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Bali VIP Services

Experience the best of Bali before or after your Wakatobi visit:
  • Expert advice in advance of your trip from one of our dedicated travel specialists with recommending and booking hotels at preferential rates. Assistance on what to do and see in Bali based on your interests and preferences.

  • Concierge services upon arrival and throughout your holiday; let us take care of - and refine - the details of your stay

  • VIP services upon arrival; our airport representative will give you an express immigration service, help you with your luggage (through customs) and escort you to your private driver in front of the airport where you will receive a cool drink, a flower garland and your cell phone:

  • Cash local currency in small and big notes which will help you through your first day in Bali. This avoids getting a less favorable exchange rate at the airport or having to pull out your credit card upon arrival in Bali.

  • Complimentary cell phone for use in Bali and at the Resort ensuring your concierge contact to be smooth and easy. Your Indonesian phone number will be provided before arrival in Bali so you can share it with friends and family before flying overseas. The phone will also be pre-programmed with numbers relevant to you and your friends (your hotel, your concierge etc).

  • Up to four airport transfers with one of our hand selected drivers within one hour from the airport. If no airport transfers are required, then these will be replaced with a complimentary one day tour with private driver / guide.

  • Activities packet with everything you need to experience the "Best of Bali".

  • VIP services upon departure; our airport representative will give you an express immigration service and escort you to our international airport VIP lounge with complementary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, finger food, satellite TV, six desktop computers to use for internet and wireless internet connection.
The Bali Concierge Services program is USD $550 per person or per couple.

The Hidden Life of East Bali

Explore the East of Bali, which is rich in the historical and cultural legacy of the three kingdoms of Klunkung, Bangli and Karangasem. Click here to learn more or contact our concierge to arrange your tour.

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Read what recent VIP guests have said!

"We miss Wakatobi and the wonderful support team . We could not have asked for more. I have never been on a holiday where all our arrangements went so smoothly and we appreciated all that you did for us. It was a truly great experience and would like to go again sometime . The Sarinbuana Eco lodge was a piece of heaven. We loved it. If you ever operate this sought of service anywhere else, please let me know. It makes holidaying so easy.
Again, thank you so much for all that you did for us."

J&N - Victoria, Australia - September 2012

"We would like to thank you and your crew for the seamless service you provided us during our recent travels. From the warm reception upon our initial arrival in Bali through to our final departure, we were grateful for having you as our “Best Friend in Bali." [For family reasons], I can’t begin to imagine what it would have been like to have been without the Bali cell phone - using my US-based phone would have cost a minor fortune. Our driver was great and the Private Villa you have recommended was a gem. I realize that there are probably hundreds of similar villas in the region, but this one was ours and we really loved it. The location was excellent: we could just pop out the back door and down an alley and be in the heart of the Seminyak dining and shopping area. Service by villa staff was warm, friendly and unobtrusive. Again, Thanks to you and the whole Bali-based team for all you did for us"
J&S - Virgin Islands, USA - June 2012

"We are so fortunate that we made the decision to stay in Bali, it was almost as good as Wakatobi. The "Bali VIP Service" was beyond our expectations and worth every penny. The overall experience at both hotels you have recommended were superb. The Komaneka Resort was great for the kids and they enjoyed their stay as much as we did. "Thank you" cannot come close in expressing our gratitude to you, and the ENTIRE staff at Wakatobi and Bali for the way we were taken care of."
Howard & Pattiann Witkin, Sean, Gabi, Spencer, and Riley, October 2011

"It is rare that a destination exceeds expectations. The entire experience at Wakatobi was wonderful! My wife and I utilized the VIP concierge service. It was well worth the slight extra charge. Indeed, transit through the airport on arrival and departure was made easier than I ever could imagine. Our Concierge was very, very helpful, as were all the staff. If the resort itself was anything like the VIP service, then it was already worth the trip. In fact, it was better."
Dr. Dennis & Sarah Wagner, October 2011

"We will be HIGHLY recommending your concierge service to anyone who will be traveling to Bali and/or Wakatobi. All of the services were professionally provided. It is a great comfort to be welcomed as we were when one travels half way across the world. It was helpful to get our questions answered prior to and during the trip. It was absolutely worth every penny (and more) to have that piece of mind that we could contact your staff at any point during our travels there. The connections were seamless, the tours were fantastic. If we did this trip again, we would do it exactly the same."
Renee & Mike Christensen, August 2011

"The arrangements by the Bali VIP Service team were first class and the service was outstanding. I have already recommended Wakatobi and the VIP services to all our diving friends. I cannot thank you enough for making our trip the highlight of many years of travel"
Cheryl & Gary Justice, June 2011

" I can't stress enough how valuable the VIP service was to me. It was great having someone right there when I arrived to take care of all of the little necessities. The fact that you had some local currency for me was an added bonus. The cell phone provided a level of comfort for me, knowing I could contact you if needed. It came in handy several times. I would highly recommend the VIP service to anyone traveling to Wakatobi, especially if they are staying over in Bali. Mary, Art and Sara all said they wished they had signed up for the VIP service from the beginning."

