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Wakatobi Endorsements

A range of organizations, scientists and other prominent individuals have offered their endorsement of Wakatobi Dive Resort.

Here are a few of them.

Wakatobi has always been about something more than just a great diving experience. Our mission from day one was to establish a dive resort that gave divers a sense of well-being that they are helping contribute to an environmentally and culturally sound conservation program. So it's not an accident that we established the Wakatobi Collaborative Reef Conservation Program, which is now one of the world's largest privately-funded marine protected areas.

Read what these individuals say about Wakatobi.


Mario Bonelli

Mario Bonelli

A well-traveled Italian, Mario Bonelli, his wife Gina and their 5 children ranging in age from 23 to 43 years, hail from Queensland’s sunshine coast, Australia. It is fair to say that Mario lives a very busy 24-7 type lifestyle, so when on his many extensive travels, he seeks the perfect place to relax. He is not a diver but enjoys the occasional snorkel.

His story:
“My experience with Wakatobi started with our arrival in Bali. We came off the plane into customs, where we found a man with a big smile holding a sign with our name on it. He welcomed us to the island and introduced himself as a member of the Wakatobi staff. I was relieved, as he took our passports and handled all the customs and visa issues for us. No waiting in crowds or long lines for Wakatobi guests. We passed in front of them all! To my amazement he eased us through all the airport rituals. The Wakatobi experience had begun. And it never stopped from there.
The island was exactly what I expected - “picturesque” From the moment I stepped off the boat, I could feel the stress melting away. I learnt to call Wakatobi “The De-stress Zone”. My wife and I were escorted to our room and it was just perfect, a great place to take long naps, snorkel off the beach, or simply read my book.
As I am not a diver but my wife is, it is important to me that she is well taken care of. She loved her dive master. This took away all my usual worries and left me to simply enjoy.

Just like for the divers, Wakatobi has a special snorkel guide available for 3 guided daily snorkels on the boat for any snorkeler who wants to join. My snorkel guide was great and made it all so easy; I could join the guide, just go for a ride on the boat, or go on my own on the house reef - no pressures, ever. I was able to totally, completely relax the whole week!
As far as the dining experience, I know my food and have dietary restrictions - you couldn’t get better food anywhere. It was exquisite and the staff from top to bottom were fantastic. Everywhere you turned there was a smile - restaurant, gardeners, housekeeping, management, dive masters, simply everyone was so warm and welcoming.
I’ll sum it up by saying that Wakatobi is the best place we have ever been to - and we have been to many!”

Bob and Maureen
Bob and Maureen

Bob Hudak Bob Hudak of New Jersey, USA is Managing Director of a large investment bank. His wife Maureen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist operating her own private practice.

They chose Wakatobi Resort to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and 60th birthdays.

Bob selected Wakatobi’s Photo Program to enhance his personal experience and significantly improve the quality of his photographic work.



"Wakatobi’s Photo Program is an extremely effective way to improve your underwater photography skills, both in the water and out, through photoshop enhancements. I worked with a personal teacher and guide, Vince, who offered a wealth of knowledge of the reefs and marine life, on-going coaching during photo shoots and finding the perfect locations for subjects I had hoped to see. .

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Ricardo Preve
Ricardo Preve
Ricardo Preve

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Film & Television Director, Photographer. Diving since 2009, 250+ dives

After having been the CEO of a number of industrial companies, Ricardo began a career in film, television, and photography in 2001. His TV credits include National Geographic, PBS, RAI and other international networks. He has produced or directed films that have appeared at festivals like Cannes and Toronto. He travels worldwide as a photographer for UNESCO. And recently, he began to explore the underwater world.

Wakatobi is the best run resort I have ever been to!
The diving operation is top notch, with superbly knowledgeable guides and perfectly maintained equipment.

THE best, dive resort restaurant I have ever eaten at.
... coming to Wakatobi is a magical experience.

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Asti Livingston
Asti Livingston
Asti Livingston

Born in a military base in the Philippines, Asti grew up in the jungles of Kalimantan (Borneo), Jakarta, Manila, then San Diego, California. She graduated high school at 15, completed her Associates Degree in Business Administration at the age of 18, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Child and Family Development & Psychology at San Diego State University.

