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Advanced Nitrox Diving

For all ranges of oxygen concentrations in the breathing mixture, from normal air all the way up to 100 percent oxygen to greatly increase no-decompression bottom time limits at moderate depths. The ability to use high level oxygen breathing mixtures enhances or speeds up decompression times, or also enhances the off-gassing during a safety stop.

Advanced Nitrox or Extended Range divers desiring multiple Nitrox mixes for faster decompression, please bring your certification card to obtain NITROX gases up to 42% plus 100% pure oxygen (for Decompression stops 6 m and shallower).

Advanced Nitrox certification at our resort is available on special request in advance for those who are not certified and would like to earn this certification while on holiday.


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CCR Trimix and Advanced Trimix Diving

We offer Trimix (HeliAir) diluents and bailout gases for CCR divers with Trimix certification.

Craig Willemsen " I run [CCR] groups all over the world and am always looking for a dive facility that can provide decent gas fills, sorb and give us some elbow-room to do our dives. I cannot give any negative comments about Wakatobi at all. It far, FAR exceeded my expectations and my entire group was ecstatic!"
Craig Willemsen - Dive Shop Owner/Group Leader and CCR Rebreather Diver & Instructor
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CCR Trimix Diving

CCR Trimix Diving CCR Trimix Diving CCR Trimix Diving CCR Trimix Diving

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