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Marine Life Identification

Crustaceans - Crabs and Lobster
Below is a sampling of common crab and lobster species you may see while diving on Wakatobi Reefs.
You may click on selected species photos or names to get a detail species profile. Species profiles powered by Coralrealm

Striped-leg Spiny Lobster
Panulirus femoristriga
Elegant Squat Lobster
Allogalathea elegans
Hairy Squat Lobster
Lauriea siagiani
Box Crab
Calappa calappa
Anemone Porcelain Crab
Neopetrolisthes maculatus
Tuberculate Decorator Crab
Cyclocoeloma tuberculata
Soft Coral Crab
Haplophrys oatesii
Orang Utan Crab
Achaeus japonicus
Anemone Hermit Crab
Dardanus pedunculatus

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