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Jonathan Scott-Barrett
Jonathan and Malise Scott-Barrett
Jonathan and Malise Scott-Barrett
Managing Director
Rodeo Development Ltd.
Rue Vastinex, Bonapriso
B.P. 12874 Douala
E: jonathanscottbarrett@gmail.com


My Wakatobi Experience

Wakatobi's attention to detail starts at the web site, one of the most informative I have ever seen. The resort has it's own weather station, the results of which are immediately available on their web pages, so no hunting around for median weather statistics. The back up to a simple enquiry for availability is met with a personal email giving the information and a name and not a travel agency interested only in taking your booking.

Everything from the time you step off the aircraft is taken care of in a very, very friendly and efficient way, ensuring that that irritating jet lag feeling in finding fault is totally eliminated.

Remembering that the Island is 2.5 hours flying time or three days travel by sea, the logistics of feeding and housing visitors who have in the most part been to most world heritage dive sites during their travels is breathtaking in its efficiency and quality. I can honestly say that in two weeks the variety and freshness of the food was outstanding. Andy the Chef is only too pleased to rustle up anything you fancy, that's if you tire of his ever-changing menu.

Where else in the world do the staff remember your name after 24hrs and look after you in such a courteous manner that even the Swiss catering schools cannot match?

OK, so what I hear you say, we spend our time underwater looking at the marine life - well stupendous is the only way to describe the beautiful corals and marine life, with so many different dive sites you start to wish you stayed for at least three weeks.

I have never seen such a professional dive team in my life, made up from locals and international very experienced instructors, who accompany you on three superb dives including night dives.

Oh, by the way, I forgot to include the snorkeling, which is also great and fully catered for, the snorkelers sharing the same reefs and services as the divers, with an abundance of tropical fish varieties, including turtles, lion fish, morays, sea snakes, the list is endless.

As someone who spent many years as a boy off the East coast of Kenya, diving and snorkeling and has "done" the Maldives, Bora Bora, Palau, Mexico and numerous other trips to find the best, I have discovered the ultimate place to chill.

Best regards,

Jonathan and Malise



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