She is the Aviation Education Chair for the First Canadian Chapter of the Ninety-Nines Women Pilots Organization, Past Chair of the 99s First Canadian Chapter, owns & flies twin-engine & single-engine aircrafts (land & sea/floats), a competitive fencer in training for the Canadian National Team, Master Scuba Diver, and underwater photographer specializing in fluorescence.

It was comforting for me to know that while I am diving my family is also having a great time. I cannot think of another dive resort that would go all out to ensure their guests will have a great stay.

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Steven Frink
Steven Frink
Steven Frink

Stephen Frink grew up in Rock Island, Illinois, where the closest he got to any aquatic activity was as a competitive swimmer for 13-years. However, while in graduate school in California, he did finally become certified as a scuba diver. This was about the same time he was taking photography courses at California State University, Long Beach, so taking a Nikonos II along on those early ocean dives seemed a natural progression. He practiced his underwater photography more during his six-months in Kona, Hawaii, but it wasn't really until he moved to Key Largo, Florida in 1978 did he ever consider himself an "underwater photographer".

Frink opened his studio in Key Largo to process E-6 slide film and rent underwater cameras to tourists who were diving John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, but it wasn't long before he was seriously pursuing a career as an underwater photographer himself. His first commercial assignment came from a dive magazine seeking images on the Florida Keys.

Today, Frink is among the world's most frequently published UW photographers, and is a Canon EXPLORER OF LIGHT, the only marine specialist within this very elite group of photographers.

Exceeded my expectations has become a promotional cliché, but is the Wakatobi reality. From food to service to dive professionalism, this is a cut above. Plus and most importantly, the diving delivers!

To the underwater photographer, Watatobi's reefs are wonderfully productive.

I visited Wakatobi 7 years ago. There are few places that have aged so well, but clearly the Wakatobi experience is evolutionary. They seem relentless in their pursuit of perfection!

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Joyce C. Mutz
Joyce C. Mutz
Joyce C. Mutz

I took my scuba instructions from Elmer Munk at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois and did my OW certification at John Pennicamp Underwater State Park, Florida in 1983. I am the mother of 3 with 8 grandchildren, 6 step grand children and 10 great grandchildren. The only other sport I have ever been involved with is curling with the Lassies at North Shore Curling Club in Glenview, Illinois for 40 years.

Of all the incredible places I have been diving the 'Gold Star Award Trophy' goes to Wakatobi.

No dive location anywhere can possibly surpass Wakatobi!

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Dustin Hurlbut
Dustin Hurlbut
Dustin Hurlbut

Dustin Hurlbut is a digital forensics trainer currently working for AccessData in the United States. The job requires considerable travel and, every so often, travel to a location near to a world renowned dive location. This trip was an add-on extension to a business trip and was booked just weeks before departure.

I have traveled to many different dive locations in the world including both dive resorts and dive boats. Wakatobi has been the best resort for dedicated diving that I have ever had the pleasure to visit.

The bottom line is that Wakatobi was a dream experience!

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George Schneider
George Schneider
George Schneider
Mobile,AL Retired
Certified in 1987 with 1300+ dives

George always had an interest in diving but did not believe he could clear, because of a sinus condition, until sailing around the American & British Virgin Islands in 1985 and piggybacking with a friend and having no trouble clearing. He then had the opportunity of getting certified(diving) in Anchorage, Alaska with most of his diving in the last 10 years. He has never missed a dive since, due to not being able to clear. He is still upset over and making up for the years he missed diving!!

Wakatobi should be on every divers "bucket list". They excel in every category!

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Tom Huff
Tom Huff
Tom Huff
Boston, MA
Dive Center Owner/Instructor Trainer. Diving Since 1972, +8,000 dives

Watching Mike Nelson in the TV series Sea Hunt in the early 1960's inspired Tom to begin his open water training in 1972. By 1977, he was a PADI Open Water Instructor and in 1980 became a PADI Course Director. Since that time he's also become an instructor trainer for technical diving disciplines through IANTD and TDI. Tom began taking photos underwater in 1977 and traveling extensively to pursue his scuba and photography interests.

Diving from the Pelagian and Wakatobi Resort is more than can be imagined in terms of the sea life.

Wakatobi in Indonesia has everything any scuba diver wishes to discover in the underwater world... a memorable experience that I would highly recommend to every diver

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Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins
Westerham Road,
Kent BR2 6HE
United Kingdom

Lisa is a semi-professional underwater photographer who has been diving since 1998, and taking photographs since 2005. Starting as a way to show her non-diving husband and children, her passion for the underwater world led to a rapid development in her underwater photography. She has won many competitions, and is a regular contributor to dive magazines.

