay. "
Claudia and Christian Pints - September 2011

 "We had a wonderful time, everything here is so well organized. The dive team and all staff are very friendly and go out of their way to make sure we are having a good time. I want to add that they are very professional. The grounds and location are perfect and cleanliness is a top priority. There is not much to change here. This resort runs like a well oiled machine in the middle of the Sulawesi Sea. Fantastic! This is a long journey from the east coast of the US. I feel it was worth the trip. "
Andrea Dec and Bill Jenkins - September 2011

 "Quality dives in beautiful surroundings. The diving is excellent, everything is there. The visibility, the fauna and flora, very good guides as well. We loved it. The Waka III boat crew was always ready to help with equipment. The 'mood' was great. The Villa is very comfortable and has an amazing view. The restaurant was too good. we usually loose weight during dive vacations. The staff are very nice. The idea of calling us by first name is excellent. It gives us a feeling of being among family and it creates a nice relation between client and staff. All the staff just keep on smiling. You have a formula that works, and because we are happy, we will come back. Bravo! "
Cat Urso & Darren Green - September 2011

 "We had a stellar trip filled with so many great experiences. The romantic dinner was superb. The massage was great, and the food and diving was wonderful as always we really loved the sense of caring and accommodation that all the staff doted us with. "
Markus Fritze and Lisa Keller - September 2011

 "We had a Fantastic week. The bungalow was great, the food was amazing, the staff was very friendly throughout. Hope to make it back for a 3rd visit. The snorkeling was even better than it was because of the amazing guides pointing things out. Great holiday with amazing service and food. So much to do in not enough time. "
Caroline and Nicolas Posnansky - September 2011

 "After much deliberation we chose Wakatobi to celebrate our special anniversary. We're so glad we did. It certainly is a piece of paradise. Everyone in the resort have been terrific, they're so friendly and helpful we cannot praise them enough. The diving has been great and the house reef is superb. We dived three times and would have loved to do more. What you have done here has worked. We congratulate you! Wakatobi is a piece of paradise for divers of any age. Our combined age is 140+ years and we've had no problems at all, the diving has been so easy, with willing staff keen to help with every aspect. We loved every minute of it and we won't "hang up" our BCD's yet. "
Geroge and Joan Houghton - September 2011

 "The Wakatobi resort is the best resort I've ever been to so far. The food taste fantastic, the room was nice, all the staff was very friendly, everything was perfect! "
Kazumi Matsumoto - September 2011

 "Thank you to the excellent Wakatobi team for making our holiday so special. From organizing hotel transfers to accommodating our every need, this was easily the most well run and eco-friendly dive resort we have ever been to. I can't comment highly enough the chef and his kitchen team. The food was fresh, tasty and the 'sambal' was to die for. We were always very happy after every meal. The dive instructors and dive sites here have lived to our expectations and surpassed them. The frank beauty of the corals and the multitude of sea life in the ocean around Wakatobi was just breathtaking. I'm not sure I'll get the opportunity to come back to this gorgeous little corner of the world but thank you again to the team for making it memorable! "
Mei Lin Tan & Timothy Dalgleish - September 2011

 "The staff including kitchen, dive and housekeeping were unparalleled. We had dinner at the Mozaic Bali, and it was excellent, but the Wakatobi staff have beat them for friendliness and attentiveness. The dive masters we dove with were nothing short of spectacular. The setting is idyllic, great simple decor, friendly, courteous, amazingly attentive staff all working together to ensure every guest has a memorable stay. The combination is tantamount to shibumi. We considered many places and different types of activities for our anniversary, we are both 100% convinced that we made the right choice. Thank you all for a truly memorable holiday. Having spent so much time of our waking hours out in the ocean, one would expect a bias toward the dive and boat crews but the staff on land tied them in every respect. For the ultimate in diving experience that encompasses both large and small, Wakatobi is the destination. "
Melanie Cushion & Ronald Brubaker - September 2011

 "We were very impressed by many aspects of our holiday adventure to Wakatobi. The coordination of our transport from Denpasar to Wakatobi was exceptional, first class! The staff have been exceptional and friendly, the food choices have been wonderful, the hot stone massage was sublime and room service was fabulous. My husband has loved the diving especially our last night dive which was very memorable. "
Steve and Jan Chapple - September 2011

 "Everything has been very well organized. The dive guides and the resort staff are so friendly and have made our stay all the more enjoyable. The VIP service has worked very well for us and I have been telling everyone at the resort that they should use this service next time. Wakatobi is everything we hoped it would be and more! "
Lynn & David Cross - September 2011

 "Kind and helpful staff, the diving spots are great, especially the house reef. The taxi system of the house reef was nice, it makes it easy to access the exact point I want to dive. The diving boat was big and it has enough space for each divers. The food was delicious! "
Yoshihiko & Chieko Yamada - September 2011

 "We've thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi; the diving and the accommodations, all the staff were courteous and attentive. We especially liked our dive guide and we couldn't have asked for a better guide. He was really good at spotting critters, asking us what he could do better and helpful in every way. When we return to Wakatobi, we would like to have him as our dive guide again. The food in the dining area was very good. It's amazing that main meals were not duplicated during our 10 day stay. The dining room staff remembered our names and drinks, which made us feel like family. If you want to forget your worries, visit Wakatobi! "
Sandra Mitchell & Melissa Chu - September 2011

 "Lovely visit and superior customer service. All staff are welcoming and gracious. Outstanding diving and snorkeling with friendly and helpful guides. Delectable meals - hats off to the chef and his staff. We couldn't be more pleased with the kids club service. The kids club staff went above and beyond to accommodate Zachary and were unfailingly patient. Zachary will be very sorry to leave them. We also were very satisfied with our numerous spa appointments for massage, particularly the revitalization massages. This was truly the vacation of a lifetime. "
Lisa, Aaron and Zachary Baggs - September 2011

 "Had a wonderful time! All staff are absolutely delightful and catered to our every need. Wakatobi is a place to escape surrounded by beautiful waters and people. Dive in and leave stress behind. "
John Dillon - September 2011

 "This is our second visit to Wakatobi which is already unusual for us. Our first visit was in October 2008 and the resort still is one of the best organized resorts we have ever seen. Everything from the dives to the restaurant to the bungalows are top quality. The staff are all very friendly and willing to help. The dives are also excellent and are well prepared. "
Erwin Nijs and Francine Saenen - September 2011

 "This was part of our honeymoon and we are very grateful that we have been fortunate enough to experience Wakatobi at this time. Our villa was beautiful and we thoroughly enjoyed staying in it. The plunge pool was a great addition to the Villa and we spent several evenings watching the sunset from it. The staff and their service has been outstanding. Our dive guide was the best dive guide we have ever had. We have dived on 2 liveaboards on the barrier reef in Australia and his attention to our needs, his ability to spot both tiny and hidden organisms and his humor far exceeded the standards we have been exposed to in the past. The staff and their service at meal times has also been fantastic. They not only remember our names but they also remember our favorite drinks , how we like our eggs in the morning and our favorite table. Our dinner at the Villa will be a memory that we will cherish forever. Words cannot do Wakatobi justice! Every diver must experience it for themselves! Outstanding service and exceptional value! "
Sam and Shannon March - September 2011

Featured Endorsement

"The Resort has the feel of a world class resort, with it's food, service, friendliness and organization. It's as if you are part of the family. Add the great diving and you have an unbelievable experience!! "
George Schneider - September 2011


Featured Endorsement

"We decided to return after 5 years and were very concerned that maybe we had made the wrong choice. We definitely did not! My husband is a very keen diver and I a snorkeller and we were so well catered for. Would I go back ? definitely! and I very rarely ever visit a resort more than once but this has everything for both of us so hopefully we will not leave it 5 years before we return again even though it is probably one of the most difficult places for us to get to. (this review is taken from TripAdvisor)"
TripAdvisor profile: fussylady - September 2011


 "Everything about our visit has been spectacular! The facilities, the staff, the food and especially the diving have been above and beyond anything we could have expected. Our dive guide has been both a great guide and a great instructor for me as a relatively new diver. The spa packages are a great deal and the they did a professional job. The absolute best diving in the world and an outstanding resort as well! We will be back! "
Matt Murray and Lisa Prassack - September 2011

 "The resort was fabulous. The dive guides did everything in their power to make sure each dive was memorable. Fantastic variety of food where the chef and his team take great pride in what they do and make sure that your needs are met. "
Mick and Kath Gulson - September 2011

 "All the Wakatobi staff are gracious and welcome to guests and provide a high level of service. The reefs and dive sites are incredibly healthy, clean and robust. The variety of coral and fish is amazing. The dive guides did a fabulous job in helping us find small and unusual fish, they were very flexible and accommodating to our 3 dives off the house reef. Wakatobi has done a great job working with the local population to preserve the fish and marine life. The quality and variety of food at all meals was excellent. We had a wonderful time at Wakatobi and we will return in the future. "
Chuck Streamer and Nancy Giunto - September 2011

 "The accommodations are excellent with superb dining and faultless service. The diving was outstanding! Our honeymoon : Perfect! Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so special. "
Andy and Debbie Knight - September 2011

 "Today is the best day of our vacation and the worst day. It is day 11 of what we consider the best snorkel / dive resort in the world! It is also our last day and we are not looking forward to leaving! We look forward to returning. The staff has been wonderful, the accommodations are very comfortable, the food is excellent and the snorkeling is superb. Can't wait to come back! Thank you for making my birthday special! "
Ron and Laurie Boreisha - September 2011

 "I love the help in Bali at the airport. I think this is a great service. The Bali office was very helpful and responsive. I think the dining staff is incredible. Everyone is so helpful, welcoming and service oriented. The food far exceeded my expectations and the chef is wonderful, there was a great food variety. I consider myself a discerning diner and everything was well thought out, cooked perfectly and well seasoned. The buffet is great! The spa is great, there are so many little details that are so well thought out, it felt so relaxing. I really enjoyed my time at Wakatobi, it was a great vacation and everyone is so accommodating and friendly. "
Carolyn Hori - September 2011

 "Your reef and dive sites are in pristine condition, it is a rare treat to dive here. The staff is friendly and they seem to love working here and that translates to a terrific experience. The meals are varied and beautifully presented as well as really good tasting. The boats are well taken care of, the buildings and grounds are so well maintained, it's like everything is new. I can't say enough how spectacular the diving was, my regulator almost fell out when my jaw dropped open seeing nudibranch after flatworm after another macro treasure after a thousand of gorgeous butterfly fish, corals and the rose (or lettuce coral). "
Sonnie Talley - September 2011

 "Thanks to all the staff at Wakatobi for making my stay so much of a quality relaxing experience. Fabulous diving, guiding service, wonderful food and a top spot. Next time I will bring all the family. It was a truly great experience, not only the most sensational diving for all levels of ability, but a superb holiday in a very special part of Indonesia. "
Gregory Clinton - September 2011

 "The dive guides are so knowledgeable and passionate about the underwater creatures. Having the boat crew to assist us with our diving kit makes it so easy for us. All staff are attentive, friendly and genuine. The food is fantastic, both the quality and the range. Little touches like the afternoon snack at the Villa and the romantic dinner you organized makes for a very special holiday. "
Joe and Anna Tipper - September 2011

Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi is the best dive resort we've ever been to. Despite it's absurdly remote location it delivers great comfort, food and service. But what sets it apart, and makes the trip more than worthwhile, is the unmatched diving."
TripAdvisor profile: Rory C - September 2011


Featured Endorsement

""Dear Webster Dictionary, would you please add the Pelagian Liveaboard and the Wakatobi Resort under WOW!"
Ralph Naruszewicz - September 2011


 "Thank you to everyone for your special care and concern during our time at Wakatobi. This was the best vacation we've ever had! Wakatobi is a resort for everyone, whether you are an advanced diver, an occasional diver, a beginner or a non diver, there is something for everyone. Fantastic dive sites and totally relaxing spa treatments, this place is paradise! "
Kathleen & Joe Marino - August 2011

 "Our stay here was wonderful. All the staff was attentive and friendly. Any question or concern was responded to immediately. As far as the diving goes, it was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced in my life. Every dive was more fascinating the the last, and of course there was the spa. We had 4 treatments all together and they were wonderful. Keep up the good work. "
Kevin & Janelle Graves - August 2011

 "A wonderful place! Thank you for a really fun week. The diving was gorgeous, the staff great, the food beyond expectations and the accommodations just right. Keep up the great effort to make this place environmentally sustainable. Your work with local people is spot on. Excellent. it's places like this that give back what the world needs. We really appreciated the staff's personal attention to us and to detail. They seem very well trained and lead well coordinated and content. That makes a big difference, we all relaxed here. Great diving, great place! "
Peter Joseph - August 2011

 "We enjoyed the holidays in Wakatobi very much. The dive center is perfectly organized. The staff of the dive center as well as the restaurant staff is very friendly and helpful. We would like to come again, the sooner the better. "
Bruno Schonbachler - August 2011

 "The best staff from diving to dining with healthy reefs. Great respect for the uniqueness and conservation. "
Ken & Maria Nerius - August 2011

 "The Wakatobi boat crew payed close attention to detail, for example positioning the height of the tanks to the preference of the diver; this makes a huge difference. Towels and food promptly offered, never seemed annoyed, always very helpful! The Wakatobi experience was a delight! Different staff members asking if everything is okay, free drink coupons, etc! The restaurant staff and sous chef were wonderful; had great attention to detail, great service, offering to cook other options, etc. Never had a bad meal or snack; food preparation and presentation exquisite! Our dive guide was great, helpful and foreseeing. Great eyes for picking out the macros, we got amazing pictures. House keeping was polite and cordial. Thanks or the sand free floors and entrance. The overall experience was simply perfect. Words can't describe the experience! Everything is perfect, couldn't ask for anything more! "
Ashley Martin & Miguel Velasquez - August 2011

