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Ricardo Preve
Ricardo Preve
Ricardo Preve

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Film & Television Director, Photographer. Diving since 2009, 250+ dives

After having been the CEO of a number of industrial companies, Ricardo began a career in film, television, and photography in 2001. His TV credits include National Geographic, PBS, RAI and other international networks. He has produced or directed films that have appeared at festivals like Cannes and Toronto. He travels worldwide as a photographer for UNESCO. And recently, he began to explore the underwater world.


Wakatobi, a precision operation

To say that Wakatobi is run with the precision of the Swiss train system is an understatement. Wakatobi is the best run resort I have ever been to.

When I first began work for National Geographic Television, I realized that mountain climbing and diving were an important part of finding the stories I was seeking. So I eventually got around to diving a couple of years ago, and have since dived off the coast of every continent except Antarctica. From Iceland to Malaysia, Tierra del Fuego to Greece, I have been on liveaboards, in resorts, and all kinds of environments where divers usually congregate.

The thing that strikes you immediately when you arrive at Wakatobi Dive Resort is the precision with which everything is run. Diving is made easy here, and the divers needs are first and foremost in the minds of the Managers. You are assigned a box, with your number and location, both on land and in the same boat throughout your stay. This makes it easy to get from breakfast to diving every day with zero hassle.

The diving operation is top notch, with superbly knowledgeable guides and perfectly maintained equipment. I have been to resorts where it paid to get up early to find a correctly filled and mixed nitrox tank or one that did not have a frayed O-ring before the other divers got to it!. No need to do that at Wakatobi, I certainly never had a bad tank in any of the dives here.

But if you think that the place is run so effectively at the price of human warmth, think again. From the moment you arrive, everyone remembers your name, be it on the dive boat, at the front desk, or in the restaurant. And this is not just empty politeness. The boat staff always seem to get everyones fins in the right box, or remember who likes their camera handy or kept in the rinse basin until just before the next dive. At Wakatobi you are treated as a real person, not just another diver in an endless sequence of clients.

People come to Wakatobi for the diving, and rightly so. The coral is healthy, the water warm and clean, and there is a fantastic diversity of marine life on the reefs around the resort...Without forgetting the house reef, one of the best shore dives I have seen.

And let's not forget about the food and hospitality once you are out of the water! With one of the best, if not THE best, dive resort restaurant I have ever eaten at, and a bar at the end of the jetty to watch the sun set in the Sea of Banda, coming to Wakatobi is a magical experience. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

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