Having dived some of the most pristine and varied reefs in the world, I was amazed by the incredible diving offered at Wakatobi.

My private dive guide, Miguel, surpassed any normal expectations of a private guide. A guide, a model, a pack-horse, a fountain of knowledge and with eagle eyes to spot the smallest critter, I could not have asked for more.

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Chis Goodwin Chris Goodwin
Project Manager
Diving Since 1997, 300+ Dives
PADI Divemaster

Chris is a Project Manager for one of the world's largest International Engineering and Construction Companies, currently based in Saudi Arabia. It was there that he discovered his passion for diving in 1997 and subsequently succumbed to underwater photography. Chris' diving has predominantly been in the Saudi Red Sea, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with his wife Dorothy, a PADI MSD.

The boats are superb. The best day boats that I have seen in a pure dive resort. Incredibly spacious and well equipped ..

All in all Wakatobi have the best support team that I have seen on any dive resort. All high end. The quantity of staff is simply incredible ...

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Ken Hares & Jo Arnett
Ken Hares & Jo Arnett
Ken Hares & Jo Arnett
Pelagian August 2010 - Resort September 2010

The resort 'select' rooms are gorgeous - meticulously cared for - like the folded flower arrangements, the decorations, housekeeping in general - all excellent.

The resort is so beautiful. In general, the resort is 5 Star, with polish. There are other places, which are 5 star, but Wakatobi is with polish.

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Martin Heyn Martin Heyn
Seattle, WA
Photographer. Diving since 1988, +3000 dives

Martin became addicted to underwater photography and video, at age 10 an uncle who actually dove with J.Y. Cousteau gave me a copy of The Silent World and I remember thinking "someday that will be me". I dove camera free for 25yrs but 5yrs ago combined the two hobbies and now can't imagine diving without a camera in hand.

Over the past 30years I've had the opportunity to travel to and dive some amazing places, and Wakatobi is one of them. As the world grows smaller, we must travel to more and more remote areas to find these unique pieces of paradise. Wakatobi's location is worth every minute of travel time. From our initial contact to our return home the staff of Wakatobi was there to ensure things proceeded seamlessly.

What solidifies Wakatobi as a premier dive destination is what matters most, the incredible diving. It is inspiring, because of their commitment to working with the local people in preserving this living jewel.

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Alberto Recchi Alberto Recchi
Documentary Maker


For 20 years Alberto has been narrating life in the ocean with his photography. To sharks in particular he has dedicated a great part of his efforts, taking part in research expeditions all over the world. As a noted ocean expert, Alberto led "Mission Sharks" the first dedicated shark discovery expedition in the Mediterranean Sea (www.obiettivosqali.it). He also organized a shark-themed exhibition (www.mostrasquali.it), produced a musical (www.squaliateatro.it) and has written several books on the ocean and marine life. He received many international awards and his articles and pictures have been published in several prestigious magazines including L'Espresso, Panorama and National Geographic. Alberto is also involved in the production of the eco-luxury tourism resource book Eco-luxury Retreats of the World ( www.ecoluxury.com).

Wakatobi Dive Resort employs many sustainable practices that establish a win-win situation for the reefs.

This is a perfect example of successful eco-luxury marine tourism, where a wise and foresighted vision raises income in a way that is not just ecologically sustainable, but makes Wakatobi Dive Resort part of the solution and not of the problem.

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Alan and Gretchen Ziegler
Alan and Gretchen Ziegler
Alan and Gretchen Ziegler
Diving and Travel Enthusiasts

Alan and I have always loved anything to do with water and we took dive classes whilst in high school and college. After we married, we dove once in Key Largo but working, children, and schooling took us away for a long time. We re-certified last year. We have made trips to Bonaire, Roatan, Little Cayman, and most recently, to Wakatobi.

To be honest, we were quite hesitant to make the long trek to the South Eastern hemisphere, however, after experiencing Wakatobi we are definitely plan on returning!