 "It was great to have towels everywhere we went; Dive shop, boat and in our rooms. All of the dive masters whether on the boat, in the water or at the dive shop were great. They were eager to help with any questions and anticipated a lot of needs. Food was good, staff were always pleasant. The variety was good for all internationals taste. "
Lois Fredricks - August 2011

 "Everything was wonderful! Anything that was needed was given immediately. Loved the spa. What will I do when I go home? "
Donna Krantz - August 2011

 "So this is what a healthy preserved reef should look like....so many beautiful colors! It is very impressive that each person working at the resort knows your name from the very beginning. I also appreciate when you ask for something no matter how small or big, the Wakatobi staff goes out of their way to provide for you. "
Jeff & Donna Dornbos - August 2011

 "Excellent service, food presentation and taste was wonderful! Love the ratio of dive master to divers (4:1) . Spa service was wonderful. Can I take my butler home? We were asked repeatedly for feedback / concerns. Didn't wait until end of stay. I really appreciated that. Nice camera room. Liked having my own cup on dive boat and snacks after each dive. I am making a list of all the "new critters" that I haven't seen before. Absolutely what I expected and hoped for after reading the website and that is a true compliment. "
Mike & Renee Christensen - August 2011

 "Our vacation has been very nice and it was a wonderful experience. The staff was super friendly, especially our dive guide. Also the diving and the food in the restaurant was great and had a lot to offer. Wakatobi is on our list to come back. "
Marcus Lindenlaub and family - August 2011

 "Me and my husband are not divers but love the sea and we love snorkeling very much. It was the first time we have decided to spend a few days in a dive resort. It has been an enjoyable and pleasant experience.We've met interesting people, we've seen incredible underwater sceneries and had good food! The resort staff and the dive masters have been absolutely polite, cooperative and attentive. What more to say...we will sincerely recommend Wakatobi to our dive friends. "
Maddalena & Mario Maestri - August 2011

 "Our 5 days here were wonderful. The atmosphere was friendly, caring and professional. The boat crew was solicitous, friendly and efficient. They fully take care of the equipment if you wish or leave it to you. Our dive guide could not have been nicer. He found practically every critter we wished to see, calm, compellent and solicitous. Dinning here was a pleasure. Excellent food, many choices, imaginative and well presented. Dinning staff exemplary in their solicitous attention to every need and desire. All staff learned our name immediately and used it to greet us. Made us feel at home at once. All in all Wakatobi provides an outstanding dive environment and we shall certainly recommend it to our dive friends "
Paola & Jon Cohen - August 2011

 "Wakatobi is an enchanting place with beautiful dive sites, excellent dive guides and very attentive towards the environment. "
Silvia Caporiccio & Dario Ellero - August 2011

 "Awesome! Amazing food, amazing diving and amazing staff. This has been the greatest dive experience we've had! Everyone was so nice and attentive and asked what they could do to make our stay even better. Amazing that so many people learned our names so quickly. It was well worth the 30+ hours of traveling to get here. "
Karen & Adam Wandt - August 2011

 "We have spent wonderful days here and appreciated the numerous services offered by the resort, starting from the assistance during our arrival at the Airport. Wakatobi needs nothing additional, the staff are all excellent and well organized. The rooms are beautiful, spacious and always very clean. The boats used for diving are comfortable and spacious with very attentive and competent crew. The dive guides are well trained and are always available to help. Thank you very much and see you again soon! "
Mario Ginelli and Rosa Magro - August 2011

 "We have visited many places in Indonesia, we just needed to go to Wakatobi. What we have read on the website perfectly matched our expectations. Nothing to complain about, you have wonderful services. The entertainment for the children is also perfect and this point is particularly remarkable, as in other places we've visited, it wasn't like this at all. Our daughter Daria had a wonderful vacation and I'm she will never forget. The smiles, the courtesy and kindness makes Wakatobi a truly special resort. It is a magnificent place where each of us found the perfect dimension to spend a pleasant holiday. Everyone who works at the resort has contributed in making our stay unforgettable. Thanks to all of you! "
Giuseppe Baggio and Rosa Niglio - August 2011

 "The dive sites are very close from the resort. The soft corals are very healthy like a flower garden. We saw a pygmy seahorse, ribbon eels and humphead parrot fishes. The diving was amazing. We appreciate the attentiveness of all the staff. "
Tomoko and Hiroyuki Tani - August 2011

 "All services are excellent. The organization of the dive centre, the food, the attention to detail in the bungalows. All of the staff are extremely polite and attentive towards any of the guest's wishes.The dive guides are very good and the wall dives are remarkable. "
Daniela Bianchi - August 2011

 "Beautiful resort with impeccable service and an excellent restaurant. The dive guides are knowledgeable, well trained and attentive. The wall dives are very beautiful from a photographic point of view. "
Alessandro Giammona - August 2011

 "Our experience has been very enjoyable and we plan to return. Fabulous diving and snorkeling, great accommodation, friendly people, excellent service - That's Wakatobi! "
Greg and Ann Ralph - August 2011

 "We had a very nice stay. The dive centre is very well organized and the dive masters / guides are good and knowledgeable of the sites and very friendly. The kids club was a major factor of the success of our vacation here. Our daughter Mathilde had a wonderful time and everyone in the staff was very patient and friendly to her. The food at the restaurant was good and varied. Our bungalow was great. "
Pierre Fichant and Elisabeth Loison - August 2011

 "We had a very good time and we hope to come back. We appreciate the professionalism and the services of every on at the resort and on the boats. An uncontaminated and rich sea with a great variety of corals and marine life, associated to a high quality resort. This is Wakatobi. "
Massimo Rapetti - August 2011

 "Almost not possible to top this experience above and below the water. Our high expectations were fulfilled very easily and in a relaxed manner. We were missing nothing! It is difficult to decide what is better, the fish underwater or the fish from the kitchen! "
Karl and Marcella Mueller - August 2011

 "Wakatobi combines everything that we looked for when we booked it: Great resort and privacy, excellent service, extremely good food and good amenities for non divers and also children. Great diving experiences: small diving groups, great service, fantastic and knowledgeable dive masters who are fun and extremely well trained. The corals and underwater environment are simply fascinating! Wouldn't recommend 5 days only as we did as it is too short. Next time we will combine the Pelagian and Resort! I've wanted and waited to come to Wakatobi since September last year, the wait was long but it was worth it! "
Paola Del Fabbro and Luca Bonetto - August 2011

 "Absolutely fantastic. The valet dive service and beautiful reefs all the way through to the entire staff, everything was first class. Our best resort diving experience to date. We will come back to Wakatobi again. Fish behaviour class was incredibly interesting and of great value. The class lecture and dives have improved our diving experience. Wakatobi resort was incredible both above and below water, absolutely first class from start to finish. "
Joe & Meredith Weber - July 2011

 "I have stayed at resorts all over the world and Wakatobi is without doubt the finest overall experience I have had the pleasure to enjoy. The staff is excellent!! Everyone from the sales reps, the Bali accommodation team, to the on resort staff was extremely helpful and met every request I had with not only a positive result, but a smile to go along with it. Your entire operation is close to perfection and I will use this experience to build a teamwork and customer service seminar for my own business employees. Special thanks to your incredible chef for meeting my son's food allergies with plenty of fantastic food safe for him to eat. In short, words cannot describe this paradise on earth, 5 star lodging, dive facilities, staff and the best underwater sights you will ever see in person. Upon arrival, you become one with the Wakatobi family. Thanks for providing the vacation of a lifetime for my 10 year old son and I. We will be back! "
William Scribner - July 2011

 "The staff at Wakatobi made me feel like family. I loved my stay and will come back again anytime! The diving is phenomenal. "
Elizabeth Rotundo - July 2011

 "We have enjoyed our stay at the resort. Considering it's remote location, it is an exceptional resort. It is very comfortable and well maintained. The staff is the best I've ever encountered by far. Many of the staff were calling us by name after the first day. It's good that the resort is offering more activities for non-divers. "
David and Elaine Reubush - July 2011

Featured Endorsement

"We came to Wakatobi after months of hesitation due to the substantial travel time and expense. But it's our 30th wedding anniversary and we decided to come. Since the trip is so far and we just love diving, we made it two weeks and signed up to the Pelagian. This decision to come has been another "best" since the day we said "I do" to each other. We have enjoyed the service provided by the staff so much, just as much as the amazing beauty of this happy healthy reef system. Thank you all for your hard work. Health, harmony & Happiness above and below the sea. "
Gretchen & Alan Ziegler - July 2011


 "Great stay and first class accommodations. Loved the diving and the special attention given to my newly certified son of 14 years. Please extend my thanks to everyone especially the chef. You won't dive like this anywhere else in the world! The food is excellent! "
Martin Kouprie - July 2011

 "It has been a wonderful experience. As a non diver, I was never bored. I've enjoyed walking the paths, the beach and of course the spa. The kayak tour was great fun. Visiting the children on the island was a joy. The food has not only been delicious, It's been beautiful to look at. The entire staff has gone out of their way to ensure our stay to be perfect. "
Marilyn Rabideau - July 2011

 "The diving, snorkeling, kayaking and birdwatching were exceptional. Add excellent staff and food and who could ask for more. "
James & Kristi Mickam - July 2011

 "We had a wonderful relaxing time. Staff is very friendly, helpful and polite. Wish we could stay forever. Our goal is to spend our anniversary in Wakatobi at least once every 3 years! "
Maria VanHart & Julia Sbragia - July 2011

 "Best macro dive site we have seen. Every site has so much variety. We have totally enjoyed our stay. Everything from start to finish is professionally done. A most remarkable place and people. 5 star in everything you do. "
Peter Findley - July 2011

 "We were not sure what to expect, being that this is so remote. What an incredible surprise! Accommodations are lovely. Service is five star all the way. I still am amazed that the staff know each of us by name! Even on arrival! All the staff, crew dive team were friendly, supportive and attentive. We were definitely spoiled, especially at the restaurant! The location is beautiful, diving spectacular, what more could you ask for? A big warm 'thank you' for making this vacation, and us new divers in our family, something we will never forget. We hope to come back again. "
Jackie & Brian Work - July 2011

 "We came here on the recommendation of our friends who have been our dive guides at another dive site. It was everything and more than we expected. We learned more fish names and critters than we thought possible. The accommodations were perfect for us and were impressed that our shirts were all folded up each morning in the room. The food was excellent and so many choices. Everyone we met on the paths, in the longhouse and the restaurant greeted us by our names. That is very impressive. All the smiling and happy to see us! We will not have any trouble talking about our Wakatobi experience. Wakatobi is the place to go to see numerous varieties of fish and critters. The dive staff is extremely knowledgeable and will try very hard to find anything you are looking for. Food and lodging were superb! "
Bruce & Carole Gunn - July 2011

 "We had a great stay. All the staff were extremely friendly, helpful and committed. Special thanks to the restaurant staff and the dive guides, who all did an excellent job. "
Serge Haan & Monique Wiesinger - July 2011

 "All staff were very welcoming with beautiful smiles and warm greetings make such a pleasant stay at Wakatobi. We think the food is one of the best we have ever had at a dive resort . The chefs are making Indonesian/Asian food combining Western food with fresh food. Thank you so much. We really enjoyed the diving, delicious food and the nice atmosphere on the island. "
Naomi & Naoki Yamashita - July 2011

 "The resort is well maintained & excellently run. Staff are well trained & the resort has a well practiced system so everyone knows their roles and things run smoothly. Food is great and the chef is very friendly and obliging! The dive guides were helpful and friendly, they also took good care of our children. They are very experienced & managed to find such amazing little critters of microscopic size to point out to us. "
Pek Swan Layanto - July 2011

 "In hindsight, it was a mistake to come here immediately after being certified as a diver because I fear I may never find a dive experience as amazing as Wakatobi. One of the world's best dive sites with wonderful people. "
Sofia Layanto - July 2011

 "Very well organized and pleasant stay. All personnel from the dive masters, crew, staff are some of the best and most gracious people we have met throughout our travels. Thanks for a great stay! "
Bruce & Stephanie Holland - July 2011

 "Wakatobi is the place where you can enjoy your best dive holidays. The place is beautiful, the staff is very nice and friendly, the food is great and the places for diving are excellent. "
Nicolas Sieber - July 2011

Featured Endorsement

"Stupendous is the only way to describe the beautiful corals and marine life, with so many different dive sites you start to wish you stayed for at least three weeks. "
Jonathan & Malise Scott-Barrett - July 2011


Featured Endorsement

"The staff, the entire staff, did whatever they could to make my holiday one to remember. Whether it was diving, dining, keeping the room clean and orderly throughout the day, or relaxing, once again everything was taken care of at the highest standard."
Tom Huff - July 2011


Featured Endorsement

"Everything about the resort is top notch, food, dive operation, lodging and the staff. This resort is very expensive but when you are there you understand why, getting everything shipped in by Private plane to a remote location is not cheap. If you need something, there is no running to a store to get it, you are on an island in the middle of no where. "
TripAdvisor profile: diver01 - July 2011


