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The squirrelfishes are quite vocal, producing clicks and grunts to communicate with one another


Marinelife Learning Center Interesting facts about the CROWN SQUIRRELFISH......
Photo © Scott W. Michael
- Photo © Scott W. Michael
(Sargocentron diadema)

This fish is a resident of lagoon reefs, subtidal reef flats, fore reef slopes and drop-offs. It typically occurs in clear water in areas with rich coral growth or scattered coral heads. It is found singly or in small groups, and often swims near the open near a hiding place. It will sometimes mix with other members of the family. This species feeds most on gastropods and polychaete worms, but it also consumes crustaceans, including xanthid crabs, hermit crabs, isopods and snapping shrimps, and coral-dwelling bivalves. Although it feeds most under the cover of darkness, it will also ingest prey during the day. One study demonstrated that it consumes an average of just over four prey items during the day and around eleven prey organisms at night.

Other interesting species in the squirrelfishes/soldierfishes family.


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