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Thank you for confirming your trip to Wakatobi!

For a reservation to be secured, a deposit of 25% of the package price is necessary. The balance payment is then due to arrive with us no later than 90 days prior to commencement of trip. As we have only limited space available, we have to operate on a first-pay first-serve basis.

Early Payments:
For timely bank transfers, we offer an attractive early payment reduction:
-Settle in full by bank wire more than 12 months prior to your package departure date, and earn a 5% reduction from your total invoice.
-Settle in full by bank wire more than 9 months out, and save a total of 4%.
-Settle in full by bank wire more than 6 months out, and save a total of 3%.

Your balance payment is due to arrive with us no later than 90 days prior to departure. Providing your wired balance payment arrives with us more than 90 days ahead of your departure, you can still earn a 2% reduction from your invoice total.

*Please note, these reductions are not accumulative. Should you choose to settle in full ahead of the normal payment schedule, and benefit from the early payment reduction of 3%, 4% or 5%, this is the total reduction extended. The 2% is included within the reduction already offered, not an additional reduction.

To find out about extended stay, loyalty and other guest savings benefits click here.

For a personalized payment breakdown, please contact our staff in the Bali office - office@wakatobi.com.

Our preferred mode of payment is international wire transfer (Telegraphic Transfer). If you choose to wire your payment, please transfer amount due (net of charges) to the following account:

Beneficiary Name : Wakatobi Pte. Ltd
Beneficiary Account numbers :
4835-364836-62 (USD)
4835-364836-62-1 (EUR)
SWIFT address of Credit Suisse Zurich : CRESCHZZ80A

Credit Suisse Werdmühleplatz
Uraniastrasse 4
8021 Zürich-Werdmühleplatz

IBAN CH41 0483 5036 4836 6200 0 (USD)
CH14 0483 5036 4836 6200 1 (EUR)

Intermediary Bank : Bank of New York, New York - ABA #: 021000018
SWIFT address of Bank of New York: IRVTUS3N
Account number of CS First Boston Zurich with Bank of New York : 8033342099

Please use account information exactly as stated above.
(Transfer time is approx. 5-8 days).


Please send us an email or a fax copy of the transfer receipt to confirm having paid:
Email: office@wakatobi.com
Our Wakatobi Reservation Office Fax number: +1 866 375 42 96

We'll confirm crediting of your payment to our account by email or fax to you.

Please also note the important Terms / Conditions

We also accept both VISA and MasterCard for payments but due to Indonesian banking regulations we can only deduct Indonesian Rupiah and you may therefore experience a slight currency exchange loss. For this reason, we recommend international wire transfers as the best way to settle your invoice.

If you would still prefer to settle by credit card, please request a credit card authorisation form from us, and we will send you the paperwork to complete authorising us to charge your card. For the convenience of our guests, our prices are set in US Dollars. For our guests who wish to settle their resort bill in US Dollar cash, guests pay the price as per their invoice. For guests who wish to pay in Rupiah (either on Credit Card or in Cash) we need to convert the USD figure on your invoice into Rupiah, and this will be the figure that you agree to settle. The credit card payment system is like this: We issue a credit card authorisation form that converts the Dollar invoice into Rupiah at the rate we get from our bank on that day. (Our Indonesian bank sets its rates to favour the Indonesian Rupiah).

We email you the form, and you sign and return it to us, (by fax or email), agreeing to pay the rupiah figure, not the dollar figure. (We can only process in Rupiah, as all credit cards come through Indonesia, and have to be in the national currency).

A day or so later when we receive the form, we will process the payment. By this time, the rupiah rate we used will out of date when we process the payment as the rupiah to dollar exchange tends to fluctuate day by day. Thus we may more or less than we should take (if we are still comparing the figure to the original dollar invoice).

Next the information is transmitted to your card issuer.

Your card issuer will process the payment. Generally this happens within 48 hours, but this can take up to a week, and during this period, the exchange rate will have wobbled some more.

Your card company will then convert the rupiah rate back to dollars so that it can appear on your credit card statement in a currency that makes sense to you. However the exchange rate here will be one that favours the dollar.

Due to the numerous currency conversions, the time lapse, the differences between rates used, at every step of the way, you and I stand to lose out, (rest assured that our bank managers will smile even more broadly).

By signing the credit card authorization form, our guests agree to pay the Rupiah figure on the form, and the US Dollar figure that they were billed is no longer relevant in the transaction, but can be used as a guide as to approximately how much they pay. Should there be a disparity (and there will be, but it can be either to your loss or to your benefit) we cannot enter into any debate about overpayment.

We offer a service to our guests by accepting credit cards. That service comes with a cost to us and a risk to the guests due to the fluctuation of the international exchange rate mechanism. Guests are entitled to settle in cash by international bank transfer, to avoid that risk, but some choose to pay by credit card and accept any disparity.