 "We can say without hesitation that this week at Wakatobi Resort has been the best overall vacation of our lives. And sure, the diving and dive staff have been world class, but everything and everyone else at the resort has been truly outstanding! The chef's food is 5 star quality making it difficult not to over eat. He was also very conscience about Jeff's shellfish allergy, offering to make something special. The rooms and housekeeping staff are going to make our return to the US hard to get used to again. Awesome! Paradise is not lost. It's alive and thriving at the Wakatobi Resort! Only wish we were staying longer! "
Sheila Koscomb - June 2011

 "This is an excellent operation. The local staff and crew are very friendly and make you feel like they're always at your service. The dive masters are very knowledgeable and made every dive enjoyable. Every dive site was beautiful and had it's own features. I am definitely looking forward to my next trip here. "
Benjamin Haddad - June 2011

 "Thank you for such a fantastic experience. We will never forget our time here and we are already planning our return visit and hoping to bring some friends with us. It's incredible what you have created in such a remote location. It's a very special place. First class experience in every way. Staff especially dive masters are extremely warm and welcoming, and the diving is out of this world. "
Jim & Erin Brockus - June 2011

 "Beautiful quarters; delicious, artistically presented variety of gourmet dishes, fruits and juices. The staff are very friendly and helpful and make us feel a part of the family. "
Anne & Alan Brinkley - June 2011

 "Fantastic staff in all departments and world class diving, we only wish we could have stayed longer. Some of the healthiest reefs in the world and dive guides that can find the most amazing small creatures. "
Tracey & Matt Wunder - June 2011

 "The people who work here remembered my name and given the number of visitors here and the turn over rate - It's remarkable. The dive staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to listen to your stories. It's fun to go out to the jetty bar, watch the sunset with friends and exchange stories with the dive masters. "
Anna Walsh - June 2011

 "We have had the most wonderful experience, one that cannot be bettered. The staff at the resort are hard working, polite, courteous and above all friendly and will have a laugh with you. We would especially like to thank the F & B team, we had a fantastic 30th anniversary dinner and my birthday too. The dive team and boat crew were brilliant, in fact all the staff are excellent. The most amazing 18 day holiday. The staff, crew and behind the scenes guys make your every wish possible. One word 'Wonderful" "
Ann & David McElhoney - June 2011

 "It was a very pleasant experience for us. The staff are helpful with our dive equipment. Our dive master was very knowledgeable about the marine life and coral reefs. The food provided are of good quality and are fresh. We are very satisfied customers & would recommend Wakatobi to other fellow divers. "
Davin & Gwen Lim - June 2011

 "This was truly great. The resort service and underwater sites lived up to my expectations and beyond. Of all the underwater sites we have visited over many years, nothing compares to Wakatobi. In our opinion, it is far superior to any site we have visited in the far east and Indian ocean. "
Dave Teron - June 2011

 "Our time here was great, and the diving is wonderful. The staff are great and unbelievably friendly. We liked the eco ideas and impact on local society, the excellent reefs and the aim to conserve this using money from tourism. It was wonderful to be able to dive in such a beautiful and well preserved underwater world. "
Margot Bakker - Jurzak - June 2011

 "The diving is great, the resort and the Pelagian is terrific and the people wonderfully helpful. All the guides were great underwater and I especially compliment my dive guides for finding so many creatures underwater and making life so pleasant above water. "
Ron Porszt - June 2011

 "All aspects of the resort are first rate, from our arrival in Bali, our accommodations, the diving, the food and all the staff. This has been a truly memorable and wonderful experience for both of us. Wakatobi sets a new high standard for dive resorts. "
Susan & Robert Davidson - June 2011

 "Wakatobi was a wonderful experience. The staff was great. Our guides were wonderful and lots of fun too. Everyone knew my name, I loved it! "
Cathy Hays - June 2011

 "Wonderful resort. Good food and very friendly staff who were most helpful with everything. Will definitely return and recommend the resort to all my dive buddies. Thank you for a wonderful and memorable time! "
Joseph Szkotnicki - June 2011

 "Loved Loved Loved the resort! All of the employees treated me like family. So friendly and sincere. The Dive masters were fantastic, patient and very helpful. Always offering how they could make my dive experience better. The staff at the front desk are always happy and smiling. The crew on Waka V was great. The house reef was my favorite. Would love to bring my dive friends here for a long stay. The food was fantastic, a little too good! The staff in the restaurant knew what I liked and was very attentive and sincere. The massage therapist was the best I ever had. The most beautiful and healthy reef right outside your door step! Definitely one to have on your bucket list. "
Jean Stevens - June 2011

 "We loved it here 5 years ago and we have been amazed that our experience could possibly have been improved upon, but Wakatobi seem to have done it. What was superior as a diving and resort experience has become extraordinary in only 5 years. Congratulations on providing us a perfect diving experience. "
Lynne Fieber - June 2011

 "A five star diving holiday with kids sounds unlikely, but achievable at Wakatobi Dive Resort, not in a way that is stiff or formal, on the contrary personal, comfortable and un-intimidating. I am more than happy to recommend Wakatobi, firstly of course for its fantastic marine diversity in beautiful south Indonesian walls and ridges. Secondly for supreme comfort, every attention given by all staff at all times and with a smile that does not feel artificial. Thirdly, very pleasant accommodation, outdoor shower with hot water and a sea front balcony. "
Dominic Denison - June 2011

 "Thank you for our most enjoyable stay. Both my daughter an I had a wonderful time. Everything about Wakatobi resort is excellent, the staff, the food, the diving, the kids entertainment, all make Wakatobi a magic place for a special holiday. "
Jane Alexander - June 2011

 "This is my 3rd time at Wakatobi, the weather was not as good as before but Wakatobi was even better. As snorkelers we can say that the service is unmatched. Unlike other dive resorts, here both the info and the service for snorkelers is excellent. The house reef seems even better than 2 years ago. A great improvement to be noted is the food. Before it was good, but now, it is exceptional. True gourmet food (and we know food well!). We especially loved the fantastic appetizers, including the sashimis and other "fishy" things. But in fact, all the food was marvelous. The entire staff is exceptionally good. I just wish that it did not take 30 hrs of travel to get here, but even with all the long trip, I will be back. As a snorkeler who has snorkeled around the world, Wakatobi is the best for snorkeling in my experience. "
Andrew Dienes - June 2011

 "A lovely resort, beautiful coral, great diving, personal and friendly service, lots of attention to detail, such a terrific dive experience, the best dive trip of our lives. A paradise of tranquility. "
Christa Staudenmaier and Serge Filion - June 2011

 "Our second trip to Wakatobi was even better than the 1st. The reefs are in great shape. Fantastic corals and excellent diversity of fishes. "
Mike Schmale - June 2011

 "Amazing trip. Wish we could have stayed longer! Every details was thought out and appreciated! All the little details really made this a magical trip underwater and above water! Thank you. "
Jen Gamble - June 2011

 "First 10 days on the Pelagian was beyond belief! Excellent service, diving, food, staff etc. Then another 5 days at the resort was just too short. The service at the resort is also excellent, diving is wonderful, the food is delicious and staff is very friendly and helpful all the time. I had excellent dive guides on both Pelagian and Wakatobi resort. "
Trudy Suijkerbuijk - June 2011

 "The diving was only surpassed by the service. I can't think of a single thing I could recommend to improve the entire experience. "
Sir Ronald Hammond - June 2011

 "Both diving and lodging are really in a very high standard and in a very decent way, so it was not only wonderful but also comfortable. All staff was very engaged and supportive and the daily procedures were well planned and managed. All needs are satisfied immediately. "
Karin & Helmut Jung - June 2011

 "Thank you so much for the splendid holiday! Unmatched diversity of the reefs, highest quality of food, enthusiastic and service minded staff beyond expectations. "
Odd Rigenholt - June 2011

 "The staff was very attentive and accommodating. The food was so fresh, innovative and delicious. The facilities were in top condition and comfortable. Then of course there is the diving! Wow! So this all adds up to a top notch operation in a very remote location. We shall return! "
Clark Linders - June 2011

 "The resort is beautiful and well maintained. The resort and diving is only exceeded by the staff who are all the best I have ever encountered. "
John Green - June 2011

 "Our dive guide was an excellent dive master. She did a great job in spotting creatures, small and large. She was very knowledgeable about the marine life and she freely shared in knowledge, which contributed to an enhanced dive experience. She showed her concern for our safety as well as our overall experience at the resort. The staff at the resort are extremely customer oriented while managing to be unobtrusive. The staff does everything except tuck you in at night and sing you a lullaby. The spa treatment are wonderful and reasonably priced, the food is excellent and plentiful. Wakatobi is a piece of dive heaven in the Banda Sea, and should be high on every divers 'must do' list. We loved our experience at Wakatobi and hope to return one day. "
Rolando and Kathy Navarro - June 2011

 "Great place and an amazing experience. I was constantly amazed by the helpfulness of the staff and the extent of the resort services! This place has what is probably the best group of dive guides I've ever seen. Our dive guide was great at finding all manner of creatures for us and I couldn't have obtained the pictures I did without her. I honestly don't know what you could improve. I had a wonderful time and I'll be sure to recommend Walatobi to all my friends back home. If you want jawdropping photos that your friends will talk about for a lifetime, Wakatobi's guides deliver, and boy do they ever! "
Ben Ferguson - June 2011

 "Wow, Wakatobi is quite impressive! All the attention to details! Everyone knowing our name, our bungalow, our meal preferences! Diving preferences! The cool way the toilet paper is folded, the great turn down service and towel folding. Any desire is immediately addressed. from an O-Ring to hot water in the shower, "Presto" it's done! The staff are all very personable & polite. Knowledgeable too! "
Margot Jones - June 2011

 "Wakatobi Dive Resort definitely meets every aspect of our comfort, both on land and on/under the water. It seems that nothing goes unattended for the pleasure of guests. The staff is totally well trained and seems to enjoy doing as much as possible to ensure we have a memorable time. They are able to anticipate needs and desires before we can think of them. The boats are very comfortable, easy to dive from and return to. The rooms are spacious, well appointed, and beautifully situated to view the sea and relax in. The dining room staff are wonderful and the menu is superb. The dive staff is also completely attentive to the divers, very professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of diving, they go to the extreme to know and remember each diver's details and needs. It is nice to see how all staff like and respect each other. This was our first trip to Wakatobi but will not be our last! When we return we know we will feel like coming home again. Every detail was attended to, every staff member was most pleasant and seemed genuinely happy to make our experience wonderful and enjoyable as possible. Truly a unique & memorable vacation. "
Richard & Stella Hageman - June 2011

 "Lovely lovely place. Amazing staff all the way around. Divemasters are incredible. Also what a great surprise in the spa. Did not expect such quality treatments. "
Lisamaria Burkhard - June 2011

 "The dive sites were spectacular and we thoroughly enjoyed all dives. Our dive guides were very good, we spent most of our times with them, they are very smart, caring and extremely knowledgeable. In general, the staff were all very helpful, clearly putting forth the idea that they would do whatever was required to make our stay more comfortable. Overall, you have a beautiful site, both above and below the water and the staff are excellent. "
Doug Kerr - May 2011

 "I had a great time. It is a very comfortable place and the food was great. There are many activities beside diving or snorkeling. I loved the cooking class!"
Makiko Koide - May 2011

 "We have had a wonderful week in Wakatobi, and will certainly tell everyone about it! Wakatobi is a diver's paradise. We could not have been more comfortable, better fed or more indulged with beautiful dives. "
Susan Kail - May 2011

 "A 'must do' if you want to dive the south pacific. These guys have their act together. "
Tim Stone - May 2011

 "No negatives at all! Everyone was very nice, great service, anticipated the guests needs and met them. Food was very good in quality and selection. Wakatobi exceeded our expectations in every way. "
Chrys Martin & Jack Pessia - May 2011

 "Great place, great staff and dive team, great food. Loved it to the hilt. A Mughal Emperor said of Kashmir "If there is a heaven on Earth, It is here, it is here". Same for diving at Wakatobi. "
Uday Sinh Wala - May 2011

 "This Indonesian jewel of islands turned out to be an amazing diving adventure. We learnd to recognize and appreciate smaller marine life & the coral gardens especially Roma, wander around and look in a calm and peaceful manner. The dive instructors were ever watchful and Wakatobi will hold a special place as my son Aditya got certified at 11 years old. When the diving was done, we all retreated to the Longhouse to share dive stories, drink tea and coffee and fill our dive books, trying to remember the special features of each dive site as they all began to blend into each other. it was fun naming them with our own names. And between all this, gourmet meals like no other place we have dined in. All buoyancy is messed as one gains weight with every meal. Beautiful room and charming wooden bungalows. So many dive sites, one thought they would be repetitive but each was an explosion of color, marine life and underwater garden. "
Nasundhara & Karun Sanghi - May 2011

 "The staff on the resort and on the dive boats were outstanding, so friendly and helpful. Food was great as well. We especially liked the evening presentations, they were so educational. The dve managers were very professional, helpful and always smiling. "
Joan and Larry Davis - May 2011

 "Wakatobi is an absolutely wonderful place where all your wishes are fulfilled by a most friendly, helpful and professional staff. "
Gabrielle and Stefan Knecht - May 2011

 "We have had a wonderful stay at Wakatobi. Each and every dive site was incredible. Our private dive guide was excellent. She gave us a lot of confidence and comfort as we are beginner divers and she showed us many interesting things on the reef. In addition the staff in general has been friendly and helpful. The food is lovely. And last but not least, the location is hard to beat. We love that we have not seen another resort dive boat during our 13 dives, a rare treat. We cannot wait to come back. "
James Woody & Ranmali Bopitiya - May 2011