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Jonathan Scott-Barrett
Jonathan and Malise Scott-Barrett
Jonathan and Malise Scott-Barrett
World Travelers and experienced divers

Jonathan is Managing Director
Rodeo Development Ltd.
Rue Vastinex, Bonapriso
B.P. 12874 Douala

As someone who spent many years as a boy off the East coast of Kenya, diving and snorkeling and has "done" the Maldives, Bora Bora, Palau, Mexico and numerous other trips to find the best, I have discovered the ultimate place to chill!

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Thomas Fretz
Thomas Fretz
Thomas Fretz
Columbia, MD
Dean Emeritus, University of Maryland
Diving since 2000 with 550+ dives

Tom became passionate about underwater photography soon after learning to dive. Although interested in all things marine, I had little chance to experience diving until later in my academic career. Having enjoyed photography for many years but having set it aside periodically during my career, underwater photography has allowed me to truly experience and appreciate our amazing underwater world.

Having been fortunate enough to have traveled worldwide, Wakatobi is truly the paradise we dream about but rarely experience.

The resort takes detail to the ultimate level, nothing is overlooked!

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Peter and Kate Foulds
Peter and Kate Foulds
Peter and Kate Foulds
Diving and Travel Enthusiasts
Grand Cayman and Louisville, KY residents

Peter has been diving since 1978 and Kate became certified a year ago. Both enjoy recreational diving together. Peter is an underwater video and still photographer. Most of their diving is in Grand Cayman where they own a place at the Reef Resort on the East End of the island.

The Diving in one word is indescribable. The reefs are the most pristine and vibrant I have ever seen in 30 years of diving.

Wakatobi is divings ultimate experience as Augusta National is to golf.

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Robin and Ingrid
Robin and Ingrid
Robin and Ingrid Smith

Robin and Ingrid visited Wakatobi in March of 2011.

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a destination that is best described as a dream...

We have both traveled to dozens of resorts and destinations around the world and Wakatobi ranks perhaps as the top resort we have ever had the pleasure of visiting. The staff was incredible. I have never seen a more dedicated and delightful group of employees in my life.

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Duncan Zillman
Duncan Zillman
Duncan Zillman
Sydney, Australia
Diving since 2009, 100 dives

Duncan first learned to dive in 2009, and it has changed his life. Where holidays used to involve travelling to other countries and seeing cities, temples and other great works, he now spends his time diving. Still a beginner photographer, he has begun to learn this art, and is gaining experience with each dive.

I have simply never seen a place as beautiful as Wakatobi. Each day I would wake up, look at the palms, the crystal clear sea and the golden-white beaches and think that this had to be the most beautiful place on the planet.

Every single dive site we visited was an award winning adventure in itself

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Don and Sheryl
Don Roesler and Sheryl Sietsema
Don Roesler & Sheryl Sietsema
3404 W 90th Street
Sioux Falls SD 57108

Don and Sheryl are certified registered Nurse Anesthetists practicing in South Dakota, USA. Both experienced divers starting in the Missouri river, Sheryl was a newcomer to the Wakatobi side of the world. What a spectacular eye-opener!

Our experience at Wakatobi was exceptional. We were very impressed with all aspects of the resort. All of the staff went above and beyond all our expectations. Every need was met.

We participated in the fluo-diving. This was truly amazing. Nowhere else in the whole world can people dive like this!

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Randy Judd
Randy Judd, group trip leader
Randy Judd

Randy Judd is a child of the Sea Hunt years and regrets waiting until 1990 to be certified. He is an Advanced Open Water Instructor with Rec Diving of Royal Oak, Michigan. He holds multiple Specialty Certifications and celebrated his 1100th dive at Wakatobi. He has dived and led groups through the Great Lakes, Caribbean, Gulf of California, Fiji, PNG, Palau, GBR and now Indonesia. He started UW photography when he fell asleep diving in Belize (true story) and turned to photography and videography to keep things fresh.

I've led trips for seventeen years to resorts and a lot of liveaboard dive boats and Wakatobi sits solidly at the top of the heap when it comes to a great experience above and below the surface.

The food at Wakatobi deserves its own review and is simply the best that I've experienced a dive dedicated resort.

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Daniel Botelho
Daniel Botelho
Underwater Photographer
Wildlife Photojournalist

Daniel is a world renowned photographer. Over a hundred of his images can be seen in international advertising projects. He works for such prestigious organizations such as the BBC, National Geographic,Time Magazine and Editora Abril. He is now chief photographer of Brazilian Sea Shepherd and staff photographer from Shark Alliance and SharkLab research institute.

