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Alberto Recchi
Alberto Luca Recchi
Alberto Luca Recchi
Documentary Maker


For 20 years Alberto has been narrating life in the ocean with his photography. To sharks in particular he has dedicated a great part of his efforts, taking part in research expeditions all over the world. As a noted ocean expert, Alberto led "Mission Sharks" the first dedicated shark discovery expedition in the Mediterranean Sea (www.obiettivosqali.it). He also organized a shark-themed exhibition (www.mostrasquali.it), produced a musical (www.squaliateatro.it) and has written several books on the ocean and marine life. He received many international awards and his articles and pictures have been published in several prestigious magazines including L'Espresso, Panorama and National Geographic. Alberto is also involved in the production of the eco-luxury tourism resource book Eco-luxury Retreats of the World ( www.ecoluxury.com).


Once upon a time only very few could travel and enjoy the beauty and wonders of the sea. Today, tourism is a fast growing industry, and for many countries the main source of income. For barrier reefs however it is the primary cause of threatening losses, and for indigenous cultures, tourism can be devastating.

This happens more or less everywhere; but not at Wakatobi Dive Resort.

Wakatobi Dive Resort employs many sustainable practices that establish a win-win situation for the reefs, the resort, and the local community. Some of these practices include reducing plastic packaging by asking suppliers to minimize plastic use wherever possible and providing used fuel drums (repainted and cut in half) to villages to give a place to put rubbish, thus reducing the rubbish that ends up in the ocean. While most fruits and vegetables must be brought from outside the area due to infertility of soils, wherever possible the resort tries to use local traders as much as possible even if the price is sometimes higher. This year Wakatobi Dive Resort provided funds to the high school in the village of Lammangau for the completion of a new roof and has sponsored mosque renovations in the village of Wawotimu. The resort also distributes school supplies donated by guests to the schools in the district, during this program Wakatobi Dive Resort staff interact with the children and give lectures on and question and answer sessions to the children about conservation and environmental awareness.

These practices not only help to reduce serious impact to the reef, but also result in economic growth for local populations, providing protection for fragile ecosystems such as coral reefs, that are continuously blooming. Doing so, Wakatobi Dive Resort preserves the area's beauty and uniqueness, making it available to future generations.

This is a perfect example of successful eco-luxury marine tourism, where a wise and foresighted vision raises income in a way that is not just ecologically sustainable, but makes Wakatobi Dive Resort part of the solution and not of the problem. Because of this Wakatobi Dive Resort has been invited to participate in the up-coming tourism resource Eco-luxury Marine Retreats of the World.

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