 "Our experience at Wakatobi was fantastic. We loved our Villa, the delicious, fresh and healthy food, the dive guides, the dive boats and crew, and the so friendly, kind, helpful and knowledgeable staff. I can't think of anything that could be improved. Really well done perfectly run resort. Amazing! We have traveled the world and usually stay in the finest hotels and resorts and found Wakatobi to be excellent and on par with the service at these other resorts as well as comfort. We are very impressed! Thank you. "
Jessica and Bill Budinger - May 2011

 "Excellent food and service. I appreciate the remoteness of the island and the privacy of each Bungalow and Villa. You really feel like you're on a secluded island with good people. Wakatobi: Pioneering luxury with ecology, an inspiration for all holiday resorts. "
Angie Grgat - May 2011

 "Our trip here was excellent! Services from the staffs & even the dive masters were very sincere & helpful. Accommodation & facilities were great. Thank you all for this fabulous experience and the memories fond on us. Our dive guides has done a great job to make our trip here memorable and fun. We were well taken care of, really a classic 5 star resort. Wakatobi is a luxurious diving trip to be remembered. "
Irwin Koh & Adele Leow - May 2011

 "Underwater, you have to experience 'the unbelievable' in order to believe it; but you still have to pinch yourself to check it is not a dream. The diversity of fauna is beyond belief. Wakatobi is a wonderful experience. The resort is beautifully maintained, efficiently run with excellent cuisine, excellent service and great smiles. Thank you all for giving us a taste of paradise. "
Teresa and Alan Frampton - May 2011

 "All the staff are amazing, enthusiastic, professional and friendly. Food was great. Villa 1 is fantastic, the privacy was wonderful. The staff was very attentive to our needs when my husband was ill for a day. Landscaping was well maintained and manicured. The spa staff are superb, had the massage initially then we both went back for the hot stones. Loved to come back after our first dive and the villa was cleaned . Dive boat staff was very helpful with us gearing up before the dive and assisting us upon out return to the boat. Loved the low dive master to staff ratio. Incredible dive sites, every one of them! Traveling so distant it was an incredible feeling when all the staff knew our names when we arrived to "our new second home". "
Lisa Golkowski - May 2011

 "Wonderful people. I have never had such pleasant service. I had to get used to not doing things for myself - it didn't take too long though. Most beautiful reefs, the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I have relaxed and enjoyed here more than anything or any place I have been. Every need anticipated! "
Victoria Champion - May 2011

 "A wonderful holiday. The food was far better than the 5 star resort we have just stayed in. The staff development system must be incredible. We have never before encountered such a group of friendly and helpful staff. "
Gerard Oates - May 2011

 "The friendliest staff out of any place we have been to (and we have traveled a lot!) Beautiful diving, beautiful food, beautiful people. Four thumbs up mate! "
Peter Hannan & Thea Trubenbacher - May 2011

 "Excellent staff, very friendly and helpful. Facilities are very good, food was varied and excellent. Very good dive guides. This has been a fabulous trip. Great location, good accommodation, fabulous food and spectacular diving. A must for every diver (or non-diver). "
Lesley and Nick Thompson - May 2011

 "I loved the spa, the staff are excellent and provide incredible service. I would emphasize that you don't need to be a diver to enjoy the resort! Every staff member is genuine and friendly. I couldn't believe they all new my name from the first day. The level of service is seen in every detail. Wakatobi has exceeded my every expectation. It provides world class service at every level. Incredible diving combined with luxury resort accommodations makes for the perfect vacation. "
Kim Norton - May 2011

 "When we stayed at Wakatobi in 2004, we were impressed with the location, accommodations, diving and the resort philosophy. Seven years later, we found everything ratcheted up! The bungalows are more comfortable, the diving absolutely fantastic and the staff unbelievably attentive. The dive boats, crew and dive guides have made diving an effortless adventure. with our extensive dive resort experiences over more than 20 years, Wakatobi continues to be one of our favorite destination. "
Owen and Mary Babcock - May 2011

 "I live in Melbourne Australia and have dived in Bali, Queensland Barrier Reef, West Australia, the local sides in Victoria and Thailand. I have to say that Wakatobi is like an aquarium. Never had such a service from the dive team and helpers before! 5 star! "
Detlef Specht - May 2011

 "The dive masters , the crew and the staff, all of them worked hard. I am very glad that they kept this small paradise so organized. It was a great 5 days trip, from Bali to Wakatobi, back to Bali. I enjoyed everything in the middle. "
Khalil Belarti - May 2011

 "This had already been the vacation of a lifetime for us and we still had the Pelagian ahead of us. The Wakatobi operation is truly amazing - every detail taken care of. It was a first class experience for us the moment we arrived in Bali. The staff, the dive team and of course the diving were all outstanding! "
Ed & Mary McDonald - May 2011

 "In one word...Amazing! We had a terrific time at Wakatobi and it surpassed our highest expectations. Everyone was so friendly and went out of their way to provide exceptional service. We will definitely be back. Thanks everyone for a once in a lifetime vacation! "
Kevin and Amy Fain - May 2011

 "A fabulous experience! All of the staff were ready to meet most any need a guest may have, before the guests knew they needed anything. I look forward to telling others what a beautiful place Wakatobi is and the excellent diving. "
Mary Toms - May 2011

 "This is my 3rd visit to Wakatobi. Things were great in 2007 and 2008, but now they're better. Dive master to diver ratio has improved, typically 4 or less. Incredibly, food is even better. All staff strive to greet you, remember your name and meet your needs. First class diving and genuine all around tropical experience. Wakatobi is a beacon for others to strive for in always. "
Shawn Abbott - May 2011

 "Everything is really great. I thought it was wonderful when I was here before, it's even better now. Don't know which is better, the resort above water or the dive sites below water. "
Evelyn Jones - May 2011

 "I was thoroughly pleased with my stay. With my 15 years of diving, this has been the best resort & dive operation that I have dealt with. The staff is wonderful and very accommodating. The food and beverage service was great. The chefs did an outstanding job. The dive operation - they spoiled me! Wakatobi is a six star dive resort. I will be back! "
Opal Camp - May 2011

 "With the combination of world class diving, 5 star dining and a full service spa, Wakatobi Dive resort provide the highest quality dive experience I have yet experienced. Attention to detail is outstanding. A great trip! "
Dennis Stainbrook - May 2011

 "Everything was perfect! From greeting us at the airport, the picture perfect dive sites, the scrumptous food served at every meal. Until the day we left, you have made our stay an island paradise. Every diver needs to come here to experience a true divers paradise. "
Sharon Yates - May 2011

 "Outstanding resort experience, food staff, accommodations all best in class. Excellent dive experience. Dive guides are skilled, knowledgeable and clearly enjoy what they do. Great resort, great diving, a world away from the stresses and cares of 21st century life. "
Al Brown III - May 2011

 "We really enjoyed our stay in Wakatobi, you made our experience so enjoyable. All the dive sites were amazing. We saw a turtle and plenty of blue tip rays. We're thinking we will be back soon to see more marine life that we didn't see this year. Romantic dinner was delicious and thoughtful too. Our dive guide was great at spotting marine life in the coral, boat crew were fabulous too. Just want to say massive thanks to absolutely everybody. "
Maria Moon Park & Lloyd Smith - May 2011

Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi has the best combination of resort and reef that I have experienced. As a land based resort the food, accommodations and service are better than anything I have experienced while the reefs rival anything I have seen on a live-aboard. "
Tom Reynolds - May 2011


 "The service standard in Wakatobi is very high! The staff are efficient, friendly and intuitive. I'm very very impressed. I have not been to any other dive resort that can match the attentiveness of Wakatobi. I feel spoiled here. It has been an incredible stay. Thank you everybody at Wakatobi! "
Roger Won - April 2011

 "Thank you so much for making our 10 Year anniversary both romantic & exciting. Top honors go to your staff; their attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile were incredible. In close second place is the food, we never expected such gastronomy in such a remote location. We loved the diving and the house reef was beyond our expectations. "
Sylvie Dupere & Ben Girard - April 2011

 "I combined my resort stay with 10 days on the Pelagian. The staff on both were exemplary. Courteous, attentive, friendly and organized. "
Emry Oxford - April 2011

 "This is a very well run resort, the staff are extremely helpful. We very much enjoyed our time here. "
Lori Groves - April 2011

 "Villa 3 was beautiful accommodation and the butler staff were so kind, helpful and polite, which made our stay even more enjoyable. All the staff on your island make the resort a pleasure to stay at. The dive guides and staff made diving stress free. The food was totally amazing. "
Chris and Heather Martin - April 2011

 "Excellent service at all times. Food is delicious and varied. Accommodations are clean and comfortable. "
Francine Gelinas - April 2011

 "Fantastic, friendly service both on the Pelagian and at the resort. The dives guides we had were all great. The rest of the staff, F&B, Front Desk, Housekeeping, etc made us feel extremely welcome and spoiled us. It will be difficult to return from this paradise to the reality of daily life at home. Thanks for everything. Hope to see you again soon. "
Kathy Carl - April 2011

 "We enjoyed our stay very much. The boats are great, the crew are attentive and helpful. The divemasters were top rate. The overall diving experience is a 10. The best food and service we ever had in a dive resort. We were very impressed by the staff. Everybody is so friendly. IT has been an awesome dive trip an we will recommend it to our dive friends. Thank you for a wonderful stay. "
Robert Choquette & Marilyn Griffiths - April 2011

 "We have had an amazing week at Wakatobi. The diving has been world class and our experience was made even better by the knowledge and skills of our dive guide. The whole Wakatobi experience will make it difficult for us to dive anywhere else in the future! The resort itself is mind blowing and all the staff are a credit to the resort; friendly yet professional and everything is anticipated before you even have a chance to ask. No words can express how magical and amazing the diving is at Wakatobi. You truly have to see it for yourself! "
Jane and Paul Doherty - April 2011

 "I had a great visit to Wakatobi and found the diving really good. The dive crew was exceptional. The food was also exceptional - compliments to the chef. "
Alan Churley - April 2011

 "Each element of the Wakatobi experience wins rave reviews on its own. The service vied with the diving experience as my favorite element. Everyone was meticulously attentive to detail and we felt looked after and cared for in a very personal way. From the gardener staff to the diving room staff to the masseuse to the nurse to the dive staff and boat crews. The length of trip and cost was, in the end, a very good value. Thank you for the better memories and also for the opportunity to see a place that is about building a "community" with locals to protect the reef. I will miss everyone's easy smiles. "
Jane Begala & Michael Cosgriff - April 2011

 "The 4th time in Wakatobi and once more a very exciting dive and overall experience! We will come back! "
Lucien Schmidlin - April 2011

 "Excellent service, wonderful diving, beautiful resort! Most healthy reef ever! Thanks for bringing us to the reef!! "
Wilson Ng - April 2011

 "This is our 3rd trip to Wakatobi in 3 years and we plan on returning in 2012. the diving is excellent; the dive guides, the boat crew, the entire staff - all are excellent. The service in Bali is also first class. The food is great, with a huge selection. Everyone at Wakatobi from room maids to top management are helpful and friendly. It is a long trip from Arizona, but well worth it. "
Mickey & Adrienne Gibson - April 2011

 "Your operation was pretty amazing for the real young or as in my case pretty old. The crew and diving staff were very helpful and were not put out by those of us which needed additional 'help' getting in and out of the water. "
Mark Roth - April 2011

 "Had a great time; staff was awesome, our dive guide was wonderful and everyone went the extra mile to make sure our food and bungalow was good. We will be back! "
Noelle Tognella and Matthew Allen - April 2011

 "Very lovely attention and service in all aspects. Diving is magnificent, every dive was great regardless of the weather. The food is way too good. We bought sarongs and the boutique women were great. They gave us sarong tying lessons. The cooking class was fun and we really enjoyed it. "
Nina and Ella Lund Thomsen - April 2011

 "Everything was excellent. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Our Dive Experience Manager was excellent. She did everything to make our dives enjoyable. Food was way too good. Beach dinner was wonderful. We enjoyed the cooking class and evening slide show. "
Sharon Person & Joel Smith - April 2011

Featured Endorsement

"To say that we were made welcome during our stay would be an understatement. Our accommodations were 5 star, the cuisine 5 star - and the service deserved a 6 if there were actually such a thing. "
Peter and Kate Foulds - April 2011


 "Staff are exceptionally well trained, friendly, welcoming and eager to please. We commend them all! Accommodation is excellent - comfortable, spacious, clean and well maintained with plenty of storage. Having internet access is a definite plus. Great shower, comfortable chairs, sofas and beach chairs. Restaurant is fabulous, lovely environment, great food and great service. The hard working and friendly dive team are helpful and informative, they do great briefings and are very good spotters. They are also wonderful with snorkelers. The spa is another plus with charming staff. The pristine reefs combined with superior accommodation and service make Wakatobi a place one could return to again and again. "
Dominick and Wanda Macan - March 2011

 "It exceeded our expectations in all areas of the resort and diving experience. It was the best diving ever! "
James Hart - March 2011

 "We will be back. Best dive resort and dive sites in over 40 years of diving. The staff are excellent, made us feel very welcome. "
Chris Rehm - March 2011

 "Paradise under and above the sea on the edge of the world. "
Jouko Puikkonen - March 2011

 "Consistently healthy reefs and fabulous service make Wakatobi a dive destination that should not be missed by serious divers. This is truly an experience to savor. "
Deborah Meyers and Karen Edwards - March 2011

