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Paola Ruggiero, Chiara & Fabio Morselli
Paola Ruggiero, Chiara & Fabio Morselli

A diving family & Wakatobi's first ever people to experience fluo-snorkeling.


Chiara and I (Paola) are snorkelers; Fabio is a diver. Wakatobi is the perfect place for both and the only place we have ever found where the snorkeling and the diving are both so good. We were in the water all the time, there wasn't even time for reading!

Fabio Morcelli

Fabio Morcelli
Fluo-snorkeling was really something - really such a beautiful and special experience - so dark, the blue, blue light.. and a world of colours. We saw 2 big lobsters fluorescing orange, really close by, so we could see all the patterns on his shell. We saw a fluorescing orange Slipper Lobster, a fluorescent Scorpionfish with a bright orange fluorescing ball the middle of his head! A world first! We saw a Crocodilefish fluorescing lime green - another world first, a moray eel brilliant yellow, tube worms, fluorescing like a Christmas decoration, really beautiful, in the middle of the sea grass - and all around the sea grass was a deep purple-red fluorescent - really so beautiful.

We really enjoyed the Manager Cocktail evening in the villa, having a chance to get together and speak with Management, that was really nice.

Luca Gialdini

Luca Gialdini
We like everything about Wakatobi. Fantastic people, fantastic staff, all the dive guides, housekeeping, restaurant - all fantastic. The cooking lesson was wonderful - I learnt how to cook, I tasted the dishes, got information about the plants, the spices, the vegetables.. I learnt how to grow them at home! What more could we wish for?

The accommodation was functional - plenty of space, clean, the shoe and footbath outside were great - all perfect.

The rest of our group didn't speak much English, but you were always there at our disposal, ready to help and find a solution to anything.

The yoga was wonderful - I have to go to yoga now.

Usually at the end of a vacation, we take a photo of Chiara and I waving goodbye to the place. This time, we'll take a photo of us as if we are waving the others goodbye instead, like we are staying...I love it here. We are so happy here. Wakatobi really is a wonderful place. With very special people. I am a fan. I hope we have the chance to come back.


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