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George Schneider
George Schneider
George Schneider
Mobile,AL Retired
Certified in 1987 with 1300+ dives

George always had an interest in diving but did not believe he could clear, because of a sinus condition, until sailing around the American & British Virgin Islands in 1985 and piggybacking with a friend and having no trouble clearing. He then had the opportunity of getting certified(diving) in Anchorage, Alaska with most of his diving in the last 10 years. He has never missed a dive since, due to not being able to clear. He is still upset over and making up for the years he missed diving!!


Every Divers' bucket list

I'm not sure if anything can be said that hasn't been said before, but after 7 days on the Pelagian (liveaboard) and then 10 days at the resort, Wakatobi Resort and Liveaboard has my complete endorsement for being on every divers "bucket list". They excel in every category!!

What makes Wakatobi different from most other dive resorts (besides the great diving, food, service, location etc) is their organization, their attention to detail, their commitment to the local community (they provide jobs, water, electricity etc to the local village) and their always going beyond the call of duty. It is as if everyone working there has an ownership interest, because they all pitch in when they see something that has or needs to be done. I credit Management for setting the right environment, as the tone is set at the top!!

From the time you arrive in Bali to catch their private plane, to when you return, everything is taken care of, in a very efficient, effective and friendly manner. I arrived in Bali 6 days before my flight to the resort and figured I would be on my own, since I was arriving so early. However their local representatives met me at airport, moved me quickly through customs and immigration, made some other arrangements for me... and I wasn't even in their VIP programme!.

I have been on 15+ liveaboards and the Pelagian is in the top 2 when it comes to diving, service and food!! The staff does everything they can to make your diving and onboard experience as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as you could possibly want. In addition to everything we saw at the resort, we saw more of the "big" stuff--sharks(white and black tips),eagle rays, devil rays, turtles etc.

Even without the diving, the Resort has the feel of a world class resort, with it's food, service, friendliness and organization. It's as if you are part of the family. Add the great diving and you have an unbelievable experience!!

As it relates to the diving, you can expect to see some of the larger stuff - turtles, sharks, rays - occasionally, but the major things are the hard and soft corala, sea fans, sponges, nudibranchs, pygmy seahorses, frog fish, cuttlefish, squid, octopus, eels, many different species of shrimp, crabs, scorpionfish, anemonefish, pipefish and the beautiful and numerous reef fish - shrimp gobies, dartfish, puffers, jawfish, blennies... and so much more.

Another really great experience is the night Fluo-dive with the special light and mask filter, where you only observe those creatures with fluorescence - and very educational!!

To sum it up, Wakatobi Resort and the Pelagian have just about everything that is on a divers' bucketlist and should be on every divers' bucketlist - overall, just an unbelievable experience!!

Best regards,

George Schneider



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