 "This has been a wonderful, reasonable trip. The entire staff from the dive guides to the food and beverage staff and right down to the guys cleaning the beach have been fabulous. Most definitely a trip worth repeating. A beautiful resort with wonderful diving and top notch staff. Just a winning combination. "
Catherine and Dave LaGrange - March 2011

 "This place is amazing. The resort is so well maintained and luxurious. For me this is like paradise. The staff are so friendly and the place so quiet when you want to be left alone. I enjoyed the spa after the wonderful morning dives. It is so relaxing and what better way to get away from our busy schedules at work and to come to this island of Wakatobi to reconnect with nature and to recharge our energy. The diving sites are so beautiful and the water so clear that I don't have to go very deep into the bottom of the sea. I am only a beginner and I hope to come back again. This is the best dive resort I have ever been to. No details are spared and my dive guide has made my diving experience so memorable. Thank you. "
Christina Tay - March 2011

 "I have been extremely pleased with all aspects of the resort. Amazing! All staff especially our dive guide were very friendly, helpful and want to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I loved the welcoming feeling and the wealth of knowledge shared. Everything was top notch! "
Michelle Rinaldi - March 2011

 "We have immensely enjoyed our stay here at Wakatobi, have found a piece of heaven that we didn't know existed. The staff and the facility are very welcoming, the diving was spectacular, and with our dive guide at our side, we got to see the best of the best. We have looked forward everyday for our breakfast, lunch and dinner. They were outstanding! "
James and Rosaria Sortino - March 2011

 "This has been a fantastic experience, we have been catered to with the utmost consideration at every step. A place to come back to time and time again. Well worth the 31 hours it took to get to Wakatobi. We'll be back, and hopefully soon with friends. "
Allen Hild - March 2011

 "This was an awesome experience! I really had a very nice time at Wakatobi and sure will be back! The Wakatobi staff made our holiday special and personal, and that's one aspect that made the experience on of the best. Thank you to all and keep up the amazing service. "
Elaine Brand - March 2011

 "The food at Wakatobi is fabulous! We are extremely impressed with how knowledgeable our divemaster is, we described something to him or pointed out something to him underwater and he invariably could tell us what we had seen (often not only the common name but latin one also). He has great talent for finding tiny creatures to share with guests. He pointed out several pygmy seahorses and many nudibranches. Thank you for sharing the outstanding biodiversity of this area. It has been a privilege to experience Wakatobi. "
Sheila Mapes and Leigh English - March 2011

 "We had a fantastic week. Superb diving and we enjoyed having a private dive guide, she made our stay even more special. We loved the food, the friendly staff and the quality of service. We hope to come back. We had our concerns wondering if Wakatobi will be good for kids, but now we know that Wakatobi is perfect for a family vacation. They gave us many options for our 7 year old that did not dive. Everyone at the resort were more than helpful. "
Lonnquist Family - March 2011

 "We have loved and enjoyed every minute of our Wakatobi experience. Your attentive staff (incl. management) are perhaps your second biggest asset - second only to the stunning reef and marine life that it contains. The additional activities are also delivered with the professionalism that starts to be taken for granted. The rooms and outdoor shower are perfect! If you love diving, friendly service and isolation from the world, then come to Wakatobi, you will wonder why you didn't visit sooner. "
Andrew and Kaye Bell - March 2011

 "Wakatobi is one of the nicest dive resorts I've been to. The diving is spectacular and spa services are great. The food is wonderful! "
Cindy Powell - March 2011

Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi is truly special, and for any serious diver a must make trip. Upon departing you feel the sense of leaving a family member behind. Naturally the next step is to begin the planning process for a return as soon as possible. "
Thomas Fretz - March 2011


Featured Endorsement

"We both can't say enough to recommend Wakatobi Dive Resort. It's a wonderful place with an incredible staff in a dream location. I wouldn't change a thing and I have to say to the Management and Owners, thank you, for creating such a fantastic place where you are protecting one of the last truly wild places on Earth. "
Robin and Ingrid Smith - March 2011


 "We really enjoyed our stay. The bungalow was very comfortable. The food was spectacular, great choices, and all delicious. The restaurant staff was really fantastic, always ready to serve. The diving was great! Our dive guides were excellent. They did a fantastic job of keeping us out of other diver traffic. The boat crew was very capable and helpful. It was nice to have the cups with water ready each time we got on the boat. We will definitely come back. "
Mary Arman and Rick Starr - February 2011

 "I enjoyed my stay immensely. Dive guides are wonderful, staff was supportive and very helpful. The food was superb. Diving sites are excellent. The crew on boats are equal or better than on a liveaboard. As a dedicated liveaboard diver, I had reservations about shore based diving. The experience exceeded my expectations. "
Don Taylor - February 2011

 "From the day of our arrival, we have felt truly pampered and embraced by the hospitality in the resort. Starting with details like being addressed by name by everyone from the staff make such a difference and make one feel at home. The rooms are very nice and neat, cleaning and towels are always perfect. For the restaurant, it's amazing what the chef does and how varied his repertoire is. Even more so, as everything has to be brought to the island. The staff in the restaurant are extremely helpful and the glasses are refilled with water instantly. The child care center was very caring and we felt that Niels was in very good hands. As for the diving, I have only one word; Excellent. From the dive sites to the service of all the helping hands and the professional friendly guides. "
Annie, Mark & Niels Magyar Thompson - February 2011

 "I am so very pleased with everything here. The people are friendly and very helpful, it has been a full service vacation. The dive masters were wonderful and very enthusiastic about teaching and showing what is around. The food has been incredible, the best I have had. Continually wonderful and well rounded. Thank you Chef! I had a massage and it too was wonderful and relaxing. Thank you all for a wonderful vacation. "
Kim Tomala - February 2011

 "The staff was great, very polite and professional. The boats were very comfy and spacious. The dive team was fantastic. My dive guide was one of the best dive masters I have ever dived with. Her excitement was the best! The captain and crew worked very hard and was so helpful. Thank you very much. "
Gary Bratton - February 2011

Featured Endorsement

"What an amazing vacation. My every whim was catered for. I have stayed in some of the best places in the world, and I can safely say Wakatobi comes in my top 3! I can not stress enough how helpful, patient, entertaining and kind the dive staff have been. This has truly been my best diving experience ever. I have been totally spoiled. The dive staff have been incredibly helpful and attentive, and it has been a great honor for me to dive with them most evenings, making a woman traveling by herself very relaxed and comfortable. The room, food, ambiance, dive boats, - in fact, every single thing has been perfect and could not have asked for more. This has been the most incredible experience in the most atmospheric and beautiful place. Do not hesitate! Book now for a trip you will remember all your life! "
Lisa Collins - February 2011


Featured Endorsement

"I thoroughly enjoyed my self here. Not only is the natural setting amazing, but the staff and the entire organization is set up with the guest at the center. You have struck the perfect balance between high end service and a relaxed attitude. The diving is excellent, the best I've ever done. What sets Wakatobi apart is its incredible service, relaxed attitude and attention to detail. I will be writing about my trip on my blog and I will be back. Bravo to Wakatobi! "
John White - February 2011


 "I have been running dive tours since 1973. This is the finest dive resort we have ever visited. "
Mike Kohut - February 2011

 "The staff both above and underwater was exceptional! Accommodations were most comfortable. I felt like part of a large family. The staff made the experience. Friendly, Positive, Talented. How is it that even the F&B crew knew your names, preferences and always greeted you with a smile? How do they learn everyone's names? Diving was great! The dive crew are so knowledgeable, patient and talented. A well orchestrated 10 days. Thank you. "
Colette Witherspoon - February 2011

 "We feel that the experience at Wakatobi has been the best we have had at a resort. The large part was the services you provide. The staff from kitchen to housekeeping to dive staff was extremely friendly and helpful. We especially felt the services provided by our dive guide was beyond what we ever could have expected from a dive master. She provided helpful knowledge to make us a better diver. Thank you for the wonderful experience. "
Karl Lund - February 2011

 "It was everything I hoped for and more. Wonderful people, great spa, fantastic fish, super food! "
Susan Lawson - February 2011

 "Our visit to Wakatobi met all of our expectations and more. We enjoyed the comfort of our bungalow, the diving was exceptional lead by a top notch diving professional and ambassador for your facility. The dining staff, chef, the dining room manager...all were welcoming and attentive. The food was very good too. The boat crew were the best team afloat. All in all we were very pleased with the trip. Lots of unique critters & magnificent reefs. We can't say enough how great every day was. "
Mark and Ellen Bramson - February 2011

 "I can't say enough about the staff here! From the dive masters to the kitchen - everyone was helpful, pleasant and willing to go 'out of their way' to help. I was impressed how many people called me by name. The resort itself is beautiful. It is kept so by the hard working staff. The food was out of this world and the variety was amazing. I don't eat meat or chicken and found plenty of choices to keep me satisfied. The diving was excellent. "
Coni Barlow - February 2011

 "Dive sites are beautiful. Dive masters were very knowledgeable and fun to dive with. The crew on boat took care of all our gear and even got me my favorite drink in between dives. The food was excellent. Much better than I am used to at a primarily dive based resort. My favorite was that the staff knew all of our names and were always pleasant. "
David Miyama - February 2011

 "I was highly impressed with all the staff, they were very friendly, helpful and name recognition was very impressive. I've never experienced anything like that. Keep it up! Overall everything was awesome, it was a great experience and I will be back. I will promote Wakatobi as a must to the Dive Community. Thank you all divemasters, boat crew, wait staff, cooks, chefs and room service staff. Everything was fantastic. "
Brad Sayyae - February 2011

 "Exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Great dive guides, great facilities, wonderful support from the Wakatobi staff in Bali. Wonderful food and accommodation. No need to improve. Just the perfect holiday destination. "
Christoph Willimzik - February 2011

 "Very hard to recommend improvements, staff were fantastic and very professional. The spa staff were amazing! "
Brian Mcquaker - February 2011

 "Our stay at Wakatobi has been amazing! The service here is very attentive. The rooms are comfortable and so are the dive boats. The dive masters are knowedgeable and fun. Everything feels luxurious here. The reefs are beautiful and healthy. It's such a pleasure to dive here. Exceptional diving in a piece of perfect "Indo-leisure" paradise. "
Jessica Evans - February 2011

 "Only one word sums up our Wakatobi experience perfectly - "Wow"! The resort staff is amazing, so friendly helpful and prompt. They "all" know your name within hours of stepping foot on the island. It is a very nice personal touch. The food is fabulous, very diverse, delicious and plentiful. The chef can come stay with us in Phoenix anytime. The attention to detail is the best we have seen any where. Nothing has gone unnoticed, from the wonderful toiletries, personal drinking cups on the boats, laundry, fresh towels. I believe the staff can read the guests minds, they anticipate every wants and needs. The diving is fabulous and the dive staff is a 12 (out of 10). Our guide is great, his X-ray vision has shown us dozens of awesome things. You only "think" you've been to the best dive resort ever, after staying at Wakatobi, you "know" you've been to the best dive resort ever. We've been to many dive resorts around the world, Wakatobi has by far sky rocketed to the top of the list, our experience has been very special and absolutely enjoyable. We will be recommending Wakatobi to all of our friends. A Wakatobi trip is a "must do"! Our only regret is that we are not here longer. "
Gary & Jodi Gould - February 2011

 ""It brings tears to my eyes". So beautiful and well kept. All our needs have been more than accommodated. This place will be in our hearts for many years to come. Wakatobi Dive Resort is a place where the entire staff knows your name and needs. A dive resort by no other name, the best the world has to offer! Each and every dive site is unique! You will not be disappointed. "
Cindy and BobHeywood - February 2011

 "We've never been so relaxed and had as much fun as we did at Wakatobi. Forget the shoes, no need to lock the room, excellent food, exemplary service and diving that is beyond compare. We have already planned our next trip! "
Steve and Cindy Ransom - February 2011

Featured Endorsement

"At Wakatobi, no guest need be concerned about any vestige of the colonial era. It is an eco friendly resort whose creators' mission statement must be dedicated to diversity is inclusion of the Indonesian people in all levels and aspects of the staff and operation. It's a barefoot and first name existence for all the guests as they walk the sandy paths in the neat and unpretentious campus. It is a very unique summer camp and a great place to forget just about everything. "
Randy Judd - February 2011


 "From the moment you're being greeted by the team at Denpasar airport, the truly amazing Wakatobi experience starts, you're feeling welcomed and very well looked after all the time. Staff are fantastic! Everyone -Hospitality, Dive Team, Boat Crew- are so lovely and friendly and helpful; No requests seems too much and everything is done with a smile. Everything in the resort (the bungalows, communal areas, the 'landscaping') has been put together with so much love and passion, and an incredible attention to detail, it's just wonderful! The diving is incredible! The dive team are so knowledgeable and make every dive just pure bliss. And the food...Gorgeous! This is paradise found! The best diving I have ever done, and you're staying in the most beautiful place, looked after by wonderful people. "
Christina Hesse - January 2011

 "Thank you for an unforgettable relaxing stay. Throughout our stay we felt that were well taken care of by all the staff. The food was delicious, the spa was professional and the diving was amazing! We are absolutely so happy that we found such a beautiful place. Wakatobi really is a luxurious resort combined with beautiful dive sites, fantastic staff and a relaxing atmosphere. "
Konstantin Yudintsev - January 2011

 "It was a good experience for me as I discovered fluo diving, it is for the first time I realized how wonderful our world is, it has given another dimension to night diving. I will recommend other divers to try it. Would like you to keep up the good work in eco-diving to help first your business and people around you. "
Essa Al Ghurair - January 2011

