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Peter and Kate Foulds
Peter and Kate Foulds
Peter and Kate Foulds
Diving and Travel Enthusiasts
Grand Cayman and Louisville, KY residents

Peter has been diving since 1978 and Kate became certified a year ago. Both enjoy recreational diving together. Peter is an underwater video and still photographer. Most of their diving is in Grand Cayman where they own a place at the Reef Resort on the East End of the island.


I booked our trip to Wakatobi based on an online search for the best diving in the Indo- Pacific. Wakatobi was one of our considerations. When I went to their incredibly informative and well designed web site, I was convinced this was the place to try.

From the moment I made an inquiry by e mail, the personalized attention we received was outstanding. Our trip to Wakatobi began in Bali after we had spent some time visiting our son studying abroad in Australia. The private charter flight over took less than two hours where we then boarded a boat for a 10 min ride to the secluded and very beautiful beach the resort is surrounded by.

To say that we were made welcome during our stay would be an understatement. Our accommodations were 5 star, the cuisine 5 star - and the service deserved a 6 if there were actually such a thing.

The Diving in one word is indescribable. The reefs are the most pristine and vibrant I have ever seen in 30 years of diving. Conservation of the Reefs around Wakatobi is the number one priority practiced by the owner and management, including all the staff working at the resort. It is an eye-opening reminder that we have to protect our beautiful environment everywhere.

Kate and I averaged 3 dives a day and everyday we saw something different on every dive. The dive staff are very experienced and a great help to all divers, from newbies to the most experienced. Bring a camera because there is an abundance of marine life to photograph. The boats are roomy and comfortable and best of all the dive sites are all very close by.

Wakatobi Private Dive Guide Service

Kate and I elected to have a private dive guide which was a great decision. The guide will customize your dives to any of your diving preferences. Ours was very experienced and made every dive enjoyable and very relaxed. It also helps to have a keen eye, which knows every fan coral and nook and cranny to find those pygmy sea horses and rare nudibranchs!

Do it...It is worth the modest extra cost. In summary, we are coming back in 6 months, this time for 10 days instead of 5.

Wakatobi is divings ultimate experience as Augusta National is to golf.

Best regards,

Peter and Kate



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