Since he was a child, Daniel has been immersed with nature. Born close to Copacabana Beach and a few minutes from the Atlantic rainforest, Daniel learned very early on in his life how best to interact with animals.
- " A photo ca

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a paradise for those who enjoy diving with privacy at untouched and pristine dive sites. The variety of macro creatures, soft and hard corals and sea fans makes this place a delight for photographers.

Wakatobi was second to none in terms of photo production, the rate of good photos per dive is amazing...

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Chiara and Paola
Paola Ruggiero, Chiara & Fabio Morselli


A diving family & Wakatobi's first ever people to experience fluo-snorkeling.

Wakatobi is the perfect place for both and the only place we have ever found where the snorkeling and the diving are both so good.

We like everything about Wakatobi. Fantastic people, fantastic staff, all the dive guides, housekeeping, restaurant - all fantastic.

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Alvin Group
Michael, AA, Dorothy, Vicki, Dave
Dave and Vicki Corwin
AA, Dorothy and Michael Rosenfeld

Dave and Alvin, both child psychiatrists, are experienced scuba divers with decades of diving experience. Dave learned as a young man in cold lake waters of Michigan in USA. Alvin was certified back in 1972 but really advanced in the last decade and is currently training to get his Dive Master certification. Michael, age 17, has been diving since age 10 and is a PADI Master Scuba Diver. The three of them have been diving together since Michael began. Vicki, a school principal, and Dorothy, a pediatrician, are relative newcomers to the world of underwater adventure.

... each of us had very different hopes for this trip. The variety of activities available at Wakatobi and the expertise and willingness of the staff to accommodate our needs made it possible to have all expectations met!

From our arrival at the Bali airport where we were whisked through customs to the closing banquet and farewell, we were treated in a first class manner. Wakatobi lived up to - and even exceeded - our very high expectations. Bravo!

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Craig Willemsen Craig Willemsen
Dive Shop Owner/Group Leader
CCR Rebreather Diver & Instructor
Silent World Diving Systems
Bellevue, WA, USA

Diving since 1972, Craig has logged over 6000 dives worldwide. Craig is an Instructor Certifier with SSI and Instructor Trainer with TDI on 6 styles of rebreathers, and works as a consultant to diving manufacturers and insurance companies. He is the owner of Silent World Diving Systems, a leading scuba and rebreather facility in the USA. Craig has been leading dive groups all over the world for over 20 years and most weekends can be found on the beach somewhere around the world.

I run [CCR] groups all over the world and am always looking for a dive facility that can provide decent gas fills, sorb and give us some elbow-room to do our dives. I cannot give any negative comments about Wakatobi at all. It far, FAR exceeded my expectations and my entire group was ecstatic!

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Tom Reynolds

Tom Reynolds
Consultant to USCLab usclab.usc.edu
Program Manager for the Rainbow Sensor Program
Co-inventor of the rainbow sensor.
Diving since 2001 with 600+ dives
Special Interest: Underwater Photography

Coral Reefs need top quality water quality management. Poor water quality ultimately leads to dead reefs. Unfortunately, the budgets for water quality in large urban areas such as Los Angeles are out of the question for most parts of the world. Together with Dr. Burt Jones http://usclab.usc.edu/usclab/people.html, USC Biology Dept, Tom developed the "rainbow sensor" that inexpensively measures organic components of seawater. With this technology, it is now possible for small organizations to fund and manage local water quality measurements.

See first results

The Bonaire National Marine Park, working with the Sea Monitor Foundation, funds and maintains the Light and Motion Sensor Program on Bonaire ( www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/abstract_files/. Wakatobi Dive Resort funds and maintains the first rainbow sensor program managed solely by a dive resort.

Tom and Ginnie dive all over the world and are yearly visitors to Wakatobi. They are active photographers www.tomandginnie.com. He is a frequent poster on www.digitaldiver.net and www.wetpixel.com. Tom posts under the screen name TomR1.

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Richard Wilson Richard E. Wilson
8071 Windward Key Dr.
Chesapeake Beach MD 20732
1500+ dives
Diving since 1963

I remain an avid diver, even after these many years. I am a former air traffic controller, retired from the US Federal Aviation Administration. I have a BA in English - University of Maryland.

Wakatobi never stays the same; it only gets better. When we come again we won't know what to expect, but we know we will be pleasantly surprised. Wakatobi never stays the same; it only gets better.