 "Attention to detail and enthusiasm shown by the diving team was inspiring, I have never used a microscope underwater before. Snorkelers where well catered for too, thus not just a diving holiday. Amazed at how quickly the staff learned our names. I really liked that. Loved our yoga session. Keep up the good work. "
Kirsty Hunter and family - January 2011

 "Wakatobi has, by far, set the standard for our diving experience. The dive masters are knowledgeable and engaging, and helped to create a memorable experience. The staff was outstanding, from the personal greetings to the exceptional service, all of our needs were met. We certainly will not hesitate to rave about our experience and encourage others to visit. We look forward to the opportunity to return. "
Anya & Bill Schrier - January 2011

 "Bringing a group to Indonesia for the first time concerned me at first, but the moment we arrived in Bali and then to Wakatobi we have been in a state of visual wonder. Bali's beauty, people, architecture, history, arts and food have dazzled & delighted us at every moment. Once we arrived in Wakatobi the concern for the guest is so genuine. Our bungalow is comfortable and quickly felt like our home away from home. Owning a small dive business, we take the time to get to know our divers and they become part of our diving family. We found a kindred spirit here as the people of Wakatobi made us feel like we were family. We can't wait for the next family reunion! "
Michael & Brigette Nadler - January 2011

 "Service was excellent, dive masters were great, fun and knowledgeable, the food was top notch. I had a fabulous time, definitely worth the trip! "
Jim Buell - January 2011

 "The food was great! Staff was very friendly and helpful. I saw something different on each dive. The staff always smiled and lodging was super! Wakatobi can't be matched! "
Bruce Barcic - January 2011

 "This is a great place for spending our honeymoon. Lots and lots of fun and adventure. Thanks to all the Wakatobi management and staff that arranged our honeymoon so well. We had the greatest dive guide, we liked her very much and it is nice to have her as our friend. The arrangements of the Bungalow and the romantic dinner was splendid. Never thought that we could be at a superb place like this. We will recommend this place to every honeymooners, snorkelers, divers, friends and family. Thank you so much Wakatobi. "
Christanto Pranata and Priska Nangoi - January 2011

 "In 20 years of diving, I have never seen the diversity of marine life that Wakatobi offers! Don't think twice, just go! "
Lorie Caruso & Tom Mutschler - January 2011

 "It was an absolutely magical stay at Wakatobi in every aspect. This is the best holiday I have ever had, and I have traveled the world! It is fantastic that Wakatobi is on my doorstep, (I live in Perth) and I can't believe that it has taken me so long to discover it. The staff are all fantastic,from dive masters to house staff, gardeners, etc. Very very helpful and friendly. I have never encountered such amazing service and attention to detail. Perfect one day, heaven the next! Thank you for such an amazing holiday highlighted by the best nature has to offer. We will be back! "
Sophie Coleman & Richard Sallie - January 2011

 "The Wakatobi dive resort is quite simply world class. The staff were very friendly and helpful; always up for a chat and ready to help organize activities that would make my stay more enjoyable. The rooms were well kept, well appointed and had amazing vistas. The diving was extremely well organized and all the sites were top notch. The food was also amazing, 3 delicious courses for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'd recommend Wakatobi to everyone. "
Matthew Sallie - January 2011

 ""The best of Wakatobi Program" starts as soon as your plane lands in Bali and it continues until you enter your plane back home. Every minute of your stay will be unforgettable and you'll wish to stop the time to stay forever. "
Sieglinde Mirie - December 2010

 "A very well run operation. All of the staff have been exceptional, very helpful and pleasant. The dive boats are very functional and have all the amenities. The scheduling of dives has been perfect. Giving us lots of dive experiences and time to unwind in the afternoons. The dive sites are awesome, the mixture of walls and pinnacles has been superb. The food and dining experience speaks for itself! The dive center is very efficient. Awesome place indeed! Wakatobi is truly a special place that I think everyone would enjoy! "
Dave and Carrie Damewood - December 2010

 "My experience here at Wakatobi was phenomenal! The entire staff was friendly, helpful and so accommodating. As a new diver, the dive masters made me feel very comfortable, which allowed me to advance my skills and increase my confidence on every dive. I also really enjoyed their knowledge of the marine life at all dive sites. I was incredibly impressed by the meals prepared. I have traveled extensively and stayed at many 5 star resorts, but I have never had such wonderful delicious and healthy meals day in and day out. I would love to come back and stay longer. Thank you for everything. The natural beauty of Wakatobi only was surpassed by the incredible service of the entire staff. Put Wakatobi on your bucket list! "
Elizabeth Vitu - December 2010

 "The quality of service is perfect, any more and it would be almost intrusive. All of the staff remembers the guests names which is very impressive! Wakatobi was a "bucket list" item for me, but I'm not crossing it off the list, as I intend to come back! "
Jay Wells - December 2010

 "A+ for excellent service and amazing attention to detail not only at the resort but on the reefs as well. If you love to dive, Wakatobi is the place to be. Not only will you experience pristine reefs, the staff and service make you feel at home. "
Teresa Sieberman - December 2010

 "All of my expectations were met and many exceeded. The staff were some of the best I've had the pleasure to come in contact with. Keep up the excellent work. See you again soon. "
Ronald Vearrier - December 2010

 "The service exceeded our expectations. Great people, service and resort. The food was good as well. We enjoyed the diving and the scout trip on land. "
Lorraine Havinga & Gil Gallant - December 2010

 "Customer service / staffing is amazing. The nicest and most helpful people that I have dealt with. I think the resort is top notch. "
Chad Everson - December 2010

 "Astounding. The organization of service around our needs and wants was amazing. Ask for something and magically it would happen. What fun! We have never been so pampered and the staff seemed to actually like and enjoy us, and of course the diving was superb! "
Judy Riggs & Phil Larsen - December 2010

 "The well trained staff melted in perfectly and the service level was throughout the week on a very high level. To be a non diver and a mother of 2 active kids, this has been the best dive resort we have ever stayed at. "
Kerstin Pettersson - December 2010

 "The resort operates efficiently & guests needs are responded to almost immediately. The boat crew members especially the food service employees were perfect in every way. The meals were beautifully prepared, varied and delicious. The bakery items and desserts were superior. We were literally pampered by all of the food servers. The always present courtesy and smiles were a joy. Our room was kept in perfect order and a delight to return to after diving. I commend you all on a very fine operation. "
Bruce McManus & Linda Soares - December 2010

 "We are very impressed by the fantastic service that you offer to the guests. All the staff are incredibly service minded. It is outstanding. The dive master we had was very professional. She has a lot of knowledge in the marine life and gives us information on all the things we see when diving. The food is also amazing and varied everyday. "
Ann-Christin and Anders Markstrom - December 2010

 "The overall service, caring and attention to all the details made this a wonderful experience. Our divemaster was an amazing guide. She made it fun and interesting and made sure it was one spectacular dive after another. The food was fantastic. Can food this good exist anywhere? let alone in the middle of nowhere. We love your water and your water system. I don't know where I would go after this, nothing can top luxury accommodation or diving. "
Donnell Green - December 2010

 "Excellent accommodations. Villas 3 and 4 are a great combination for a family. The staff has been very helpful and very friendly. The food was good quality and the diving was very relaxing and enjoyable. "
Larry Zestar and Hellena Postrk - December 2010

 "Diving operation is efficient and professional. The 70 minutes of diving are outstanding. Food was outstanding, the staff is very very helpful and always nearby to assist. The beach bungalows very nice and kept clean frequently by the outstanding housekeeping staff. All issues we brought up were addressed immediately! A truly Wakatobi unique experience. "
Annette Clayton & Janine Gilbert - December 2010

 "We have had a wonderful time here on this very special island. From the moment we arrived, we were made to feel very welcome and all throughout the trip everyone was just so warm and friendly all the time! The diving was fantastic, I loved the long 70 minute dives. Something I have not encountered anywhere else. The dive guides were very good, very professional and the rest of the dive team and boat guys were ever helpful and always smiling! The accommodation was very comfortable and all the little things made a difference. We had a beautiful view from our bungalow (#2). What a view to wake up to each day! We were spoiled by the chef and his team. The food at every meal was superb! His creativity and flair was evident and we ate very well. Thank you for a great new years eve party, topped with fireworks at the end. We enjoyed mingling with some of the staff and making new friends. What can I say? Our stay was just too short! We hope to return soon, and in the meantime, it's great to know that you are doing all you can to preserve this beautiful place for all divers to appreciate. Keep up the good work and thank you for an unforgettable experience! We will be raving about Wakatobi to all our friends & family for a long time to come. "
Lik Wuk Chua - December 2010

 "My Husband and I are experienced travelers, we have visited dive resorts in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Bahamas...and Wakatobi Dive Resort is the best managed resort we visited! The staff are really careful and helpful. Dives are organized very well, all diving spots are close to the resort and are not overcrowded by other divers. The marine diversity is impressing! I also loved the cooking class and want to thank the chef for it, especially for teaching me how to cook peanut sauce. I asked him and he just cooked it for me and gave me the recipe! Wakatobi Dive Resort is an unforgettable place, we'll miss it in Moscow! "
Tatiana Petrina - December 2010

 "Our family has had a wonderful time at Wakatobi, it is a wonderful mix of relaxation, fantastic diving and excellent food and service. The diving is obviously well organized without being regimented. Our dive guide was fantastic, very polite, relaxed with all the time in the world. A wonderful trip! Wakatobi is a great family holiday, the best dive holidays take time to get to. Wakatobi came highly recommended and didn't disappoint, great diving, excellent food and service. Heaven on Earth! "
Michelle Simons - December 2010

 "Support staff are very welcoming, accommodating & helpful, organizations of group and individual's activities is impeccable. Concierge service were outstanding. Dive Masters on the boat and dive crew are well organized, experienced and helpful. This is the best place for a honeymoon. "
Clark & Sylvia Edwards - November 2010

 "We really enjoyed our week at Wakatobi. It was so much better than we expected. The diving was fantastic and the resort team really goes above and beyond to make the trip a personalized experience, they went out of their way to make sure we enjoyed our honeymoon. The romantic dinner on the beach was awesome! Thank you! It really was our best diving vacation yet. We will be recommending Wakatobi to our diving friends. Our dive guide made both of us feel so comfortable. Being newer divers we were a little intimidated after booking our trip that everyone would have much more diving experience and we wouldn't be comfortable diving. Our dive guide was really great on our first welcome dive and throughout the week, making sure we got a little refresher and making sure we were Ok on each dive. "
Jarrod Schwarz & Jennifer Wang - November 2010

 "Everything about the trip was fabulous. Great diving, lodging, food...but the most wonderful was the extension & helpfulness of the staff. The staff in the restaurant held a private cooking class that was very informative. This is our 2nd trip here and it's very apparent the resort staff has become much more helpful & pleasant & desirous of helping. They were good before but magnificent now. The dive staff went out of their way to help in every capacity and the boat crew was always ready to help. We will return! You come for the diving but you return because of the people."
Mimi Nettrour & Bill Angus - November 2010

 "This place was beyond advertised. Wakatobi met and exceeded any other dive vacation destination we have experienced. The crew gave 110% at all times. I do not understand completely how you accomplish this, but you do it! Thanks for the great time. "
Dennis Donovan - November 2010

 "We think your staff must all be graduates of Disney University. Service with a smile 24/7 regardless of the weather or the request. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. They were able to surprise us with an anniversary cake our first evening. The cooking class was great! Wakatobi is a divers heaven in paradise. "
Deb & Jeff Astroth - November 2010

 "Had a fantastic week here. The staff are very well trained, they make everything happen and are so well versed. Unusual to find in such remote surroundings. "
Robert Becker - November 2010

 "I think that other dive operators should come to Wakatobi to see how it can be done. Great diving, excellent service and an all round fantastic holiday. "
Lynn Hallam - November 2010

 "In general, it is one of the best dive resorts in the world "
Munetoshi Yoshino - November 2010

 "We enjoyed very much our stay at Wakatobi and we are already thinking of coming back next year! Customer service is excellent and very professional in all areas. The combination of diving and snorkeling was particularly important for us. What we found here cannot be beaten! "
Gonzague Overney & Ursula Stocker - November 2010

 "I hadn't been in the water in 15 years and my girlfriend was a new diver. I was most impressed with our dive master and the way she managed 2 different divers. Her attention to detail and her passion for the sport were truly admirable. She's among the finest dive masters I've ever known! Everything from the boat crew to the food crew was absolutely perfect. Very attentive, responsive and customer centric. I honestly can't think of one thing to change. We will be back next year! Without question, this is the best vacation I've had in 20 years! You dive, you eat and you make some incredible friends. Thanks Wakatobi! "
Jerry Bosken - November 2010

 "Wakatobi is beautiful! The staff are wonderful, accommodation very comfortable, food excellent, dive boat, DM's and helpers could not have been better. This was a very special experience. A long flight from Canada, but well worth the journey. Appreciated the personal care. Management is to be commended for the experience provided. A truly phenomenal dive experience. The fluo night dive was so unique, it is a must dive to complete the vacation. "
Pam Archdekin - November 2010

 "5 star diving at a beautiful paradise resort with excellent cuisine and engaged service. "
Uta Wiebe - November 2010

