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Tom Huff
Tom Huff
Tom Huff
Boston, MA
Dive Center Owner/Instructor Trainer. Diving Since 1972, +8,000 dives

Watching Mike Nelson in the TV series Sea Hunt in the early 1960's inspired Tom to begin his open water training in 1972. By 1977, he was a PADI Open Water Instructor and in 1980 became a PADI Course Director. Since that time he's also become an instructor trainer for technical diving disciplines through IANTD and TDI. Tom began taking photos underwater in 1977 and traveling extensively to pursue his scuba and photography interests.


The Wakatobi Experience

Diving first on the Pelagian, I can truly say it is not just a liveaboard dive vessel but rather a diving yacht. Luxurious and spacious, it was an amazing ship and a dream come true for those who seek out and enjoy the best liveaboards - and the Pelagian is definitely the best in my experience. The friendly and outgoing crew was exceptional at being prepared for a guest's every need, whether diving or just relaxing on board. The food was unbelievably good. It was like eating in a top restaurant, where every meal was a culinary delight. The rooms were beautifully done with plenty of space and storage. Sleeping was easy in this quietly run vessel.

After five days enjoying the wonderful Pelagian dive yacht, I had another five days of diving at the Wakatobi Resort itself. Once again the staff, the entire staff, did whatever they could to make my holiday one to remember. Whether it was diving, dining, keeping the room clean and orderly throughout the day, or relaxing, once again everything was taken care of at the highest standard. The staff was very friendly, always a smile and seemed truly happy that you were at their resort. The restaurant was buffet style with a huge amount of choices of delectable food including seafood as fresh as one would expect in a five star restaurant. The bungalow was spacious, quiet and comfortable. It was easy to get a great night's sleep at Wakatobi and be fully awake and ready to explore the next amazing dive site.

Diving from the Pelagian and Wakatobi Resort is more than can be imagined in terms of the sea life that occurs around the area. Most of these incredible creatures can be found in less than fifty feet of water and include everything from the wicked cool octopus and cuttlefish, nudibranchs to flatworms of vibrant colors or strange shapes, dwarf seahorses that redefine pygmy to a whole new level (bring the macro!), hard and soft corals of every color and shape imaginable, and too many fish species to even begin to describe. Being part of the Coral Triangle, Wakatobi in Indonesia has everything any scuba diver wishes to discover in the underwater world.

Making it easy to see all these wonderful sea creatures are the dive professionals I met both on board the Pelagian and at Wakatobi resort. They describe themselves as "Dive Experience Managers" instead of the usual Dive Guides. This description totally encompasses the dive philosophy at Wakatobi, as these dive managers are excellent at making you feel comfortable and safe in the water, while showing you some amazing critters that most of us would ] never have otherwise seen. They were truly remarkable in what they did to make the scuba diving - both on the Pelagian and the resort - a memorable experience that I would highly recommend to every diver.

Best regards,

Tom Huff



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