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Wakatobi Dive Facilities

Wakatobi offers first class dive facilities for our guests.

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Equipment Rental

Wakatobi has all of the dive equipment you need to enjoy a state-of-the-art diving experience. If you wish to travel light, leaving your own equipment at home, we can supply everything you need at a very modest rental price. As you can see on the pictures here, we have tailored wetsuits, vests with hoods, beenies, BCDs, regulators with octopus, computers as well as great snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel). Our boutique also has several of these items for sale, especially hoods and vests so that you can opt to layer your dive gear if you get cold from several days of amazing diving.

Equipment Rental Rates - PDF

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Camera Room

Many of our guests are underwater photographers. Therefore, we provide excellent facilities for working on your camera. Our camera room is climate-controlled and has large work tables and storage shelving for all your camera gear. Out workbenches have cushion pads to protect your equipment. We provide voltage-regulated power to charge all your batteries. There is plenty of light to allow you to work on your camera.


Unlimited Air Supply

Behind the scenes we have a modern compressor room and tank filling center with modern compressors and abundant capacity and storage to fill enough tanks to keep avid divers in the water 24/7 (if they desire that much bottom time).

The tanks are ready and available at our gear-up area located just a few steps from the beach. For all boat dives and taxi boat services are dive support staff handle all the tanks. No need to carry any tanks except when doing your shore diving on the house reef.


We feature two state of the art Nitrox Technologies membrane systems fed by multiple water-cooled Bauer compressors. Using Nitrox is highly recommended since it makes your diving experience even safer and more enjoyable, by extending your bottom times and shortening your surface intervals. Nitrox certification is available for those who are not yet certified and can be easily earned with Wakatobi Resort even before your holiday! Wakatobi Resort is associated with PADI, SDI & TDI. You can chose any Nitrox course option (minimum age 15) as long as you hold already any kind of open water diving license - the licenses are recognized by all diving associations.

Get Nitrox Certified online before your Wakatobi trip!

If you are not already Nitrox certified why not get certified before your trip.

There are three (3) convenient ways to get certified.

  • SDI:
    This is a online course you can take at home No teaching materials have to be shipped to the resort. You don't have to spend any of your holiday time taking a class. Upon arriving at the resort, you will have a short knowledge review and a review of practical introduction by an instructor then you are ready to go! This is the preferred option.

  • PADI:
    You can take a traditional PADI course upon arriving at the resort or at some other PADI facility. We have to buy and ship whole sets of student materials to the resort to offer this option. Upon arriving at the resort, students read a booklet, watch a video and then complete materials in the booklet. You will review and discuss important points with our instructor before taking a written test. Upon successfully completing the course and examination you will be Nitrox certified. You will have to spend several hours during your holiday to take the course.

  • TDI: This is a NITROX course which requires to read a book, a presentation by the instructor and delivers a deeper understanding of the matter. Best option for people who intend to further their knowledge with follow-up TDI courses such as Advanced Nitrox and Closed Circuit Rebreather.

  • Nitrox certification courses and options. - Click Here!

  • Technical Diving courses and options - Click Here!

  • Prices for Nitrox and other Diving Courses - Click Here!


Equipment Repair and Servicing

Wakatobi staff are experienced in repair and servicing of dive equipment. We stock an adequate supply of repair parts for our own equipment and many common small items that fit major makes and models of regulators. Should your equipment need an adjustment or quick service we can assist you.


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