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Our Mission

Wakatobi Resorts was setup with a mission to establish a win-win situation for the reefs, the resort, and the local community through sound eco-tourism conforming to sustainable tourism principles:

Inform both the visitor and the local communities
Travelers learn about the destination and how to help sustain the character while deepening their own travel experiences. Locals learn that the ordinary and familiar may be of interest and value to outsiders.

Support integrity of place
Discerning travelers seek out businesses that emphasize the character of the locale in terms of heritage, ecology, environment, architecture and aesthetics. Tourism revenues in turn raise local perceived value of those assets.

Benefit the local communities
Travel businesses do their best to employ and train local people, buy local supplies and use local services.

Conserve resources
Environmentally aware travelers favor businesses that minimize pollution, waste, energy consumption, water usage and unnecessary night-time lighting.

Respect local culture and tradition
Foreign visitors learn about and observe local etiquette, including using a few words in the local language. Residents learn how to deal with foreign expectations that may differ from their own.

Do not abuse the product. Stakeholders anticipate development pressures and apply limits and management techniques to promote sustainability. Businesses cooperate to protect natural habitats, heritage sites, scenic appeal and local culture.

Provide great trips
Satisfied, excited visitors bring new knowledge home and send friends off to share their experience--which provides continuing benefits for the destination.

Tangible benefits to the Wakatobi community
A revolutionary reef lease project is already established with over 20km fully protected. This generates immediate economic benefits to the local community and increases their understanding of the long-term value of these fantastic reefs.