The one thing I appreciated above all others, was the help and patience in putting together all of the things I wanted to go. I don't know how I would have ever done it all on my own. You were always so polite even when I asked to rearrange tours. I felt if I needed anything you were always there to help me out and answer my questions."
Sharon Williams, June 2011

" We would like to thank you for the top notch services you provided. It was a wonderful trip and we will treasure this trip in our heart, for the land and the people were so beautiful and friendly."
Thuy & Jerry Harvey, March 2011

" We loved the Bali VIP Services... The little box with all the goodies is a really great idea. I wouldn't change anything. The phone was great and allowed me to call my 95 year-old Mom and reassure her that we were okay and that she was good as well. The Rupiah was helpful as well. Couldn't have asked for better service from you and your staff. Thank you again."
Linda Soares & Bruce McManus, December 2010

" I don't even know what to say to tell you how perfect every little detail of our trip was. Your private guide was amazing for our tours. I don't know how you do it but your operation never missed a beat. Thank you so much for making out trip perfect."
Patte Boggs, November 2010

" It is amazing how we planned and anticipated for a year and now it is over. We had a great time and the services provided by you and the staff in Bali Wakatobi were the best. Neither Tom nor I have any complaints only compliments for a job well done. The "Bali VIP Service" package was really worth it to us and I think most of your guest would agree. It makes traveling a bit easier when someone else can take care of the logistics. The guide you recommended was a fabulous driver and really added a lot of insight into the Balinese people and their culture. Please say hi to him for us. Thanks for making our trip smooth and taking good care of us."
Julie David and Tom Bryan, October 2010

" You and the rest of the Bali staff were great. Your response to emails was very prompt, professional, and thorough. We really appreciated having the staff at the airport to help us navigate immigration and customs, especially arriving after 24 hours of consecutive travel. Everything was incredibly smooth and prompt. Seeing your smiling faces waiting outside the airport, standing out from the crowd of others waiting outside, was yet another great relief after our long travel to a new land."

"The hotel you have recommended to us was wonderful. It was similar to what we would expect for about 2-3 times the cost here in the US. The day tour we have done was very nice. The tour guide you provided was great and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a driver and tour guide in Bali. He was very knowledgeable, friendly, flexible, helpful, and many other superlatives of which I can't think right now. The international departure services were a nice bonus. Being able to skip the payment line for the departure tax was an added benefit. Our guide made sure that we could find our way through the airport and up to the lounge. We are going to work with our dive shop to arrange a trip for 2012 or 2013, and we have been talking up the "Bali VIP Services" services to them as well."
Bill Manard & Joanne Wolfe, September 2010

"We can't express in word or print how grateful we both are for everything you and the Wakatobi staff did to make this trip the best we have ever experienced, and I don't say that lightly. From the very moment we stepped off the airplane to the moment of our departure we felt special and have "NEVER" been treated so well. We love Wakatobi and will return. Please express to all the Wakatobi family our deepest gratitude for making this the trip of our LIFE!"
Pat & Libby Herman, June 2010

" Thank you for all you did to make our trip exceptional. All the people involved were wonderful and very helpful. The hotels you booked for us were great and the day tours fun and interesting. Bali certainly is a beautiful island with delightful people. It was a privilege to visit."
Karen Nelson & David Benson, April 2010

"We found Wakatobi's "Best Friends in Town" privilege services to be a well-designed package that offers excellent value to guests staying in Bali a few days before and after flying out to the resort. The personal welcome on international arrival, the private driver transfers from and back to the airport, the pre-programmed cell phone and the start-up currency package were all extremely helpful. The concierge services - including pre-arrival hotel / resort recommendations by email, activities booking (including local transportation) and valuable advice and troubleshooting in other connections - were outstanding, as was the overall quality of service provided by the wonderful staff members. We hope to return to Wakatobi, and we look forward to seeing our "Best Friends in Town" again."
Diane and Terence, March 2010

"You did an absolutely wonderful job of organizing our transportation and activities in Bali. It was greatly appreciated."
Corky & Sy Halberg, December 2009

"Thank you! You have made this such an easy process & I appreciate all your assistance."
Sharon Thompson, October 2009

"The three of us had a wonderful time, every hotel had very good service and everything you did for us worked out perfect. Beginning with the pickup and delivery service which was very professional, reliable, on time, we became friends. When you talk with them, please give them our thanks and greetings."

Honestly, without you and your bookings and general arrangements, our stay on Bali would not have been so memorable and beautiful. You did a perfect arrangement. All hotels, every one of them was very nice and we can recommend them highly."
Guenter, Joleen and Kyle Kabel, August 2009

"I wanted to express our gratitude for the extraordinary effort that you undertook for us in Bali and on Wakatobi. The vacation was one of the very best we have had. The difference I feel is in the tailor-made approach in Bali, the excellent atmosphere and infrastructure on the island and the very personal, extremely forthcoming treatment by all members of the Wakatobi team."
Christian Wipf, July 2009


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