" ... a beautiful, natural place that never stops improving "

" ... the fish life and health of the reef had improved since our previous visits. The resort's ongoing effort to educate the local populace on the value of their ocean resource was bearing fruit "

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Berkley Whtie Berkley White
Backscatter Underwater Video & Photo
225 Cannery Row Suite C
Monterey, CA 93940-1434

Berkley White is a leading internationally published professional photographer, instructor and expert in the field of underwater photography and videography. He is the founder of Backscatter Underwater Video and Photo in Monterey, California. Berkley shares his in-field photographic techniques and digital methods through a series of select international travel events each year, such as the Digital Shootout.

This is the first time we've ever gone to a place with a group, without having been there personally. We booked it 2 years in advance, having known maybe 1500 people that had been here and the whole booking process was completely seamless.

We were a little concerned because we'd heard that Wakatobi are so over-protective of their reefs and animals that you just cannot shoot good photos - but I have a new story to share with folks.
The staff were all amazing, great spotters, great at correcting issues - certainly taking care that nothing was going wrong but not in an unpleasant way, they did it really professionally and well.

The 4:1 ration is beyond generous, awesome, fantastic. Everybody gets to see everything!

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Judd Burnstein
Judd Burnstein
Judd Burnstein
Judd Burstein, P.C.
1790 Broadway
New York, New York 10019
Diving since 2003
70+ dives
PADI open water certified

Judd Burstein, P.C., is a trial and appellate lawyer from New York, New York. His firm, Judd Burstein, P.C., is a boutique litigation firm that specializes in complex commercial litigation such as the civil RICO statute, sports and entertainment litigation, matrimonial litigation and white collar criminal litigation.

"I have been fortunate to have traveled my entire life for pleasure and business-six continents and at least 50 countries. I routinely travel in what can only be described as extreme first class in every way. Nonetheless, it was not until I arrived at Wakatobi that I experienced the perfect vacation."

"I have never encountered a staff that was so personally concerned about each guest, as an individual, having the best possible vacation. Within two days, every staff member - from the boat deck hands, to the maids, to every waiter, to the kitchen staff - knew my name and greeted me. I felt as though I was being cared for by a family."

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Dr. Jame Cervino - Woods Hole
Dr. James M. Cervino
Pace University & Visiting Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.
Department of Marine Chemistry
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Diving since 1979 with 2000+ dives
PADI Advanced Diver

Dr. Cervino is a coral health-physiologist and pathologist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where he is currently a visiting scientist. His research focus is on the links between coral diseases and global warming. His laboratory work explores using coral cell lines to understand cancer mechanisms.

" Wakatobi has an almost pristine coral reef framework at all diving locations, which far exceeds what one could imagine. I can assure prospective visitors to Wakatobi that the coral reefs are worth seeing, and I urge my fellow scientists to visit this location in the next decade so that they can get an idea of what the reefs appeared like 150 years ago. "

". . . . Wakatobi Dive resort has created a truly sustainable development scheme that protects the coral habitat. Only a handful of operators and owners around the world understand the sensitivity of the habitat they are coexisting with, and Wakatobi's leaders are among them. "

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Stephan Becker
Stephan Becker
Stephan Becker M.M.H, B.B.A, Dipl. Env.
Beautiful Oceans
President CEO
P.O. Box 48088
Bernard Branch
Montreal (QC) H2V 4S8

Stephan is the President and Founder of Beautiful Oceans, an international coral reef education, mapping and conservation organization. His company donates 1% of its annual revenues or 10% of its annual profits, whichever is greater, to non-profit organizations working in the field of marine conservation. Beautiful Oceans Coral Reef Adventures and courses are available online and at selected destinations throughout the Caribbean for the enjoyment of the entire family.

"Throughout my career as a dive professional and GPS ocean floor geographer, I have seen a lot of reefs. Although I think I am not easy to impress, the wealth of life on the reefs of Wakatobi Dive Resort took my breath away on several occasions."

"On one occasion, I was about to take down the last few in a series of special features on my dive slate when I suddenly found myself in a huge ball of schooling fish, probably several hundreds of them. The kaleidoscope of colors and the sheer number was so overwhelming that it made my jaw drop and with it my dive slate. The school of fish was so dense that they sometimes blocked the view of my dive buddy students and the surface marker buoy!"

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