 "This has been a fantastic 2 weeks. We are very very pleased with everything at this resort. The service has been superior! Everything from being met at the airport, the flight over, the restaurant, the room, dive service, Everything! We have traveled a lot to many different dive resorts and this is by far the best we have seen. The routines around the dives, the briefings, nitrox, etc are all well thought out and everything was like clock work. The guides are knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. The reefs are beautiful & thriving. The boat crew are well trained, friendly & helpful. At the restaurant and bar, the staff are well trained and friendly, excellent food and a good variety of menu. "
Wendy & Roland Jansson - November 2010

 "Very impressed with the ecological concept of this beautiful resort. People could not have been nicer or more helpful. Rooms were very comfortable. The restaurant was amazing, different food was beautifully presented every night. This is a really great place! The diving was wonderful, I have never seen such healthy reefs. "
Anne Warburton - October 2010

 "Thank you very much for a relaxing and fun vacation. The staff makes you feel like they are your friends. Great people, caring and always concerned for our well being. "
Anne Vexler - October 2010

 "The diving and resort are super! Staff is friendly and helpful. Dining was awesome, all great dishes. This place is worth the long trip from anywhere! "
Steve and Pam Gremillion - October 2010

 "We love the resort. It is so well maintained. We have not needed one thing that hasn't been provided for us. We will be back. Loved the diving! "
Glen and Eileen Weierbach - October 2010

 "The resort was like a well oiled and much loved machine, a perfect dive vacation for everyone! "
Cindy Caldwell - October 2010

Featured Endorsement

"If there is such a thing as a 5 plus star dive resort, Wakatobi would be at the top of the list. There was never a moment that we were in need of anything. Everything was brought to us, never did we have to search for anything, only ask and immediately it was taken care of. All staff were tops, every bit of food was excellent and all dives were spectacular. I don't want to leave and we discussed coming back on our one year anniversary. It was truly an engaging moment for us. "
Don Roesler and Sheryl Sietsema - October 2010


 "Thank you to the entire staff at Wakatobi for seeing that every detail of our trip was attended to making this our best dive vacation ever. 1st class diving at a 1st class resort! "
Eva Centanni - October 2010

 "Our trip to Wakatobi was outstanding. The attention to detail, the experience of the divemasters and the friendliness of the staff made for a wonderful vacation! On top of that, the extraordinary colors of the coral reefs, purple, green, orange & yellow, the variety of fish were fantastic. We would definitely recommend Wakatobi to our dive friends! "
Julie David - October 2010

 "Best dive operation I've ever seen. Spectacular diving. Every comfort delivered with a smile! "
Thomas Aplin - October 2010

 "This is a special place. We came with friends for excellent diving and left with rejuvenated spirits and about 1000 pictures of reef critters. Your resort (location, staff, guest services) is top class. We really appreciated the personalized service. Hoping to visit again someday. "
Kristin Pugh - October 2010

 "We've had a fabulous week. Diving has been superb, our guide extremely helpful and conscious of our needs, going above and beyond the call of duty. Our diving skills have improved dramatically during our stay here and it has been wonderful to be able to examine and explore the reefs. Food during stay has been excellent, plenty of choices. The staff have been exceptional and are a real credit to your set up here. Overall a wonderful experience with memories we will treasure. "
Paul and Sarah Cunningham - October 2010

 "Worth the 24 hours of flight time to get here! It was a privilege diving your reefs! "
Cecilia Collins - October 2010

 "The best dive operation I've ever experienced! Super staff from all aspects. You ask, they accommodate. To top this, you experience one of the worlds best dive sites! The long flight is worth the hassle! "
Joan Adair - October 2010

 "My experience as a new diver was incredible. The divemaster staff was excellent. They were very patient and encouraging. Over the course of the week I logged 19 dives with a total underwater time of 18:14! I am definitely hooked! The resort staff is outstanding, they were so personable and continuously went out of their way to make our stay above all else. The facility was excellent and the dive sites were spectacular. Thanks for a great adventure! "
Katrina Smith - October 2010

 "The wonderful staff made it a very personal experience from the diving, dining and even spa. The Spa experience was an incredible value. "
Jean Biberdorf - October 2010

 "Very nice resort with excellent food and staff. The dive guides are very good and they help you with everything you need. The dive boats have good space and are comfortable to go with. "
Tom Axelsson - October 2010

 "We had a very pleasant stay at Wakatobi. Since our last visit the service has become very personal and has improved a lot. The attention we got regarding Elly's gluten intolerance was incredible. Compliments to the chef, the kitchen and restaurant staff. This also goes for food variety and quality. The presentations in the evening were good and very interesting. We love the relaxed atmosphere in Wakatobi and will certainly recommend the resort once the opportunity arises. Looking forward to come back "
Robert and Elisabeth van den Brink - October 2010

 "The staff at Wakatobi are amazing and exceptionally attentive to every request. The experience was wonderful. The food is delicious and beautifully presented. Everyone in the restaurant goes out of their way to be helpful. As a snorkeler, I was apprehensive about coming to Wakatobi. The quality of the reefs exceeded my highest expectations and everyone was super helpful. "
Winifred Godfrey - October 2010

 "First rate facilities and employees. Great attention to detail in every department from diving to bungalows to dining. Highly recommended. "
Jerome Overton - October 2010

 "Wakatobi delivered on everything promised. We had a very nice vacation and really enjoyed the personal service, we brought along a parent for her first dive vacation overseas and the service provided by Wakatobi was ideal for making her very comfortable. The local staff was very attentive and extremely competent. The dive staff were always there to take care of our every need. It was really nice to have such knowledgeable dive staff available to help find and identify the critters. "
Greg and Janice McLaughlin - October 2010

 "This is my fourth consecutive visit to my spiritual home and it has been better every time "
Jayne Miller - October 2010

 "Thank you all for the wonderful stay in the resort and the perfect service. The reefs are really great and the dive guides are excellent. I saw so many different species and the highlight of the trip are the night dives. A perfect place for families. We travel with 2 kids! "
Axel Bellmann - October 2010

 "Wakatobi met our high expectations. We had a fabulous time! The diving was amazing and we hope to return in the future. We also would like to say thank you to all the local staff who were absolutely wonderful and really looked after us. "
Paul and Paula Brazier - October 2010

 "Thank you so much for the wonderful time we spent here! Thanks to all the dive guides for the perfect introduction, for the guiding underwater and all the knowledge and enthusiasm. Thanks to the good crew we had on the boat. We really had fun! Keep smiling. Thanks for the outstanding cuisine, everyday was a miracle. "
Karin Hugentobler - October 2010

 "The Wakatobi dive resort is an outstanding place to relax and dive. Every member of the staff from the house keeping to the divemasters gives an excellent service. The divesites are astonishing, the dive masters are first rate, the food is fresh, delicious and assorted. Every staff tries to give the impression that we are VIP guests and gives a special service. When we made the reservations for this resort we had the impression that 11-days will be much too long for diving in the same place, but on the eleventh day when we had to leave, we had the sensation that we only started this vacation and felt sad to leave this amazing place. "
Marta and Gabor Mozes - October 2010

 "You are all amazing! What you've done with this remote location is inspirational. From our first dive here, we were overwhelmed. There's just too much to see! But it doesn't stop there. The customer service is inspirational and our divemaster was amazing. Everything was perfect! "
Cody and Linda Hale - September 2010

 "Our Stay here was lovely. Everyone was friendly and seemed to genuinely care about our well-being as well as our enjoyment of our vacation. We enjoyed meals with the staff and getting to know people. The diving was also great and the boat crew made everything very easy. "
Julia Zaks and Robert Chin - September 2010

 "This is our 4th visit and the resort has improved every time. The staff have been even more helpful. Our divemaster was good to dive with and we enjoyed his company and his style. All the staff have made us feel very special. "
Alan and Jacqui Townsend - September 2010

 "Great staff, great resort, great dives, great divesites, great food. We look forward to visit again, soon hopefully. Oh, awesome massage! "
Fransisca Harlijanto - September 2010

 "The time went too quickly. The reefs are pristine and spectacular and every dive was extraordinary. The dive team, boat crew and your staff could not have been better. It's nice to meet people who enjoy their work and go above and beyond. "
Alison Paradise - September 2010

 "The service, the staff, the food, the housekeeping staff, the 'spa' - I went 3 times and I'm not a 'spa person' - Now I'm hooked! The sand, the water, the boats, the jetty bar - All A OK! 5 star service and 5 star diving. "
John and Linda Simmons - September 2010

 "The ultimate in so many ways. Reef quality, species variety, attention to diver's needs, facilities, food, accommodations, It's all here. "
Chuck Stavoe and Laurie Horiszny - September 2010

 "Wakatobi is a beautiful place to dive and relax. Never before have we seen any resort like this. We will come back, perhaps with friends "
Thomas and Rita Fischer - September 2010

 "Great dive operation, our dive guide was a very good dive leader and the boat crew was very helpful. Food is top of the line - nice presentation, lots of choices and all was delicious. This was my dream trip and it came true. The entire staff is focused on ensuring a great dive vacation. "
Mike and Nancy Sandler - September 2010

 "Our visit to Wakatobi has been a trip of a lifetime. Many magical moments were shared both underwater and on land. Of course the diving and the reef were amazing, it is so beautiful here. What a crazy thing it was to see that whale shark!. But other than the diverse reef life and diving (which is why people come here), there are many other notable aspects too. First, the staff is amazing, they really are first rate and take such good care of the guests, they are such kind people, at front desk and at the restaurant, at the spa and of course the dive team. The dive guides are excellent spotters, we got to see many of the elusive pygmy sea horses. I also like the food. My favorites were the raw tuna, sashimi and the desserts. It's also nice to take a break and do other activities like the spa and yoga. Also learning how this place started, gave us another appreciation for the place. We will definitely encourage our friends to do themselves a favor - visit Wakatobi! "
Antonio and Angie Rosso - September 2010

 "We worried about coming so far from home. Who knew that the best of home was here with the best diving in the world? "
Bill Manard - September 2010

 "We just completed 17 days of our 4th trip to Wakatobi. What more can we say. We were so happy to return. The resort continues to mature which we can certainly attest to since our 1st trip in 2000. The diving continues to get better. The corals - hard & soft are alive and growing. The fish & critters are in abundance on every dive. On one of our dives, a whale shark was seen and videoed. All in all, Wakatobi is the best 'all around' dive resort anywhere in the world! "
Tom and Arlie White - September 2010

 "We never thought that it could get better than last year, we were so wrong. Our stay both years has been outstanding. "
Ron and Vickie Shirey - September 2010

Featured Endorsement

"I had high expectations of Wakatobi after having my eye on it for ten years. You managed to exceed my expectations in pretty much all areas. Superb service all round, great facilities and the diving was excellent. It is admirable that you have clearly invested so much time, effort and money into conserving this beautiful underwater paradise. this is clearly more than a 'normal' dive resort. Wakatobi is simply stunning both above and below the surface. Vast incredibly vibrant reefs in a biodiversity hotspot. Wakatobi is in a league of its own! "
Chris Goodwin - September 2010


 "Everything is top of the line; our room, the dive facilities, the wonderful staff and amazing food. We particularly enjoyed getting to know members of the friendly restaurant / bar staff and boat crews. Terima kasih banyak! This is the best dive resort I've ever visited. "
Mary Marshall - September 2010

 "We have had a wonderful experience here. The staff in every area has been excellent and friendly, and so willing to be helpful. We know many who have dived and visited at Wakatobi, and all the wonderful things we heard proved true. This was one of our very best dive trips ever. "
Steve Gould - September 2010

 "Arrive as a guest, leave as a friend. "
Mark and Cathy Smith - September 2010

Featured Endorsement

"The resort reefs are just amazing. So healthy, so alive. I was here 9 years ago and ever since, I've been raving about how pristine the reefs are. This time, the reefs were even better - even richer than before! "
Ken Hares & Jo Arnett - September 2010


 "For diving there is nothing better. God provided the natural resources and the Wakatobi staff has done the rest. It is an out of this world dive experience. I have done diving around the world and my dive guide was the best guide I have worked with."
Steve Lawrence - August 2010

 "We loved the diving. Everyone works hard to provide positive enriching diving experiences and the food was fantastic."
Anita Duvall - August 2010

 "All the staff members were very conscientious and kind. The service in the restaurant was great as it was with the dive staff. The bungalows were large and nice, the food is delicious and the reefs are healthy with a great diversity."
Annie Lang and Marcus Millet - August 2010

 "Fantastic Dive Experience Managers, I like the conservation philosophy of the resort. The staff are all so wonderful, and you never have to think about anything but the beauty of the reefs."
Steven Roach and Michele Nishiguchi - August 2010

 "Third time in Wakatobi and we are again so pleased by our stay. We see a few improvements each year. It is getting better and better, the service at all levels is perfect. Thanks to the very dedicated diving staff and the very friendly local staff especially at the restaurant, they are all fantastic people. We love the concept. Do not change anything and keep the authenticity."
Bernard Hanotiau and family - August 2010

 "We truly enjoyed our stay in Wakatobi. It exceeded our expectations and all staff / service has been excellent. We look forward to come back some time in the future and perhaps with a combination of resort / Pelagian. "
Bjoern and Camilla Josefsson - August 2010

 "Wakatobi is the most excellent resort I have experienced. The sea and the corals were beautiful, the staff were very kind and the food was delicious. "
Mikio Chiba - August 2010

 "I again had a great stay and loved the warm hospitality given by all the staff. I liked how the feedback during the trip was directly taken into action. The food was really great and I again ate too much :), and a compliment to the pastry chef who made my chocolate cake. The diving experience was again superb and stunning. This was my 4th time in Wakatobi and I can only say it was not the last. It's not just the superb diving but also the resort experience with the wonderful staff. "
Alex Binder - August 2010

