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Pre-trip spa package
Before your international connection departs, allow us to offer you a sanctuary just moments from the airport terminal, where you can while away your transit time pampered with a luxurious spa treatment.

Our "Pre-Flight Spa" offers a stylish end to a fantastic holiday for those of you with a little time before your long flight home.

What better way to prepare yourself for your flight than a relaxing massage, with specially selected creams to ease the drying effects of the aircraft air-conditioning?

As our charter flight from Wakatobi touches down, your private chauffeur will be on-hand to effortlessly transfer you to this refuge, just five minutes along the beach from the airport.

While our concierge stores your luggage safely, a highly-trained therapist will explain each delectable treatment. The only difficulty you will experience is deciding which is the one for you. Bliss!

From your treatment room, you are just a few short steps away from Ma-Joly, a renowned beachfront restaurant.... As the sun sets one last time on your trip, you will be welcomed here to enjoy a refreshing cocktail or your choice from the sumptuous menu.

Our concierge will ensure your chauffeur is there at just the right time to take you back to the airport, just in time for check-in.


    The Pre Flight Spa Program includes the following:

  1. Transfers from and to the airport.
  2. Concierge service.
  3. Welcoming herbal tea or ginger tea.
  4. Safe Deposit Box for the storage of jewellery and other valuables during the treatment session.
  5. Your choice of spa treatment.
  6. Use of Spa bathing and changing facilities.
  7. A complimentary drink from the Ma Jolly restaurant located just a few steps from the spa.

Spa treatments and rates
A La Carte Menu:

Type of Treatment Description Duration Rates
Body Massage A variety of Aromatherapy body massage (Balinese massage, Kusuk Tanah Karo, Sundance, Ngurut Lisah, Maduranese Micet, Lympatic Drainage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian) 75 minutes US$ 70
Stone Massage Using heated stone and involving energy work (Reiki) 75 minutes US$ 80
Duo Massage Two therapist working together to restore your body's balance 75 minutes US$ 85
Hair & Scalp Treatment Personalized treatment according to each hair & scalp problems 90 minutes US$ 72
Reflexology 60 minutes US$ 60
Aromatherapy Facial 45 minutes US$ 80
Luxury Bath Jasmine Herbal Bath, Muscle Ease Salt Bath, Romance Salt Bath, Cananga Bath, White Glow Milk Bath, Skin Refiner Milk Bath 30 minutes US$ 58


Pre-trip Spa package Pre-trip Spa package Pre-trip Spa package


Spa Packages:

Package Treatments Description Duration Rates
Sun Burn Savior Body Compress, Body Mask, Luxury Bath (Incl. Face Acupressure), Swedish massage with soft pressure, Face Massage with chamomile oil, body glow. 150 minutes US$ 135
Reshape Gaya Body Scrub, Body Wraps, Luxury Bath, Body Massage 200 minutes US$ 165
Romantic Gaya Body Compress, Romantic Body Scrub, Romance Salt Bath, Maduranese Body Massage, Face Massage 160 minutes US$ 280 / Couple
Refresh Massage Face Massage, Hair & Scalp Treatment, Spa Manicure Pedicure 155 - 245 minutes US$ 180
Rejuvenate Gaya Body Compress, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Luxury Bath (Incl. Face Acupressure), Body Massage, Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment 240 minutes US$ 188
Periyale Gaya Balinese Massage, Reflexology 90 minutes US$ 65

We offer spa services at the resort as well. CLICK HERE!