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Dustin Hurlbut
Dustin Hurlbut
Dustin Hurlbut

Dustin Hurlbut is a digital forensics trainer currently working for AccessData in the United States. The job requires considerable travel and, every so often, travel to a location near to a world renowned dive location. This trip was an add-on extension to a business trip and was booked just weeks before departure.


Wakatobi Dive Resort Absolutely Rocks!

I have traveled to many different dive locations in the world including both dive resorts and dive boats. Wakatobi has been the best resort for dedicated diving that I have ever had the pleasure to visit.

The experience started with an Internet enquiry. I received a call from Randall, (Wakatobi's Sales rep based in Louisiana), the next morning, who was able to answer all my questions. He kept in touch throughout the entire booking process, keeping me informed of my status. Upon arrival three days early in Bali, I was met from my domestic flight by a Wakatobi representative, who provided me with advance information about the flight to and arrival in Wakatobi. I highly appreciated this attention to detail. The flight from Bali was pleasant, on a comfortable aircraft, with lots of scenic views of the Indonesian Islands and volcanoes.

volcanoe view flying from Bali to Wakatobi

Private charter arriving @ Wakatobi airport

On arrival, the transfer to the resort is by boat and again, very efficient. Check in was directly from the boat, with a private guide personally escorting you to your room. The rooms are clean and well maintained and have great views along the island's coast, especially at sunset.

The diving was consistently outstanding. There were three dive boats. Each boat is then divided up into small groups and each boat keeps a different schedule of locations visited, to limit the number of divers on a site at any one time. The diving was consistently excellent on every site visited, not like some, where you have to include the mediocre along with the good. Every dive was an adventure and we always came up with comments of "Awesome", "Wow", and "That was the Best". Even the house reef was outstanding and you could dive it at will. I brought back a lot of outstanding wide angle and macro photos taken from right in front of the cabins! Our dive guide, Dollar, was the best. He gave thorough briefings and had the sharpest eyes for finding those seahorses, pipefish, and tiny crabs. I'm really into the photography end, and I endlessly appreciated Dollar's ability to find critters to pose for the camera. He was patient and even helped as a human tripod from time to time.

The bottom line is that Wakatobi was a dream experience. I wondered about flying half way around the world to experience this, but after all the positive remarks I'd heard, decided this was the place. I was absolutely right. It was worth the expense and time to travel here.

All of the employees were friendly and helpful. You will be spoiled here, as all you really have to do is stretch out your arms to receive the BCD and tank!. And last but not least, you will not starve either. The food was outstanding, with great variety each day, backed up by friendly staff and a beautiful dining room.

It's not a question of if I come back, it's only a matter of when I come back to Wakatobi. The only negative here is the want for more time.

Best regards,

Dustin Hurlbut



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