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The large spine on the cheek of this species may be venomous.


Marinelife Learning Center Interesting facts about the SABER SQUIRRELFISH......
Photo © Scott W. Michael
- Photo © Scott W. Michael
(Sargocentron spiniferum)

This big, beautiful squirrelfish occurs on lagoon reefs, reef flats and fore reef slopes. During the day it is observed in caves, under ledges and table corals, or in the open near the entrance of a hiding place, but at night they forage in surrounding reef habitats. Individuals tend to return to same shelter site before sunrise. The saber squirrelfish feeds on crabs, including xanthid, swimming and clinging crabs, mantis shrimp, decapod shrimp, slipper lobsters and small fishes. It occurs singly, in pairs or small groups.

Other interesting species in the squirrelfishes/soldierfishes family.


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