 "We have been very impressed with the level of care that all the staff have provided us with. The room is clean and nicely decorated, fresh water and fresh towels everyday. The restaurant is also nicely decorated and the food is absolutely fabulous and very high standard. Wakatobi is a little oasis in Indonesia. Full of friendliness, charm, great diving and professional committed staff. Check it out! "
Dave and Martine Coventry - August 2010

 "We loved our stay here, can we take the cook and the housekeeping back home? :) Diving was great and very well organized. "
the Zandbergen Family - August 2010

 "Fabulous diving, the most amazing biodiversity ever. Every care taken to ensure an excellent experience. "
Christopher and Michele Chalfant - August 2010

 "After diving here, everywhere else will seem like a pile of rubble. The food is so good you'll want to sneak the chef into your suitcase and take him home with you. "
Amanda Chalfant - August 2010

Featured Endorsement

"Wakatobi really is a wonderful place. With very special people. I am a fan. I hope we have the chance to come back. "
Paola Ruggiero, Chiara and Fabio Morselli - August 2010


 "This has been a first class experience from beginning to end. From the spectacular website to the office staff, to the housekeeping, boat crews to fantastic dive masters, Everything has been amazing!!! I have traveled all over the world and never experienced such exceptional personal service given so pleasantly. Every detail is tended to and 'the people make the difference.' This has been the dive trip of a lifetime. "
Moe Mullen - July 2010

 "It starts when you are met at the airport by a courteous member of your team. Upon arrival you instantly feel at home because everyone learns your name. the bungalow was immaculate and the beds were extremely comfortable. The proximity to the ocean was visually stunning. The food was eclectic and met the needs of all. The shore staff was incredible. always quick to lend a hand. Please be sure they realize how appreciative I and of their efforts. The dining room was amazing. By day 2 everyone was calling me by name and making sure i was taken care of. As for the dive staff all I can say is "WOW"! The captains were incredibly sure behind the wheel and the crew was top notch. I always felt safe having them set up my equipment because they were so obviously competent. "
Barb Held - July 2010

 "This has been one of the most pleasant dive vacations ever and one of the healthiest coral reef ecosystems I have ever seen, the marine life is abundant and healthy. I have been diving for 10 years and this is the first time I have ever dove in only 10lbs of weight. I can attribute this to the confidence and assurance provided by my dive master. He was a great teacher and very knowledgeable about the coral ecosystem of Wakatobi. The staff is wonderful, having them address you by your first name is very welcoming. "
Karen Retford - July 2010

 "This is the ultimate 5 star diving experience with excellent accommodations, sustenance and customer service. The service & diving staff rank at the top of all our past diving experience. Wakatobi is the pinnacle of destination dive resorts. "
Joan and Jim Coopman - July 2010

 "A unique island paradise with wonderful diving, exceptional all round service and a superb setting. In short, Perfect! "
Brian Parsons and Anne Wharmby - July 2010

 "The Wakatobi experience has been much more than I anticipated. Wakatobi is a tropical paradise with a beautiful scenery, gorgeous reefs, superb service and as much privacy you desire. Wakatobi far exceeded my expectations for the dream vacation. "
Jan Barnes - July 2010

 "The divemasters are the best I have met. They are so enthusiastic about the reef. They will research if they don't have an answer to a question! They ate meals with us and always had a lot of energy. They are always watching our safety. The rooms and housekeeping are wonderful. The restaurant staff and chef really make you feel welcome. They cater to our needs. All of the staff go out of their way to make this the best travel or dive experience. You will be spoiled after going to Wakatobi. It will be difficult to have this level of service at other resorts. "
Nancy Delaney - July 2010

 "The experience here at Wakatobi has exceeded all expectations. The attention to detail, the friendliness of the staff, the consideration of my needs, all is brilliant! Thank you so much for assisting me with snorkeling. I 'was' a beginner when I arrived here but now feel confident ad relaxed in the water. The divemasters were superb guides. "
Margaret Harmathy - July 2010

 "We've had a wonderful holiday with you. We especially appreciate that all the staff called us by name. We were very happy with the number of divers per site. Bungalow #1 is very pretty, I LOVE the shower. The spa treatments are great and the food is Fabulous!! Everything about Wakatobi is perfect! The diving, Dive Event Managers, food, accommodations, food, spa services, all the staff, and did we mention the food!!? "
Nancy Nester and Bill Baumann - July 2010

 "We have enjoyed our stay in Wakatobi very much especially the accommodations and diving. The food was also great! Your staff is extremely helpful and a pleasure to have around, especially the diving crew and also the restaurant staff. We had a very nice time here and made some new friends. "
Bo and Roman Michalowski - July 2010

 "I don't see how you could do this better. Everyone from the management to the lowest level of staff takes their job seriously (but cheerfully) and it shows. I took the full nitrox package and a private dive guide, which was absolutely the right decision. The dive guide was well chosen and well briefed and could not have tried harder. You made sure I was never lonely and responded brilliantly when i started to get sore legs from wet bathing costumes which could have spoiled my holiday. The food is good and there is a good choice of non-fattening options. Wakatobi is a unique Dive Center built by a diver (and underwater conservationist) for divers in the center of marine biodiversity. Beat this if you can! "
Collin Wall - July 2010

 "Great eco-resort, great healthy reefs with diverse sea life. We enjoyed every day of our stay. The resort is very efficiently operated. All the staff is helpful and very pleasant. We were amazed with the staff's ability to know our names the next day of our arrival. Very impressive. We had a private diver package and we would recommend it to everyone. We would like to thank everyone at Wakatobi for making our stay enjoyable. "
Tomasz & Izabela Wilk - July 2010

 "I have seen a wider variety of animals here than on any other dive resort. The management of the reef system is fantastic. "
Andrew Duvall - July 2010

 "We had a really nice time at Wakatobi. The accommodation is very good and we liked that the restaurant served different snacks every night. The dive guide is very professional, has a lot of experience and knows every little creature by name. Nice atmosphere everywhere. We highly recommend this place. The diving is great, the staff are professional, the food and accommodation is great! "
Anneloes and Rogier Bloemers - July 2010

Featured Endorsement

"Our experience was terrific. We enjoyed all aspects of our time at Wakatobi. Our divemasters were the perfect guides for us. So patient, helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant. They were a major contributing factor to our wonderful trip. All of the staff was remarkably agreeable, helpful and pleasant. The food was great, the bungalow was charming and comfortable. The spa (oh the hot stone massage was divine!) was clean and a wonderful experience, adding to the resort experience. "
Dave and Vicki Corwin - July 2010


 "The dive crew, wait staff, room maintenance and dive support staff were amazing. Everyone is friendly and makes us all feel welcome. This is one of the best if not absolute best experiences I have had diving."
Billy Watson - June 2010

 "No matter what the distance is, Wakatobi is more than worth it. There is no better place to spend your honeymoon."
Rob Rosenthal and Angela DeTie-Rosenthal - June 2010

 "Wakatobi is a five star diving experience. If six stars could be awarded, we would certainly give it six!"
Steve & Bonnie McNulty - June 2010

 "Top notch customer service, 1st class diving, wonderful accommodations and food. Thank you!"
Elizabeth McClave - June 2010

 "After 20 years of searching, I have found my diving nirvana; Indonesia and Wakatobi take my breath away."
Rick Forsman - June 2010

 "I have arrived for the 4th time; originally I was convinced it is for the last time. But after spending 1 week here, I will certainly come back again!"
Miroslav Kulik - June 2010

 "From what I had heard, my expectations were high. The diving and the resort met and exceeded them."
Steve Smith - June 2010

 "The resort is even better than I remember from four years ago. A tiny slice of heaven on earth."
Natalie Meisler - June 2010

 "A 'must do' diving experience. Great accommodations, great service, great divesites, and great boats and divemasters."
John Gerber - June 2010

 "Friendly staff, good food, and fabulous diving made for a great week. "
Pat Furman - June 2010

 "In the last 10 days I have had a great experience at the Wakatobi Resort. The weather was not quite perfect but the diving was still brilliant. The dive guides and all staff provided an excellent service creating a great holiday experience. I totally enjoyed my stay at Wakatobi and would be happy to return in the future."
Rob Fletcher - June 2010

 "Thank you to the resort staff and dive staff for making this our most memorable holiday ever! It was magical!"
Pat and Libby Herman - June 2010

 "A great resort with both fantastic childcare & wonderful diving."
Andrew Luff - June 2010

 "We have enjoyed our stay at Wakatobi, the staffs were great & the diving was awesome. Thanks for making our honeymoon special. "
Romy Jones and Keith Olaisen - June 2010

 "Great facilities, great food, great service in a great tropical location along with the world's greatest reefs. This truly is a diver's paradise! It doesn't get better than this."
Mark and Tobi Johannsen - June 2010

 "We've had a fantastic trip to Wakatobi, great diving, the place is beautiful. What makes this place really stand out is the fantastic service minded and dedicated staff and dive guides."
Kathrine Hesner and Michael Jensen - June 2010

 "This was an incredible experience. The reefs are in excellent condition and it is readily apparent that conservation of the reefs and marine life is a top priority. Additionally, the support of the local people is wonderful. The locals are prospering and children are being educated. I can't say enough about the generosity of the Wakatobi resort."
Teri Fabry - June 2010

 "Wakatobi is without equal in terms of staff no matter what part of the world you may visit; this is the top of the pyramid for service, personal caring and over the top willingness to do whatever it takes to assure a wonderful experience. The reefs are a Disneyland of healthy sea life; one hardly knows where to look."
Mary Johnson - June 2010

 "Though Wakatobi is a dive resort, it is great for snorkelers as well. And if you become curious like I did, there is no better place to have your first dive."
Smitha Sarma - June 2010

 "As a diver who has dived the 7 continents including Arctic and Antarctic, I am most favorably impressed by the best protected reefs and marine life here in Wakatobi. The corals here are so healthy they attract so many fish. All the dive sites are so beautiful that they look like underwater gardens."
Shaowen Lin - June 2010

 "The best all-around staff! Everything was so efficient and well organized. Dive guides were very accommodating and knowledgeable. What could we possibly say about the diving that hasn't already been said? It was magnificent!"
Charles Hollings and Barbara Miller - June 2010

 "This is possibly one of the best organized resort and dive operation that I have ever experienced. There is not one second when some member of the staff is not looking to make your stay easier and more comfortable and it is amazing how quickly they all learn the names of all the guests."
Peggiann Nuccio and Robert Sneddon - June 2010

 "Wakatobi is a scuba divers paradise! This is a heaven on earth! I've gone on 15 dives in the last 4 days and every dive site is unique. The diversity of the corals and sea life is truly amazing. The beauty is like nowhere else I've ever been. Not only is the diving spectacular, but the customer service has been nothing but perfect since we boarded Wakatobi's private charter. The attention to details surpasses any place I've ever been."
Susan Sems - June 2010

 "The staff is extremely nice and accommodating! Always on top of their game, in and out of the water."
Robin Coggins and Robert Kreider - May 2010

 "If I did not know better I would think 'Wakatobi' is Indonesian for 'Perfection'. The staffs, the accommodations, the food, the dining... the best!!!"
Nelson and Donna Baumer - May 2010

 "We have been to dozen of resorts, we have never seen better. Attention to detail is number 1, very professional. The staff is outstanding and the diving is the best!"
Reg and Brenda Varga - May 2010

 "Wakatobi is pure pleasure, glorious diving, gracious delightful people, perfect bungalows & magnificent food!"
Ann & Paul Gerber - May 2010

 "They should change the name to 'Wowkatobi'. The diving, resort, divemasters, staff all exceeded my expectations. If you have a complaint, you really did not stay here! "
Richard Steinbach - May 2010

 "An island adventure not to be missed. From nudibranches to the milky way, Wakatobi has it all. We shall return!!"
Dennis Beaver & Cheryl Hubay - May 2010

 "Everything above water (service, organization, boat crew, food, dive guides) exceeded our expectations. Fantastic job! We are very impressed with everything and we feel that other diving resorts should look at what you do because you have an extremely well-run organization that specifically caters for divers and their preferences."
David and Carolyn Swallow - May 2010

 "Absolutely wonderful! The staff was exceptional, the food outstanding, overall exceeds all expectations. Keep up the good work!"
Judy Bartholomew - May 2010

 "Top of the list for me! Dive sites and resort"
Patty Cannon - May 2010

 "Just the opposite of Land Locked, Nashville, TN. We loved being water locked at Wakatobi!"
Ronnie & Jeanette Haislip - May 2010

 "When you need to experience the best level of service, food and diving, set your compass to Wakatobi. I found the staff and facilities as great as the abundant reef."
Charlie Wallace - May 2010

 "My third visit and I am spoiled. The bar was set high after my first visit and no other dive resort can match it!"
Caroline Shaw - May 2010

 "Amenities, food & service of a boutique beach resort combined with the ease and convenience of a luxury liveaboard."
Greg & Janna Mossman - May 2010

 "We found Bora Bora to be amazing, but as a dive resort, Wakatobi is second to none! No wonder it is regarded as number 1 world-wide."
Dan & Cherie Hammond - May 2010

 "A paradise for all the senses, we love this place. Please keep it isolated. I have never experienced such exclusive access to the dive sites. The staff was better than courteous and the food was amazing. I cannot think of a thing to change. "
Richard and Judi Hunter - April 2010

 "Both the diving and the service far exceeded my expectations. The reefs are beautiful but the staff may be an even more valuable resource. Thanks