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Daniel Botelho
Daniel Botelho
Daniel Botelho
Underwater Photographer
Wildlife Photojournalist

Daniel is a world renowned photographer. Over a hundred of his images can be seen in international advertising projects. He works for such prestigious organizations such as the BBC, National Geographic,Time Magazine and Editora Abril. He is now chief photographer of Brazilian Sea Shepherd and staff photographer from Shark Alliance and SharkLab research institute.

Since he was a child, Daniel has been immersed with nature. Born close to Copacabana Beach and a few minutes from the Atlantic rainforest, Daniel learned very early on in his life how best to interact with animals.
- " A photo can not be a stolen moment, the animal needs to allow it."

All photos below by Daniel Botelho


I have looked forward to visiting Wakatobi for a long time. Ever since I heard, many years ago, about the place with amazing macro creatures, pristine reefs and high quality visibility I have been eager to see this for myself.

Wakatobi Dive Resort is a paradise for those who enjoy diving with privacy at untouched and pristine dive sites. The variety of macro creatures, soft and hard corals and sea fans makes this place a delight for photographers.

The Dive Experience Managers are highly prepared to assist all levels of experience, from open water divers to highly demanding professionals. As a photographer the guides will help you get the best shot possible without damaging the reef. The "camera room" is spacious and well equipped to receive massive DSLR underwater systems with plenty of work space to spare.

After diving on the world's best house reef, with two large cameras, a man could be nothing but relieved to see friendly staff coming to help with all the equipment. And this is the norm for every dive - staff are on stand by before and after your dive to assist with gearing up, carrying equipment or cameras and even to give you a towel and a cup of tea.

The bungalow is very pleasant, with every thing you could need and the resort atmosphere is superb. The hotel service is perfect and we were always surrounded by friendly people who knew us by our name. Every meal was glorious.

Wakatobi was second to none in terms of photo production, the rate of good photos per dive is amazing, the Brazilian magazine that usually only makes 8 pages per article made a 16 page one for Wakatobi.

I would like to thank all Wakatobi staff for the warm reception, from the staff in the Bali office to everybody on the island. Dive center staff, restaurant staff, hotel staff and all the 150+ people that work to keep the Wakatobi Dive Resort/"City" running, it was a pleasure to meet you and I truly hope to be back again soon!

Lorenz has created his own paradise, thanks for working so tirelessly to keep this magical place so pristine and for sharing it with us!

All photos by Daniel Botelho


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