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Marine Life Identification

Do you spend most of your dive time looking or seeing? What's the difference?

There's a big difference between the act of "looking around" and the act of "seeing." Looking around is a quick process involving a visual sweep of an environment -- taking in the big picture. Seeing, on the other hand, takes time and concentrated focus. It involves studying details and applying some problem-solving skills. And for divers of all experience levels, a sure-fire way of injecting more excitement into every dive is learning to see more -- becoming more knowledgeable about marine life.

That's why we offer this marine life identification section.

Use this identification guide to learn the names and distinguishing characteristics of some of the most common species you will see while spending a diving holiday at Wakatobi Dive Resort or on the Pelagian Dive Yacht.

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Sharks and Rays Eeels and Blennies Fishes Page 1
Sharks - Rays - Reptiles Eels - Eel Cats - Lizardfishes Frogfish - Jawfishes - Squirrelfishes
Trumpetfish - Batfish Big-Eye - Snapper Bannerfish - Anemonefish
Trumpetfishes - Anthias - Dottybacks Bigeyes - Cardinalfishes - Snappers Bannerfish - Anemonefish
Triggerfish - Pufferfish Lionfish - Scorpionfish Pipefish - Pygmy Seahorse
Triggers - Hawkfishes - Pufferfish Scorpionfishes - Cephalopods Pipefish - Pygmy Seahorse
Lobster and Crabs Shrimp Nudibranchs - Flatworms
Lobster and Crabs Shrimp Nudibranchs

Search our Marinelife Library. . . .

We are adding new species to the database on a regular basis. Our goal is to have descriptions and photos of over 365 species of fish, sharks and rays that you are likely to encounter while diving at Wakatobi.

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like:Chrysiptera parasema

We offer a convenient "pocket sized" waterproof guide in our boutique that you can purchase and carry with you in your BC pocket.

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