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We have a dedicated team in Bali to assist you with your trip. These travel specialists are experts on what to do and see in Bali. They can custom tailor an experience for you based on your interests and preferences. Meet these people below.

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Debby Stijn




Our Concierge Service at the meeting point in front of the starbuckscoffee near the airport at the departure.


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Stijn Loones   Stijn Loones - Concierge

Stijn comes from an exclusive small hotelier family in Belgium. He worked at several high end hotels before he decided to pack his bags and travel the world until he finally set foot on the Indonesian Archipelago in 2000. After years based on a number of small islands including the Gili Isles near Lombok and of course Wakatobi Dive Resort, Stijn chose to settle in Bali where he's been based since 2005.

He lives with Balinese wife and young son, and has passed his time diving and exploring every corner of the "Island of the Gods".

Stijn has joined the Bali Operations Office to bring his wealth of expertise about the finer side of life here. He will be delighted to assist you with arranging either a full itinerary for the time you spend exploring Bali, or simply offering recommendations of things not to miss. He is ideally suited to enhance your overall experience.

concierge@wakatobi com



Debby   Debby - Concierge

Debby hails from the both the east and west of Indonesia. With a father from Ambon, in the famed Spice Islands, and a mother from Java, Debby is a true Indonesian. She was born and raised in a small city on the eastern coast of Java, with Bali forever on her horizon.

After graduating from a bachelor degree in English Literature in Surabaya, East Java, Debby commenced her career with a freight forwarding company, learning the importance of logistical coordination. This post lead into working with a Tours and Travel company, which finally brought her to Bali, with her husband and two beautiful children.

Debby's cheerful persona and warm smile somehow carry through her emails, and her eye for detail will ensure your time in Bali is a flawless experience.

 concierge@wakatobi com


Ketut Satria- Concierge

Ketut Satria was born in the former capital of Bali, Singaraja, on the north coast of the island. As the youngest child in a large family, Satria quickly learned he needs plenty of determination and motivation to succeed. Born and bred in Bali, he has held a great passion to work in the hospitality industry since junior high school. Awarded a scholarship from Singapore Airlines, Satria graduated from Bali State Polytechnic in 2004 with a Major in Tours & Travel, and joined the Wakatobi Concierge Team in December 2011.

Prior to joining Wakatobi Dive Resort Satria worked for six years as Transportation Coordinator and Concierge at a leading Villa management company. While there he was responsible for many areas of the villa operations including guest transfers and Bali arrangements.

Satria’s drive allows him ample opportunity to assist holiday makers, sharing ideas and experiences about his home island, with a sharp sense of humour, thereby ensuring you see the best of Bali in whatever time you have available.

 concierge@wakatobi com