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Wakatobi Restaurant

Our resort restaurant is where you can enjoy a premier dining experience in a relaxed yet elegant setting. Most of our food supplies are flown in to our private airstrip from Bali. When available, we include fresh locally caught (pelagic only) fish.

The Wakatobi Restaurant The Wakatobi Restaurant

Our team of professional chefs are highly trained and have years of experience working in other first class resorts and restaurants before joining our team. The food served here is an international blend, combining Indonesian delicacies and flavors with dishes from around the world. For those that are adventurous there are exotic dishes and for those looking for comfort foods those are available as well. There are always multiple choices of starters, main courses and desserts.

If you have special dietary needs our chefs will happily accommodate you. This is true whether it's a food allergy or simply a preference. They are used to low-carb, vegetarian. low lactose or gluten free etc. Our chefs are used to special diets and prepare specialty meals with just a little advance planning. Just let our Bali office know your preferences prior to your trip and we'll do our utmost to accommodate your wishes.

dinner buffet

In order to provide the most varied meals while having everything ready as soon as groups of hungry divers arrive at the restaurant most meals are served buffet style - but not just any buffet:) This one is constantly replenished and kept fresh and hot. No stale cold food here! For dinner there's also a station for today's roast as well as a another one for today's soup - and let's not forget a variety of desserts!


a la carte dinner

Wait staff are on hand to serve drinks, whether you're looking for a soda, a fresh fruit juice, beer or an imported highly-rated wine. We also serve gourmet cappucino, espresso and a variety of teas.


a la carte breakfast

Should you wish to sleep in and enjoy a relaxing morning in your room we offer a la carte breakfasts served right in your Bungalow or Villa.


dinner on beach

For the ultimate romantic dining experience we offer private tete-a-tete dinners by the beach.

Innovative cuisine and the freshest ingredients offer guests a myriad of choices to please the palate.
Kids love gourmet cuisine too!
Our chefs offer a culinary odyssey as magnificent as our ocean views.

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